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Victor Shalkoski 

Cathy Gerlinger 

Bus. Mgr. 


Features 14 

Academics 82 

Organizations 156 

Housing 248 

Sports 402 

Classes 452 

Index 692 

Published by Student Publications, Inc. 

Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 

Copyright, 1969 


University: reflections of many contrasts 

What comprises the University? 

Is it relics of tradition or new shapes 
of progress jutting into the sky? 

Does it grow young with each new class 
or age with the passing spring? 

Does it mold the minds of youth 
into society's ideals or widen the limits 
of dissension? 

Is the expression of creativity 
or the learning of scientific truths 
the essence of its classroom? 

Does it produce anonymous masses 
or nurture men of independent spirit? 

The University is a reflection 
of these contrasts. Its substance 
can not be defined precisely as 
it changes yet endures. 

Photo by Fred Boger 

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University: freshmen versus seniors 

Photo by David von Riesen 

Freshmen and seniors are separated 
by a gap of a thousand experiences and 
memories yet the two are similar. 

To the freshman, first impressions 
of his new environment are confusing, 
stimulating or a little frightening. 

To the senior, expectations of his 
post-graduate life are heightened by 
ambitions and depressed by doubts. 

The University is a link of maturation 
between the two, as the student adjusts to 
one world while preparing for another. 

Photo by Don Richards 

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University: conformity versus dissension 

■ ■""■■.'■' '^^ 

What does conformity or 
dissent mean to a student? 

Is it the security of a group 
that reaffirms what the individual 
accepts or is it the satisfaction of 
standing apart from the crowd? 

Intellectually, the student probes 
below the surface of others, seeking 
justification for accepting or rejecting 
their principles for living. 

Sometimes he conforms to the dogma 
and dress of a group because it matches 
his personal beliefs and aspirations. 

Sometimes he dissents through the 
signs and rhetoric of protest because it 
expresses his opinions and loyalties. 

The University's atmosphere of freedom 
fosters both conformity and dissent. 

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University: creativity versus technology 

Creativity in thought, in form, in the 
artist's eyes. 

Symbols of man's knowledge, precise 
absolutes passed on from mind to mind. 

Which is education? Is logic or emotion 
the foundation of learning? 

The once-innovative perceptions 
of today will be neatly categorized 
and memorized by future generations 

as the work of centuries ago, now 
entombed in books, was once the brainstorm 
of a genius, who was scoffed at by 
his fellow academicians. 

The student grapples with abstraction 
or marvels at reality as he learns. 

And the University blends technology 
and creativity into education, teaching the 
student to utilize his talents. 

Photos by Laurence Blaker 

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Photo by Don Richard 


University: masses versus individuals 

m __ 

Mass or individual? Does the 
student know? 

First a computer statistic, a 
lecture hall number, a card-waver in a 
sea of green and white. 

Then he finds another who appreciates 
his uniqueness. He assumes new roles 
as friend, roommate, partner. 

He learns to value solitude, 
sipping moments apart from the masses 
like wine. 

And late at night, he ponders the 
significance of a philosophy reading or 
a chemistry experiment, judging it by 
personal dimensions. 

The University shapes students into 
masses and individuals yet the student 
emerges with an identity that is his alone. 

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Photo by John LaShelle 


Features enrich the social and academic spec- 
trum of campus life. A Landon lecturer imparts 
national perspective to issues while a mock politi- 
cal convention gives expression to student opin- 
ions. Moods of a different emotion - the humor 
of Bill Cosby, the excitement of a band player, the 
intensity of a K-State Players' drama help to 
relieve the daily pressures students face. 

Photo by David von Riesen 

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At the annual alumni banquet, two women grads remi- 
nisce about their college days and note developments. 

."■■";.■ ■■■'....■ 

Distinguished alumni join the degree candidates for 
evening graduation ceremonies in Memorial Stadium. 

Photo by David von Riesen 


Checking line order and other details, graduates gath- academic procession to Memorial Stadium. The pro- 
er on the Anderson hall lawn before beginning the cession began with the ringing of Anderson's bell. 

a# -"*• 

McCain confers degrees 
at night commencement 

As the last function to be performed in Memo- 
rial Stadium, 1,115 degrees were conferred at the 
1968 graduation exercises. Among those receiving 
diplomas was the fifty thousandth student to be 
graduated from the University. Coordinated by 
Dean Ellsworth Gerritz and Student Body Presi- 
dent Bill Worley, the evening's program included 
a greeting from the Board of Regents and an ad- 
dress by Governor Robert Docking. For the first 
time, four undergraduate instructors were recog- 
nized for their overall excellence in teaching. 

After gathering west of the Union, faculty members 
prepare to lead the graduates to commencement. 


- . "P* ■■■ 

At the opening session of Orientation Week, President 
McCain advises students to take advantage of avail- 

able opportunities and to assume influential roles as 
student members of the University community. 

During a summer pre-enrollment session, the families 
of prospective students receive a guided tour of the 

campus. Lectures and meetings with the faculty also 
were used to familiarize parents with the University. 


Parents receive insight 
into University education 

New programs introduced aimed toward en- 
couraging better attendance of freshmen at sum- 
mer pre-enrollment and fall orientation. As new 
students went through pre-enrollment, their par- 
ents received a tour of the campus and were invit- 
ed to attend various lectures designed to give them 
an insight into the social and scholastic experi- 
ences their children frequently would encounter 
while students at the University. New students 
were prompted to enroll in one of the freshman 
seminar programs featuring micro-labs which met 
informally during the fall semester. 

In September, more than 1,500 new students 
participated in the orientation convention formu- 
lated to stimulate involvement in the University 
by freshmen and transfer students. Orientation 
Week also featured a micro-lab, the annual wa- 
termelon feed and outdoor dances. 

', ,''. ; 



To acquaint themselves with vital campus issues, stu- 
dents attend the orientation mock convention. 

With an upperclassman moderator to answer ques- 
tions, a micro-lab prompts discussion by new coeds. 

Students view the latest in campus styles at a fashion 
show presented as part of Wildcat Welcome Week. 


MPC delegates project 
Rockefeller nomination 

Delegates at the Mock Republican Political 
Convention nominated New York Governor Nel- 
son Rockefeller for President on the third ballot 
and later selected Illinois Senator Charles Percy 
as his running mate. Kansas Congressman Bob 
Dole presented the keynote address to the more 
than 1,300 student delegates, chairmen and offi- 
cers. An exercise in practical politics, MPC at- 
tempted to simulate a major party convention and 
to predict who would be chosen as the 1968 Re- 
publican Presidential nominee. 

In order for votes to be cast accurately, stu- 
dents talked with other delegates and attended 
state delegate meetings. By becoming familiar 
with the candidates, procedures and issues, stu- 
dents were provided with an insight into the na- 
ture and workings of a national convention. 

As keynote speaker for the convention, U.S. Repre- 
sentative Bob Dole clarifies election year issues. 

Confetti fills the air during a mass demonstration 
after students nominate Governor Nelson Rockefeller. 


Chairman of Mock Political Convention Jerry Kopke 
presides as state chairmen respond to a roll call. 

Signs supporting favorite candidates for president 
simulate the atmosphere of a political convention. 


As a Landon lecturer, Senator Mike Mansfield ex- 
plores America's role in Pacific and Asian affairs. 

Governor Nelson Rockefeller, soon after announcing 
his candidacy, speaks on the lottery draft system. 

Former presidential adviser Arthur Schlesinger an- 
alyzes the elections at the first Landon Lecture. 

Rockefeller, Schlesinger 
talk as Landon lecturers 

As part of a program to honor former governor 
Alf M. Landon, Nelson Rockefeller, Arthur 
Schlesinger and Mike Mansfield appeared in the 
Landon lecture series. While campaigning for the 
Republican presidential nomination, Nelson 
Rockefeller told a crowd of 8,000 in Ahearn Field 
House of the inadequacies and unfairness inherent 
in the structure of the present draft system. 

Pulitzer Prize winner and noted historian Ar- 
thur Schlesinger appeared in November to present 
his evaluations of the 1968 presidential elections 
from an historical prespective. Senate majority 
leader Mike Mansfield explained American for- 
eign policy being employed in Asia today in his 
"Pacific Perspectives" talk in early March. 

After being named adjunct professor of political 
science, Landon conducted a series of informal 
public affairs seminars during the year. 


Alf M. Landon, 81-year-old Kansas statesman named 
adjunct professor of political science, leads in- 

formal discussions on national and international af- 
fairs by encouraging student questions and opinions. 

89"/ -'v. 


Meetings, convocations feature national speakers 

Appearing at University meetings and convoca- 
tions, speakers of national and international repu- 
tations explained their ideas and goals. Part of the 
draft teach-in faculty, Dr. Benjamin Spock de- 
scribed his battle with his conscience over the 
Vietnam issue and outlined advice to draft resis- 
tors. Giving opposing views, the late Allen Dulles 
supported intervention in Vietnam and in an ap- 
pearance sponsored by Young Americans for 
Freedom, Hilaire du Berrier advocated turning 
responsibility for the war back to the military. 

Former Congress of Racial Equality director 
James Farmer traced the civil rights movement 

from the sit-ins of the 195(Ts to the present black 
power surge. With Josefh Hajda as his interpre- 
ter, Milan Machovec, Czechoslovakian educator 
and philosopher, explained the movement of the 
Czech people towards a democratic socialism and 
their struggle against Russian domination. South 
Dakota Senator George McGovern appeared as 
keynote speaker at the Frank Carlson symposium 
on World Population and Food supply while pres- 
idential write-in candidate Dick Gregory, upon 
his unexpected arrival at the August NSA conven- 
tion, blasted current domestic policy and predict- 
ed another year of racial unrest for the U.S. 

Drawing on his background in Vietnam, Hilaire du Ber- 
rier presents his views in a YAF-sponsored speech. 

During his surprise appearance at the August NSA 
convention, Dick Gregory campaigns for his views. 


Dr. Benjamin Spock pauses with Student Body Presi- 
dent Bob Morrow after speaking at the draft teach-in. 

Former director of the CIA, the late Allen Dulles dis- 
cussed United States intervention in Vietnam. 

Civil rights leader James Farmer explains the black 
power movement during a convocation appearance. 


Home football halftimes 
entertain Big Eight fans 

Special events featured during halftimes added 
to the festivities of home football games. At the 
40th annual Editors' Day, 250 Kansas editors and 
publishers were hosted to a buffeteria luncheon 
and the Colorado State game. More than 6,500 
bandsmen, representing 103 Kansas high schools, 
marched into formation during halftime at the 
Iowa State game to perform in the largest Band 
Day program in University history. 

As Honorary Parents for 1968, Mr. and Mrs. 
Rodney Warner received special recognition in a 
ceremony preceding the Missouri game. Topping 
off Parents' Day events, comedian Pat Paulsen 
entertained more than 4,300 students and their 
parents at an evening performance. An estimated 
800 Kansas high school cheerleaders performed 
during the halftime at the Oklahoma State game. 


As an extra attraction of the Parents' Day game, Pat 
Paulsen greets the fans during halftime ceremonies. 

Honorary parents Mr. and Mrs. Rod Warner greet par- 
ents attending the Union luncheon before the game. 


Cheerleaders representing state high schools join in 
Wildcat yells at halftime of the Oklahoma State game. 

After parading through downtown Manhattan and 
Aggieville, bandsmen perform at the Iowa halftime. 

Songs centering on the theme of "This is My Country" 
are played by 6,500 bandsmen representing 103 Kan- 

sas high schools. Groups traveled up to 300 miles to 
be a part of the largest Band Day in University history. 


While attempting to outguess his opponent, a stu- 
dent in the Union chess tournament ponders a move. 

Offering a peaceful spot for study or relaxation, 
the Browsing Lounge lures students between classes. 

Union maintains facilities 
for campus, state visitors 

In addition to serving as a center for campus 
conferences and statewide meetings, the Union 
maintained a variety of service and recreational 
facilities open to all students and faculty. Among 
Union offerings were a snack bar and cafeteria, 
bookstore, supplies shop, lounge and art gallery. 
Low prices attracted students to the weekly mov- 
ies at the Little Theater and to the bowling alleys 
and pool room located in the basement. 

Members of the Union Governing Board com- 
pleted a booklet containing a listing of Union poli- 
cies applying to the use of the building's facilities 
by campus groups and revised their policy regard- 
ing posting notices of campus events. 

Members of Union committees use lights and ever- 
green to give a Christmas look to the Union lobbies. 


Appearing for the Pop Art Perspectives program, po- 
et Ronald Gross presents some of his creative works. 

Searching for purchase selections, students browse 
through pictures offered in a Union art print sale. 

Union Governing Board — TOP ROW: John D. Wood, Allen Gersten- 
berger, Cady R. Engler, Jay R. Hedlund, Rhae M. Swisher, Charles V. 
Hall. BOTTOM ROW: James R. Reynolds, Richard D. Blackburn, Jean 
Reehling, Elizabeth Andersen, Kathryn Judd. 

Considering a purchase, a student scans one of the 
literary selections available in the Cat's Pause. 


Singer Leon Bibbs entertains the audience awaiting 
the appearance of Bill Cosby in the Field House. 

Pat Paulsen, bringing his "presidential campaign" 
to K-State, wins the support of fans at halftime. 

Sponsored by the Union Campus Entertainment Com- 
mittee, the First Edition sings a medley of hits. 


Performing in Ahearn Field House in May, the Fifth 
Dimension sings from their latest hit album. 

Comics Cosby, Paulsen 
entertain campus crowds 

Highlighting the 1968 spring campus entertain- 
ment series, comedian Bill Cosby, accompanied 
by singer Leon Bibbs, drew an estimated 4,100 
persons to Ahearn Field House. While spacing the 
show with campus humor, Cosby performed his 
impressions of Fat Albert, Noah and My Brother 
With Whom I Slept. Earlier in the spring, the 
Fifth Dimension entertained approximately 2,000 
persons with their original song and dance per- 
formance which featured renditions of their recent 
tunes "Up, Up and Away" and "Paper Cup." 

Taking to the campaign trail with a political 
platform of "about two by six" and a desire to 
protect every American's basic "right to litter," 
Pat Paulsen wooed votes last fall before a record 
crowd of 6,000. Appearing in concert with Paul- 
sen during the annual Parents' Day weekend were 
folk rock singers, the First Edition. 

Relying on universal humor found in common experi- 
ence, comedian Bill Cosby entertains his audience. 


Alpha Delta Pi-Acacia skit director Darrell Schmitt 
receives congratulations upon winning Harlequinade. 

HQ intermission entertainment features the folk- 
singing duo of Kathy Keating and Joseph Engelken. 

Alpha Delta Pi, Acacia 
capture first place in HQ 

For their performance of "The Castle Hassle or 
Chastity Can Be a Goodman's Downfall, " Alpha 
Delta Pi and Acacia won the 1969 Harlequinade. 
The one-act baroque play, written and produced 
by the sorority-fraternity team, also received the 
award for best choreography. 

Second place honors went to Phi Delta Theta 
and Pi Beta Phi for their production of "Take a 
Hunch to Lunch or Never Play Ball With a Full- 
back. " The skit also produced the winners of the 
best actor and best actress awards. Other skits 
featured Delta Zeta with Tau Kappa Epsilon and 
Gamma Phi Beta with Delta Upsilon. 

With the addition of "Manhattan Night," the 
30th annual Harlequinade attracted an estimated 
2,000 persons over a three-night period. 

Delta Zetas and TKEs spoof campus administrative 
policies in a scene from their Harlequinade skit. 


Stupid Cupid interrupts Library Ann to throw another 
twist into the plot of the Phi Delt-Pi Phi skit. 

For the conclusion of the DU-Gamma Phi skit, scien- 
tists join with hippies to sing "Sex and Science." 

Greed explains castle situations to Goodman listening 
intently in the winning Acacia-ADPi HQ production. 


New Yorker critic Pauline Kael discusses technolo- 
gy and art in movies at a News and Views lecture. 

Bill Baird warns his audience of a famine in 1975 if 
society does not relax its laws on birth control. 

Speakers relate views on news, ideas, controversies 

Reflecting areas of current thought and devel- 
opment, Union News and Views speakers ex- 
plored a wide area of topics. Seven Step Founda- 
tion originator Bill Sands revealed atrocities in 
prisons and Pearl Buck told of the problems faced 
by Amer-Asian children fathered by U.S. soldiers 
in Korea. Yitzhak Leor, press and information 
consul for the Israeli consulate in Chicago, gave 
his people's views on the Mid-Eastern conflict. 

Future lunar explorations and the orbiting by 
the Apollo Seven crew were described by Albert 

Hibbs, leading space technologist. New Yorker 
critic Pauline Kael exchanged views on movies 
with her audience in an informal lecture. 

Recognized for writing "The Feminine Mys- 
tique," Betty Friedan discussed the war between 
the sexes by focusing the destruction of marital 
unions. William Baird, abortion and birth control 
crusader, blamed voters for today's antiquated 
laws during his campus appearance in March. 
Writer Tom Wolfe traced the development of his 
writing in the subjective reality approach. 


Speaking at a News and Views forum, Bill Sands re- 
lates experiences with the Seven Step Foundation. 

Yitzhak Leor, Israeli consul in Chicago, discusses 
his homeland's position in the Mid-Eastern conflict. 

Authoress Betty Friedan blames social evolution as 
one cause for dissatisfaction in marriages today. 

Famed lecturer and prize winning novelist Pearl S. 
Buck speaks on the plight of Amer-Asian children. 


Water from the hoses freezes immediately upon hit- 
ting the ground causing slick footing for firemen. 

December blaze engulfs 
historical Nichols Gym 

Fire claimed the second campus building in four 
years when Nichols Gymnasium was destroyed in 
December. Approximately 1,500 onlookers 
watched as Manhattan and student firemen, 
hampered by 15 degree weather, inadequate wa- 
ter pressure and strong north winds, attempted to 
contain the midnight flames. 

Losses from the fire included a new radio trans- 
mitter, valued at $27,000, and an estimated $500, 
000 in rare instruments and sheet music belonging 
to faculty in the music department. Officials in- 
vestigating the disaster suspected arson after dis- 
covering wooden tables, doused with a flammable 
liquid, stacked at one of the building's entrances. 

In the spring, the Kansas legislature passed a 
bill appropriating approximately $1.5 million 
from the state's general welfare fund to finance 
the replacement of the 57-year old building. 

Seemingly unaware of the danger of flaming branches 
falling nearby, students draw close to the building. 


While portions of the gutted gym continue to smolder, 
officials investigate the site for signs of arson. 

Compositions collected over the years were among 
some of the music department's irreplacable losses. 

Music classrooms destroyed in the fire were replaced 
by five trailers acquired from Washburn University. 


UFM curriculum offers 
creative study sessions 

Designed to supplement classroom learning, 
seminars offered by the University for Man dis- 
cussed topics ranging from interpersonal commu- 
nication to the art of constructing and playing 
bamboo pipes. Students and faculty met informal- 
ly in the homes of group leaders each week for a 
period of six to 10 weeks. Sessions could continue 
meeting if the group members decided to extend 
their particular seminar. Non-University person- 
nel also were urged to participate in the UFM 
program, which featured all courses and discus- 
sion seminars on a non-credit, tuition-free basis. 

Begun by English instructor Leonard Epstein, 
UFM boasted an enrollment of 650 students. Dur- 
ing the year, plans were made for establishing a 
permanent classroom and office facilities. 

Coordinator of University for Man activities, Leonard 
Epstein helps in formulating creative study groups. 

Led by Yoga Dhyan Ahuja, the University for Man 
"Yoga Meditation" group is limited to 10 members. 


In a University for Man course, students learn how 
to construct, decorate and play pipes of bamboo. 

Students for Democratic Society answer questions 
concerning military deferments in a Draft Workshop. 

Intensive discussion aids understanding of cultural 
differences in the UFM Black-White dialogue series. 


>w*<K i /'jf''**. ' 


Muhammed Ali, former heavy-weight boxing champi- 
on, stresses a point to newsmen at a press conference. 

Council offers speakers 
on religious alternatives 

Alternatives to classical religious expression 
were offered through a series of speakers brought 
to campus by the Religious Council. Theologian 
William Hamilton discussed the possibility of re- 
ligion without God while Muhammed Ali later 
advocated the separation of the black and white 
races. Hindu philosophy was the topic of Swami 
Ranganathananda and Dr. E. Yazdi discussed 
"Jesus in the Koran." Professor of Philosophy 
and Religion Charles Milligan enumerated major 
developments in the theology and the life of the 
church during recent years. 

Directed by Dr. William Tremmel, the council 
also sponsored the film "This is Marshall Mc- 
Luhan: The Medium is the Massage" and two 
University for Man seminar groups. 

Adviser for religious activities at the University, 
William C. Tremmel also teaches classes in religion. 

Opening the Religious Council lecture series, Swami 
Ranganathananda explores areas of Hindu belief. 


International Coordinating Council — TOP ROW: Govind C. Sharma, 
Kang-lu-wang, Rosendo K. Palis, Erich C. Smith, Iraj Rojhani, 
Stephanie A. Baer, Daniel I. Saror. BOTTOM ROW: J. Allan Brettel, 
Maureen L. Shafer, Mohammed Kaiseruddin. 

Indian students recognize the beginning of a new 
year by celebrating Divali, the festival of lights. 

Negro, foreign students 
plan 'awareness' weeks 

In an attempt to highlight the achievements of 
their community, Negro students arranged a 
week of events centered around the theme of 
"Black Awareness. " Celebrated in conjunction 
with the National Negro History Week, activities 
included a religious song fest, an Afro-American 
dance and a display of Afro-American fashions. 

Foreign students aimed to bridge cultural gaps 
during International Week in April. An essay con- 
test in honor of the Ghandi Centennial on the topic 
"Is Non-Violence Dead?" was open to all stu- 
dents. Events during the week featured the annual 
Feast of Nations, a tour of Ft. Riley, a soccer 
game with the University of Kansas and the Presi- 
dent's and People-to-People's teas. 


After dismounting, a coed attempts to gain addi- 
tional points by holding her horse in a steady pose. 

Preparing for competitive riding in the Block and 
Bridle horse show, a contestant grooms her mount. 

Adding a continental touch to the Block and Bridle 
show, an entrant demonstrates English style riding. 


Block and Bridle Club stages first annual horse show 

More than 50 students participated in the Uni- 
versity's first annual horse show sponsored by 
Block and Bridle. The two-night show featured 
competition in 12 events ranging from men's west- 
ern pleasure riding to pole bending. Lacy Giltner 
and Larry Winstead, freshmen, were awarded top 

honors as the best all-around student performers. 

Special events highlighting the show were the 
sorority goat tie, won by two members of Clovia 
4-H House, and the men's boot scramble. Miss 
K-State Agriculture Diana Adams presented ro- 
sette ribbons to the winners of individual events. 

Checking the appearance and stance of the competi- 
tors' animals, the judge finishes scoring an event. 


Yell director encourages 
support of fans at games 

In order to better associate activities of the 
cheerleading squad with those of the athletic de- 
partment, grade requirements for the squad were 
changed this year for all freshman and sophomore 
applicants. A "yell leader" also was added to the 
12-member squad to encourage more enthusiasm 
in the student Pep Club section. 

Cheerleaders helped with the activities of 
Cheerleaders' Day last fall and earned an addi- 
tional $450 through the sale of pom pons. 

K-State's Pep Band, under the direction of Phil 
Hewitt, played for all home basketball games as 
well as several away games. They also provided 
halftime entertainment during the season. 

With coeds among its ranks for the first time, the 
marching band practices at an afternoon session. 

Halftimes often feature the Marching Wildcats per- 
forming fast-paced drills across the football field. 


Cheerleaders — TOP ROW: Stan G. Weir, Beverly A. Johnston, Larry 
Dixson, Bill E. Stallard. SECOND ROW: Linda R. Achten, Melinda R. 
Woltkamp, Timothy D. Wigger, Maurianne Thaemert, David A. Orssi- 

ni. BOTTOM ROW: Marvin D. Kallenbach, Sylvia L. White, Kathryn S. 

As director of bands, Paul Shull supervises events 
such as special high school Band Day performances. 

Chilled by the cold air, but warmed by the Wildcats' 
lead in the Nebraska game, Phil Hewett beams pride. 



Molly and the Gnadiges Fraulein work for Polly's 
favor and press coverage in "The Gnadiges Fraulein." 

Borkov and Gordova plan their prison escape in David 
Gieschen's one-act play, "Thursday's General." 

Becket makes his final speech before being slain 
in T. S. Elliot's play "Murder in the Cathedral." 


Residents of Goodnow hall present "Spoon River An- 
thology", a play inspired by E. L. Masters' poetry. 

One-act dramas reflect 
students' creative efforts 

K-State Players performed in three original 
one-act plays written by undergraduate and grad- 
uate students in a spring play writing class. 

"No Sunrise Tomorrow, " written by Carolyn 
Kaberline, enacted the tragic ceremonial death of 
an old Hopi chief dishonored by his children. An 
open end conclusion to "Thursday's General," 
authored by Dave Gieschen, left the audience to 
solve the plot according to their own religious con- 
victions. Discovery of an antique car by two young 
boys led to a wild chase in Mary Anna Lowe's 
"Mother Love and Apple Pie." 

Guitar music provided the transition between 
the scenes in Goodnow hall's version of Edgar Lee 
Masters' "Spoon River Anthology." 

Luta offers magical powders to the compass direc- 
tions in Carolyn Kaberline's "No Sunrise Tomorrow." 

Opening fall productions, Murray Schisgal's comedy 
"Luv" twists a love plot around just three actors. 


K-State Players — TOP ROW: Donna S. Lindeman, Merrily A. Johns, 
Tina K. Foley, Patricia J. Tarry, Theresa A. Meyer, Cheryl L. Watt, 
Leanna M. Lenhart, Beverly J. Kreider, Lea A. Dohm. SECOND ROW: 
Patricia L. Johnson, Sherry S. Almquist, Patricia E. Moore, Kay D. 
Kubitschek, Dennis 0. Karr, Christine M. Macho, Linda K. Pelkey, 
Russell S. Ballou. THIRD ROW: Chester M. Pule, Linda D. Beisner, 

Karen M. Comerford, Kathleen L. Stewart, Darwin K. Klein, Mary E. 
Morgan, Mary E. Horton, Joel Climenhaga, Wayne W. Henson. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Harold R. Knowles, Robert L. Briscoe, James F. Jagger, 
Richard A. Gilson, Henry A. Vlcek, John F. Jagger, Carl M. Hinrichs, 
Wallace Dace. 

K-State Players stage classical, modern productions 

After concluding last spring's productions with 
T. S. Elliot's "Murder in the Cathedral," the 
K-State Players opened their new season in the 
fall with the Broadway comedy hit "Luv." In 
October, Joel Climenhaga directed his original 
play "Marriage Wheel" which humorously at- 
tacked marriage by lot, a common practice which 
prevailed during the 19th century. 

Another comedy, "The Mad Woman of Chail- 
lot," later satirized the extremes of human nature. 
Written by French playwright Jean Giraudoux, it 
was directed by Betty Morgan. Two one-act plays 
by Tennessee Williams, "The Case for Crushed 
Petunias" and "The Gnadiges Fraulein," respec- 
tively focused on the importance of living and the 
South's era of decadence. 

K-State Players — TOP ROW: Karen M. McDaniel, Kathy L. Wallace, 
Wanda S. Black, Diane Gaede, Doris A. Denning, Sue A. Tasker, Mar- 
ta L. Walz, Lindsay Porterfield, Carolyn A. Foote, Michelle Taylor. 
SECOND ROW: Jennifer A. Fankhauser, Marilyn S. Loyd, Marsha K. 
Knetter, Jill Voran, Michele R. Means, Linda L. Rissman, Mary L. 
Tschanz, Linda J. Floyd, Cheri K. Betty, Elaine J. Overley. THIRD 

ROW: Charles K. Lovell, William R. Strong, Jean F. Pflieger, Edith J. 
Thomas, Mary J. Fent, Martha M. Guenther, William R. Jackson, 
Edwin S. Persons, William M. Henry, John E. Becker. BOTTOM ROW: 
Donna L. Symns, Vicki L. Soppe, Joyce E. Furney, Bernard 0. Wil- 
liams, Lynette M. Engle, Karen C. McDonald, Jeffrey H. Danielson, 
Larry D. Gilbert, Richard E. Smethers. 


Bishop Bechtel loses his temper after discovering 
his pipes have been broken in the "Marriage Wheel." 

Pat Tarry sits patiently while the makeup for her 
role as Molly in "Gnadiges Fraulein" is applied. 

In the cafe, madwoman of Chaillot Jan Allred offers 
her opinion on the state of the world's poor people. 




Starting off events of the 1969 Engineers' Open 
House is the crowning of Judy Macy as St. Patricia. 

Snoopy's airplane attracts the curiosity of a young vis- 
itor at the 45th annual Engineers' Open House. 

Robot talks with visitors 
at college Open House 

Walking, talking Robbie the Robot acted as 
host to the more than 7,000 visitors attending the 
45th annual Engineers' Open House. Two-way 
radio voice communications allowed guests to 
have questions answered by a student manning the 
robot's controls. Other displays included a new 
crime fighter, an unbeatable tic-tac-toe machine, 
a steam engine and a paper airplane contest. 
Mechanical engineering students received a tro- 
phy for their demonstration of the effects of vibra- 
tions on high-rise buildings. Inaugurating Open 
House activities was the crowning of Judy Macy, 
selected as the 1969 Miss St. Patricia. 


Mechanical engineering students explain uses of rol- 
amite, a non-friction bearing, in modern appliances. 

i 1 



jJS_ b>: 



i §*»«-'- 



Ralph Nevins, dean of the College of Engineering, 
welcomes visitors to the 45th annual Open House. 

One of the main attractions of Engineers' Open House, 
Robbie the Robot answers questions of two visitors. 


Home ec, vet medicine 
provide tours to visitors 

More than 1,000 girls and other campus visitors 
toured the College of Home Economics during 
Hospitality Day. Exhibits, prepared by students 
demonstrated homemaking equipment, designer 
fashions and consumer credit as part of the theme 
"Take a Look at Home Economics Trip." 

Tours of Dykstra Veterinary Hospital and ex- 
hibits showing animal diseases were offered dur- 
ing Veterinary Medicine Open House in the fall. 
The College also honored an alumnus, Dr. Joseph 
Knappenburger, national AVMA president, with 
a special coffee before the opening ceremonies. 

As a new highlight of Hospitality Day, high school 
girls visit sorority houses and talk with actives. 

Paper flowers and flashing lights help to create a 
psychedelic atmosphere for visitors to Justin hall. 


Crowds line up outside Dykstra Veterinary Hospital 
to tour facilities and displays during Open House. 


Explaining how bacteria in food affects humans and 
animals, a vet med student addresses a tour group. 

Illustrating contemporary trends, a designer draws 
fashion sketches while high school students watch. 

Students carry signs and talk about career options in 
family economics at the annual Hospitality Day. 


"She even knows who Spiro Agnew is," exclaim Pi Phis 
introducing their candidate at Homecoming Previews. 

Among Homecoming events was the New York road 
company's performance of the musical "Funny Girl." 

Students toss Jayhawks 
into Homecoming bonfire 

"Take Pride, You're in the Wildcat Genera- 
tion" was the theme woven throughout 1968 
Homecoming Week. Traditional events during the 
week included the presentation of the Homecom- 
ing Queen and her attendants at Friday night's 
pre-game pep rally. Accompanied by the Men's 
Glee Club, cheerleaders and the Wildcat band, 
students yelled fight cheers and fed paper replicas 
of Jayhawks to the bonfire. At the rally, first 
prize trophies for Homecoming decorations were 
awarded to West hall, independent women's living 
group, Smith Scholarship House, independent 
men's living group, Alpha Xi Delta sorority and 
Phi Delta Theta fraternity. 

Amid the blare of kazoos, Willie the Wildcat flings 
a paper Jayhawk into the bonfire at Friday's rally. 


Homecoming Queen Finalists — Paula B. Blair, Nancy A. Hodgson, 
Shelly Bergerhouse, Barbara J. Ross, Janet D. Sprang. 

In the traditional afternoon ceremony at Seaton hall, 
Paula Blair learns she is 1968 Homecoming Queen. 


Walking in front of the Union, a student shows his 
enthusiasm for a K-State victory in an unusual way. 



Paula Blair 

1968 Homecoming Queen 


Voters name Paula Blair 
'68 Homecoming Queen 

Paula Blair began her reign as the 38th Kansas 
State Homecoming Queen with the traditional 
white caping on the steps of Seaton hall. The 
fourth coed from an independent living group to 
be elected in the last five years, Miss Blair's for- 
mal appearances began with a spot on a Wichita 
television show. She was guest at the Manhattan 
Rotary Club luncheon, and was also present at the 
Friday night bonfire pep rally. Homecoming Day, 
she was introduced to returning alumni at the 
annual Blue Key luncheon. At the pre-game cere- 
monies, Senator Frank Carlson presented Miss 
Blair with a bouquet of red roses. She later was 
crowned by President James McCain prior to the 
Saturday night performance of "Funny Girl." 

Paper replicas of Jayhawks are burned at the annual 
Homecoming pep rally and bonfire in the city park. 


President James A. McCain crowns Queen Paula Blair 
prior to the musical "Funny Girl" Saturday evening. 

Frank Carlson, Kansas' senior senator, presents a 
bouquet to Queen Paula Blair in a pre-game event. 



Patty Porter 
Cannon Ball Queen 

Women vie for crowns, 
vote for FMOC, UMOC 

Representing Gamma Phi Beta, Patty Porter 
was selected by Phi Kappa Tau as Cannonball 
Queen after she assisted the men with the firing of 
the Phi Tau cannon at all of the football games. In 
the spring, Nancy Norvell, of Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, was chosen queen of the Lambda Chi's 
annual Chariot Relays and Rebecca Campbell 
moved on to national competition after being cho- 
sen Miss Kansas College Queen. Reigning over 
Engineer's Open House was Judy Macy, elected 
Miss St. Patricia by engineering students. 

Sponsored by Delta Upsilon, Dan Huffman 
was elected by coeds as their Favorite Man on 
Campus for 1969. After tallying up pennies cast 
by coeds over a two-day period, Rod Crotinger, 
representing Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, was de- 
clared winner of the annual UMOC contest. 

Rod Crotinger 
Ugly Man on Campus 

Dan Huffman 
Favorite Man on Campus 


Judy Macy 
St. Patricia 

S^sJll^ • ! ' 

Rebecca Campbell 
Miss Kansas to College Queen Contest 

Nancy Norvell 
Lambda Chi Chariot Relay Queen 


Miss K-State-Manhattan 
places in Kansas contest 

Along with her title of Miss K-State-Manhat- 
tan for 1968, Robbie Brewer received a $300 
scholarship and a vie for the Miss Kansas crown. 
In state competition, Miss Brewer emerged as 
first runner-up from a field of 34 contestants to 
win a $450 scholarship. Her dramatic reading 
earned Miss Brewer the $100 Debbie Bryant 
Award for the most original talent. 

Robbie Brewer charms the audience with her talent 
reading titled "Spring" from "O Ye Jigs and Juleps." 

After being crowned Miss K-State-Manhattan for 1968, 
Robbie Brewer pauses to receive a standing ovation. 


Member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority, Robbie Brewer 
accepts congratulations from other contestants. 

Chosen Miss Congeniality by the other semi-final- 
ists, Bev Bucher competes in the swimsuit contest. 

Representing Smurthwaite, Margie Henry performs as 
a singing hobo in the pageant's talent competition. 

Accompanied by a guitar, Judy Macy recites a modern 
poem protesting mass conformity in today's society. 


Jan Lingren 
Miss K-State American Roval 

Kathy Warner 
Best Dressed Coed 

Maggie Hummel 
Military Ball Queen 


Susan Haymaker 
Little Colonel 

Coeds reign as queens 
of yearly campus events 

Kathy Warner's modeling of fashions to fit par- 
ticular occasions won her the title of Best Dressed 
Coed. Agriculture students chose Diana Adams 
as the 1969 Miss Agriculture after she performed 
basic farming skills on Chore Night and demon- 
strated her knowledge of agriculture by answering 
questions put to her by students. 

As Military Ball Queen, Margaret Hummel 
reigned over the annual dinner-dance sponsored 
by Scabbard and Blade at the Ft. Riley NCO 
Club. Members of the Army ROTC honorary 
also escorted the 25 candidates to the queen's tea. 
Other coeds crowned in the spring were Jan 
Lindgren as Miss K-State American Royal, Shar- 
on Stoeker as Miss Kansas Wheat and Susan 
Haymaker, selected as Little Colonel. 

Diana Adams 
Miss Agriculture 

Sharon Stoecker 
Kansas Wheat Queen 


1969 Royal Purple Queen Candidates 

Sharrie A. Snell, Frances A. Foncannon, Deborah K. 
Krause, Nita Z. Eberle, Marcia S. Lenhert, Patricia A. 

Claudia M. Shelor, Marilyn B. Brown, Pamela G. Stro- 
wig, Mary A. Dickason, Linda S. Sigars, Margaret E. 

i ,J 

• 1 .1 1 

1 ' H 

I < ' 1 

i 1 \,' U 


1 i >• ili 


Sharon K. Rice, Lizabeth L. Floyd, Michaela A. John- 
ston, Judy J. Creviston, Judith A. Crist, Patricia H. 
Pearce, Judith Ravenscroft. 

Darlene S. Strahm, Joy E. Hanson, Eileen P. Smith, 
Toni R. Fairless, Paula E. Cox, Linda L. Smith, Elena L. 
Marzan, Connie J. Phillips. 


Judy Creviston 
Chi Omega 

Joy Hanson 
Gamma Phi Beta 

Michaela Johnston 

1969 Royal Queen 


Ann Foncannon 
Pi Beta Phi 

Namath picks Johnston 
as Royal Purple Queen 

New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath se- 
lected Michaela Johnston, representing Boyd hall, 
as the 1969 Royal Purple Queen and Judy Crevis- 
ton, Ann Foncannon, Joy Hanson and Linda 
Smith as the four runners-up. The five coeds, cho- 
sen from 28 candidates on the basis of photogenic 
beauty in black and white portraits sent to Na- 
math, were notified of their selection as finalists 
by the presidents of their respective living groups. 
The queen's name was withheld until announced 
the first day of distribution of the Royal Purple. 

Linda Smith 
Kappa Alpha Theta 

Joe Namath 


After picking up their copies of the Royal Purple, 
students scan the pages looking for familiar faces. 


Publications board adds 
magazine to replace UE 

Acting on a recommendation for a change, the 
Board of Student Publications replaced the news- 
paper format of the University Edition with a 
128-page magazine entitled "Dimensions. " The 
publication, containing basic orientation informa- 
tion, was mailed to all new students entering the 
University in the fall. Other changes receiving 
board approval included an updating of policies 
for the Collegian Desk Manual, the addition of 
IBM typesetting equipment and the implementa- 
tion of a new system to centralize photography. 

Supervising the activities of both the Collegain 
and the Royal Purple, Jim Morris was named the 
new director of Student Publications in the fall. 
Morris, assisted by graduate adviser Sharon 
Smith and six faculty and student members, car- 
ried out policies dealing with student publications. 

Electronic typesetters, rented for a monthly fee, speed 
the composition and setting of Collegian copy. 

Formerly at Kilgore College, Jim Morris completes 
his first year as director of student publications. 



Cathy Gerlinger 
Business Manager 

Alice Leahy 
Copy Editor 

Mary Hayes 
Photography Editor 


Jenny Dunbar 

Classes Editor 

Dave Schafer 
Housing Editor 

Lee Lovell 
Index Editor 

Number of sales, pages increase for Royal Purple 

Students set new records for Royal Purple sales 
by purchasing approximately 8,000 individual pic- 
tures and 8,300 copies of the 1969 RP. Editor Vic 
Shalkoski expanded the number of yearbook 
pages to 700, an increase of 12 over last year, and 
replaced color photographs of the academic deans 
with color pictures of students engaged in various 

academic pursuits within their respective colleges. 
The 1968 Royal Purple received the RPs 33rd 
consecutive All-American rating by the Associat- 
ed Collegiate Press, thereby maintaining its dis- 
tinction as the nation's yearbook with the longest 
string of All-American awards. More than 40 
students worked on the 1969 Royal Purple. 

V V -v 

Caroline Kaberline 
Organizations Editor 

Sharrie Snell 

Sports Editor 

Sharon Smith 
Graduate A dviser 


David von Riesen directs a staff of 
four photographers for University 
photo services and shoots many of 
the pictures for the Royal Purple. 

Student Publications Photographers — James C. Richardson, John R. LaShelle, Larry A. 
Claussen, Kerwin F. Plevka. 

Royal Purple Staff — TOP ROW: 
Karen K. Asher, Suzanne Asher, 
Marjorie A. Bowen, Mary A. 
Brady, Veneta L. Brown, Charles 

SECOND ROW: Karen S. Corn, 
Christopher F. Cutro, Diane 
Dickson, Sheryl A. DuRoy, Ly- 
nette M. Engle, Sue A. Ericson. 

THIRD ROW: Marsha L. Garrett, 
Sandra L. Hamill, James B. 
Hayes, Marilee Horner, Ann E. 
Isenberg, Michaela A. Johnston. 

FOURTH ROW: Pamela S. Kai- 
ser, llene A. Kimsey, Kay D. Ku- 
bitscheck, Sara D. Langdon, 
Catherine Marshall, Laura L. 

FIFTH ROW: Paula K. Miller, 
Kathryn Ogilvie, Nancy J. Reed, 
Linda L. Rissman, Jeane Rogers, 
Sharon K. Salvino. 

BOTTOM ROW: Patricia L. Scott, 
Verna M. Sullivan, Patricia A. 
Trenkle, Benjamin H. Wheatley, 
Janet M. Whitehair, Sharon D. 


Collegian staff changes 
nameplate, type, layout 

With the installation of computer typesetting 
last fall, the Collegian became a completely cold 
type operation. The most efficient and modern 
technique in typesetting, computer typesetting 
helped speed up backshop operations. 

Fall editor Liz Conner emphasized balanced 
news coverage of local and wire stories. More spe- 
cial sections and an arts section were added to the 
morning daily. An editorial board, composed of 
three staff members and the editor, was created in 
December to assist in formulating editorial policy. 

Spring editor Sandy Dalrymple created a new 
nameplate using increased white space. Wider 
columns, larger pictures and a revised editorial 
page layout completed the makeup changes. 


Sandy Dalrymple — Spring Editor 

- .*.«...» *.-■:*.«'«<»•& 

Liz Conner - - Fall Editor 

With the Collegian's morning publication, reporting 
students spend evening hours meeting deadlines. 


Jerry Reppert - - Fall Ad Manager 

Ray Wilkerson - - Summer Editor 

Collegian business staff 
promotes special sections 

To compensate for a $5,000 deficit incurred by 
last year's directory, the University Directory was 
changed last fall to a more economical format. 
The most significant change came with the use of 
newsprint paper and the photographing of IBM 
cards for direct page printing. By using the IBM 
cards, processing of the directory was to be fin- 
ished faster than in previous years. 

Having a total circulation of more than 6,500 
issues, the summer Collegian went to press three 
times a week under the direction of editor Ray 
Wilkerson. Collegian advertising throughout the 
school year accounted for an estimated $85,000 
income. Advertising managers Jerry Reppert and 
Fred Boger supervised the sales and layout of all 
advertising as well as three special sections and 
spring and fall fashion editions. 

Fred Boger — Spring Ad Manager 


Special sections in the Collegian must be inserted 
by hand on the morning of the paper's publication. 

Collegian Business Staff — TOP ROW: Charles Briscoe, Charles 
Cole, Gail Farmer. SECOND ROW: Connie Grafel, Marsha Green, Al- 
lan Hartman. THIRD ROW: Gordon McPheter, Michael F. Singer, 
Sharrie A. Snell, Richard Wenger. BOTTOM ROW: Benjamin Whea- 
tley, Curt Willyard, George Wilson, Meryl Wilson . 

After editing a story, the copy editor checks the 
layout to determine the page and position for it. 

Collegian Editorial Staff — TOP ROW: Joan Bastel, Marilyn Gump, 
Loren Kruse, Candace Kelly. BOTTOM ROW: Constance Langland, 
Thomas Palmer, James Parrish, Laura Scott. 


KSDB-FM — TOP ROW: Russell S. Ballou, Gregory W. Hardin, Robert 
D. Joel, Donald L. Denton, Mary K. Knief. SECOND ROW: Patnc J. 
Folwell, Lois M. Blackman, Michael R. Leathers, Gregory S. Wright, 

Edward L. Klimek, Daniel A. Suderman. BOTTOM ROW: John P. 
Noonan, Gary D. Schulz, Gary M. Graham, John R. Heritage. 


At KSRH, amateurs learn the basics of broadcasting 
while providing entertainment to hall residents. 


KSDB loses facilities; 
KSRH expands program 

After the fire which completely destroyed its 
facilities in Nichols Gymnasium, KSDB-FM be- 
gan broadcasting again in February from tempo- 
rary space donated by KMAN radio. Manned by 
a staff of 53 students, the campus station added 
several new programs to its schedule including a 
contemporary music review, a comedy spoof se- 
ries and a series of features on Russian culture. 

KSRH, the closed circuit dormitory radio sta- 
tion, began its fourth year of broadcasting in the 
fall. Sponsored by KSUARH, the station broad- 
casted 78 hours of music, news and public service 
announcements every week to all non-scholarship 
dormitories. In order to round out the program 
schedule and add variety, a controversial issues 
show entitled "Anything Goes" was added. 

With all student radio equipment destroyed by fire, 
KSDB-FM members use KMAN broadcasting facilities. 

Focusing his camera for a television commercial, a 
student learns effective presentation of advertising. 


i ^#* 1 


mm ; 

- ' * .. 

Touchstone Staff — Michael M. Marks, Pat Andre, Rodney C. Eaton, 
Anita Marks, Joan E. Walters, Ben Nyberg, Lyn J. Morgan. 

K-State Engineer Staff — TOP ROW: Ron W. Plemons, Douglas K. 
Blackwood, Robert M. Bennett, John E. Swain, Steve B. Farabi, Doug 
G. Smith, Alan R. Hammerli. BOTTOM ROW: Mike E. Jones, Leland J. 
Polly, John S. Schwartz, Jay R. Hendlund. 

Student groups publish four college magazines 

Both the creative endeavors of students and 
news of developments in their colleges were pre- 
sented through four local publications sponsored 
by student interest organizations. 

Published four times each year by student ar- 
chitects, Crit was distributed to all personnel in 
the College of Architecture and Design. Recent 
advances in more efficient agricultural operations 
were discussed in the Ag Student magazine writ- 

ten by students enrolled in ag journalism. 

After screening the original works submitted by 
students, students in the English department edit- 
ed Touchstone. Published once each year, the 
magazine featured poetry, essays, fiction and pho- 
tography. The K-State Engineer, sponsored by 
students in the College of Engineering, contained 
stories about the latest developments in the Uni- 
versity's engineering curriculums. 


Agriculture judges score in national competition 

Dominating intercollegiate judging competition 
at the American Royal Livestock Show, the Se- 
nior Livestock and Senior Meats Judging Teams 
captured top honors while the senior wool judgers 
placed second. At the International Livestock 
Exposition in Chicago, senior livestock judgers 
again placed first. The Junior Livestock Team 
placed second in competition at the Meat and 
Animal Evaluation contest in Omaha. 

Poultry Judging Team members competed in 

the National Collegiate Judging contest and the 
Soil Judging Team competed in the regional con- 
test at Lincoln. Soil judgers also acted as hosts for 
the National Soils contest in spring, 1968. The 
Crops Judging Team ranked fifth at both the In- 
ternational and National Collegiate Crops con- 
tests. At a contest sponsored in conjunction with 
the World Food Festival, a member of the Senior 
Dairy Cattle Team placed second while the 
team's overall performance ranked sixth. 

Meats Judging Team — Michael D. Van Allen, Timothy T. Benton, 
Leonard L. Tucker, James E. Phillips, Ronald U. Lindquist, Del M. 
Allen, Samuel L. Hands, Philip P. Behrens, Donald B. Johnson, Dan- 
iel L. Hoffman. 

Dairy Products Judging Team — Harold A. Roberts, Robert Sager, 
Fred Kopp, James Carroll, Donald Utz. 



Crop Judging Team — E. L. Mader, Galen R. Niedenthal, David Re- 
isig, Larry L. Klocke, Steven W. Simmons. 

Poultry Judging Team — James F. Feldkamp, Lawrence R. Klein, 
John C. White, Richard 0. Bailer, Amos J. Kahrs. 

Wool Judging Team — Thomas C. Gatz. Robert A. Ebert, Donald R. 
McClure, Samuel L. Hands, Dan L. Hoffman, Melvin L. Riemann, 
Carl Menzies. 

Junior Meats Judging Team — Glenn C. Oleen, Randy M. Peterson, 
Dell M. Allen, Tommy L. Smith, Glenn R. Teagarden. 

Livestock Judging Team — Charles D. Lambert, Melvin L. Riemann, 
Jack D. Evans, Russell E. McKee, Hugh H. Wheelock, Ken E. Schwem- 
mer, Tommy R. Carr, Johnny B. Blanton, David M. Bozone, Calvin 

Junior Livestock Judging Team — Jerry W. Sleichter, Robert A 
Ebert, Richard W. Felts, James E. Phillips, Willard G, Olson, Phillip P. 
Behrens, Dan L. Hoffman, Donald B. Johnson, R. H. Hines. 

Senior Dairy Cattle Judging Team — J. Lee Majeskie, Donald R 
McClure, Linda L. Harrison, Virginia K. Weir, George Heersche. 

Soil Judging Team — 0. W. Bidwell, David Reisig, Galen R. Nieden- 
thal, Roger L. Baker, Dennis D. McWilliams. 


Photo by Don Richards 


Academics are disciplines with barriers that are 
constantly expanding as man explores and charts 
the frontiers of his knowledge. To evolve with the 
intellectual leaders of the time and retain its goal 
of excellence, the University must master areas as 
diverse as fingerpainting or microbiology. Assimi- 
lation of the old with the new is a sign that a stu- 
dent's education must emphasize the future. 

♦ • 

Conducting an introductory geography class, a teach- 
er illustrates methods of compiling chart data. 

During a class session on ceramics, a student lis- 
tens as an art professor describes pottery-making. 

Royal Purple pictures 39 
as representative faculty 

From a total of 39 faculty members nominated 
by their college councils on the basis of outstand- 
ing teaching performance, a panel of five students 
and two faculty members have selected 14 of the 
nominees to represent the many excellent instruc- 
tors at the University. Student opinion and de- 
partmental information were additional criteria 
used in the final decisions of the Royal Purple 
staff. Since it is not possible to picture the entire 
faculty, the staff hopes that recognition of these 14 
"representative faculty, " pictured with their re- 
spective colleges throughout the academics sec- 
tion, will in part compensate. 


From the specimens collected by an entomology lab 
instructor, students study anatomical differences. 

Faculty study a model intensely as an architecture 
grad student explains his masters' thesis project. 

Giving individual instruction and advice, a teacher 
aids his student in working out a graphics problem. 

Talking to a child, a professor shows his psychol- 
ogy students how to administer intelligence tests. 


President McCain earns 
People-to-People award 

For his extensive travels and service, President 
James A. McCain was awarded the Dwight D. 
Eisenhower People-to-People Medallion for Out- 
standing Contributions to International Under- 
standing. McCain also was distinguished as the 
"Kansan Educator of the Year" by the Topeka 
Daily Capital. In his address to the Third Annual 
KSUARH Leadership Conference, McCain 
stressed the potential of student leadership and 
later he attended a symposium at Columbia Uni- 
versity. He also continued to serve on the Adviso- 
ry Council to the Import-Export Bank. 

Federal and private agencies sponsored $12.5 
million of projects undertaken by the University 
during 1968 with almost $5 million of this allocat- 
ed for research. Internationally, the University 
continued to progress in its attempts to establish a 
land grant institution in India. 

University president for 19 years, James A. McCain 
encourages informal student visits in his office. 

Accompanied by his wife, President McCain welcomes 
an alumnus visiting campus on graduation weekend. 

President McCain escorts Governor Nelson Rockefel- 
ler to Ahearn Field House where the presidential can- 

didate spoke as a Landon lecturer. McCain acts as 
University representative in greeting speakers. 


Supervising public relations is one responsibility 
of Ken Thomas, director of University information. 

at * 

Administrative assistants 
aid in policy formulation 

Striving for increased communication between 
the University and Manhattan, administrative 
assistants aided President McCain in carrying out 
services offered by the University. 

Kenneth Thomas, director of the Division of 
University Information, was responsible for prep- 
aration and distribution of news concerning all 
University activities, programs and policies. 

Coordinator of all campus foreign programs, 
Director of International Activities Joseph Hajda 
attempted to incorporate new methods for at- 
tracting an increased number of students and 
teachers from other countries to the University. 

As assistant to the president, Max Milbourn 
was the University's liaison to the legislature, the 
president's representative on the Governor's Eco- 
nomic Development Committee and an exofficio 
member of the local Chamber of Commerce. 

Events celebrating international holidays, such as 
Diva I i, festival of lights, are approved by Hajda. 

As a service of extension radio and tv, Jack Burke 
films a home football game for use by the coaches. 


Maintaining legislative support for the Universi- 
ty, Milbourn attends senate sessions and hearings. 

Assistant to the President Max Milbourn serves as 
the presidential liaison to the state legislature. 

Director of International Activities Joseph Hajda 
encourages foreign travel by students and teachers. 



~~m * 

%:■ "■''■■'. '5 : '-. 

Mf : : 

Re-elected to a second term as governor, Robert Dock- 
ing aids the University's development through recom- 

Photo by Don Richards 

mendation of fund requests to the legislature. Dock- 
ing also picked two new Regents for the state board. 


Docking recommends aid 
to University programs 

Government's role in higher education was seen 
through the actions of Governor Robert Docking 
and members of the Kansas Legislature. 

Governor Docking recommended to the legisla- 
ture suggestions for financial appropriations pro- 
posed by the Board of Regents and also served a 
ceremonial position by being present at University 
graduation exercises and appearances by speakers 
in the Landon lecture series. 

Most important of the functions of the legisla- 
ture, relating to the University, was appropriation 
of funds. In the 1968 legislature, the Revenue 
Bond Act was amended to authorize the issuing of 
bonds for financing of University construction. 
The granting of a land exchange also aided expan- 
sion prospects for the campus facilities. 

Making a campus campaign visit, Governor Docking 
discusses issues and policies of his administration. 

I '>.:?! 


At the spring graduation ceremonies. Governor Dock- 
ing addresses the 2,155 graduates and their friends. 

Speaking at a special faculty meeting, Morton Briggs 
recommends changes for the statement on violence. 

Faculty Senate — TOP ROW: Ivalee H. McCord, A. Bower Sageser, 
Jack C. Durgan, Glenn M. Busset. Charles L. Hall, Harlan J. Trenne- 
pohl, Henrietta R. Ameel, Neva L. White, Wilton B. Thomas, Harry E. 
McAnarney. SECOND ROW: Jack L. Lambert, Walter H. Eitner, Ste- 
phan R. Bollman, Erie E. Bartley, Holly C. Fryer, John L. Noordsy, 
William M. MacMillan, Clair M. Hibbs, Jerry A. Lilly. THIRD ROW: 

Gwendolyn L. Tin kl in , Jordan Y. Miller, R. Kenneth Burkhard, Ken- 
neth Conrow, Conrad Eriksen, Everett E. Haft, Robin Higham, Keith 
A. Huston. BOTTOM ROW: Arlm M. Feyerherm. Thomas B. Steunen- 
berg, Rhae M. Swisher, Wilson Tripp, Louis H. Douglas, R. Dean 
Dragsdorf, Meredith C Litchfield, Vernon P. Deines. 

Board of Regents — STANDING: Vincent L. Bogart, L. D. Morgan, 
Dwight D. Khnger, Jess Stewart, James J. Basham, Max Bickford. 
SEATED: A. H. Cromb, C. N. Cushing, Henry A. Bubo, T. J. Griffith. 

Board of Regents hears 
University fund requests 

Reviewing requests submitted by administra- 
tive officials of the state institutions comprised the 
primary task of the 10-man Board of Regents. 
The board then recommended proposals for the 
governor to present to the legislature. This year, 
the board considered University requests totaling 
approximately $30 million. Requested appropria- 
tions were designated for a child development lab, 
a plant science greenhouse and buildings for the 
education and engineering colleges. Allotment of 
funds for an accelerated building program also 
was considered. Other requests heard by the 
board members included suggestions by President 
James A. McCain for additional faculty, general 
salary increases and new academic programs. 



Presiding at dedication ceremonies of KSU Stadium, 
President McCain introduces Governor Docking, Sena- 

tor Carlson and Board of Regents members who at- 
tended the first home football game of the season. 


Obtainment of a new accelerator by the physics de- 
partment necessitates expansion of Cardwell hall. 

Construction continues on the new seven-story aud- 
itorium which is scheduled for completion in 1969. 


Before taking a leave of absence as provost at Ahma- 
du Bello, Glenn H. Beck, vice president for agricul- 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 

ture, talks with Nigerian students about the country 
and what he expects to accomplish at the university. 

Beck to assume provost duties at Ahmadu Bello 

On special assignment of the Rockefeller Foun- 
dation, Vice-president for Agriculture Glenn Beck 
took a leave of absence from the University to 
become provost for Ahmadu Bello University at 
Zaria, Nigeria. As the second highest official at 
the university, one goal of Beck's was to incorpo- 
rate agricultural extension, veterinary medicine 
and research into the university's program. Coin- 
ciding with his appointment as provost, Beck was 

named the Rockefeller Foundation's Associate 
Director of Agricultural Services. 

Since 1965, Beck was the top administrator of 
the University's agricultural teaching, extension, 
research and foreign agricultural programs. He 
was president of the University Research Founda- 
tion, presided over the National Agricultural Hall 
of Fame and served as the vice-chairman of the 
India Council of Universities. 


Senator George McGovern discusses world food prob- 
lems at the Frank Carlson Symposium in December. 

Through AID contracts, University personnel build ag- 
ricultural study programs in underdeveloped nations. 

Aiding Indian village workers, a Hyderabad staff mem- 
ber demonstrates a successful irrigation technique. 

Acting Vice-president for Agriculture Floyd W. Smith 
formerly directed the agriculture experiment station. 


After returning from Nigeria, Vernon Larson became 
Director of the International Agriculture Program. 

For his years of service to the University, James A. 
McCain presents Arthur D. Weber a recognition award. 

Larson coordinates work 
of Ag overseas programs 

International Agriculture Programs, focusing 
on the needs of India and Nigeria, came under the 
direction of Vernon Larson. The new director co- 
ordinated the University's efforts to aid India 
through government funds, despite recent foreign 
aid cutbacks. In its twelfth year, the program 
aimed to prevent starvation by teaching the Indian 
people how to utilize the available land to its full- 
est capacity. After two years of supervising An- 
dhra Pradesh University, A. D. Weber returned 
to the University to announce his retirement. 

While a civil war raged on throughout the year, 
University personnel concentrated on expanding 
the agriculture teaching, research and extension 
programs at Ahmadu Bello University in northern 
Nigeria. Plans called for offering degrees in plant, 
animal and soil sciences by 1972. 

,--'" r 

»« " n »* . „.•« 

* * * •^2>- - -* •':.'..•"? j ; 

Dr. and Mrs. Lee Railsback begin a two-year tour in 
Nigeria where he is chief of party at Ahmadu Bello. 


Working with a poultry project at the Andhra Pradesh 
University, an Indian checks the feeding containers. 

With his family, Draytford Richardson departs for In- 
dia to assume his new staff position at Hyderabad. 

Photo by Robert Baugh 

On assignment at Ahmadu Bello University, Glenn 
Hartke directs anatomy students in dissecting a calf. 

While working at Ahmadu Bello, faculty member Rob- 
ert Schneider invented an ox cart for local farmers. 

__._.. _..,.__.... ^. 


English composition students, studying at Ft. Riley 
under the extension program, learn noun usage. 

Robert Bohannon assumes the role of new acting di- 
rector of all University Extension Service programs. 

Extension assists cities 
with services of faculty 

Through the Board of Regent's new program 
for coordinating extension, Kansas municipalities 
were offered the services of faculty members at 
three of the major state universities. The State 
Industrial Extension and Technical Services Pro- 
gram drew upon the scientific, technological and 
engineering resources of the state universities to 
aid business and industry throughout Kansas. 
Headed by the new acting director Robert Bohan- 
non, the University's Cooperative Extension Serv- 
ice studied rural economic development and river 
basin and county development programs while 
assisting numerous urban 4-H clubs. Experts in 
the fields of public health, water resources, politi- 
cal science, traffic, marketing and transportation 
joined with faculty to study methods for updating 
and improving facilities offered by the state. 


Extending educational opportunity beyond campus, 
extension provides classes throughout the region. 

In addition to education programs, extension serv- 
ices aid business and industry throughout Kansas. 

President McCain and senators Harry Darby and 
Frank Carlson welcome speaker George McGovern. 

Extension Heads — Paul W. Griffith, associate director; Wilber E. 
Ringler, assistant director; Oscar W. Norby, extension operations; 
Glenn M. Busset, extension 4-H clubs; Shirley A. White, extension 
home economics; John M. Ferguson, extension engineering; E. D. 
Warner, information editor; Fred M. Parris, assistant extension in- 
formation; Jack M. Burke, extension radio and television, Dwight A. 
Nesmith, engineering experimental station. 


Before announcing in December his plans to resign as 
vice-president for academic affairs, John Lott Brown 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 
helped in a drive for more library books, aided Uni- 
versity for Man and sat on several science councils. 


More than 1,000 students gather at a CRAPE rally in 
the fall to demonstrate for library improvement. The 

group sought contributions to increase the number of 
books in Farrell library from 503,000 to 1,500,000. 

Brown announces plans 
to resign University post 

After serving as vice-president for academic 
affairs since 1966, John Lott Brown announced he 
would assume a teaching and research position 
with the psychology department at the University 
of Rochester next fall. As chairman of the Aca- 
demic Council at the University, Brown worked 
with the college deans to study methods for for- 
mulating the type of education required by to- 
day's society. After receiving reports submitted by 
the directors of campus services, Brown coordi- 
nated them with the overall University program in 
mind. He also continued to conduct his research in 
the field of visual processes. 

Extension classes and off-campus educational 
projects were coordinated by Norman Harold, 
new acting director of continuing education, who 
also acted as information liaison with high schools 
and junior colleges. After studying results of serv- 
ice, teaching and research, Director of Education- 
al Research Donald Hoyt suggested guides for 
administrative policies. Computer center activities 
were supervised by director T. W. Hildebrandt. 

Administrative Heads — E. Norman Harold, acting director of con- 
tinuing education; T. W. Hildebrandt, director of computing center; 
Donald P. Hoyt, director of educational research. 

Long lines typify fall enrollment as students wait 
to get IBM card packets and pick up class schedules. 


Construction to increase 
Farrell library facilities 

As director of Farrell library, Richard Farley 
oversaw the planning of the $2.5 million library 
addition on which construction began in Decem- 
ber. The new addition will feature a basement 
study hall, rare books and audio-visual facilities 
and increased seating capacity. Farley also super- 
vised the hiring and training of the 200 part time 
and 65 full time library employees. 

In October, more than 1,000 students rallied in 
front of the library to call attention to the inade- 
quacy of the present facilities. Sponsored by the 
Committee for Renewal of Academic Progress, 
Etcetera, the walk-out climaxed weeks of intense 
activity by CRAPE members publicizing the lack 
of books available in important research areas. 

New systems using multi-purpose plastic identifi- 
cation cards enables librarians to check out books 
and determine fines more quickly. Farrell library 
contains 503,000 volumes and numerous periodicals. 

Head of the library, Richard Farley selects books, 
hires personnel and supervises the library changes. 

•at* eat; r* 


As dean of Admissions and Records, Ellsworth Ger- 
ritz regularly supervises pre-enrollment procedures. 

Following a path of signs and desks through Ahearn 
Field House, students complete the fall enrollment 
procedure by filling out information cards, paying 
registration fees and picking up their schedules. 

Computer process aids 
registration procedure 

Fall enrollment surged to a record 12,570 stu- 
dents, an increase of 815 over the previous year. 
Arts and Sciences placed first among the colleges 

in number of enrollees with 4,733, followed by 
Agriculture with 1,351. Approximately two per 
cent of the students who had pre-enrolled in the 
spring returned to find errors in their schedules; 
however, modernization of the computer process 
included distribution of partially completed sched- 
ules to students with conflicting classes. 

Dean of Admissions and Records Ellsworth 
Gerritz coordinated enrollment and registration 
in addition to compiling complete records of 
scholastic rank and aiding in the transfer of cred- 
its from other accredited universities. 


Vice-president for Student Affairs Chester E. Peters 
discusses University policy with student leaders and 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 
representatives of the faculty at one of many infor- 
mal meetings scheduled in the Union during the year. 


Supervising student affairs, Dean of Students Gene 
C. Kasper oversees the work of five assistant deans. 

Margaret Lahey, associate dean of students, promotes 
revising the present women's closing hour policy. 

Peters supervises student development programs 

Administrative responsibilities of Vice-presi- 
dent for Student Affairs Chester Peters included 
extensive work in staff and student development 
programs. Among Peters' areas of supervision 
were the residence hall programs, intramurals and 
activities sponsored by the Union. 

Assisting the vice-president in his attempt to 
coordinate the various facets of student life were 
seven key administrators. Gene Kasper, dean of 
students, advised the freshman seminar programs 
and defined University policy regarding student 
conduct on and off the campus. 

Associate Dean of Students Margaret Lahey 
acted as consultant for AWS and Panhellenic 
Council. Caroline Peine, assistant dean of stu- 
dents, worked with campus human relations 
teams and the Dames Club. J. Allen Brettell ad- 
vised international students and student religious 
activities were directed by William Tremmel. 
Bruce Gildseth, assistant dean of students, aided 
in organizing the orientation program, including 
freshman discussion groups. Residence hall prob- 
lems and policies went through the office of 
Thomas Frith, residence hall director. 

sss;. ■•■.;:,... 

Assistant Deans of Students — J. Allen Brettell, Caroline F. Peine, Bruce L. Gildseth 




^P%*». «**«.,: 

»*». *.».- ' »S. 

IIP- ^ 

As Student Health's head psychologist, Dr. E. Rob- 
ert Sinnet supervises the psychiatric facilities. 

Dr. Hilbert Jubelt coordinates and directs work of 
all medical personnel at the LaFene Health Center. 


Physical therapy facilities available for patients 
include whirlpools, heat lamps and muscle toners. 

Before being admitted to a doctor, a student stops 
at the nurses' station for a temperature reading. 


Dr. Benjamin LaFene, for whom the health center is 
named, examines a student injury with Dr. Jubelt. 

Student Health receives 
hospital accreditation 

Named in recognition of the doctor responsible 
for its construction, LaFene Student Health Cen- 
ter in August was accredited by the Joint Com- 
mission of Accreditation of Hospitals. Expansion 
of facilities included the enlargement of a base- 
ment laboratory to triple floor space previously 
available. With Dr. Hilbert Jubelt as director, 
approximately 1,000 student patients received 
medical attention in the 40-bed hospital. Assist- 
ants helped students complete required forms. 

Supervision of radiation, food safety and sani- 
tation at the University was carried out by the 
assistant director of environmental health. In re- 
sponse to questionnaires distributed in the fall to 
members of living groups, programs coordinated 
by the health educator discussed self-defense, sex 
education, mental health and cancer. 

Students wanting medical attention must first show 
their identification cards at the records window. 

After filling a prescription, the pharmacist notes 
medicine prescribed and sold to a student patient. 



Sampling Swedish rollmopse and potato sausages, 
students and townspeople enjoy the smorgasbord fea- 

Richard Blackburn, Union director, manages the op- 
eration and coordination of major Union services. 

tured annually by the Union. A record 1070 persons 
attended the evening event, tradition since 1930. 

Blackburn directs work 
on major Union addition 

Under the guidance of director Richard Black- 
burn, construction began on the second major ad- 
dition to the K-State Union since its opening in 
1956. The new structure was to feature an ex- 
panded cafeteria and snack bar, forum hall, arts 
and crafts shop, bookstore, additional meeting 
rooms and private dining areas and an interior 
courtyard topped with a plastic dome. Plans also 
included the acquisition of 200 extra parking 
spaces for the campus visitors through conversion 
of the tennis courts south of the building. 

More than 300 students were members of 
committees supervised by Union Program Coun- 
cil while the faculty, students and alumni compris- 
ing the Union Governing Board decided questions 
of policy. One hundred and ten employees worked 
in the six service departments of the Union. 


Television and recording star Bill Cosby comically 
relates childhood anecdotes during a Union concert. 

Union Program Council — TOP ROW: Eileen Hart, David B. Fruetel, 
Gerald L Schnittker, Karlyn K. Emel, Richard Strandmark, Vickie 
Longenecker, Nancy J. Perry. SECOND ROW: Cheryl A. Mantel, Mari- 
lyn J. Horst, James R. Reynolds, Laura J. Suggs, Barbara K. Kiser, 
Jackie Moe. BOTTOM ROW: George A. Gerritz, Elizabeth A. Ander- 
sen, Arthur D. Miller. 

Sculptures, oils, water colors and lithographs high- 
lighted the art displays sponsored by the Union Art 

Committee. Works by Kansas amateur artists and in- 
ternational underground films are also presented. 


Divisions provide service, 
give students assistance 

Because of relocation of troops at Ft. Riley, 
students returning in the fall faced a housing shor- 
tage. Responsible for listings of available off- 
campus housing, the Housing and Food Services 
Center also maintained and collected the funds 
from campus housing units and supervised all 
dormitory food services. Although the student aid 
program suffered a slight reduction in federal 
funds, Aids, Awards and Veterans' Services filled 
more than 2,500 student requests for aid. 

While continuing efforts to computerize recruit- 
ment, the Placement Center aided an estimated 
1,000 students secure employment in business, 
industry and government. Experimentation with 
new methods resulted in an updating of services 
offered by the Counseling Center. Trained person- 
nel advised students individually and in groups. 

Appointed as the acting director of Aids and Awards, 
Gerald Bergen replaces the late Harold Kennedy. 

Counseling center director Dave Danskin supervises 
the functions of the Center and advises students. 


Director of Housing A. Thornton Edwards helps stu- 
dents in their hunt for suitable living quarters. 

Maintaining current employment files and catalogs, 
Bruce Laughlin directs Placement Center services. 

Checking an employment directory for information, a 
student prepares to schedule an interview. The Place- 

ment Center assists students in finding both per- 
manent and temporary employment opportunities. 


As the vice-president for University development, C. 
Clyde Jones coordinates campus construction plan- 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 
ning and during the year sought ways to improve 
campus parking facilities for students and faculty. 


University development 
coordinates construction 

Responsible for the campus construction pro- 
gram, Vice-president for University Development 
C. Clyde Jones and Assistant Vice-president for 
University Development Vincent Cool continued 
to plan for University growth. After the Septem- 
ber dedication of the KSU Stadium, attention was 
focused on construction of the new auditorium, 
swimming pool, biological sciences building, the 
Union addition and medical science building. 

Selection of the University as the center for a 
$3.4 million government financed Federal Grain 
and Marketing Laboratory brought University 
scientists together with those affiliated with the 
U.S. Department of Agriculture. Other projects 
included the relocation of the tennis and handball 
courts, addition of a third floor to the milling 
building and the erection of a warehouse for the 
grain science and industry department. 

Assisting the vice-presidents in their respective 
areas were Case Bonebrake, physical plant ad- 
ministrator; H. Dean Hess, executive alumni sec- 
retary; and Kenneth Heywood, endowment and 
development administrator. 

Pieces of massive earth-moving equipment are locat- 
ed at the site of the new biological sciences building. 

Administrative Heads — Vincent J. Cool, assistant vice president for 
planning; Case A. Bonebrake, physical plant administrator, H. Dean 
Hess, alumni; Kenneth M. Heywood, endowment and development. 

With the ruins of Nichols Gym behind them, physical 
plant workers build forms for new classroom trailers. 

Maintaining University grounds, physical plant em- 
ployees replace worn sod in front of Anderson hall. 


University Business Manager Daniel Beatty acts as an 
adviser to President McCain on the financial affairs 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 

of the University. During the year, Beatty arranges 
and processes appropriations slated for construction. 

Business staff regulates University expenditures 

Major appropriations made through the office 
of University Business Manager Daniel Beatty 
included funds for a $3 million auditorium, a $3.6 
million biological sciences building and a $2.5 mil- 
lion addition to Farrell library, all to be completed 
by late 1970. Distributing funds in accordance 
with state and federal laws was one aspect of the 
business manager's responsibility for the fiscal 
operation and policy of the University. Beatty also 

periodically reported to President McCain and 
acted as the University's representative with ad- 
ministrators of state fiscal offices. 

Budget director Ted Dodge was in charge of 
preparing the $47 million annual University bud- 
get and legislative budget requests. University 
comptroller Ralph Perry directed business office 
operations and payroll processing for the more 
than 1,800 students employed on campus. 


Selecting the correct storage tapes, the computer 
operator prepares to make a listing of information. 

Office of the Business 
Manager — Theodore 
0. Dodge, Budget 
Director; Ralph H. 
Perry, Comptroller. 

Data processing employees operate IBM equipment 
which computes enrollment figures and schedules. 

Located in Anderson hall, the cashiering section of the faculty for claiming refunds and scholarship checks, 
comptroller's office is used by University students and placing key deposits and paying overdue fees. 


Hess launches exchange 
with regional ag colleges 

Reciprocal agreements involving the exchange 
of students in agriculture between the University 
and schools in neighboring states were finalized 
by dean of Agriculture Carroll Hess. Through 
this arrangement, out-of-state residents were 
permitted to enroll in the college's academic pro- 
gram while University students travelled to other 
schools. The dean also supervised the college's 
self-study program and assisted in the publishing 
of the program's recommendations in January. 

In his third year as dean, Hess was appointed 
vice-chairman of the National Association of 
Deans and Directors of Resident Instruction in 
Colleges of Agriculture. He also chaired several 
national committees on ag education and was a 
member of the National Academy of Science and 
the National Research Committee. 

Carroll Hess, agriculture dean, evaluates research 
programs after a visit to Ahmadu Bello in Nigeria. 

Testing bread, bakery science students learn pro- 
duction techniques as well as management skills. 


Agricultural Council — TOP ROW: Roy D. Tangeman, Jerry D. Hub- 
bart, Richard D. Wilson, Gordon L. McCosh, Ronald U. Lindquist, 
Stanley D. Buss, Robert Ebert, James Feldkamp. SECOND ROW: 
Kenneth D. Jorns, Philip G. Crandall, John 0. Pruitt, Bernard L. 
Hansen, David J. Reisig, Alan D. Ostermann, Dale E. Naiman, Phillip 

R. Rahn. THIRD ROW: Franke R. Carpenter, Samuel J. Feist, Larry D. 
Ryan, James W. Maddox, Les D. Streit, James D. Dietrich, Charles D. 
Holste, Jerry C. McReynolds. BOTTOM ROW: Dan L. Hoffman, Timo- 
thy T. Benton, Frederick W. Gatlin, Charles L. Jasper, Steven B. 
Smith, Marvin D. Wells, Jon R. Gremer. 

In a sausage making exercise, students in meat se- 
lection class push beef into the top of a grinder. 

While sifting corn meal, milling students analyze 
it for the protein content per size of particle. 


Waters hall, in the north part of campus, contains 
the ag offices, classrooms and research facilities. 

After initial demonstrations, students use imagina- 
tion to create arrangements from polyester flowers. 

Involved in research, G. B. Marion also teaches ba- 
sic dairy science classes and is a member of several 
honoraries. He is currently preparing material for 
a text on reproductive physiology and embryology. 

College of Agriculture Administrative Heads — TOP ROW: Gilbert R. 
Dodge, administrative assistant; Frank R. Carpenter, assistant dean; 
David J. Mugler, assistant to the dean. SECOND ROW: Paul L. Kelley, 
agricultural economics; Lowell Brandner, agricultural editor; Ray- 
mond V. Olson, agronomy. THIRD ROW: Donald L. Good, animal sci- 
ence and industry; Howard L. Mitchell, biochemistry; Charles L. 
Norton, dairy and poultry science. BOTTOM ROW: Herbert C. Knut- 
son, entomology; William J. Hoover, grain science and industry; 
Ronald W. Campbell, horticulture and forestry; John F. Schafer, 
plant pathology. 


Ag college relaxes stipulations, expands courses 

By reducing emphasis on agricultural speciali- 
zation, the College of Agriculture permitted its 
students to take more courses in communications 
and the social sciences. New in the college curricu- 
lum was an option designed to prepare students 
for future work in economic development and per- 
sonnel management in agriculture and related 
fields. The faculty also unanimously approved a 
proposal for instruction and class evaluation. 

Broadening of the research and extension pro- 

grams brought additional support to off-farm 
agribusinesses, youth leadership and family devel- 
opment. These programs aided in natural resource 
and community economic development. Record- 
ing an enrollment of 1340 students, the college 
showed the largest percentage increase among all 
colleges in the University. Despite an 86 per cent 
increase during the past five years, professional 
demand for agriculture students continued to 
outweigh the number of graduates. 

Students in plant science classes use the greenhouse dies produce information about the response of beans 
behind Waters hall for laboratory experiments. Stu- and corn to varied doses of nitrogen and phosphorus. 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 


Products needed for horticulture research are placed 
in the fruit and vegetable storage locker in Waters. 

Curriculum self-studies 
strengthen Ag programs 

Several recommendations for improving the 
College of Agriculture's academic programs re- 
sulted from the college's extensive self-study. The 
suggestion to reduce the number of credit hours 
required to obtain a B.S. received approval of the 
faculty after the findings were published. Advisers 
were encouraged to utilize more of their students' 
electives for courses in communications, computer 
science, math and statistics. A flexible biological 
and physical science curriculum was formed to 
meet the varying needs of students pursuing one of 
the college's four option areas. 

In the interest of offering students more leeway 
in developing their academic programs, the ma- 
jor-minor system was considered. This would al- 
low students to select a secondary area of study 
from another field or college curriculum. 

After finishing the milking, a student takes samples 
to be tested in the dairy management laboratories. 


Watching a demonstration, students in the meat pro- 
cessing class learn proper slaughtering techniques. 

K-State's Dairy Bar is a favorite refreshment stop 
that provides on-the-job training for dairy students. 

Assistant Professor of Animal Science and Industry 
Miles McKee received Gamma Sigma Delta's out- 
standing teacher award. A researcher of beef cattle 
production, he belongs to several ag societies. 


Architecture students work long hours to complete 
Design V class projects. The College of Architecture 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 

and Design, after rapid growth, is now ranked among 
the 10 largest architecture colleges in the country. 


College of Architecture 
ranks in nations' top ten 

Because of the demand for architecture gradu- 
ates, the College of Architecture and Design be- 
came one of the fastest growing colleges on cam- 
pus. For each 1969 graduate, jobs were available 
with large corporations, small firms and govern- 
ment organizations. Ranked among the 10 largest 
architecture colleges in the country, the college 
offered students the chance to work together in 
solving problems common to their fields. 

Highlighting the year were two field trips, to 
San Francisco and Chicago, which permitted stu- 
dents to view outstanding works of architecture. 
The curriculum in landscape architecture received 
a five-year accreditation from the American So- 
ciety of Landscape Architects and Charles Al- 
mack, an architecture senior, received the William 
R. Frampton Memorial Prize for his design of the 
symbol which will be used for the 1975 United 
States Bicentennial World Exposition. 

Through the use of a three-dimensional scaled model, 
an architecture student studies the spacial concept. 

Architecture and Design Council — TOP ROW: Thomas C. Pearson, 
Larry P. Blankenship, H. Stewart Mann, Charles E. Almack, Noel W. 
Stanton, William A. Stoskopf, Howard S. Hewlett, Alton A. Barnes, 
Robert P. West. BOTTOM ROW: Larry V. Haflmg, Allen Gerstenber- 
ger, Linda L. Ludden, John F. Wilhm, Victor A. Regnier. 


Fischer promotes advisory board for architecture 

Aided by his associates, Dean of the College of 
Architecture and Design Emil Fischer departmen- 
talized the college into the divisions of Architec- 
ture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design and 
Planning. This plan resulted in a decentralization 
of responsibility among personnel in the college. 
Representing the University, Fischer attended the 
1968 commencement exercises at Andhra Pradesh 
University in Hyderabad, India. 

An advisory board comprised of outstanding 
professional architects from across the nation was 
established by Fischer to insure that faculty train- 
ing was keeping pace with trends becoming ap- 
parent in the professional world. The seven-man 
board met periodically with the college faculty 
and 700 students to discuss programs which could 
be implemented into the curriculum of the College 
of Architecture and Design. 

Emil Fischer, dean of the College of Architecture and 
Design, works to coordinate college teaching with the 

assistance of advisory board members who arrange 
for periodical discussions with students and faculty. 


Visualizing cities for tomorrow's society, classes 
in city planning construct models to show theories. 

To facilitate the drawing of scaled vertical and hor- 
izontal lines, architecture students use T-squares. 

William Janke, associate professor of architecture 
and design, is a registered professional engineer in 
seven states and Puerto Rico. A member of Phi Kappa 
Sigma, he teaches classes in lighting and acoustics. 

College of Architecture and Design Administrative Heads — Robert 
P. Ealy, associate dean and landscape architecture; F. Gene Ernst, 
assistant dean; Frederick Miles, architecture; Jack C. Durgan, interi- 
or architectural design; Eugene Thorson, construction science; 
Merrill Blackman, building construction; Vernon Deines, regional 
and community planning. 



Instructor for the junior honors colloquium, Wil- 
liam Brondell teaches classes in English poetry and 
survey. He is head of the Guest Scholar committee 
and participates in a modern language association. 

*IwKkc* as^S®ra3HB«MfejaE«ss 

Preparing to collect fossils, students on a histor- 
ical geology field trip examine Permian Age shale. 

Checking a programed sequence, an operator pre- 
pares to compute statistical data for a problem. 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 


A & S reviews produce 
course program changes 

After a review of its curriculum, the College of 
Arts and Sciences liberalized its program of 
course requirements for its 4,724 students. Imple- 
mentation of the new program was designed to 
allow a greater selection of courses for students 
striving for A.B. and B.S. degrees. In its second 
year, the Southeast Asia Center introduced an 
interdisciplinary program in Arts and Sciences 
and gained former consul general to Madras, In- 
dia, Albert Franklin as director. 

In the humanities, visiting distinguished profes- 
sor Robert Speaight conducted courses in drama 
and Shakespeare while in the natural sciences, the 
physics department acquired a Tandem Van De 
Graaff accelerator. Arts and Sciences Council 
participated in International Week and played a 
major role in staging All-University Day. De- 
signed to be the future center of art, music and 
drama, the new auditorium neared completion. 

Reporting I students gain experience in writing news 
stories and feature articles in weekly lab periods. 

Explaining techniques and procedures in military 
mapping, a cadet captain conducts a ROTC class. 

To increase their skills in foreign languages, stu- 
dents use the tapes in the Eisenhower language lab. 


Through periodic evaluations and program develop- 
ments such as establishment of honors seminars, 

Dean John Chalmers works to strengthen and liber- 
alize the College of Arts and Sciences curriculum. 

Arts and sciences dean initiates program changes 

Course revision initiated by Dean John Chal- 
mers resulted in a strengthening of several depart- 
ments in the College of Arts and Sciences. 

Encouraged by the dean, students, faculty and 
administrators collaborated to bring about needed 
changes in the college curriculum. In addition to 
teaching a course, Chalmers also supervised pro- 
gram developments and evaluations. 

With Associate Dean William Stamey, Chal- 

mers conducted reviews of the music, history, 
physical education, political science and sociology 
departments. Efforts included talking with stu- 
dents and faculty, then reporting their findings to 
department heads. As program adviser, Assistant 
Dean Orval Ebberts maintained student records 
and Assistant Dean Marjorie Adams supervised 
the honors program and curriculum study. 


Arts and Sciences Council — TOP ROW: Luann K. Wetz, Veneta L. 
Brown, Janice S. Miller, Marsha D. Krehbiel, Linda L. Sorenson, Car- 
olyn M. Wolfe. SECOND ROW: D'Ann Drennan, Daniel L. Enterline, 

Patricia K. Friesen, Rhonda L Fry, Richard E. Brown. BOTTOM ROW: 
William H. Brooks, Frank E. Carpenter, Warren Craig Mitts, Robert D. 
Bowser, Walter Frank York, James W. Parrish. 

For a physics experiment, a coed measures changing 
light intensities through different types of lens. 

An instructor in the English department, Leonard 
Epstein teaches humanities and helps to direct the 
University for Man which sponsored the first Na- 
tional Conference on Free Universities in March. 

Robert Linder has written three books on political 
and religious involvement. In addition to teaching 
Renaissance and Reformation history, he works with 
a student committee to improve library facilities. 


Inter-Collegiate Honors Council — TOP ROW: James T Hartford, 
Judith L. Macy, S. Clark Balderson, Martha E. Reeder. BOTTOM 
ROW: Nancy J. Perry, Patricia D. Irvine, Roger C. Bergman . 

Burney Vazquez, assistant professor of modern lan- 
guages, teaches classes in Latin and Spanish. She 
is a member of Phi Alpha Mu and the Latin American 
Association, and enjoys chamber music and traveling. 

Interviewing a client at the speech clinic, a speech 
pathology major determines speech correction needs. 


Housed in Van Zile hall, honors students partici- 
pate in special seminars scheduled at the dormitory. 

Van Zile hall provides 
unification for programs 

In an effort to unify and strengthen the honors 
program, honors students were grouped in the 
renovated Van Zile hall. The dorm functioned as a 
gathering place, in addition to providing the set- 
ting for several classes and meetings for the Hon- 
ors Council. The Intercollegiate Honors Council 
provided students with the opportunity to intro- 
duce changes into the program's structure. 

Honors students aided each other both academ- 
ically and socially and eased adjustment to univer- 
sity life for freshmen in the program. Courses 
ranged from an advanced English class to the 
Southeast Asia Center's seminar on yoga. An in- 
terdisciplinary course combining political science, 
sociology and western civilization was offered as 
was a junior colloquium which focused on various 
aspects of the topic "aggression." 

College of Arts and Sciences Administrative Heads — TOP ROW: Wil- 
liam L. Stamey, associate dean; Marjone Adams, assistant dean; G. 
Orval Ebberts, assistant dean; John P. Murry. assistant to the dean. 
SECOND ROW: Michael A. Novak, assistant to the dean; Charles C. 
Anderson, aerospace studies; Oscar V. Larmer, art; Horace B. Lee, 
athletics. THIRD ROW: L. Evans Roth, biology: Adrian H. Daane, 
chemistry; Paul L. Kelley, economics; Earle R. Davis, english. 
FOURTH ROW: Page C. Twiss, geology and geography; Robert P. 
Browder, history; John E. Maxfield, mathematics; Ralph Wright, mil- 
itary science. FIFTH ROW: Fritz Moore, modern languages; Luther 0. 
Leavengood, music; Benjamin R. Tilghman, philosophy; Robert B. 
Leachman, physics. SIXTH ROW: Katherme Geyer, physical educa- 
tion; Thomas M. Evans, physical education; William W. Boyer, politi- 
cal science; E. Jerry Phares, psychology. BOTTOM ROW: Eugene A. 
Friedmann, sociology and anthropology; Norma D. Bunton. speech; 
H. C. Fryer, statistics and computer science; Ralph R. Lashbrook, 
technical lournalism. 


Small group discussions enable business policy stu- 
dents to cover various areas of business practices. 

Proficiency, speed, and accuracy are attained through 
constant drill practice in this basic typing class. 

College of Commerce Administrative Heads — Eugene J. Laughlin, 
associate dean; Mildred E. Buzenberg, assistant dean; Rhae M. 
Swisher, director ot management services. 

Associate Professor of Commerce Rhae Swisher par- 
ticipates on the Union Governing Board, the exec- 
utive committee of Faculty Senate, student involve- 
ment committee, Delta Sigma Pi and Phi Delta Phi. 

Gaining proficiency in one of the many areas of bus- 
iness, a student receives advice on the comptometer. 


Commerce initiates new programs of specialization 

College of Commerce faculty conducted an 
overall review of the complete undergraduate cur- 
riculum which resulted in changes in the fields of 
specialized study available to students. The field 
of Personnel was dropped and incorporated into 
the field of Management. International Business 
Administration was added and, with the increased 
usage of the computer in today's business world, a 
course in computer study was made mandatory 

for all students entering the commerce program . 

Recording a six and one-half per cent increase 
in student enrollment over last year, the College of 
Commerce strived to structure new courses which 
would fit more closely with the demands made on 
today's graduate in the business world. The col- 
lege also worked to encourage high school and 
junior college students to enter business adminis- 
tration and other areas in the commerce field. 

Providing special reference selections for student 
use, the commerce reading room in Calvin hall gives 

the students a place to study and to work with other 
business students between scheduled class periods. 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 


Lynn reviews courses, 
plans masters curriculum 

In his first year as dean of the College of 
Commerce, Robert Lynn aimed toward expan- 
sion of the business program and formulation of 
new college policies. While working to establish a 
master's degree program in business administra- 
tion, Lynn made an overall review of the com- 
merce program with the purpose of forming more 
courses geared for both graduates and undergrad- 
uates. The effectiveness of the college's large lec- 
ture sessions also was studied by the new dean. 

Previously the resident director of the graduate 
program in business administration at Whiteman 
Air Force Base, Lynn supervised an off-campus 
educational program in connection with the Uni- 
versity of Missouri. Author of three books, the 
dean worked on revising his economics textbook 
and taught an introductory business course. 

Housing the College of Commerce, Calvin hall holds 
the accounting, business and marketing classrooms. 



Named College of Commerce dean in March, 1968, 
Robert Lynn plans expansion of programs in business. 


Commerce Council — TOP ROW: Eugene J. Laughlin, Patrick M. 
Harmon, Steven L. Brooks, Gerald D. Schmidt, Harold J. Garten, 

Mildred C. Buzenberg. BOTTOM ROW: Robert E. Mapes, Wendell F. 
Cowan, Jack S. Goodson, Bill J. Kruse, Charles C. Cole. 

Eugene Laughlin, acting associate dean of the Col- 
lege of Commerce, lectures to an accounting class. 


Education students effect 
study of college program 

Student involvement highlighted the year in the 
College of Education. After combining efforts to 
form an evaluation committee, students and facul- 
ty undertook a study of the goals of undergradu- 
ate students in education and future programs 
which the college could offer to help its students 
attain them. Another development involved 46 
students who were afforded an opportunity to act 
as teacher aides in the Manhattan school system. 
The volunteers worked approximately 10 hours 
per week assisting teachers in the various levels of 
education around the local area. 

Plans were initiated for the establishment of a 
student teaching program in the inner city schools 
in Kansas. Cities to be included were Kansas City, 
Wichita and Topeka. Purpose of the program was 
to introduce potential teachers to the types of 
problems which could be encountered when teach- 
ing students in the ghetto schools. 

Presentation of an original math project is required 
of students planning to teach in elementary schools. 

Working in groups, education majors develop art pro- 
jects which can be completed by elementary students. 






Students wanting to teach driver education learn the 
methods for operating standard test equipment. 

Filming a classroom situation, methods classes use 
video tape to study and improve teaching techniques. 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 

In a teaching methods class, a coed demonstrates 
how special effects can help to teach Greek myths. 

Classrooms, offices and the audio-visual center for 
the College of Education are housed in Holton hall. 


As dean of the College of Education, James McComas 
recruits faculty for educational research projects 

in addition to serving on a committee to interview 
applicants for vice-president of academic affairs. 

Education dean strives to strengthen curriculum 

In his second year as dean of Education, James 
McComas worked on plans for strengthening the 
college curriculum. Of particular concern to 
McComas was the recruitment of additional fac- 
ulty for research and special education. In correla- 
tion to his position as chairman of a state-wide 
committee on health education, the dean acted as 
adviser for the State Department of Education. In 
this capacity he collaborated with state health of- 

ficials to determine methods of improving health 
education programs in public schools. 

Another area in which McComas was involved 
during the year was educational research. The 
dean served as a trustee of the Mid-Continent 
Regional Educational Laboratory, a facility in 
Kansas City which disseminated its findings to 
numerous educational institutions scattered 
throughout the midwestern United States. 


Education Council — TOP ROW: Margaret Jean Ryan, Linda L. Ma- 
jor, Mary J. Schafer, Martha A. Stonehocker, Thomas D. Eddy. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Deborah M. DeMand, Ann L. Charlton, Deanna M. Mur- 
phy, Dale P. Mann. 

John Demand serves on the college's curriculum and 
exhibits committees and two state councils on edu- 
cation in addition to advising SEA. Member of sev- 
eral societies, he teaches educational psychology. 

College of Educa- 
tion Administrative 
Heads — Floyd L. 
Price, assistant to 
the dean: George 
A. Olson, co-ordi- 
nator ot student 

Providing individual instruction during study per- 
iod, a student teacher gains practical experience. 



To fulfill degree requirements, electrical engineer- 
ing students learn to operate the computer in Seaton 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 
hall. The students also aid department personnel in 
computerizing findings from their research studies. 

Grants influence outlook of engineering research 

Research in the College of Engineering expand- 
ed when grants received tripled amounts of previ- 
ous years. Project Themis was renewed and its 
scope broadened to include nuclear engineering 
and physics. New equipment available to engi- 
neering personnel included a 600,000-volt Cock- 
croft-Walton accelerator for manufacturing semi- 
conductor devices with generated ions. 

Renovation of the curriculum resulted in a more 
standardized program coupled with a reduction in 

the number of required courses. With the initia- 
tion of a doctorate program in the Department of 
Industrial Engineering, a total of six Ph.D. de- 
grees were offered by the college. To integrate the 
engineering disciplines, the Engineering Council 
strived to involve more students in college activi- 
ties. This included distribution of a student ques- 
tionnaire designed to aid the council in selecting 
outstanding faculty to receive recognition for ex- 
cellence in teaching. 


During the Engineering Open House, an electrical en- 
gineering student stimulates a fingered robot hand. 

Electromagnetic offshoots of a rough target are cal- 
culated through readings from a radar system set-up. 

College of Engineering Administrative Heads — TOP ROW: Cecil H. 
Best, associate dean; Kenneth K. Gowdy, assistant dean; George H. 
Larson, agricultural engineering. SECOND ROW: Philip G. Kirmser, 
applied mechanics; L. T. Fan, chemical engineering; J. B. Black- 
burn, civil engineering. BOTTOM ROW: Wellington W. Koepsel, 
electrical engineering; Frank A. Tillman, industrial engineering; 
Preston E. McNall, mechanical engineering; C. G. Chezen, nuclear 


Nevins considers innovative educational methods 

At the request of Ralph Nevins, dean of the 
College of Engineering, student representatives 
sat on college curriculum committees and partici- 
pated in the Engineering Faculty Retreat which 
concentrated on the planning of long-range goals 
for the college. As Vice-president Sections West in 
the American Society for Engineering Education, 
Nevins studied advances in engineering education 

and attempted to implement many of the newer 
methods into the college program. 

In addition to administrative duties, Nevins 
served as secretary of the Joint Committee on 
Engineering in Medicine and Biology and was 
appointed a member of the Engineering Education 
Accredidation Committee of the Engineering 
Council for Professional Development. 

Dean Ralph Nevins guides expansion and future con- 
struction for the College of Engineering. A former 

department chairman, Nevins encourages student 
representation on curriculum planning committees. 


Graduate and undergraduate courses in structural an- 
alysis and design are taught by Peter B. Cooper, as- 
sociate professor of civil engineering. Cooper is a 
professional member of Sigma Xi, research honorary. 

Electrical engineering student Jack Crumrine tests a 
resistor with a triangular wave generator circuit. 

Engineering Council — TOP ROW: Steven R. Bootman, Robert A. 
Curry, Gregory W. Hardin, Lawrence W. Slupianek, Roy H. Nickum, 
Jerry F. Carlm, John R. Ley. BOTTOM ROW: Ronald H. Rasch, 

Charles H. Fellman, Robert D. Bishop, Linda K. Shehi, Alan F. Kes- 
sler, James W. Gentry, Steven R. Beck. 


Home economics initiates student-faculty seminar 

On the basis of undergraduate enrollment, the 
College of Home Economics ranked as the third 
largest college on campus. The initiation of the 
first Student-Faculty Seminar represented a step 
forward for both students and faculty in the col- 
lege. At the seminar, both graduate and under- 
graduate students delivered researched reports on 
student views of responsibility, the advisory sys- 
tem, courses and curriculums, orientation proce- 
dures and the graduate study programs offered by 

the college. Faculty responded with additional 
papers and a panel discussion. 

At the recommendation of the seminar, stu- 
dents were appointed as voting members to three 
standing committees in the college. Another prod- 
uct of the discussions was the development of a 
new Student-Faculty Affairs Committee which 
was comprised of seven students elected at-large 
from the college and seven members of the faculty 
selected by department colleagues. 

Checking samples for color and fabric texture, stu- the desired effect. Interior design is one of four- 
dents in interior design make selections to achieve teen options available to the home economics majors. 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 


Home Economics Council — TOP ROW: Linda R. Sawyer, Meredith 
A. Holloway, Janice A. Johnston, Linda M. Kruse, Myra L. McLeod. 
SECOND ROW: Karen K. Pesaresi, Nancy K. Scheetz, Bette J. Fer- 
brache, Barbara L. Ketzner, Artyce A. Golden, Karen J. Acker. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Marcia A. Norby, Mary K. Prochaska, Linda Haughawout, 
Emily A. Pendleton, Sandra M. Hamilton, Beverly S. Oberle. 

While video tapes are made, Marjorie Stith handles a 
baby and tests the child's responses and activities. 

Ivalee McCord, professor of family and child develop- 
ment, coordinates faculty-graduate seminars. She is 
a member of faculty senate, faculty council for stu- 
dent affairs and University Coordinating committee. 

Institutional management students explain food serv- 
ice to visitors at the home economics Hospitality Day. 


Doretta Hoffman directs 
home ec research plans 

After months of planning, Dean of the College 
of Home Economics Doretta Hoffman aided in 
launching the first Student-Faculty Seminar in the 
college. In her role as Associate Director of the 
Agricultural Experiment Station, she headed the 
entire home economics research program. She 
also continued to serve as the chairman of the 
Association of Administrators of Home Econom- 
ics in State Universities and Land Grant Colleges, 
a 71 -member organization which coordinated all 
of the major home economics programs in univer- 
sities throughout the United States. 

As president-elect, Dean Hoffman headed Phi 
Upsilon Omicron, national home economics pro- 
fessional honorary. At the national meeting of the 
American Home Economics Association, she 
spoke on the topic of professionalism . 

Dean of Home Economics Doretta S. Hoffman encour- 
ages students to suggest ideas for college programs. 

Electronic ovens, run by micro-waves, allow students 
in foods classes to prepare various meats in seconds. 


Home management classes focus on the study and 
planning of efficient work space in modern houses. 

Adjustment and operation of a loom give home ec 
coeds experience with the basics of weaving. 

College of Home Economics Administrative Heads — TOP ROW: 
Ruth M. Hoeflin, associate dean; Jean E. Reehling, assistant dean; 
Jean R. Sego, assistant to the dean; Jessie A. Warden, clothing, tex- 
tiles and interior design. BOTTOM ROW: Marjone M. Stith, family 
and child development; Richard L. D. Morse, family economics; Lu- 
cille M. Wakefield, foods and nutrition; Grace M. Shugart, institu- 
tional management. 

Assisting pattern companies in developing their new 
sizing systems, Helen Brockman also instructs stu- 
dents in evolution of fashion and serves on the stu- 
dent-faculty advisory committee for Student Affairs. 


Vet medicine seniors, who work as interns four hours terns rotate weekly to clinic areas including cl in- 
daily, perform an ovariohysterectomy on a dog. In- ical pathology, large and small animal and surgery. 

Vet Med launches seven-step plan for expansion 

Purchase of the 80 acres north of the dairy plant 
fulfilled one of the preliminaries necessary to the 
College of Veterinary Medicine's seven-step mas- 
ter plan for expansion. Major changes in the 
teaching of laboratories included the installation 
of a closed-circuit television system in Burt hall. 
This allowed for the use of the amphitheatre as a 
multi-discipline dry lab. Enlargement of labora- 
tory classrooms ended the former need for split- 
ting freshman and sophomore classes. 

Federal and private research grants, which 
more than doubled last year's allocations, aided in 
financing construction of three new labs. Two new 
departments were established and two others con- 
solidated after the Board of Regents approved the 
action. College faculty continued to aid in the de- 
velopment of the Ahmadu Bello University, creat- 
ed in 1963, as the regional veterinary medical 
school for all of the English speaking countries in 
the western part of Africa. 


Checking the lungs and palpitations of the abdomen, 
veterinary medicine interns conduct an examination. 

Veterinary Medicine Council — TOP ROW: Robert D. Randall, Russell 
A. Frey, Thomas R. Hagan, Richard M. Dudgeon, Frederick J. Wise- 
garver. BOTTOM ROW: William P. Gallant, Alvm A. Pravecek, Larry 
D. Stuckey, F. Lynn Willard, Donald J. Kmoch. 

Using a gastroenterology camera, Dr. Neil Anderson 
and a student attempt to diagnose a dog's ailment. 

College of Veteri- 
nary Medicine 
Heads — Donald 
M. Trotter, Embert 
H. Coles, Stanley 
M. Dennis, Emer- 
son L. Besch. Ja- 
cob E. Mosier. 

After being admitted to Dykstra Clinic, a horse under- 
goes a thorough check for symptoms of lameness. 


Assistant Professor of Anatomy Charles Cardinet is a 
member of the library committee and an instructor of 
microscopic anatomy. Cardinet's research interests 
center on the field of the ultrastructurel of muscle. 

Charles Cornelius, dean of the College of Veterinary 
Medicine, directs plans for expansion of facilities. 

Cornelius heads planning 
for new Vet Med campus 

Recruitment of outstanding faculty for the Col- 
lege of Veterinary Medicine was one of the major 
goals of Dean Charles Cornelius. He also headed 
planning of the proposed veterinary medicine 
campus, a $14 million building complex to be 
built during the next eight years. A member of the 
American Gastroenterology Association and the 
National Institutes of Health Advisory Commis- 
sion, Cornelius continued researching the meta- 
bolic liver functions of man and animals. 

On his second executive visit to Ahmadu Bello 
University in Nigeria, Cornelius participated in 
the advisory and curriculum planning programs at 
the veterinary college. While in Europe, the dean 
presented a series of seminars at the Royal Free 
Hospital in London and was the guest consultant 
to the hospital's liver function unit. 


As one of two X-ray machines in Dykstra Clinic, the diagnostic purposes. The machine is able to reveal 
portable piece of equipment is used for research and soft tissues and skeletal systems of small animals. 

On his daily rounds of the Dykstra kennel, a student In the ophthalmology lab, a veterinarian conducts an 

staff member gives a patient a routine examination. examination of a dog for the benefit of two students. 


Grad School enrollment 
swells to 1,550 students 

Enrollment in the Graduate School grew to 
1,550 students despite concern of students and 
administrators last year when new provisions af- 
fecting the deferment of graduate students were 
implemented into the Selective Service Act. New- 
ly approved doctorate study programs went into 
effect in education and industrial engineering. In 
science, exploratory studies were established in 
environment and ecology. Although federal sup- 
port had been curtailed, research moved forward 
after $9 million in grants were awarded to the 
University by outside sources. 

In order to meet current developments, the 
school aimed toward flexibility and decentraliza- 
tion in its program. New groupings of the gradu- 
ate faculty produced increased interaction among 
departments offering graduate courses. At an 
October forum, seniors were advised on proce- 
dures for applying to a graduate school. 

Inherent in a chemistry grad student's studies are 
long hours spent conducting laboratory experiments. 

Taking readings on an experiment, a psychology stu- 
dent conducts a required graduate research project. 

Graduate student Ronald Greeley leads his philosophy 
class in an open discussion of fundamental thoughts. 


Determining the load required to force a cylindrical 
weight into a gel, a student works in the foods lab. 

Photo by Laurence Blaker 

Graduate Council — TOP ROW: Wallace Dace, J. Harvey Littrell, Carl 
W. Rettenmeyer, Roy A. Bartel, Homer E. Socolofsky, Gerald A. Ru- 
dolph, Paul E. Sanford, Herbert C. Moser, Robert F. Kruh, John P. 
Noonan. BOTTOM ROW: Dorothy L. Harrison, Stephan A. Konz, Paul 
L. Kelley, Milton L. Manuel, Eugene A. Friedmann, Alvin E. Mulanax, 
John M. Marr, William H. Honstead. 


Kruh strives to secure aid for graduate research 

In his attempt to foster increased interaction, 
Dean of the Graduate School Robert Kruh sched- 
uled conferences with department heads, students 
and faculty during the year. In addition to work- 
ing to secure more external support for research, 
Kruh coordinated the University's graduate pro- 
gram with those of the other members of the Big 
Eight participating in the Mid-America State 
Universities Organization. Kruh also was credited 

with extensive publications regarding his findings 
in the field of structural chemistry. 

After helping to establish a new Graduate Stu- 
dent Council, comprised of 16 students from the 
areas of humanities, social sciences, biological sci- 
ences and physical science, the dean directed the 
council's attempts to solve academic problems 
encountered in the Graduate School program and 
to consider new policies for the school. 

Robert Kruh, dean of graduate school, oversees de- 
cisions made by the Graduate Council, an executive 

faculty group which implemented abolishment of the 
English Proficiency requirement for grad students. 

Tennessee Williams' Southern society takes a humor- 
ous twist during a drama masters thesis production. 

Graduate Student Council — TOP ROW: Oletta J. Buntz, Sharleen L. 
Johnson, Ahmed S. Huzayyin, Darrel L. Eklund, Virginia M. Munson. 
SECOND ROW: Margaretta Hemphill, Benjamin A. Shepherd, Wil- 
liam R. Fasse, David J. Manzo. BOTTOM ROW: Richard E. Chnstian- 
son, James F. Sanford, Joseph R. Yohman, Darwin K. Klein, Harold 
G. Nagel. 

Graduate School Administrative Heads — TOP ROW: John P. Noon- 
an, associate dean; G. B. Marion, animal breeding; Curtis Trent, ex- 
tension education; Ross Mickelsen, food science. SECOND ROW: 
Thad H. Pittenger, genetics; Merle F. Hansen, parasitology; Embert 
H. Coles, pathology; Stanley M. Dennis, pathology. BOTTOM ROW: 
Henry V. Beck, physical science teaching; M. Roger Fedde, physical 
science teaching; Vernon P. Deines, regional and community 


Photos by Don Richards 



Organizations, through their activities, mirror 
contemporary and traditional facets of University 
life. Whether performing a jazz concert or design- 
ing a carnival display, student groups are excellers 
in trying innovations and adapting to modern 
trends. Yet organizations also contribute to the 
renewal of campus traditions by adding a youthful 
appeal to perennial events like Homecoming. 

University Activities Board — TOP ROW: James R. Reynolds, George 
R. Landry, Clare M. Hakemen, Thomas R. Lindsley, Galen 0. Norby, 
Robert G. Rodda. BOTTOM ROW: Betty R. Koch, Caroline F. Peine, 
Connie L. Brack, 

Tribunal president Greg Schaller speaks to other 
participants in the KSUARH micro-lab in the fall. 


UAB questions policy 
on fund-raising activities 

As central regulatory board for the 180 student 
groups on campus, the University Activities 
Board decided questions of policy concerning 
large-scale fund-raising by organizations utilizing 
University facilities. UAB also assigned campus 
mailboxes to all recognized groups in order to 
expedite intra-University communication. 

Tribunal members strove toward bettering stu- 
dent understanding of University policies by in- 
forming them of their rights and responsibilities. 
The group defined procedures for all cases 
brought before campus judicial boards. 

Directing operations of the Collegian, Student 
Directory, Dimensions and Royal Purple was the 
responsibility of the student and faculty members 
of the Board of Student Publications. 

Board of Student Publications — TOP ROW: Ralph R. Lashbrook, 
Fritz Moore, William L. Stamey. BOTTOM ROW: Thomas C. Palmer, 
Laura L. Scott, JoAnn Goetz. 

Tribunal — TOP ROW: Terry L. Harbert, Gregory D. Schaller, Walter 
T. Dixon, Caroline F. Peine, E. Rex Slack, Ann J. Brunner, Monte W. 
Harden, Ralph Lipper. BOTTOM ROW: Jams S. Clutter, Karen L. 


■ ■ . 

Coordinating action for common goals, SGA President 
Bob Morrow meets with other Kansas student leaders. 

Morrow, SGA encourage 
more student involvement 

Led by Student Body President Bob Morrow, 
Student Governing Association this year em- 
barked on a new course of action. Students were 
encouraged to become involved with programs 
designed to upgrade the quality of education of- 
fered at the University. SGA also assumed a more 
active role in government affairs and made ar- 
rangements for more effective student representa- 
tion on campus decision making committees. 

Sponsored by SGA, the first Black Awareness 
Week was organized to emphasize Negro culture 
in America. As part of SGA's continuing program 
of establishing dialogues between ethnic groups, 
the Human Relations Committee scheduled activ- 
ities where students of varied cultural and racial 
backgrounds could exchange ideas. 

Student Senate — TOP ROW: Roy D. Tangeman, David D. Swenson, 
Christine A. Taylor, Tom J. Moxley, Carl F. Jackson, Bill J. Kruse, 
Nancy E. Buchele, Ann P. Kaiser, Patricia D. Irvine, Robert D. Over- 
man. SECOND ROW: Wayne A. Hargrove, Michele H. Williams, Ste- 
ven H. Slusher, Robert A. Curry, Rebecca L. Urbanek, Linda M. Wil- 
liams, Doris E. Hoerman, Carol L. Buchele, Martin W. Bauer. THIRD 
ROW: Mike J. Malone, Jeffrey F. Spears, Alan F. Kessler, Bruce A. 
Maxwell, John R. Ley, Robert G. Rodda, Robert L. Church, George D. 
Wilcoxon. BOTTOM ROW: Michael D. Kern, Darwin K. Klein, Jack S. 
Goodson, William A. Stoskopf, David M. Alexander, Charles W. New- 
corn, Frederick W. Gatlin, Gene C. Kasper, Gerald F. Rapp. 


Selected by fellow senators as chairman, Jerry Rapp 
presides at a weekly Tuesday Student Senate meeting. 

As a Faculty Senate appointed member to the Student 
Senate, Dean Kasper listens to senate proceedings. 

Addressing the Student Senate, Bob Morrow, SGA 
president, explains his stand on an upcoming motion. 


SGA President's Council — TOP ROW: R. Gene Hoffman, Charles W. 
Duefhman, Thomas R. Lindsley, Terry L. Harbert. SECOND ROW: 
Rebecca L Holland. Maureen L. Shafer, Karen S. Jones. 

Student committees aim 
to evaluate proposed bills 

Evaluating proposed Student Governing Asso- 
ciation legislation was the foremost task of the 
SGA executive committee. During the year, 
committee members considered the appropriate 
action to be taken on items including teacher eval- 
uation and rating, educational innovations, the 
incorporation of student government and a bill 
outlining the rights and responsibilities of students 
at the University. Members also studied the possi- 
bility of purchasing an air-inflatable classroom for 
use in the University for Man program. 

Presidents of the nine college councils and the 
student body president worked through the Presi- 
dent's Council to keep the individual colleges in- 
formed of pertinent SGA legislation. 

Finance committee chairman Fred Jackson confers 
with Dent Wilcoxen, Faculty Senate representative. 


Discussing campus issues, senators gain background 
and ideas needed to represent their constituents. 

Having their student IDs punched, students prepare 
to vote in the SGA elections in the Union lobby. 


K-State Singers — Arlene S. Fair, Gary L. Lewis, Gregory P. Hanson, 
Gary A. Walter, Jennifer A. Brown, Vickey L. Swenson, Steve J. 
Wood, Gerry Pohch, Robert W. Gregory. Linda S. Edds, Melissa L. 

Gedney, David W. Brown, Roger W. Herren, Thomas E. Tweed, Mary 
B. Dempsey. 

Singers tour in Far East; Glee clubs visit schools 

While entertaining Army, Navy and Air Force 
personnel stationed in the Orient, members of the 
K-State Singers earned semester credit in the 
study of music of the Far East. In addition to their 
fifth USO tour, the group performed at 50 con- 
certs in Kansas and neighboring states. 

Varsity Men's Glee Club teamed up with the 
University of Nebraska group to perform in a 
concert in Lincoln, Neb. Members performed at 

three campus concerts and entertained high school 
and alumni groups scheduled on the club's tour of 
the southwestern areas of Kansas. 

After staging a concert at the University, the 
Women's Glee Club embarked on their annual 
statewide tour of Kansas high schools and junior 
colleges. In the spring, the 47 coed members of the 
group performed in the Choral Union's presenta- 
tion of the "Poulenc Gloria." 

Woman's Glee Club — TOP ROW: Sherri L. Buchman, Linda L. Wick, 
Rhonda L. Fisher, Evelyn L. Ebright, Beth E. Canny, Rosemary A. 
Moon, Sharon A. Voegele, Martha Mosteller, Linda J. Keys, Joyce M. 
Roesler. SECOND ROW: Michelle Taylor, Cathy J. Davis, Betsy L. 
McAtee, Margaret R. Crouse, Cynthia L. Remhardt, Carla J. Hanson, 
Carol A. Russ, Alana L. Senn, Deriece M. McKeeman, Catherine A. 
Millsap, Carolyn M. Wolfe. THIRD ROW: Lois A. Dodge, Carol A. Ben- 

nett, Linda J. Griffeth, Cayla M. Mayfield, Sibyl K. Culver, Sherryl A. 
Guy, Susan B. Hughes, Shirley J. McCoy, Louise K. Adelhardt, Lanis- 
sa L. McArthur, Deborah S. Davidson, Donna M. Elder, Jeau C 
Sloop. BOTTOM ROW: Patricia A. Dawes, Linda K. Gumfory, Anita D. 
Herdt, Holly E. Meyers, Cheryl D. Schultes, Diana R. Fromm, Bonnie 
J. Fahring, Nancy L. Edgar, Mildred S. Oliver, Jeanette James, Mary 
O Parrish, Charlotte L. Fairless. 


Men's Varsity Glee Club — TOP ROW: Jimmie L. Gartung, Douglas A. 
Droge, Gaylord P. Myers, Roger C. Bergman, Francis E. Stowell, 
Robert M. Socolofsky, William C. Wirth, Steve E. Abrams, Donald R. 
McMurray, Thomas H. Clark, Ronald D. Wenger, Benjamin H. Whea- 
tley, Evan K. Wenger, Martin F. Hathaway. SECOND ROW: James R. 
Tanner, William E. Mallory, Douglas K. Blackwood, Timothy B. Har- 
ris, Kenneth D. Jorns, Eric L. Bartholomew, Dennis D. Combrink, 
George A. Gerritz, Dean L. Armstead, Dell J. Klema, Richard H. 

Heersche, Charles A. Stryker, Stan G. Weir. THIRD ROW: David P. 
Tollefson, George Heersche, Gregg T. Voos, Gary W. Hollenbeck, 
James R. Kenyon, Steven L. Greenhaw, Mark W. New, Gene R. Angel, 
Stephen E. Gwin, Rolland N. Jennison, Ronald W. Allen, Alan D. 
Krob, Robert G. Smith. BOTTOM ROW: Roger D. Encksten, Michael 
H. Tolson, Timothy M. Thomas, Kendal L. Grecian, Douglas G. 
Smith, Robert V. Heyne, Eugene H. Copeland, Steve D. Carr, Jon C. 
Boren, Thomas E. Snyder, John M. Englisby, William L. Ammel. 

As construction on the new auditorium continues on 
schedule, the music department cooperates with oth- 

er departments on campus to plan the special dedi- 
cation performances to be presented next season. 

Madrigal Singers — TOP ROW: John A. Fry, Rachel A. Carlson, Rich- 
ard L. Jones, John P. Biggs, Linda R. Achten, Janet M. Houser, Rich- 
ard A. Pauli, Harold E. Brown, Kathryn L. Martens, Patrick A. Mc- 
Elhany. SECOND ROW: Sandra E. Ellis, Margie L. Henry, James R. 

Frasher, Alice L. Pearson, Richard D. Peterson, Peggy J. White, Eliza- 
beth A. Dyke. BOTTOM ROW: Daniel G. Hill, Barbara J. Chance, Ju- 
dith A. Cu I ley, Robert D. Overman. 

Music groups perform in concerts, make state tours 

Trips, tours and concerts highlighted the year 
for University Choir and Madrigals. 

University Choir received an invitation to sing 
at the National Choral Directors Association Re- 
gional meeting in St. Louis. The group was select- 
ed after taped auditions were sent. Choir mem- 
bers participated in a statewide tour, singing for 

high schools and alumni. The 55-member group 
also presented two fund-raising concerts. 

Madrigals increased from 16 to 20 members, 
after adding one singer to each of the four major 
voice parts. Candy bars were sold to finance a trip 
to California with Varsity Men's Glee Club, but 
due to bad weather the trip was cancelled. 

University Choir — TOP ROW: Craig A. Liljegren, Paul W. Dlabal, Don 
E. Reinke, William A. Seidel, Myron W. Mitchell, Thomas C Roberts, 
Carl D. Lindahl, Mark L. Davidson, Richard L. Jones, Anthony R. 
Mason, William E. Kern, Daniel P. Commerford, Donald E. Richards, 
Daniel G. Hill, James R. Frasher. SECOND ROW: Kenneth W. Buhrer, 
Steven D. Fisher, Patrick A. McElhany, Gary E. Bowie, Robert D. 
Overman, Richard D. Peterson, Gregory L. Eicher, Harold E. Brown, 
Ken P. Georg, Richard L. Hartman, Randall S. Ellis, John A. Fry, Lar- 
ry E. Hartman, George V. Middleton, Leroy D. Chadwick. THIRD 

ROW: Jeanette L. Wilt, Alice L. Pearson, Christy L. Smith, Elizabeth 
A. Dyke, Rebecca S. Stejskal, Janet S. Page, Carol K. Coburn, Su- 
sanna G. Dusenbury, Nancy A. Young, Carla J. Wilcoxon, Barbara S. 
Pearson, Kathryn L. Martens, Forrest A. Waller, Sharrie A. Snell. 
BOTTOM ROW: Denise Dussair, Barbara J. Chance, Linda R. DeHoff, 
Peggy J. White, Nancy L. Davidson, Grace L. Gerritz, Rebecca A. 
Campbell, Linda R. Achten, Cynthia L. Heer, Sandra K. Ellis, Janet 
M. Houser, Judith A. Culley, Nancy J. Smith, Beverly A. Johnston. 
PIANIST: Mary A. Coon. 



During the holiday season, Mennonites sing 
Christmas carols to Manhattan residents. 

Students derive benefits 
as organization members 

Although each campus organization has a 
unique purpose, similarities among the groups can 
be found. All attempt to maintain a certain set of 
standards for their clubs and all provide their 
members with personal benefits derived from 
working together with other students. 

Whatever the individual interest or need, some 
group at the University exists to fulfill it. In the 
following pages, the goals and accomplishments 
of campus organizations are recounted. For conve- 
nience, they have been grouped under the follow- 
ing classifications: honorary, professional, aca- 
demic, military, religious, auxiliary, service, eth- 
nic, athletic and special interest groups. 

Special instruction to strengthen proficiency in 
exhibitions highlight activities of the Judo Club. 


To encourage student enthusiasm for Homecoming, windows. The groups also arranged Homecoming Pre- 
Blue Key and Mortar Board members decorate store views, sold mums and organized pre-game activities. 

Honoraries sponsor Homecoming, Parents' Day 

Honoraries gave special recognition to those 
students who displayed outstanding educational 
achievements and leadership. 

At a spring retreat sponsored by Blue Key, stu- 
dents discussed crucial University issues and the 
role of the University in student life. The senior 
men also undertook arrangements for Homecom- 
ing Previews, the election of the Homecoming 
Queen and the pre-game bonfire. 

Senior women in Mortar Board sought to aid 
potential graduate students by compiling and 
printing a booklet designed to answer the ques- 

tions of seniors considering furthering their educa- 
tion. As part of this project, a semester forum was 
featured. Money-raising endeavors of the group 
included selling mums for the Homecoming game 
and school calendars noting major University 
events scheduled during the year. 

In an effort to further the work of the Human 
Relations teams, Chimes, junior womens' honor- 
ary, sponsored an Easter party for the children of 
international students at the University. The coeds 
also planned and presented all the Parents' Day 
activities including the pre-game luncheon. 


Blue Key — TOP ROW: James W. Parrish, George A. Gerritz, Theron 
E. Fry, Alan F. Kessler, George D. Wilcoxon. SECOND ROW: Robert A. 
Briggs, James F. Smith, Cady R. Engler, Robert J. Gump, Chester E. 

Peters. BOTTOM ROW: Stuart W. Weibert, Charles W. 
Galen E. Ericson, Charles L. Jasper, Larry D. Stuckey. 


Chimes — TOP ROW: Arnelle J. Hilgenfeld, Michelle Morris, Nancy 
K. Scheetz, Grace L. Gerritz, Nancy E. Buchele. SECOND ROW: Cyn- 
thia J. LeHew, Barbara D. Gadberry, Barbara D. Mistier, Susan A. 
Haymaker, Judith A. Jones, Anne P. Kaiser. THIRD ROW: Janet K. 

Shipman, Linda Haughawout, Patricia J. Luttgen, Nancy J. Perry, 
Judy Jakowatz. BOTTOM ROW: Linda M. Williams, Barbara J. 
Chance, Martha E. Reeder, Madelyn G. Keller. 

Mortar Board — TOP ROW: Mary M. McManis, Jean M. Sunderland, 
Barbara J. Hays, Artyce A. Golden, Sidonie A. Schafer, Carolyn K. 
McKinley. SECOND ROW: Helen P. Dupre, Paula B. Blair, Janice S. 
Miller, Sandra K. Sanders, Margaret J. Ryan. THIRD ROW: Mrs. John 

M. Ferguson, Marlene K. Moyer, Rosemary A. Chapm, Nancy E. Bar- 
rett, Ann L. Cravens. BOTTOM ROW: Jane A. Sheetz, Diane K. Young- 
ers, Karlyn K. Emel, Janice Goodrich, Dolores A. Hoffman . 

Phi Eta Sigma — TOP ROW: Thomas L. Boyle, Willis L. Boughton, 
Kenneth L. Knarr, Steven R. Bootman, Dean A. Rice, Donald M. 
Odell, Howard D. Conus, William E. Craig, Timothy L. Miller, David 
W. Wood, Martin W. Bauer. SECOND ROW: Steven C. Weaver, John E. 
Swain, John W. Dingier, Jay R. Osborne, Robert C. Munson, Michael 
W. Mawdsley, James E. Leach, Ernest G. Smith, Michael L. Hanquist, 

Clare M. Hakeman. THIRD ROW: Philip J. Jeffries, James J. Schrae- 
der, Stephen J. Dyer, Dan J. Mlinek, Steven L. Bernasek, Philip A. 
Beaudoin, John S. Schwartz, Michael E. Moore, Floyd J. Legleiter, 
Keith G. Sebelius. BOTTOM ROW: H. Hugh Irvin, Paul W. Dlabal, 
Richard M. Crew, Richard R. Smith, Stephen R. Miller, Michael R. 
Caughron, Craig H. Price, Charles Beckenhauer, Paul Burgardt. 

Phi Kappa Phi — TOP ROW: Linda L. Ludden, Mary F. Kobets, Mere- 
dith A. Holloway, Patricia A. Hickey, Sidonie A. Schafer, Rita A. Mu- 
ret, Rita A. Smith, Sherri L. Buchman. SECOND ROW: Mary L. Tus- 
sey, Ruthann Buss, Jack L. Decker, Harry W. McDaniel, Shen S. 
Chen, William L. Lewis, Arley D. Lanman, Guida V. Thorp. THIRD 

ROW: Gale L. Fuller, Marilyn S. Kelsey, Victor E. Anspaugh, Jane A. 
Sheetz, Charles H. Fellman, Stanely L. Schultz, Jennifer K. Sullivan. 
BOTTOM ROW: Roger L. Becker, Jerry A. Fabert, William J. Lucker- 
oth, Ronald G. Fraass, Cady R. Engler, Rabie A. Mostafa. 

Phi Kappa Phi — TOP ROW: Richard A. Smith, John G. Sauer, Char- 
lotte A. Shoup, Jane M. Brinker, Pam A. Jones, Ann L. Cravens. 
SECOND ROW: Sherrilyn K. Becker, Fred A. Silady, Larry D. Goerzen, 
Douglas M. McNeal, Carl D. Latham, Harry McDonald, Robert C. 

Schwmdt. THIRD ROW: John E. Holote, Robert A. Briggs, Bruce E. 
Peters, Harold J. Barnes, Les D. Streit, Eugene H. Goering. BOTTOM 
ROW: William H. Ressig, John W. Harvey, Robert L. Patrick, David L. 
Eisenbrandt, Paul Spainhour. 


Spurs — TOP ROW: Candace H. Stout, Susan J. Fagan, Beverly A. 
Gerhardt, Janet M. Whitehair, Deborah D. Diller, Julie A. Nothdurft, 
Rebecca A. Hewson, Linda M. Kruse. SECOND ROW: Christine A. 
Taylor, Connie L. Brack, Mary P. Chapin, Patricia D. Irvine, Jo L. 
Schwanke, Penelope M. Plunkett, Kathleen A. Carrico, Martha J. 

Watson. THIRD ROW: Sheila J. Needham, Jeanette L. Wilt, Connie J. 
Phillips, Nancy J. Lignitz, Patricia L. Douthit, Lillian M. Groothuis. 
Patricia A. Forsberg, Linda G. Humes. BOTTOM ROW: Martha D. 
Palmer, Carol J. Brady, Marsha J. Martin, Carol L. Buchele, Rose A. 
Bondy, Betty R. Koch, Rebecca A. Campbell, Miriam P. Benninga. 

Honoraries seek students 
of scholastic excellence 

Academic excellence of students was rewarded 
with invitations for membership in University 
honorary organizations. 

Two hundred University students, faculty and 
alumni comprised the local chapter of Phi Kappa 
Phi, national honorary. Juniors elected into the 
group ranked in the upper five per cent of their 
class while seniors and graduate students were 
required to be in the upper 10 per cent of their di- 
visions. New members were initiated in January 
and at the annual chapter banquet in May. 

Spurs, sophomore women's service honorary, 
selected 34 new members from those freshmen 
with a 2.5 grade average for their first semester of 
work at the University. Granted a charter in the 
fall, the women aided coeds moving into residence 
halls in September and worked in the AWS Con- 
vention and for Project Concern. 

In the fall, members of Phi Eta Sigma, fresh- 
man men's scholastic honorary, helped to orient 
new students to campus life. After initiating new 
members, the group staged a banquet in conjunc- 
tion with Alpha Lambda Delta. 

Introducing Project Concern on campus, Spurs exam- 
ine results of their penny-a-meal week in living groups. 


Putnam Scholarship Association — TOP ROW: Deborah L. Shrouf, 
Marilyn A. Heln, Nancy J. Mundwiler, Lauren J. Langner, Beverly J. 
Thomas, Barbara L. Grover, Rita A. Muret, Janice M. Hickok, Kath- 
leen A. Ketterman, Shirley A. Mosher. SECOND ROW: Jane S. Ley, 
Sherry J. Fearing, Patricia A. Hickey, Sharon A. Farrell, Merlene M. 
Berger, Carol A. Lyon, Nancy G. Finney, Carol D. Chipman, Diane M. 

Sandblade. THIRD ROW: Curtis E. Jolg, Robert M. Smith, Carolyn A. 
Kaberline, Howard D. Conus, Philip M. Woodworth, Lowell K. Blaser, 
Wanda L. Bates, Martha A. Peterson. BOTTOM ROW: Gerald E. Sloan, 
Paul Burgardt, Dean A, Hays, Mark J. Finger, Ronald G. Fraass, Rich- 
ard L. Martin, Warren C. Feerer. 

Putnam Scholarship Association — TOP ROW: Carolyn I. Price, 
Deborah L. White, Mary L. Richardson, Linda D. Gentry, Kathy J. 
Alexander, Melody A. Coftey, Carolyn J. Kiker, Joyce E. Clydesdale, 
Karen J. Acker, Judith K. Jeppesen. SECOND ROW: Kathleen A. 
O'Fallon, Joyce L. Stinson, Phillip J. Bogner, William E. Craig, Thom- 
as M. Shields. Charles W. Leathers, Donald E. Richards, Roger W. 

Larsen, Steven C. Weaver. THIRD ROW: Rita A. Smith, Charles A. 
Ruberson, Willis L. Boughton, Eddy K. Jones, James E. Leach, Rich- 
ard A. Pauli, Stephen K. Raney, Ragene H. Gaede, Joseph E. Miller. 
BOTTOM ROW: Steven L. Bernasek, Keith G. Sebelius, Craig H. Price, 
Richard M. Crew, Stephen R. Miller, Charles D. Beckenhauer, David 
J. Kuckelman, Don G. Richter, Sean R. Atchison. 


Honorary starts program 
to aid incoming students 

Scholastic honoraries provided recognition to 
students who had demonstrated outstanding 
achievements in individual scholarship. 

Putnam Scholars discussed means for increas- 
ing stimulation in classes at a panel discussion 
with members of the English and philosophy de- 
partments. At their annual banquet, the recipients 
of Henry J. Putnam Scholarships heard an ad- 
dress by President McCain. 

During the year, women of Alpha Lambda Del- 
ta, freshman women's honorary, constructed and 
distributed posters announcing University convo- 
cations and offered a course preference file for 
new students. The coeds also sponsored tours in 
the fall designed to acquaint incoming students 
with the facilities in Farrell library. 

Alpha Lambda Delta — TOP ROW: Karen L. Whitlow, Catherine L. 
Wagner, Nancy K. Dunn, Julie A. Nothdurft, Christine A. Taylor, Sal- 
ly Coberly, Marilyn A. Hem, Gail E. Mueller, Donna J. Davis. SECOND 
ROW: Anne S. Parkinson, Karen K. Pesaresi, Connie A. Lotgreen, 
Miriam P. Benninga, Kathleen A. Ketterman, Nancy L. Edgar, Greta 
A. Morrison, Diana L. Cramer, Nancy J. Humes. THIRD ROW: Linda 
G. Humes, Carol A. Lyon, Debbie J. Leach, Karen I. Funston, Sandra 
G. Flickner, Judith K. Jeppesen, Mary J. Fent, Lillian M. Groothuis, 
Wendy L. Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Elaine M. Ruud, Connie J. Phil- 
lips, Melody A. Coffey, Rita J. Hatch, Diane K. McDonald, Donelyn D. 
Potter, Glennis S. Huseman, Patricia K. Friesen, Judy C. Stock. 

After tapping second semester freshmen, actives of 
Alpha Lambda Delta honorary conduct an initiation. 


Ag honoraries mill flour, listen to industry talks 

Through projects sponsored by agriculture stu- 
dents, the College of Agriculture was represented 
in both the community and University. 

For their annual Christmas project, members 
of Alpha Mu, milling honorary, contributed sacks 
of milled flour for the food baskets prepared by 
the local Elks Club for needy families in the Man- 
hattan area. At meetings, representatives of the 

industry spoke to the bakery management, food 
science and milling students. 

At their convocation for agriculture students, 
members of Alpha Zeta, agriculture and veteri- 
nary medicine honorary, featured an outstanding 
agriculture businessman as guest speaker. Mem- 
bers contacted alumni for the purpose of soliciting 
additional funds for scholarships. 

Alpha Zeta — TOP ROW: Richard N. Bruce, John G. Sauer, Stanley D. 
Buss, Jerry W. Sleichter, Jimmie R. Mathes, William P. Gallant. SEC- 
OND ROW: John L. Smith, Ronald E. Helten, Frederick A, Kopp, Ste- 
ven J. Price, Henry R. Ewert, Loren J. Rickard, Joseph G. Merriam. 

Alpha Zeta — TOP ROW: Charles D. Lambert, Robert J. Righter, 
Johnson 0. Arokoyo, Terry W. Conard, Donald L. Jameson, Louis J. 
Meyer. SECOND ROW: Tommy R. Carr, Larry D. Wobker, Charles D. 
Holste, William M. Frankenbery, Kenneth D. Jorns, Gerald L. Hilde- 

THIRD ROW: Gerald F. Slonka, Victor E. Anspaugh, Robert A. Briggs, 
Charles R. Johnson, Duane L. Keller, Russell L. Bussman. BOTTOM 
ROW: Larry H. Ringel, Edward N. Jackson, Myron G. Runft, Steven L. 
Rogers, Larry D. Stucky, Charles L. Jasper. 

brand, Marlin R. Grosz. THIRD ROW: Stuart W. Weibert, Edwin T. 
Courtney, Phillip L. Knox, Steven G. Grube, Les D. Streit, Daniel I. 
Saror. BOTTOM ROW: James P. Adams, Phillip P. Behrens, Donald 
B. Johnson, Douglas C Weyer, William H. Reissig, John W. Harvey. 


Serving as interns at Dykstra hospital, juniors and 
seniors perform tasks such as surgery preparation. 

Recognition for agriculture and vet med students is 
granted through membership in Alpha Zeta honorary. 

Alpha Mu — TOP ROW: Mo- 
hammed A. Al-Shami, Gor- 
don L. McCosh, Mir Sham- 
suddin, Marvin R. Willyard. 
SECOND ROW: Neal Drabbe, 
Earl D. Weak, Allen W. Kirleis. 
BOTTOM ROW: Beverly R. 
Chapin, Dick P. Flack, Syed 
F. Quadri, Tommy D. 


American Society of Landscape Architecture — TOP ROW: Frank R 
Bleitz, H. Stewart Mann, Michael G. Pharo, Cyrus C. Eilian, Melvm J. 
Stout, William T. Fader, James M. Elson. SECOND ROW: Philip D. 
Hattield, Richard A. Haney, Dallas D. Morris, David F. Jones, Terrell 

H. Fletcher, Larry P. Blankenship, James Rich, Lawrence B. Zuerch- 
er. BOTTOM ROW: Peter S. Weed, John R. Laftoon, Charles A. Evan- 
hoe, Harold D. Neufeldt, Beverly J. Salter, Joseph H. Krasinski, Rob- 
ert J. Dodson. 

Engineering groups gain practical career training 

Activities sponsored by engineering and chemis- 
try interest groups provided practical training 
experiences for students preparing for careers in 
one of the related professional fields. 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers dis- 
tributed information about their field and pre- 
pared exhibits of experimental projects which 
were displayed during Open House. Members 
also planned a spring picnic and purchased an 
electric coffee maker for the department. 

Through a summer training program and 
inspection trips organized by Associated General 
Contractors, students were given the opportunity 
to study actual problems encountered in various 
stages of building. Meetings featured speakers 

from the construction industry. 

With the setting of the concrete, the American 
Society of Landscape Architects finished the 
Quinlan Gardens project located between the 
home management houses and Petticoat Lane. 
During the year, speakers and field trips acquaint- 
ed members with opportunities available to grad- 
uates in the landscape architecture field. 

Chemistry students in the American Chemical 
Society visited the Midwest Research Institute 
and the Food and Drug Administration in Kansas 
City during the year on field trips arranged by 
their organization. The group also was responsi- 
ble for keeping chemistry students informed of job 
opportunities available in U.S. companies. 

Designed by landscape architecture students, Quin- 
lan Gardens offers a quiet atmosphere in the woods 

near Petticoat Lane for outdoor meetings. The logs 
were arranged in a semi-circle for class sessions. 

American Institute of Chemical Engineers — TOP ROW: Edward M. 
McConnell, David A. Martin, Mohamad, R. Tavakoli, Lonnie A. Wise- 
man, Jimmy R. Allen, William E. Craig, William E. Schaid, Warren L. 
Clark, Danny B. Barton. SECOND ROW: Clifford G. Turnbull, Chester 
W. Halbleib, Dale E. Stevenson, Roger A. Hundley, Perry 0. Scheuer- 
man, Dwight A. Schulke, Steven C. Weaver, Terry L. Crandell. THIRD 

ROW: Douglas S. Clark, Danny L. Hall, John S. Schofield, Lyndon K. 
Blocksome, Howard L. Ryser, Cady R. Engler, Douglas E. Robker, 
Steven R. Beck. BOTTOM ROW: H. Hugh Irvin, Thomas J. McMillen, 
Charles W. Duethman, Patrick V. Patton, Sidney T. Edwards, Wayne 
A. Montney, Duane L. Hood, David N. Hay. 

American Chemical Society 

— TOP ROW: Larry M. Seitz, 
Linnea G. Capps, Elizabeth 
M. Dorland, Mary B. Sack, 
Calvin D. Jaeger. BOTTOM 
ROW: Timothy W. Ihloff, Phil- 
lip W. Brown, John M. Col- 
lins, Kenneth L. Thomas. 

Associated General Contractors — TOP ROW: Roland W. Johnston, 
Michael B. Gary, Gerald R. Siuda, Edwin F. Pflieger, Stanley F. 
Gaines, Donald Bentsen, Robert L. Henderson, Lonnie L. Paquette. 
SECOND ROW: Joseph L. Murphy, Elmer L. Sunderland, Kenneth K. 
Eshelman, Larry V. Hafling, Lawrence D. Coil, Harold C. Barrett, 

Richard W. Prine. THIRD ROW: Merrill E. Blackman, Stephen P. Rob- 
erts, John R. Kelley, William L. Brecht, Thomas W. Logan, Randell B. 
Dagley. BOTTOM ROW: John F. Wilhm, Greg P. Denk, Joseph R. Ma- 
thewson, David R. Fritchen, James F. Goddard, Orville A. Earhart. 


Steel Ring — TOP ROW: Gary L. Urbanek, Roy H. Nickum, David R. 
Hannagan, Larry L. Hayes. SECOND ROW: Cady R. Engler, Daniel S. 
Huffman, Alan F. Kessler, Theron E. Fry, Glenn E. Boyd. BOTTOM 

ROW: Robert L. Hirt, James W. Gentry, Robert W. Moses, Steven R. 

Conducting initial interviews for St. Patricia and 
St. Pat, Steel Ring members prepare for Open House. 

Professionals, colleges 
stress communications 

Honorary and professional groups cooperated 
with their colleges to aid new students and to in- 
crease student-faculty communications. 

Financed by members' dues and the Endow- 
ment Association, Tau Sigma Delta awarded a 
scholarship to a freshman in the College of Archi- 
tecture and Design. The honorary invited speakers 
to discuss jobs in architecture and, as a service 
project, inventoried the college library. 

Steel Ring began the year's activities by partici- 
pating in the all-university junior college day in 
the fall. During the year, the engineering honorary 
promoted official liaisons between the college and 
the students. The seniors also comprised the cen- 
tral steering committee for Open House. 

Rebuilding ghetto areas in Manhattan was a 
major concern of members of the student chapter 
of the American Institute of Architects. In addi- 
tion to drawing designs for the renovations, mem- 
bers performed the necessary construction work. 
The group also published CRIT, a bi-monthly 
newsletter geared towards the interests of person- 
nel in architecture and design. 


Tau Sigma Delta — TOP ROW: Larry G. Horning, Ryan R. Rader, Lin- 
da L. Ludden, Roger M. Thorp, Allen Gerstenberger, Russell W. Mid- 
dleton. SECOND ROW: Robert L. Morrow, Arley D. Lanman, Wilford 

Marion Bamman, Robert F. Starke, W. R. Janke. BOTTOM ROW: Jay 
W. Glass, Phillip S. Folck, Walter J. Vmey, William A. Stosfkopf, Jon 
R. Hayes, Alvin L.Seeteldt. 

American Institute of Architecture — TOP ROW: Kenneth R. Mc 
Donald, Emile J. Kolick, Linda L. Ludden, Ryan R. Rader, Fernando 
Sanchez, Vincent C. Latona, Kenneth Hong, David A. Jarvis. SEC- 
OND ROW: Robert E. Hanne, Gregory W. Kaempfe, Charles E. Al- 
mack, Randall A. Kronblad, Wilford M. Bamman, Carl Fi Croan. 

THIRD ROW: Ronald R. Sargent, George R. Hlavenka, Bradd A. Crow- 
ley, Gary L. Price, Bobbie J. Stehl, Phillip W. Boeschen, Kerry K. 
McMillen, Robert D. Habiger. BOTTOM ROW: Julius V. Wright, John 
E. Wisniewski, William E. Ponden, Fred J. Roman, William D. Siebert, 
Angelo A. Bier, Orville A. Earhart. 

American Institute of Architecture — TOP ROW: Glenn E. Peisner, 
Larry G. Horning, Richard W. Campbell, William G. Vandenbosch, 
Gary C. Degraf, David M. Lindner. SECOND ROW: Thomas J. Gawel, 
William R. Strong, Dennis Schmidt, A. Edwin Riemann, Rodney A. 

Wenger, James M. Hunt, W. R. Janke. BOTTOM ROW: Paul R. Mosi- 
man, Thomas A. Vopat, Thomas C. Pearson, Walter J. Viney, David 
W. Griffiths, Alvin L. Seefeldt. 


Engineers win national award, plan Open House 

Field trips sponsored by engineering organiza- 
tions helped acquaint students with the types of 
jobs available upon graduation. 

Members of the American Society of Agricul- 
tural Engineers organized and sponsored Engi- 
neering Open House, attended the regional meet- 
ing in Missouri and contributed to the building 
fund of the parent organization. Discussions at 
meetings often focused on recent developments in 
the agricultural engineering profession. 

After receiving the Certificate of Commenda- 
tion from the national headquarters for 1 1 of the 

past 12 years, the local chapter of the American 
Society of Civil Engineers was named the number 
one student chapter in the nation. Members at- 
tended joint meetings with sections of ASCE in 
Lawrence and Kansas City and also toured the 
Kansas City Structural Steel Company. 

Outstanding students in the upper one-third of 
the civil engineering class were eligible for mem- 
bership in Chi Epsilon honorary. Service projects 
performed by the 26 members during the year in- 
cluded working during registration and hosting 
periodical department conferences. 

American Society of Civil Engineers — TOP ROW: David C. Rieniets, 
John E. Stevenson, Garry L Macha, Kenneth F. Massingill, James D. 
Stewart, Gregory W. Hardin, William D. Ellis. SECOND ROW: Jay R. 
Osborne, Richard D. Michaelis, William H. Maxwell, Gene L. Mills, 
Stuart A. Spaulding, Dennis R. Slimmer, James W. Fitzwater. THIRD 

American Society of Civil Engineers — TOP ROW: Richard D. Geyer, 
Larry D. Shay, John B. Morris, Donald L. Stites, Frank B. Hempen, 
Melvin V. Ferguson, Robert G. Gudgen, Victor C. Moser. SECOND 
ROW: Glenn A. Fager, Steven J. Cohorst, Forrest E. Erickson, Edwin 

ROW: James K. Carlat, Jon H. Eshelman, Michael D. Kyser, Terry D. 
Stull, Ralph L. Flournoy, John W. Craig, Jay S. Fisher. BOTTOM 
ROW: James W. Gentry, John W. Howard, Kenneth R. Fladie, Terry J. 
Mohr, Richard McReynolds, Randall L. Sedlacek. 

C Gurnee, Mark Y. Berman, Kenneth R. Green, Darold D. Davis. 
BOTTOM ROW: Harold H. Munger, William D. Brown, John H. Bailey, 
Earl E. Bartlett, Daniel Faltermeier, Kenneth D. Everett, Craig A. 
Roberts, Vernon H. Rosebraugh . 


American Society of Agricultural Engineers — TOP ROW: Rodney S. 
Horn, Daryl A. Schooler, Roy G. Hallauer, Robert E. Henning, Jenna- 
reddy H. Krishna, Jerry F. Carlin, Earl D. McVicker, Jay B. Wishall, 
Thomas D. Dick. SECOND ROW: Kenneth W. Oliver, Charles L. Bram- 
lage, Gary E. Grimes, Neil F. Pellmann, Donald D. Snethen, David L. 
Peterson, Dennis K. Kuhlman, Alan F. Kessler. THIRD ROW: Armin E. 

Johnson, Jerry L. Schmidt, David F. Fairbanks, Louis F. Fleske, John 
A. George, Lonnie E. Bailey, Edward L. Swenson, Richard G. Bigham. 
BOTTOM ROW: George H. Larson, Ernest D. Boehner, Glenn W. 
Shields, Arris A. Sigle, Thomas W. Jewers, David E. Johnson, Wayne 
E. Nichols, Glen E. Richardson. 

Chi Epsilon — TOP ROW: David C. Rieniets, James K. Carlat, James 
W. Fitzwater, Garry L. Macha, Kenneth F. Massingill, Gregory W. 
Hardin, John W. Craig. SECOND ROW: Monroe L. Funk, Dennis R. 

Slimmer, William H. Maxwell, Terry D. Stull, Ralph L. Flournoy, Ran- 
dell L. Sedlacek. BOTTOM ROW: Jon H. Eshelman, James W. Gentry, 
John W. Howard, Kenneth R. Fladie, Terry J. Mohr. 

Tracing the history and potential of "Irrigation in Kan- 
sas," Harry Manges, assistant professor of agricultur- 

al engineering, who has an extensive background in 
irrigation, speaks at a meeting of the ag engineers. 

Institute of Electrical and Electronical Engineers — TOP ROW: 
Charles L. Smith, Olen F. Svoboda, James A. Trennepohl, Philip C. 
Frick, Larry L. Hayes, Anthony M. Hines, Donald A. Beach, Ronald W. 
Plemons. SECOND ROW: James E. Messer, Wendell L. Lillich, Darrel 

M. Kleeman, Frank J. Humphrey, Fred D. Dugger, Alan G. Barta, Jer- 
ry M. Soden, Valdean W. Mosier. BOTTOM ROW: David C. Hall, Ste- 
phen E. Reiter, Royce M. King, Paul L. Spainhour, Edward J. Mon- 
tour, James D. Weichel . 

Student engineers study employment opportunity 

Student members of the Institute of Electrical 
and Electronics Engineers and Eta Kapp Nu 
toured potential employment areas and partici- 
pated in Engineering Open House. 

Members of the Institute of Electrical and Elec- 
tronics Engineers visited the Boeing Company in 
Wichita to explore the company's organizational 
structure and jobs available to engineering gradu- 

ates. Plans for two such tours each year were 
formed. Outside speakers periodically attended 
the group's regular meetings. 

Eta Kappa Nu officers acted as chairmen of 
electrical engineering displays in Open House. 
Initiation activities for new members of the 
electrical engineering honorary included a smok- 
er, pledge week and a banquet. 

Eta Kappa Nu — TOP ROW: John R. Ley, Edward S. Hayes, James A. 
Trennepohl, Philip C. Frick, Larry L. Hayes, Ronald W. Plemons. 
SECOND ROW: James F. Smith, Stanley L. Schultz, Patrick E. Wheel- 

er, Theron E. Fry, Darrel M. Kleeman, Wendell L. Lillich, Jerry M. 
Soden. BOTTOM ROW: David C. Hall, Royce M. King, Paul L. Spain- 
hour, Harry W. Campbell, James D. Weichel, Clare M. Hakeman. 


American Institute of Industrial Engineers — TOP ROW: Ashok K 
Arora, David L Bohl, Chandra K. Patel, Steven G. Traxson, Ernest L 
Downs, Robert C. Saderstrom, Bruce R. Scoggan, Kevin R. Cahill 
SECOND ROW: Jonathan M. Heslop, Oscar A. Romer, Richard W 
Hammond, James J. Ferguson, Martin F. Hathaway, Sudesh K 

Chawla, Paul D. Gallaher. THIRD ROW: Allan R. Hartman, Michael E. 
Reed, Craig A. Liljegren, Douglas C. Schumacher, Carl D. Lindahl, 
Garland G. Lewis, Richard L. Ptak, Robert S. Kay. BOTTOM ROW: 
Larry A. Smith, Robert W. Moses, Stanley L. Gruver, Edwin 0. Baum- 
garten, Charles T. Kelyman, Kenneth E. Best, Ronald J. Burt. 

An open house display designed by Society of Amer- 
ican Military Engineers describes a water project. 

g U1 !£"«"* aw*!. 


Society of American Military Engineers — TOP ROW: Richard J. Pe- 
terson, Mark D. Kyle, Larry J. Ross, Gerald R. Siuda, Emile J. Kolich, 
Richard C. Hochberg, Harold J. Hamilton, Dennis J. Johnson. SEC- 
OND ROW: John W. Craig, Charles L. Bramlage, Charles V. Peterson, 
Karl J. Svaty, Dwight A. Schulke, William E. Ponden, James E. Ma- 
thewson. BOTTOM ROW: Maj. D. F. Byrnes, David R. Fritchen, Jo- 
seph R. Mathewson, John R. Kelley, Edward Tannebaum, Randell L. 
Sedlacek, Jay B. Wishall, Douglas E. Robker. 

Membership campaigns 
build engineering clubs 

In national competition, the local American 
Institute of Industrial Engineers ranked as the 
year's best student chapter. Members attended 
the regional conference in April and annual 
awards banquet in May. At the banquet, recogni- 
tion was given to students for outstanding service 
to the organization and officers were installed. 

In addition to sponsoring a booth at the Engi- 
neers 1 and Architects' Open House, students in 
the Society of American Military Engineers com- 
peted in a national membership contest with other 
student posts. Members also toured the Kansas 
City district of the Corps of Engineers projects. 


Richard Ray receives a handbook from Pi Tau Sigma, 
engineering honorary, for achieving a 3.5 average. 

Pi Tau Sigma reviews 
for training examination 

Attainment of personal and professional devel- 
opment in mechanical engineering was a prime 
objective of both Pi Tau Sigma and the American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers. 

Students preparing to write the engineering-in- 
training test were aided by review sessions spon- 
sored by Pi Tau Sigma, mechanical engineering 
honorary. Recognition by the group went to the 
outstanding freshman in the mechanical engineer- 
ing curriculum. For Engineering Open House, 
members built a departmental display. 

Proctor and Gamble awarded an outstanding 
student member of the American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers a grant to attend the na- 
tional meeting in New York City. 

American Society of Mechanical Engineers — TOP ROW: Michael G. 
Cillessen, Marik D. Kyle, Michael E. Schwinn, Francis W. Moore, 
John L. Mitcha, Bobbie W. Hauck, Alvin J. Martin, William L. Lewis. 
SECOND ROW: Ronald E. Myers, Charles H. Fellman, Randall S. Ellis, 

James A. Mulvany, Lynn L. Collmann, Harold D. Bert, Erwin L. Ever- 
ett. BOTTOM ROW: Alan L. Levin, John C. Reid, Alan L. McFall, John 
R. Kling, Donald P. Tonn, Donald L. Fenton. 

Pi Tau Sigma — TOP ROW: Christopher C Chapman, John C Reid, 
Alan L. McFall, Gary G. Orear, Donald L. Fenton, John M. Hamman, 
Alan L. Levin, Robert L. Gorton. BOTTOM ROW: Mark D. Kyle, Mi- 

chael G. Cillessen, Michael E. Schwinn, William L. Lewis, Lawrence 
W. Slupianek, Ted D. Edmondson, Harold D. Bert, William J. Gates. 

mm -m. fc>4 ■ * "to 





Sigma Tau — TOP ROW: Gregory W. Hardin, Robert A. Curry, Jerry 
F. Carlin, David L. Hyder, James A. Trennepohl, Garry L. Macha, Jef- 
frey C. Ryman, Larry L. Marten, Edward S. Hayes, Larry L. Hayes, 
Robert E. Henning. SECOND ROW: James K. Carlat, David C. Rien- 
lets, Fred A. Silady, Tom T. Poorman, Dwight A. Schulke, Roy H. 
Nickum, Lawrence W. Slupianek, John R. Ley, William H. Maxwell, 
Terrence D. Mayhill. THIRD ROW: John A. George, Douglas E. Rob- 

ker, Jon H. Eshelman. David C. Hall, James A. Mulvany, Ralph L. 
Flournoy, Alan F. Kessler, Charles H. Fellman, Wendell L. Lillich, Jer- 
ry M. Soden, Edward L. Swenson. BOTTOM ROW: Clare M. Hakeman, 
Jon C. Ferguson, James W. Gentry, Kenneth R. Fladie, John C. Reid, 
Alan L. McFall, Paul L. Spamhour, Charles W. Duethman, Philip M. 
Smith, Ronald G. Fraass. 

Nuclear society provides professional exchanges 

Students in nuclear engineering, who were in 
good academic standing in the College of Engi- 
neering, were granted membership in either the 
American Nuclear Society or Sigma Tau. 

Speakers from governmental and industrial 
agencies exchanged ideas with engineering stu- 
dents at monthly meetings of the American Nu- 
clear Society. Members also played active roles in 

staging Engineering Open House and a traditional 
senior banquet. In its eighth year, the organiza- 
tion promoted interest in nuclear engineering. 

As part of their service to the University, mem- 
bers and pledges of Sigma Tau, engineering hon- 
orary, repainted the letters on K-hill, cleaned the 
pyramid between Seaton hall and the Union and 
participated in Open House. 

American Nuclear Society — TOP ROW: Gerald L. Reitmayer, Wil- 
liam M. Lindsay, John W. Leighty, Thomas J. Phillips, Gary W. Mc- 
Donald, Dennis R. Alexander. SECOND ROW: Donald W. Prigel, Jef- 

frey C. Ryman, J. Wayne Dingier, Steven G. Fellers, Rodney L. Ste- 
vens. BOTTOM ROW: James L. Lentz, Robert D. Bishop, Elmer E. 
Lehmann, Thomas C. Roberts, Earl D. Tjaden, Ronald G. Fraass. 


Alpha Epsilon Rho — TOP ROW: Nancy J. Atkinson, Ronald A. Win- 
ter, Donald L. Denton, Jesse R. Willoughby, Patric J. Folwell. SEC- 
OND ROW: Kenneth F. Mrozmski, Ronald E. Robson, Daniel A. Suder- 

man, Mary A. Lowe. BOTTOM ROW: Gary D. Schulz, Gary L. Hood, 
Bill E. Stallard. 

Journalists win awards, plan radio-tv convention 

Coeds with high scholastic achievements in the 
area of medical technology received invitations of 
membership in Alpha Delta Theta. Guest speak- 
ers from hospitals attended meetings to discuss 
opportunities for women who enter the field of 
medical technology. Research and medical centers 
were explored by the coeds on field trips to Kan- 
sas City and Irwin Army Hospital. 

Coed journalists participated in projects spon- 
sored by Theta Sigma Phi, women's professional 
journalism society. After receiving recognition as 
one of the top 13 student chapters in the nation at 
the national convention, Theta Sigma Phi spon- 
sored its annual publicity clinic in the fall and 
began work to form an alumni chapter in Man- 
hattan. Women in various phases of journalism 
were guests at the annual Matrix banquet. 

Radio and television students in Alpha Epsilon 

Rho hosted the Region V Convention and pub- 
lished the regional newsletter. Each month, an 
outstanding student was recognized by the honor- 
ary for his work on KSDB-FM, the student radio 
station. Various phases of broadcasting manage- 
ment were observed on a Nebraska field trip. 

Students interested in reporting news about 
agricultural developments joined the Agriculture 
Communications Club. Members built a display 
for Ag Science Day, featured journalism speakers 
at group meetings and sponsored field trips to 
Kansas City business establishments. 

In the national Sigma Delta Chi college press 
contest, the local chapter's entry placed second in 
the feature story division. During the year, the 
chapter president worked on a committee from 
Region VIII which selected the recipient of the 
Past President of Sigma Delta Chi Award. 

Sigma Delta Chi — TOP ROW: Ralph R. Lashbrook, Joe R. Reppert, 
Jerry L. Reppert, Victor F. Shalkoski, Robert L. Latta, Duke B. Reiber. 
SECOND ROW: C J. Medlin, Thomas C Palmer, James C. Shaffer, 

Patric J. Folwell, Lowell Brandner. BOTTOM ROW: Elbert B. Macy, 
Loren J. Kruse, Byron E. Ellis, William A. Blauvelt, Fred M. Parris. 


Alpha Delta Theta — TOP ROW: Susan L. Badgley, Kathy L. Johnson, 
Susan C. Livers, Linda L. Wick, Kathleen Kehr, Sharon K. Sauer, 
Nancy L. Grothusen. SECOND ROW: Judith K. Auchard, Sharron 
Beckenhauer, Mary L. Hargis, Karen S. Snyder, Rhonda J. Pearson, 

Barbara A. Wehr. BOTTOM ROW: Barbara Christensen, Diana L. 
Kohr, Mary B. Kelley, Carolynn A. Parsons, Pamela A. Jackson, Mar- 
cia G. Lundquist, Carolyn V. Roberts. 

Theta Sigma Phi — TOP ROW: Marsha L. Green, Candace A. Kelly, 
Alice M. Leahy, Nancy K. Scheetz, Sharon K. Salvino. SECOND ROW: 
JoAnn Goetz, Constance E. Langland, Sandra M. Dalrymple, Connie 

M. Grafel, Mardel L. Asbury. BOTTOM ROW: Geraldme A. 
Laura L. Scott, Elizabeth J. Conner, Carolyn A, Kaberline. 


Agricultural Communica- 
tions — TOP ROW: James W. 
Parrish, Paul E. DeLong. Wil- 
liam E. Feldman. SECOND 
ROW: Robert Stallbaumer, 
Loren J. Kruse, Robert D. 
Harmon, Elmer Lee Musil. 
Slead, Lynette S. Hargett, 
William A. Blauvelt. 

Mu Phi Epsilon — TOP ROW: Linda K. Woel- 
Ihof, Candace H. Stout, Barbara A. Plumb, 
Susan V. Dutton. SECOND ROW: Mary A. 
Coon, Alice L. Pearson, Linda R. De Hoff. 
BOTTOM ROW: Charlotte L. Fairless, Sherryl 
A. Guy, Kaye A. Clinesmith, Ann L. Smalley. 

Delta Phi Delta — TOP ROW: Judy L. Richards, Connie F. Lathrop, 
Wanda S. Black, Mary J. Socolofsky, Gail M. Farmer, Susan M. Rehs- 
chuh, Dee A. Urquhart, Pameline S. Shipley. SECOND ROW: Gene C. 
Smith, Yvonne C. Tasset, Joan E. Walters, Donna J. Holt, Connie M. 

Naiman, Michael E. Loberg, Richard L. Gardner. BOTTOM ROW: 
James B. Wentz, Stephen L. Elder, Linda M. Irwin, Nancy K. Waddle, 
Philippa J. Heintzelman, Barry L. West, Darrell D. Schmitt. 

Theta Alpha Pi — TOP ROW: Donna S. Lindeman, Patricia J. Tarry, 
Leanna M. Lenhart, Patricia L. Johnson, Patricia E. Moore, Dennis 0. 
Karr, Wayne W. Henson. SECOND ROW: Russell S. Ballou, Sherry S. 
Almquist, Karen M. Comerford, Darwin K. Klein, Mary F. Morgan, 

Mary E. Horton, Richard A. Gilson. BOTTOM ROW: Carl M. Hinrichs, 
Henry A. Vlcek, Harold R. Knowles, James F. Jagger, John F. Jagger, 
Joel Climenhaga, Wallace Dace. 


Sigma Delta Pi — TOP ROW: William J. Luckeroth, Sherrilyn K. Beck- 
er, Phyllis M. Kruse, Margaret E. Beeson, Nancy L. McNerny, Pamela 
A. Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Linda K. Woellhof, Linda S. Burton, D'Ann 
Drennan, La Donna L. Douglass, Barbara C. Hrebec. 

Browsing through Delta Phi Delta's sale of prints, 
paintings and ceramics, a student hunts for gifts. 

Spanish, music societies 
stimulate student interest 

Two honoraries, Sigma Delta Pi and Mu Phi 
Epsilon, worked during the year to stimulate in- 
terest in Hispanic and musical events. 

To better club relations with other campus 
groups, Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish honorary, 
scheduled joint meetings with the Latin American 
Association. Members, who were required to 
maintain a 3.0 average in Spanish, also partici- 
pated in caroling at the Feast of Nations. 

Members of Mu Phi Epsilon, international 
professional music sorority, featured two music 
recitals during the year. In conjunction with Phi 
Mu Alpha, the women co-sponsored the annual 
December Feast of Carols. Members were music 
majors with a 3.0 grade average in music. 

Fine arts honor students 
seek department status 

Students of fine arts worked to establish a new 
drama fraternity and travelled to other cities to 
visit prominent art galleries. 

Gamma chapter of Theta Alpha Pi, drama 
honorary, which received its charter in Novem- 
ber, undertook an experimental "Reader's Thea- 
tre 11 that featured plays written by students and 
faculty. The group also initiated a drive to form 
chapters at other Kansas universities. 

Fund raising endeavors of Delta Phi Delta, art 
honorary, included a Paint-In and the annual Art 
Mart. Members toured art institutes in Nebraska 
and Chicago, hosted a costume party and promot- 
ed the establishment of a Fine Arts department. 


Phi Epsilon Kappa — TOP ROW: William B. Greve, Robert A. Murry, 
Richard J. Powierza, Kenneth C. Ochs, Richard B. Schlesinger, Jim 
L. Whitesell, Ronald E. Burk, Kenneth L. Swenson. SECOND ROW: 
Wayne T. Dreier, Robert T. Duenkel, Robert L. Mullen, Philip B. Wil- 

son, Daniel W. Whitmore, William F. Kiser, James H. Whitehill. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Gary W. Carson, John P. Charles, Robert E. Ahlstedt, Wil- 
bert Shaw, Loren E. Peithman, John Bolan, James S. Wheatcrott. 

Phi Epsilon Kappa — TOP ROW: Marvin L. Landes, Bruce A. Pierson, 
David E. Harbert, George E. Waters, James H. Butler, Jack L. Wool- 
sey, Donald D, Craig, Gary A. Richards, Michael R. Goehring. SEC- 
OND ROW: Dave Laurie, John E. Salavantis, Ronald L. Stevens, 
Ralph M. Pietronicco, Larry E. Elder, Douglas A. Boyle, Joseph A. 

Phi Epsilon Delta — TOP ROW: Katherine Geyer, Diann L. Porter, 
Deborah Taylor, Ann Simon, Karolyn K, Kroenlein, Mary M. Mc- 
Manis, Linda G. Ault, Marjorie A. Malkames, Dyna Sherwood, Caro- 
lee A. Lambert, Mary L. Ault, Barbara E. Gench. SECOND ROW: 
Shauna R. Carpenter, Kathryn R. Anneberg, Maxine L. Brooke, Linda 
B. Wagner, Ann K. Kirkwood, Joan J. Fulkerson, Laura J. Kobbeman, 
Ann L. Wichman, Janice F. Wedel, Regina M. Martin, Kathryn A. 
McKinney, Laureen Clark. THIRD ROW: Donna M. Fleischacker, Der- 

Spurgeon, Nicholas R. Adkins. THIRD ROW: John W. Merriman, 
James I. Mosteller, Kenneth A. Eckardt, Nicholas R. Gieber, Philip R. 
Keck, Max G. Mountford, Maurice J. Weckerling. BOTTOM ROW: 
Thomas G. Beal, Grant E. Glad, Clyde C. Albright, Michael R. Cams, 
Richard L. Kruse, James K. McDougal. 

iece M. McKeeman, Janet M. Whitehill, Sherilyn Benjamin, Kay D. 
Kubitschek, Mary C. Garbier, Janet D. Sprang, Cheryl J. Kaufman, 
Beverly J. Skolaut, Pamela K. Fortun, Mary L. Fromme. BOTTOM 
ROW: Patricia F. Montgomery, Virginia R. Roglin, Viva K. Mathes, 
Jane E. Schroeder, Donna L. Symns, Jean M. Rogers, Barbara A. Wil- 
son, Susan J. Strom, Betty J. Ryan, Elizabeth E. MacGowan, Judy A. 


Sigma Gamma Epsilon — TOP ROW: Barbara J. Smith, Richard A. 
Wisegarver, Louis Riseman, Virginia L Wegman, Jon A. Jeppesen, 
James L. Reeves, Abdel-Kader A. Behairi, Sambhudas Chaudhun. 
SECOND ROW: Donald W. Steeples, James R. Chelikosky, Kenneth 
J. Macho, William L. Frevert, Thomas J. Hansen, Allen G. Talley, 
Gary 0. Rumsey, John V. Miesse, Nizar A. Arabi. THIRD ROW: Claude 

Phys Ed society donates 
victory bell for stadium 

Phi Epsilon Kappa and Phi Epsilon Delta, 
physical education honoraries, coordinated athlet- 
ic, social and service activities. 

Installation of the victory bell at KSU Stadium 
was undertaken by the men of Phi Epsilon Kappa. 
Members also maintained a coat check at home 
basketball games, assisted with the punt, pass and 
kick contest sponsored by Ford Motor Company 
and aided in the city's free throw contest. Conven- 
tion trips and writing articles for professional 
newsletters were additional projects. 

Phi Epsilon Delta, women's honorary, sched- 
uled speakers for its monthly meetings and enter- 
tained children from underprivileged homes in 
Manhattan at a Christmas party. 

W. Shenkel, Robert S. Reinke, Robert L. Menard, Steven L Lange, 
Kenneth M. Warren, Patrick T. McDevitt, Henry V. Beck, William K. 
Clark. BOTTOM ROW: Richard L. McReynolds, Charles P. Walters, 
Larry L. Johnson, Page C Twiss, Michael S. Brannan, Steven B. 
Palmer, John K. Thomas. 

Geologists explore mines 
during spring field trip 

Outstanding students in geography and geology 
were awarded membership in Gamma Theta 
Upsilon or Sigma Gamma Epsilon. 

Weekly seminars featuring departmental 
speakers were initiated by Gamma Theta Upsi- 
lon, geography honorary. Guest lecturers includ- 
ed the geographer from the State Department. At 
the national convention in Kansas City, a mem- 
ber received the National Society of Geographic 
Education Award for overall excellence. 

Sigma Gamma Epsilon organized a four-day 
spring field trip to explore the Tri-State mining 
district in Missouri. Seminars featured outside 
speakers and University faculty. Members also 
supplied students with geologic equipment. 

Gamma Theta Upsilon — TOP 

ROW: Steven R. Kale, Barbara E. 
Potts, Jerrie S. Rapp. SECOND 
ROW: Huber Self, Allan D. Cross, 
John L. Johnson, Charles W. 
Bradley. THIRD ROW: Moham- 
mad Y. Alizai, Stephen R. Smith, 
Halvard A. Berg. 


Omicron Delta Epsilon — TOP ROW: Gerald J. Gehling, Thomas A. 
Taylor, Terry P. Sutton, John A. Nordin, George Montgomery. SEC- 
OND ROW: Richard K. Hart, Richard W. Lichty, George D. Johnson, 

Bruce Laughlin gives tips on finding jobs in busi- 
ness to Alpha Kappa Psi members at a club meeting. 

Thomas T. Vernon. BOTTOM ROW: Allan J. Harris, Vernon V. Geis- 
sler, Forest E. Myers, Ronald G. Adams, Thomas W. Hiestand. 

Organizations examine 
commerce developments 

Through lectures and seminars, commerce stu- 
dents in Phi Chi Theta, Alpha Kappa Psi and 
Omicron Delta Epsilon learned of current trends 
emerging in the modern business world. 

Tours of General Motors and Armco Steel in 
Kansas City introduced Phi Chi Theta coeds to 
the inside workings of large corporations. A group 
promoting business education for women, Phi Chi 
Theta sponsored a discussion on fashion and a 
report on the New Orleans biennial meeting at 
organization meetings during the year. 

Alpha Kappa Psi, honorary commerce fraterni- 
ty, maintained the reading room in Calvin hall, 
sponsored a management seminar in the spring 
and organized a faculty-student luncheon. Mem- 
bers were required to have a 2.2 grade average. 

Outstanding graduate students in economics 
received recognition in a bulletin board display 
prepared by the members of Omicron Delta Epsi- 
lon, economics honorary. At monthly professional 
meetings, graduate students presented summaries 
of their theses and discussed current economic 
problems facing the United States. 


Alpha Kappa Psi — TOP ROW: Bernard L. Pyle, Anthony L. Porter, 
Lawrence L. Chamblin, Michael K. Schmitt, John R. Westerman, 
James E. Moore, Robert C. Matthews, Vernon D. Aldrich. SECOND 
ROW: Michael D. Gasper, Thomas P. Mulvany, Stephen J. Arntz, 
Charles M. Murphy, Charles C. Cole, Patrick M. Harmon, Jack B. 

Stentors. THIRD ROW: John M. Johannes, Robert E. Mapes. Thomas 
K. Witt, Melvin A. Reichuber, John P. Dixon. James D. McCune. 
BOTTOM ROW: Aloysius P. Dickman, Melvin J. Reitzel. Harold J. Gar- 
ten, Robert W. Court, Randall C. Rahe, James L. Snyder. 

Phi Chi Theta — TOP ROW: Dorothy A. Westerman, Shirley J. Wiley, 
Cynthia E. White, Linda M. Walker, Glenda J. Ames. SECOND ROW: 
Irva K. Streit, Gail A. Lootbourrow, Nancy A. Galloway, Connie J. 

Ruble. THIRD ROW: Susan E. White, Judy A. Brous, Charlotte A. 
Grimshaw, Nancy S. Percival, Lynn M. Cable. BOTTOM ROW: Dr. 
Paul D. Gilkison, Judith K. Head, Janet K. Betts, Shen A. Berggren. 


Alpha Tau Alpha — TOP ROW: Richard D. Wilson, Don W. Sowers, 
Bernard L. Hansen, Eldon D. Lawless, Larry C. Epley, Terry R. 
Schoenthaler. Wilbur R. Stites. SECOND ROW: Ronald L. Peterson, 
Les D. Streit, Leonard A. Harzman, Robert C. Schwindt, Donald D. 

Asher, Robert J. Broeckelman, James J. Albracht. BOTTOM ROW: 
Howard L. Delaplane, Myron L. Ammeter, Allen R. Knopp, David W. 
Dodd, Charles D. McNeal, Clifford D. Ascher, Orlando L. Penner. 

Filling in for club adviser Howard Bradley after he was 
injured in a car accident, Alpha Tau Alpha members 

aid ag education freshmen in scheduling their fall 
classes during the spring pre-registration period. 

Student Education Association — TOP ROW: Joyce A. Long, Sonia D. 
Larson, Mary H. Pell, Carolyn K. Landes, Donna J. Dye, Sherri L. 
Buchman. SECOND ROW: Carolyn S. Shepherd, Lauren J. Langner, 
Lucille E. Dick, Hi la rie S. Bolt, Patsy L. Bartholomew, Susan R. 

Student Education Association — TOP ROW: Claudia M. McKinsey, 
Carol L. Logan, Patricia A. McDonald, Linda K. Greenwell, Carolyn 
M. Jirik, Nancy M. Boyer, Diana S. Sloan, Marilyn J. Tolletson, Don- 
na J. Holt, Karen L. McDaniel. SECOND ROW: Laura L. Meyer, Anne 
C. Snider, Nancy L. Presnal, Nancy E. Hage, Charlen A. Wycoff, 
Carmen M. Tyrus, Sandra J. Perkins, Veneta L. Brown, Sharon G. 

£-,• it 

Brown, Gloria R. Adams. THIRD ROW: Cheryl J. Ross. Cynthia E. 
White, Judith A. Smith, Janice L. Stohs, Linda Hayse, Arnell D. 
Essmiller. BOTTOM ROW: Linda K. Plumb, Faye L. Taphn, Cheryl A. 
McVicker, Mary B. Chase, Carolyn K. Congrove. 

Horigan. THIRD ROW: Linda D. Jackson, Robert D. Katz. Marlene J. 
Brinker, Marcia S. Holland, Marcia P. Bartell, Pamela A. Sodergren. 
Marita Link, Beverly D. Spicher, Jane E. Kitch, Jennifer K. Sullivan. 
BOTTOM ROW: Martha C. Mitchell, Janice K. Hake, Dorothy L. An- 
dereck, Terry F. Overfield, Judith A. Cunningham, Margaret J. Car- 
son, Rhonda L. Fry, Marcia A. Miller, Susan B. Hughes. 

Education organizations 
host high school groups 

Prompting high school students to further their 
education was a primary aim of Alpha Tau Alpha 
and the Student Education Association. 

At a program sponsored by Alpha Tau Alpha, 
agricultural education honororary, students and 
their parents learned of job opportunities in the 
agricultural education field. Members ushered at 
the Little American Royal and at the Future 
Farmers of America Convention. 

Small discussion groups were formed by mem- 
bers of SEA for the purpose of considering recent 
developments in the area of education. Organiza- 
tion projects included hosting the state SEA Con- 
vention and freshman orientation. Senior high 
school students were invited to campus in the 
spring for a tour of the University. 

Student Education Association — TOP ROW: Arnelle J. Hilgenfeld, 
Deborah M. DeMand, Kathleen L. Anderson, Patricia A. Ruggles, 
Janet L. Masters. SECOND ROW: Martha A. Stonehocker, Margaret 
A. Ewmg, Mary J. Schafer, Charlotte L. Swain. BOTTOM ROW: Clau- 
dia A. Garrett, Christine Howard, Dale P. Mann, John W. DeMand, 
Shari A. West. 


American Institute of Interi- 
or Design — TOP ROW: Bar- 
bara A. Chase, Sharon A. 
Sherer, Barbara J. Cannon, 
Janice L. Selby, Nan L Scho- 
tanus, Barbara J. Page. 
SECOND ROW: Kathryn L. 
Foos, Sharon K. Walsh, Cher- 
yl S. Heide, Nona G. Rey- 
nolds, Janice E. Maisch. 
Sherar, Jan C. DeMint, Laura 
F. Lang, Colleen M. Schnei- 
der, Nancy L. Gatch, Lauren 
P. Becker. 

Omicron Nu — TOP ROW: 
Meredith A. Holloway, Jolene 
R. Charvat, Patricia A. Ken- 
dall, Mary M. Dobbins, Karen 
J. Acker. SECOND ROW: 
Sharleen L. Johnson, Loretta 
E. Reeh, Phyllis M. Auld, 
Jeanine A. Davis. THIRD 
ROW: Deborah A. Deck, Gail 
A. Houghtaling, Judith A. 
Barr, Barbara J. Hays. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Angele Holvor- 
son, Virginia J. Works, Do- 
lores A. Hoffman, Ann L. 

Phi Upsilon Omicron — TOP 

ROW: Meredith A. Holloway, 
Beverly S. Frasier, Carol A. 
Storrer, Mary M. Dobbins, 
Phyllis J. Johnson. SECOND 
ROW: Artyce A. Golden, 
Christine Williams, Mardel L. 
Asbury, Nancy L. Winter. 
BOTTOM ROW: Marsha S. 
Smith, Marcia A. Norby, Mar- 
tha E. Reeder, Ann L. Cra- 
vens, Linda Haughawout. 

mmmim : ~>'w 


n r . 

<P* #% P 

Student American Veterinary Medicine Association Seniors — TOP 

ROW: Celestine 0. Njoku, Richard N. Bruce, Kenneth H. Rockwood, 
Craig L Carmichael, William C. Skaer, Donald J. Kmoch, Jerome P. 
Yorke, Warren E. Boomer, Larry H. David. SECOND ROW: Jane M. 
Albin, Larry H. Ringel, Dean E Hedricks, Victor E. Anspaugh, Ronald 
T. Beach, Gerald F. Slonka, Robert J. Gump, Thomas R. Hagan. 

Student American Veterinary Medicine Association Seniors — TOP 

ROW: William P. Gallant, Mary L. Liljestrand, Thomas A. Williams, 
Frederick L. Helm, Philip D. Burford, Ronald E. Sanko, Brenda G. 
Adrian, Tommy L. Jacobitz, William P. Tidball. SECOND ROW: Mel- 
vin G. Fox, Richard L. Robinson, Michael L. Gambiani, Ronald L. 
Schindler, Harold W. Richardson, Ronald E. Jordan, Lonnie D. Willis, 

THIRD ROW: Gary A. Splitter, Loren J. Rickard, Robert G. Brodenck, 
Roger L. Becker, Dallas 0. Goble, Stephen J. Aberle, James F. Wad- 
sack. BOTTOM ROW: Vernon Dean Maxwell, Ronald G. Mason, Ste- 
ven L. Rogers, Larry D. Stuckey, F. Lynn Willard, James M. Osborn, 
Coy C. Mickey, David L. Eisenbrandt. 

James E. Kimbrough. THIRD ROW: James T. Marsh, Jack H. Konitz, 
John L. Smith, David A. Swerczek, Robert R. Cudney, Terryl K. 
Schmitt, Henry R. Ewert, Marlin R. Grosz, John L. Lenz. BOTTOM 
ROW: Robert C. Hartley, Denis A. Bekaert, Norbert J. Zander, Larry J. 
Oliver, Joseph G. Merriam, Mark D. Williams, Ralph E. Sievers, Den- 
nis W. Smith. 

Phi Upsilon Omicron celebrates centennial year 

Decorating public buildings in Manhattan aid- 
ed in raising funds for the American Institute of 
Interior Design. Field trips took members to Chi- 
cago in the spring and later to Kansas City where 
members attended meetings of professional inte- 
rior designers. The group also participated in a 
symposium which featured professional lecturers 
and a collegiate interior design contest. 

Celebration of Founder's Day marked the 
100th anniversary of Phi Upsilon Omicron, home 
economics honorary. To encourage scholarship 
among new students in the college, the group pre- 

sented an award to the outstanding freshman in 
the home economics program. Social events of the 
organization included the annual fall picnic and an 
international exchange dinner. 

Sophomore honor students in home economics 
were recognized in a bulletin board display main- 
tained by Omicron Nu, home economics honor- 
ary. Projects of the organization included a com- 
plete revision of the chapter handbook and visit- 
ing classes for the purpose of familiarizing home 
ec students with the organization's purpose and 
requirements for membership. 


The smooth sleek fur of a pet dog delights a visi- 
tor at Dykstra hospital during Vet Med Open House. 

Veterinary association 
coordinates Open House 

Veterinary Medicine Open House and several 
social events highlighted the year for students 
preparing for careers in veterinary medicine. 

Coordinators of the departmental Open House 
in October, members of the American Veterinary 
Medical Association executed a textbook ex- 
change with Ecuador. The chapter placed first in 
intramural football and wrestling and also spon- 
sored two banquets and a dance in the spring. 

Representatives of the 300 members of the Pre- 
Veterinary Club manned an information booth at 
the Union Activities Carnival and built a display 
for Veterinary Medicine Open House. Meetings 
often focused on suggestions for increasing com- 
munications between pre-vet students and the 
College of Veterinary Medicine. 

Student American Veterinary Medicine Association Juniors — TOP 

ROW: Perry R. Griffith, Robert D. Randall, Gary L. Westphal, Max R. 
Russell, Jerry D. Leroux, Donald L. Sweat, Roy L. Smith, Steven H. 
Slusher, David L. Browder. SECOND ROW: William P. Beezley, Ken- 
neth W. Harper, Ronald E. Helten, John W. Stuckey, Kenneth R. 
Brady, Lawrence P. O'Brien, Jerry W. Diemer, Russell S. Gerard. 
THIRD ROW: Roger W. Perkins, Kent D. Haury, J. Raymond McClure, 
Gene R. Kluck, Alexander M. Young, Steve G. Grube, John C. Smith. 
BOTTOM ROW: Thomas F. Gillaspie, Alvin A. Pravecek, Bill J. Robin- 
son, William H. Fuhrman, Roger P. McCartney, Ralph C. Richardson, 
Roderic D. Simpson, David R. Franz. 


Student American Veterinary Medicine Association Juniors — TOP 

ROW: Clifford T. Kumamoto, Jack D. Spencer, Douglas K. Jernigan, 
Marc E. Miller, Kay A. Williamson, Harve P. Ringheim, Garry J. Rok- 
ey, William N. Bendure, Cecil W. Wiley, Thomas H. Cure. SECOND 
ROW: Nicholas Schroeder, John R. Rule, Frank R. Douthit, Robert C. 
Just, Walter W. Kurth, Gary G. Swails, Arthur C. Barney, Gerald L. 
Jenkins, Richard P. Miller. THIRD ROW: George W. Atkinson, William 

M. Morland, Richard M. Reid, John E. Holste, Joseph M. Bohnen, 
Lionel L. Reilly, Robert E. Stach, Jack E. Ellithorpe, August J. Hilde- 
brand, Harold J. Barnes. BOTTOM ROW: Daniel I. Saror, James V. 
Doran, Charles R. Johnson, Ronald A. Engelken, Thomas G. Ksiazek, 
Stephen A. Daniel, Douglas L. Berndt, John W. Harvey, William W. 

Student American Veterinary Medicine Association Sophomores — 

TOP ROW: Peggy J. Denton, Charles G. Jewell, Herbert E. Hoss, 
James W. Langley, Lonnie L. Lemon, James L. Golliher, Gene A. 
Hintz. SECOND ROW: Walter C. Cash, Davy J. Harkins, Daniel G. 

Student American Veterinary Medicine Association Sophomores — 

TOP ROW: Frederick J. Wisegarver, Harold J. Harvey, Joseph B. Har- 
der, Edwin B. Brockway, Joe A. Fakler, Richard Harrington, Keith L. 
Eberhart, Haskell S. Wright, William L. Brown, James H. Fountaine, 
Jerome I. Leise. SECOND ROW: Allan C. Oltjen, James S. Jordan, 
Dennis E. Hausmann, Jerre K. Rorick, Larry C. Fischer, James L. 
Morris, Robert L. Ridgway, Donald L. Bridges, Roger C. Harvey, Jack- 

Gasche, Richard K. Bartel, Larry A. Semm, Margery A. Braun- 
schweiger. BOTTOM ROW: Paul E. Steinmeyer, Daniel R. Galassmi, 
Gayle D. AraSmith, Rodney J. Schieffer, Ralph E. Jewell, Kenneth L. 
Carlson, Robert L. Stark. 

le J. Robinson. THIRD ROW: Phillip C. Meyer, Lannie L. Hanel, Wil- 
liam W. Burdett, James P. Grossardt, Stephen B. Werner, Steven L. 
Alberts, Delbert E. Walter, Sondra L. Seefeldt, Vernon M. White. 
BOTTOM ROW: Conrad K. Nightingale, Ronald D. Pappan, Douglas 
J. Duston, Dale D. Boyle, Glenn W. Riggs, James R. McClellan, Den- 
nis E. McClary, Gary L. Hartzell, Stephen G. Wanick, Robert A. 


Student American Veterinary Medicine Association Freshmen — 

TOP ROW: Kathleen A. Keating, Richard M. Dudgeon, Raymond T. 
Marsh, Dennis E. Culley, Andrew L Martinsen, Stephen D. Warren, 
Norman R. Galle, Thomas W. Buchman, Merle L. Raida, Thomas A. 
Bryan. SECOND ROW: Bernie R. Page, Mark A. Poell, Eddie K. Dan- 
iels, Larry D. Stuart, Joseph S. Gessner, Monty J. Menhusen, Paul R. 
West, John D. Daubert, Steven L. Stockham. THIRD ROW: Jay D. 

Hedrick, Kenneth B. Mitchell, John H. Manley, Stephen G. Lake, 
Gerald W. Enckson, Terry S. Wollen, Gary D. Olson, Larry G. Snyder, 
William J. Hines, Richard W. Lewis. BOTTOM ROW: Philip J. Neal, 
Dennis E. Sweet, Thomas E. Keller, Michael A. Paul, Phillip V. Erwin, 
James W. Billups, Marvin L. Olmstead, Richard K. Norton, Roger M. 

Student American Veterinary Medicine Association Freshmen — 

TOP ROW: Stephen T. Kelley, Richard H. Fell, Peter J. Kautman, Lar- 
ry E. Mages, Robert J. Righter, Peter M. Falk, Ronald L. Gammon, 
James L. Viergever, Ronald E. Seitz, James R. Wilson. SECOND ROW: 
Andrew Gotreed, Martin L. Hoffman, Stephen K. Scott, Mark P. Du- 
lin, David C. Keim, John W. Banning, Gerald W. Henrikson, Jay W. 

Shrock, Ronald J. Kuhlman. THIRD ROW: Steven C. Henry, Steven 
R. Welty, Jay D. Riedl, David E. Ripple, Justin B. Janssen, David F. 
Anderson, Alan L. Lewis, Deryl L. Troyer, Carl D. Christensen, Melvin 
H. Hamlin. BOTTOM ROW: Mike R. Elwell, Jerry P. Jaax, William G. 
Winter, William E. Pannbacker, Thomas R. Hathaway, James S. 
Smith, Jonathan E. Briel, Timothy J. Knott, John G. Locke. 

Pre-Vet Club — TOP ROW: Cynthia A. Dawson, Karen A. Simmons, 
Francine J. Zimmerman, Gayle A. Wilderman, Helen Z. Waldes, Ste- 
ven W. Albright. SECOND ROW: Gregory S. Hammer, David G. Sny- 
der, Mark A. Dolginoff, Keith D. Toll, Glenda G. White, Patricia L. 

Nelson, Lester W. Aldrich. THIRD ROW: Richard A. Mosier, Gene P. 
White, Edward A. Fries, Dennis L. McDaniel, William C. Carson, Wil- 
liam R. Young. BOTTOM ROW: Donald R. Anstaett, Glenn W. Ber- 
man, Vern D. Wright, Forrest I. Townsend, Fred A. Erickson. 


Pre-Vet. Club — TOP ROW: Allen R. Deets, Glen E. Nelson, Karen M. 
Ballard, Nancy M. Bodmer, Lucinda A. Bullock, Katherlne A. Dema- 
ree, Joanna M. Guglielmino, Nancy K. Dunn, Christine A. Schmeiser. 
SECOND ROW: Michael A. Hogan, Charles W. Price, Carla L. Carle- 
ton, Lynn A. Heusdens, John T. Ryer, Lawrence P. Kirmser, Kent K. 
Kane, Terry L. Gugle, Scott F. Linders. THIRD ROW: James G. Ja- 

cobs, Mark C. Schreiber, James D. Beesley, Richard D. Conner, Joe 
H. Scoby, Philip A. Beaudoin, Stephen R. Stubbs, Harlyn G. McGuire, 
Lyle V. Axt, John W. Nesbitt. BOTTOM ROW: Calvin R. Moffitt, Barton 
L, Richards, William 0. Rishel, Eddie L. Crittenden, Keith E. Baird, 
Francis M. Gaddie, Charles E. Cornett, Brian K. Ward, Duane N. 

Pre-Vet Club — TOP ROW: Wes E. Vogt, Robert M. Morrison, Merle D. 
McKoon, Steven J. Krongold, James J. Vanmiddlesworth, Donna E. 
Cirigliano, Sharon Readis, Carmen A. Juarbe, Cmdra, L. Scroggin. 
SECOND ROW: Orval R. Warehime, David F. Vogt, Steven D. Mer- 
riam, William L. Gaylord, Randy A. Edelman, Thomas E. Swoyer, Al- 
len R. Sippel, Donna L. Symns, Paul D. Strong, Ricke J. Woodbridge. 

Pre-Vet Club — TOP ROW: Richard C. North, Wayne L. Ingmire, Marc 
S. Hardin, Gretchen E. Reveille, Anne Beloof, Mary J. Mills, Margaret 
C. Heier, Darcey D. Jeram, Sandra Kiefer. SECOND ROW: Theodore 
R. Gonzalez, Daniel L. Enterline, Richard E. Brown, Thomas V. Schif- 
fern, Ernest V. Pease, Michael W. Sramek, Carolyn R. Zenishek, 
Bruce S. Silverman, Gerald L. Tiemeyer, Margaret J. Kloepper. 

THIRD ROW: Ronald G. Kenton, Fred F. Johnson, Edward L. Epp. 
Thomas E. Higham, Lee H. Turner, Ronald G. Feldkamp, Deborah J. 
Deege, Melford L. Norman, Frank A, Juiliana. BOTTOM ROW: Gary R. 
Zimmerman, James L. Zuperku, R. Steven Garten, Joseph 0. Pavlik, 
David D. Trenholm, William W. Powers, Rick Jomer, Steven N. 

THIRD ROW: David D. Simmons, Alan L. Koven, Dale E. Holterman, 
Charles R. Boreson, William Bayouth, David W. Krogdahl, Freddie M. 
DeHoff, Douglas L. Moldoff, Howard J, Baker. BOTTOM ROW: Glenn 
T. Bowerman, Gaylard C. Anderson, Arthur B. Freedman, Phillip C. 
Robinson, James L. Holterman, Richard M. Groft, Edward K. Baker, 
Henry P. Zawadzki. 


Club projects grant job experience for ag majors 

Representatives of their respective industries 
presented descriptions of job opportunities at the 
meetings of the Wildlife Society, Bakery Man- 
agement Club and Dairy Science Club. 

By working at deer check stations in the fall, 
members of the Wildlife Society gained experi- 
ence in their field and raised funds for their 
group. Habitats of the deer, antelope and turkey 
were explored in a booklet published and distrib- 
uted by the organization. Members attended the 
Wildlife Bowl and regional conferences. 

Partially through the efforts of members of the 
Bakery Management Club, students in bakery 
management were afforded three areas of special- 
ization. At monthly meetings, a speaker from one 
of the areas discussed opportunities in his field. 

Members of the Dairy Science Club co-spon- 
sored the Little American Royal and chose the 
finalists in the Miss Agriculture contest. Depart- 
mental activities were presented in the club's 
annual yearbook. Members also sponsored a chili 
supper, fall steak fry and Christmas cheese sales. 

Featuring dairy products made by the dairy science 
students, the Dairy Bar attracts customers from 

all areas of campus. Gift packages of various 
types of cheese were added to sales at Christmas. 


Wildlife Society — TOP ROW: Ronald D. Gatton, Norman B. Ayers, 
Alan E. Wesche, Michael M. Martin, Richard A. Smith, Donald G. 
Pfeiffer, Larry S. Tiemann, John M. Meisenheimer. SECOND ROW: 
Leonard R. Hopper, Virgil L. Smith, C. Douglas Blex, Robert L. John- 

son, Steven G. McKinley, Richard B. Eager, Tommie A. Berger. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Norman P. Stucky, Maurice E. Pomeroy, Robert J. Robel, 
Gary R. Stallings, William B. Cardwell, Thomas G. Shane. 

Bakery Management — TOP ROW: Dennis M. Walsh, Andrew J. Rein- 
wald, Neal Drabbe, Michael Swanson, John J. Carr, John P. Delcam- 
po, Joseph T. Horvath, Marvin R. Willyard. SECOND ROW: Edward A. 
Mader, Gary R. Goodsell, Thomas F. Cox, Craig W. Smith, Michael S. 
McLain, Rhys S. Hodge, John A. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Joseph T. 

Fournier, Ronald H. Zelch, Barry A. Solomon, Vardon J. Gainor, 
Henry C. Haer, James H. Dreikorn. BOTTOM ROW: Richard P. Flack, 
Steven B. Smith, Gary A. DeNota, Ronald W. Snider, Richard L. 

Dairy Science Club — TOP ROW: Richard Bassette, Erie E. Bartley, G. 
B. Marion, Ned E. Cole, J. Lee Majeskie, John Wrigley, Marvin K. An- 
deregg. SECOND ROW: John 0. Pruitt, George Heersche, Richard H. 
Heersche, Larry D. Wobker, Frederick A. Kopp, James H. Peckham, 

Donald A. Sauerwein, James H. Goft. BOTTOM ROW: Donald C. Utz, 
Norval K. Spielman, Timothy D. Green, Steven J. Melton, Edwin T. 
Courtney, Richard A. Plinsky, Richard M. Helsel. 


Wheat State Agronomy Club — TOP ROW: James J. Ryan, Bert R. 
Bock, Rand D. Scott, Jerry L Hatfield, Donald L. Jameson, Louis J. 
Meyer, John E. Bozarth, Pattie L. Bohn, Thomas C. Zavesky, Keith D. 
Starr. SECOND ROW: Bruce E. Covert, David J. Reisig, Harold M. 
Sweet, John F. Schletzbaum, Joe D. Strahm, Thomas S. Morton, 
Jimmy L. Tuma, Roger L. Baker, Jan A. Windscheffel, Galen R. Nie- 

denthal. THIRD ROW: Richard P. Latta, Phillip R. Rahn, L. Van Wit- 
hee, Herb A. Beason, Gregory J. Hands, Adrian J. Polansky, John M. 
Knipp, Richard P. Waldren, Gerald H. Thiele. BOTTOM ROW: Charles 
W. Knight, James P. Kelly, Howard R. Goff, Alan B. Crane, Robert S. 
Brubaker, David W. Fieser, Rollin H. Abernethy, Dennis D. Mc- 
Williams, Donald R. Wild, Wayne L. Parker. 

Clubs encourage agriculture-related activities 

Agriculture students promoted their respective 
fields of study by presenting displays and booths 
for the annual Ag Science Day. 

Associated with the Student Activities Subdivi- 
sion of the American Society of Agronomy, the 
Wheat State Agronomy Club participated in 
speech and essay contests and sent three repre- 
sentatives to the national convention in New Or- 
leans. Members hosted a fall party for students 
and faculty in the agronomy department and also 
sponsored a picnic in the spring. 

Displays built by Entomology Club members 
for Ag Science Day centered on plant resistance to 
animal feeding and included an example of equip- 
ment used in classroom teaching. Presentation of 
an award to the top individual in the state Future 

Farmers of America contest and a Christmas par- 
ty rounded out the year's activities for club 
members, all entomology majors. 

Income from pecan sales in the fall and bed- 
ding plant sales in the spring financed a scholar- 
ship awarded to an outstanding member of the 
Horticulture Club. The group also sponsored a 
flower judging team which took field trips to view 
horticulture sites and participated in Open House 
and Ag Science Day activities. 

Escorting businessmen attending the Kansas 
Formula Feed Conference around campus was a 
service project undertaken by members of the 
Grain Science Club. Department speakers kept 
members informed of the types of courses needed 
by today's grain science graduate. 

In a class session, entomology students examine spec- 
imens under a high-powered microscope. The stu- 

dents practiced skills in Entomology Club projects, 
including displaying equipment at Ag Science Day. 

Horticulture Club — TOP 

ROW: Jimmie R. Mathes, 
Dale W. Miles, Barbara J. Pil- 
ger, James L Morris, Rita I. 
Reissig. SECOND ROW: Ralph 
L. Turner, James Q. Beisel, 
Jerry R. Wofford, Connie 
McReynolds. BOTTOM ROW: 
Richard E. Odom, Conrad M. 
Popp, Leroy W. Schick, Carol 
A. Pettijohn, Thomas J. 
Maxwell, Hazel M. Crist. 

i, ■:•- 


Grain Science Club — TOP ROW: George W. Barr, Gerald T. Evans, 
Roy D. Tangeman, Gordon L. McCosh, Duane L. Keller. SECOND 
ROW: Gary L. Gilbert, Lee Vieth, David C. Montgomery, Russell L. 

Bussman, David L. Hammond, Marvin D. Wells. BOTTOM ROW: Alan 
D. Koch, Daryl J. Meyer. Robert C. Evans, Thomas S. Campbell, Ear- 
nest E. Peterson. 

Entomology Club — TOP ROW: Larry L. Murdock, Paul D. Hunkapill- 
er, Dale R. Mosher, Susan Mosher, Kusuma I. Reddy, Shantha D. 
Urs, Devaraj K. Urs, Lawrence D. Semakula, Ruth Hooper, Kenneth 
W. Spare, Stanley R. Husted. SECOND ROW: Ludwig J. Krchma, 
Hobart P. Boles, Richard P. Clarke, Ahmed M. Kadoum, Kermit 0. 
Bell, Phillip A. Nickel, Gailen D. White, Nadia A. Hassouna, Richard 
K. Lindquist, James K. Quinlan, Razie B. Asadi. THIRD ROW: B. B. L. 

Srivastava, Willard C. Dick, Johnson 0. Arokoyo, Hugh E. Thomp- 
son, Kenneth A. Sorensen, Glen F. Swoyer, H. D. Blocker, Charles L. 
Storey, Gary F. Hevel, John R. Pedersen, Gerald E. Wilde. BOTTOM 
ROW: Herbert Knutson, Delmon W. LaHue, Carl W. Rettenmeyer, 
Harold G. Nagel, William H. Reissig, Robert B. Mills, Roger C. Smith, 
Charles W. Pitts, Lyman W. Roberts, Richard J. Elzinga, Donald A. 

Agricultural Economics Club — TOP ROW: Terry L. Zimmer, James 
A. Lmenberger, Donald M. Morehead, Danny L. Scott, Larry W. Diek- 
er, Stanley D. Buss, Timothy M. Thomas, Alan D. Ostermann, Lloyd 
Slawson, Randall D, Stoecker. SECOND ROW: Milton L, Manuel, 
Steve J. Irsik, Dale E. Naiman, Brad J. Kerbs, Jerry D. Morgan, Greg- 
ory A. Armbruster, Dwayne C. Neil, Ronald D. Garnett, Lonnie C. 

Stieben, James Trapp. THIRD ROW: Frank Orazem, David C. Spark, 
Roger L. Barr, Edward Gruenbacher, Phillip L. Knox, Loren J. Kruse, 
Donald R. Lackamp, Douglas E. Newland, Dennis K. Shurtz, Gary D. 
Gausman. BOTTOM ROW: James L. Grauerholz, Otto W. Levin, Don- 
ald C. Madison, Donald B. Johnson, Bruce E. Frost, Dennis R. John- 
son, Michael R. Jeannin, Jerry C. McReynolds, Gary R. Doane. 

Agricultural Mechanization Club — TOP ROW: Ralph I. Lipper, Nich- 
olas R. Weber, Leo D. Schneider, John R. Bilderback, Kenneth W. 
Spare, James L. Keener. SECOND ROW: Ervm F. Gnadt, Kenneth D. 

Jorns, David L. Hart, Bob W. Hurrelbrink, Stephen Cadman. BOT- 
TOM ROW: John T. Hendricks, Samuel J. Feist, Eugene H. Goering, 
Gary J. Morehead, Gary R. Lervold, Galen R. McDonald. 

Block and Bridle — TOP ROW: Harold E. Good, Glenda M. Booth, 
Maria E. Scheer, Joanne E. McCollough, Belva L. Dearmg, Linda G. 
Miller, Nancy A. Mauderly, Nancy A. Kasitz, Suzan Good, Gayle A. 
Wilderman. SECOND ROW: Jerry W. Sleichter, Frank E. Mattke, Glen- 
da G. White, Janet E. Krall, Susan K. Phillips, Francine J. Zimmer- 
man, Lura V. Story, Rita M. Thurston, Rodney J. Jansonius, Carolyn 
D. Olson, Robert A. Ebert. THIRD ROW: Dale E. Holterman, Harold G. 

Weil, James L. Holterman, Delbert D. Raile, Glenn R. Teagarden, 
David W. Loomis, David W. Grothusen, Eugene R. Sebert, Ryan R. 
Christiansen, Marlin W. Mason. BOTTOM ROW: Lynn E. Kirkham, 
Vern L. Crawshaw, Curtis W. Kruse, Herbert A. Sparks, Thomas L. 
Christiansen, Dean E. Fieser, Ray A. Christiansen, Glenn C. Oleen, 
Larry A. Maxwell, Steven W. Yust. 

Block and Bridle adds 
horse show to schedule 

Promoting higher scholarship and the animal 
science industry, the National Block and Bridle 
Club, with the Dairy Club, co-sponsored the Lit- 
tle American Royal. The club initiated the first 
Kansas State Horse Show in February and also 
had members who participated in the livestock, 
meats and wool student judging contests. 

In conjunction with the ag mechanization stu- 
dents at the University of Missouri, the local Ag- 
ricultural Mechanization Club sponsored an infor- 
mation booth at the annual Western Farm Retail- 
er Convention in Kansas City. Working with simi- 
and Missouri, the group worked toward creating 
a national Agricultural Mechanization Club. 

In a department contest, members of the Agri- 
cultural Economics Club competed in debate and 
speech. Winners competed nationally at the an- 
nual meeting of the American Farm Economics 
Association. Relaying agricultural information to 
the public, the club participated in the annual Ag 
Science Day. Members also were active in the 
University's intramural program. 

Completing the flag race competition ride, a con- 
testant scores points in the Block and Bridle show. 

Block and Bridle — TOP ROW: Cheryl J. White, Glennis S. Huseman, 
Joanne J. Parker, Betty L. Hibler, Virginia A. Haller. Linda L. Lorhan, 
Sandra A. Wilson, Barbara K. Howe, Joseph W. Gi Milan, Michael K. 
Ebert. SECOND ROW: Daniel C. Murphy, Daniel J. Walsh, Leonard L. 
Tucker, Harry S. Shrauner, Robert P. Brauer, John A. Klusener, 
James E. Phillips, Joseph C. Ebert, Loren D. Richard, Diana B. Ad- 

ams, Jon R. Gillilan. THIRD ROW: William L. Gaylord, Lloyd R. Elliott, 
Larry P. Stuber. Alexander D. McClure, Robert E. Smith, Lyle D. 
Springer, Thomas H. McBeth, James G. Stuart, John T. O'Brien, 
Robert A. Harvda. BOTTOM ROW: Gary R. Miller, John H. Schlickau, 
Roger D. Beesley, William S. Swan, Forrest E. Stegelin, Gary B. 
Truitt, Michael H. Mayer, Albert B. Kurr, Ben E. Brent. 

Block and Bridle — TOP ROW: James A. Meetz, Judith A. Winter, Jim 
D. Hollinger, Jane M. Wessels, Donald R. McClure, Theresa J. Turner, 
Gary D. Theurer. SECOND ROW: Mac W. Harris, Donald A. Sauer- 

wein, Kelvin R. Boyer, Fred M. DeHoff, Robert D. Harmon, Gerold J. 
Hoffman. BOTTOM ROW: Richard W. Felts, Andrew M. Jones. Philip 
R. Young, Innis L. Croft, Jerald L. Ewing, Randy M. Peterson. 

Home Economics Teaching Club — TOP ROW: Charlen A. Wycoff, 
Janice A. Johnston, Rebecca J. Haskins, Linda K. Zerbe, Jeanne M. 
Stuart, Soma D. Larson. SECOND ROW: Peggy M. Petersen, Sharon 
L. Kootz, Ruthann I. Holle, Cheryl E. Claassen, Charlotte V. Ports- 

chy, Karen P. Richarz. THIRD ROW: Beverly A. Smith, Christine A. 
Williams, Phyllis E. Roelfs, Joan E. Sunderland, Maren K. Longren, 
Helen E. McCarty. BOTTOM ROW: Eunice E. Fisher, Pamela G. Kitch, 
Carolyn F. Meyer, Jane A. Bigler, Patricia A. Mudge. 

Agriculture Education Club — TOP ROW: Le T. Mai, Dmh T, Huy, Mai 
H. Duyet, Nguyen T. Hung, Robert J. Broeckelam, Lam P. Due, Lieu 
M. Phuong. SECOND ROW: Richard D. Wilson, Bernard L. Hansen, 
John D. Welborn, Dale E. Conard, William A. Conrad, Wilbur R. 
Stites. THIRD ROW: William R. Smith, George D. Sorrick, Don W. 

Sowers, Doug T. Stueve, William R. Glace, Donald G. Wilken, Larry H. 
Erpeldmg. BOTTOM ROW: Stanley R. Bartel, Dennis D. Stafford, 
Lawrence W. Marshall, Dwight G. Gorrell, Clifford D. Ascher, Les D. 
Streit, Howard L. Delaplane. 

Preparing for their future careers, members of the 
Home Economics Teaching Club discuss certification, 

curriculum and other phases of teaching with guest 
speakers at their regularly scheduled club meetings. 


Groups promote teaching, aid in college projects 

Two clubs, Agricultural Education Club and 
Home Economics Teaching Interest Group, pro- 
vided professional activities for students. 

Agricultural Education Club, which was open 
to curriculum majors, prepared a display for Ag 
Science Day and organized a book exchange for 
agriculture students. At the annual banquet, the 
70-member club honored outstanding students 

and awarded a scholarship. Members also helped 
to plan Ag Festival during the fall semester. 

Combining faculty and student membership, 
the home ec teaching group met regularly for 
guest talks by faculty members Richard Owens, 
Helen Brockman and James Akin. The club par- 
ticipated in Hospitality Day, the Home Ec Christ- 
mas Tea and an Easter service project. 

Agricultural Education Club — TOP ROW: Loren D. Richard, Carl L. 
Stueve, Clarence R. Miner, Michael Kelly, Herschel C. George, 
Charles P. Sauerwein, James A. Hermann, Donnie D. Coltrane. 
SECOND ROW: Innis L. Croft, James M. Sharp, Daniel P. Gerstner, 
Larry D. Hoobler, Terry J. Steinshouer, James P. Mueller, Wayne G. 
Powell, Terril L. Eberhard, Randall E. Fuqua. THIRD ROW: Clifford S. 

Home Economics Teaching Club — TOP ROW: Beverly S. Frasier, 
Linda R. Sawyer, Karen S. Brim, Marilyn J. Bartak, Barbara L. Ketz- 
ner, Sheila L. Bairow. SECOND ROW: Mary F. Neely, Artyce A. Gold- 
en, Karen J. Acker, Jean K. Clarkson, Dorothy A. Nachtigal, Linda S. 

Sparks, Jonh M. Holmbeck, Thomas E. Hensley, Kenneth W. Bowie, 
Harold A. Homnghausen, Larry A. Maxwell, Dean A. Pankratz, Alan 
J. Muntz. BOTTOM ROW: Myron L. Ammeter, Wayne E. Thompson, 
David W. Dodd, Dean E. Fieser, Charles D. McNeal, Kenneth L. Con- 
way, Steve R. Davis. 

Martin. THIRD ROW: Karen A. Shively, Jeanine A. Davis, Alexis L. 
Ebert, Janice L. Peters, Linda M. Richardson. BOTTOM ROW: Marcia 
A. Norby, Janet K. Culver, Nancy R. Lord, Judy K. Hammond. 


University Extension Club — TOP ROW: Karen M. Mc Daniel, Beverly 
S. Frasier, Cheryl E. Claassen, Nancy A. Kasitz, Karolyn K. Kellogg, 
Jean K. Clarkson. SECOND ROW: Roberta A. Moore, Glenda M. Odg- 

ers, Janice A. Overocker, Lura V. Story, Donna G. Swart. BOTTOM 
ROW: Paul W. Griffith, Larry E. Kohl, Carolyn M. Neil, William A. 

Home Economics students build public relations 

Coinciding with their sponsorship of the Best 
Dressed Girl contest, members of the Clothing 
and Textiles Club organized a grooming program 
presented in the spring. Other projects of the 
coeds included writing letters to high school se- 
niors informing them of the University's program 
in home economics and hostessing a picnic for all 
new members of the organization. 

In addition to keeping members posted on job 
opportunities open to them in the areas of foods 
and nutrition, the Professional Foods Club organ- 
ized field trips to other institutions for the purpose 
of touring the food service facilities. The 39 mem- 
bers were among those invited to attend the home 
economics annual Christmas tea. 

Field trips took the 50 members of the Micro- 

biology Journal Club to the Veterans' Hospital 
and Upjohn Industry in Kansas City and to the 
American Society of Microbiology meeting at 
Norman, Okla. Committees formed within the 
group considered revision of the undergraduate 
curriculum in biology and the possibility of com- 
piling a booklet on graduate schools. Research 
developments were discussed by speakers at 
monthly meetings and in a bi-annual newsletter 
distributed by the club to microbiology majors. 

Activities of members of the University Exten- 
sion Club included presenting periodical radio 
programs, staging a Christmas tree decorating 
party, acting as judges at county 4-H days and 
constructing a display in connection with Ag Sci- 
ence Day activities in the spring. 

Home Economics Professional Foods Club — TOP ROW: Karen R. 
Halderson, Brenda G. Sawyer, Sharron J. Knox, Meredith A. Hollo- 
way, Deborah A. Takach, Donna F. Ewing, Deborah G. Drown. SEC- 
OND ROW: Sharleen L. Johnson, Debrah J. Huber, Roxane McKmley, 
Maxine L. McKoon, Donita M. Steele, Betty J. Anderson, Jane M. 

Bacon. THIRD ROW: Marlene M. Kolstad, Patricia L. Douthit, Debo- 
rah A. Eisner, Joyce M. Bauman, Judy A. Gillen, Pamela L. Poole. 
BOTTOM ROW: Carolyn Peters, Peggy I. Johnson, Emily A. Pendle- 
ton, Ann L. Cravens, Diana R. Jaeger. 

Microbiology Journal Club — TOP ROW: Louis R. Fina, Martha J. 
Gentry, Jane M. Brinker, Penelope D. Lawless, Rozanna L. Kaaz, 
Barbara S. Christensen, Judy K. Novosel, James S. Broers, Howard 
J. Baker. SECOND ROW: Fred W. Hubbard, Daniel L. Enterlme, Rudy 

L. Edwards, Lawrence E. Mathes, James H. Moorman, Laurance D. 
Gregg, Terry L. Hills, James R. Kenyon. BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence L. 
Propp, William A. Nusz, Steven M. Bruck, Rodman C. Reed, Gilbert 
C. Burnett, James H. Knight, John M. Lefton . 

Clothing and Textiles — TOP ROW: Vici L. Wheeler, Susan S. John- 
son, Patricia A. Theno, Kathleen Winteroth, Diane K. Youngers, Cyn- 
thia M. Tucker, Kathleen L. Schmitt, Milissa A. Berg. SECOND ROW: 
Beverly S. Oberle, Pamela S. Kaiser, Rhonda L. Sillin, Linda J. Pack, 
Rosemary Meade, Jane E. Groeltz, Christina Pederson. THIRD ROW: 

Anita L. Schaller, Kristy K. Kopp, Frances R. Mullmix, Louise M. 
Umscheid, Barbara J. Thomas, Sharen K. Campbell, Pauletta S. 
Gibler, Kathleen A. Kapelle. BOTTOM ROW: Rosellen A. Johnson, 
Christi Blumenshire, Jan D. Thomas, Kathleen A. Cook, Mary J. 

Clothing and Textiles — TOP ROW: Marcia G. Early, Jacqueline A. 
Graves, Margaret Doerkseh, Carol S. Habiger, Kathryn J. Mussel- 
man, Deborah K. Henneberg, Linda M. Kruse, Rosalia H. Wolken. 
SECOND ROW: Diana G. Swank, LuAnne Dyck, Elena L. Marzan, Lin- 

da L. Leeper, Sheila K. Thompson, Vicki 0. Whitney, Joyce A. Line, 
Barbara E. Gustason, Fawn E. Weidner. BOTTOM ROW: Deborah L. 
Irwin. Martha H. Webster, Pamela J. Gough, Diane T. Drury, Gloria J. 
Schrag, Crystal F. Reimer, Susan K. Phillips. 


Working on stories during their reporting lab, home 
economics journalism majors receive advice from the 

instructor. Special courses are designed to give 
the needed skills to write about the home ec areas. 

Home Economics clubs tour professional facilities 

Experimentation with ways to improve the 
study room in Justin hall was the major activity of 
the Home Economics Design Interest Group. In 
order to keep abreast of the role and function of 
contemporary design, during the year members 
toured a garment factory, heard speakers and at- 
tended fashion and design demonstrations. 

On a field trip to Topeka, the Home Economics 
Journalism Club toured television, public rela- 
tions and newspaper offices. Members wrote let- 
ters to prospective home economics majors and 
assisted with college publications. Plans were 
formulated to publish a cookbook using recipes 
donated by campus living groups. 

Sponsoring a consumer credit field trip, the 
Home Economics Family Economics Interest 

Group toured a Kansas City credit bureau and the 
credit departments of a retail store, bank and 
small loan company. Other group tours included 
visits to the Kansas Power and Light Company, 
the Parade of Homes in Kansas City and selected 
Manhattan homes with a realty agent. Guest 
speakers invited to meetings discussed insurance 
policies and gave tips on features to look for when 
considering purchase of a new home. 

Pre-Nursing Club members assisted with the 
Bloodmobile and manned booths at the Activities 
Carnival and All-University Open House. The 
coeds toured St. Mary's Hospital, the University 
of Kansas Medical Center Research Hospital and 
Irwin Army Hospital. A field trip to Topeka dur- 
ing spring semester also was planned. 

Home Economics Journalism 
Club — TOP ROW: Mary P. Ken- 
nedy, Ardis M. Foust, Nancy K. 
Scheetz, Linda S. Trueblood, 
Loreen A. Locke. SECOND ROW: 
Cynthia George, Patricia A. Rip- 
ple, Mardel L. Asbury, Karen A. 
Zwingelberg. BOTTOM ROW: 
Mary K. Prochaska, Marsha J. 
Martin, Cecilia A. Douthy, Cher- 
yl L. Weber, Kathleen A. Wenger. 

Family Economics Club — 

TOP ROW: Sandra S. Garan- 
son, Barbara J. Hetzel, Ellen 
L. Fulton, Judith R. Daven- 
port, Joyce I. Jockman, 
Sonya K. Saunders. SECOND 
ROW: Sheryl A. Skinner, Dix- 
ie R. Obert, Jolene K. Teske, 
Sandra M. Hamilton, Pauline 
R. Rahija, Albie C. Rasmus- 
sen. BOTTOM ROW: Marjone 
A. Honig, Jane E. Davenport, 
Nina J. Roepke, Virginia J. 
Works, Susan K. Cook. 

Design Club — TOP ROW: Virginia L. Leopold, Pamela L. Wallace, 
Vicki E. Transue, Harriet E. Leonard, Susan K. Hicks, Linda S. Sigars, 
Elizabeth A. Jenkins, Linda A. Hoftman, Leslie S. Penner, Shawnee 
L. Fairbanks, Sharon K. Teeters. SECOND ROW: Janet A. Mills, Joan 
M. Ward, Alberta M. Popp, Marsha A. Manley, Bette J. Ferbrache, 
Margaret L. Piper, Sheila J. Needham, Linda J. Griffeth, Barbara J. 

Welter, Cheryl A. Heller. THIRD ROW: Marsha K. Knetter, Germaine 
L. Bolhg, Rosalie J. Splitter, Linda A. Fedde, Joyce M. Klema, Susan 
K. Forbes, Janice L. Gaines, Marty J. Martin, Janice L. Butin. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Cheryl L. Stigall, Jan C. DeMint, Janice E. Preston, Janet 
F. Cuccio, Carol V. Hanson, Virginia L. Harkins, Kathleen S. Kolarik, 
Judith A. Snook, Mary A. Hildwein, Nancy J. Backhus. 

Pre-Nursing Club — TOP ROW: Margaret A. Hallack, Patricia G. 
Townes, Kathleen L. Wood, Karen R. Kruse, M. Diane Allison, Priscil- 
la S. Pivonka, Mary J. Aufdengarten, Mary S. Bulger, Mary C. Hill. 
SECOND ROW: LaDonna J. Kolman, Brenda A. Judd, Feme I. Tuma, 
Cindy V. Hart, Martenia C. Miller, Patricia D. Dorrance, Lynn A. Jack- 

son, Carolyn R. Jones. THIRD ROW: Diana K. Schmitt, Marilyn C. 
Mau, Margaret R. Moffatt, Susan D. Frazey, Connie Cushing, Lois A. 
Ebertz, Linda L. Valburg, Arvis K. Auld, Jacquelyn K. Haller. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Susan A. Gross, Joy A. Weber, Karen L. Burgess, Nancie 
L. Bauer, Nola M. Ahlquist, Shanlyn L. Baldwin, Linda E. McCaslin. 


Angel Flight — TOP ROW: Janet K. Warner, Priscilla L. Pastrick, 
Sandra K. Sanders, Kathryn Judd, Penelope M. Plunkett, Susan A. 
Haymaker, Janet M. Houser. SECOND ROW: Marilyn C. Mau, Linda 
S. VanKooten, Judy Jakowatz, Linda L. Smith, Beverly A. Bucher, 

Angel Flight — TOP ROW: Arnelle J. Hilgenfeld, Frances R. Mullmix, 
Rita M. Rieschick, Nancy K. Menz, Deborah D. Diller, Cynthia S. 
Thompson, Suzanne Gordon, Peggy J. White. SECOND ROW: Jams L. 
Parks, Janice A. Hunter, Shirley A. Garrett, Barbara D. Gadberry, 

Carolyn K. McKinley, Vivienne L. Condon. BOTTOM ROW: Judith L. 
Macy, Martha D. Palmer, Patricia J. Paine, Karen G. Lemons, Debo- 
rah K. Krause, Sharon S. Hachenberger, Rebecca A. Campbell. 

Janis M. Lindemood, Jo L. Schwanke, Linda G. Humes. BOTTOM 
ROW: Janet K. Shipman, Mary E. Abson, Margaret E. Hummel, Janis 
S. Clutter, Frances A. Foncannon, Marsha L. Garrett. 

Light Brigade — TOP ROW: Linda R. Achten, Melinda R. Woltkamp, 
Marilyn A. Waeldin, Tana L. Wells, Loretta Hudson, Diane E. Sutera, 
Catherine A. Morton. SECOND ROW: Barbara D. Mistier, Paula J. 
Tisdale, Mary K. Schell, Janice A. Lindgren, Patricia D. Irvine, Anne 

P. Kaiser. BOTTOM ROW: Margie L. Henry, Elizabeth A. Dyke, Kath- 
leen J. Sewell, Paula B. Blair, Deborah L. Brown, Lorna E. DeYoung, 
Vicki O.Whitney. 

Light Brigade — TOP ROW: Kathryn A. Klag, Ann M. Young, Kathleen 
Kehr, Anne C. Snider, Mary J. Socolofsky, Barbara J. Thomas, Kath- 
leen L. Anderson. SECOND ROW: Marilyn K. Krueger, Kathryn J. Lee, 
Barbara A. Brazier, Janet D. Sprang, Shirley E. Carson, Alice L. Pear- 

son. BOTTOM ROW: Maj. Glenn D. Hollis, Constance L. Bates, Judith 
A. Schroeder, Gloria J. Schrag, Betty R. Koch, Nancy A. Hodgson, 
Joy E. Hanson. 

Meeting the demands of gridiron fans, Angel Flight 
members sell food and drinks at all football games. 

As a money-making project, the organization provided 
workers for the privately-owned concession stands. 

ROTC auxiliaries work in community projects 

Two womens' military service organizations 
assisted and promoted activities undertaken by 
Army and Air Force ROTC groups. 

In addition to marching in military drills and 
reviews, members of Light Brigade sold name 
tags and tapes to ROTC men and handled con- 
cessions at University concerts. The coeds also 
worked for the Manhattan Federation of Handi- 

capped Children, Irwin Army Hospital and with 
underprivileged children from the local area. 

Angel Flight members, in conjunction with 
Arnold Air Society, worked during the annual 
Bloodmobile drive. Affiliates of the Air Force, the 
women entertained wounded soldiers who had 
returned from Vietnam and sold refreshments at 
all football games and special events. 


Military societies compete in drills, hear experts 

Attainment of military professionalism was the 
goal of the men's military groups on campus. 

Men in the National Honorary Society of 
Pershing Rifles traveled to the University of Kan- 
sas and the University of Illinois to participate in 
drill meets and, in April, hosted the 7th Regimen- 
tal Drill Meet. Members directed traffic at foot- 
ball and basketball games and attended the 
Commander's Banquet in the spring. 

As part of their seminar for cadets, Scabbard 
and Blade members invited military experts from 
Fort Riley to speak about Army Correctional 
Training facilities on the post. The men of "L" 
Company gave recognition to outstanding cadets 
in military science and earned the annual Journal 
Award from the National Society. 

Air Force ROTC cadets were active in projects 
designed both for personal enjoyment and service 
to the University community. 

Tours to pilot training centers was one method 
of teaching used in the Air Force Flight Instruc- 
tion Program. With a 90 per cent increase in 
membership over last year, the program ranked 
as one of the largest of its kind in the nation. Ca- 
dets completed a training course which included 
instruction in navigation and weather. 

In the fall, Arnold Air Society aided in coordi- 
nating the annual Bloodmobile. The group donat- 
ed a Vietnam memorial plaque to the Union and 
ushered at football games. Members also ex- 
changed information and ideas with similar 
groups in Central and South America. 

Pershing Rifles — TOP ROW: Steven A. Arkm, Phillip R. Edelblute, 
Michael A. Harry, Carl F. Handlin, Kirby L. Gillespie, Roger E. Dillon, 
James S. Marsden. SECOND ROW: Turley K. Hayes, Orlando B. 
Yates, Henry A. Vlcek, William E. Vigneron, James H. Allen, James E. 

Pershing Rifles — TOP ROW: Larry W. Barngrover, Francisco B. 
Gonzalez, Ronald K. Wente, Stephen R. Peak, Robert J. Righter, Da- 
vid L. Vogelsang, Robert V. Luck, Jimmie C. Gillespie, Thomas A. 
Jensen. SECOND ROW: Terry L. Harbert, Kenneth M. Shobe, Fred R. 

Good, Joel S. Schultz, David C Magnusson. BOTTOM ROW: Lewis E. 
Poggemeyer, James L. Beckwith, Rita M. Rieschick, Susan A. Hay- 
maker, Janet D. Sprang, Ann M. Young, Paul R. Scott, Gerald J. 

Martin, Walter R. Minnick, Thomas C Schnepp, Stephen E. Eustace, 
John L. Harrington, John R. McGill. BOTTOM ROW: William H. Bohn, 
Garry M. Dalby, Ronald E. Seery, Terry P. Bartkoski, Victor A. Moss, 
Donald L. Jacka, Franklin P. Perez, Douglas S. Clark. 


Arnold Air Society — TOP ROW: Christopher C. Rhmehart, Thomas 
E. Snyder, William L. Lewis, Steve D. Carr, Wayne A. Ross, George F. 
Scoggins, Michael N. Biggs, Anthony J. Vlach, Kenneth F. Massingill, 
Keith F. Pickett. SECOND ROW: Michael R. Johnson, Aaron E. Carl- 
son, Douglas M. McNeal, Gary J. Hanna, Steven V. Smith, Glenn A. 
Auld, Joseph E. Hutfles, David R. Hannagan, John M. Hamman. 

THIRD ROW: Raymond E. Middleton, Marvin 0. Clark, Rick E. Kiser, 
Douglas C. Weyer, Robert L. Hirt, Frank J. Humphrey, William P. 
Weber, Bruce E. Peters, John D. Cooper, David E. Graham. BOTTOM 
ROW: Aloysius P. Dickman, William C. Dillingham, Gerald D. 
Schmidt, Steven M. Schorling, Wayne E. Nichols, Benjamin T. Rum- 
sey, Richard P. Wenger. 

Scabbard and Blade — TOP ROW: Robert D. Overman, Mark D. Kyle, 
James W. Parrish, John G. Sauer, John M. Englisby, Joseph W. 
Leighty, John J. Carr, James D. Stewart, Michael L. Lewis, Lanny T. 
Winberry, Gary L. Henton. SECOND ROW: Charles A. Briscoe, James 
N. Haymaker, Robert D. Spencer, Dwight A. Schulke, Douglas S. 
Clark, Charles R. Cole, James E. Phillips, Ronald 0. Wineland, James 

A. Mulvany. THIRD ROW: Christopher C. Chapman, Steven R. Beck, 
Anthony R. Mason, Dennis G. Redd, Martin E. Benjamin, Douglas E. 
Robker, Russell L. Bussman, Richard A. Haney, Beverly R. Chapin, 
Mike J. Malone. BOTTOM ROW: Edward Mangelsdorf, Robert L. Lehr, 
James W. Gentry, William J. Luckeroth, Robert D. Wehling, Randell 
L. Sedlacek, Gary L. Thull, Robert W. Court, John F. Wilhm. 

WW ' 

Flight Instruction Program — TOP ROW: Roland W. Johnston, Rich- 
ard A. Smith, Eugene J. Ronsick, James J. Graham, Anthony J. 
Vlach, Christopher C. Rhinehart. SECOND ROW: William D. Butler, 
Meredith J. Behnke, Michael D. Caulfield, Jack R. Crumrine, Law- 

rence D. Coil, Glenn P. Alpert, David A. Gechter. BOTTOM ROW: 
Glenn A. Fager, Roger L. Barr, Steven L. Taylor, Dennis G. Kassel- 
man, Stephen R. Morris, James M. Peters. 


Hosting freshmen and parents, Newman Club pro- 
vides an evening buffet at the Catholic Student Cen- 

ter. Campus religious groups held open houses follow- 
ing the President's Convocation for freshmen in fall. 

Newman Club explores current Catholic thought 

Sunday evening programs sponsored by the 
Newman Apostolate served to keep students and 
faculty informed of current thinking in the Catho- 
lic Church. Student members of other campus re- 
ligious groups often joined with Catholic students 
to discuss the crucial problems facing their re- 

spective churches and possible steps which could 
be taken to resolve them. At Christmas, Newman 
members staged a tree-decorating party and cou- 
pled this activity with a project to prepare candy 
and cookies destined for distribution among the 
patients in Irwin Army Hospital at Ft. Riley. 


Newman Club — TOP ROW: Colleen M. Smith, Deborah A. Takach, 
Jolene R. Charvat, Janet M. Whitehair, Judith A. Smith, Thelma W. 
Rodriguez, Mary N. Lucido, Mary G. Klemm. SECOND ROW: Louise 
M. Umscheid, Marilyn L. Umscheid, Jennifer C. Shea, Kathleen L. 
Parke, Diana K. Schmitt, Alexis L Ebert, Virginia L. Wegman. THIRD 

ROW: Mary K. Prochaska, Trudy Ann M. Brewer, Patricia D. Hogan, 
Deborah L. Brown, Manuel J. Carvajal, Jerome I. Leise, Patricia A. 
Hattrup, Eunice E. Fisher. BOTTOM ROW: Johnson 0. Arokoyo, Ron- 
ald E. Helten, Robert L. Schrandt, Catherine H. Nagle, Virginia J. 
Works, Sheila S. Kolb, Thomas F. Cox. 

Newman Club — TOP ROW: Mary P. Kennedy, Lois A. Simon, Elaine 
M. Karhut, Theresa L. Leis, Helen E. McCarty, Germaine L. Bollig, 
Susan M. Tebo, Janet E. Murphy, Rosemary Meade. SECOND ROW: 
Elizabeth J. Hamilton, Linda S. Prochaska, Rev. Edward J. Weisen- 
berg, John A. Silady, Michael G. Zeleznak, Patrick W. North, James 
E. Gagnon, Ronald J. Sosna. THIRD ROW: John F. Schletzbaum, 

Newman Club — TOP ROW: Sheryl K. McKinney, Catherine L. 
Kletchka, Mary K. Mooney, Judith M. Krob, Rosalia H. Wolken, Su- 
san A. Breault, Mary A. DeDonder, Barbara E. Gustason, Mary F. 
Neely, Anita L. Schaller. SECOND ROW: Kathleen M. Schumacher, 
Karen A. Shively, Patricia E. Gustason, Marjorie Fitzpatrick, Diane 
M. Sandblade, Lillian M. Groothuis, Kathleen S. Kolarik, Jacquolynn 

Michael J. Demmer, Eugene F. Giebler, Ronald A. Conway, David W. 
Johnson, Donald L. Kennedy, Ronald D. Kennedy, Susan B. Hughes, 
Timothy J. Suellentrop. BOTTOM ROW: Gary J. Plumberg, Stanley F. 
Chrzanowki, Jeffrey D. Reinert, Stephen A. Sherlock, Donald T. 
Conway, John M. McGinnis, Charles L. Jasper, Stephen J. Glotzbach. 

A. Katana, Stephen P. Wurtz, Cathy L. Scholler. THIRD ROW: Andrea 
L. Kuzila, Roy D. Tangemon, James E. Karlin, William R. Strong, Da- 
vid W. Peterson, Marc L. Williams, Richard K. Boucher, Thomas M. 
Mayse, Fred A. Silady. BOTTOM ROW: Michael A. Bock, Paul W. Dla- 
bal, Thomas A. Vopat, Roger Schreiner, Daniel J. Faltermeier, Ar- 
thur L. Schreiner, Walter J. Birch, Christopher J. Paluch. 


Roger Williams Fellowship — TOP ROW: Pamela L. Wallace, Karen S. 
Voss, Sharon K. Teeters, Jeanette L. Wilt, Mary L. Hargis, Lucie R. 
Hensley, Barbara E. Healy, Mary D. Louis, Susan E. Carlson, Mar- 
garet A. Breeden, SECOND ROW: Barbara J. Cudney, Donna R. Mc- 
Daniel, Mary L, Ault, Sheila L. Bairow, Linda K. Orton, Donald G. 
Pfeiffer, Richard D. Maxwell, Wade E. Bilbey, Doris E. Hoerman. 

THIRD ROW: David L. Alloway, James M. Sharp, Peggy I. Johnson, 
Rosellen A. Johnson, R. Bruce Woods, David E. Sloat, Earl D. Weak, 
Eric J. VanBenschoten. BOTTOM ROW: Timothy B. Harris, Charles E. 
McKee, David E. Johnson, Tom Davin, Kenneth W. Bowie, William H. 
Maxwell, Harry W. McDaniel, Roger D. Ericksten . 

Grace Baptist Student Group — TOP ROW: Mary J. Borsdorf , Alberta 
M. Popp, Susan E. Taussig, Carolyn K. Landes, Anita L. Jones, Patsy 
L. Bartholomew, Deidre A. Metz, Margaret J. Gwennap, Danita E. 
Dallman, Nancy J. VonForell. SECOND ROW: Michael A. Mesubi, 
Mary A, Coon, Ruth A. Bartholomew, Carolee A. Lambert, Betty L. 
Hibler, Mary B. Chase, Gail A. Loofbourrow, Charlotte C. Johnson, 

Betty Luke. THIRD ROW: Paul E. DeLong, John A. Haas, LaVonne A. 
Anderson, Edward L. Epp, Stanley D. Hall, Joette S. Lindsten, Kathy 
L. Foltz, Rita J. Hatch, Nancy M. Schweitzer, Stephen D. Cooper. 
BOTTOM ROW: James 0. Awoniyi, Lyonell R. Unruh, Allan J. Kra- 
mer, Stephen K. Windscheffel, Larry B. Massey, Conrad M. Popp, 
Richard N. Haas, Dr. Robert A. Taussig, Mrs. Robert A. Taussig. 

Religious groups provide ski trip, Arabic lessons 

Religious organizations sponsored retreats, 
community programs and discussion groups as 
part of their work to better communications be- 
tween campus churches and the University. 

Participating with the Kansas and Nebraska 
chapters, the local Baptist Student Union at- 
tempted to initiate a 20-member overseas mis- 
sionary program. Other activities undertaken by 
members during the year included organizing and 
presenting noon devotions, evening vespers and 
occasional interdenominational social functions. 

Members of the Grace Baptist Student Fellow- 
ship sponsored religious programs in the chapels 
at Fort Riley throughout the year. A member's 
home or the Grace Baptist Church frequently 
provided the setting for informal sing-outs with 

formal meetings often featuring guest speakers 
who lectured on contemporary trends of thought 
in the areas of psychology and religion. 

In conjunction with the University Christian 
Movement, members of Roger Williams Fellow- 
ship sponsored a ski trip to Colorado during se- 
mester break, hosted a coffeehouse and organized 
retreats in Topeka and Kansas City. 

In addition to offering a tuition-free course in 
the Arabic language, Islamic Association pub- 
lished two issues of Al-Islam and compiled a 
yearbook which included papers on Islam. At two 
dinners, student members celebrated Muslim fes- 
tivals. Guest speakers were invited to attend on 
both occasions as were persons in the University 
not affiliated with the Muslim faith. 


Meeting on Friday afternoon in the All Faiths Chapel, 
Islamic Association members hold sessions of prayer. 

Islamic Association — TOP ROW: Razia B. Asadi, Shafiuddin A. Asa- 
di, Abdul R. Mann, Mohammed Kaiseruddin, Rifat F. Chaudhry, Mir 
Shamsuddm, Farhat Mahmood, Sayed A. Rassoul, Saadat M. Syal. 
SECOND ROW: Sarwath S. Siddiqi, Rabie A. Mostafa, Mohammed N. 
Quraishi, Mohammad Aslam, Mir M. Husain, Addelmoneim I. Musta- 
fa, Syed F. Quadri. BOTTOM ROW: Abdul Lateef Sayeed, Syed Z, 
Ahmed, Aijaz-ul-haq, Mohammad Y. Alizai, Nazira Shehata, Mrs. S. 
Ashour, S. Ashour. 

Baptist Student Union — TOP ROW: Kathy A. Under, Ruth E. Gandy, 
Diane G. Marcuson, Janet G. Seymour, Colleen G. Kincaid. SECOND 
ROW: Phongphan J. Saovaphudhasuvej, Earl D. Lockridge, Carol A. 
Toothaker, Kerry L. Renner. THIRD ROW: Jackie A. McCullough, 
Ronald L. Brinkman, Clifford L Dungey, John E. Bolan. BOTTOM 
ROW: Thomas J. Alloway, Jay E. Alloway, Sheppard L. Gandy, 
Charles W. Newcom, Gerald E. Snapp. 


Lutheran Student League — 

TOP ROW: Marcia C. Miller, Lin- 
da S. Schultz, Karen L. Johnson, 
Peggy L. Sandelin, Sandra S. 
Garanson. SECOND ROW: Rich- 
ard H. Dandliker, Jeanne K. 
Dunn, Lynn A. Heusdens. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Donald J. Fallon, 
Donald D. Snethen. Nina J. 
Roepke, James D. Dietrich. 

Chi Alpha — TOP ROW: Orville J. Hazlett, Constance Musgrove, 
Glenna M. Brooks, Mary A. Hoover, Beverly J. Kaupp, Deloris J. Hel- 
sel, Thomas A. Gerdis. BOTTOM ROW: Gary R. Raccuglia, Donald J. 

Jorgensen, Rodney L. Custer, Richard M. Helsel, Norman E. Hays, 
William J.Gates. 

Christian Fellowship — TOP ROW: Ruthann Buss, Karen R. Ander- 
son, Danita Dallman, Rachel A. Carlson, Patsy Bartholomew, Caro- 
lyn Landes, Marsha R. Carlson, Sherri L. Buchman. SECOND ROW: 
Charles J. Johnson, Steve A. Shilling, Edward J. Sheiton, Margaret A. 
Shelton, John A. Haas, Ruth A. Bartholomew, Mary B. Chase, La- 
Vonne A. Anderson, Marsha K. Frisbie. THIRD ROW: Ronald U. 

Lindquist, Ralph W. Carlson, Aaron E. Carlson, Stanley D. Buss, Fred 
W. Handlm, Richard N. Haas, James R. Wilson, Nancy M. Schweitzer, 
Rita J. Hatch. BOTTOM ROW: Dennis D. McWilliams, Thurman Nix- 
on, Glenn A. Fager, Gaylord L. Rice, Larry B. Massey, David K. Light- 
ner, Robert C. Schwmdt, Barton E. Larson, Dennis J. Johnson . 

Mennonites, Methodists 
conduct service projects 

Religious groups offered the student the form 
of worship to which he was accustomed and a 
community of persons with similar beliefs. 

During the year, Mennonite Fellowship mem- 
bers were volunteer workers in both the 4-H and 
Friendship Tutoring programs. After attending a 
graduate seminar in Michigan, the group returned 
to launch a service program in conjunction with 
the LaFene Student Health Center. 

Open to women of all denominations, Kappa 
Phi, Methodist women's group, sponsored weekly 
visits to the soldiers in Irwin Army Hospital. 
Alums serving in the Legion of Light in Korea 
received money and sweaters from Kappa Phi 
women who also sent delegates to the national 
meeting of the Council of Chapters in Iowa. 

Mennonite Fellowship — TOP ROW: Dorothy A. Nachtigal, Cheryl E. 
Claassen, Marlene F. Regier, Janice L. Peters. SECOND ROW: Myrna 
J. Bartel, Carolyn Peters, Richard K. Bartel. BOTTOM ROW: Stanley 
R. Bartel, Conrad K. Nightingale, Edward L. Epp, Dean A. Pankratz. 

lota of Kappa Phi — TOP ROW: Michelle E. McConaughey, Ellen A. 
Smith, Sarah E. Frick, Diana F. Card, Cindy V. Hart, Beverly S. Fra- 
sier, Elizabeth P. Feldman, Lea A. Dohm. SECOND ROW: Kathleen L. 
Kleiner, Jane E. Morris, Barbara J. Bottorft, Treva K. Fairbanks, 

Christine A. Williams, Laura J. Suggs, Joan C Hobbs. BOTTOM ROW: 
Debi R. Schank, Linda M. Richardson, Nila L. Luttrell, Celia Wilson, 
Nancy J. Perry, Peggy J. Day, Wanda L. Bates, Mrs. Warren F. 

Protestant groups discuss drama, race, ministry 

Christian students were encouraged to become 
members of campus organizations affiliated with 
their individual religious denominations. 

Lutheran Student Association members partici- 
pated in a "live-in" training course sponsored by 
the School for Human Dignity of Chicago. Dra- 
ma, art and social action groups were formed by 
members as was a discussion of "war and peace" 
with Catholic students on campus. Sunday after- 
noons found members participating in interracial 
discussions at the Douglass Center. 

Chi Alpha members, chartered under the As- 

sembly of God Church, launched their year's ac- 
tivities with a retreat at Rock Springs with the 
other Kansas chapters. During the year, personal 
ministry was stressed to the married and single 
Evangelists through the formation of three indi- 
vidual groups featuring the Cornelius Cell, a Bible 
study and a prayer group. 

International students were the guest of Chris- 
tian Fellowship at an International House party in 
Colorado during the Christmas season. Members 
also attended daily prayer meetings in Danforth 
Chapel throughout the year. 


Kansas State Student American Institute of Architects Auxiliary — 

TOP ROW: Betty M. Schultz, Sherry L. Renner, Diane G. Bamman, 
Val Ogburn. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Rex Slack, Mary Remke, Jan Bras- 
well, Jean Erickson, Joyce Robinson, Sara Kaplan, Carol Hunt. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kathy A. Fahr, Rebecca B. Hayes, Shirley A. Thomp- 
son, Linda M. Freeman, Barbara J. Hoist, Marilyn S. Lane, Patricia J. 
Weisenburger, Kathy J. McMilin. 

American Veterinary Medicine Association Auxiliary — TOP ROW: 
Sammye J. Hoss, Sue Z. Jernigan, Constance A. Galle, Syndy L. Ger- 
ard, Cindy Marsh, Nancy Diemer, Betty M. Fuhrman, Julia Richard- 
son, Janice Zander. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Oltjen, Ann L. Mc- 
Kinley, Sarah A. Daniel, Vi M. Randall, Jo Stanton, Charlene J. Mc- 
Cartney, Janice S. David, Carolyn K. Eisenbrandt, Marilyn K. Kim- 

brough, Karen K. Ringel. THIRD ROW: Janet E. Westphal, Mary L. 
Griffith, Aleta F. Atkinson, Carolyn M. Rule, Sylvia A. Winter, Nancy 
K. Robinson, Joyce M. Brockway, Arlene K. Goble, Sally A. Loesch. 
BOTTOM ROW: Pamela M. Smith, Itha M. Bendure, Nona M. Barnes, 
Janis M. Reilly, Merilyn White, Betty Sproul, Sue A. Carmichael, Erna 
Wright, Ronda Sweat. 

American Veterinary Medicine Association Auxiliary — TOP ROW: 
Glenda K. Anspaugh, Elizabeth M. Bruce, Patricia S. Willis, Carolyn 
L. Holste, Carolyn J. Ridgway, Jan Schindler, Patricia Henry, Mary K. 
Magill. SECOND ROW: Juanita K. Smith, Sharon M. Hines, Glenda F. 
Erwin, Jolene Donohue, Joyce Kmoch, Janis Smith, Linda Genetzky. 

THIRD ROW: Marilyn L. Locke, Sharlys M. Viergever, Judy M. Wollen, 
Jackie Splitter, Donna Willard, Beth Cudney, Ruth L. Lewis, Barbara 
Alberts. BOTTOM ROW: Mary E. Lenz, Lois L. Oliver, Connie Ander- 
son, Barbara J. Bekaert, Jerryl Galassini, Linda Semm, Nola Marsh. 


Providing a chance for vet med wives to relax and get 
better acquainted, the American Veterinary Medicine 

Association Auxiliary serves a tea after one of the 
regular winter meeting sessions in the Union. 

AIA, AVMA wives sponsor fund-raising events 

Striving for knowledge of their husbands' fields 
of study, auxiliaries planned special study pro- 
grams and meetings throughout the year. 

In addition to study meetings, the AIA auxilia- 
ry planned money-making projects such as a bake 
sale, a rummage sale, a tupperware party and 
selling chances on a blender. The money was used 
to establish a gift fund for items needed in the 

College of Architecture and Design. 

The AVMA auxiliary, composed of wives of vet 
med students, raffled beef for a spring money pro- 
ject. At one of the monthly meetings, Mrs. John 
Cochran, former Mrs. America, explained her 
duties and election to office while at another meet- 
ing new vet med wives were the guests of regular 
members at an introductory tea. 


Dames Club — TOP ROW: Anne M. Jenkins, Jean C. Randies, Marsha 
L. Roberts, Angela L. Leal, Mary H. Harrington, Linda I. Stallings, 
Karen K. Ferguson, Barbara J. Stites, Joyce D. Brown, Shirley A. 
Seeger. SECOND ROW: Diana L. Cox, Geraldine Neill, Frances K. Por- 
ter, Mary E. McCullough, Sharon A. Reed, Dons C. Ferron, Susan C. 
Huether, Susan P. Smith, Marta E. Mockel. THIRD ROW: Patricia A. 

Dames Club — TOP ROW: Jonell A. Mitchell, Diane F. Judson, Janice 
M. Skock, Debbie D. Munger, Linda S. Luke, Judith K. Trostle, Jamie 
Hunkapiller, Debbie Wrigley, Carol M, Klover. SECOND ROW: Linda 
L. Klingenberg, Sandi L. Wiemers, Martha A. Funk, Gayle S. Thomp- 
son, Linda K. McCollough, Kay M. Wasserman, Vickie L. Kay, Sherlyn 

Wycoff, Jan S. Holland, Gwen A. Hafling, Marilynn J. Green, Carolyn 
S. Swoyer, Jean E. Morgan, R. Eileen King, Jodi A. Crosby, Norma J. 
Weberg, Betty A. Morgan. BOTTOM ROW: Penny D. Moore, Donna M. 
Murphy, Brenda S. Shearl, Jill E. Christenson, Linda L. Reitzel, Coni 
E. Bratton, M. Anne Wood, Sandra L. Denney, Kim B. Westfahl. 

L. Latas. THIRD ROW: Claudia L. Mantho, Jean Schanefelt, Jane 
Bergkamp, Alice E. Krchma, Janet Shivers, Linda Hudson, Mary Jo 
Hill, Susan Everett, Michelle Willyard. BOTTOM ROW: Janice E. 
Clough, Judy K. Chadwell, Ruby K. Brower, Judy M. Wollen, Linda R. 
Bailey, Jaynelle Kerbs, Jan Green, Kathy Fahr. 

Auxiliaries hostess teas, banquets, social events 

Chi Delphia, auxiliary to Delta Chi fraternity, 
conducted a pillow steal to raise funds, then used 
the money to purchase a gift for the house. The 
coeds acted as hostesses for Delta Chi functions 
and also made party favors. After their initiation, 
Delta Chi pledges received paddles from their Chi 
Delphia pledge mothers. 

Members of Engin-dears hostessed at Engineer- 
ing Open House, junior college day and at all engi- 
neering banquets. To promote the college, the 
coeds made a television commercial and a film to 
be shown at junior colleges and high schools 
throughout the state. Calendar girls appearing in 
the Engineer Magazine were members of the 
group as were the finalists chosen in the St. Patri- 
cia content for Engineering Open House. 

Agricultural Education Wives Club members 
served as hostesses at a June tea for vocational 
agriculture teachers' wives. Social functions of the 
group included a Valentine party, potluck dinner 
and a spring picnic. The women also were respon- 
sible for providing the decorations for their May 
banquet with the Agricultural Education Club. 

Self-defense techniques for women were dem- 
onstrated at a fall meeting of the Dames Club. 
Canvassing for the March of Dimes and packing 
cartons of magazines and treats for the servicemen 
in Vietnam were service projects undertaken by 
the club. Money raised from selling childrens 1 toys 
at Christmas went towards financing club social 
events which included a pizza party at semester 
break, a barbeque and a spring formal. 


Chi Delphia — TOP ROW: 
Kathryn S. Michaels, Philip L. 
Sell. Joan L. Booth. SECOND 
ROW: Linda K. Shehi, Martha 
W. Thomas, Linda F. Schnei- 
der, Susan G. Woodard. 
BOTTOM ROW: Barbara L. 
Haney, Susan C. Sill, Rhonda 
L. Fry. 

Engin-Dears — TOP ROW: Rita M. Rieschick, Tana L. Wells, Linda K. 
Shehi, Sharon E. Tuck, Kathleen Kehr, Rosemary Meade. SECOND 
ROW: Jule E. Kopp, Barbara D. Mistier, Shan I. Krey, Patricia A. Por- 

ter, Jeanne A. Rounds, Cynthia L. Spivey. BOTTOM ROW: Rebecca A. 
Campbell, Nancy A. Hodgson, Sharon S. Hachenberger, Judy L. 
Macy, Michaela A. Johnston, Margie L. Henry. 

Agriculture Education Wives — TOP ROW: Jane E. Glace, Barbara J. 
Stites, Mrs. James J. Albracht, Mrs. Raymond J. Agan, Kathleen M. 
Miner, Dana L. Osborn. SECOND ROW: Donna M. Erpelding, Sally 0. 

Ammeter, Irva K. Streit, Donna M. 
ROW: Bernice E. Morgan. Kathryn M 
Janice K. Epley. 

Powell, Lois E. Cole. BOTTOM 
Baugher. Lavella F. Delaplane. 

Service clubs establish leadership, responsibility 

While aiding the campus and community, 
members of service groups gained experience in 
establishing leadership and responsibility. 

In an effort to aid in the cultural development of 
young Negro girls, Community Sisters organized 
a trip to Kansas City's Swope Park Zoo, pajama 
parties and various holiday gatherings. Black cul- 
ture in America was discussed and a talent show 
featured as part of Negro History Week. 

Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity, 
assisted the University by sponsoring the student 

book exchange, providing coat checks and ushers 
for concerts and conventions and maintaining out- 
door bulletin boards. Community service included 
a party for underprivileged children and working 
in the multiple sclerosis drive. 

The University again received coverage from 
the Red Cross after Circle K members completed 
their sixth successful sponsorship of the Blood- 
mobile drive. In association with the Manhattan 
Kiwanis Club, the men served at the pancake feed 
and judged in the children's pet and hobby show. 

Helping out at a Christmas party for the Community 
Sisters, a student distributes presents to "little 

sisters" from Manhattan. The party was one of sev- 
eral social activities planned by the Negro coeds. 



**t'7wK»> ***** 
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i I $ i 1 m ™, 1 ft 

*£.*,*»>»»»*"•*> H>>, Wi 


TW » * » »'»w>^ jjfeff | It's 


Alpha Phi Omega — TOP ROW: David L. Casper, Gergory W. Hardin, 
Cecil Brazzell, Darrell D. Spoon, Owen M. Mamura, Leroy I. Young, 
Thomas F. Cox, John R. Steenbarger. SECOND ROW: William L. Gay- 
lord, Robert L. Humphrey, Robert L. Reynolds, Larry S. Mims, 

Thomas J. Alloway, Thomas E. Bettles, Bruce E. Peters. BOTTOM 
ROW: John L. Allen, Richard W. Wenger, Richard A. Gilson, Gordon 
E. Montney, Earl D. Tjaden, Edwin J. Frick. 

Circle K — TOP ROW: William J. Monson, John G. Sauer, Thomas A. 
Williams, James L. Moore, Francis W. Moore, David W. Wilson, G. 
Orval Ebberts. SECOND ROW: James E. Good, Gary J. Hanna, Gary C. 
Drost, Jeffrey M. Eaton, John K. Poole, Kenneth J. Chauvin, Adrian 

P. Humphries. BOTTOM ROW: Terryl K. Schmitt, Martin E. Neff, Bill 
M. Moore, Phillip W. Brown, Phillip B. Perkins, Roger L. Runnalls, 
Richard D.Charlton. 


Community Sisters — TOP ROW: Janice A. Burton, Rosalyn K. Kidd, 
Martha C. Mitchell, Debera C. Weaver, Barbara J. Carter, JoAnn 
Betts, Crecia E. Johnson. SECOND ROW: Terri L. Henderson, Linda J. 
Jolly, Sharion K. Murphy, Linda G. Stuart, Martenia C. Miller, Kath- 
leen H. Evans. THIRD ROW: Sheran K. Jackson, Cynthia E. White, 

Donna L. Miller, Gloria A. Alston, Sylvia L. White, Jeannie A. Morgan, 
Karen S. Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Julia A. Boddie, Marilynn E. Bailey, 
Phyllis R. Honeycutt, Cecilia A. Douthy, Jean C. Toliver, Rosemary 
A. Moon. 


During a tour of Ft. Riley on International Day, a cle to a Chinese Student Association member, Steve 
soldier explains the uses of a M-551 tracked vehi- Cheng, and other groups of international students. 

Chinese Student Association — TOP ROW: Charissa J. Kao, Susan J. S. Huang, Chuen C. Lin. BOTTOM ROW: Stephen M. Cheng, Khanh- 

Lou, Albert C. Yen, Hung-Cheung Leung, Wilson T. Hu, Chuan Kao. Dan Ha, Ko Chun Wang, Billy J. Chou. 

SECOND ROW: Shih C. Wu, Alan T. Wang, Steve K. S. Cheng, Samuel 


Ethnic groups devote projects to understanding 

Providing resource material for the "Black 
Africa Today" seminar offered by the University 
for Man was the responsibility of members of the 
African Students' Association. The students ob- 
served the Organization of African Unity Day 
and offered showings of African movies during 
the year. Organization members represented 
the countries of Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ken- 
ya, Rhodesia and the United States. 

Americans who had visited any Arab states 
presented a series of speeches at coffee hours host- 
ed by members of the Organization of Arab Stu- 

dents. In the spring, members staged their annual 
banquet which featured a guest speaker who dis- 
cussed various aspects of Israeli culture. Associate 
membership was open to all American and inter- 
national students and faculty. 

In its seventh year at the University, the 
Chinese Student Association presented a Chinese 
movie during the spring semester. A Chinese New 
Year's party, picnics and a Christmas dinner par- 
ty were among social events sponsored by the 
group. Club membership was comprised of 150 
students and their immediate families. 

Organization of Arab Students — TOP 

ROW: Mrs. Nabil Y. Bokhari, Nabil Y. Bok- 
hari, Muhammad S. Alkahtani, Mrs. Mu- 
hammad S. Alkahtani. SECOND ROW: 
Ghassan H. Al-Khateeb, Mrs. Fahima A. Al- 
Khateeb, Isaak A. Digs. BOTTOM ROW: 
Rabie A. Mostafa, Husain S. Ahmed, Leo F. 
Engler, Nizar A. Al-arabi. 

African Students Association — TOP 

ROW: Benson W. Machana, llesanmi D. 
Erinle, Lawrence D. Semakula, Amos 
Adepoju, James 0. Ah. SECOND ROW: 
James 0. Awoniyi, Zewudu Oumer, Wil- 
liam C. Mayaki, Michael A. Mesubi. 
BOTTOM ROW: Daniel I. Saror, Johnson 
0. Arokoyo, Dorcas A. Opawale, Johnson 
A. Opawale, Midekssa Guttu. 


India Association — TOP ROW: Navin P. Mathur, P. N. Kamalapur, 
Niranjan K. Sinha, Parshuram G. Date, Appasaheb T. Patil, Nand S. 
Rai, Ashok K. Arora, Pratap D. Dand, Suresh S. Mahajan, Mohan A. 
Bhandiwad, K. S. Upadhyay. SECOND ROW: N. N. J. Reddy, P. Vara- 
darajulu, Chandra K. Patel, Prakash C. Kotak, Ashvin P. Yajnik, Vi- 
jay H. Mehta, Ravindra Kumar, S. R. Hiremath, Saran S. Verma, 

Rukmakar U. Rau, Srinivasan Prakash. THIRD ROW: Babaji C. Nay- 
ak, P. N. Rao, G. R. Reddi, B. B. L. Srivastava, Sardar Y. Singh, Valla- 
bhdas T. Sapra, D. D. K. Aurora, J. S. Shastry, B. Sarkar, T. Janakira- 
man. BOTTOM ROW: Jagdish K. Rajpara, Vulchi Satyanarayana, 
Syed Z. Ahmed, Prasad Pathare, Meda K. Dattaraj, Kalambur G. 
Sankaran, Sudesh K. Chawla, Syed Waziruddin, J. Hari Krishna. 

India Association — TOP ROW: Bhuwan C. Pande, Hari N. Khanna, 
Dhananjaya Rao, Sudesh G. Kumar, Kusum Patel, Govind C. Shar- 
ma, Prabha Sharma. SECOND ROW: Piyush S. Shah, Roopa P. Shah, 

Shantha D. Rus, K. C. Devaraj Urs, Avinash C. Sachdeva, Usha Sach- 
deva. BOTTOM ROW: B. G. Reddy, B. K. Reddy, Norman C. Pereira, 
Shrikant M. Sathaye, Anantha Ranga Char, Satish K. Sharma. 

Filipino Club — TOP ROW: Leopoldo V. Abis, 
Pat B. Hooper, Marietta M. Ison, Avelina Q. 
Paulsen. SECOND ROW: Rosendo K. Palis, Er- 
linda Tabasuares, Norberto T. Ison, Gary M. 
Paulsen. BOTTOM ROW: Keith W. Hooper, 
Dominador C. Adriano, Louis H. Douglas, 
Jefren L. Demeterio. 


India cultural evening 
features Gandhi tribute 

As tribute to the centenary of Mahatma Gan- 
dhi, members of the India Association sponsored 
films, speakers and photo exhibitions during sec- 
ond semester depicting various aspects of Gan- 
dhi's life. India cultural evening was highlighted 
by Indian dances, music and refreshments. Films 
and documentaries which concentrated on con- 
temporary India also were shown. 

American and international students and facul- 
ty in the Cosmopolitan Club published the "Cos- 
mopolitan International News Letter" and staged 
the annual Feast of Nations during International 
Week to encourage better understanding between 
American and foreign students. Persons formerly 
involved with particular issues or problems of an 
international scope were invited to speak at 
several meetings throughout the year. 

Members of the Filipino Student Association 
entertained the Filipino undersecretary of labor 
at a party. In its fourth year on campus, the or- 
ganization participated in United Nations' Day 
and hosted a party at Christmas. 

Vibrant decorations add to the festival atmosphere 
during an India Association celebration of Divali. 

Cosmopolitan Club — TOP ROW: Elyse B. Levene, Kathy J. Meyer, 
Colleen H. Koudele, Patricia A. Stevens, Sherryl A. Hawley, Linda D. 
Gentry, Katherine A. Demaree, Leona Dobson. SECOND ROW: 
Thomas A. Taylor, James 0. Awoniyi, Edson M. Nyamapfene, Shah- 
rukh M. Chaghtai, Rifat F. Chaudhry, Michael A. Mesubi, Sheikh 
Farhat Mahmud, Duane Deyoe. THIRD ROW: Prasad Pathare, Ghu- 

lam R. Chaudhry, Doyle Jeon, Doris E. Hoerman, Michael B. Aja- 
kaiye, Jennareddy Krishna, Carol A. Hoover, Sudesh K. Chawla, 
John P. Biggs. BOTTOM ROW: Warren Rempel, Shrikant M. Sathaye, 
Rowan W. Conrad, Zdenka Fidlerova, Kanellakis Vassili, Arne H. 
Richards, Syed Z. Ahmed, Santosh D. Vaswani, James E. 


People-To-People — TOP ROW: Sherryl A. Hawley, Luann K. Wetz, 
Carolyn M. Wolfe, Kathleen A. Raple, Linda D. Gentry, Maureen 
Shafer, Beverly J. Thomas, Cheryl Breidenstein, Geraldine J. Brown. 
SECOND ROW: Sandra L. Glunt, Susan Harris, Alexander Cornelia, 
Young C. Lee, Lester J. Van Huss, Shahrukh M. Chaghtai, Steve 
Greenhaw, Michael B. Ajakaiye, Len Harzman. THIRD ROW: Colleen 

H. Koudele, Sr. Mary F. Kobets, Philippa J. Heintzelman, Iris J. Lane, 
Susan A. Gross, Carol A. Hoover, Allan Brettell, Stephanie A. Baer. 
BOTTOM ROW: Meda K. Dattaraj, Sathaye M. Shrikant, Syed Z. 
Ahmed, Larry A. Winkler, Rafael F. Esteva, Angelo A. Bier, Chun-sup 

People To People — TOP ROW: Stephanie A. Baer, Linda D. Gentry, 
Maureen L. Shafer, Mariko Hayashi, Carol A. Hoover. SECOND ROW: 
Ahmed A. El-dash, Philippa J. Heintzelman, Geraldine J. Brown, 

Tzong-nan Lin. BOTTOM ROW: Steven L. Greenhaw, Prasad P. Pa- 
thare, Alex Nichepor. 

Pakistan Association — TOP 

ROW: Sheikh F. Mahmud, Bar- 
bara Boyer, Rifat F. Chaudhry, 
Sahanara S. Mia. SECOND ROW: 
Edna A. Kahn, Abdus S. Mia, Wil- 
liam W. Boyer. THIRD ROW: 
Ghulam R. Chaudhry, Aijaz-UI- 
Haq, Abdul R. Mann, Moham- 
mad Yaqub. 


Iranian Association — TOP 

ROW: Mohamad R. Tavakoli, 
Farshad Saremi, Iraj Rojh- 
ani. SECOND ROW: Samad 
Shiehzadeh, Bijan Afra, 
Mohammad A. Razi, Man- 
sour Mojibian. BOTTOM 
ROW: Albert Perry, Mano 
Dibai-Esfahani, Cyrus Eihan. 

Foreign students' clubs 
promote cultural interests 

Students from overseas were welcomed into 
groups reflecting their cultural interests. 

Faculty invited to speak at monthly meetings of 
the Iranian Association discussed campus, nation- 
al and international topics of concern. Members 
participated in United Nations Week and Interna- 
tional Week by presenting displays of native pic- 
tures, magazines and various handcrafted art. 

Pakistani students demonstrated native dances 
and displayed artworks during International 
Week in the spring. Pakistan Association mem- 
bers aided in orienting newly arrived Pakistani 
students to the University community and gath- 
ered to commemmorate Eid and Ramazaan. 

Meetings of People-to-People featured Kaffee 
Klatches, pot luck dinners and discussions. Work- 
ing to unite foreign students groups on campus, 
the organization offered refreshments to interna- 
tional students during Orientation and Interna- 
tional Week activities. During Peace Corps Week, 
San Francisco workers presented a panel focusing 
on the effectiveness of Peace Corps programs. 

Members of People-to-People periodically meet in the 
Wesley Foundation to hear international speakers. 


Gibson Girls — TOP ROW: Carol K. Coburn, Gretchen M. Ripple, 
Kathleen Dunbar, Charlotte A. Burghart, Sharon K. Kauffman, Su- 
san K. Hicks, Linda S. Sigars, Sharon E. Tuck. SECOND ROW: Vicky 
L. Tatro, Dianne L. Downey, Nan C. Smith, Linda J. Floyd, Barbara L. 

Boxberger, Kathryn N. Gillespie, Lora L. Brewer. BOTTOM ROW: 
Marsha Manley, Shauna Carpenter, E. Diane Pomeroy, Katherine D. 
Bethel, Linda L. Barnes, Charlotte S. Stilley. 

For the holiday season, Gibson Girls and Grid Git- 
ters decorate the Athletic Dorm's Christmas tree. 


Grid-Gitters — TOP ROW: Janet D. Sprang, Gayle C. Kramer, Cosa L. 
Linscott, Jacquelyn J. Thomas, Lesley E. Case, Karen K. Charbon- 
neau, Martha D. Palmer, Marsha J, Martin. SECOND ROW: Lynne H. 
White, Mary M. Crenshaw, Emily A. Pendleton, Daniel L, Enterline, 

Miles Kotay, Michael L. Willard, Leon R. Hartman. THIRD ROW: Roy 
L. Smith, James M. Cain, David R. Nash, James McKinley, Dexter A. 
Vergin, Kent D. Haury. BOTTOM ROW: Arthur L. Schremer, Aefre F. 
Rohr, Larry B. Massey, Michael C. Robinson, Christopher Jarvis. 

Grid Gitters, Gibson Girls host athletic recruits 

Grid Gitters and Gibson Girls cooperated with 
the athletic department to recruit top notch ath- 
letes for the University's athletic programs. 

Started as a program to host football recruits, 
Grid Gitters expanded their activities to include 
all prospective athletes. Gitter representatives 
appeared on television in Topeka and Wichita to 
explain club functions and also sold kazoo noise- 

makers before both football and basketball games 
with the University of Kansas. 

As a subsidiary of Grid Gitters, Gibson Girls 
acted as escorts for the more than 200 athletic re- 
cruits who visited the University during the year. 
Corresponding with the recruits before and after 
their campus visits was another responsibility of 
the 59 coeds chosen by Grid Gitter members. 

Gibson Girls — TOP ROW: Barbra A. Pipes, Barbara K. Strieker, 
Gwen K. Barnes, Barbara G. Gatzoulis, Marilyn K. Williams, Trudy G. 
Ritter, Karen K. Charbonneau, Sandra A. Fisher, Linda J. Crabtree. 
SECOND ROW: Suzanne Rosener, Sharion K. Murphy, Joyce I. Jock- 

man, Donna L. Miller, Paula J. Tisdale, Charlotte J. Goff, Frances A. 
Foncannon, Rebecca E. Dufty, Melanie J. Hepperly. BOTTOM ROW: 
Jana L. Cole, Marsha D. Krehbiel, Cheryl A. Maneth, Dee A. Towns, 
Angela S. Otto, Julie L. Taylor, Nancy K. Jamison, Diane R. Lankas. 


Providing the nucleus of the K-Block flash card 
section, Statesmen and Statesmates plan special 

activities to increase spirit within the student 
body both before and during major athletic events. 

Pep clubs build spirit, enthusiasm for sport events 

Athletic events received backing of members of 
Statesmates and Statesmen. To promote spirit, 
the groups worked together on K-Block and Pep 
Coordinating Council. The sale of novelties and 
the staging of pre-game rallies and bonfires en- 
couraged students to support the efforts of the 
Wildcat squad in home football games. 

In a drive to improve library references, States- 

mates, womens" pep club, sponsored a faculty- 
football player auction. The coeds also decorated 
hoops used at the basketball games. 

Statesmen purchased a public address system 
for home football games and pep rallies. In its 
fifth year, the group organized the K-Block sec- 
tion which was responsible for relaying messages 
through arrangement of flash cards. 

Statesmen's Club — TOP ROW: Gene L. Mills, John W. Hofmann, 
Leroy D. Chadwick, Michael C. Babbit, Loren C. Swenson, Robert D. 
Katz, Larry M. Lenhert. SECOND ROW: Edward L. Swenson, H. Hugh 
Irvm, Lynn R. Thomas, Gary L. Horacek, Ronald L. Pepperman, Mar- 

vin K. Anderegg, Robert E. Spielman. BOTTOM ROW: Victor A. Borra, 
Steven G. Fellers, Kenneth L. Thomas, Mark E. Gerhardt, Richard L. 
Townley, Earl D. Tjaden . 

Pep Club — TOP ROW: Sheryl K. McKinney, Kathryn E. LeBreton, 
Barbara L. Bonneau, Nancy J. Korber, Carol S. Habiger, Janet e! 
McCrary, Dona L. Odrowski, Roxane McKinley, Helen D. Roll, Linda 
A. Hoffman. SECOND ROW: Catherine A. Lawson, Donna M.' Elder, 
Janice S. Seglem, Carol E. Halderson, Deborah L. Shrouf, Elizabeth 
M. Booth, Lynda M. Colby, Betty J. Anderson, Barbara L. Heckmann. 

Pep Club - TOP ROW: Ellen A. Smith, Joyce K. Ingalsbe, Sharron L 
Beckenhauer, Lela M. Hooper, Charlen A. Wycoff, Suzanne M Lud- 
wig, Joyce B. Morrow, Marsha M. Smith, Kathy C. Marion Susan J 
Fagan. SECOND ROW: Mary A. Delzeit. Kathie I. Spannuth Michelle 
Taylor, Cheryl R. Gehrt, MarLynne K. Miller, Teresa B. Brown Carol 
L. Vaughan, Linda J. Pack, Lynn A. Jackson. THIRD ROW' Jean M 

THIRD ROW: Joyce I. Metzger, Janice M. Sylvester, Linda J. Crabtree. 
Deriece M. McKeeman. Ola Marie Murphree, Cathleen D. Chandler 
Julie L. Taylor, Patricia W. Miller, Melissa A. Berg, Jane M Munger 
BOTTOM ROW: Carole S. Reed, Michaela A. Johnston, Judith L. 
Gampper, Suzette Masquelier, Carolyn M. Turk, Laree A. Mugler 
Merlene M. Berger, Kathryn L. Burgess, Ann L. Keister. 

Rogers, Sharon K. Rice, Maren K. Longren, Carolyn M. Wolfe, Joyce 
I. Jockman, Katherine A. McCool, Janice L. Selby, Carolyn J. Kiker, 
Ginger D. Dixon, Teresa G. Pearce. BOTTOM ROW: Elaine M. Mar- 
tens, Candace M. Mohler, Sandra A. Wilson, Nola M. Ahlquist, Nan- 
cie L. Bauer, Susan E. Bolin, Linda M. Hatch, Lillian M. Groothuis, 
Patricia J. Taddiken. 

Pep Club — TOP ROW: Nedra L. Chalfant, Catherine L. Kletchka, 
Brenda G. Sawyer, Linda R. Sawyer, Charlotte Burghart, Bette J. 
Griswold, Deborah A. Takach, Linda K. Zerbe, Ann M. Sanner, Eliza- 
beth A. Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Gail E. Owen, Jolene M. Peterson, 
Pamela J. Lewis, Rosalia H. Wolken, Kathleen Dunbar, Joan M. 
Ward, Debi R. Schank, Joan M. White, Gretchen L. Haas. THIRD 

Pep Club - TOP ROW: Janme M. Ellis, Rebecca S. Anderson Mary A 
Harmon, Judith L. Bigbee, Vicki J. Lane, Dianne L. Straub, Kathleen 
M. Hill, Kimberly A. Herres, Becky J. Mayhew, Mary S. Miller, Peggy 
L. Kuhn, Barbara J. Carter. SECOND ROW: Martha S. Isch, Linda A 
Morey, Janice I. Snider, Rebecca K. Phillips, Marlene K. Johnson, 
Marcia K. Simmons, Cynthia J. Holman, Sandra A. Fisher, Mary c'. 
Hochuh, Mary Parrish, Janie B. Perrin, Mary S. Justus. THIRD ROW: 

ROW: Mary L. Fromme, Barbara G. Gatzoulis, Ellen L. Fulton, Pame- 
line S. Shipley, Angela A. Wenger, Karen J. Acker, Carolyn K. Con- 
grove, Katherine Easterday, Linda S. Bain, Marita Link. BOTTOM 
ROW: Jennifer C. Shea, Marjone A. Honig, Janet F. Miller Kathleen 
L. Wmteroth, Marsha A. Rode, Rebecca S. Gray. Diane M. Sandblade 
Susan R. Lamb, Diane L. Young. 

Charlene M. Johnson, Margaret A. Lignitz, Pamela S. Landnth Joan 
L. McCrillis. Barbara J. Welter. Dorothy J. Young, Marian E John- 
son, Linda J. Sands, Amy A. Laughlm, Julia J. Yates, Colleen H Kou- 
dele, Deborah L. Beesley. BOTTOM ROW: Patricia F. Montgomery 
Katherine A. Coleman, Norma L. Burke, Dorothy L. Moherman Di- 
ane R. Fansher, Colleen M. Kelly, Marsha K. Yeager, Linda K. Lee 
Susan E. Varney, Linda M. Beebe, Linda L. Nicks. 









K-State Sports Car Club — TOP ROW: Donnis A. Johnson, Kathryn J. 
Lowry, Louise M. Crawford, Tennyson I. Collins, Alan L. Horowitz. 
SECOND ROW: Edward M. Snyder, Melvin D. Dale, Jerry S. Murphy, 

Michael S. Brannan, Michael J. Paris, Warren F. Rosebraugh. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Phillip S. Houston, Arthur N. Robins, Charles S. Hann, 
Peter M. Snider, Russell M. Randall, Case A. Bonebrake. 

Clubs feature training in judo, parachuting, racing 

Judo Club, Sport Parachute Club and Sports 
Car Club, offered a variety of activities and train- 
ing for faculty and student sports enthusiasts. 

Judo Club, under the instruction of Issac Wak- 
abayashi, competed in regional meets, including 
Big Eight competition. For the first time, a mem- 
ber of the club attended national competition in 
Sacremento, Calif., and participated in three 
rounds. Coed members concentrated on kata, the 
demonstration of judo techniques. 

Sport Parachute Club planned weekend jump 
meets at a local airport. The group competed in 

meets with University of Kansas, Wichita and Ft. 
Riley clubs and sent members to national compe- 
tition in Florida in the spring. Before trying free 
fall jumps and maneuvers, members finished 12 
hours of required ground training. 

Sports Car Club awarded trophies for winners 
of biweekly time-speed-distance rallys and com- 
peted in an intercollegiate rally and gymkhana 
with University of Kansas. Members provided a 
weather information booth in the Union for vaca- 
tion travelers, sponsored a scholarship, auto show 
and a picnic rally in the spring. 

Sport Parachute Club — TOP ROW: Charles D. Dill, Roger C. Kidd, 
David G. Snyder, Carl W. Woelfer, John D. Cooper, Joe N. Hodgson, 
Jeffrey A. Schlepp. BOTTOM ROW: Dan S. Grinstead, Douglas J. 

Coffman, Richard W. Porter, Steven R. Coffman, David L. Foehrin- 
ger, Richard P. Latta. 


K-State Flying Club — TOP ROW: Wanda L. Hudson, Sharon S. Mc- 
Donald, Gary L. Lewis, Robert A. Wilcox, Russell C. Eberhart, John J. 
Devore, Gary L. Vacm. SECOND ROW: Frank J. Humphrey, Sumner 
Hudson, Larry C. Sampson, Thomas T. Vernon, David 0. Smith, 

James S. Taylor. BOTTOM ROW: Ralph E. Sievers, Victor V. Vermil- 
lion, Stephen J. Aberle, William R. Gross, Edwin R. Petrowsky, Ron- 
nie L. Carlson, Orlando L. Penner. 

Ham radio, flying clubs 
offer enjoyment, training 

Flying Club and Amateur Radio Club com- 
bined pleasure with practical training. 

Flying Club, which owned three planes, entered 
intercollegiate and national competitions. Mem- 
bers logged 1200 hours of flying time, including 
trips to Texas and California, watched films re- 
viewing techniques and considered designs for a 
proposed club plane insignia. 

Amateur Radio Club concentrated on adding 
modern equipment to facilities on campus. At 
Engineers' Open House, members showed tech- 
niques and, as a money-raising project, sold sur- 
plus gear. The club also planned contests in which 
members contacted foreign stations. 

K-State Amatuer Radio Club — TOP ROW: Willis L. Boughton, Judy 
Jakowatz, James A. Trennepohl, Vincent W. Weber, Robert G. Kirk. 
SECOND ROW: Norns D. Going, Don G. Richter, Robert D. Brining, 
Randall D. Miller. BOTTOM ROW: George E. Pinick, David L. Soldan, 
John E. Reichle, Arris A. Sigle, Dean J. Lewis. 

K-State Judo Club — TOP ROW: Mike Meloan, Nancy J. Waketield, 
Janice C. Mestrovich, Joyce A. Thomas, Pamela Richardson, Ardys 
L. Littlef leld. Lee W. Zopfi, John W. Leighty, Francis W. Moore, Stom 
Ohno. SECOND ROW: Bradie F. Jones, Michael F. Gard, Richard A. 
Snyder, Donna Fleischacker, Keith R. Paxton, Jerry E. Irwin, Ken- 
neth L. Thomas, Warren C. Bowker, William D. Pulliam, Richard L. 
Smith, Michael S. Glynn. THIRD ROW: Phillip C. Meyer, Angel L. Ac- 

evedo, Douglas Veith, Roger Peterson, Thomas M. Shields. William 
C. Smith, Robert J. Hand, Douglas Sutton, Jack R. Crumrme, Oren 
A. Gleason. BOTTOM ROW: Butch D. Fogler, Gerald L. Jenkins. Clif- 
ton E. Meloan, Jettie F. Condray, Clifford T. Kumamoto, Isaac Waka- 
bayashi, Mitsugi Ohno, Rafael F. Rodriguez, Randy M. McDonald, 
Charles H. Watson. 

College Republicans — TOP ROW: Karen M. McDaniel, Kathleen A. 
Kapelle, Rebecca M. Thomas, Cheryl S. Knetter, Linda J. House, 
Janet L. Martin, JoAnn M. Pitsch, Lea A. Dohm, Sandra L. Hamill, 
Joyce I. Jockman. SECOND ROW: Carolyn M. Wolfe, Mary L. Musil, 
Linda S. Bain, Jolene J. Parker, Jane E. Groeltz, Jacqueline A. 
Graves, Lois M. Voigt, Jane G. Gockel, Janet L. Wolfe. THIRD ROW: 

Jane L. Parr, Daniel L. Enterline, William J. Schimpf, Patricia A. 
Forsberg, Wendy L. Johnson, Martha A. Peterson, Laura E. Oswald, 
Jeanette K. Kinderknecht, Julie L. Taylor, Cathleen D. Chandler. 
BOTTOM ROW: Patricia A. Theno, Cynthia K. Kueker, Earl R. Allen, 
Maurice J. Behnke, Jay S. Fisher, Don L. Romberger, William B. Bar- 
ker, David A. Hanson, Michael C. Robinson. 

Ippr ^Ulll^ WKKBKHm 

& ■ 1 C* C* BIT ftkf A T" f% W3f 

■■L^r ^/ • CP • «3P «-«. »^i ^m ■ ^-^ "^ 

******** * * *T * 

College Republican volunteers distribute campaign 
literature for candidates at a booth in the Union. 


College Republicans — TOP ROW: Janice L. Johnson, Sherry L. 
Shearer, Blenda G. Pyke, Deborah Taylor, Elizabeth A. Jenkins, Mel- 
ody V. Aldrich, Linda K. Morrill, Nancy J. Roland, Sally Coberly, M. 
Diane Allison. SECOND ROW: Sonya K. Saunders, Danny C. Kingry, 
Patricia K. Larson, Edith E. Beatly, William M. Henry, Michael J, Ja- 
cobs, Michael P. Washburn, David M, Lindner, John E. Lyons, Steve 

J. Price. THIRD ROW: Roger L. Douthett. John E. Denning, John K. 
Poole, Karen C. McDonald, Marilyn S. Kelsey, George T. Spurlock, 
Duane L. Deutsch, Michael R. Murray. John Fabian. BOTTOM ROW: 
Rex E. Danford, Richard Froetschner, James E. Taylor, Jerry L. 
Townsend, James D. Froetschner, Alan D. Koch, Charles W. Sheedy, 
John P. Shreves, Patrick W. Bihlmaier, James W. Stanley. 

CR's aid in campaigns, 
support GOP candidates 

Election year stepped up activity for the ap- 
proximately 800 College Republicans. In addition 
to campaigning for national, state and local GOP 
candidates, members attended the Kansas College 
Republican Issues Convention in December, host- 
ed the Kansas College Federation state convention 
in March and organized and sponsored the annual 
Miss College Republican contest. 

College Republicans — TOP ROW: Diana S. Gump, Diane Gaede, 
Judith L. Lloyd, Kimberly A. Herres, Barbara A. Brazier, Charlen A. 
Wycoff. Marcia P. Bartell, Janice M. Sylvester, Michele R. Means. Jill 
Voran, Irene B. Kossyk. SECOND ROW: Linda S. Suttles, Debi R 
Schank, Linda D. Jackson, Jennifer A. Fankhauser. Randall M. Whit- 
tier, Marilee Horner, Diane E. Dickson, Kathleen A. Wenger. Pamela 
A. Sodergren. Fred W. Handlin. THIRD ROW: Jan U. Brecheisen. Lin- 
da L. Nicks, Betty J. Ryan, Linda K. Pelkey, C. Miles Mattley, Lau- 
rance D. Gregg, Peggy S. Petrich, Ronald L. Pepperman, David L. 
Miller, Lloyd R. Elliott, Richard D. Peterson. BOTTOM ROW: Ronald 
E. Myers, Perry A. Seaton, John A. Nicholas, Lawrence M. Boatman, 
R. Steven Garten, Sammy K. Carpenter, James L. Stone, William J. 
Edwards, Richard M. Groff, Thomas K. Witt. 


K-State Forensic Union — 

TOP ROW: Susan C. Slink- 
man, Mary P. Chapin, Con- 
stance Wray, Chloe E. Rex- 
road, Clay R. White. SECOND 
ROW: William J. Gaughan, 
Robert D. Sager, Ray E. R. 
Patterson, Rosemary A. 
Moon, Nancy J. Schmidt. 
BOTTOM ROW: Kirk D. Reid, 
William E. Baker, Gregory L. 
Hetzler, Robert Michael 
Smith, Roger D. Brannan. 

Collegiate Young Democrats — TOP ROW: Mary A. Hoover, Kathryn 
N. Gillespie, Ann M. Sanner, Jan M. Dreiling, Cynthia George, Janice 
S. Seglem, Joyce I. Metzger, Cheryl K. Breidenstein, Debra L. Howat, 
Rozanna L. Kaaz, Mary J. Mills. SECOND ROW: Roberta A. Pray, 
Jeanne M. Hoover, Mary L. Zoeller, Linda L. Rice, Mary K. Schmitz, 
Emily A. Pendleton, Roy D. Tangeman, Russell C. Eberhart, Law- 
rence L. Houchin, Oren L. Underwood. THIRD ROW: Louis H. Doug- 

las, John M. Collins, Lawrence L. Chamblin, Richard E. Shank, Jim- 
my L. Tuma, Iris J. Lane, Jimmy L. Garrett, Michael L. Weidler, 
James F. Jagger, Edward B. Detrixhe, Larry L. Neaderhiser. BOTTOM 
ROW: Greg F. Brenneman, Stephen E. Oliver, William N. Washington, 
Michael D. Kern, Darrel L. Johnson, Edward W. Kern, Kevin J. Lar- 
son, Ronald D. Parks, Larry D. Gilbert, Douglas P. Goheen, Robert N. 

Forensic team members Chaparajos, Hoedowners 
capture honors in debate promote Western styles 

To promulgate interest in the heritage of the 
West was the goal of both the Chaparajos Club 
and the Hoedowners Square Dance Club. 

Rodeo activities highlighted the year for mem- 
bers of the Chaparajos Club. In addition to spon- 
soring the University Intercollegiate Rodeo, the 
organization sent a team to compete in rodeos in 
Wisconsin and Iowa. Members also took part in a 
rodeo match, showdeo and trial ride. 

Area dances often featured double square exhi- 
bitions performed by the Hoedowners Square 
Dance Club. The 63 members sponsored their 
annual square dance festival in the spring and lat- 
er participated in the Colorado State University 
Aggie Haylofters jamboree at Fort Collins. 

Numerous debate tournaments netted a variety 
of awards for the 15 members of the Forensic 
Union. In the spring, 1968 University of Nebras- 
ka debate tournament, the group captured first 
place and an individual member later received 
first place in the oratory division at the Missouri 
Valley forensic tournament. The organization 
placed second and fourth in debate at Ft. Hays 
State College and third at Pittsburgh State. 

Collegiate Young Democrats demonstrated 
their support for the major Democratic contend- 
ers for the Presidency by traveling to the key pri- 
mary states to campaign. After Senator Kenne- 
dy's death, the CYDs worked to establish a 
memorial in his honor at the University. 


Hoedowners Square Dance Club — TOP ROW: Roberta Harmon, 
Nancy E. Burnett, Betty J. Ryan, Marcia E. Latschar, Kay L. Demp- 
sey, Linda Carney, Marcia A. Weyer, Patricia L. Vigneron. SECOND 
ROW: Wanda L. Bates, Ben H. Lin, Rodney S. Horn, Karen I. Funston, 
Carolyn J. Kiker, Karen S. Voss, Patricia A. McDonald, Carolyn S, 
Cropp. THIRD ROW: Marilyn B. Brown, Kenneth E. Latschar, Prasad 

P. Pathare, Donald E. Morgan, Connie J. Bates, Steve F. Faust, Meda 
K. Dattaraj, Charles B. Hermesch, William E. Vigneron. BOTTOM 
ROW: Charles W. Knight, Harvey L. Johnston, Glenn W. Shields. Allen 
G. Hahn, Rodney M. Bates, Wayne E. Nichols, Garry M. Dalby, Alden 
N. Shippy, Gordon E. Montney. 

Chaparajos — TOP ROW: Glenda M. Booth, Tom L. Dietz, Luann J. 
Corn, Sharon W. Bush, Janet E. Krall, Francme Zimmerman, Glenda 
G. White, Sharon L. Norton, DeAnna M. Adams, Stephanie A. Baer. 
SECOND ROW: Judy L. Kitch. Frank E. Mattke, Terry D. DeVaughan, 
Charles D. Lambert, Ronald L. Durrance, Joyce E. Blecha, Diana B. 

Chaparajos — TOP ROW: Wes E. Vogt, Charles R. McCauley, Robert 
M. Morrison, Mary E. Kehler, Linda J. Allen, Beverly L. Kreider, Nan- 
cy A. Mauderly, Linda J. Carney, Ruth A. Gatlm, Robert A. Ebert. 
SECOND ROW: Earl W. Raines, Dana R. Hauck, Maynard D. Cook, 
James E. Phillips, Michael A. Sramek, Thomas H. McBeth, David W. 
Loomis, Jerre K. Rorick, Lonnie L. Lemon. THIRD ROW: Russell E. 

Adams, John A. Klusener, David W. Grothusen. THIRD ROW: Ro- 
chelle Rader, Linda S. Wells, Richard L Robbms, Fay 0. Russett, Carl 
E. Preedy, Glenn R. Teagarden, Larry P. Stuber, James P. Mueller. 
BOTTOM ROW: Patricia Mang, Richard K. Norton, Thomas H. Wes- 
sels, Andrew M. Jones, Ray Helmbold, Ron Norton, George L. Dame. 

Smith, Kenneth A. Glenn, Calvin K. Scott, Lannie L. Hanel, Robert 
Bonsall, Larry G. Bailey, Dennis C. Atwell, Gordon Christiansen. 
BOTTOM ROW: Gary R. Miller, Richard J. Crist, Louis D. Todd, Wil- 
liam S. Swan, James W. Lewis, Forrest E. Stegehn, Michael D. Van- 
Allen, Samuel L. Hands, Frank K. Brazel. 

Collegiate Future Farmers of America — TOP ROW: Richard L. Weix- 
elman, Donnie D. Coltrane, Michael J. Demmer, Larry David Hub- 
bell, Michael Kelley, Fred L. Wedel, Larry E. Rowland, William A. 
Conrad, John F. Schletzbaum. SECOND ROW: Ronald W. Bamber- 
ger, Lawrence W. Marshall, Timothy H. Ohlde, Douglas K. Alt, Larry 
D. Hoobler, George J. Hieger, Robert C. Schwmdt, Alan J. Muntz, 
Stanley R. Bartel. Donald G. Wilken. THIRD ROW: Earl E. Baugher, 

Robert A. Herlocker, Donald E. Hellwig, Phillip W. McPheeters, Clif- 
ford S. Sparks, Ronald L. Peterson, Harold A. Homrighausen, Duane 
Strickler. Dean A. Pankratz. BOTTOM ROW: Garry L. Peterson, Wen- 
dell K. Hockens, Richard D. Wilson, Linda G. Ault, Cynthia L. Stroup, 
Dorothy A. Newell, Don W. Sowers, Charles D. McNeal, Laurence 
Schilling, Ronald L. Stucky. 

Collegiate 4-H — TOP ROW: Karolyn K. Kroenlein, Carol A. Phillips, 
Susan J. Fagan, Jolene R. Charvat, Kathleen L. Wood, Verdon F. 
Dubois, Anita M. Ross, Rosemary Combs, Diane M. Kongs, Bette J. 
Ferbrache. SECOND ROW: Barbara E. Gustason, Patricia E. Gusta- 
son, Lynn A. Jackson, Catherine A. Millsap, Linda S. Prochaska, Pa- 
tricia L. Douthit, Susan S. Johnson, Diana K. Schmitt, Brenda A. 
Judd, Betty J. Smith, Lura V. Story. THIRD ROW: Donna D. Sigle, 

Collegiate 4-H — TOP ROW: Cathy A. Powers, Karen R. Halderson, 
Carolyn K. Landes, Carol A. Sauerwein, Beverly J. Kreider, Nancy A. 
Kasitz, Linda G. Ault, Beverly J. Thomas, Karolyn K. Kellogg, Carol A. 
Odgers. SECOND ROW: Nancy A. Mauderly, Carol F. Hendershot, 
Mary A. DeDonder, Lucie R. Hensley, Roetta D. Floyd, Sheila L. Bai- 
row, Glenda M. Odgers, Mary L. Ault, Peggy L. Sandelin, Lois A. Car- 

Betty L. Hibler, Cynthia A. Kelso, Patricia A. Hattrup, Judy C. Stock, 
Paula A. Callaway, Karen S. Bohannon, Constance J. Hanks, Ann J. 
Brunner, Carolyn D. Olson. BOTTOM ROW: Eunice E. Fisher, James 
E. Phillips, Dan L. Hoffman, Timothy T. Benton, Adrian J. Polansky, 
James H. Peckham, Terry J. Steinshouer, Donald B. Kelso, Beverly 
A. Smith. 

ey. Carol S. Fellman. THIRD ROW: Kathleen L. Parke, Judy A. Gillen, 
Susan K. Phillips, Rita M. Thurston, Julie A. Murphy, Elvina R. 
Scholz, Judith A. Hendershot, Maxine E. Wilson, Kathleen A. Wenger, 
Nancy R. Lord. BOTTOM ROW: Earnest E. Peterson, Alton C. Hazen, 
Rodney J. Jansonius, Edwin F. Pflieger, James L. Morris, Kenneth W. 
Spare, Steven D. Fisher, Adele Johnson, Sharon Millenbruch. 


Collegiate 4-H — TOP ROW: Rebecca S. Bailey, Susan K. Codding- 
ton, Joelle A. McCall, Linda A. Hoffman, Julie A. Meyer, Janice A. 
Overocker, Tanya S. Wilson. SECOND ROW: Cheryl J. White, Marsha 
S. Korthanke, Alexis L. Ebert, Joanne J. Parker, Glennis S. Huseman, 
Karen C. McDonald, Patricia A. Small, Dixie R. Obert. THIRD ROW: 

Collegiate 4-H — TOP ROW: Donita L. Seim, Trudy A. Kloefkorn, 
Kathryn A. Scott, Barbara A. Munson, Evelyn A. Rock, Donita M. 
Steele, Sue A. Jensen. SECOND ROW: Elaine J. Overley, Lee A. Hard- 
ing, Rita J. Campbell, Theresa J. Turner, Jolene J. Parker, Phyllis E. 
Roelfs, Dawna K. Sparks, George Heersche. THIRD ROW: John D. 

Future Farmers, 4-H'ers 
aid in local state events 

Service projects and social activities were two 
types of events staged by members of Future 
Farmers of America and Collegiate 4-H Club. 

Sponsors of a banquet honoring their new state 
officers, members of Future Farmers of America 
also assisted in conducting state contests and the 
state convention. Other activities included partic- 
ipating in Ag Science Day and sponsoring the 
annual FFA Sweetheart contest. 

Collegiate 4-H Club members travelled to sur- 
rounding counties to act as judges for 4-H days. 
As a service project, 4-H members took charge of 
a clean-up project at Rock Springs Ranch. The 
club also provided leaders for a Riley County 
program involving underprivileged children. 

Elmer L. Musil, Joseph E. Miller, Larry E. Kohl, Richard H. Heersche, 
Santosh D. Vaswani, Gary J. Hanna, Monte W. Harden. BOTTOM 
ROW: Steven E. Jenkins, Gaylord P. Myers, Richard G. Bigham, 
Thomas S. Bairow, Jon R. Greiner, Perrin K. Symns. 

Wood, Janice K. Wood, Charles P. Sauerwein, Christine M. Blumen- 
shire, Dennis L. McDaniel, Donald R. McClure, Gary D. Theurer. 
THIRD ROW: Dennis R. Brink, James L. Carter, D. Rick Cornwell. 
David A. Foreman, Gary D. Thompson, Donald A. Sauerwein. 

Elderly Manhattan residents are entertained by FFA 
members singing carols during the Christmas season. 


Photo by Don Richards 


Students, whether in a house or residence hall 
or apartment, share memories of fellowship and 
tears, of pranks and coffee-drugged nights of 
studying. And daily experiences that they share, 
ranging from a muddy tug-of-war to a humorous 
songfest, bind students closer to one another. 
There are no idle moments really wasted in such a 
group for students are learning how to live. 

Photo by David von Riesen 

':■.■:■* ''' ■: ,: -;! 

; ■■' ' ■■VfmsK.-.x «:■:.■■:?■ 

tM.^m^M '. 

Dorm residents, tired of books and ordinary study 
breaks, test their gymnastic skill with a pyramid 

only to lose their balance and fall to the ground 
laughing and with a renewed capacity for studying. 


Rising costs of housing forces one student to take 
up residence in his camper parked in the Union lot. 

Student accommodations 
filled to capacity in city 

Students returning to Manhattan in the fall dis- 
covered living accommodations were scarce due to 
an influx of military personnel in the area. In ad- 
dition to campus housing, off-campus apartments 
were filled to capacity during the year. 

The Council on Student Affairs approved two 
major changes in housing policies, room visitation 
in dormitories and self-regulated hours for sopho- 
more women. The Council also appointed a board 
to review off-campus housing, to investigate any 
complaints from tenants or landlords and to make 
recommendations for the improvement and en- 
forcement of safety regulations. 

Thomas Frith, director of residence halls, su- 
pervised selection and training of students for staff 
posts and co-ordinated hall improvement plans. 

Involved in supervision of residence halls, Thomas 
Frith co-ordinates maintenance and building plans. 


While his children play quietly, a married student 
reads the evening paper before beginning to study. 


To provide informal entertainment during evening 
activities, Tri Delts practice an original skit. 

Screams of joy punctuate a week of anticipation 
as announcement of pledges is made Friday morning. 

After touring houses and meeting members, prospec- 
tive pledges indicate preferences on an IBM card. 

Gamma Phi Beta members meet rushees during one 
of several visits made to the houses during the week. 


During rush week, actives take prospective pledges 
on a tour of the new TKE house on North Manhattan. 

Rush Week innovations 
include micro-lab, picnic 

Innovations introduced into fall rush assisted in 
making it a more personal experience for partici- 
pants. Smaller section meetings replaced the gen- 
eral information meeting held in past years. A 
picnic and a micro-lab also were implemented into 
the week's activities. In contrast to the former late 
afternoon arrival of pledge lists, the 1 1 sororities 
were notified of their 322 pledges by noon on the 
final day of rush week activities. 

Continuance of their summer rush program, 
which included visits to potential students by fra- 
ternity representatives, yielded the 23 fraternities 
373 new members. Adding the 101 men pledged 
during fall rush, the fraternities boasted a gain of 
100 members over the 1967-68 first semester. 

Climaxing acceptance of bids, fraternity brothers 
help a pledge move from the dorm to his new house. 


Coeds find their cramped quarters to be conducive 
to the traditional pillow fight before going to bed. 

IFC votes on measure 
to eliminate formal rush 

After considering the proposal for several 
months, Interfraternity Council voted in January 
to abolish rush week in favor of pledging during 
the summer and school term. Reasons for the 
change were costs of rush week and the increasing 
number of summer pledges. Panhellenic Council 
voted to open informal rush to Manhattan fresh- 
men and second semester sophomores. 

Greek houses participated in Greek Sing to 
raise funds for the Sunset Children's Zoo, and in 
various annual events, including Chariot Relays, 
Derby Day, Tug-of-War and Harlequinade. 

Panhellenic Council — TOP ROW: Nancy M. Boyer, Carolyn S. Feld- 
kamp, Cynthia S. Thompson, Suzanne Gordon, Peggy J. White, 
Pamela S. Catlin, Anne L. Casady. SECOND ROW: Kathleen J. Sewell, 
Barbara K. North, Kathleen A. Ketterman, Karen S. Corn, Colleen L. 

Stafford, Karen S. Brim, Kathryn J. Lee, Artyce A. Golden. BOTTOM 
ROW: Sharon G. Horigan, Vicki J. Messmer, Carol K. Bettenhausen, 
Carol L. Buchele, Martha L. Coppersmith, Barbara A. Brazier, Cyn- 
thia J. Orloske, Carolyn S. Hornick. 

Junior Panhellenic — TOP ROW: Jan M. Dreiling, Mary A. Hogan, 
Judith A. Carr, Janice I. Snider, Karen A. Yoos, Suzanne Rosener, 
Michele A. Griffith, D. Ann Oliver. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Meade, 
Tana J. Farrell, Cosa L. Lmscott, Gerry D. Hogan, Dorothy L. Ander- 

eck, Mary S. Barkis, Leora B. Marker. BOTTOM ROW: Sharon G. Hor- 
igan, Sharon A. Voegele, Susan C. Sill, Cheryl A. Maneth, Kathleen A. 
Wenger, Nancy L. Gatch. 


DZs enter HQ contest, 
earn State Day awards 

Presenting the skit "A Poll O' Apes or You 
Can't Get Anywhere with the Monkeys in Ander- 
son Hall," the women of Delta Zeta teamed up 
with Tau Kappa Epsilon to enter the 1969 Harle- 
quinade competition. At the Delta Zeta State Day 
in Topeka, members of the local chapter received 
awards for the highest scholarship among DZ 
pledges and actives in Kansas. In the fall, DZs 
sponsored a sing-along for the patients in Irwin 
Army Hospital and later prepared popcorn which 
was sent overseas to soldiers stationed in Viet- 
nam. As a means to raise funds, the pledge class 
acted as hostesses for the Lambda chapter's an- 
nual bridge tournament in the spring. 

Attending a formal at the 
chapter house, 1803 Lara- 
mie, rushees talk with an 
active Delta Zeta member. 

One hundred seventy-four 
chapters. Founded Miami 
University 1902. Lambda 
chapter established 1915. 

if ■ 

Delta Zeta — TOP ROW: Kath- 
leen S. Bergman, Rose A. Bon- 
dy, Mary L. Boxler, Cathie A. 
Brewer, Gloria Butler, Barbara 
J. Chaloupka, Mary J. Corcoran. 

SECOND ROW: Janice K. Dill, 
Nita Z. Eberle, Nancy L. Gatch, 
Barbara L. Heckmann, Cheryl S. 
Heide, Philippa Heintzelman, 
Stephanie Heintzelman. 

THIRD ROW: Linda J. Hender- 
son, Patricia J. Hubbard, Deb- 
rah J. Huber, Linda D. Jackson, 
Kathleen Ketterman, Barbara J. 
Klick, Marylyde Kornfeld. 

FOURTH ROW: Jane A. Lee, 
Mary J. Mills, Mary A. Mueller, 
Laree A. Mugler, Nanette M. Nel- 
son, Barbara K. North, Terry F. 

FIFTH ROW: Jan Pierson, Debi R. 
Schank, Cathy L. Scholler, Bri- 
gette Stover, Sarah J. Swift, 
Kathleen A. Wenger. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gayle Willard, 
Rosalia H. Wolken, Elynn S. 
Wright, Charlen A. Wycoff, Caro- 
lyn R. Zenishek. Nancy L. 


Accompanied by her guitar, an Alpha Chi entertains 
members and their dates at the Sadie Hawkins party. 

Alpha Chis raise money 
for annual MS campaign 

Women of Alpha Chi Omega participated in a 
tug-of-war as part of a drive to raise money for 
the multiple sclerosis fund. The coeds performed 
in the annual Greek Sing and put up finalists 
for the Miss K-State Rodeo Queen and College 
Republican Queen contests. 

Presidents of Sigma Delta Pi and Theta Sigma 
Phi were Alpha Chis as were members of Student 
Senate, Angel Flight, Chimes, Kappa Delta Pi 
and Gibson Girls. In December, the pledge class 
organized the Christmas formal and presented a 
skit for the actives. Members also attended the 
annual Golden Lyre Ball in the spring and an in- 
formal party in the fall. 

Alpha Chi Omega — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Harold T. Lowe. Mary E. 
Abson, Cherl L. Atchison, Patri- 
cia A. Atwater, Shernlyn K. 
Becker, Sharon A. Bernitz, Vene- 
ta L. Brown. 

SECOND ROW: Lou E. Bruning, 
Carol L. Buchele, Renee M. 
Carnes, Judith A. Carr, Lesley E. 
Case, Sara J. Cave, Catherine S. 

THIRD ROW: Jana L. Cole, Mar- 
garet A. Dellere, D'Ann Drennan, 
Sheryl A. DuRoy, Pamela K. For- 
tun, Linda Freeman, Rhonda L. 

FOURTH ROW: Theresa M. Gar- 
lett, Shirley A. Garrett, Melissa 
L. Gedney, Kathryn N. Gillespie, 
Mary V. Graham, Mary J. Grim- 
wood, Anne M. Guilfoil. 

FIFTH ROW: Sandra L. Hamill, 
Patricia L. Hillner, Mary C. Ho- 
chuli, Sharon G. Horigan, Cyn- 
thia E. Jenkins, Joyce I. Jock- 
man, Karen E. Johnson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Marian E. John- 
son, Pamela A. Jones, Janice M. 
Kennedy, Ann K. Kirkwood, 
Marsha D. Krehbiel. Cynthia J. 
LeHew, Mane A. Lowe. 


Alpha Chi Omega — TOP ROW: 
Elizabeth McCaskie, Elizabeth A. 
McCoy, Linda L. Major, Cheryl A, 
Mantel, Catherine Marshall, 
Linda A. Mayer. 

SECOND ROW: Emily L. Menne. 
Deborah Miller, Janean L. Miller, 
Julie D. Morgan, Beverly A. Nor- 
ton, Kathryn Ogilvie. 

THIRD ROW: Betty K. Oleen, 
Kathryn A. Petford, Jean M. 
Pyles, Linda L. Rissman, Susan 
G. Rondeau, Suzanne Rosener. 

FOURTH ROW: Kathleen B. 
Schraeder, Janice L. Skaggs, 
Geraldine A. Smith, Susan 
Smutz, Shame A. Snell. Linda L. 

FIFTH ROW: Rebecca A. Stej- 
skal, Cheryl L. Stigall, Shela L. 
Strate, Dianne L. Straub, Chen 
L. Swing, Michelle Taylor. 

SIXTH ROW: Carol S. Thorpe, 
Marilyn J. Tollefson, Mary S. 
Vrzak, Joan M. Ward, Janelle A. 
Washburn, Luanne K. Wetz. 

BOTTOM ROW: Deborah S. Wil- 
liams, Carolyn M. Wolte, Jane A. 
Wolfe, Janet L. Wolfe, Nancy R. 
Wolfe, Mary A. Woolcott, Sharon 
D. Young. 

Women of Alpha Chi Omega, living at 1835 Todd Road, planned an informal spring 
party. Members participated in intramural kickball, volleyball and basketball. 

One hundred nine 
chapters. Founded 
DePauw University 
1885. Gamma Zeta 
chapter established 

Housing more than 60 girls at 518 Sunset, Alpha 
Eta of Alpha Delta Pi was host in the spring for the 

annual ADPi Kansas State Day. As part of a redeco- 
ration project, the chapter bought new furniture. 

Alpha Delta Pi — TOP ROW: 
Marguerite Alber, Barbara J. 
Ahrens. Wendy L. Anderson, 
Pamela K. Askew, Nancy J. At- 
kinson, Stephanie A. Baer, Linda 
S. Barb. 

SECOND ROW: Diana K. Barton, 
Carol S. Beach, Linda M. Beebe, 
Carol Bettenhausen, Shirley E, 
Carson, Kathleen M. Caviness, 
Juliana I. Chapman. 

THIRD ROW: Carol D. Chipman, 
Stephanie A. Chne, Vivienne L. 
Condon, Patricia G. Cordon, 
Carolyn S. Coyne, Linda D. Cur- 
tin, Karen M. Davis. 

FOURTH ROW: Cheryl A. Daw- 
son, Deborah M. Demand, Jan 
C. De Mint, Linda S. Edds, Bette 
J. Ferbrache, Barbara G. Gat- 
zoulis, Cheryl R. Gehrt. 

FIFTH ROW: Jane E. Groeltz, 
Mariko Hayashi, Mary K. Hayes, 
Marcia S. Holland, Jerlynn K. 
Isch, Cecelia M. Jones, Kathleen 
A. Kapelle. 

SIXTH ROW: Deborah K. Kim- 
brel, Jeanette Kinderknecht, 
Thelma J. Kirk, Billie J. Kiser, 
Joan Kleysteuber, Betty R. 
Koch, Marcia Lenhert. 

BOTTOM ROW: Shirley Liven- 
good, Joyce A. Long, Dana 
Lundstrom, Patricia McCoy, 
Cheryl McKay, Elizabeth C. 
McKemy, Roxane McKinley. 


Alpha Delta Pi — TOP ROW 

Myra L. McLeod, Judith K. Mc- 
Millian, Charlotte A. McNeil, 
Patricia A. Massey, Rosemary 
Meade, Vicki J. Messmer, Janis 
L. Minor, Shirley A. Muncie. 

SECOND ROW: Hannah E. Musil. 
Mary L. Musil, Laura E. Oswald, 
Tania J. Pearse, Kathleen M. 
Peyton, Sharon K. Rice, Barbara 
Rueschhoft, Peggy J. Ruphn. 

THIRD ROW: Mary K. Schmitz, 
Gloria J. Schrag, Susan A. 
Schwab, Janet K. Shipman, Jan- 
ice I. Snider, Sheryl G. Spacek, 
Marilyn J. Spencer, Cynthia L. 

FOURTH ROW: Carolyn D. 
Stuckey, Cynthia S. Sutton, 
Phyllis A. Tarver, Christine A. 
Taylor, Patricia M. Teaford, 
Cheryl L. Tibbetts, Mary F. 
Train, Linda L. Tresennter. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cheryl S. Utter- 
back, Jacqueline Weingart, 
Thomasine Weingart, Vicki L. 
Wheeler, Sharon L. Wilson, Re- 
gina F. Wolfe, Diane K. 

ADPi chapter earns state scholarship recognition 

At the Alpha Delta Pi Kansas State Day in 
April, the local chapter received the first place 
award for scholarship achievement. An American 
Indian girl was adopted by the coeds for the year 
and a Japanese exchange student on the People- 
to-People program was invited to live in the chap- 
ter house during the fall semester. 

ADPis sponsored social events including a Hal- 
loween party, Christmas party and the annual 
Diamond Ball. The second runner-up in the Miss 
K-State-Manhattan contest was an ADPi as was 
an officer in the National Home Economics Asso- 
ciation. The group also was represented in Mortar 
Board, Chimes and Spurs honoraries. 

Assisted by their housemother, ADPis complete work on the costumes tor their 
HQ skit with Acacia "The Castle Hassle or Chastity Can Be a Goodman's Downfall." 

One hundred twen- 
ty chapters. Found- 
ed Macon, Georgia, 
1851. Alpha Eta 
chapter established 

Alpha Xi Delta — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Raymond C. Cox, Karen J. Ack- 
er, Betty J. Anderson, Rebecca 
S. Anderson, Cheryl L. Bain, 
Karen J. Beck, Jane A. Bigler. 

SECOND ROW: Carol J. Brady, 
Karen S. Brim, Pamela S. Catlin, 
Carol L. Coy, Lynette Crawford, 
Jeanine A. Davis, Barbara J. 

THIRD ROW: Patricia B. Fin- 
deiss, Beverly S. Frasier, Mary L. 
Fromme, Mary J. Gwyther, Car- 
olyn A. Hays, Dianna S. Heath, 
Charlotte Henderson. 

FOURTH ROW: Carol J. Heuertz, 
Janet K. Hollinger, Beth L. Hois- 
ington, Carol A. Huggins, 
Jeanne A. Ingersoll, Judy G. 
Jackson, Elizabeth A. Jenkins. 

FIFTH ROW: Kathy L. Johnson, 
Ann L. Keister, Colleen H. Kou- 
dele, Charolyn K. Lacey, Patricia 
K. Larson, Winifred B. Lathrop, 
Amy A. Laughlin. 

BOTTOM ROW: Linda K. Lee, 
Georgiana L. Leeper, Pamela J. 
Lewis, Vickie Longenecker, Mar- 
en K. Longren, Collette L. Mar- 
tin, Linda K. Morrill. 

Actives gather on the front steps of the Alpha Xi 
Delta house to practice their songs for rush week. 

Alpha Xi Delta captures 
house decorations award 

For the second consecutive year, Alpha Xi Del- 
ta captured first place for Homecoming decora- 
tions in the sorority division. Underprivileged 
children from Manhattan were entertained by the 
Alpha Xis at a Christmas party which featured 
dinner and the distribution of gifts after a surprise 
visit from Santa Claus. Alpha Xis were College 
Republican Queen, Best Dressed Coed and chair- 
men of Union committees. The sorority also was 
represented in Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi 
Upsilon Omicron and Omicron Nu honoraries 
and in Angel Flight. Social events members at- 
tended included the Pink Rose Formal and a 
pledge-active party in the spring. 


One hundred thir- 
ty-three chapters. 
Founded Lom- 
bard College 
1893. Alpha Kap- 
pa chapter estab- 
lished 1922. 

Improvements to the Alpha Xi Delta house at 601 Fairchild Terrace include new 
carpeting for the upper level halls and fresh coats of paint for the bedrooms. 

Alpha Xi Delta — TOP ROW: 
Susan L. Morns, Sharyl L. 
Mount, Kay E. Murphy, Emily E. 
Niemann, Mildred S. Oliver, Pa- 
tricia J. Paine, Barbara S. 
Pearson . 

SECOND ROW: Nancy I. Pendar- 
vis, Sheryl L. Pinkerton, Mary S. 
Plantz, Pamela Poole, Nancy J. 
Puckett, Heidy L. Reimler, Lois 
J. Rhoades. 

THIRD ROW: Elaine M. Ruud, 
Ann M. Sanner, Brenda G. Saw- 
yer, Linda R. Sawyer, Linda F. 
Schneider, Marcia L. Schoeff, 
Connie Scritchf leld . 

FOURTH ROW: Jennifer C. Shea, 
Debra G. Simons, Diane M. 
Smith, Nancy L. Spurlock, Col- 
leen L. Stafford, Deborah K. 
Starr, Peggy S. Sundgren. 

FIFTH ROW: Charlotte L. Swain, 
Linda G. Swan, Donna G. Swart, 
Deborah A. Takach, Carol L. 
Tucker, Twila R. Tyner, Sharon 
A. Voegele. 

SIXTH ROW: Elizabeth Waggon- 
er, Kathleen J. Wallace, Forrest 
A. Waller, Kathleen J. Warner, 
Linda J. Warren, Elisabeth A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dorothy A. Wes- 
terman, Helen C. Wilson, Jea- 
nette L. Wilt, Mary C. Winden, 
Noell E. Wulfkuhle, Dorothy J. 


Chi Omega — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Estella Eidson, Susan J. Bacon, 
Deborah K. Baker, Beverly G. 
Banker, Julie A. Barritt, Shelly 
Bergerhouse, Janet L. Betts. 

SECOND ROW: Barbara S. Bos- 
ley, Mary M. Bruner, Pamela K. 
Carr, Roberta A. Cation, Marga- 
ret K. Cochran, Marcelyn K. 
Cool, Wealtha A.Coyne. 

THIRD ROW: Joela M. Creviston, 
Judy J. Creviston, Susan R. 
Dean, Patricia G. Dehoney, Deb- 
orah D. Diller, Patty S. Donovan, 
Marilyn L. Dragush. 

FOURTH ROW: Margo M. Dud- 
ley, Elizabeth A. Dyke, Diane M. 
Elmore, Karlyn K. Emel, Gail M. 
Farmer, Carolyn A. Foote, Jean 
A. Forsberg. 

FIFTH ROW: Nancy E. Gear, Jan- 
ice Goodrich, Gwen D. Goossen, 
Suzanne Gordon, Linda K. 
Greenwell, Michele A. Griftith, 
Connie L. Henry. 

SIXTH ROW: Gerry D. Hogan, 
Cynthia J. Holman, Patricia J. 
Hunter, Janis J. Innis, Karyl K. 
Innis, Carolyn M. Jirik, Marcia A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sharon K. Kauff- 
man, Ellen J. Kelchak, Martha V. 
Keller, Shari I. Krey, Mary J. 
Lairmore, Kathleen Langenwal- 
ter, Connie F. Lathrop. 

Chi O's, dressed as the "Bergerhousekateers", present their Homecoming Queen 
candidate and finalist Shelly Bergerhouse during Homecoming Queen Previews. 


One hundred fifty-six 
chapters. Founded 
University of Arkansas 
1895. Kappa Alpha 
chapter established 

Chi Omega coed reigns 
as Greek Week Queen 

Special endeavors of Chi Omega featured a 
weekend retreat for members, financing a Latin 
American child through Children, Inc., an inter- 
national adoption organization and building a 
Homecoming decoration in conjunction with Al- 
pha Gamma Rho. The 1968 Greek Week Queen 
was a Chi O as was a Homecoming Queen finalist 
and a varsity cheerleader. The sorority also was 
represented in Mortar Board, Chimes, Spurs, 
Angel Flight and Light Brigade. Social events 
sponsored by Chi Omega included a barbecue at 
Tuttle Creek, a pledge party, Halloween costume 
dinner, a Christmas stocking party and the annual 
White Carnation Ball in the fall. 

Built in 1963 at 1516 McCain Lane, the Chi Omega 
house features an interior balcony and chandeliers. 

Chi Omega — TOP ROW: Patri- 
cia Lilliston, Janet E. McCrary. 
Joan E. McCrillisn, Elizabeth 
Mackender, Barbara L. Martens, 
Elaine M. Martens, Kathryn L. 

SECOND ROW: Johnette C. Mas- 
sey, Karen J. Mau. Janice C. 
Mestrivich, Jean E. Miller, Mar- 
lene K. Moyer, Cheryl A. Moyer, 
Nancy A. Nelson. 

THIRD ROW: Rosalind E. Odom, 
Melodie A. Otte, Nancy S. Perci- 
val, Lindsay K. Porterfield, Patri- 
cia L. Pruitt, Blenda G. Pyke, 
Judy L. Richards. 

FOURTH ROW: Cheryl A. Rich- 
ardson, Harriet F. Roach, Sallie 
Rouch, Patricia A. Ruggles, Col- 
leen M. Schneider, Nan L. Scho- 
tanus, Jo Lynn D. Schwanke. 

FIFTH ROW: Kathleen J. Sewell, 
Janet S. Sherar, Sue Sherlock, 
Janora A. Sigley. Gayle L. Star- 
key, Maunanne Thaemert, Edith 
J. Thomas. 

BOTTOM ROW: Carol A. Tillery, 
Deborah D. Vaughn, Vicki S. 
Voth, Mary A. White. Peggy J. 
Wiechman, Janet S. Woerten- 
dyke, Terre L. Wood. 


Improvements to the Tri Delt house at 1834 Laramie, include new carpeting in 
the upper level rooms. The president of Spurs and two twirlers were Tri Delts. 

One hundred 
twelve chapters. 
Founded Boston 
University 1888. 
Theta lota chap- 
ter established 

Delta Delta Delta wins first place in Greek Sing 

Delta Delta Delta's efforts in Greek Sing 
brought the sorority first place honors. After 
composing new words to the tune of " k Love is 
Blue," the local chapter was able to capture the 
music award at the national convention. Tri Delts 
welcomed their new housemother in the fall with 
a tea in her honor and a redecorated apartment. 

Socially, Tri Delts sponsored the Firebug 
Pledge Party, a Christmas party and an informal 
party in the spring. Demitasse teas became 
monthly after-dinner gatherings and a dinner 
highlighted Founder's Day. At Easter, the coeds 
sponsored an egg hunt for the children of Tri Delt 
alumnae in the Manhattan area. 

Delta Delta Delta — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Fred W. Mitchell, Elizabeth 
Andersen, Susan L. Badgley, 
Gwen K. Barnes, Nancie L. 
Bauer, Linda M. Baxter, Nancy 
Beeler, Deandra Bishop. 

SECOND ROW: Teresa S. Black- 
burn, Elizabeth M. Booth, Nancy 
M. Boyer, Barbara L. Boxberger, 
Deborah L. Brown, Beverly A. 
Bucher, Karen K. Charbonneau, 
Diane E. Dickson. 

THIRD ROW: Dana G. Domoney, 
Ladonna L. Douglass, Susan G. 
Freeman, Ruth A. Fross, Diane 
Gaede, Diana S. Gump, Marilynn 
Gump, Chrystal Hantla. 

FOURTH ROW: Susan A. Hay- 
maker, Deanne M. Heath, Mari- 
lee Horner, Marilyn J. Horst, 
Janet M. Houser, Christine 
Howard, Loretta J. Hudson, 
Martha S. Isch. 

BOTTOM ROW: Rita A. Johnson, 
Michaela A. Johnston, Virginia 
M. Joiner, Vicky L. Joyce, Merry 
J. Kanawyer, Kathleen Kehr, 
Arlys E. Kessler, Deborah K. 


Delta Delta Delta — TOP ROW: 
Constance E. Langland, Judy K. 
Larsen, Lynne M. Larsen. Diane 
Latimer, Kathryn J. Lee, Karen 
E. Leker, Karen G. Lemons. 

SECOND ROW: Judith L. Macy, 
Cheryl A. Maneth, Linda E. Mc- 
Caslin, Michele R. Means, Laura 
L. Meyer, Janice S. Miller, Cheryl 
C. Morris. 

THIRD ROW: Michelle Morris, 
Joy A. Newell, Anne E. Noller, 
Linda J. Overstake, Rebecca K. 
Phillips, Pamela S. Pierpoint, 
Susan E. Pipkin . 

FOURTH ROW: Diann L. Porter, 
Lana K. Ramsey, Trudy G. Rit- 
ter, Betty J. Roane, Carmie, J. 
Rose, Jennifer B. Rotman, Nan- 
cy A. Schneiders. 

FIFTH ROW: Marcia K. Scott, 
Susan A. Shields, Nan C. Smith, 
Carol J. Staab, Linda L. Steward, 
Barbara K. Strieker, Susan J. 

SIXTH ROW: Sara A. Summers, 
Vickey L. Swenson, Marcia E. 
Thompson, Gail L. Vogel, Jill 
Voran, Rebecca S. Walker, Mar- 
tha J. Watson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Virginia L. Weg- 
man, Janet M. Whitehair, Paula 
L. Whitworth, Cynthia K. Wilson, 
Melinda R. Woltkamp, Susan M. 
Wyatt, Karen A. Yoos. 

Winning first place in overall competition and in 
women's division, Tri-Delts sing a house favorite, 

"Pansy and Pearl," and "Dream On, Little Dreamer, 
'Dream On" during the fall Greek Sing competition. 

Ti,.:,l % ■ » ft 9 9\ . M I 

Gamma Phi Betas, at 1807 Todd Road, introduce their 
pledges at a fall yell-in. The women also entered 

their HQ script "A Spy's Eye View or Put that Ap- 
ple Back You Fool" with Delta Upsilon fraternity. 

Gamma Phi Beta — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Stella Cox, Linda Achten, 
Wanda S. Black, Pamela G. 
Black, Patty Bissing, Connie L. 
Brack, Leigh Brenneisen. 

SECOND ROW: Robbie G. Brew- 
er, Brenda S. Brown, Suzie B. 
Buzzell, Nancy S. Carr, Nancy S. 
Chapman, Ann L. Charlton, 
Jeanne Christensen . 

THIRD ROW: Carol K. Cobrun, 
Martha Coppersmith, Sheila F. 
Crouch, Countess Culbertson, 
Susan L. Dawson, Lorna E. De- 
Young, Marilyn M. Dow. 

FOURTH ROW: Edith F. Dumler, 
Susan Elleman, Sharon E. Ellis, 
Tana J. Farrell, Patricia A. 
Flynn, Jane E. Galloway, Beverly 
A. Gerhardt. 

FIFTH ROW: Grace L. Gerritz, 
JoAnn Goetz, Mildred A. Gore- 
ham, Marsha A. Graham, Shar- 
on Hachenberger, Joy E. Han- 
son, Carol S. Harris. 

SIXTH ROW: Aldre M. Holmgren, 
Kathleen L. James, Nancy K. 
Jamison. Susan J. Kerr, llene A. 
Kimsey, Virginia K. Kirby, Ruth 
A. Koelliker. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jule E. Kopp, 
Marcia K. Langton, Cheryl A. 
Linn, Constance Lotgreen, Lin- 
da L. Ludden. Donna D. Mall, 
Carolyn K. McKinley, Paula K. 


Gamma Phi Betas — TOP ROW: 
Vicki K. Miller, Jams E. Mutch, 
Jeanne L. Mutch, Julie A. Noth- 
durft, Maria E. Panos, Karen K. 

SECOND ROW: Penelope M. 
Plunkett, Patricia A. Porter, 
Nancl L. Relft, Jeanne K, Rogers, 
Theresa K. Rose, Jeanne A. 

THIRD ROW: Margaret J. Ryan, 
Joanne M. Sabol, Sandra K. 
Sanders, Dianne M. Sayers, 
Mary K. Schell, Judith 

FOURTH ROW: Sherry L. Shear- 
er, Linda K. Shehi, Deena M. 
Sigwing, Kathleen J. Sprenkel, 
Melanie C. Spyder, Pamela 

FIFTH ROW: Sharon S. Stoecker, 
Diane E. Sutera. Linda A. 
Temme, Patricia A. Trenkle, Dee 
A. Urquhart, Jane D. Vermillion. 

BOTTOM ROW: Martha L. Ward, 
Cindy S. Webb, Peggy J. White, 
Susan G. Woodard, Regina 
Young, LeRae K. Zajic. 

Gamma Phi Betas aid 
Greek Sing ticket sales 

In addition to placing third among the entries in 
Greek Sing in the fall, Gamma Phi Beta received 
a plaque for selling the greatest number of tickets 
to the annual event. Gamma Phis ranked third 
among the sororities in scholarship for the 1968 
spring semester and organized a serenade to enter- 
tain alumnae in Manhattan. 

Gamma Phis were selected as Miss K-State- 
Manhattan, AWS secretary and president of En- 
gin-dears. Other members were active in Mortar 
Board, Chimes and Spurs and attended a Christ- 
mas dinner and the Crystal Crescent Ball. House 
improvements featured new bookshelves and car- 
peting for the upper level halls. 

Eighty-seven chapters. Founded Syra- 
cuse University 1874. Beta Upsilon 
chapter established 1957. 

Gamma Phi women and the men of 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon brave a cold fall 
day to complete their house decora- 
tions before the Friday deadline. 


Kappa Alpha Theta — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Marjone H. Schmit, Nancy 
L. Adams, Nancy J. Anderson, 
Mary J. Ashton, Gay S. Bailey, 
Diane L. Bohnenblust, Maxine L. 

SECOND ROW: Linda S. Burton, 
Anne L. Casady, Edith A. Christ- 
mann, Sharon G. Corogenes, 
Marilyn G. Cotton, Pam S. Cro- 
foot, Patricia D. Crofoot. 

THIRD ROW: Sue A. Curry, Cath- 
erine J. Davis, Franki K. Dissin- 
ger, Jan M. Dreiling, Arlene S. 
Fair, Christine A. Fowles, Rebec- 
ca L. Goble. 

FOURTH ROW: Artyce A. Golden, 
Fran M. Golden, Marsha L. 
Green, Janette L. Hagler, Linda 
Haughawout, Barbara J. Hays, 
Hellen E. Herbel. 

FIFTH ROW: Barbara A. Hobbs, 
Karen Jager, Julie D. Kaufman, 
Madelyn G. Keller, Susan Ken- 
nett, Mary Knappenberger, Jea- 
nette L. Koppes. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sandra J. Leon- 
ard, Christy L. Livingood, Mary 
J. Londeen, Mary M. McManis, 
Lucinda A. Mahoney, Lisa R. 
Marshall, Patricia A. Miller. 

Ninety-two chapters. Founded De- 
Pauw University 1870. Delta Eta 
chapter established 1961. 

At 1517 McCain Lane, Kappa Alpha 
Theta houses 52 coeds, including 
members of Mortar Board, Chimes, 
Angel Flight and Student Senate. 

Thetas claim first place 
for most efficient chapter 

At the 1968 Grand Convention, Kappa Alpha 
Theta received first place awards for fraternity 
trends and as the most efficient chapter in the na- 
tion. Locally, Thetas compiled the highest grade 
point average among the sororities and placed 
second in Greek Sing in the fall. 

As part of their emphasis on promoting an ex- 
tensive cultural program, Thetas invited a foreign 
student to reside in the house during the spring 
semester. Social activities of the coeds featured 
the Twin Star Formal and a Kite and Key Party 
with Kappa Kappa Gamma. Thetas were active 
members of Angel Flight, Mortar Board and 
Chimes honoraries and Student Senate. 


Members of Kappa Alpha Theta dance with their dates 
at their annual Kite and Key Party staged in con- 

junction with Kappa Kappa Gamma. Other social ac- 
tivities of the Thetas included the spring formal. 

Kappa Alpha Theta — TOP ROW: 
Laurel A. Minturn, Barbara S. 
Muir, Frances R. Mullmix, Pame- 
la Myrick, Susan A. Neill, Carol 
S. Nitsch, Marcia A. Norby. 

SECOND ROW: Beverly S. Ob- 
erle, Beverly A. Olsson, Tracy J. 
O'Meara, Elaine Overley, Mary 
C. Owensby, Judith A. Page, 
AnneC. Pattison. 

THIRD ROW: Nancy J. Perry, 
Janice E. Pomperien, Martha E. 
Reeder, Patricia A. Richmond, 
Patricia A. Ripple, Delia L. Ross, 
Susan J. Schulteis. 

FOURTH ROW: Susan J. Selby, 
Linda C. Shaw, Pamela J. Shil- 
ling. Susan C. Sill, Nancy A. Sin- 
gular, Nancy L. Skidmore, Su- 
san C. Slinkman. 

FIFTH ROW: Linda L. Smith, 
Pamela K. Smythe, Nancy K. 
Starbuck, Elizabeth Stephens, 
Anne L. Svaty, Rebecca L. Urba- 
nek, Linda S. VanKooten. 

BOTTOM ROW: Annette Warder, 
Tana L. Wells, Cathy D. Whor- 
ton, Marsha A. Wood. Susan S. 
Wood, Lois E. Yelenik. 


During the summer, individual bedrooms in the Kappa Delta house at 1220 Centen- 
nial Drive were painted. After rush week, the sorority pledged 41 new members. 

One hundred 
three chapters. 
Founded Long- 
wood College 
1897. Sigma 
Gamma chapter 
established 1920. 

Kappa Delta — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Ada V. Sheridan, Dorothy L. 
Andereck, Kathyrn R. Anneberg, 
Mary A. Atwater. Pamela S. 
Backhaus, Ann M. Bergsten. 

SECOND ROW: Joelen S. Boyer, 
Colleen U. Brechbill, Janet M. 
Brown, Amanda Butler. Mary P. 
Chapin, Janet E. Clark. 

THIRD ROW: Nancy G. Clark, 
Virginia E. Cole, Caroline B. 
Copening, Bonnie I. Covey, 
Louise M. Crawtord, Genevieve 
C. Darter. 

FOURTH ROW: Patricia A. 
Dawes. Diane T. Drury, Margaret 
A. Ewmg, Carolyn S. Feldkamp, 
Sandra A. Fisher, Tina K. Foley. 

FIFTH ROW: Nancy A. Galloway, 
Bilhe K. Gates, Rita R. Gatti, Gay- 
la S. Gi 1 1 i land, Patricia A. Got- 
trier, Pamela J. Gough. 

SIXTH ROW: Carol S. Habiger, 
Mary A. Harmon, Louise M. Has- 
louer, Judith K. Head, Elizabeth 
Heidbreder, Susan K. Hicks. 

BOTTOM ROW: Donna J. Holt, 
Carolyn S. Hornick, Janalee Jar- 
rett, Donnis A. Johnson, Anne 
Kinney, Sandra K. Kinsman. 


Kappa Delta — TOP ROW: Debo- 
rah L. Klever, Barbara A. Kno- 
dle, Nancy J. Korber, Kay D. 
Kubitschek. Lauren J. Langner, 
Dorothy J. Leisure, Harriet E. 

SECOND ROW: Carol W. Logan, 
Kathryn J. Lowry, Leora B. Mar- 
ker, Patricia L. Marshall, Suzette 
Masquelier, Deriece M. Mc- 
Keeman, Donelyn D. Potter. 

THIRD ROW: Karla F. Praeger, 
Kathleen A. Pulliam, Nancy J. 
Roland, Donna J. Ruff, Sharon 
K. Salvino, Linda J. Sands, Nan- 
nette L. Schaake. 

FOURTH ROW: Carolyn S. Shep- 
herd, Linda S. Sigars, Constance 
J. Smith, Pamela A. Sodergren, 
Kathie I. Spannuth. Jacqueline 
D. Spears, Barbara Stiles. 

FIFTH ROW: Charlotte S. Stilley, 
Laura J. Suggs, Jennifer Sulli- 
van, Deborah Taylor, Sharon E. 
Tuck, Louana VanValkenburg, 
Bertha L. Wall. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cheryl L. Weber, 
Barbara J. Welter, Linda L. Wick, 
Melody K. Worley, Kay M. Wor- 
mington, Linda C. Zaiss. 

Kappa Deltas place first 
in Harlequinade contest 

Presentation of their skit "Flour Power or LSD 
Is Neat, But You Can't Beat Wheat" brought 
first place honors for the members of Kappa Del- 
ta in the 1968 Harlequinade contest. Money used 
for purchasing KD Christmas seals went to the 
Crippled Children's Hospital, the chapter's na- 
tional philanthropy in Virginia. Special guest on 
State Day was the editor of the national magazine 
who announced that the Sigma Gamma chapter 
would be featured in the summer issue of the pub- 
lication. Members of Kappa Delta sponsored a 
variety of social events ranging from a costume 
party at Halloween and a pledge party to the an- 
nual Emerald Ball in April. 

Taking time out from Fathers' Weekend events, a KD 
and her dad pose for pictures in the living room. 


Kappa Kappa Gamma — TOP 

ROW: Mrs. Helen Swank, Kath- 
leen L. Anderson, Sherri A. Ar- 
chibald, Mary S. Barkis, Patricia 
A. Beard, Deborah L. Beesley, 
Susan E. Benedick. 

SECOND ROW: Melissa A. Berg, 
Joan L. Booth, Michele J. 
Boucher, Barbara A. Brazier, 
Cindy L. Burch, Nancy E. Buch- 
ele, Dana E. Buehler. 

THIRD ROW: Shauna R. Carpen- 
ter, Deborah J. Chapman, Mary 
M. Christenson, Barbara J. Cly- 
mer, Sally Coberly, Paula E. 
Cox, Cinda S. Cummings. 

FOURTH ROW: Lucille E. Dick, 
Rebecca A. Dold, Nancy L. Dur- 
ham, Cecelia A. Eyestone, Mar- 
jorie A. Fairhurst, Mary C. Fi I ley, 
Anita L. Fishburn. 

FIFTH ROW: Janet E. Fulkerson, 
Joan J. Fulkerson, Barbara D. 
Gadberry, Reba M. Gothard, 
Barbara Gray, Nancy L. Grothu- 
sen, Dianne K. Gugler. 

SIXTH ROW: Patricia D. Harris, 
Margaret E. Hassig, Kimberly A. 
Herres, Rebecca A. Hewson, 
Arnelle Hilgenfeld, Jennifer B. 
Howard, Judy Jakowatz. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kathleen A. 
Keating, Kathleen L. Kennedy, 
Judy D. Kirk, Kathryn A. Klag, 
Marklyn K. Krueger, Vicki J. 
Lane, Sara D. Langdon. 

After their Halloween "pumpkin carol" serenades, the Kappa Kappa Gammas, at 517 
Fairchild Terrace, left pumpkins at Greek houses and at Irwin Army Hospital. 

Ninety-two chap- 
ters. Founded Mon- 
mouth College 
1870. Gamma Alpha 
chapter established 


Kappas extend service, 
host province convention 

Kappa Kappa Gamma extended service to the 
community by helping to support an underprivi- 
leged child and visiting Irwin Army Hospital to 
sing "pumpkin carols" to the patients. Members 
also organized and hosted the Zeta Province con- 
vention staged here in the spring. 

Kappas were active in Angel Flight, Light Bri- 
gade, Student Senate, K-Steppers and Mortar 
Board and were selected as senior class treasurer 
and Homecoming Queen semi-finalist. Social 
events attended by Gamma Alpha chapter mem- 
bers included the annual spring formal, a pledge 
party, the Monmouth Duo with the Pi Phis and 
the annual Pumpkin Walk at Halloween. 

Participating in the first annual Delta Chi Benefit 
Tug of War, Kappa's slide across the "finished" line. 

— TOP 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

ROW: Virginia L. Leopold, Janis 
""artha L. Loyd, 

. Lmdemood, Martha L. Loyd, 
Catherine I. Lowman, Lila L. 
Luehring, Mary J. McMillm, Mar- 
ty J. Martin. 

SECOND ROW: Nancy K. Menz, 
Margaret K. Mmard, Marcella M. 
Morris, Shirley A. Mosher, Su- 
san L. Neft, Nancy J. Norvell, 
Elizabeth A.Ochs. 

THIRD ROW: Judith A. Ochs, D. 
Ann Oliver, Janet S. Page. Pris- 
cilla L. Pastrick, Christina Ped- 
erson, Carole S. Reed, Sidonie A. 

Schulte, Laura L. Scott, Debbie 
L. Shaffer, Claudia M. Shelor, 
Nancy J. Smith, Anne C Snider, 
Mary J. Socolofsky. 

FIFTH ROW: Martha Stonehock- 
er, Twila G. Stowe, Cynthia S. 
Thompson, Deeanna Towns, 
Cheryl L. Walkup, Virginia L. 
Ward, Janet K. Warner. 

BOTTOM ROW: Carla J. Willcox- 
on, Kimberly E. Williams, Mari- 
lyn K. Williams, June A. Wood- 
ard, Julia J. Yates, Cynthia R. 
Yorke, Ann M. Young. 


Pi Phi alumnae financed the paving 
of the parking lot and the re-uphol- 
stering of terrace room furniture for 
the chapter house at 1819 Todd Road. 

One hundred-thirteen chapters. 
Founded Monmouth College 1867. 
Kansas Beta chapter established 1915. 

Pi Phi pledge programs 
rate award at convention 

At the national convention in the summer, Beta 
chapter of Pi Beta Phi was recognized for its out- 
standing pledge program and also received the 
Amy Burnham Onken Award. In addition to 
sponsoring the first and third runners-up in the 
Miss K-State-Manhattan pageant, Pi Phis also 
were Little American Royal Queen and a Home- 
coming Queen finalist. Service projects under- 
taken by the coeds included sending a gift box to 
Vietnam servicemen and aiding in the support of a 
settlement house in Tennessee. Social highlights 
of the year were the annual Monmouth Duo with 
Kappa Kappa Gamma and a barn party with the 
University of Kansas chapter . 

Pi Beta Phi — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Marion Bugbee. Jacqueline A. 
Basham, Constance L. Bates, 
Charlotte L. Bee, Barbara A. 
Berentz, Hilarie S. Bolt, Melissa 
F. Bostwick. 

SECOND ROW: Linda L. Bunker, 
Charlotte A. Burghart, Rebecca 
A. Campbell, Kathleen A. Carri- 
co, Margaret J. Carson, Kathryn 
A. Cavin, Cathleen D. Chandler. 

THIRD ROW: Jams S. Clutter, 
Suzanne Cook, Karen S. Corn, 
Judith Culley, Donna J. Davis, 
Norma J. Dickhut, Kathleen 

FOURTH ROW: Sabra E. Eastin, 
Evelyn L. Ebright, Susan K. Falk, 
Barbara J. Fiser, Frances A. 
Foncannon. Paula N. Gantz, 
Claudia A. Garrett. 

FIFTH ROW: Marsha L. Garrett, 
Lucy M. Garver, Cathy R. Gerlin- 
ger, Mary C. Giza, Nancy E. 
Hage, Karen L. Haley, Joan D. 

BOTTOM ROW: Melanie Hepper- 
ly, Diane E. Hickman, Nancy A. 
Hodgson, Betsy J. Hogan, Mary 
A. Hogan, Linda R. Hoober, 
Cathleen L. Howell. 


Pi Beta Phi — TOP ROW: Linda 
G. Humes, Nancy J. Humes, Jan- 
ice A. Hunter, Linda M. Irwin. 
Susan E. Jones, Kathryn Judd, 
Laurel Klinger, Janice R. 

SECOND ROW: Dorothy A. Lew- 
is, Janice A. Lindgren, Cosa L. 
Linscott, Patricia J. Luttgen, 
Judith L. Mann, Marsha J. Mar- 
tin, Kathryn L. McLeod, Marty 
M. Meschke. 

THIRD ROW: Barbara D. Mistier, 
Cynthia J. Orloske, Angela S. 
Otto, Martha D. Palmer. Ann M. 
Parry, Janie B. Perrin, Kolleen 
M. Perrin, Susan M. Rehschuh. 

FOURTH ROW: Gretchen M. Rip- 
ple, Mary J. Schafer, Susan I. 
Scott, Diana L. Shank, Kathleen 
A. Shannon, Jane A. Sheetz, 
Mary K. Sparks, Cynthia L. 

FIFTH ROW: Susan J. Standley, 
Candace H. Stout, Pamela G. 
Strowig, Linda M. Rembleske, 
Julie L. Taylor, Paula J. Tisdale, 
Dorothy J. Tussey, Mary L. 
Tussey . 

BOTTOM ROW: Gretchen L. 
VanSant, Nancy K. Waddle, Mar- 
ilyn A. Waeldin, Ann M. Wein- 
mann, Kathy J. Winchell, Rita M. 
Whitehair, Susan M. Wood. 

"We three comprise our whole sorority," explains a 
Beta witch sorority member looking for prospective 

pledges. By mixing a hex or a potion, the witches 
in the Pi Phi rush skit are resolved to bid coeds. 

Edging Delta Upsilon for the first place trophy, 
members of Beta Theta Pi win the final heat of the 

Lambda Chi Chariot Relays. Each fraternity enters 
one chariot pulled on a 440-yard course by four men. 

Revelation of the formula for the pill dissolves 
conflict in the DU-Gamma Phi Beta HQ presentation. 




Dressed in appropriate cos- 
tumes, Delta Sigs and their 
dates pause to chat at the 
fraternity's Sailor Party. 

One hundred thirteen chap- 
ters. Founded city College of 
New York 1899. Alpha Upsilon 
chapter established 1925. 

Delta Sigs boost spirits 
with pre-game car bash 

Delta Sigma Phi was awarded Interfraternity 
Council's Most Improved Scholarship trophy for 
their house members 1 1968 spring semester 
grades. Pledges generated Homecoming enthusi- 
asm and raised money by letting students smash 
an old car for a price before the K-State-KU foot- 
ball game. Other projects of the fraternity includ- 
ed service to Memorial Hospital, adoption of a 
Manhattan family at Christmas and remodeling 
work on the old section of the chapter house. 

Delta Sigs placed second in the fraternity divi- 
sion of intramural bowling and also participated 
in football, basketball, volleyball and track intra- 
mural competition during the year. 

Delta Sigma Phi — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. L. Keefer, John W. Cannon, 
Sammy K. Carpenter, John L. 
Cizerle, Robert D. Cook, Gregory 
W. Doner, Steven K. Freeburne, 
Ray D. Leiker. 

SECOND ROW: Michael D. 
Lynch, Mark A. McCargar, Ste- 
ven D. Merriam, Orval F. Papon, 
David N. Pfeter, Thomas E. Po- 
ley, Jerry J. Ramsey, James A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gregory L. 
Shedd, Philip W. Smith, James 
B. Warner, James L. Wicks, Rob- 
ert A. Yarrow, Leroy I. Young, 
Charles P. Zangger, James L. 

Delta Sigma Phi pledge classes undertake special 
projects to modernize portions of the chapter house 

at 1100 Fremont. In the past, fall pledge classes 
redecorated the television area and the living room. 

After two years as a colony, Phi 
Gamma Delta received national rec- 
ognition as a chapter in the fall. 
Fiiis reside at 1614 Fairchild. 

Delta Colony established 1966. Phi 
Gamma Delta founded Jefferson Col- 
lege 1848. 

Fijis observe installation 
with three-day activities 

Chi Deuteron chapter of Phi Gamma Delta was 
installed as a national chapter in September after 
an unanimous ballot was taken at the national 
convention in August. The three-day installation 
activities included formal pledging ceremonies, 
initiation and an all-Greek banquet. 

Fijis were active in all intramural sports, in 
Friendship Tutoring and in work with local under- 
privileged children. The chairman of Student Sen- 
ate, a state officer in College Republicans and the 
SGA director of external affairs also were Fijis. 
Highlights of the new chapter's social events were 
the Fiji Islander, the Purple Garter Party and a 
dinner featuring a roasted pig. 

Phi Gamma Delta — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Helen Duncan, Eric B. Al- 
len, S. Clark Balderson, Fred W. 
Bey, Robert W. Bryan, Michael 
P. Christmann. 

SECOND ROW: Mark S. Coberly, 
Thomas D. Eddy, Richard L. 
Gardner, Robert L. Gil I i land, 

Wayne A. Hargrove, William M. 

THIRD ROW: Norman W. Hupe, 
Robert W. Kobetich, Robert D. 
Lamborn, Gorden G. Lewis, Ray 
W. Lindgren, Robert W. 

FOURTH ROW: Terry L. Meyers, 
Charles L. Miller, Rodney K. 
Morgan, Scott C. Potter, Gerald 
F. Rapp, Robert B. Rapp. 

FIFTH ROW: David S. Roden, 
Donald L. Romberger, Larry D. 
Schreck, Stephen A. Smith, 
Robert M. Socolofsky, Cecil E. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gregory C. 
Stuart, Ronald J. Sumners, Al- 
len L. Switzer, James E. Taylor, 
William R. White, John S. Wil- 
liams, David R. Yeo. 


Phi Kappa Tau 


Mrs. William Moate, Paul S. Bal- 
lantyne, Joseph C. Beck, Allan 
B. Buchner, Gary E. Chance, 
Howard D. Conus, John D. Cook. 

SECOND ROW: Stephen R. Fish- 
er, Robert Fix, John W. Fraser, 
Michael B. Gary, Gregory A. 
Gero, Howard R. Gotf, Dean A. 

THIRD ROW: Geoffrey B. Hol- 
land, Stephen W. Hoskms, 
Thomas L. Hoskms, Robert C. 
Hostetter, Calvin D. Jaeger, 
Craig K. Jones, Gary D. Kent. 

FOURTH ROW: Charles W. 
Kraut, Scott F. Lmders, Philip J. 
Neal, Lloyd A. Osborne, James 
B. Pettey, James C. Richardson, 
Donald G. Saunders. 

FIFTH ROW: James L. Snyder, 
Robert D. Spencer, Jeffrey A. 
Springer, Joe L. Springer, Henry 
A. Vlcek, Jay A. Walters, Law- 
rence W. Warner. 

BOTTOM ROW: Randolph J. 
Westcott, Paul R. West, Larry R. 
Wheeler, Paul C. Woods. Mark S. 
Wrigley, Dennis G. Yeo. 

Phi Kappa Tau provides 
Election Day bus service 

Harlequinade '68 awards for best production 
and best actor went to Phi Kappa Tau, who with 
Kappa Delta, acted out campus blunders in the 
skit ''Flour Power, or LSD is Neat, But You 
Can't Beat Wheat. " In spring, 1968, the fraternity 
also retired the Circle K Golden Drop Award and 
received the Domain Chiefs Scholarship Im- 
provement Award. On Election Day in Novem- 
ber, members offered free bus transportation to 
Manhattan voters needing rides to the polls. Par- 
ticipation in intramurals won the Phi Taus third 
place overall in football. Highlighting the men's 
social calendar of events was the annual Cannon- 
ball Formal in the fall semester. 

Ninety-eight chapters. Founded Miami 
University 1906. Alpha Epsilon chapter 
established 1925. 

During the year, Phi Kappa Tau men 
purchased a frame house adjacent to 
their fraternity at 1606 Fairchild 
and remodeled it for a study hall. 


Acacia wins national award for rush publication 

At the national conclave of Acacia fraternities 
in August, the local chapter received the award 
for the best chapter publication on the basis of 
their rush booklet printed in the fall. As a Christ- 
mas service project, the men donated toys to 
needy children in the Manhattan community. 
Acacias also won the intramural league softball 

championship and the first place award for their 
bowling team. The fraternity was represented by 
members in Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Tau Alpha 
and Student Senate. Among their yearly social 
activities were periodical weekend parties in the 
house, the Night on the Nile costume party, a 
Playboy Club party and the Christmas formal. 

Acacia — TOP ROW: Mrs. Jea- 
nette Simonson, Roger L. Barr, 
Robert E. Becker, Alan H. Beyer, 
Edward Blankenhagen, Steven 
L. Blevins. 

SECOND ROW: David A. Bra- 
swell, Charles H. Busch, Alan J. 
Buster, Steven R. Coffman, 
Raymond L. DeJulio, Jonathan 
W. Eicher. 

THIRD ROW: William J. Gaugh- 
an, Michael S. Glynn, David R. 
Hannagan, Gerald F. Heck, John 
R. Heritage, Richard C. Hills. 

FOURTH ROW: Doug E. Huston, 
LeeRoy C. Kiefer, Darwin K. 
Klein, Phillip L. Knox, John C. 
Kreutzer, Norman F. Lally. 

BOTTOM ROW: David A. Lassen, 
Fred P. Lechner, David A. Lit- 
trell, Richard K. Marshall, Doug- 
las W. Meier, Michael M. Mollett. 

In a redecorating project, members repainted the interior of the Acacia house at 
2005 Hunting. At the national conclave, members won an award for their rush book. 

Fifty-two chap- 
ters. Founded 
University of 
Michigan 1904. It- 
State chapter 
established 1913. 

Acacias present "Acacia Rose" and "Maria" for their 
entry in small fraternity competition of Greek Sing. 


M ( ¥ * 

Acacia — TOP ROW: Steven J. 
Mosier, Max G. Mountford, Bar- 
ry L. Rhine, John W. Ragland, 
Rodney L. Ruff. Gilbert E. 

SECOND ROW: Michael F. Rum- 
sey, Darrell 0. Schmitt, Harry M. 
Scott, Kirk D. Smith, Larry A. 
Smith, Michael R. Smith. 

BOTTOM ROW: Alfred L. Steck- 
lein, Michael C. Stegeman, Ste- 
ven L. Taylor, Michael L. 
Thompson, Steven K. Thorn- 
brugh, Don N. Williams. 


Members of Alpha Gamma Rho confer with Bill Wor- 
ley, a member of the campus Human Relations pro- 

gram, in their redecorated living room. The agricul- 
ture men also served on University judging teams. 

Alpha Gamma Rho — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Mildred Wogan, Dennis C. 
Atwell, James D. Beesley, Roger 
D. Beesley, Timothy T. Benton, 
Douglas C. Bethell. 

SECOND ROW: Robert Broeckel- 
man, Charles R. Cole, Gary A. 
Cole, Inms L. Croft, Robert R. 
Cudney, Freddie M. DeHoff . 

THIRD ROW: Melvm H. Falk, 
Ronald F. Gatz, Thomas C. Gatz, 
Daniel P. Gerstner, Ervin F. 
Gnadt, Dwight G. Gorrell. 

FOURTH ROW: Gregory J. 
Hands, Samuel L. Hands, Robert 
D. Harmon, Mac W. Harris, Ron- 
ald L. Hays, John S. Hofer. 

FIFTH ROW: Dan L. Hoffman, 
Michael A. Hogan, Robert E. 
Hunt, Michael R. Jeannin, Don- 
ald B. Johnson, Brad J. Kerbs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Frederick A. 
Kopp, Loren J. Kruse, Albert B. 
Kurr, Charles D. Lambert, Lon L. 
Lemon, Ronald Lindquist. 



Alpha Gamma Rho — TOP ROW: 
Michael A. Mann, Andrew L. 
Martmsen, Marlin W. Mason, 
Alexander D. McClure, James A. 
Meetz, Allan V. Miller. 

SECOND ROW: Randall R. Olan- 
der, Glenn C. Oleen, Alan D. Os- 
termann, Jerry L. Ostermann, 
Randy M. Peterson, Steve J. 

THIRD ROW: Dale W. Raymond, 
Frank Reichenberger, Loren D. 
Richard, Loren J. Rickard, 
Charles D. Sauerwein, Donald A. 
Sauerwein . 

FOURTH ROW: John H. Schlick- 
au, Michael K. Schmitt, Charles 
D. Shada, Allen R. Sippel, Lloyd 
J. Slawson, Forrest E. Stegelin . 

FIFTH ROW: Randall D. Stoeck- 
er, Larry D. Stuckey, Glenn R. 
Teagarden, Timothy M. Thom- 
as, Steven D. Turnquist, Michael 
D. VanAllen. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ronald D. Welsh, 
John R. Westerman, Douglas C. 
Weyer, Haskell S. Wright, Jer- 
ome P. Yorke, Gary L. Gilbert, 
Neil Pellman. 

AGR redecoration adds 
home entertainment unit 

Remodeling their chapter house comprised the 
major activity of the men of Alpha Gamma Rho. 
In addition to purchasing new furniture for the liv- 
ing room, members also financed the installation 
of a new home entertainment unit. With Alpha 
Delta Pi, the AGRs participated in their annual 
woodchopping party which yielded a sufficient 
stock of fire wood for both houses. Other social 
functions included a Roulette Party, the annual 
Pink Rose Formal and entertaining AGRs visiting 
from Iowa State and Oklahoma State Universi- 
ties. As members of the social-professional agri- 
culture fraternity, AGRs volunteered to serve on 
all University judging teams. 

Forty-two chapters. Founded 
University of Illinois 1908. 
Alpha Zeta chapter established 

Alpha Gamma Rho members, 
who live at 1919 Piatt, serve on 
all agricultural judging teams 
and college committees. 


Alpha Kappa Lambda — TOP 

ROW: Mrs. Florence Hughes, 
Larry W. Adam, Ronald D. Allen, 
Leigh R. Barker, Wayne D. Barn- 
grover, Charles L. Bramlage, 
Michael S. Briscoe. 

SECOND ROW: Domingo Cirigli- 
ano, Terren D. Crist, Joe D. Free- 
man, Harold J. Garten, Bryan G. 
Gatterman, Charles L. Griffin, 
Roger A. Griffin. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stephen E. Gwin, 
Robert D. Habiger, Martin F. 
Hathaway, Christopher Hed- 
lund, Gene R. Hoffman, Michael 
W. Jones, Stanley R. Kent. 

WSk U fliHis 


On an unseasonably warm winter afternoon, AKLs use 
their backyard for a bull session after classes. 


Forty chapters. 
Founded Univer- 
sity of California 
1914. lota chap- 
ter established 

Projects of the Alpha Kappa Lambda men included re-upholstering the chairs in 
the recreation room of the chapter house at 1919 Hunting and staging a formal. 

AKL senior wins recognition at national conclave 

Delegates to the national conclave of Alpha 
Kappa Lambda fraternities presented a member 
of Iota chapter with the Holmes Award, an an- 
nual honor recognizing the most outstanding se- 
nior student member of the nation's chapters. 
Grade school boys in Manhattan were afforded 
the opportunity to learn the rules of good sports- 

manship and fair play through participation as 
members of the AKL flag football team. 

In intramural sports, AKLs placed first in the 
bowling competition. The fraternity sponsored a 
"Go to Heir party and beach party and was rep- 
resented in Sigma Tau, Alpha Kappa Psi, Arnold 
Air Society and Pershing Rifles. 

Alpha Kappa Lambda — TOP 

ROW: Ronald R. Kline, Donald D. 
Lett, Dave A. Martin, Jimmy D. 
Mathis, David E. McCune, James 
D. McCune. 

SECOND ROW: Clifford S. Mc- 
Knight, Michael S. McLain, Rob- 
ert M. Meyer, Ronald Myers, 
Sherman B. Parry, Jerry D. 

THIRD ROW: Michael J. Poell, 
Steven A. Reed, David M. Ro- 
land, George Schneickert, Barry 
R. Sewal, Clifford S. Sparks. 

FOURTH ROW: Fred G. Sprang, 
Richard E. Steele, Terrance L. 
Sullivan, Steven G. Traxson, 
Alan L. Varney, James E. 

BOTTOM ROW: Russell D. West- 
phal, Jeffery S. Webb, Clay R. 
White, Richard M. Wibbeler, 
Michael D. Worley, Kirk Wycoff, 
Craig Zaiss. 


During the national Alpha Tau Omega Help Week, local members invite underpriv- 
ileged children to the house at 1408 Denison for Thanksgiving dinner and games. 

One hundred 
thirty - eight 
Founded Vir- 
ginia Military 
Institute 1865. 
Delta Theta 
chapter estab- 
lished 1920. 

ATOs add to house fund with fireworks display 

Needy persons or groups in Manhattan received 
assistance from Alpha Tau Omega men during 
Help Week. To raise money for the new chapter 
house they will occupy next fall, members spon- 
sored a fireworks display in the late spring. 

Socially, ATOs sponsored a Roaring 20's Party 
in the fall, a Christmas formal, the annual White 

Tea Rose Formal in the spring and a country and 
western party. Representatives of ATO were 
found in Pershing Rifles, Blue Key, Student Sen- 
ate, Union Governing Board and the physical 
education and engineering honoraries. The fra- 
ternity also campaigned for a fellow member 
nominated in the annual FMOC contest. 

Alpha Tau Omega — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Loftus M. Wilson, Michael J. 
Arehart, Bob H. Balwanz, Robert 
W. Brewster, John B. Bucheis- 
ter, Jeffrey L. Burner. 

SECOND ROW: John P. Charles, 
Franklin C Cherney, Paul L. 
Corwin, Willard L. Eitzman, 
Cady R. Engler, Edmond E. 

THIRD ROW: Douglas A. Fire- 
baugh, Thomas M. Foncannon, 
James W. Gentry, Robert A. 
Hays, Philip D. Hatfield, Roger 
C. Heckerson. 

FOURTH ROW: Larry R. Heyka, 
James D. Hoch, Jerry L. Hol- 
strom, John E. Holstrom, Stan- 
ley A. Karst, Robert F. Kingston . 

BOTTOM ROW: Robert L. Kirken- 
dall, James Knight, Charles W. 
Lamer, John T. Meyer, Frederick 
G. Miller, Oliver W. Miner, Ste- 
phen J. Mudrey. 


Alpha Tau Omega — TOP ROW: 
William L. Muir, Donald L. Orrell, 
Robert D. Overman, Stephen R. 
Peak, Richard A. Pinaire, Kerwin 
R. Plevka. 

SECOND ROW: Robert D. Ran- 
dall, Richard R. Ray. Steven D. 
Roesler, Gregory E. Ross, Wiley 
S. Shaw, Lawrence E. Sinn . 

BOTTOM ROW: Harold D. Star- 
key, Michael H. Tolson, Patrick 
A. Wakeman, Dennis N. Whit- 
mer, Mark A. Williams. Lonnie A. 
Wiseman . 

ATOs demonstrate their support of Bob Overman for 
FMOC by picketing the Union during the noon hour. 


Beta Sigma Psi — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Raymond H. O'Harra, Clif- 
ford D. Ascher, Warren E. Ayers, 
Bruce W. Barefield, Charles 
Barflett, Phillip W. Boeschen, 
Terry Boggs. 

SECOND ROW: Robert B. Bows- 
er, Warren Brady, Francis M. 
Delimont, Merle Ericson, Ricki 
D. Fairchild, James M. Farrar, 
William F. Farrar. 

THIRD ROW: Gary L. Frieling, 
Jimmie Frownfelter, David R. 
Hanson, Michael B. Heme, Oli- 
ver R. Hemmann, Robert E. 
Hennlng, Brian L. Hogue. 

FOURTH ROW: Jerold L. Holste, 
Carl F. Jackson, David H. Jack- 
son, Michael H. Jackson, Curtis 
R. Jacobs, Daryll D. Jamvold, 
Dennis R. Johnson . 

FIFTH ROW: Larry L. Johnson, 
Robert P. Keist, Wayne L. 
Kirchhoff. Henry 0. Kistner, 
Douglas B. Knop, Raymond L. 
Koenig, DwayneA. Kroening. 

SIXTH ROW: Robert Kuhn, Har- 
old K. Laessig, Elmer E. Leh- 
mann, Dale E. Linin, Bruce K. 
Little, Stanley J. Maurer, Gene 
C. Meitler. 

BOTTOM ROW: Vaughn D. Mig- 
not, Alan G. Miller, Frederick J. 
Nuss, John D. Ochsner, William 
D. Pulliam, Gary D. Raffety, Jar- 
old L. Rasmusson. 

Residing in their 65-man house at 1200 Centennial Drive, the men of Beta Sigma 
Psi frequently use the backyard recreation area to practice intramural sports. 

Fourteen chapters. 
Founded University 
of Illinois 1925. Zeta 
chapter established 

Beta Sigs take time out from their classroom work 
to relax in a card game. Members in the house were 

involved both on and off campus in student govern- 
ment, community service projects and intramurals. 

Beta Sigs active in community, University service 

As a community service project, the men of 
Beta Sigma Psi worked with mentally retarded 
children in Manhattan. The fraternity placed sec- 
ond in their league in intramural football and won 
three swimming events. Individual Beta Sigs were 
active on Union committees, Student Senate, 
Senate Appropriations Committee and the Inter- 

fraternity Council Executive Committee. Social 
events featured a pledge party, participation in the 
Homecoming house decorations competition, the 
Gold Rose Formal and a Casino Party. Topping 
off the social calendar was the annual Reforma- 
tion Day party and football game staged in con- 
junction with Phi Kappa Theta. 

Beta Sigma Psi — TOP ROW: 
Jerry D. Rice, Clyde S. Ricker, 
Ronald R. Ricker, Glenn Ringler, 
Gregory Ringler, Donald R. 

SECOND ROW: Robert A. 
Ruhnke, Wayne D. Ruhnke, 
Marvin L. Scheele, Robert M. 
Schmanke, Thomas L. Schoen- 
beck, Terry Schoenthaler. 

THIRD ROW: Donald W. Schott, 
Michael Schwinn, Marvin C. 
Sessler, Gary D. Sims, David P. 
Tollefson, Steven P. Weber. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gilbert E. Wenz, 
John E. Wisniewski, Douglas J. 
Wolters, Richard B. Wolters, 
Charles W. Zabel, Roger L. 


On fall days, Betas use the lawn 
of their ivy-covered stone house 
at 500 Sunset for touch football 
or intramural practice sessions. 

One hundred five chapters. Founded 
Miami University 1839. Gamma Epsi- 
lon chapter established 1914. 

Betas earn recognition 
for scholarship, sports 

In competition with the other campus fraterni- 
ties, Beta Theta Pi ranked first in scholarship for 
the 1968 spring semester. Other awards went to 
the Betas for placing first in intramurals and in 
the Chariot Relays during the 1968 Greek Week. 
As a community project, the men were instrumen- 
tal in organizing and promoting Greek Sing to 
raise funds for the Manhattan Children's Zoo. 
The president of Scabbard and Blade and mem- 
bers of Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi and Student 
Senate were Betas as were three nationally recog- 
nized sports figures. Social activities sponsored by 
the fraternity included an Alpine Party, a barbe- 
cue and a formal in the spring. 

Beta Theta Pi — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Otto H. Wilson, Sean R. Atchi- 
son, Thomas R. Baker, William 
B. Barker, Steven R. Beck, Timo- 
thy R. Belt. 

SECOND ROW: Martin E. Benja- 
min, Robert M. Bennett, Doug- 
las K. Blackwood, Glenn E. 
Boyd, Jack L. Brown, Michael D. 

THIRD ROW: Thomas H. Clark, 
Richard C. Cotton, Craig A. 
Coulter, Curt E. Coulter, Roger 
K. Dickerson, Stephen J. Dyer. 

FOURTH ROW: Mike R. Elwell, 
Steven B. Farabi, Thomas G. 
Grey, Thomas E. Guy, Alan R. 
Hammerh, David A. Hanson. 

FIFTH ROW: Richard M. Heath, 
James A. Ikard, Michael J. Ja- 
cobs, John C. Jarvis, Charles T. 
Kelyman, Robert L. Knighton. 

BOTTOM ROW: David J. Kuckel- 
man, Douglas C. Lane, Carl 
D. Latham, Paul T. Loehr, Har- 
ry E. McDonald, Rodney D. 


Beta Theta Pi — TOP ROW: 
Douglas M. McNeal, Ronald J. 
Marler, Robert M. Meyer, Robert 
H. Mielke, Conrad Nightingale. 
Thomas C. Palmer. 

SECOND ROW: Patrick D. Paske, 
Leland J. Polly, Thomas M. Pot- 
ter, Joe Reppert, Michael C. 
Robinson, Courtney G. Rogers. 

THIRD ROW: Mike Ross, Roder- 
ick G. Rowe, Terrence W. Ryan, 
Gery H. Schoenrock, George W. 
Schultz, John S. Schwartz. 

FOURTH ROW: William Skaer, 
Douglas G. Smith, William G. 
Stanley. William S. Swafford, 
John E. Swain, Roger D. Timken, 
Gregg T. Voos. 

BOTTOM ROW: James E. Wass- 
berg, Steven C. Watkms, Scott A. 
Way. James L. Weaver, Robert D. 
Wehling, Henry H. Werner, 
James L. Whelan. 

Admiring a collection of trophies displayed in the 
house, members of Beta Theta Pi recall their first 

place victories in two Greek events, the 1968 
Chariot Relays and fraternity intramural competition. 

Delta Chi — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Amos Peterson, Andrew L. Alke, 
Greg T. Armon. Lyle V. Axt, Jim 
0. Bagley, Dennis Barnes. 

BOTTOM ROW: Earl E. Bartlett, 
Donald R. Bentsen, Steven L. 
Bihlmaier, Clay Borchers, 
Gregory J. Burnett, Lynn L. 
Collman . 

Delta Chis sponsor tug-of-war, raise charity funds 

To raise funds for the Riley County Federation 
of Handicapped Children, Delta Chis sponsored 
their annual sorority tug-of-war. From approxi- 
mately 800 applicants, a Delta Chi was one of 300 
students selected to participate in the Chapman 
College Cruise, a worldwide tour sponsored by 
the University of the Seven Seas. On campus, oth- 

er Delta Chis were chosen for membership in Eta 
Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau and Alpha 
Zeta honoraries. Projects of the pledge class fea- 
tured canvassing Manhattan for the Heart Fund 
Drive. They also were invited to attend fraternity 
social events including a Christmas party, pajama 
party and the White Carnation Ball. 

Potential Sisters of Chi Delphia are invited to the 
Delta Chi house for informal interviews by members. 


Delta Chi — TOP ROW: Michael 
K. Darr, Lawrence Fieselman, 
James E. Freidell, Gary W. Frev. 
Kim S. Grandfield, Rob S. 

SECOND ROW: Darrel L. Gros- 
sardt, Harold J. Hamilton, Rich- 
ard A. Haney. Robert A. Har- 
wood, Joseph D. Harwood, Ken- 
neth A. Hill. 

THIRD ROW: Thomas W. Hunter, 
David W. Irvin, Alan Jaax, John 
M. Kroger, Thomas K. McCoy, 
Warren McLeod. 

FOURTH ROW: Thomas J, Mc- 
Millern. Milo K. Miller, William E. 
Monroe, Douglas E. Naaf, Gary 
L. Neal, John S. Niemeyer. 

FIFTH ROW: Darryl J, Nelson, 
Leland L. Nelson, Donald G. 
Oman, Don G. Parker, James L. 
Pol I man, Thomas T. Poor man. 

SIXTH ROW: Bruce L. Prentice, 
Jan L. Rayl, Kirk D. Reid, Larry 
E. Rink, Steven L. Ross, Philip L. 
Sell, Larry D. Stamper. 

BOTTOM ROW: Elmer Sunder- 
land, Kenneth M. Walker, Ste- 
phen G. Wanick, Thomas G. 
West. Larry L. Willhite, Charles 
Woodward, Daniel C. Yunk. 

Delta Chis, residing at 1716 Fairchild, participated on cross country, track, 
and varsity baseball teams. The men also placed in the top ten in intramurals. 

Fifty-four chapters. 
Founded Cornell Uni- 
versity 1890. K-State 
chapter established 

Delta Tau Delta — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Wanda Dick, Ronald Beach, 
William L. Beedles, Brian D. 
Belden, Bradford G. Blaker, El- 
don L. Boisseau, Richard A. 

SECOND ROW: Damon D. Bur- 
ton, Donald W. Cackler, Randy 
G. Cardwell, James E. Chea- 
tham, William R. Cheatham, 
Michael B. Conrad, John W. 

THIRD ROW: Gregory A. Dicker- 
son, Mark A. Dolginoff, Gregory 
P. Drew, Richard L. Gaskill, Gary 
H. Graber, Gary L. Hall, Robert 
G. Harvell. 

FOURTH ROW: Jay R. Hedlund, 
Charles T. Herman, Robert K. 
Herman, Guy M. Heyl, William 
W. Irelan, Peter C. Jessen, Ste- 
phen E. Johnson. 

FIFTH ROW: James Jordan, 
Kenneth A. Kerschen. Gary L. 
Keith, William Kelley, Jack H. 
Konitz, Gary M. Lafferty, Patrick 
J. Lafferty. 

SIXTH ROW: Roger D. Lippel- 
man, Terry J. Little. Dennis V. 
Logan, John E. Markley, Paul S. 
McCausland, David C. Mc- 
Donald, Stanley L. McDonald. 

SEVENTH ROW: Terry L. Mc- 
Farland, Arthur D. Miller. Ron- 
ald E. Morgenstern, Lloyd H. 
Niven, Jay R. Osborne, Dennis E. 
Owens, Steven D. Palmquist 

EIGHTH ROW: James A. Patton, 
Donald A. Payne, David L. Peter- 
son, Roy K. Polfer, Thomas A. 
Posey, Roger A. Profitt, John H. 

NINTH ROW: Edward 0. Rawl- 
ings, Daryl R. Reimer, David B. 
Rhoads, Mark E. Rhoads. Carl R. 
Roberts, Steven L. Stockham, 
Charles R. Struby, Stephen W. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth Swen- 
son. Kent D. Taylor, Keith D. 
Toll, James R. Tresennter, Dale 
A. Wardlaw, Wesley H. Welch, 
David R. Williams, Philip K. Witt. 



At a pajama party, Delts dance with dates, who re- 
ceived "I've Been Delt With" nightshirts as favors. 

Alumni reunion marks Delts' golden anniversary 

Delta Tau Delta men celebrated the fiftieth 
anniversary of Gamma Chi chapter on campus in 
the fall with an alumni reunion. The 80-member 
house also presented a Homecoming donation to 
the Endowment Association. Delts were active as 
chairmen of Union Governing Board and Campus 
Entertainment Committee and as members of the 

Student Review Board and the University Activi- 
ties Board. In intramural competition, the men 
won second overall in the fraternity division and 
first place in football. Members worked on plans 
to construct a library addition by fall, 1969, and 
scheduled several social functions, including a 
western party, a barbecue and two formals. 


chapters. Found- 
ed Bethany Col- 
lege 1858. Gam- 
ma Chi chapter 
established 1917. 

Recent acquisitions for the Delta Tau Delta chapter house at 1001 Sunset in- 
clude a new stereo in the living room, frequently the scene of Delt study dates. 

Members of Delta Upsilon, living at 1425 University 
Drive, include the Favorite Man on Campus for 1969. 

National recognizes DU 
for scholarship honors 

For the second consecutive year, the local chap- 
ter received the Delta Upsilon international schol- 
arship achievement award. With Gamma Phi 
Beta, the fraternity also was chosen to present its 
skit "A Spy's Eye View or Put the Apple Back 
You FooT in the 1969 Harlequinade contest. 
Service projects organized by DUs included deco- 
rating Wharton Manor at Christmas and cleaning 
and painting the Manhattan sign on Bluemont 
hill. The 1968 and 1969 Favorite Men on Campus 
were DUs as were the presidents of Blue Key, 
Steel Ring and Pre-Vet Club. DUs claimed first 
in intramural swimming and second in cross coun- 
try during the 1968 intramurals season. 

Delta Upsilon — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
John Sponable, Stephen R. 
Anderson, Rodney J. Barnes, 
James E. Barrett, Terry R. Bar- 
rett, Eric L. Bartholomew, Mar- 
tin W. Bauer. 

SECOND ROW: Lee G. Boutell, 
Michael L. Braxmeyer, Donald 
R. Brining, Darrel W. Bryant, 
Cornelius W. Classen, Steven F. 
Compton, Jay L. Cook. 

THIRD ROW: John D. Cosgrove, 
Gale W. Davis, Greg P. Denk, 
John J. Devore, Steven L. Doug- 
las, Kelly L. Dumford, Clinton 

FOURTH ROW: Thomas J. Elder, 
Galen E. Ericson, Jon H. Eshel- 
man, Kenneth Ewy, Kent J. Far- 
ney, David R. Fritchen, Bruce E. 

FIFTH ROW: David B. Fruetel, 
George A. Gerritz, David L. Gild- 
ersleve, Joseph E. Grimes, Dan 
S. Grmstead, Robert J. Gump, 
Harry P. Guy. 

BOTTOM ROW: Clare M. Hake- 
man, Ronald L. Hamilton, Greg- 
ory S. Hammer, Thomas D. 
Hawk, James B. Hayes, Larry D. 
Hendricks, Ralph W. Hicks. 


Delta Upsilon — TOP ROW: Da- 
vid G. Hoffman, John R. How- 
land, Daniel S. Huffman, David 
L. Hyder, Douglas Jernigan, 
Thomas M. Jernigan. Robert L. 
Johnson. Brent M. Kerbs. 

SECOND ROW: Lawrence M. 
Kendall, Henry C. Kirchhoff, 
Dennis R. Lilly, Richard K. Lilly, 
Randal K. Loder, Stephen L. 
Long, William E. Mallory, Mike J. 

THIRD ROW: Terrance J. Ma- 
lone, Stewart Mann, Bennie L. 
Martin. James E. Mathewson. 
Joseph R. Mathewson, Galen R. 
McDonald, Douglas L. McKmley, 
Paul E. Miller. 

FOURTH ROW: John V. Miesse, 
Steven L. Morgan, Stephen R. 
Morris, Elmer L. Musil, Steven L. 
Opat, Stephen M. Perry, John E. 
Phillips, Richard W. Porter. 

FIFTH ROW: Gary D. Rickards, 
Thomas J. Romig, Mark H. Ru- 
liffson, Benjamin T. Rumsey, 
Keith G. Sebelius, John M. Shoe- 
maker, Philip M. Smith, Robert 
G. Smith . 

SIXTH ROW: Thomas C. Smith, 
Paul T. Stallsworth, Mark M. 
Stearns, Steven A. Tangeman, 
Lawrence E. Townley, Gary L. 
Urbanek, Walter J. Vmey. 

BOTTOM ROW: Larry E. Ward, 
Warren N. West. James A. Wil- 
son, John T. Winter, Craig M. 
Woodard, Walter F. York, Craig 
S. Young. 

Eighty-three chapters. 
Founded Williams Col- 
lege 1834. K-State 
chapter established 

Delta Upsilon pledges put the finishing touches on their psychedelic tunnel for 
a "Hell's Angels" party which featured a skit satirizing DU's pledge programs. 

*- '4 . v 

At a Valentines Party, a member of FarmHouse prods 
other members and dates to participate in a game. 

FarmHouse — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Hazel Hawbecker, Steve E. 
Abrams, James P. Adams, Jo- 
seph M. Bohnen, David M. Bo- 
zone, Phillip W. Brown. 

SECOND ROW: Kent C. Carlson, 
Steve K. Carr. Tommy R. Carr, 
Peter J. Cordel, David R. Corn- 
well, Philip G. Crandall. 

THIRD ROW: Michael E. Dike- 
man. Gary R. Doane, Frank 
Douthit, Jon C. Ferguson, Ther- 
on E. Fry, Frederick W. Gatlin. 

FOURTH ROW: Joseph S. Ges- 
sner, Kendal L. Grecian, Melvin 
H. Hamlin, John M. Hamman, 
James E. Harvey, Dana R. 

FIFTH ROW: Gerald W. Henrik- 
son, Gerald L. Hildebrand, Rob- 
ert L. Hirt, Charles D. Holste, 
Tom L. Jacobitz, James F. 

BOTTOM ROW: John F. Jagger, 
Justin B. Janssen, Marvin D. Kal- 
lenback, Dennis G. Kasselman, 
James R. Kenyon, Richard D. 



FarmHouse — TOP ROW: Timo- 
thy J. Knott, Donald V. Koelhker, 
Thomas C. Kruse, James A. 
Kuhanc, Walter W. Kurth, David 

SECOND ROW: David F. Martin, 
Larry B. Massey. Darrell L. Mill- 
er, Richard D. Miller, Tom J. 
Moxley, Dale E. Naiman . 

THIRD ROW: Charles W. New- 
corn, Roger C. Oplinger, Kirby D, 
Pike, William H. Reissig, Jay D. 
Riedl, Jerre K. Rorick. 

FOURTH ROW: Wayne A. Ross, 
Tommy L. Smith, Gary A. Split- 
ter, Robert L, Stark. Paul E. 
Stemmeyer, Glen E. Strecker 

BOTTOM ROW: James R. Tan- 
ner, Julian G. Toney, Gregory D. 
Umberger, Stuart W. Weibert. 
Ronald D. Wenger, James R. 
Wilson, John D. Wood. 

FarmHouse aids community with special projects 

Mentally retarded children from Manhattan 
were entertained by the men of FarmHouse at a 
Halloween party. In conjunction with the Meth- 
odist Church the fraternity helped sponsor a Bo- 
livian student and at Christmas, members staged 
a Christmas party for handicapped children. 

FarmHouse men were student senators and the 

head varsity cheerleader and members of Blue 
Key, Gamma Sigma Delta, Phi Kappa Phi and 
Steel Ring. Social activities of the fraternity fea- 
tured the annual Star and Crescent Ball, a barbe- 
cue and a formal Christmas party. House im- 
provements undertaken during the year included a 
partial remodeling of the living room. 

Twenty-two chap- 
ters. Founded 
University of Mis- 
souri 1905. In- 
state chapter 
established 1921. 

Living at 1830 College Heights, FarmHouse members participate in Studer 
Blue Key, Steel Ring, varsity cheerleading, Gamma Sigma Delta and Phi K 

e members participate in Student Senate, 

"appa Phi. 

Kappa Sigma — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Dana L. Anderson, James P. 
Adams, Michael B. Adams, Ver- 
non Aldrich, Charles E. Bailey, 
Douglas A. Bauman 

SECOND ROW: William K. Bell, 
Richard E. Brown, John E. Ca- 
ton, Scott L. Chapman, Kyle D. 
Clark, Michael R. Counihan. 

THIRD ROW: Wendell F. Cowan, 
Daniel L. Enterhne, Michael C. 
Enckson, Mark A. Fisher, Kim- 
ball Flentie, Jerry V. Gooch. 

FOURTH ROW: Richard W. 
Hammond, Fred W. Hubbard, 
Stephen H. Hurst, Michael A. Ire- 
land, Maurice E. Kancel, Steve T. 

BOTTOM ROW: Miles Kotay. Jer- 
ry B. Lappin, Alan L. Lewis, Rob- 
ert Matthews, Warren C. Mitts, 
Robert M. Moncnet, James R. 
Nelson . 

Kappa Sigma entertains bandsmen after parade 

At the end of their parade on Band Day, high 
school bandsmen were served refreshments in 
City Park by the men of Kappa Sigma fraternity. 
In intramurals, Kappa Sigs placed second in 
league football and basketball, third in volleyball 
and fifth in cross country. Kappa Sigs also partici- 
pated in Eta Kappa Nu, Arts and Sciences Coun- 

cil, Alpha Kappa Psi, Arnold Air Society and 
Sigma Tau. Social events attended by members 
included the annual Red Dog Party, Christmas 
party and the Stardust Formal. During the year, 
the fraternity purchased a Great Dane as house 
mascot and added study furniture to all of the in- 
dividual house bedrooms. 

Among the 56 Kappa Sigmas residing at 1930 College Heights were members of Col- 
lege Republicans, Block and Bridle, Pre-Vet Club and the K-State jazz workshop. 

One hundred fif- 
ty-five chapters. 
Founded Univer- 
sity of Virginia 
1869. Gamma Chi 
chapter estab- 
lished 1919. 

Purchased in October, Kappa Sigma's new house mas- 
cot "Steinhardt" gets an impromptu reading lesson. 

klihitkilW >A 

Kappa Sigma — TOP ROW: Wil- 
liam H. Nutt, Randal 0. Ott, Ste- 
ven A. Robinson, Barry L. 
Schartz, Charles Schleicher, 
Arthur Schmidt, Michael S. 

BOTTOM ROW: Joseph E. Smith, 
David C. Spark, Michael B. Ster- 
ling, Gary D. Stromberg, Lmley 
S. White, Randall E. Willmore. 
Dennis J. Wycoff. 


Lambda Chi Alpha — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Neva Heusner, John R. Bar- 
ry, Stephen T. Barton, Bruce A. 
Boomer, Ralph J. Boomer, Rich- 
ard N. Bruce, Tommie L. 

BOTTOM ROW: Leslie Chyba, 
Ronald E. Ciston, Richard B. 
Davis, Stephen V. Davis, Roger 
D. Dennis, Russell Eberhart, 
Russel W. Frame. 


In order to complete their requirements for initia- 
tion, Lambda Chi pledges install parking dividers. 


Lambda Chis aid formation of Pittsburg chapter 

During the summer National General Assem- 
bly, Lambda Chi Alpha received a trophy for the 
best scholarship improvement among all chapters. 

The chapter completed remodeling of the living 
room in January and helped to install a new 
Lambda Chi chapter at Pittsburg State College in 
February. A party at Christmas entertained 

members of underprivileged families while pro- 
ceeds from the annual spring Chariot Relays con- 
tributed to a freshman scholarship fund. Out- 
standing Lambda Chis participated in Alpha Ep- 
silon Rho, Alpha Kappa Psi and Arnold Air So- 
ciety and were in Who's Who of American Col- 
leges and the Missouri Valley Forensic Union. 

«V' V M 


Lambda Chi Alpha — TOP ROW: 
Danny R. Gerberding, Michael L. 
Hanquist, Larry R. Hendershot, 
Richard C. Hochberg, Martin L. 
Hoffman, James H. Jones. 

SECOND ROW: Claude A. Ker- 
shner, Rick E. Kiser, Kenneth E. 
Laughrey, Edward G. Lloyd, Har- 
ry B. McGrath, Harlyn G. 

THIRD ROW: Jonathan B. Mitch- 
ell, Lew E. Mollenkamp, Robert 
L. Owen, Mark L. Robinson, Phil- 
lip E. Russell, Larry D. Schoen. 

FOURTH ROW: Gary D. Schulz, 
Robert A. Sebree, Richard E. 
Shoemaker, Fred W. Suggs, 
Robert E. Stach, Curtis W. 

BOTTOM ROW: Timothy Teply, 
Neil E. Tiemeier. William D. Wal- 
seth, Mark C Whitney, Harold 
Yates, John D. Youngman. 

One hundred six- 
ty-seven chap- 
ters. Founded 
Boston University 
1909. Gamma Xi 
chapter estab- 
lished 1924. 

Members of Lambda Chi Alpha modernized the interior of their chapter house at 
505 Denison by remodeling the entrance hall, living room and recreation room. 

Brushing up on a few songs after dinner, the men of 
Phi Delta Theta prepare for a serenade. The men 

entered "Take a Hunch to Lunch or Never Play Ball 
with a Fullback" in the 1969 HQ skit competition. 

Phi Delta Theta — TOP ROW: 
Mary Webb, Michael D. Baker, 
Jon R. Barbee, Frank R. Berna- 
sek, Steven L. Bernasek, Rich- 
ard L. Bishop. 

SECOND ROW: Stephen P. Bish- 
op. Charles A. Briscoe, William 
H. Brooks, Charles C. Cole, Wil- 
liam E. Craig, Melvin B. Crelly. 

THIRD ROW: Sidney T. Edwards, 
James J. Ferguson, Michael E. 
Francis, John H. Galloway, Dar- 
rell R. Gentry. Michael L. 
Gibson . 

FOURTH ROW: Jack S. Goodson, 
Michael C. Green. Alan W. 
Groesbeck, Richard M. Groff, 
David R. Gross, Gregory P. 

FIFTH ROW: Patrick M. Harmon, 
Allan R. Hartman, Jonathan M. 
Heslop, Allen E. Homan. Donald 
F. Hueben, Bradley D. Johnson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kent K. Kane, 
Gerald F. Kennedy, Michael D. 
Konald, Doyle W. Leonard, Rich- 
ard A. Lester, Franklin E. Lynch. 


Phi Delta Theta — TOP ROW: 
John D. Lynch, George M. Ma- 
ness, Edward Mangelsdorf, 
Miles C. Mattley, Douglas R. 
Mermis, Gregory D. Mock. 

SECOND ROW: Thomas J. 
Moehlman, Donald W. Mont- 
gomery, Thomas D. Montgom- 
ery, David D. Mosier, William R. 
Nichols, Micheal Niedenthal. 

THIRD ROW: Gary G. Orear, 
James S. Osborn, James W. Par- 
rish, Craig H. Price, Michael E. 
Reed, Jerry L. Reppert. 

FOURTH ROW: James E. Russell, 
Charles S. Schirmer, Robert L. 
Simmons, Leroy D. Simmons, 
Michael F. Singer, Thomas R. 

FIFTH ROW: James L. Stone, 
Charles A. Stryker, Ronald A. 
Stryker, David D. Swenson, 
Laurence R. Swenson, David J. 

BOTTOM ROW: Richard S. 
Troell, David L. Ward, Steven C. 
Weaver, Benjamin H. Wheatley, 
Robin L. Wick, Meryl D. Wilson, 
Robert E. Wilson. 

Phi Delta Theta wins 
second place for HQ skit 

Second place honors in Harlequinade "68 were 
won by Phi Delta Theta who, with Alpha Delta 
Pi, performed their original skit entitled "Cheese 
It - It's the Rat, or the Rat's Out of the Bag." 
Phi Delts' participation in the John F. Kennedy 
memorial community services included bussing 
retarded children from Manhattan to the Gage 
Park Zoo in Topeka. The fraternity also adopted 
an orphaned boy living in Thailand. 

For the second consecutive year, high scholar- 
ship brought the Kansas Gamma chapter recogni- 
tion on the Phi Delta Theta national honor roll. 
Phi Delts were members of Commerce Council, 
Arnold Air Society and Scabbard and Blade. 

One hundred thirty-seven chapters. 
Founded Miami University 1848. 
Kansas Gamma established 1920. 

Receiving a place on their nation- 
al scholarship honor roll for the 
second year, the men of Phi Delta 
Theta reside at 508 Sunset. 


Phi Kappa Theta — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Catherine Tagader, James 
L. Armour, John L. Armour, 
Michael J. Beier, Walter J. Birch, 
Edward J. Boos, Richard K. 

SECOND ROW: Richard E. Brarm- 
lage, James M. Cain, John J. 
Carr, Daniel J. Carroll, William 
T. Carson, Stanley Chrzanowski, 
Thomas H. Cure. 

THIRD ROW: Daniel C. Dalrym- 
ple. Thomas Dinges, Gregory D. 
Dirsa, Michael D. Dolbow, 
Thomas Drees, James R. Dris- 
coll, Joseph T. Engelken. 

FOURTH ROW: Daniel Falter- 
meier, James E. Gagnon, Eu- 
gene F. Giebler, Robert P. Gill, 
Leon F. Goetz. Robert H. Han- 
sen, Michael Hawk. 

FIFTH ROW: Robert Jilka, David 
Johnson, James E. Karlin, Philip 
M. Kelley, Thomas F. Kongs, 
John A. Kramer, Robert L. Lehr. 

SIXTH ROW: Thomas M. Mayse, 
John M. McMillen, Douglas J. 
Mull, Gerald D. Mull, Frank D. 
Murry, David F. Nash, Patrick W. 

SEVENTH ROW: Christopher 
Paluch, Gary D. Paulsen, Ste- 
phen W. Pierson, Dennis G. 
Redd, Jeftrey D. Reinert, Alfred 
F. Rohr, Dale R. Rohr. 

EIGHTH ROW: Jackie L. Schin- 
stock, Arthur L. Schreiner, Rog- 
er Schreiner, Lawrence E. 
Schuller, David W. Schwartz, 
Fred A. Silady, John A. Silady. 

NINTH ROW: John C. Sipes, 
John T. Skeuse, Thomas J. 
Skeuse, John B. Smith, Ronald 
J. Smith, Ronald J. Sosna, Law- 
rence J. Theno. 

BOTTOM ROW: Anthony J. 
Vlach, Roger N. Walter, Howard 
J. Willcott, Marc L. Williams, 
Stephen P. Wurtz, Michael G. 


Members of Phi Kappa Theta relate the day's events 
while waiting for the evening meal to be prepared. 

Phi Kaps launch construction on house expansion 

Their entry in the Homecoming house decora- 
tions contest merited second place honors for the 
men of Phi Kappa Theta. As a community serv- 
ice, the pledge class provided gifts, food and enter- 
tainment for members of the local needy family 
the fraternity adopted at Christmas. 

During the year, Phi Kaps began construction 

on the new house addition which will feature ex- 
panded kitchen and recreational facilities and a 
new library and music room. Members escorted 
their dates to a Christmas party and a Fish For- 
mal. Outstanding Phi Kaps were found in Sigma 
Tau, Phi Eta Sigma and Tau Sigma Delta honor- 
aries and in Arnold Air Society. 

Phi Kappa Theta's Homecoming decoration featuring a Jayhawk lying in a mule- 
drawn hearse won second place honors for the residents of 1965 College Heights. 

Sixty chapters. 
Founded Brown 
University 1889. 
Kansas lota chap- 
ter established 

Pikes take fire engine to pep rallies, serenades 

Newly purchased and freshly painted, the Pi 
Kappa Alpha fire engine was on the scene at all 
football games, pep rallies and fraternity sere- 
nades. The Pikes entertained underprivileged 
children at a Christmas party which featured 
gifts, dinner and a surprise visit from Santa. As 
part of the Manhattan clean-up project, fraternity 

pledges cleaned Bluemont hill in the spring. 

Pikes participated in the Homecoming house 
decorations contest and in intramurals and also 
sponsored the winner of the UMOC contest. In 
the social realm of activities, Pikes sponsored a 
Roaring 20's Party, beachcomber party and 
named their Dream Girl at the spring formal. 

Pi Kappa Alpha — TOP ROW: 
Larry E. Anderson, Rick A. An- 
derson, Michael C. Babbit, David 
K. Bauer, Lowell K. Blaser, Rob- 
ert R. Bowell, Patrick L. 

SECOND ROW: David L. Bridges, 
David Carlson, Daryl L. Carter, 
Michael B. Clark, Fred Crotm- 
ger, Ronald W. Crotinger, Rich- 
ard A. Dean. 

THIRD ROW: Craig N. Deeds, 
Robert G. DelPoplo. Kenneth G. 
Ebert, Donald A. Faulconer, 
Frederick J. Foster, Clyde E. 
Francis, Ronald L. Gabnelson. 

FOURTH ROW: James N. Goins, 
Donald C. Griffiths, Duane E. 
Herman, John M. Kirk, Jack R. 
Lewis, Joseph S. Lolli, Dale P. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jim MacCullum, 
Gordon B. McKenzie, Gordon 
McPheter, Michael R. Odell, Wil- 
liam F. Organ, Michael L. 

Pi Kappa Alpha members added new phone booths, replaced doors and windows and 
repainted the interior of their house built in 1958 at 2021 College View Road. 

One hundred thir- 
ty-nine chapters. 
Founded University 
of Virginia 1868. 
Alpha Omega chap- 
ter established 

Mir': '<& 


Pi Kappa Alpha — TOP ROW: 
James M. Peters, Charles Peter- 
son, Robert W. Perry, Gary M. 
Porter, Stephen H. Ramsey, 
Kenneth J. Rempe. 

SECOND ROW: Bob Robertson, 
Timothy L. Roeder, David F. 
Richards, Frank A. Russo, Rob- 
ert A. Schunke, Mark W. 

THIRD ROW: Ronald C. Shaffer, 
Gary Shively, Rick D. Shoger. 
John P. Shreves, James H. Spell- 
meier, Robert E. Standish. 

BOTTOM ROW: John P. Thomas, 
Vance E. VanPelt, Michael P. 
Washburn, Timothy S. Weber, 
David K. Wieland, David L. 

Pikes use a 1928 fire engine, purchased in October, to 
carry cheerleaders into the stadium at game time. 


During the summer, Sigma 
Aloha Epsilon men landscaped 
the lawn and redecorated the 
chapter room at 1015 Denison. 

One hundred seventy-two 
chapters. Founded University 
of Alabama 1866. Kansas Beta 
chapter established 1913. 

Sig Alph bumper stickers 
boost University support 

While stressing scholarship among their mem- 
bers, Sigma Alpha Epsilon also boosted school 
spirit by selling bumper stickers reading "This is 
the Year of the 'Cats" and displaying a pep ban- 
ner at each home football game. Awards captured 
by the Sig Alphs included third place in Greek 
Sing and the second place trophy for their overall 
record in University intramurals. 

Sig Alphs were active in K-State Singers, Blue 
Key, Steel Ring, Alpha Kappa Psi and Sigma 
Delta Chi. Their house social functions featured 
the Belle Ball, the annual Flush Bowl football 
game with Phi Delta Theta, post-game buffets 
and the annual fall Bowery Party. 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon — TOP 

ROW: John C. Anderson, James 
W. Aubel, Edwin E. Baumgarten, 
John E. Becker, Jerome G. Bee- 
zley, Charles E. Bliss. 

SECOND ROW: Curtis L. Bock, 
John B. Bondurant, Hays A. 
Brickell, James R. Brock, Alan 
G. Brummell, Philip K.Clark. 

THIRD ROW: Gary L. Cohen, 
Roger D. Collins, Richard K. 
Corby, Alan B. Crane, Terry J. 
Crofoot, William Dillingham. 

FOURTH ROW: Victor L. Doper- 
alski, Harold R. Early, Terry D. 
Early, Patrick Fitzsimons, Phillip 
E. Foss, James F. Foster. 

FIFTH ROW: Francis M. Gaddie, 
Archie L. Gooden, Tony R. Good- 
en, Darryl W. Graves, Larry D. 
Harts, Thomas J. Hogan. 

BOTTOM ROW: Timothy W. Ihl- 
off, Roger S. John, Thomas E. 
Klag, Michael M. Kozlowski, 
Michael J. Kuhn, Bryon K. 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon — TOP 

ROW: Dixon H. Landers, Dale F. 
Langland, Thomas R. Lmdsley, 
Mark E. Marling, Martin P. Mar- 
ten. Daryl K. McLain. 

SECOND ROW: Marc E, Miller, 
Max I. Miller, James K. Morrow, 
Stephen P. Palmer, Loren E. 
Peithman, Benjamin L. Porter. 

THIRD ROW: William 0. Pratt, 
John R. Rader, Steve F. Randle, 
Willard B. Ranson, Gary L. Rich. 
James N. Sanders. 

FOURTH ROW: William E. 
Schaid, Carl F. Schwab, Richard 
B. Sigwing, Freddie L. Slough, 
Thomas E. Sundahl, Stanley M. 

BOTTOM ROW: Don K. Tomlin- 
son, Thomas E. Tweed. Jay H. 
Vader, Micheal E. Vandenberg, 
Gary A. Walter, Brian K. Ward, 
Philip D.Wohltman. 

At their annual Bowery Party, the men of Sigma Al- 
pha Epsilon and dates relive the era of the 1920's. 

Sig Alphs captured first place trophies in intra- 
mural swimming, wrestling and Softball competition. 

Sigma Chi men and their dates enjoy a formal dinner 
in the newly paneled dining room. Other house im- 

provements undertaken included paneling in the card 
room and carpeting for the upper level corridors. 

Sigma Chis win second significant chapter award 

Recipient of their fraternity's National Peter- 
son Significant Chapter Award for the past two 
years, Sigma Chi claimed top honors for their 
performance in Greek Sing. In preparation for 
their celebration of their 20th year on campus, 
Delta Upsilon chapter began informing alumni of 
the week's activities planned for next December. 

Sigma Chis co-sponsored the Newfolk Singers in 
the Campus Crusade for Christ and also helped to 
support the Wallace Village for mentally handi- 
capped children in Colorado. The annual Derby 
Day activities, two costume parties and the for- 
mal Sweetheart Ball rounded out the year's social 
events for the fraternity. 

Derby Day activities sponsored by Sigma Chi men, at 1224 Fremont, feature coeds 
chasing members to steal their hats. Events ended at a dance Saturday night. 

one hundred for- 
ty-four chapters. 
Founded Miami Uni- 
versity 1855. Delta 
Upsilon chapter es- 
tablished 1949. 

Sigma Chi — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Marion D. Unruh, Donald D. 
Ahlerich, Jon M. Ahrens, Larry 
Berlin, Roger W. Biby, Craig M. 
Biggs, William 0. Blake. 

SECOND ROW: Jon C. Boren, 
Richard P. Bradley. Harold E. 
Brown, Lawrence T. Buening, 
Terrence J. Burns, Mark D. Cal- 
cara, Donald L. Denton. 

THIRD ROW: Richard M. Dudg- 
eon, Jeffery M. Eaton, Michael 
Elliott, Randall S. Ellis, Ran- 


dall J. Forbes, Randall C. Gelwix, 

David E. Graham. 

FOURTH ROW: Randall 0. Grill, 
Thomas R. Hagan, Larry E. Hart- 
man, Richard L. Hartman, 
James F. Haun, Timothy House, 
Thomas E. Keller. 

FIFTH ROW: William M. Keller, 
Richard D. Krause, Kirk Kreu- 
ger, David B. Launder, Craig A. 
Liljegren, Dale G. Litton, Timo- 
thy L. Lowrey. 

SIXTH ROW: Gary D. Mc- 
Callister, Rodney B. McLenon, 
Richard D. McDermott, James 
B. McGee, Donald R. McMurray, 
Andrew R. Masters, Daniel 

SEVENTH ROW: Leslie A. Mat- 
thews, John M. Miller, John Mit- 
cha, Jesse D. Moore, James E. 
Moore, Ron E. Myers, Mark W. 

EIGHTH ROW: Peter H. Olson. 
Larry G. Palmer, Michael L. 
Palmer, Keith R. Paxton, Ken- 
neth E. Pecis, Roy W. Peterson, 
David E. Retter. 

NINTH ROW: Thomas C. Rob- 
erts, Ernest G. Smith, Stephen E. 
Snodgrass, Dennis E. Sweet, 
Michael C. Tarry. David L. Telk- 
er, David R. Thompson. 

BOTTOM ROW: David Unruh. 
Stephen G. Unruh, Stephen G. 
Vedros, Mark W. Watson, Stan G. 
Weir, Curt L. Willyard, George G. 
Wilson, Jan A. Windscheffel. 


Sigma Nu — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Herbert W. Scott, Henry S. 
Blake, Guy Borden, Barry B. 
Burgard, Joseph M. Christ, Law- 
rence S. DoLance, Edwin R. 
Dunstan . 

SECOND ROW: Phillip S. Folck, 
Stephen P. Folck, Steven L. 
Frickey, Richard M. Generson, 
Robert E. Gettmo, Phil S. Goss, 
Dennis W. Graham. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gregory N. 
Green, Lee R. Green, Terry M. 
Grindle, Ronald L. Grojean, Jer- 
ry L. Gronau, Ronald D. Hadsall, 
Kenneth L. Hadsall. 


Ilk i 

4 44* 

Sigma Nus take advantage of a recent heavy snowfall 
to enjoy some fast-paced sled rides after classes. 



One hundred forty- 
eight chapters. 
Founded Virginia 
Military Institute 
1869. Beta Kappa 
chapter established 

Recent additions to the Sigma Nu house at 513 Sunset include new carpeting and 
furniture in the living room. The chapter also began planning for a new wing. 

Centennial party celebrates Sigma Nu founding 

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of 
Sigma Nu, men of Beta Kappa chapter dressed in 
1869 costumes for a centennial party. Members 
served as foster parents at Christmas and partici- 
pated in the Multiple Sclerosis Drive in Manhat- 
tan. Social activities sponsored by Sigma Nu in- 
cluded a hippie party, Christmas formal and the 

annual White Rose Formal in the spring. 

Sigma Nus participated in all intramural sports 
and claimed a varsity cheerleader and a basket- 
ball player among their members. New carpeting 
and furniture were added to the housemother's 
quarters while plans were being made for a new 
house addition in the near future. 

Sigma Nu — TOP ROW: Danny 
L Hall. Jeffre L. Hembree, Rob- 
ert S. Hites, Ronald C. Holmes, 
James L. Isch, Richard J. Ivy. 

SECOND ROW: Steven V. Kim- 
ball, Robert D. Knapp, Walter H. 
Koontz, John R. LeBow, James 
R. McCune, William D. Miner. 

THIRD ROW: Chester M. Pule. 
James M. Richardson, Larry W. 
Rollins, Steve J. Schwartz, De- 
La ncy A. Smith, Michael S. 

FOURTH ROW: Stanley T. Sta- 
delman. Bill E. Stallard, Larry D. 
Stallard, Richard A. Sundheim, 
William A. Swander, Jerry R. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bradley J. 
Thompson, Charles R. Vesker- 
na. Douglas R. Wagner, Stephen 
W. Waite, Lloyd H. Willard. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon — TOP ROW: 
Mrs. Cora Shupe, John P. Ayers, 
Richard R. Barrows. Jerald L. 
Bohn, David H. Bony. Sam J. 
Broberg, Larry A. Claussen . 

SECOND ROW: Daniel R. Cofran, 
Thomas E. Compton. Guy W. 
Davis. Mark E. Davis. Thomas S. 
Dawson, Jon S. Dolence. Calvin 
L. Emig. 

THIRD ROW: Kenneth K. Eshle- 
man, Steven C. Fergerson, Ken- 
neth J. Francis, William Gallant, 
Rex E. Garrelts, Allen Gersten- 
berger, Verlyn E. Gilges. 

FOURTH ROW: Nicholas J. Gold- 
en, Thomas T. Golden, Steve J. 
Gratf, Stephen M. Harris, Tony 
J. Hedges, Robert A. Helms, 
Dennis K. Hill. 

FIFTH ROW: Richard D. Holt, 
David R. Howell, James M. 
Hughes, Gary L. Johnson, Ste- 
ven W. Kinder, Lawrence R. 
Klein, Fredrick W. Kravs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jerry D. Kuhn, 
John P. Larson, James D. La- 
tham, Joel G. Latta, William A. 
Loerch, William T. McDiffett, 
Robert E. Mapes. 

One hundred seventy-four chap- 
ters. Founded Richmond College 
1901. Kansas Beta chapter estab- 
lished 1918. 

Waiting for dinner, Sigma Phi 
Epsilon actives relax with mem- 
bers of their women's auxiliary, 
the Sisters of the Golden Heart. 

Sig Eps entertain alums 
at Founder's Day events 

Alumni were guests of the men of Sigma Phi 
Epsilon at the Kansas Beta chapter's 50th Home- 
coming celebration. Sig Eps also treated alumni to 
dinner, the football game and a banquet as part of 
their annual Founder's Day activities. 

Sig Eps rated top overall in golf and placed 
third in football in intramural competition. Out- 
standing members included the president of Inter- 
fraternity Council, the chairman of University 
Activities Board and two varsity football players. 
Highlights of the Sig Ep social year were the 
western party, Christmas party, the annual Gold- 
en Heart Ball in February and the Hawaiian par- 
ty staged during the spring semester. 


Sigma Phi Epsilon members, residing at 1015 Sunset, 
took second place in league basketball competition. 

Sigma Phi Epsilon — TOP ROW: 
Robert Mathews, John E. Miller, 
Larry R. Mueller, Philip L. Neal, 
Craig Nelsen, Marl C. Nicklas. 

SECOND ROW: Galen 0. Norby, 
Glen D. Owen, Dennis D. Page, 
Jack Piepenbring, James Pie- 
penbring, Lawrence W. Pitman. 

THIRD ROW: Mark W. Pray. 
Donald W. Rees, Lee M. Reeve, 
Robert D. Regnier, Timothy J. 
Reitz, Gary A. Richards. 

FOURTH ROW: Daniel F. Robe- 
son, Charles A. Schaible, Parick 
R. Schmidt, Mark L. Schreiber, 
Joe H. Scoby, James Shatter. 

FIFTH ROW: Stephen Singular, 
Ronald Starr, Robert Stepanich. 
Kenny Stith. Richard Strand- 
mark, Roger Strube. 

BOTTOM ROW: Tom B. Taul, 
Thomas Taylor. Dennis Vander- 
pool. Thomas Vernon, Steve J. 
Wood, Ronald York. 


Z-shaped rooms in TKE's chapter house at 1516 N. Manhattan offers private study and 
sleep areas. With Delta Zeta, the TKEs entered a comedy skit in the 1969 HQ competition. 

Alpha Lambda 
colony estab- 
lished 1968. Tau 
Kappa Epsilon 
founded Illinois 
Wesleyan Univer- 
sity 1899. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon occupies new chapter house 

Academic achievement of the members of Tau 
Kappa Epsilon during the spring, 1968 semester 
merited the men the trophy for the highest schol- 
arship improvement among the fraternities. 

Fall projects undertaken by the fraternity were 
a Halloween party for underprivileged children 
and a Manhattan public service weekend. 

In the fall, TKEs moved into their new chapter 
house which featured a sunken den, intercom sys- 
tem, sunken patio and a wall-to-wall trophy case. 
At Homecoming, TKEs presented a mod party 
and later featured the annual Red Lion Inn party 
at Christmas. In the spring, TKEs attended the 
Red Carnation Ball and performed in HQ. 

Tau Kappa Epsilon — TOP ROW: 
Keith E. Alquist, Jonathan N. 
Ash, Thomas F. Boley, William 
D. Butler, Steven Butterworth, 
Paul M. Castello, Richard P. 

SECOND ROW: Steven G. Coop- 
er, Bruce L. Davis, Otis L. Davis, 
Bruce F. Dietler, Gary J. Dreier, 
Michael E. Egan, Charles A. 

THIRD ROW: Darrell Fracko- 
wiak, Gary A. Frantz, Michael W. 
Fruehling, Jimmy L. Garrett, 
James R. Jajkowski, Joseph A. 
Jordan, Jerry A. Kackley . 

FOURTH ROW: William J. Lasley, 
Raymond J. Lippman, Clifford 
S. Lucas, John R. Mahar, Chris- 
topher A. Marks, Charles A. 
Mauck, DickW. McCreight. 

BOTTOM ROW: Patrick A. Mc- 
Elhany, Richard L. Middleton, 
Richard H. Miller, William H. 
Miller, Brian L. Oliver, Michael 
G. Pansy, Daniel L. Peterson. 


Tau Kappa Epsilon — TOP ROW: 
Michael G. Pharo, David R. 
Rockhold, Jimmy L. Sawyer, 
Gerald D. Schmidt, Arnold M. 
Sherman. William P. Sine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Thomas E. Sny- 
der, Paul M. Thomason, James 
R. Widener, Richard R. Willis, 

Lanny T. Winberry, 

Jed E. 

As finalists in 1969 HQ, members of Tau Kappa Epsi- 
lon rehearse for their production in a classroom. 


At a Triangle party staged in a local pub, a mem- 
ber and his date take a break from dancing to en- 

joy refreshments at the bar. Other social activi- 
ties of the men were a house party and spring dance. 

Triangle — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Wayne Granger. Gary L. Ander- 
son, Steven R. Bootman, Willis 
L. Boughton, Thomas L. Boyle, 
David L. Casper. 

BOTTOM ROW: Don A. Caywood, 
Mark A. Chalkley, Michael G. Cil- 
lessen, Robert A. Curry, Harry J. 
Evans, David F. Fairbanks. 

*c — T » 


Triangle — TOP ROW: Charles 
H. Fellman, Robert D. Flack, Jay 
W. Glass, Gregory W. Hardin, 
Marc S. Hardin, Paul T. Hard- 
man, Robert R. Hogue. 

SECOND ROW: Alan F. Kessler, 
Robert D. Kinney, Robert G. 
Kirk, Arley D. Lanman, Joseph 
W. Leighty, John R. Ley, Clar- 
ence Y. Mar. 

THIRD ROW: Bruce A. Maxwell, 
David J. Mellgren, Bruce F. Mey- 
er, Theodore J. Mick, Richard D. 
Neely, James R. Nulty, George E. 

FOURTH ROW: Neil D. Rogers, 
David C. Rieniets, Jerry C. Rob- 
inson, David G. Schneck, Law- 
rence W. Slupianek, Lee E. 

BOTTOM ROW: James F. Smith, 
William A. Stoskopt, Richard L. 
Surrett, Richard C. Wichman, 
Philip M. Woodworth, Robert C. 

Triangle chapter places first in national rankings 

In their fifth year on campus, men of Triangle 
fraternity were recognized by their national head- 
quarters as the best chapter in the nation. On 
campus, Triangle received first prize in Greek 
Sing and at both the national and local levels, the 
group received awards for the best overall scholar- 
ship improvement. Triangle members participat- 

ed in Blue Key honorary and on Student Senate. 

Social activities of the fraternity included the 
chapter's annual weekend house party and foot- 
ball game with the chapter from the University of 
Kansas. Triangle men also organized and spon- 
sored their annual Christmas formal and an infor- 
mal party and dance in the spring. 

In order to ease the parking situation, the members of Triangle installed cement 
dividers in the parking area adjacent to their chapter house at 221 N. Delaware. 

chapters. Found- 
ed University of 
Illinois 1907. It- 
State chapter 
established 1964. 

Water-filled balloons provide coeds with weapons 
to use in harrassing contestants in the bed race. 

Independents compete 
during Spring Fling '68 

Students found a variety of outlets for their 
spring fever in activities staged during the week of 
Spring Fling '68. Events began with skits intro- 
ducing candidates for Wildcat and Wildkitten. 
After an evening of voting by residents of inde- 
pendent living groups, Kathy Michaels, West 
hall, and Gary Metzinger, Marlatt hall, were se- 
lected as Spring Fling royalty. Highlighting the 
week was the bed race on Saturday. Smurthwaite, 
West and Straube won first prize for their "ba- 
nana split" bed decoration. After the contest, 
students attended a picnic, participated in outdoor 
games and later danced to the sounds of the 
Slightly Sensational Showmen band. 

Replacing the regular food center lunches, a pic- 
nic provides a break during the Saturday contests. 

Ending the activity, Spring Fling royalty Kathy 
Michaels and Gary Metzinger reign over the dance. 


Rushing to the finish line, teams vie for honors carrying coeds on their shoulders. Other games 
in the bod race which feature teams of four men included tug-of-war, camel fight and grape pass. 

Despite water-filled balloons thrown by spectators 
and a wobbly bed, Ford and Marlatt dormitory resi- 

dents finish first in the bed race. Entries follow 
a curving, hilly race course along campus avenues. 


During a leadership conference of residence halls, 
a group of students talk about problems as Chester 

Peters, vice-president of academic affairs, offers 
counsel. The session was a fall project of KSUARH. 

WsMSmi •*■ 

Despite hundreds of neighbors, dormitory residents 
usually prefer the companionship of a few friends. 

Campus dorms introduce 
room visitation policies 

To provide a more informal atmosphere for re- 
laxing and studying, residence halls formulated 
room visitation policies for men and women. In 
one study, a majority of students recommended 
that the visitation policy be enacted on a perma- 
nent campus-wide basis. Hall officials participat- 
ed in a Kansas State University Association of 
Residence Halls Leadership Conference and met 
with other schools at a national residence hall 
convention. The association also organized the 
annual Spring Fling, Inter-dorm Sing and forums 
on campus politics and NSA for hall residents. 

Kansas State University Association of Residence Halls — TOP ROW: 
Mabel B. Strong, Mark D. Kyle, Linda S. Trueblood, Lynn A. Jackson, 
Janey T. Haslouer, Danita E. Dallman, Karen L. Whitlow, Carolyn S. 
Gardner. SECOND ROW: Barbara J. Chance, Kenneth R. McDonald, 
Darbi S. Rutter, Viva K. Mathes, Ruth M. Cikanek, Patricia A. Bilby, 
Diana R. Jaeger, Monte W. Harden, Buck Morris. THIRD ROW: 

Mildred F. Schroeder, Robert E. Lewis, Kamberly A. Buxton, Julia A. 
Daddie, Janice M. Tillman, Marsha S. Smith, Judith A. Cunningham, 
David S. Craft. BOTTOM ROW: Donald B. Roof, James H. Greason, 
Kenneth L. Thomas, Nicholas P. Vecchiarelli, Richard E. Kaup, Paul 
D. Post, Edward L. Swenson . 


Straube graduates hear 
employment interviewers 

To aid their graduating residents in learning of 
potential job opportunities, Smith Scholarship 
House periodically invited professional interview- 
ers to speak at house dinners. Their entry in the 
Spring Fling '68 bed decorations contest won the 
men first prize. In intramurals, Straube residents 
placed first in swimming, second in wrestling and 
fourth in cross country in the independent division. 
The house was represented by members in Sigma 
Tau engineering honorary, Alpha Phi Omega 
service fraternity and on the varsity soccer and 
rowing teams. New equipment was purchased for 
the weight training program and plans were 
formed for updating the house library. 

Founded in 1960 as a scholarship house, Straube is 
maintained cooperatively by its 43 male residents. 

Straube — TOP ROW: Mrs. Mma 
Armstrong, Steven R. Clark, 
Thomas F. Cox, Glenn A. Fager, 
Wesley L. Fankhauser, Gregory 

SECOND ROW: Charles E. Gad- 
son, Robert J. Hand, Steven R. 
Kale, Richard E. Kaup. Alan D. 
Koch, Galen L. Lambert. 

THIRD ROW: Gary A. Lillich, Carl 
D. Lindahl, James R. Manhart, 
Anthony R. Mason, Charles D. 
McNeal, Daryl J. Meyer. 

FOURTH ROW: Craig L. Miller, 
George F. Moxley, Gary L Pal- 
mateer, Roger W. Resley, Jeffrey 
C Ryman, Dwight Schulke. 
Robert Schwindt. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth M. 
Shobe, Craig W. Smith, Steven 
B. Smith, Ronald E. Solomon, 
Jerry L. Townsend, James F. 
Warnken, William M. Ziegler. 


As 4-H members, residents of Clovia, at 1200 Pio- 
neer Lane, compete in state and national contests. 

Clovia residents receive 
recognition in honoraries 

Women of Clovia 4-H House collected nylon 
articles which were used to make dolls for under- 
privileged children in Manhattan. A retreat at 
Rock Springs Ranch, a Christmas party, woodsy 
and the annual Crystal Ball Formal were among 
the social activities in which the coeds participat- 
ed. Clovia residents included members of Mortar 
Board, Sparks, Alpha Lambda Delta and Omi- 
cron Nu honoraries as well as the outstanding se- 
nior in home economics and a recipient of the 
Danforth Award. Pledges actively involved in 
state and national 4-H competition included two 
state 4-H winners, the state style review winner 
and the National 4-H Congress winner. 

Clovia — TOP ROW: Mrs. Mary 
Chamberlm, Mardel L. Asbury, 
Judith K. Auchard, Linda G. 
Ault, Mary L. Ault, Patsy L. 

BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn B. 
Brown, Sheila A. Brown, Ann J. 
Brunner, Nancy E. Burnett, Pau- 
la A. Callaway, Lois A. Carey. 

Shortly before initiation ceremonies, Clovia pledges 
entertain active members with a skit. Social activ- 

ities sponsored by the house also included the 
annual Crystal Ball Formal and a Christmas party. 

Clovia — TOP ROW: Linda J. 
Carney, Jolene R. Charvat, Mary 
B. Chase, Jean K. Clarkson, Lin- 
da E. Compton, Carolyn S. 

SECOND ROW: Margaret R. 
Crouse, Jane E. Davenport, 
Mary A. DeDonder, Deborah J. 
Deege, Kay L. Dempsey, Joan L. 

THIRD ROW: Patricia L. Douthit, 
Alexis L. Ebert, Roetta D. Floyd, 
Nancy J. Freed, Ellen L. Fulton, 
Suzan Good. 

FOURTH ROW: Martha J. Gra- 
ham, Constance G. Green, Judy 
K. Hammond, Velma J. Handlin, 
Constance J. Hanks, Carol F. 

FIFTH ROW: Judith A. Hender- 
shot, Dolores A. Hotfman, Bren- 
da A. Judd, Nancy A. Kasitz, 
Karolyn K. Kellogg, Faye L. 

SIXTH ROW: Sheila S. Kolb, Di- 
ane M. Kongs, Sharon L. Kootz, 
Beverly J. Kreider, Karolyn K. 
Kroenlein, Carolyn K. Landes. 

SEVENTH ROW: Laura F. Lang, 
Theresa L. Leis, Kathy A. Linder, 
Nancy A. Mauderly, Sharon Mil- 
lenbruch, Roberta A. Moore. 

EIGHTH ROW: Connie M. Nai- 
man, Mary F. Neely, Dixie R. 
Obert, Carol A. Odgers, Carol S. 
Olandt, Carolyn D. Olson. 

NINTH ROW: Janice A. Overock- 
er, Mary K. Prochaska, Judith 
Runft, Carol A. Sauerwein, Kar- 
en A. Shively, Lois A. Simon. 

BOTTOM ROW: Judy C. Stock, 
Teresa J. Stoneback, Lura V. 
Story, Jean M. Sunderland, Bev- 
erly J. Thomas, Maxine E. Wil- 
son, Janice K. Wood. 


Smurthwaite Scholarship House at 1500 N. Manhat- 
tan is one of many houses where Student Senate met. 

Smurthwaite women aid 
in county welfare project 

Residents of Smurthwaite Scholarship House 
teamed up with the men of Smith and Straube to 
undertake a Thanksgiving service project which 
consisted of a scavenger hunt for food which was 
donated to the local welfare service. Highlights of 
the coeds' social year were the formal in the 
spring, Christmas dance and Halloween party. 
Outstanding Smurthwaite women were active in 
Mortar Board, Spurs, Chimes and Alpha Lamb- 
da Delta. Smurthwaite coeds were selected as a 
semi-finalist in the 1968 Miss K-State-Manhattan 
contest and as the 1968 Candlelight Ball Queen. 
Residents participated in intramural sports in- 
cluding volleyball and basketball. 

Smurthwaite — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Hubert W. Moore, Barbara S. 
Asher, Jeanette Bailey, Mariynn 
E. Bailey, Ruth A. Bartholomew, 
Judith J. Bell, Miriam P. 

SECOND ROW: Linda J. Booth, 
Marsha A, Bouchey, Karen S. 
Carlson, Ann L. Cravens, Patri- 
cia J. Davidson, Alvena L. 
Dodge, Helen E. Dupre. 

THIRD ROW: Susan J. Fagan, 
Patricia A. Forsberg, Teresa J. 
Franz, Barbara I. Frazee, Patri- 
cia K. Friesen, Sue L. Garrison, 
Lillian M. Groothusis. 

FOURTH ROW: Jeannette M. 
Grout, Shirley D. Hams, Gayla S. 
Hamman, Margie L. Henry, Di- 
ane M. Hix, Clelia K. Howland, 
Nela K. Huntsinger. 

FIFTH ROW: Lynn A. Jackson, 
Florrie N. Jones, Gale A. Justice, 
Ann P. Kaiser, Mary M. Keeshan, 
Marilyn S. Kelsey, Carolyn J, 

BOTTOM ROW: Trudy K. Kloef- 
korn, Judith M. Krob, Linda M. 
Kruse, Christine L. Lorson, 
Kathy C Marion, Jean A. Martin, 
Doris B. Mayhill. 


Smurthwaite — TOP ROW: Kar- 
en M. McDaniel, Gail D. Mc- 
Henry, Theresa A. Meyer, Bren- 
da L. Miller, Patricia E. Moore. 
Joyce B. Morrow, Donna Owens. 

SECOND ROW: Linda J. Pack, 
Alice L. Pearson, Christine E. 
Pray, Linda L. Reedy, Rita M. 
Rieschick, Donna M. Runtt, Bev- 
erly J. Salter, Nancy K. Scheetz. 

BOTTOM ROW: Linda G. Schwill- 
ing, Susan M. Siefers, Lillian L. 
Sigle, Marsha M. Smith. Darlene 
S. Strahm, Cheryl K. Walters, 
Anita N. Waltz, Carol D. Wenger. 

At a dinner attended by Dean of Women Margaret La- 
hey, Smurthwaite coeds initiate new house members. 


Smith Scholarship House residents, at 331 N. 17th, three semesters. Throughout the year, the men at- 
claim the highest grade point average for the past tended exchange functions with Smurthwaite women. 

Smith residents honor alums at anniversary tea 

Residents of Smith Scholarship House cele- 
brated the house's 10th anniversary on campus 
with a tea honoring alums and past housemothers. 
In addition to sponsoring a needy family at 
Christmas, the men hosted a spring formal and 
Christmas party and, throughout the year, were 
active in exchange functions with Straube and 

Smurthwaite. The house captured third overall in 
intramurals competition and totaled a record 
number of points for the 1968 season. Smith men 
continued to maintain the highest grade point av- 
erage among all the living groups while participat- 
ing in campus groups including Student Senate 
and the Wildcat marching band. 

Smith — TOP ROW: Marie 
Cooke, Jimmy R. Allen, Michael 
A. Barnes, Galen E. Biery, Roger 
A. Blanken, Leo M. Boxberger. 

SECOND ROW: Jerry D. Cooper, 
Raymond L. Copeland, David L. 
Crawford, Richard M. Crew, Lar- 
ry F. Culbertson, Jerry A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Michael F. Gard, 
David C Hall, Richard D. Hoag- 
land, Kenneth Hong, Gary L. 
Horacek, Larry G. Horning. 


Smith — TOP ROW: William R. 
Jackson, David A. Jarvis, Curtis 
E. Jilg, Ronald G. Kenton, Ken- 
neth L. Knarr, Gary R. Kolling. 

SECOND ROW: Thomas C. 
Kruse, Ron R. Mayer, Kenneth R. 
McDonald, Michael D. Miller, 
Dan J. Mlinek, Donald G. Naylor. 

THIRD ROW: Keith F. Pickett, 
Robert G. Rodda, James J. 
Schraeder, Thomas M. Shields, 
William E. Simpson, Gerald E. 
Sloan, Richard R. Smith. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lonnie C. Stie- 
ben, Edward L. Swenson, Henry 
S. Tillmghast, Herbert Tilling- 
hast, Richard L. Townley, Louis 
V. Witthuhn, David W. Wood. 

Finding an outlet for their tensions after a day of 
classes, Smith men hurl snowballs at fellow resi- 

dents in front of the house. At Thanksgiving, the 
men donated food to a local underprivileged family. 

Friday night coffeehouses attract students to Van 
Zile hall on Petticoat Lane. The special programs 

are a part of extended educational opportunities pro- 
vided by the residence hall for honors students. 

Remodeled Van Zile opens as honors dormitory 

After one year of extensive remodeling, Van 
Zile hall was reopened in the fall to house 140 
honors students. Under a visiting hours program 
instituted early in the year, men and women were 
allowed to visit in each others" rooms during 12- 
hour periods on specified days. In order that resi- 
dents' views be adequately represented to dorm 

administrators, a temporary hall governing board 
was established by the students. 

Twice each month, residents sponsored a Fri- 
day night coffeehouse in the basement of the dor- 
mitory. Open to the public, the coffeehouse set the 
stage for informal discussions and performances 
by individual and group entertainers. 

Van Zile Hall — TOP ROW: Ed 
Lunn, Sharon Lunn, Donald R. 
Anstaett, Joseph A. Barclay, 
Dale A. Beck, Mark G. Bell, John 
P. Biggs, Robert Blackburn. 

SECOND ROW: Jennifer A. 
Brown, Paul Burgardt, Robert L. 
Burkey, Linnea G. Capps, James 
L. Carter, Roberta A. Cation, 
Joyce E. Clydesdale, Melody A. 

BOTTOM ROW: David W. Cooley, 
Diane E. Dickson, Paul W. Dla- 
bal, Gregory M. Doxsee, Gregory 
L. Eicher, Martha C Einsel, Ste- 
ven W. Engelhardt, Fredreck K. 


Van Zile Hall — TOP ROW: Lynda 
J. Faith, Sharon A. Farrell, Ste- 
ven G. Fellers, Donald L. Fenton, 
Mark J. Finger, Sandra G. Flick- 
ner, Ronald G. Fraass. 

SECOND ROW: Linda M. Fry, 
Ragene H. Gaede, Grace L. Ger- 
ritz, Andrew Gofreed, Twila S. 
Gore, Barbara L. Grover, Janette 
L. Hagler. 

THIRD ROW: Daniel F. Hanson, 
James T. Hartford, Sherryl A. 
Hawley, Kerma S. Headnck, 
Maurine K. Heckerson, Duane F. 
Heffelbower, Randal D. Helus. 

FOURTH ROW: Melanie J. Hep- 
perly, Charles B. Hermesch, 
Janice M. Hickok, Peggy J. Hole- 
man, Joanne L. Hoobler, Helen 
E. Hoover, Cynthia A. Hooper. 

FIFTH ROW: Marlys M. James, 
Ruth E. Jansen, Cynthia E. Jen- 
kins, Philip E. Jeselnik, Linda J. 
Jolly, Deborah K. Kimberl, Lau- 
rel C. King. 

SIXTH ROW: Carol A. Leonard, 
Linda A. Lickteig, Michael W. 
Mawdsley, Kathleen J. Mclver, 
Mary K. Meyer, Rexanne Miller, 
Stephen R. Miller. 

Moore, Sheila J. Needham, Dale 
Nimz, Pamela I. Owens, Ray A. 
Parker, Brad A. Paulsen, Rhon- 
da J. Pearson. 

EIGHTH ROW: Thomas W. Peck, 
John E. Peterson, Martha A. 
Peterson, Richard D. Peterson, 
Thomas J. Phillips, Carolyn I. 
Price, Robert D. Prochaska. 

BOTTOM ROW: John W. Prock, 
Allen J. Randall, Dallas L. Rich- 
ards, Donald E. Richards, Mary 
L. Richardson, Jan Ricksecker, 
Joseph K. Rippetoe, Walter F. 



Jm Ik 




Van Zile Hall — TOP ROW. 
Charles A. Ruberson, Jeanette 
S. Rumsey, Carol A. Russ, Wil- 
liam L. Schmidt, Diane Shreve, 
William W. Sims, Joann K. Slead, 
Steven B. Smith. 

TOP ROW: Wesley E. Smith, Jan- 
ice I. Snider, Paul L. Stagner, 
Sharon S. Stoecker, Albert J. 
Urich, Terry E. Waldren, Isidod 
J. Wallimann, Deborah L. White. 

BOTTOM ROW: Diedra H. Wil- 
liams, Garnet M. Wilson, Janet 
S. Woertendyke, Pamela S. Wolf, 
Jane A. Wollen, Joseph W. 
Works, Joanne Worthington, 
Martha A. Zinn. 

Van Zile Hall Governing Board — TOP ROW: Helen E. Hoover, Walter 
F. Robinson, Joseph W. Works, Melody A. Coffey, James H. Greason, 
Diedra H. Williams, David P. Rogge, Paul W. Dlabal. SECOND ROW: 
Joyce E. Clydesdale, Twila S. Gore, Rhonda J. Pearson, Barbara L. 

Grover, John P. Biggs, Charles A. Ruberson, Paul L. Stagner. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Kathleen J. Mclver, Richard D. Peterson, Margaret Rick- 
secker, Robert D. Prochaska. 


Informal coffees highlight fall entertaining in 
Boyd hall, one of the three Petticoat Lane dorms. 

Boyd hall women seek 
donations for UNICEF 

As community service projects, the women of 
Boyd hall went trick or treating for UNICEF on 
Halloween and adopted an underprivileged Man- 
hattan family at Christmas. Father's Weekend, a 
Christmas formal, spring party and "grub' 1 party 
during Dead Week comprised the social activities 
sponsored by the residence hall. High academic 
achievement of individual residents was recog- 
nized at the scholarship dinner. 

Boyd hall coeds included members of Engin- 
dears, the 1968 Rodeo Queen and a finalist in the 
annual Miss Agriculture contest. As part of a 
remodeling project, new furniture was purchased 
for the dormitory's living room and lobby. 

During a break from studying, Boyd hall coeds con- 
centrate on trying to win in a fast game of jacks. 


Boyd Hall Governing Board — TOP ROW: Gayla S. Gilliland, Terry L. 
Ellis, Jennifer J. Stone, Carol A. Lyon, Constance J. Bearner, Marsha 
S. Smith, Rozelle M. Bruns, Jennifer J. Todd, Susanna G. Dusenbu- 
ry, Jackie W. Moody, Zelma J. Hunsicker, Dorothy A. Nachtigal. 
SECOND ROW: Mary C. Garbier, Phyllis A. Long, Carolyn S, Beebe, 

Karen J. Kohr, Diana L. Kohr, Viva K. Mathes, Mary C. Grable, Janet 
J. Marshall, Glennis J. Simpson, Nancy E. Barrett. BOTTOM ROW: 
Susan R. Lamb, Laurel Klinger, Jane M. Bacon, Julie A. Alberg, Mar- 
gretta A. Summers, Catherine L. Wagner, Mary H. Thomsen. 

Boyd Hall — TOP ROW: Mrs. 
Sammy Hoss, Karen Hensleigh, 
Pamela A. Alsup, Jane M. Ba- 
con, Linda S. Bain, Jenifer E. 
Baldridge, Florice L. Bales, Nan- 
cy E. Barrett. 

SECOND ROW: Nancy J. Barthol- 
omew, Joan E. Bastel, Const- 
ance J. Bearnes, Nancy A. 
Bechtold, Sharron L. Becken 
hauer, Carolyn S. Beebe, Susan 
E. Bolin, Karen K. Booth. 

THIRD ROW: Patricia L. Bower, 
Nancy L. Bozarth, Sonya J. 
Brewer, Sharon J. Brier, Shirley 
J. Britton, Teresa B. Brown, 
Rozelle M. Bruns, Jill K. Budge. 

BOTTOM ROW: Judith A. Camp- 
bell, Ann K. Carothers, Cathleen 
D. Chandler, Margaret E. Chew, 
Barbara S. Christensen, Mara J. 
Clark, Cheryl S. Coffman, Dawn 
A. Coffman . 


Boyd Hall — TOP ROW: Theresa 
Y. Cover, Carolyn S. Coyne, 
Connie J. Cruce, Doris J. Cud- 
ney, Cathy A. Dierking, Mary M. 
Dobbins, Nancy K. Dunn, Susan- 
na G. Dusenbury. 

SECOND ROW: Terry L. Ellis, 
Patricia M. Ervin, Beverly K. Fal- 
gione, Marilyn F. Finger, Tina K. 
Foley, Janice L. Gaines, Mary C. 
Garbier, Carolyn S. Gardner. 

THIRD ROW: Susan R. Garrelts, 
Barbara G. Gatzoulis, Cheryl R. 
Gehrt, Gayla S. Gilliland, Connie 
J. Glasco, Mary C. Grable, Cyn- 
thia A. Green, Deborah A. Gross. 

FOURTH ROW: Mary A. Gunn, 
Gloria J. Gutierrez, Mary J. 
Gwyther, Carol E. Halderson, 
Barbara S. Hamilton, Patricia D. 
Harris, Susan G. Harvey, Linda 
M. Hatch. 

FIFTH ROW: Sandra L. Hayes, 
Barbara E. Healy, Nancy L. 
Heath, Anita D. Herdt, Lynn A. 
Heusdens, Alice A. Hodgson, 
Ruthann I. Holle, Mary E. 

SIXTH ROW: Susan E. Hoskin- 
son, Linda J. House, Linda M. 
Howard, Anita M. Huck, Zelma J. 
Hunsicker, Diana R. Jaeger, 
Darcey D. Jeram, Christine A. 

SEVENTH ROW: Michaela A. 
Johnston, Carol J. Juhnke, Car- 
olyn A. Kaberlme, Jean E. Kai- 
ser, Martha C. Kellogg, Maria J. 
Kirchhoff, Pamela G. Kitch, 
Laurel Klinger. 

EIGHTH ROW: Cheryl G. Kohl, 
Cheryl A. Kohr, Karen J. Kohr, 
Deborah L. LaCoe, Susan R. 
Lamb, Josephine A. Lang, Linda 
D. Laws, Mary J. Lebens. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jennifer A. Lee, 
Susan K. Lee, Marilyn K. Leitner, 
Nancy J. Lignitz, Claire W. Lind- 
bloom, Kathleen A. Littfin, Lo- 
reen A. Locke, Phyllis A. Long. 


Boyd Hall — TOP ROW: Suzanne 
M. Ludwig, Carol A. Lyon, Dean- 
na K. Lyon, Catherine A. Majes- 
ki, Marsha A. Manley, Jeanne M. 
Maring, Sherry L. Markert. 

SECOND ROW: Janet J. Mar- 
shall, Gloria A. Marxen, Jean L. 
Masciovecchio, Kathleen M. 
Mast, Viva K. Mathes, Judy A. 
May, Becky J. Mayhew. 

THIRD ROW: Elizabeth J. Mc- 
Caskie, Deanna M. McNeal. Mar- 
lene R. McPherson, Patricia A. 
Melland, Donna M. Meyer, Mary 
K. Mick, Janet F. Miller. 

FOURTH ROW: Marlynne K. Mill- 
er, Pamela A. Miller, Patricia A. 
Miller, Maren Moffitt, Jackie W. 
Moody, Susan C. Morgenson, 
Margo M. Morrow. 

FIFTH ROW: Jane M. Mullen, 
Pamela C. Mullen, Jeanette M. 
Mulligan, Lloyd V. Myers, Doro- 
thy A. Nachtigal, Carol S. Nave, 
Juanita J. Nemechek. 

SIXTH ROW: Dorothy A. Newell, 
Karen S. Noland, Judith A. Olan- 
der, Linda L. Owen, Gloria J. 
Parker, Patricia L. Parker, Nan- 
cy J. Perrin. 

SEVENTH ROW: Patricia M. 
Phalp, Susan K. Phillips, Mar- 
garet L. Piper, Sheryl A. Poh- 
lenz, Charlotte V. Portschy, 
Charlotte A. Quint, Sharon R. 

EIGHTH ROW: Carole S. Reed, 
Nancy J. Reed, Linda C. Rhoads, 
Betty J. Rodgers, Cheryl J. Ross, 
Delia L. Ross. Carol A. 
Sauerwein . 

BOTTOM ROW: Margaret A. 
Schnepp, Betty A. Schrag, Carla 
E. Schulz, Connie J. Seamans, 
Linda A. Segebreacht, Sheryl E. 
Seller, Susan E. Sheetz. 


Boyd Hall — TOP ROW: Glennis 
J. Simpson, Beverly J. Skolaut, 
Janice R. Sloan, Judith A. 
Smith, Marilyn J. Smith, Marsha 
S. Smith, Debra S. Soderberg. 

SECOND ROW: Ruth E. Spunau- 
gle, Nina C. Stair, Susan J. 
Standley, Jennifer J. Stone, 
Pamela G. Strowig, Virginia K. 
Sundberg, Sandra D. Sutter. 

THIRD ROW: Sarah J. Swift, 
Faye L. Taplm, Vicky L. Tatro, 
Julie L. Taylor, Jolene K. Teske, 
Mary H. Thomsen, Karen D. 
Thorn . 

FOURTH ROW: Marcia R. Thorn, 
Jennifer J. Todd, Linda S. Trigg, 
Pamela J. VanLeewen, Carol L. 
Vaughan, Barbara J. Wade, 
Catherine L. Wagner. 

FIFTH ROW: Linda S. Waite, Ber- 
tha L. Wall, Luann J. Wamhoff. 
Sheryl K. Webber. Henrietta S. 
Weber, Theo M. Webster, Rita E. 

BOTTOM ROW: Connie M. Whe- 
lan, Antoinette L. Whitlock, Ja- 
net J. Wilson, Linda K. Wilson. 
Janet H. Woodson. Reseda J. 
Wrigley, Susan M. Wyatt. 

Sporting her "pride" button, K-State alum Mamie 
Boyd joins fans in cheering for a successful 'Cats play. 

Boyd hall coeds celebrate lavalierings, pinnings and 
engagements with the traditional toss into the shower. 

■ 339 

Throughout the year, the residents of Kenney Ford 
hall attended exchange functions with men's dorms. 

After a day of classes and campus activities, co- 
eds hurry to take their places in the dinner line. 

Ford coeds plan parties 
for Head Start children 

Children in Project Head Start were the guests 
of Ford hall residents at Halloween and Christ- 
mas parties. Weekends were set aside by the 
coeds to entertain parents and, during the football 
season, residents hostessed post-game social gath- 
erings. Ford hall housed two semi-finalists in the 
Homecoming Queen contest, the president of 
AWS and the Miss Kansas Rodeo Queen. Social 
events offered to the women included a Christmas 
formal, Activities Carnival and periodical func- 
tions with men's residence halls. The Kenney Ford 
hall scholarship was awarded to the resident who 
had maintained the highest grade point average 
for both semesters during the year. 


Ford Hall — TOP ROW: Joan 
Parizz, Wilma Tunison, Diana B. 
Adams, Eena J. Adams, Deborah 
J. Alley, Kathleen E. Alhe, M. 
Diane Allison, Valerie K.Ameno. 

SECOND ROW: Dorothy M. An- 
derson, Marsha D. Anderson, 
Claudia J. Arnold, Mary J. Auf- 
dengarten, Nancy J. Backhus, 
Gwen A. Baer, Sheryl L. Baer, 
Sheila L. Bairow. 

THIRD ROW: Carol R. Baker, 
Sherre D. Baker, Nancy S. Bar- 
ker, Nancy L. Barlow, Judith A. 
Barr, Carolyn D. Barry, Marilyn 
K. Barthol, Jeanette K. Baum. 

FOURTH ROW: Marsha A. Bax- 
ter, Pamela A. Beer, Janet K. 
Bell, Carol A. Bennett, Barbara 
A. Berentz, Marilyn Bettis, Chen 
K. Betty, Karen A. Biesenthal. 

FIFTH ROW: Rebecca A. Bishop, 
Pamela G. Black, Barbara K. 
Blackwell, Janice M. Blick, San- 
dra L. Bloom, Christm L. Blu- 
menshine, Rebecca B. Boggs, 
PattieL. Bohn. 

SIXTH ROW: Germame L. Bollig, 
Harline A. Bond, Suzanne Bord- 
ner, Barbara S. Bosley, Sue A. 
Bowers, Juanita M. Bowman, 
Joelen S. Boyer, Beth G. 

SEVENTH ROW: Jennifer G. 
Brady, Patricia A. Brenner, 
Cathie A. Brewer, Lora L. Brew- 
er, Marlene J. Bnnker, Janet S. 
Brodhagen, Brenda S. Brown, 
Janet Brown. 

EIGHTH ROW: Julie K. Buck- 
man, Rita J. Bucklew, Donna L. 
Bullock, Lucinda A. Bullock, 
Linda K. Burns, Coleen A. Burt, 
Kimberly A. Buxton, Rita J. 

BOTTOM ROW: Phyllis M. Carl- 
son, Shauna Carpenter, Marga- 
ret J. Carson, Catherine A. Cas- 
sidy, Barbara J. Chance, Nancy 
S. Chapman, Diana L. Cheney, 
Patricia K.Chilcote. 


Boyd Hall — TOP ROW: Mary M. 
Christenson, Ruth M. Cikanek, 
Marjone J. Clark, Kathleen G. 
Clark, Lynda M. Colby, Crystal 
Collinsworth, Rebecca S. Col- 
lom, Linda S. Colvin. 

SECOND ROW: Rosemary 
Combs, Susan K. Cook, Peggy E. 
Cooper, Wanda C. Couture, Pau- 
la E. Cox, Wealtha A. Coyne, 
Cathy J. Cramer, Colleen T. 

THIRD ROW: Lynette Crawford, 
Mary M. Crenshaw, Mary C. Cris- 
pin, Karen K. Crumbaker, Judith 
A. Cunningham, Sue A. Curry, 
Jane E. Dale, Karen M. 

FOURTH ROW: Marianne Y. 
Damon, Judith R. Davenport, 
Deborah A. Davidson, Beverly J. 
Davis, Denise M. Davis, Rose L. 
Davis, Cynthia A. Dawson, Belva 
L. Dearing. 

FIFTH ROW: Donna M. Diehl, 
Mary L. Dieker, Ginger D. Dixon, 
Margaret L. Doerksen, Cecilia M. 
Domme, Deborah J. Donaldson, 
Rebecca E. Duffy, Patricia R. 

SIXTH ROW: Luanne Dyck, Deb- 
orah K. Dye, Nancy L. Edgar, 
Mary K. Edgecombe, Elaine M. 
Egan, Deborah L. Effland, Linda 
J. Eisenbarth, Donna M. Elder. 

SEVENTH ROW: Sandra K. Ellis, 
Sharon E. Ellis, Leslie M, El- 
sham, Deborah A. Eisner, Albert 
Emmerson, Jacqueline Enders, 
Yvonne J. Engle, Dorothy K. 

EIGHTH ROW: Sue A. Ericson, 
Sandra A. Esslmger, Susan K. 
Falk, Jennifer Fankhauser, Glo- 
ria A. Farber, Cheryn M. Fischer, 
Deborah L. Fisher, Kathy B. 

BOTTOM ROW: Roetta D. Floyd, 
Susan D. Frazey, Carol L. Fra- 
zier, Marcia L. Frazier, Karol J. 
Freeborn, Diana Fromm, Sheryl 
Fulk, Paula J. Gallemore. 


Ford Hall Governing Board — TOP ROW: Janice M. Blick, Sue A. 
Bowers, Marilyn Bettis, Rebecca S. Collom, Mrs. Willma R. Tunison, 
Judith L. Lloyd, Charlotte J. Goff, Sue A. Jenson, Joanne E. Mc- 
Collough, Jennalie S. Wedel, Fran J. Lovitch, Beth G. Bradshaw. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ruth M. Cikanek, Pattie L. Bohn, Jane E. McKaig, 
Christine VanPetten, Laurel I. Johnson, Kimberly A. Buxton, Cyn- 
thia L. Schoeppel, Catherine A. Cassidy, Janice M. Tillman, Elizabeth 
A. Kaelson, Judith A. Barr. 

Ford Hall — TOP ROW: Maureen 
E. Gampper, Sandra S. Garan- 
son, Nancy D. Garrelts, Jana M. 
Garrison, Bilhe K. Gates, Rita R. 
Gatti, Cynthia George, Patricia 
A. Gibson. 

SECOND ROW: Haranna L. Gif- 
ford, Judy A. Gillen. Sandra L. 
Glunt, Jane G. Gockel, Charlotte 
J. Goff, Patricia Goldwasser, Al- 
ice C. Goodin, Andrea J. Good in . 

THIRD ROW: Karen E. Gorman, 
Linda L. Gorton, Rutha A. Gra- 
ber, Marsha A. Graham, Mary V. 
Graham, Glenda J. Greenfield, 
Linda K. Greenwell, Linda J. 

FOURTH ROW: Gynile E. Grigg. 
Jane E. Groeltz, Susan A. Gross. 
Linda G. Grubbs, Linda M. Gud- 
enkauf, Elizabeth Guilfoyle, 
Judy C. Gustafson, Sherryl A. 

FIFTH ROW: Karen R. Halderson. 
Sharolyn K. Hall, Margaret Hal- 
lack, Virginia Haller. Nancy E. 
Hambelton, Marita J. Hamm. 
Vikki L. Hanlon, Lorraine L. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jayne Harder, 
Lynette S. Hargett. Mary K. Har- 
righton, Carol A. Harris, Carolyn 
M. Hathaway, Patricia A. Hat- 
trup, Susan E. Hays, Marilyn D. 
Hazen . 


Ford Hall — TOP ROW: Susan M. 
Heath, Wanda M. Hedden, Ju- 
dith J. Hedlmd, Diane J. Heit- 
man, Cheryl A. Heller, Linda L. 
Herrm, Barbara J. Hetzel, Mary 
J. Hetzel. 

SECOND ROW: Patricia A. Hick- 
ey, Mary A. Hildwein, Vicki B. 
Hilterbrand, Leslie Hodgson, 
Karen A. Hoetlicker, Dolores M. 
Hoff, Patricia D. Hogan, Jill E. 

THIRD ROW: Marcia S. Holland, 
Zelda R. Holley, Cynthia J. Hol- 
man, Angele Holvorson, Marga- 
ret A. Honas, Cathy L. Hood, 
Linda S. Hood, Alane M. Horack. 

FOURTH ROW: Barbara L. Hous- 
er, Jennifer B. Howard, Shirley 
A. Hughes, Beverly J. Hunt, Mar- 
ilyn J. Intermill, Deborah L. Ir- 
win, Ann E. Isenberg, Diane L. 

FIFTH ROW: Jeanette James, 
Nancy Jamison, Celeste J. Jas- 
per, Sharon S. Jay, Kendra K. 
Jensen, Sue A. Jensen, Carolyn 
M. Jink, Merrily A. Johns. 

SIXTH ROW: Karen E. Johnson, 
Laurel I. Johnson, Patricia K. 
Johnson, Wendy L. Johnson, 
Barbara J. Johnston, Virginia M. 
Joiner, Carol L. Jones, Linda E. 

BOTTOM ROW: Victoria S. Jos- 
lyn, Elizabeth A. Kaelson, Teresa 
L. Kaelson, Vera M. Kaiser, 
Elaine M. Karhut, Jacquolynn A. 
Katana, Mary B. Kelley, Paula A. 

Replacing the traditional dorm study hall, Kramer 
Food Center provides special reference collections 

from Farrell library and serves as a centralized 
branch library for residents in the dorm complex. 

Ford Hall — TOP ROW: Susan 
Kennett, Margaret J. Kent, Su- 
san J. Kerr, Arlys E. Kessler, 
Deborah L. Ketterman, Linda J. 
Keys, Kathy E. Kifer, Connie S. 

SECOND ROW: Carol M. Klein, 
Catherine L. Kletchka, Mary S. 
Knedlik, Carol A. Kniffin, Bar- 
bara A. Knodle, Laura J, Kob- 
beman, Kathleen S. Kolank, 
Diane C. Kolsti. 

THIRD ROW: Diane M. Kongs, 
Suzanne E. Koons, Kristy K. 
Kopp, Janet E. Krall, Karen R. 
Kruse, Verna M. Kruse, Judy K. 
Kuharic, Virgine L. Kukuk. 

FOURTH ROW: Andrea L. Kuzila, 
Catherine A. Lair, Carol J. Lamb, 
Trudy L. Lambert, Vicki J. Lane, 
Lynetter Larkins, Patricia K. 
Larson, Sharon K. Lilly. 

FIFTH ROW: Cheryl L. Lincoln. 
Donna S. Lindeman, Kathy A. 
Linder, Merry A. Lingenfelser, 
Lucia A. Little, Christy L. Livin- 
good, Judy L. Lloyd, Nancy R. 

SIXTH ROW: Sue M. Lovejoy, 
Fran J. Lovitch, Cynthia J. Lowe, 
Jessie L. Luke, Cathy S. Lun- 
dme, Christine M. Macho, Mau- 
reen K. Maier, Cheryl A. Maneth. 

SEVENTH ROW: Betty J. Manion, 
Sheila R. Mann, Mary A. Marling, 
Helen Marschhausen, Lisa R. 
Marshall, Linda G. Martin, Elena 
L. Marzan, Jenell M. Matson . 

EIGHTH ROW: Cynthia R. May- 
ers, Margaret E. McCarthy, Mary 
C. McCloskey, Joanne E. Mc- 
Collough, Michelle Mc- 
Conaughey, Kathenne A. Mc- 
Cool, Susan J. McCown, Diane 
K. McDonald. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jane E. McKaig, 
Claudia M. McKinsey, Vicki L. 
McKnight, Elaine K. McNerny, 
Linda C. Meseke, Kathy J. Mey- 
er, Carmel J. Miles, Linda G. 


Ford Hall — TOP ROW: Marcia C. 
Miller, Paula K. Miller, Jams L. 
Minor. Jan L. Mitchell, Letha F. 
Mitchell, Candace M. Mohler, 
Marianne M. Moll, Rosemary A. 

SECOND ROW: Deborah K. Mor- 
gan, Patricia L. Morgan, Linda 
K. Morrill, Jane E. Morris, Bar- 
bara E. Mudge, Gail E. Mueller, 
Nancy J. Mundwiler, Janet E. 

THIRD ROW: Julie A. Murphy, 
Kay M. Murphy, Rosemary Mu- 
sil, Kathryn J. Mussleman, 
Christine Mussemann, Jeanne 
L. Mutch, Kristy J. Myers, Chris- 
tine H. Nagle. 

FOURTH ROW: Linda K. Nelssen, 
Cathy A. Nevins, Shirley M. 
Newbury, Mary K. Nichols, Nan- 
cy K. Nixon, Anne E. Noller, Te- 
resa M. Obermeier, Glenda M. 

FIFTH ROW: Collette A. Olson, 
Beverly A. Olsson, Julieanne 
Osburn, Laura E. Oswald, Caro- 
lyn P. Oswalt. Vicki R. Otten, 
Angela S. Otto, Rebecca J. 

SIXTH ROW: Joyce G. Overturf, 
Gail E. Owen, Jan S. Page, Ju- 
dith A. Page, Maria E. Panos, 
Kathleen L. Parke, Alice M. 
Peak, Teresa G. Pearce. 

SEVENTH ROW: Beverly L. Pear- 
son, Janie B. Perrin, Brenda K. 
Peterie, Andra K. Peterson, 
Babara J. Pilger. Barbara A. 
Pipes, Pamela S. Plumb, Karen 
A. Poland. 

EIGHTH ROW: Connie L. Ponton, 
Roberta A. Pray, Janice A. Price. 
Mary E. Proctor, Patricia L. 
Pruitt, Donna S. Prusa, Blenda 
G. Pyke, Pamela A. Randall. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kathleen A. Ra- 
ple, LeAnn M. Rataj, Judith Rav- 
enscrott, Diana L. Reber, Diane 
L. Reese, Crystal F. Reimer, Kar- 
en L. Reynolds, Janice L. 


Ford Hall — TOP ROW: Pamela 
S. Rice, Carolyn K. Ringel, Patri- 
cia A. Ripple, Janet L. Rivers, 
Mary D. Robertson, Evelyn A. 
Rock, Nina J. Roepke. Sharron 
K. Rogers. 

SECOND ROW: Nancy J. Roland, 
Jackie A. Roseberry, Connie D. 
Rotach, Karla S. Rugh, Elaine A. 
Rundquist, Margaret J. Ruplin, 
Linda L. Saffell, Peggy L. 

THIRD ROW: Carol J. Sanders, 
Prise ilia D. Sanders, Mary A. 
Sanko, Anita L. Schaller, Maria 
E. Scheer, Willa D. Scheuneman, 
Kathy F. Schmider, Diana K. 

FOURTH ROW: Kathleen L. 
Schmitt, Connie L. Schneider, 
Cynthia L. Schoeppel, Melinda 
L. Schrader, Kathryn A. Scott, 
Donita L. Seim, Susan J. Selby, 
Tern L. Sellars. 

BOTTOM ROW: Alana L. Senn, 
Janice L. Seratt, Janet M. Shaf- 
er, Debbie L. Shaffer. Carol L. 
Shaheen, Lenora E. Sharp, Cin- 
dy L. Shaw, Sherry L. Shearer. 

Before being called over the intercom, a dorm resi- 
dent gives a final approving look into the mirror. 


"Anything Goes" was the title of a skit presented 
by Ford hall residents at Homecoming Previews for 

their candidate Bev Davis. From 13 semi-finalists 
presenting skits, judges selected five finalists. 

Ford Hall — TOP ROW: Tom L. 
Shepard, Julie D. Sherraden, 
Marsha A. Shorter, Natalie J. 
Shove, Mary B. Showalter, Ruth 
A. Siefkin, Susan K. Simden, 
Sheryl A. Skinner. 

SECOND ROW: Cheryl D. Smith, 
Vicki L. Soppe, Candace L. Sou- 
kup, Ellen F. Speer, Maria S. 
Spillman, Kathleen A. St. Peter, 
Pamela S. Starbuck, Becky A. 

THIRD ROW: Janet M. Sterbenz, 
Jean L. Sterling, Nancy A. Ste- 
vens, Mickey L. Steward, Vickie 
J. Stiner, Joyce L. Stinson, Bri- 
gitte M. Stoever, L. Lorene 

FOURTH ROW: Wanda R. Storey, 
Mary E. Strick, Barbara Strieker, 
Kay Ellen Stuart, Linda K. 
Suhm, Joan E. Sunderland. Bet- 
ty J. Suttles, Linda S. Suttles. 

FIFTH ROW: Cynthia S. Sutton, 
Joyce M. Swenson, Vivian K. 
Swilley, Donne L. Symns, Patri- 
cia J. Taddiken, Deborah A. 
Takach, Patricia J. Tarry, Sue A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Deborah Taylor, 
Lorraine A. Taylor, Phyllis E. 
Taylor, Rebecca M. Thomas, 
Teresa K. Thomas, Marcia E. 
Thompson, Nancy Thompson, 
Sheila K. Thompson. 


Ford Hall — TOP ROW: Rita M. 
Thurston, Wanda J. Tilford, Jan- 
ice M. Tillman, Linda M. Todd, 
Rebecca J. Todd, Carol A. Trex- 
ler, Catherine A. Trout, Janice A. 

SECOND ROW: Dianna K. Trzi- 
cky, Feme I. Tuma, Theresa J. 
Turner, Teresa R. Tyler, Jimmie 
K. Ullom, Suzanne K. Ulrich, 
Victoria L. Unruh, Linda L. 

THIRD ROW: Christine Van Pet- 
ten, Candice K. Vath, Mabel R. 
Vieselmeyer, Sharon A. Voegele, 
Vaunda L. Voigts, Mary S. Vrzak, 
Linda J. Waechter, Elizabeth 

FOURTH ROW: Ann K. Wake- 
man, Marta L. Walz, Candace I. 
Ward, Annette Warder, Judith J. 
Watson, Maria C. Watts, Susan 
A. Weckerling, Janice F. Wedel . 

FIFTH ROW: Jennalee S. Wedel, 
Ann M. Weinmann, Cynthia M. 
Wells, Kathleen A. Wenger, Ali- 
cia Wheeler, Barbara A. White. 
Glenda G. White, Joan M. White. 

SIXTH ROW: Lynne H. White, 
Gwen E. Whitlock, Vicki 0. Whit- 
ney, Kristi L. Whittier, Ann L. 
Wichman, Peggy J. Wiechman. 
Gayle A. Wilderman, Marilyn K. 

SEVENTH ROW: Pamela A. Wil- 
liams, Helen C. Wilson, Margaret 
E. Wilson, Sandra A. Wilson, 
Susan L. Winchester, Ruby E. 
Winter, Kathleen Winteroth, 
Nancy Witt. 

EIGHTH ROW: Nancy R. Wolte, 
Janice K. Wood, Marsha A. 
Wood. Susan M. Wood, Pamela 
R. Wyker, Linda D. Wynll, Julia J. 
Yates, Karen A. Yoos. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sharon D. 
Young, Gloria J. Younger, Nan- 
cy A. Younggren, Sheryl K. Zeig- 
ler, Linda K. Zerbe, Francme J. 
Zimmerman, Margo E. Zimmer- 
man, Karen A. Zwingelberg. 


Goodnow claims trophy 
for women's intramurals 

To acquaint new residents with dorm living, 
Goodnow hall sponsored a fall orientation pro- 
gram which featured a mini-carnival modeled af- 
ter the Union Activities Carnival. In intramurals, 
the hall placed first in three events to capture the 
women's trophy. In addition to holiday parties 
and a winter formal, residents attended dorm cof- 
feehouses and a birthday party for Isaac T. Good- 
now. Among the 585 residents were two Home- 
coming Queen finalists, the Future Farmers of 
America Queen, the winner of the K-State Play- 
ers 1 Best Actress award and members of Mortar 
Board, Spurs, Alpha Lambda Delta honoraries 
and Angel Flight and Light Brigade auxiliaries. 

Open during the summer for pre-enrollment and rush 
week, Goodnow hall provides air-conditioned rooms. 



. X 



'* a ^» 



f ' 

For Spring Fling open house, residents of Goodnow 
hall featured the "Key Club" theme on each floor. 


Goodnow Hall — TOP ROW: 
Donna R. Adamek, Gloria Ad- 
ams, Sandra L. Alford, Norene F. 
Allen, Delores K. Anderson, Mel- 
anie E. Anderson, Deborah L. 
Arendt, Elizabeth Armstrong. 

SECOND ROW: Janet B. Arm- 
strong, Suzanne Asher, Jonet D. 
Atherton, Marilyn J. Atwood, 
Arvis K. Auld, Margaret A. Bab- 
cock, Darlene D. Bahner, Debo- 
rah E. Bailey. 

THIRD ROW: Linda M. Bakanch, 
Nancy Barker, Gwen K. Barnes, 
Linda L. Barnes, Mernlee S. 
Barnett, Dorothy C. Bartel, 
Sharon Bartholomew, Sandra L. 

FOURTH ROW: Joyce A. Becker, 
Betty A. Beisner, Barbara A. 
Bender, Merlene M. Berger, 
Kathenne D. Bethel, Patricia L. 
Bicknell, June L. Bieber, Shelia 

FIFTH ROW:- Barbara A. Bishop. 
Linda S. Blaich, Carol A. Blakey, 
Nancy M. Bodmer, Kerry J. 
Bootman, Marjone A. Bowen, 
Carol A. Bowers, Linda E. 
Bowman . 

SIXTH ROW: Sandy M. Boyce, 
Janet E. Boys, Marilyn A. Bram- 
ley, Sue A. Brandyberry, Jan U. 
Brecheisen, Janet M. Brown. 
Yvonne S. Brown, Barbara L. 

SEVENTH ROW: Cathy A. Buch- 
ner, Belinda B. Buehler, Cindy L. 
Burch, Karen L. Burgess. Char- 
lotte A. Burghart. Janice L. Bu- 
tm, Marcella M. Byrne, Priscilla 

EIGHTH ROW: Janet L. Camp- 
bell, Beth E. Canny, Pamela J. 
Carder, Carla L. Carleton, Bar- 
bara K. Carlson. Renee M. 
Carnes, Jill E. Carr, Loeva A. 

NINTH ROW: Nancy J. Carter, 
Charlotte R. Charles. Manbell S. 
Chiles, Carol Chnstensen. Nan- 
cy G. Clark, Roberta J. Clark, 
Judy E. Clower, Barbara J. 

BOTTOM ROW: Barbara L. Cobb. 
Steven J. Cohorst. Virginia E. 
Cole, Nancy J. Conaway, Eliza- 
beth F. Conners, Marilyn P. 
Cooper, Sandra S. Cooper, 
Pamela K. Corbin. 


Goodnow — TOP ROW: Rebecca 
J. Cox, Susan H. Cram, Janie M. 
Creson, Sibyl K. Culver, Connie 
Cushing, Danita E. Dallman, 
Tommy D. Dameron, Jeffrey H. 

SECOND ROW: Judy K. David, 
Deborah S. Davidson, Adele L. 
Davis, Cathy J. Davis, Donna L. 
Davis, Judith K. Davis, Jean M. 
De Forest, Deborah F. Dean. 

THIRD ROW: Deborah J. Deege, 
Janice R. Denton, Marilyn L. 
Deubler, Joslyn A. Dewey, Sher- 
ry L. Dillon, Melinda L. Dobson, 
Lois A. Dodge, Marjone E. Dohl. 

FOURTH ROW: Phyllis A. Dor- 
land, Patricia D. Dorrance, Mar- 
go M. Dudley, Kathleen Dunbar, 
Nancy L. Dunn, Sharen A. Dur- 
ler, Marilyn K. Edelman, Sandra 

FIFTH ROW: Deanna J. Elliott, 
Janine M. Ellis, Deborah L. Er- 
nest, Janet E. Ewald, Donna F. 
Ewing, Diane R. Fansher, Tana J. 
Farrell, Carol S. Fellman. 

BOTTOM ROW: Mary J. Fent, 
Linda D. Fike, Jeanette L. Fisch- 
er, Celeste E. Fisher, Eunice E. 
Fisher, Rhonda L. Fisher, Donna 
Fleischacker, Don W. Fleming. 



Casual breaks after class and before dinner permit 
Goodnow coeds to relax with a game of gin rummy or 

bridge. The dorm women sometimes compete in foot- 
ball and volleyball games with the men in Marlatt. 

xB W fh 

* iM 

Goodnow — TOP ROW: Lizabeth 
L. Floyd, Kathryn G. Focke, 
Kathy L. Foltz, Lorraine F. Foos, 
Sarah A. Foster, Elizabeth A. 
Fox, Janet K. Frager, Roberta 

SECOND ROW: Lois A. Franzen, 
Martha R. Frederick, Kathleen J. 
Freiherr, Kathleen M. Gabler, 
Jane E. Galloway, Barbara E. 
Gantz, Linda L. Gartner, Kather- 
ine J. Gartung. 

THIRD ROW: Tom M. Gatlm, 
Robert W. Gattshall, Joanne L. 
Gebhart, Linda C. Gibson, Rho- 
da M. Gilbert, Roberta K. Gil- 
more, Mary C. Giza, Deborah A. 

FOURTH ROW: Gloria Good, 
Candace A. Goodman, Sherri L. 
Gotthardt, Ruth A. Grieve, Karyl 
A. Grimm, Janet K. Gripton, 
Martha M. Guenther, Linda K. 

FIFTH ROW: Gretchen L. Haas, 
Beverly J. Haberer, Lynda M. 
Haberer, Jane E. Habiger, Judy 
K. Hahn, Janice K. Hake, Linda 
K. Hale, Jacquelyn K. Haller. 

SIXTH ROW: Linda D. Hamilton, 
Carla J. Hanson, Carol V. Han- 
son, Linda G. Hanson, Linda L. 
Harden, Lee A. Harding, Betty L. 
Hargadine, Mary A. Harmon. 

SEVENTH ROW: Sherry L. Har- 
rington, Gretta L. Harris, Janet 
L. Harris, Janey T. Haslouer, 
Barbara A. Hatcher, Marilyn A. 
Hem, Nancy J. Heitmann, Ruth 
A. Henderson. 

EIGHTH ROW: Tern L. Hender- 
son, Vicki M. Henderson, Kim- 
berly A. Herres, Betty L. Hibler, 
Jan L. Hiser, Carol E. Hobbs, 
Barbara S. Hodler, Jams E. 

NINTH ROW: Jo A. Holer, Mary 
A. Hogan, Rebecca L. Holland, 
Cathy L. Holste, Jo A. Homolka, 
George L. Hoover, Loretta E. 
Horvath, Connie Hottenstein. 

BOTTOM ROW: Barbara K. 
Howe, Nancy E. Howell, Gayle D. 
Huecker, Carol A. Hull, Margaret 
E. Hummel, Shirley A. Hunt, 
Jolene A. Hunziker, Marta A. 


Goodnow Hall — TOP ROW: 
Pamela S. Ingram, Patricia D. 
Irvine, Martha S. Isch, Pamela A. 
Jackson, Sheran K. Jackson, 
Janet E. Johnson, Susan M. 
Johnson, Carolyn R. Jones. 

SECOND ROW: Donna J. Jones, 
Karen S. Jones, Brenda A. Judd, 
Linda M. Kaufmann, Janette K. 
Kaup, Linda L. Kearn, Katherine 
J. Kelley, Marie A. Kelly. 

THIRD ROW: Deanna S. Kenne- 
dy, Kelly A. Kern, Sandra Kieter, 
Colleen G. Kincaid, Kathlyn L. 
Kirby, Karen M. Klein, Joyce M. 
Klema. Margaret J. Kloepper. 

FOURTH ROW: Nancy E. Kned- 
lik, Mary K. Kniet, Jane M. Kni- 
lans, Marilyn Koelliker, Marita P. 
Kolb, Irene B. Kossyk, Kay E. 
Kotapish, Raymond W. Kruger. 

FIFTH ROW: JoAnn M. Kruse, 
Barbara J. Kuhn, Catherine A. 
Kuhn, Peggy L. Kuhn, Alyce I. 
Lane, Michele M. Larkin, Ingrid 
F. Larson, Joyce A. Larson . 

SIXTH ROW: Sharon D. Larson, 
Carol J. Lawson, Mary K. Lea- 
sure, Terry S. Leckron, Pamela 
E. Lenz, Lois L. Leonard, Virginia 
L. Leopold, Marjone L. Lewallen. 

SEVENTH ROW: Pamela J. Lew- 
is, Nancy K. Lietzke, Janet S. Lil- 
ly, Joette S. Lindsten. Marita 
Link, Ardys L. Littlefield, Kristin 
G. Lively, Victoria Lohmuller. 

EIGHTH ROW: Gayle Loughmill- 
er, Linda D. Loyd, Christin Lu- 
pacchino, Dayle L. Lyon, Helen 
H. MacDonald, Lucmda A. Ma- 
honey, Marjone A. Malkames, 
Deanna L. Mann. 

NINTH ROW: Diane G. Marcu- 
son, Beverly A. Marten, Marilyn 
C. Mau, Gail A. Mayer, Gayla M. 
Maytield, Betsy L. McAtee, Diane 
M. McClenny, Shirley J. McCoy. 

Farlane, Mary E. McGugin, Der- 
lece M. McKeeman, Sheryl K. 
McKinney, Susan V. McKnight, 
Elaine C. McMahon, Jane A. 
Meier, Janie L. Melton. 

- g fflfck ^m^ jfKK^> 

■P§ v^ V^» f£f 


Goodnow Hall Governing Board — TOP ROW: Priscilla Callison, 
Mary Parrish, Janey T. Haslouer, Susan E. Shaw. SECOND ROW: Joy 
Y. McFarlane, Carolyn Coon, Diane M. McClenny, Janet K. Gripton, 
Janet M. Hickey, JoAnn R. Willis, Linda L. Harden, Terry K. Johnson, 
Pamela S. Ingram, Danita E. Dallman, Marjone A. Malkames, Janet 

E. Boys, Martha J. Zimmerman. BOTTOM ROW: Glenda K. Dormois, 
Sandra K. Ramsey, Charlotte L. Slater, Rebecca J. Cox, Mildred F. 
Schroeder, Michelle H. Williams, Connie J. Phillips, Mary J. Fent, 
Vickie S. Russ. 

a 1 

Goodnow — TOP ROW: Goria A. 
Meng, Sharon L. Messick. Joyce 
I. Metzger, Mary E. Meyer. Nan- 
cy E. Meyer, Virginia K. Milhon, 
Jamie L. Miller, Mary S. Miller. 

SECOND ROW: Janet A. Mills, 
Linda R. Minchew, Martha C. 
Mitchell, Sharlene K. Mitchell, 
Margaret R. Moffatt, Mary K. 
Mooney. Deborah A. Moore, 
Jeannie Morgan. 

THIRD ROW: Karen Morrow, 
Kathryn Morrow. Janice S. 
Mueller, Laree A. Mugler, Bar- 
bara A. Munson, Ola M. Mur- 
phree, Linda L. Myers, Merry V. 

FOURTH ROW: Janice C. Neku- 
da, Jane A. Nelson, Joan M. 
Nickum. John P. Noonan, Shar- 
on L. Norton, Mary A. Novak, 
Cynthia L. Nusser, Judith A. 

FIFTH ROW: Nancy J. Ohl, Car- 
ole A. Ozmun, Carolyn A. Parks, 
Mary Parrish, Peggy S. Paull, 
Patricia H. Pearce, Linda K. 
Pelkey, Betty Pfeifer. 

SIXTH ROW: Jean F. Pfheger, 
Connie J. Phillips, Martha L. 
Pierce, Ella J. Pope, Margaret A. 
Prater, Nancy L. Presnal, Paula 
K. Price, Susan L. Price. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sandra K. Prine. 
Lana K. Ramsey, Mary I. Ram- 
sey, Sandra K. Ramsey, Marilyn 
K. Rapp, Sharon Readis, Mary A. 
Reed, Susan N. Rehm. 


Goodnow — TOP ROW: Cynthia 
L. Remhardt, Linda K. Renber- 
ger, Beverly L. Renner, June A. 
Reynolds, Alice A. Rhodd, Char- 
lene K. Rhodes. Brenna C. Rich- 
mond, Rita M. Riedel. 

SECOND ROW: Diana C. Rob- 
erts, Thelma W. Rodriguez, 
Joyce M. Roesler, Jeanne K. 
Rogers, Susan E. Rose, Suzanne 
Rosener, Barbara J. Ross, Susan 
K. Rupp. 

THIRD ROW: Vickie S. Russ, 
Joanne M. Sabol, Mary B. Sack, 
Barbara J. Saint, Donna J. Sand- 
ers, Margaret A. Schell, Frieda 
M. Schilling, Kay L. Schippert. 

Schmidt, Ellen M. Schrader, 
Roberta I. Schrader, Jane E. 
Schroeder, Mildred F. Schroe- 
der, Kathleen Schumacher, Pa- 
trica L. Scott, Cindra L. 

FIFTH ROW: Cynthia E. Sebree, 
Janice S. Seglem, Janice W. 
Seip, Linda R. Selm, Kathleen A. 
Shannon, Barbara L. Shepherd, 
Dyna M. Sherwood, Alice M. 

SIXTH ROW: Karen S. Shivers, 
Patricia K. Shoemake, Cindy L. 
Shortle, Charlott Sidesinger, 
Marcia K. Simmons, Elaine 
Skeuse, Charlotte L. Slater, 
Rhonda L. Slater. 

SEVENTH ROW: Barbara L. 
Slentz, Ann L. Smalley, Beverly 
A. Smith, Carolin K. Smith, 
Christy L. Smith, Colleen M. 
Smith, Diane M. Smith, Sheila 
M. Smith. 

EIGHTH ROW: Wanda L. Smith, 
Judith A. Snook, David L. Sol- 
dan, Kimberly Spear, Cynthia L. 
Spencer, Cynthia L. Spivey, Lin- 
da A. Standerfer, Deborah K. 

NINTH ROW: Jolynn Stocke- 
brand, Linda A. Stoker, Nancy L. 
Strube, Verna M. Sullivan, Nan- 
cy R. W. Swenson, Janice M. 
Sylvester, Barbara J. Tarbutton, 
Pamela K. Taylor. 

BOTTOM ROW: Pamela L. Tay- 
lor, Susan C. Teschner, Jacque- 
lyn J. Thomas, Rita E. Thomas, 
Martha W. Thomas, Colleen K. 
Thompson, Peggy A. Thomp- 
son, Patricia G. Townes. 


Goodnow — TOP ROW: Michele 
L. Tregemba, Kathleen B. Trent- 
man, Arlene B. Tunick, Carmen 
M. Tyrus, Eileen M. Ukleja, Jan- 
ice K. Van Petten, Marjorie Van- 
scoyoc, Susan E. Varney. 

SECOND ROW: Linda K. Vaugh- 
an, Melaney R. Vickers, Linda K. 
Wagner, Martha J. Walker, Wan- 
da R. Walker, Sandra M. Watch- 
ous, Joy A. Weber, Peggy A. 

THIRD ROW: Pearl I. Wehrman, 
Brenda J. Weigand. Lesley A. 
Weller, Connie J. Wempe, Ange- 
la A. Wenger, Barbara J. Wenzel, 
Christine Wertz, Carol A. West. 

FOURTH ROW: Janet L. West, 
Patricia Wetherill, Christine R. 
White, Julia D. Wiley, Michelle H. 
Williams, Barbara Wilson, Kathy 
J. Winchell, Bernadette Wishall. 
Kathleen L.Wood. 

BOTTOM ROW: Vicky L. Wright, 
Sharon A. Yarbrough, Marsha K. 
Yeager, Kathenne E. Yockers, 
Marjorie D. Zabel, Maria C. Zay- 
as, Barbara A. Zernickow, Mar- 
tha J. Zimmerman, Connie J. 

Goodnow residents relax after dinner by listening 
to their favorite songs in the dorm's social room. 

Before returning to her room, a Goodnow coed car- 
ries out the daily ritual of checking the mailbox. 


Despite an increase in synthetic fabrics, a Putnam 
coed discovers some clothes still require ironing. 

Accommodating 225 coeds, Putnam hall is site of 
informal post-game teas during the football season. 

Putnam receives trophy for highest dorm grades 

Putnam hall, housing 225 coeds, was awarded 
the traveling residence hall scholarship trophy for 
the third consecutive semester. The recipient of 
the KSUARH Outstanding Leadership Award 
and a Royal Purple queen finalist were Putnam 
coeds. Residents also participated in intramurals, 
rodeo and rifle teams, Light Brigade and K-State 

Singers. The women invited Placement Center job 
interviewers visiting campus to dinner and discus- 
sions on job opportunities. During the Christmas 
season, the hall aided an underprivileged family 
and sponsored the annual Putnam formal. Other 
social functions included periodical faculty teas 
and Mothers' and Fathers 1 weekends. 

Putnam Hall — TOP ROW: Ma- 
bel Strong, Pam Reynolds, 
Louise K. Adelhardt, Nola M. 
Ahlquist, Linda J. Allen, Jane E. 
Andres, Rebecca S. Bailey, Shar- 
ilyn L. Baldwin . 

BOTTOM ROW: Tern A. Ban- 
man, Marcia P. Bartell, Nancie 
L. Bauer, Linda K. Beckman, 
Susan A. Beckman, Linda M. 
Beebe, Linda D. Beisner, Bar- 
bara Belobrajdic. 


Putnam Hall — TOP ROW: Su- 
san E. Berling, Julia A. Boddie, 
Mary S. Bollig, Jan D. Broers, 
Judy C. Brown, Kathryn L. Bur- 
gess, Cheryln J. Burk, Sandra K. 

SECOND ROW: Lynn M, Cable, 
Diana F. Card, Sara J. Cave, 
Kimberly G. Clark, Candace A. 
Clendening, Kaye A. Clinesmith, 
Judith M. Coady, Janice A. 

THIRD ROW: Luann J. Corn, 
Linda J. Crabtree, Carol A. Craw- 
ford, Deborah L. Curtin, Leslie 
A. Curtis, Melissa J. Daniels, 
Mary A. Delzeit, Mary Dempsey. 

FOURTH ROW: LeaAnna Dohm, 
Rebecca A, Dold, Joyce I. Don- 
ham, Patty S. Donovan, Linda K. 
Dreiling, Verdon F. Dubois, 
Catherine M. Easterday, Linda 
C. Elmen. 

FIFTH ROW: Rita E, Erbes, Mar- 
ianne T. Evans, Roselene M. 
Evans, Carol J. Fatzer, Marjorie 
Fitzpatrick, Kathryn L. Foos, 
Kathryn A. Foster, Linda S. 
Freeman . 

SIXTH ROW: Sarah E. Frick, 
Marsha K. Frisbie, Susie M. Fug- 
ger, Judith L. Gampper, Ruth 
A. Gatlin, Verna D. Gilkerson, 
Janet C. Gooding, Sheri L. 

SEVENTH ROW: Charlotte Grim- 
shaw, Barbara E. Gustason, Pa- 
tricia E. Gustason, Linda S. 
Handlin, Rita J. Hatch, Mary L. 
Hayes, Helen S. Heck, Linda S. 

EIGHTH ROW: Cheryl Hethering- 
ton, Cynthia E. Higgins, Kath- 
leen M. Hill, Joan C. Hobbs, Lela 
M. Hoopper, Janet M. Hoover, 
Lynn E. Howard, Christy A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Carol S. Hud- 
dleston, Susan B. Hughes, Dean- 
na L. Hunter, Beverly A. Hurt, 
Lily T. Hutchinson, Judith A. 
James, Crecia E. Johnson, Cyn- 
thia K. Johnson. 


Putnam Hall — TOP ROW: Mar- 
garet E. Johnson, Sarah E. John- 
son, Cheryl J. Kaufman, Mary E. 
Kehler, Candace A. Kelly, Jane 
E. Kitch, Cheryl S. Knetter, 
Sr. Mary Frances Kobets. 

SECOND ROW: LaDonna J. Kol- 
man, Marylyde Kornfeld, Mar- 
sha S. Korthanke, Pamela S. 
Landnth, Diane R. Lankas, Deb- 
orah J. Leach, Kathy E. Le- 
Breton, Jane S. Ley. 

THIRD ROW: Mara D. Littell, 
Sr. Mary Eugenia Lorio, Linda K. 
Maggard, Judith L. Mann, Debo- 
rah L. Martin, Regina M. Martin, 
Joelle A. McCall, Karen L. 

FOURTH ROW: Linda J. Mc- 
Elwain, Joanne G. McKerracher, 
Roxane McKinley, Teresa I. 
McMinn, Kathleen A. Mertes, 
Deidre A. Metz, Kathryn S. Mi- 
chaels, Marcia A. Miller. 

FIFTH ROW: Martenia C. Miller, 
Nancy E. Miller, Catherine A. 
Millsap, Jalayn R. Mitchell, Lin- 
da K. Morrison, Catherine A. 
Morton, Gayle L. Nelson, Linda 
L. Nicks. 

SIXTH ROW: Jami L. Nodler, 
Jane A. Omlor, Linda K. Pep- 
pers, Lana J. Perry, Janice L. 
Peters, Peggy S. Petrich, Carol 
A. Pettijohn, Linda M. Phillips. 

SEVENTH ROW: Kristi L. Pier- 
son, Priscilla S. Pivonka, Janet 
K. Poggenklass, Alberta M. 
Popp, Allegee Y. Porter, Martha 
J. Reck, Mary P. Reck, Donna L. 

EIGHTH ROW: Sharon K. Rice, 
Anne Richardson, Pamela Rich- 
ardson, Geraldine K. Robinson, 
Marsha A. Rode, Marie A. 
Roebke, Jean M. Rogers, Linda 
M. Rose. 

NINTH ROW: Anita M. Ross, 
Joyce L. Rumsey, Darbi S. Rut- 
ter, Betty J. Ryan, Helen M. 
Ryan, Ruth A. Ryan, Deborah A. 
Saunders, Mary A. Schimpf . 

BOTTOM ROW: Beverly A. 
Schultz, Ruth E. Severton, Linda 
R. Sherer, Rhonda M. Sidner, 
Rhonda L. Sillin, Jane K. Simon, 
Patricia J. Simpson, Linda E. 


Putnam Hall — TOP ROW: Ellen 
A. Smith, Judith E. Speaks, Beth 
A. Spease, Beverly D. Spicher, 
Peggy J. Stalcup, Patricia A. 
Stevens, Shirley K. Steward, 
Cynthia L. Stroup. 

SECOND ROW: Betty J. Sullivan, 
Cynthia L. Sulsar, Susan E. 
Taussig, Patricia A. Theno, Nan- 
cy A, Tipton, Walter H, Toben, 
Elizabeth R. Totok, Vicki E. 

THIRD ROW: Lesley D. Valerius. 
Valarie J, Vasey, Audree M. Vick- 
ers, Lois M. Voigt, Linda K. Volk- 
man, Nancy J. Wakefield, Susan 
E. Waldo, Madeline D. Wallace. 

BOTTOM ROW: Nancy R. War- 
ren, Fawn E. Weidner, Barbara J. 
Welter, Louise A. West. Sharon 
K. West, Nancy C. Wilson. Rober- 
ta L. Wirth, Linda Woellhof. 

Putnam Hall Governing Board — TOP ROW: Elizabeth R. Totok, 
Deborah J. Leach, Susan E. Waldo, Darbi S. Rutter, Judith A. James, 
Melissa J. Daniels. SECOND ROW: Linda D. Beisner, Patricia E. Gus- 

tason, Julia A. Boddie, Patricia A. Theno, Kimberly G. Clark, Kathryn 
E. LeBreton. BOTTOM ROW: Rita J. Hatch, Audree M. Vickers, Carol 
A. Pettiiohn. 


West dinner raises $100 
for rowing team donation 

To raise money for the rowing team, West hall 
sponsored a "Sloppy Joe" project which netted 
$100. The 303 women also contributed two stat- 
ues and more than 50 books to the library in Der- 
by Food Center. Service projects undertaken by 
the coeds were donating gifts to residents of Park- 
view Manor and adopting an underprivileged fam- 
ily at Christmas. Halloween caroling, Mothers' 
and Fathers' Weekends and a spring formal com- 
prised the hall's major social events. Residents 
also entertained faculty at dinners, sponsored an 
Open House and participated in intramural 
sports. Among the coeds was the 1968 Spring 
Fling Wildkitten Kathy Michaels. 

Under the silence of the hair dryer, a West hall coed 
catches up on developments in the fashion world. 

Individual floor meetings scheduled during the year 
keep West hall coeds informed of upcoming activities. 



West Hall — TOP ROW: Mrs. Lu- 
cille Miller, Mrs. Wilma Thomp- 
son, Barbara A. Albers, Kathy J. 
Alexander, Mary E. Baker, Rene 
E. Barker, Cheryl A. Barta. 

SECOND ROW: Charlene E. Bat- 
terton, Patricia A. Beard, Bar- 
bara E. Beck, Pamela J. Beisel, 
Cynthia S. Belew, Susan E. Ben- 
edick, Melissa A. Berg. 

THIRD ROW: Sheri A. Berggren. 
Paula B. Blair, Barbara L. Bon- 
neau, Elizabeth M. Booth, Bar- 
bara L. Boxberger, Nancy L. 
Burge, Judith A. Carr. 

FOURTH ROW: Shawn L. Carrier, 
Carol A. Chambers, Carol D. 
Chipman, Cheryl E. Claassen, 
Carol K. Coburn, Susan K. Cod- 
dington, Suzanne K. Cook. 

FIFTH ROW: Shirley S. Coupal, 
Constance J. Cramer, Joela M. 
Creviston, Judith A. Crist, Pame- 
la S. Crotoot, Janet K. Culver, 
Chen Curry. 

SIXTH ROW: Nancy L. Davidson, 
Susan R. Dean, Doborah A. 
Deck, Bonita K. Deiter, Therisa 
J. Diaz, Janice K. Dill, Dana G. 

SEVENTH ROW: Dianne L. Dow- 
ney, Deborah G. Drown, Susan 
J. Dulin, Edith F. Dumler, Patri- 
cia L. Dunham, Sheryl A. du 
Roy, Marcia G. Early. 

EIGHTH ROW: Lois A. Ebertz, 
Evelyn L. Ebright, Deborah J. 
Eickman, Jan L. Eitzman, Susan 
Elleman, Constance L. Ellis, 
Lynette M. Engle. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cynthia L. Er- 
hardt, Nancy A. Ernst, Joyce A. 
Esshnger. Shawnee L. Fair- 
banks, Marjone A. Fairhurst, 
Margaret E. Fatkin, Linda A. 


West Hall — TOP ROW: Doborah 
S. Findley, Nancy G. Finney, 
Linda J. Floyd, Susan K. Forbes, 
Sue E. Ford, Jean A. Forsberg, 
Pamela M. Franson, Susan G. 

SECOND ROW: Mary L. Fromme, 
Karen I. Funston, Janet L. Gar- 
rett, Pauletta S. Gibler, Janice K. 
Giessenbier, Barbara L. Glen- 
non, Tracy A. Goldsberry, Gwen 
D. Goossen. 

THIRD ROW: Wendy A. Grainger, 
Virginia M. Grant, Jacqueline A. 
Graves, Mary Graves, Mary J. 
Grimwood, Sharol J. Haist, Eliz- 
abeth J. Hamilton, Mary L. 

FOURTH ROW: Virginia L. Har- 
kins, Pamela J. Harse, Jacque- 
lyn J. Hartley, Deanne M. Heath, 
Barbara L. Heckmann, Mary L. 
Heers, Deborah K. Henneberg, 
Barbara L. Hensley. 

BOTTOM ROW: Marlene S. Herr- 
man, Martha L. Heter, Mary C. 
Hochuli, Linda A. Hoffman. Pau- 
la B. Holmquist, Kimberly L. 
Houchen, Mary J. Hubbard, 
Carolyn A. Hummel. 

In the laundry room of West hall, a resident and 
her date pool efforts to prepare for an examination. 



West Hall — TOP ROW: Glennis 
S. Huseman, Roberta A. Jewett, 
Janice L. Johnson, Marian E. 
Johnson, Rita A. Johnson, Ro- 
sellen A. Johnson. Susan S. 

SECOND ROW: Anita L. Jones, 
Paula G. Jones, Liana S. Joyce, 
Pamela S. Kaiser, Kathleen A. 
Kapelle, Sharon K. Kauffman. 
Gay A. Kearney. 

THIRD ROW: Linda K. Kelley, 
Debra C. Kemble, Mary P. Ken- 
nedy, Barbara L. Ketzner, Mary 
G. Klemm, Paula S. Klemm, 
Marsha K. Knetter. 

FOURTH ROW: Deanne M. 
Kordes, Kathryn A. Koster, Cyn- 
thia K. Kueker, Saron L. Kush- 
ner, Lynda E. Lamp, Sara D. 
Langdon, Phyllis R. Larson. 

FIFTH ROW: Georgiana L. Lee- 
per, Janet V. Lemley. Beth E. 
Levene, Barbara L. Livers, Mar- 
en K. Longren, Marie A. Lowe, 
Marilyn S. Loyd. 

SIXTH ROW: Mary N. Lucido. 
Janice M. Luckeroth. Patricia L. 
Mang, Catherine Marshall, Patri- 
cia L. Marshall, Jo Ann Marten, 
Elaine M. Martens. 

SEVENTH ROW: Marty J. Martin, 
Lanissa L. McArthur, Helen E. 
McCarty, Karen C. McDonald, 
Patricia A. McDonald, Sandra K. 
McKelvey. Kathryn L. McLeod. 

EIGHTH ROW: Marilyn S. Men- 
denhall, Carolyn F. Meyer, Julie 
A. Meyer, Lisa M. Miller, Cheryl 
C. Morris, Carol E. Mosier, Patri- 
cia A. Mudge. 

BOTTOM ROW: Mary L. Musil, 
Carolyn M. Neil, Susan A. Neill, 
Chester Neilson, Judith A. Neu- 
mann, Paula J. Newcomer, Ro- 
salind E. Odom. 


West Hall — TOP ROW: Patricia 
A. O'Donnell. Dona L. Odrowski, 
Kathryn Ogilvie, Linda K. Orton, 
Elaine Overley, Linda J. Over- 
stake, Mary C. Owensby, Joanne 
J. Parker. 

SECOND ROW: Jolene J. Parker, 
Jams K. Pash, Shirley M. Patter- 
son, Linda M. Pelter, Leslie S. 
Penner, Cheryl L. Penny, Sandra 
J. Perkins, Patricia K. Perry. 

THIRD ROW: Carolyn Peters, 
Mary E. Peterson, Kathleen M. 
Peyton, JoAnn M. Pitsch, Mary 
S. Plantz, Janice E. Preston, Ann 
M. Pridey, Linda S. Prochaska. 

FOURTH ROW: Victoria J. Rader, 
Nanci L. Reitf, Constance K. 
Rhodes, Karen P. Richarz, Debo- 
rah L. Rieb. Joan M. Riggs, Phyl- 
lis E. Roelts, Helen D. Roll. 

FIFTH ROW: Doborah E. Rosner 
Barbara Rueschhoff, Diane M 
Sandblade, Linda S. Sanders 
Linda J. Sands, Diane M. Sayers 
Patricia A. Schafer, Elaine M 
Schauf . 

SIXTH ROW: Elvma R. Scholz, 
Kathleen B. Schraeder, Laura K. 
Schraeder, Elizabeth A. Schuler, 
Sharon M. Schwerdtfeger, Kath- 
ryn J. Seaman. Patricia C. Sei- 
bel, Judith M. Sewing. 

SEVENTH ROW: Jennifer C. 
Shea, Karen F. Sherwood, Mar- 
lene A. Shulda, Christine E. 
Shupe, Dana H. Sickles, Donna 
D. Sigle, Linda J. Sims, Janice L. 

EIGHTH ROW: Diana S. Sloan, 
Patricia A. Small, Linda J. 
Smith, Nan C. Smith, Sharon N. 
Snyder, Kathie I. Spannuth, 
Dawna K. Sparks, Gayle L. 

BOTTOM ROW: Roylee J. Steele, 
Leslie A. Stigers, Charlotte S. 
Stilley, Carol A. Storrer, Dianne 
L. Straub, Bette D. Stum, Mari- 
lyn K. Sumey, Connie D. Sutter. 


As a favor for a friend, a West coed tries to trim 
hair in the basement laundry room of the dormitory. 

West Hall Governing Board — TOP ROW: Carol A. Chambers, Nancy 
G. Williams. SECOND ROW: Barbara L. Bonneau, Linda J. Floyd, 
Cecilia A. Douthy. BOTTOM ROW: Judith L. Walker, Karen L. 

West Hall — TOP ROW: Sheri R. 
Sweet, Michelle Taylor, Sharon 
K. Teeters, Martha J. Thomp- 
son, Marta K. Toll, Joan E. Tri- 
plett, Linda S. Trueblood, Mary 
L. Tschanz. 

SECOND ROW: Carolyn M. Turk, 
Patricia S. Van Alden, Marsha 
Vander Giesen, Eugenia D. Wal- 
den, Judith L. Walker, Pamela L. 
Wallace, Kathy A. Walsh, Joan 

THIRD ROW: Jacqueline S. Was- 
semiller, Joyce A. Webber, Vir- 
ginia L. Wentworth, Cheryl J. 
White, Eileen White, Patricia M. 
White, Karen L. Whitlow, Gayla 
F. Widener. 

FOURTH ROW: Verla L. Willard, 
Kathleen A. Williams, Loretta S. 
Williams, Nancy G. Williams. 
Deborah A. Williamson, Bonnie 
J. Wilson, Linda S. Wilson, Tanya 

BOTTOM ROW: Marilyn S. Win- 
derlin, Sarah D. Winmngham, 
Alicia K. Wise, Jane A. Wolfe, 
Nancy L. Woodward, Cynthia K. 
Yenzer, Diane L. Young, Kath- 
leen S. Zook. 


Class work is forgotten as warm weather lures dorm 
residents outside for a fast game of touch football. 

Students examine a drawing assignment for an engi- 
neering course during a study session in the dorm. 

Finalists in intramural basketball, Haymaker IV and 
the Jolly Bodies play off in the "Super Ball" game. 


Two floors in Haymaker 
receive intramural honors 

In a project experimenting with dorm visitation 
hours, Haymaker hall was the only men's dorm 
involved. After two semesters of allowing women 
in the rooms at designated hours, visitation re- 
ceived final approval in the spring semester. 

As another experimental project, carpeting was 
added to the hallways of four floors to test for 
reduction of maintenance and noise. Haymaker 
also added lounge chairs to the rooms. 

In intramurals, fourth floor won the fall basket- 
ball "Super Ball" and seventh floor won the over- 
all dorm division intramural championship of 
1968. During fall enrollment, Haymaker spon- 
sored a parking lot get-acquainted dance. 

Initiated on an experimental basis, Haymaker was the 
first men's dorm to permit coed visitors in rooms. 

Sandwiches and fruit are among the snack foods 
available to a hungry Haymaker resident late at night. 


Haymaker Hall — TOP ROW: 
Mohammad Abolfazli, Albert J. 
Affolter, Redge E. Albrecht, Les- 
ter W. Aldnch, Earl R. Allen, 
John L. Allen, Jay E. Alloway, 
Thomas J. Alloway. 

SECOND ROW: William L. Am- 
mel, Robert C. Anderson, Danny 
L. Armstrong, Claude M. Atte- 
bury, Terry W. Ault, Harold H. 
Bair, Thomas S. Bairow, Doug- 
las A. Baker. 

THIRD ROW: Murl R. Baker. 
John W. Banning, Carl L. Bar- 
ben, Larry A. Barnes, Jerry L. 
Barnett, Harold E. Barnthson, 
James P. Barrett, Lynn A. 

FOURTH ROW: Paul J. Bartak, 
Ronald P. Bartkoski, Keith E. 
Barton, Richard J. Bay, William 
L. Beaton, Philip A. Beaudoin, 
James Q. Beisel, Charles E. 

FIFTH ROW: Eugene D. Berges, 
Richard D. Bergsten, David V. 
Berry, Daniel G. Blackledge, 
John E. Blankenship, Lewis C. 
Bloom, Daryle W. Blume, Ed- 
ward G. Bogner. 

SIXTH ROW: David A. Bol, Jo- 
seph A. Boughton, Tim C. Bow- 
ers, Warren C. Bowker, John E. 
Bozarth, Bryan L. Bradley, Rich- 
ard L. Bradley, Ronald L. 
Brinkman . 

SEVENTH ROW: Kent L. Brown, 
Robert S. Brubaker, Lyndal K. 
Bryan. Frederick W. Bryson, 
Ralph R. Bucher, George D. 
Burgess, Gary W. Burkholder, 
Charles L. Burwell. 

EIGHTH ROW: Peter J. Capp, 
Peter Carmoney, Glen R. Carn- 
rick, Thomas W. Carrico. John 
M. Carter, Jeffrey L. Casten, 
Albert W. Chambers, Daniel D. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kent D. Chris- 
tensen, Ray A. Christiansen, 
Ryan R. Christiansen, Thomas 
L. Christiansen, Bob C. Clark, 
Larry D. Clark, Jettie F. Con- 
dray, Timothy P. Connor. 


di ; , ft. 


••^'-;:'\ ,.:F^;_1 

b i! ,• ^ " r 

' • ^..Mft.' * 1 


Using originality and humor, the Haymaker Home- Jayhawk over a goal post. Winners of house decora- 
coming decoration entry features a Wildcat flipping a tions were announced Friday at the bonfire rally. 

•* tgm 

jjBm t-^*% pr% 

Haymaker — TOP ROW: Donald 
T. Conway, Kenneth L. Conway, 
Charles H. Cook, James Cook, 
Stephen D. Cooper, James S. 
Crawtord, Donald E. Cress. 

SECOND ROW: Carl R. Croan. 
Bradd A. Crowley, Robin B. Dal- 
by, Lonnie E. Dalrymple, Donald 
L. Dame, Mark L. Davidson. 
Duane L. Davis. 

THIRD ROW: James P. Davis, 
Rodney E. Davis, Steve R. Davis. 
William L. Decker, Gary C. De- 
graf, Paul E. Delong, Michael J. 

BOTTOM ROW: John M. Deva- 
ney, Dennis D. Dodds, James T. 
Downes, Ernest L. Downs. 
James H. Dubois, David A. 
Dumey, Dennis W. Dumler. 


At peak rush periods, residents of West, Ford, Hay- 
maker and Moore halls are forced to wait in long 

lines in Derby Food Center. Candlelight settings 
aid in providing special atmosphere for holiday meals. 

Haymaker — TOP ROW: Joseph 
J. Dunn, Orville A. Earhart, 
James D. Eckert, Morris A. Ed- 
wards, Marion K. Eisler, Arthur 
R. Elliott, Edward L. Epp. 

SECOND ROW: Fred A. Enckson, 
Alan L. Everhart, Philip C. Ewald, 
Charles J. Fajgier, Charles M. 
Faulds. Mark E. Fawcett, Karl D. 

THIRD ROW: Virgil V. Feerer, 
Warren C. Ferrer, Byron L. 
Fischer, John W. Fisher, Richard 
P. Flack, Terrell H. Fletcher, Lar- 
ry Fogelberg. 

FOURTH ROW: William H. Ford, 
Larry P. Forgey, Stephen W. 
Freeman, Edward A. Fries, Jose 
M. Fullana, Randall E. Fuqua, 
Mark D. Gabriel. 

BOTTOM ROW: Tharran E. 
Gaines, Terry W. Garman, Wil- 
liam D. Gay, Glen E. Gebhart, 
Jerry R. Gee, Herschel C. 
George, Earl M. Gibbs. 

\» * *~ 1^-pr 


dirt • £Mm 1M 



^^; Scr* ^^ 




Haymaker — TOP ROW: James 
C. Gibson, Duane E. Gile, Jim- 
mi e C. Gillespie, Kirby L. Gilles- 
pie, James E. Gilmore, Larry D 
Goerne, Louis L. Gogue, Scott J. 

SECOND ROW: Robert M. Gotts- 
chalk, Henry W. Green, Arthur E. 
Gregory, Richard J. Grossman, 
Larry M. Gruber, Lewis T. Gum, 
Kenneth L. Hadsall, Thomas M. 

THIRD ROW: Larry W. Hamilton, 
Marvin D. Hamlin, Alfred P. 
Handel, Van W. Hanks, John L. 
Harrington, David L. Hart, Larry 
A. Hart, Vance R. Hassler. 

FOURTH ROW: Howard T. 
Hayes, Frank L. Headnck, Larry 
J. Hedges, Jan Heermance, 
John C. Heim, Donald Helwig, 
Gary J. Henry, Steven E. 

FIFTH ROW: Jeffrey Hildebrand, 
Steven R. Hill, Jackie L. Hockett, 
Stephen T. Hoffman, Dale E. 
Holterman, James L. Holter- 
man, Johnnie M. Hook, Gregory 
L. Hopper. 

SIXTH ROW: Jerry D. Hubbart, 
Larry Hubbell, John M. Hund, 
Robert Hurrelbrink, Jonathan Q. 
Hyde, Wayne L. Ingmire, Chris- 
topher Intfen, Thomas.E. Intfen. 

SEVENTH ROW: Donald Jacka, 
Mark Janssen, Ralph E. Jarboe, 
Steven E. Jenkins, Larry L. 
Jensen, Thomas W. Jewers, 
David 0. Johnson, Jeffrey G. 

EIGHTH ROW: Richard W. Join- 
er, Craig K. Jones, David K. 
Jones, Donald R. Jones, Douglas 
S. Jones, Kenneth L. Jones, 
Randall S. Jones, Gregory W. 

BOTTOM ROW: Robert D. Katz, 
Peter J. Kaufman, Donald W. 
Keeten, David Kellenberger, 
Charles Kelly, William L. Kelley, 
Larry W. Kendig, Chester R. 


Haymaker — TOP ROW: Doug- 
las A. Kern, Edward W. Kern, 
John E. Kice, David W. Kimbal, 
Dell J, Klema, Duane F. Klug, 
Don J. Knappenberger. 

SECOND ROW: David T. Knox, 
John W. Kobiskie. Dale D. Kook- 
en, William J. Kormek, Milton J. 
Krain bill, Gail J. Kreutzer, David 
W. Krogdahl. 

THIRD ROW: Randall A. Kron- 
blad, Steven J. Krongold, John 
L. Lackey, Dale Ladd, Larry D. 
Landis, Larry R. Landon, Dean 
B. Landow. 

FOURTH ROW: Gerald J. Lang, 
Kenneth E. Lanham, Dale E. Lar- 
ison, Daniel G. Laufenberg, Cal- 
vin E. Lawrence, Richard S. 
Leakey, Ronald B. Lemon. 

FIFTH ROW: Gary R. Lervold, 
Dean J. Lewis, Robert E. Lewis, 
Martin C. Libhart, Paul A. Lin- 
dahl, David M. Linder, Douglas 
W. Linder. 

SIXTH ROW: Larry E. Lmenber- 
ger, Larry C. Long. David W. 
Loomis, Douglas D. Lowdon, 
Clifford S. Lucas, James Mad- 
dox, Donald C. Madison. 

BOTTOM ROW: William E. Man- 
kin, Lawrence W. Marshall, 
Bradford E. Martin, Duane W. 
Martin, Richard L. Martin, Ste- 
ven W. Martin, John P. Massa. 

/4H - W/k 

■sm *&*. 

P*r G^ CJ C~\ £~t tft 

<*f£H m+t m«A h*m f ?r^" k«*p 

M d'k^A 


x ,1* 


Haymaker Council — TOP ROW: Duane F. Klug, Terry L. McGrew, 
Peter J. Kaufman, Phongphan J. Saovaphudhasuvej, Duane C. 
Muck, Jeffrey G. Johnston, John K. Wallace, Henry M. Stoever, Larry 

W. Hamilton, Steven G. McKinley. BOTTOM ROW: Albert W. Cham- 
bers, David E. McLaughlin, Robin B. Dalby, Paul D. Post, Nicholas 
Vecchidrelli, Marion K. Eisler. 


M iklMitk iitiiitk 



"«» «§ p*! L J( 

illlil / U* 

Haymaker — TOP ROW: William 
T. Matney, Bernard Mayfield, 
Roger S. McCallum, Christo- 
pher McCann, Charles R. Mc- 
Caulley, Micheal P. McCoy, 
Robert C. McDonald, Christy N. 

SECOND ROW: Terry L. McGrew, 
Jimmy M. McKaig, Marshall C. 
McKinley. Steven G. McKinley, 
David E. McLaughlin, Edwin I. 
McLeish. Kerry K. McMillen, Jer- 
ry L. McNew. 

THIRD ROW: Phillip W. Mc- 
Pheeters, Lonnie L. Mendenhall, 
Leroy G. Meyer, William E. Mey- 
er, Charles E. Miller, Steven D. 
Miller, Timothy L. Miller, Larry 
S. Mims. 

FOURTH ROW: Paul D. Mittan, 
James L. Moore, Michael E. 
Moore, Robert Morgenstern, 
Dennis R. Morriss, Duane C. 
Muck, Danny D. Mullen, Mark A. 

FIFTH ROW: David J. Nachtigal, 
Stanley K. Nichols, Timothy 
Nightingale, Ted D. Nolde, David 
L. Nordhus, Melford L. Norman, 
Dale A. Nottingham, Alvis F. 

SIXTH ROW: Donald M. Odell, 
Peter M. Orwig, Daniel L. Pear- 
son, Ronald L. Pepperman, 
Franklin P. Perez, Charles A. 
Perry, Edwin S. Persons, Jerry 
M. Peterson. 

SEVENTH ROW: Edwin R. Pe- 
trowsky, Farrokh Pezeshkmehr, 
Robert W. Phillips, Pierre L. Pi- 
cotte, David E. Piotrowsky, Adri- 
an J. Polansky, John K. Poole, 
Paul D. Post. 

EIGHTH ROW: Gary W. Powell, 
William W. Powers, David L. 
Prescott, Gary L. Price, Robert 
M. Price, Terry W. Priest. Terry 
L. Prince, Don R. Pruitt. 

BOTTOM ROW: Steven N. Quil- 
lin. Larry C. Rainey. Chris L. 
Rasmussen, Winston K. Rector, 
Mark C. Reed, Michael L. 
Rempe, Kerry L. Renner. John 
R. Reynolds. 



Haymaker — TOP ROW: William 
L. Reynolds, Barton L. Richards, 
David J. Richardson, Terry L. 
Richardson, Mark L. Riedy, John 
W. Risser, Arthur N. Robins, Roy 
L. Robinson. 

SECOND ROW: Ronald E. Rob- 
son, William J. Rowse, Ronald D. 
Roy, Roger L. Runnalls, Larry D. 
Ryan, Douglas D. Sanneman, 
Phongphan Saovaphudhasuvej. 
John D. Schafer. 

THIRD ROW: William J. Schimpt 
Jeffery A. Schlepp, Steven W 
Schmidt, John E. Schneider 
Thomas C. Schnepp, Tony M 
Scholfield, Steven M. Schorling 
Byron E. Schroeder. 

FOURTH ROW: Jeffrey J. 
Schuett, Randolph J. Schuett, 
William A. Schurg, Danny L. 
Scott, Paul R. Scott, Dwayne C. 
Seifned, Jack H. Seip, Terry J. 

FIFTH ROW: Kenneth R. Shetlar, 
Kenneth J. Shields, Baron J. 
Shively, William D. Siebert, 
James C. Simmons, Kenneth P. 
Simmons, Barry L. Simon, Alan 
M. Smith. 

SIXTH ROW: Andrew E. Smith, 
David 0. Smith, Erich R. Smith, 
Gary R. Smith, Michael K. Sny- 
der, Leland D. Squier, Carl E. 
Stacey, Roger H. Stafford. 

SEVENTH ROW: James P. Stank- 
er, Douglas J. Stearnes, Donald 
D. Steffen, Bernard Steinhilber, 
Terry J. Steinshouer, James D. 
Stewart, William F. Stone, Har- 
old E. Storer. 

EIGHTH ROW: Henry M. Stoever, 
Joe D. Strahm, Duane J. Strick- 
ler, William R. Strong, Carl L. 
Stueve, Larry A. Swanson, Nolan 
G. Swift, John T. Syvrud. 

BOTTOM ROW: James W. Szym- 
borski, Wayne E. Thiele, Gregg 
D. Thomas, Forrest I. Townsend, 
Steven J. Turley, Lyonell R. 
Unruh, Victor J. Vellali, Regis L. 

ajflfe « ^s%k j3Pk 0^% j|P^ ^fflk 
Irn^m f$&t ^S*-* %fT^ *«** v*\\ 

w .* 

^«.T \L*gMf I^- J *T %*sf^? \m«»W \»<^F 


m • ^ Ty^Ei 

f** :;' 

411 • tiJ 4141^14 

**1 W^| f«»^V ^^Tl F**F 



Haymaker — TOP ROW: Thom- 
as A. Vopat, Michael A. Wagner, 
Dale E. Walker. Forrest L. Walk- 
er, Scott A. Walker, John K. Wal- 
lace, William C. Walton. 

SECOND ROW: Francis 0. War- 
den, Steven D. Wasser, Roger E. 
Weber, Melvin C. Webster. Ger- 
ald W. Wedel, Rodney A. Wenger, 
Michael L. Whitehair. 

THIRD ROW: Gregory A. Whit- 
more, Lynn 0. Whittlesey, Rob- 
ert E. Wiles, James E. Williams, 
Kelley Williams, Richard K. Wil- 
liams, Gary V. Williamson. 

BOTTOM ROW: Larry C. Win- 
stead, George M. Wood, Steven 
C. Woolpert. Julius V. Wright, 
Bruce E. Yarnell, Michael A. 
Ysquierdo, Philip R. Zi I linger. G. 
Michael Zoerb. 

Residence hall men find that Indian summer provides 
the perfect weather for a strenuous game of football. 


**'** ■*■.' 

Ping-pong and card-playing tournaments within the 
hall were popular among Marlatt men. Active in intra- 


mural competition, residents regularly viewed in- 
formative films shown by Student Health officials. 

Marlatt earns highest grades among men's dorms 

Marlatt hall men were recognized for achieving 
the highest grades among men's residence halls 
for both semesters of the 1967-68 school year. At 
Christmas, the residents donated a tree and food 
to a needy family in Manhattan. Other projects 
included constructing a Homecoming decoration 
and participating in Spring Fling activities. All- 

dorm functions were replaced by parties and for- 
mats sponsored by the individual floors. The 600 
residents included two student senators and the 
president of Men's Glee Club. Available to resi- 
dents for the first time was a color television set in 
the dormitory's social room and a library estab- 
lished in Kramer Food Center. 


Marlatt Hall — TOP ROW: Don- 
ald Roof, Dennis R. Alexander, 
Darold G. Alwin, James A. 
Amann, Thomas L. Amos, Mar- 
vin K. Anderegg, Larry D. Ander- 
sen, Steven A. Arkin. 

SECOND ROW: John E. Ather- 
ton, Randall D. Avants, Roger J. 
Baalman, Ronald D. Baalman, 
Allan L. Bacon, Glenn E. Bailey, 
Russell Ballentine. Fred W. 

THIRD ROW: Gordon P. Barnes, 
Robert Bartholomew, Terry P. 
Bartkoski, Earl E. Barlett, Steven 
L. Bartsch, Ralph E. Bazil, 
Dwight E. Beauchamp, Paul R. 

FOURTH ROW: Timothy K. Bel- 
stra, Denzel K. Bencmi, Gerald 
R. Benda, Bruce C. Bennett, Wil- 
liam C. Bennett, Mark Y. Ber- 
man, Galen W. Berry, Roger N. 

FIFTH ROW: Harold D. Bert, 
Thomas E. Bettles, Paul A. Bien- 
hoff, Daniel Biggerstaff, Serrell 
W. Black, Philip B. Blount, Ste- 
ven R. Bolte, Gregory D. Borth. 

SIXTH ROW: George A. Bowers, 
Charles R. Boyd, Max A. Boyle, 
Rick A. Brant, William L. Brecht. 
David G. Bremer, Steven L. 
Brodmerkle, Oscar M. Broman. 

SEVENTH ROW: Kerry D. Brown, 
William C. Brussow, David N. 
Bunker, Mario Burke, William 0. 
Butler, William G. Calkins, John 
A. Camara, Aaron E. Carlson. 

EIGHTH ROW: Gary W. Carlson, 
Ralph W. Carlson, Michael R. 
Casey, Jerald A. Cavanaugh, 
Beverly R. Chapin, Steven L. 
Clanton, Anthony C. Classi, Gar- 
ra P. Cohen. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ronald A. Con- 
way, Robert W. Court, David S. 
Craft, John C. Crumnne, Chris- 
topher F. Cutro, William P. Daw- 
son, Paul F. Detrick, Duane L. 



Getting wet is all part of the game as two Marlatt resi- 
dents learn by dousing each other with water. After 

Marlatt Hall — TOP ROW: Geof- 
frey C. Devaux, Paul B. Diehl, 
James D. Dietrich, Donald B. 
Dolezilek, Samuel D. Doyle, 
Thomas M. Drouhard, Robert P. 

the fun is over, however, comes the chore of mop- 
ping up the water and placing things in order. 

SECOND ROW: Joseph M. Du- 
kich, Larry E. Dunn, Raymond S. 
Durler, Charles A. Ecord, Randy 
A. Edelman, Robert D. Eggles- 
ton, Douglas A. Egner. 

THIRD ROW: Lloyd R. Elliot, Dale 
A. Eltiste, Robert L. Engle, Ray- 
mond L. Erickson, Wayne L. Er- 
ickson, Scott A. Evans, Theo- 
dore W. Farres. 

FOURTH ROW: Gordon D. Fied- 
ler, Richard L. Flanary, William 
S. Florer, Ralph L. Flournoy, Jim 
R. Fortner, Larry M. Fox, Arthur 
B. Freedman. 

BOTTOM ROW: Philip J. Fricano, 
James R. Friend, Paul C. Fulker- 
son, James L. Funk, Kenneth L. 
Fyler, Richard W. Gansel, An- 
drew L. Gantenbein. 



R^»-K* W-*»r \»*^w 

i * MdiM H tk 


<j^ 4b? W? Vg* **""- m' 





1 4111k 

*kk *A%mM Mil 

m m o 

«»#sr F- 

Jr ik ^M N^k ^V ' V5^ ^^^ > -# 


Marlatt Hall — TOP ROW: Dale 
E. Gatza, William L. Gaylord, 
Robert D. Gilbert, Stephen J. 
Glotzbach, Bruce F. Godsey, 
Michael A. Golub. Calvin E. 

SECOND ROW: Michael W. Good- 
win, Alan P. Graves, Lance R. 
Green, Thomas H. Green, Alan 
G. Gnder, Mark A. Grimes, Dar- 
rel D. Grollmes. 

THIRD ROW: Steve G. Grube, 
Edward Gruenbacher, Steven D. 
Gunn, Edwin C. Gurnee, Danny 
K. Guy, William Guy, Mark L. 

FOURTH ROW: James V. Hall, 
Vernon S. Hall, Richard W. 
Hammond, David R. Hanna, 
Monte W. Harden, Arlen D. Har- 
ris, Roger C. Harvey. 

FIFTH ROW: David N. Hay, Kent 
D. Heckman, Ronald R. Hector, 
Daniel L. Hemen, Frank B. Hem- 
pen, Daniel L. Hermreck, Joseph 
M. Hesse. 

SIXTH ROW: Dennis L. Heuszel, 
Lyle M. Hiebert, Douglas R. Hig- 
gins, Larry W. Hillyard, John L. 
Holeman, Don R. Hopkins, Ste- 
ven D. Howorth. 

SEVENTH ROW: Roger A. Hun- 
dley, Frederick E. Hunt, Ray- 
mond L. Hunter, H. Hugh Irvin, 
Stephen B. Isemmger, Warren R. 
Janke, Lewayne Jansonius. 

EIGHTH ROW: Rodney J. Jan- 
sonius, Rolland N. Jennison, 
Thomas A. Jensen, Robert G. 
Jesse, Dennis J. Johnson, Doug- 
las C. Johnson, Ernest N. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lawrence L. 
Johnston, Gregory E. Jones. 
Kenneth W. Jones, Michael W. 
Jones, Robert G. Jones, John L. 
Kearn, Robert E. Kearn. 


Marlatt Hall — TOP ROW: Mark 
E. Keast, Robert G. Keeler, Kirk 
A. Kempton, Michael D. Kern. 
William E. Kern, Larry S. Knott, 
Stephen J. Koehler. 

SECOND ROW: John E. Koerner, 
Emile J. Kolick, Dean L. Koontz, 
Eugene F. Korte, Alan J. Kostus, 
John A. Kramer. Frank M. 
Krohn . 

THIRD ROW: Larry L. Krouse, 
John A. Ladd, Barton E. Larson, 
Charles W. Leach, James E. 
Leach, Charles W. Leathers, 
David L. Leiker. 

FOURTH ROW: Larry E. Leiker, 
Stephen L. Lewallen, William M. 
Lindsay. Ralph C. Lindsey, 
Samuel K. Lip, George A. Liver- 
good, Robert L. Lohrmeyer. 

FIFTH ROW: Robert V. Luck. Wil- 
liam J. Luckeroth, James D. Ly- 
tie, Stephen F. Magette. Dale 
Magnett, Joel J. Mason, Robert 
J. Mathews. 

SIXTH ROW: Kenneth E. Ma- 
thias, Elwood E. May, Michael 
H. Mayer, Samuel A. Mayhill, 
James R. McClellan, John 
M. McGinn is, Dennis D. 

SEVENTH ROW: Charles S. 
Means, James M. Melvin, Leon 
F. Metzinger. Leo D. Meyer, Wil- 
liam C. Mierau, David L. Miller, 
Gerald E. Miller. 

EIGHTH ROW: Joseph P. Miller, 
Randall D. Miller, Steven D. Mill- 
er, Wayne A. Montney. Robert E. 
Moomaw, Michael K. Moore, 
Leslie E. Morgan. 

BOTTOM ROW: John B. Morris, 
Rodney L. Morris, Robert C. 
Munson, Larry L. Murray. Mi- 
chael D. Murry, Alvin K. Nafzig- 
er, Norman W. Nelson . 



Uiid A £ 

Marlatt Hall — TOP ROW: John 
A. Nicholas. Thurman M. Nixon, 
Jerome R. Noll, Thomas Nurn- 
berg, Maxwell E. Nuss. Donald E. 
Nutsch, Richard H. Oflynn. 

SECOND ROW: Francis E. 
Ohmes, Russel L. Olsen, Gene L. 
Olson, Leo E. Ostberg, John M. 
Oswald, Charles F. Pacey, Mi- 
chael F. Pacey. 

THIRD ROW: Darwin W. Palmer, 
Ronald W. Pearce, Ronald W. 
Penner, Steven E. Perry. Mi- 
chael D. Peterman, Bruce E. 
Peters, David W. Peterson . 

FOURTH ROW: Philip C. Peter- 
son, Richard J. Peterson, Roger 
K. Peterson, Nicholas Pfannen- 
stiel, Donald J. Plummer, Ed- 
ward A. Poe, Jerry D. Pomrenke. 
Royce L. Porter. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stephen Prath- 
er, Charles W. Price. Donald W. 
Prigel, John L. Quillin, Randy R. 
Rankin, Michael K. Read, Jerry 
D. Reed, Sidney A. Reitz. 

Marlatt Hall Governing Board — STANDING: James E. Leach, John 
W. Calkins, Robert W. Court. SITTING: Harold H. Munger, Allen G. 

Talley, Mark Y. Berman, Stephen J. Koehler, David S. Cratt. Timothy 
B. Harris, Henry Sadek, William C. Bennett. Steve A. Shilling. 


Marlatt Hall — TOP ROW: Ron- 
ald D. Ribeiro, Gaylord L. Rice, 
Douglas R. Rieb, Leroy W. Ries- 
chick, Jerry E. Riff, Monte W. 
Riggs, Robert P. Riordan, John 
J. Riscoe. 

SECOND ROW: Phillip C. Robin- 
son, Douglas E. Robker, Vincent 
P. Rocco, James D. Rogers, I raj 
Rojhani, David L. Roney, Grego- 
ry L. Rooney, William R. Ross. 

THIRD ROW: Ernest S. Ryan, 
John T. Ryer, Henry Sadek, Rus- 
sell 0. Sage, Aldon W. Schene- 
feld, Randall P. Scheuerman, 
John F. Schletzbaum, Joachim 
K. Schmidt. 

FOURTH ROW: Stanley L. 
Schultz, Spencer C. Schwien, 
Rand D. Scott, Mark A. Seboldt, 
William A. Seidel, Steve A. Shil- 
ling, Glenn L. Shoemaker, Jerry 
D. Showalter. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ray E. Siebert, 
Gary A. Sievenn, John S. Sloan, 
Randy C. Smejkol, Walter L. 
Smiley, Terry V. Smith, William 
A. Smith, William H.Smith. 

Men in Marlatt hall discover that housekeeping du- 
ties, including emptying wastebaskets, making beds 

and washing laundry, require time out from recrea- 
tional activities or studying during the weekends. 

Marlatt Hall — TOP ROW: Gerlad 
E. Snapp, David L. Snyder. 
Gregory W. Spachek, Robert E. 
Speilman, Ernest R. Spinks, 
Michael W. Sramek, Larry D. 
Stamper, Keith D. Starr. 

SECOND ROW: William H. Stia- 
walt, Glen E. Stovall, Francis E. 
Stowell, Andrew P. Strasser, 
Vincent J. Strickler, Charles R. 
Struby, Ronald L. Sullivan, Olen 
F. Svoboda. 

THIRD ROW: Gary S. Swanson, 
Bill C. Swinney, James H. Switz- 
er, Allen G. Talley, Michael J. 
Tepley, Lynn E. Thalmann, Wil- 
liam T. Theis, Thomas F. 

FOURTH ROW: Lynne C. Thomp- 
son, Alan L. Thorn, Earl D. Tja- 
den, Harry E. Totten, Alan L. 
Tribble, Jim L. Tuma, Robert J. 
Upham, Eric J. VanBenschoten . 

FIFTH ROW: David R. Vancott, 
James Vanmiddlesworth, Greg 
L. Vavroch, Terrance L. Vindus- 
ka, David L. VogElsang, Richard 
Vonderschmidt, Rodney L. Vyff, 
Craig M. Wagner. 

SIXTH ROW: Joel D. Wagner. 
Richard P. Waldren, Daniel J. 
Walsh, Robert L. Wangerm, Ben 
T. Warwick, Vincent W. Weber. 
Gilbert A. Wegner, James D. 
Weichel . 

SEVENTH ROW: Don L. Weiser. 
Evan K. Wenger, Richard W. 
Wenger, Ronald K. Wente. Riley 
J. Werts, Steven A. Westtahl. 
Richard F. White, Ross S. White. 

EIGHTH ROW: Robert C. Whit- 
man, Vernon C. Williams, Stuart 
L. Willoughby, David W. Wilson. 
Fred D. Wilson, James H. Win- 
dels, Don L. Wiruth, Larry J. 

BOTTOM ROW: Vern D. Wright. 
Benjamin C. York. Robert E. 
Yost, Warren P. Young, Henry P. 
Zawadzki, Stephen D. Zeckser, 
Terrance N. Zerger, Gary L. 


~ ; .v. .>-»T i 

Forming "GO" with lighted windows, Moore residents 
join spirited activities during Homecoming weekend. 

Residents of Moore attend all-dorm parties at a lo- 
cal pub and sponsor a semi-formal in the spring. 

Moore residents discuss 
controversial film topics 

Due to a campus housing shortage, Moore hall 
became coed in the fall. Men occupied the upper 
eight floors while 75 women roomed on the first 
floor and basement levels. Other changes included 
room visitation and publication of the dormitory's 
first newspaper, "Moore or Less." Hall programs 
featured discussions on several controversial films 
such as "Insight or Insanity (LSD)" and one on 
black-white relations. The hall governing board 
formed a grounds committee to landscape the 
area surrounding the building and purchased 
a color television. Social functions sponsored 
by the residence hall were a Christmas dance 
and an "Honest Abe" party. 


v*^ v^ 

MkMM* M* 


ftr 1 HI 




(\ i> 

illk ^^ 



i ^1 

^v '"€>w\ p^w v^A 

Moore Hall — TOP ROW: David 
F. Aldis, Ronald W. Allen, 
Charles E. Andersen, Dean L. 
Armstead, Walter R. Artus, Ste- 
ven W. Baker, Larry W. 

SECOND ROW: Dennis H. Bar- 
rett, Daniel W. Bauer, James L. 
Beckwith, Donald R. Beesley, 
Philip P. Behrens, Sherilyn Ben- 
jamin, Angelo A. Bier. 

THIRD ROW: Richard Bigham, 
Thomas R. Billodeau, Paul H. 
Blankinship, Frederick H. Blitz, 
Daniel J. Boaz, Louis Boles, De- 
lores A. Boling. 

FOURTH ROW: David D. Bolin- 
ger, Charles L. Bolton, Michael 
W. Bradshaw, Dennis R. Brink, 
James S. Broers, James C. Brol- 
lier, James E. Brooks. 

FIFTH ROW: Rupard A. Brower, 
Rebecca A. Brown, Richard D. 
Brown, Ted Browning, Mary 
Buenger, G. Eric Buetzer, 
Charles W. Burger. 

SIXTH ROW: Gregory Busch, 
Delbert W. Buss, John T. Cam, 
Thomas S. Campbell, David J. 
Carroll, James F. Carroll, Larry 
D. Carson. 

SEVENTH ROW: Barbara A. 
Cawby, Leroy D. Chadwick, 
Laurence A. Clark, Jerrold M. 
Cline, Marvin C. Cline, Howard 
G. Cohen, Robert A. Cohn. 

EIGHTH ROW: Arlin E. Colborg, 
Lester D. Collier, Richard D. 
Conner, Dole E. Conrad, Robert 
A. Cook, Robert C. Cook, David 

BOTTOM ROW: Stephen F. Cor- 
del, Jamie Correa Montalvo, 
Alan D. Cox, Alan T. Coyne, Ter- 
ry L. Crandell, Peggy J. Crowell, 
Joseph P. Cusumano. 


Moore Hall — TOP ROW: George 
L. Dame, Thomas B. Debaun, 
Michael E. Debold, John P. Dix- 
on, Thomas W. Dixon. Jackie S. 
Dreibelbis, DianeC. Dreier. 

SECOND ROW: Clifford L. Dung- 
ly, Craig H. Dutton, Joseph V. 
Eburno, Donald P. Ellis, John L. 
Emmot, Gerald W. Erickson, 
Rafael F. Esteva, 

THIRD ROW: Joseph F. Etrick, 
Jerald L. Ewing, Michael J. 
Farmer, Joe E. Farrar, Gregory 
L. Ferguson, David W. Fieser, 
Dean E. Fieser. 

FOURTH ROW: Gary L. Follmer, 
David A. Foreman, Joseph T. 
Fournier, David S. Froelich, 
Russell Fry, Daniel L. Fuller, 
Michael A. Garner. 

FIFTH ROW: R. Steven Gartner, 
Duane R. Gasper, Michael D. 
Gasper, John A. Gelabert, Ken P. 
Georg, Larry D. Gilbert, Oren A. 

SIXTH ROW: Roger L. Gleason, 
Francisco Gonzales, Gary M. 
Graham, Dianna J. Gray, Lance 
W. Grutzmacher, Henry C. Haer, 
Barbara L. Haney. 

SEVENTH ROW: Susan K. Harris, 
Michael A. Harry, George H. 
Harsh, Philbert D. Harvanek, 
Steven L. Hastings, Michael E. 
Hawk, Alton C. Hazen. 

EIGHTH ROW: Orville J. Hazlett, 
Richard A. Heeke. B. Jeannine 
Hensley, Roger L. Herbst, Ray- 
mond F. Herrmann, John Hes- 
ter, James R. Hightower. 

BOTTOM ROW: Paul N. Hilger, 
Daniel G. Hill, Stephen J. Hillner, 
Terry L. Hills, Robert B. Hilton, 
Roy E. Hobbs, Wendell K. 


!p«-T: V*^r 






c^ (^ w O- 

4.1 *J ft 

^ / 

I W^ C^ t"W 

ilk 4l rf 


Moore Hall Governing Board — TOP ROW: Michael W. Wyand, Ron- 
ald W. Allen, Philip J. Jeffries, Wilburn Sego, George H. Harsh, Ken- 
neth L. Thomas, David Reid, Lloyd E. Rogers, Wendall Hawkins, Ken 

P. George. BOTTOM ROW: Kenneth A. Truelsen, Dean L. Armstead, 
Roy E. Hobbs, Heather L. Nicholson, Ruth A. Lott, Dennis W. Will, 
William McKaig, Kenneth L. Thompson, Mark D. Kyle. 

"-*■ m y 

Moore Hall — TOP ROW: Rhys S. 
Hodge, Garold J. Hoffman, John 
W. Hofmann, Sally L. Holford, 
William M. Holhck, Joseph T. 
Horvath, J. Dustin Hultine. 

SECOND ROW: John D. Hunter, 
Claudia Hutchinson, Jimmy A. 
Jackson, Philip J. Jeffries, Wil- 
liam A. Jewell, Robert D. Joel, 
John A. Johnson. 

THIRD ROW: Harvey L. John- 
ston, Arthur D. Jones, Oscar L. 
Jones, Robert D. Joy, Robert D. 
Jump, Mary S. Justus, Gerald G. 

BOTTOM ROW: Royce M. King, 
Lynn E. Kirkham, John R. Kovar, 
Edwin L. Kreutzer, Alan D. Krob, 
William R. Krouse, Ronald J. 


Moore Hall — TOP ROW: Rich- 
ard H. Kunkel, Glen V. Kurten- 
bach, Marc D. Kyle, Kyle W. La 
Rosh, Catherine A. Lawson, 
Raymond M. Lee, Floyd J. Leg- 
leiter, James L. Lentz. 

SECOND ROW: Ronald Lilley, 
David E. Lock, Gerald E. Lock- 
hart, Donald G. Long, Ruth A. 
Lott, Ronald Louderbaugh, 
Douglas E. Loy, Steve E. Loy. 

THIRD ROW: Gary E. Lynch, Lar- 
ry E. Mages, Marianne Martin, 
Michael P. Massie, Stephen R. 
Maxwell, Bernard J. Maycheck, 
Cornell Maytield, Michael D. 

FOURTH ROW: Michael B. Mc- 
Donald, Douglas R. McDowell, 
Stephen P. McGuire, Alice F. 
Mcllrath, William J. McKaig, 
Greg A. McLeod, William D. 

BOTTOM ROW: Tracy G. Mc- 
Quillan, Bernard J. Meirowsky, 
Bennett W. Mellies, Gregory A. 
Miles, Gary R. Miller, Dan A. 
Motfett, Robert M. Morrison. 

K3 v*^* y ^M 

■I IHtffliA 

^•^ j0^ ^^k 
ir**|S !-»**! few 

W^ ^^ w? 

k Mil 

Visitors help time pass for the student disc jockey 
manning the KSRH station in the evening. Located in 

the basement of Moore hall, the radio station offers 
popular study music for members of residence halls. 


o o SSk <2. *% k^t 


Moore Hall — TOP ROW: Jona- 
than R. Mundt, Daniel C. Mur- 
phy, Marilyn J. Murphy, Stephen 
J. Murtola, Ronald D. Musser, 
Marcus L. Neal, Geraldine Neill. 

SECOND ROW: Linda L. Neill, 
Edward E. Nelson, Glen E. Nel- 
son, Paul E. Newton, Richard C. 
Obee, Ronald L. Overstreet, Phil- 
ip K. Palmer. 

THIRD ROW: Dean A. Pankratz, 
Howard D. Partington, Prasad P. 
Pathare, Ernest V. Pease, David 
J. Pemberton" Mark E. Pepper, 
Joan K. Peterson. 

FOURTH ROW: Thomas V. Peter- 
son, Theodore W. Pinkham, 
Charles L. Porter, Gregory Post, 
Loren L. Powell, Kent M. Prath- 
er, Gary S. Pruyn. 

FIFTH ROW: Gary R. Raccuglia, 
Delbert D. Raile, Kent E. Raven- 
stein, Vernon D. Reed, Deborah 
S. Remsberg, Larry M. Richards, 
Laymond Richardson. 

SIXTH ROW: Luis Rivera, Gary L. 
Roberts, Lloyd E. Rogers, Lance 
C. Rowlen, Jerry C. Roy, Dennis 
N. Ruhnke, Robert A. Sager. 

SEVENTH ROW: Steven L. Salb, 
Douglas Sams, Farshad Saremi, 
Sonya K. Saunders, John A. 
Savarino, Steve D. Sawyer, Ter- 
ry L. Schaldecker. 

EIGHTH ROW: Christine Sch- 
meiser, Richard W. Schmidt, 
George W. Schoenborn, Robert 
L. Schrandt, Linda S. Schultz, 
Von Schumacher, Sam F. 

BOTTOM ROW: Perry A. Seaton, 
Daniel J. Seballoz, William E. 
Shacklett, Samuel H. Shapiro, 
Stephen A. Sherlock, Alden N. 
Shippy, Deborah L. Shrouf . 


Moore Hall — TOP ROW: Arris A. 
Sigle, John L. Simmons, Charles 
R. Simms, Richard E. Smethers, 
Eileen P. Smith, April L. Snook, 
Robyn M. Snook. 

SECOND ROW: Brian M. Sold- 
ner, Sharon K. Steinbring, Ver- 
sie H. Stephenson, Jacqueline A. 
Stokes, Robert W. Storer, Teresa 
L. Stubbs, Robert E. Such. 

THIRD ROW: Arthur C. Taddeo, 
Linda G. Tanner, Steven F. Ter- 
hune, Kenneth L.Thomas, Lynn 
R. Thomas, Kenneth J. Thomp- 
son, Larry R. Thompson. 

FOURTH ROW: Phillip A. Thomp- 
son, Randall E. Thummel, Mark 
D. Tracy, James Trowbridge, 
Michael E. Trueblood, Kenneth 
A. Truelsen, Neil E. Tucker. 

FIFTH ROW: Jerry L. Unzicker, 
Lester J. Van Huss, Sandra Van- 
derWerff, Irving J. Velez, Wes E. 
Vogt, Randolph R. Vogts, Helen 

SIXTH ROW: Steven L. Walters, 
Masayuki Watanabe, Robert L. 
Waters, Cheryl L. Watt, Nancy J. 
Watt, Curtis L. Watts, Michel L. 

SEVENTH ROW: Charles Weaver, 
Nicholas R. Weber, William P. 
Weber, John D. Welborn, James 
C. Welker, James B. Wentz, Boyd 
F. Wichman. 

EIGHTH ROW: Diana Weir, Ste- 
ven D. Wilkinson, Dennis W. Will, 
Steven D. Will, Dianna L. Wil- 
liams, John S. Williams, Robert 
A. Wolte. 

BOTTOM ROW: Michael E. Wood, 
Richard Woolbnght, Michael W. 
Wyand, Linda K. Young, Donald 
W. Youngblood, Ronald H. 
Zelch, Richard L. Zeller. 

Jg ^s* £**4 ^m 


¥ / 

Q & 



Displaying the key to a 'Cats victory over Kansas, 
Moore's football player stands his lone night watch. 



When visiting campus, athletic prospects often are 
invited to tour the Athletic dorm at 1710 Denison 

and dine with residents. During the year, a con- 
centrated effort is made to recruit top athletes. 

Coaches provide tutoring for athletic dorm men 

Housing 179 men representing every University 
sport, the Athletic Residence hall installed weight 
training equipment in the recreation room and 
added a library. Other facilities available were 
pool and ping-pong tables, sauna bath and a 
swimming pool. To assist residents with their 
academic work, individual coaches provided tu- 

toring programs. A dormitory governing board, 
with representatives from each floor, was organ- 
ized to formulate policies and suggest hall im- 
provements. At Christmas, the men attended a 
party with the Gibson Girls and in the spring, the 
K-Club organized a dance for all athletes on cam- 
pus as well as dormitory residents. 

Athletic Dorm — TOP ROW: 
Robert A. Barratti, Alan C. 
Baughman, James L. Baum, 
James Bensinger, Keith A. Best, 
John Bever, Steve J. Beyrle. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sam J. Broberg, 
Thomas A. Brosius, Walter Burk- 
son, Michael D. Carlisle, Charles 
G. Clark, Roger D. Collins, Bud- 
dy Cooper. 

^3» my '«►«»•? ijm *^ J^ 

* MtixkmmmM 


Athletic Dorm — TOP ROW: 
Charles H. Copp, Lloyd M. 
Creed, David M. Creswell, Gary 
D. Dahm, Ronald Dickerson, 
Wayne T. Drier, William J. 
Droege, John W. Duckers. 

SECOND ROW: Harold R. Early, 
Fred Fleming, Robert E. Gartner, 
Nick Gieber, David W. Graas, 
Harry H. Grinrod, James W. 
Hartley, Richard M. Heath. 

THIRD ROW: Dwight F. Hemmer- 
ling, Donald W. Henderson. 
Frederick Hill, John M. Holm- 
beck, Nicholas J. Horner, Jer- 
ome J. Howe, William R. Huis- 
man, Bruce Johnson . 

FOURTH ROW: William M. Kel- 
ler, David D. Knight, Michael J. 
Kolich, Michael J. Kuhn, Gary M. 
Latferty, Douglas C. Lane, Ger- 
ald W. Lawson, William R. Lees. 

FIFTH ROW: Laddie Livingston, 
Dave W. Mawhorter, Harry E. 
McDonald, Randall E. McGrath, 
Charles M. McNerny, Donald C. 
Mills, Ronald A. Nelthrope. Con- 
rad L. Nightingale. 

SIXTH ROW: Mark E. Norton, 
Kenneth C. Ochs. Donald A. 
Payne, Loren E. Peithman, Ste- 
phen M. Perry, David C. Peter- 
son, Richard J. Powierza, Don- 
ald Putahl. 

SEVENTH ROW: Robert L. Ran- 
dall, Barry W. Reppart, Daniel P. 
Rhoda, Courtney G. Rogers, 
Stan Ross, Floyd Rudolph, Fred- 
eric Sackbauer, Steven J. 

BOTTOM ROW: Robert L. Scott, 
Scott F. Shelley, Joseph G. Si- 
mecka, Steven A. Snyder, Alan 
D. Steelman, Kenneth L. Swen- 
son. Jay H. Vader. 

Athletic Dorm Governing Board — TOP ROW: Bill Favrow, Jay H. 
Vader, John R. Cain, Eugene Williams, Jeffery R. Beck, Timothy P. 
McLane, Donnie W. Brooks, Bryce S. Dietrich. BOTTOM ROW: Larry 

E. Weldon, Ronald A. Rossello, William H. Kennedy, David P. Ma- 
whorter, Raymond M. McGill. 

Relaxing after dinner, a student mother points out 
to her daughters how to play an alphabetical game. 

Between attempts to amuse his young son, a student 
takes time to review lecture notes before a class. 

Jardine married students 
petition for storm shelter 

Concerned with the protection of residents, 
married students at Jardine Terrace passed peti- 
tions asking for a storm shelter. Committees also 
met with University administrators and began a 
study on costs and structures. In conjunction with 
the storm shelter, plans began for a married stu- 
dents' recreation center in the shelter. 

With the new stadium, residents foresaw the 
problem of fans parking in Jardine parking lots 
and organized a patrol to enforce regulations. 
Jardine residents also were entitled to receive 
cable television at special reduced rates. 


Repainting furniture is one task that married cou- 
ples find pleasant in decorating their apartments. 

Enjoying a break from the hectic rush of campus, a 
married student eats lunch at home with his wife. 

As part of her weekly housekeeping tasks, a house- 
wife in Jardine shakes out a rug before vacuuming. 


Using their own creativity, off-campus women dec- 
orate their apartments with acquired souvenirs. 

Student demand grows 
for off-campus dwellings 

Off-campus housing in Manhattan grew in 
demand as an estimated 5,000 students lived off- 
campus in apartment houses, rooms or trailer 
courts. Construction of modern apartment com- 
plexes, designed to meet students' needs, also con- 
tinued. Off-campus Women, an association repre- 
senting all single women not housed in organized 
living groups, sponsored a Homecoming Queen 
finalist and visited soldiers at Irwin Army Hospi- 
tal at Christmas. The group also planned a toy 
exchange for underprivileged Manhattan children 
and scheduled a spring party. 

Working on her art project, an off-campus woman 
finds an apartment provides room for her materials. 


Practical experience in the kitchen gives off-cam- 
pus men a high degree of familiarity with cooking. 


Along with the responsibilities of living in an apart- 
ment comes the chore of washing dirty dishes. 

Before settling down to an evening of study, apart- 
ment dwellers try their luck in a hand of gin rummy. 


Townees find their own rooms at home to be quieter 
and more conducive to study than residence halls. 

Sharing daily experiences with their parents keeps 
family ties strong for students residing at home. 

Tempted by the aroma, a Manhattan resident checks 
to learn what his mother is preparing for dinner. 

Living at home presents 
advantages for students 

For many students attending the University, 
living at home presented a unique situation unfa- 
miliar to the typical student. Finding advantages 
to the situation, Manhattan students enjoyed close 
family ties, home cooked meals, a quiet place to 
study and generally unrestricted curfews. 

Feeling isolated from campus activities, finding 
a parking place on campus and difficulty in meet- 
ing people were the major problems often con- 
fronting townees. By joining Greek and other 
campus organizations, they frequently found bet- 
ter ties with the University community. 


One of the distinct advantages enjoyed by townees 
is eating home-cooked meals in a quiet atmosphere. 

Arriving home late from the library, a Manhattan 
resident anticipates a snack before going to bed. 

Substitutions for studying can be found as easily 
at home as in any organized campus living group. 


Photo by John LaShelle 


From the rugged outdoors of Tuttle Creek to 
hard wood floors of Ahearn Field House, athletes 
prepare strenuously for the decisive battle of com- 
petition. Moments of excitement drain exhaustion 
from faces as muscles strain under the tension of 
contact. Undergoing new experiences, students 
rediscover contrasts in athletics hopes versus 
achievements, defeat versus victory as they 
learn from the world of University sports. 

Photo by Don Richards 


V V » ^y 

H. B. Lee, athletic director for 12 years, resigned 
to become president of a closed-circuit TV network. 

Eldon Auker receives the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame 
award from President McCain at the K-State-KU game. 

New stadium dedication 
marks first football game 

Completed in time for dedication at the first 
game of the season, the new $1.6 million football 
stadium climaxed five years of work by the Ath- 
letic Council. Plans were launched in October for 
an Olympic-sized swimming pool after the Board 
of Regents approved the sale of bonds that, com- 
bined with a student fee accumulation of $87,000, 
made $737,000 available for construction of the 
facility. The completion date was set for 1970. 

Under the auspices of H. B. Lee, athletic direc- 
tor, the athletic department began preparations 
for relocating all field sports' facilities to the area 
adjoining the new stadium when construction 
programs forces the department to move out 
of Memorial Stadium and the football practice 
fields north of the Field House. 

For admittance to a football game, a student is re- 
quired to present both his ID card and season ticket. 


Athletic Council — TOP ROW: Wilton B. Thomas, Vernon P. Demes, 
Floyd W. Smith, John F. Frazler, Larry R. Larsen, Chester E. Peters. 
BOTTOM ROW: Horace B. Lee, Vernon P. Demes, Alan F. Kessler, C. 
Clyde Jones, Kenneth Gowdy. 

Athletic Department Administrative Heads — Edward C Head, 
Frank L. Myers, Hindman P. Wall. 

Backed up with spotting and statistics from Paul 
DeWeese, Dev Nelson reports play-by-play for radio. 


Accompanied by their parents, students watch as K- 
State tailback Larry Brown prepares to block for 

wingback Mack Herron in the Parents' Day Missouri 
game. Fans are glum as the Wildcats lose, 56-20. 

Quarterback Bill Nossek is plagued with mistakes 
as he calls the plays against l-State's Cyclones. 

Diving over a strong KU defensive line, fullback 
Corny Davis gains valuable yardage for the 'Cats. 


Charlie Collins bolts through a tough Missouri de- 
fensive line to score a first down for the 'Cats. 


Purple pride dominates 
as 'Cats post four wins 

Purple Pride spelled victory for the 'Cats as 
they ended the season with four big wins. Coach 
Gibson's Wildcats were the first to win four 
games since the 1955 squad compiled a 4-6 record. 
The 1968 team moved out of the Big Eight cellar 
to tie Oklahoma State for sixth place. Their 4-5 
record ranked the Cats fifth in total games 
played. Contributing to success were veteran 
flanker Dave Jones who was selected to play in 
the North-South game and sophomore Lynn 
Dickey who broke the Big Eight passing record. 

During their Big Eight opener, K-State's defensive 
line allows Iowa State only 65 yards in the air. 

One of the nation's leading kickers is senior Bob 
Coble, punting 77 times for a 42.2 yard average. 



'Cats grab two victories 
in grid road competition 

Proving they have come a long way since last 
year, the 'Cats enjoyed a two win, three loss rec- 
ord on the road this season. Three of their road 
games were against the tough bowl teams of Penn 
State, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma. 

Playing a bad third quarter against the Nittany 
Lions of Penn State turned the score against the 
Wildcats, causing a 25-9 loss. Virginia Tech bowed, 
34-19, to the 'Cats powerful passing game. 

Scoring more points against the Oklahoma 
Sooners than in the last 40 years was not enough 
to give the 'Cats a win. Threatening until the end, 
the Wildcats lost 35-20. Defeating the Cornhus- 
kers of Nebraska, 12-0, gave the Wildcats their 
first conference win since 1964 and their first 
conference shutout since 1955. 

In his second year as football coach, Vince Gibson 
gives instructions to a player going on the field. 

Colorado proves to be too much for the 'Cats as vet- 
eran quarterback Bill Nosseck looks for a receiver. 

1968 Football 




Colorado State 


Pennsylvania State 



Virginia Tech 



Iowa State 














Oklahoma State 


The Big 

Eight title was shared by Oklahoma 

and Ka 



by Missouri third, 

Colorado and Nebraska 




and Oklahoma State sixth, and Iowa State e 


Corney Davis concentrates on gaining extra yardage 
after recovering from injuries suffered earlier in 

the season. It was enough to boost the Wildcats to 
a long sought after 12-0 victory from rival Huskers. 

Varsity Football Team — TOP ROW: Michael J. Kuhn, David H. Ow- 
ens, David A. Payne, Clarence L. Faubus, Max M. Arregum, James M. 
Carver, David M. Creswell, William A. Bridges. SECOND ROW: Lloyd 
S. Yarnell, James M. Montgomery, Terry E. Voos, John W. Duckers, 
Richard J. Powierza, Charles Collins, Dean A. Shaternick. THIRD 

Varsity Football Team — TOP ROW: Ronald L. Dickerson, Arvyd J. 
Acker, Clarence R. Scott, Jerome G. Beezley. SECOND ROW: Larry F. 
Keller, Oscar J. Gibson, Alan D. Steelman, Manuel T. Barrera, Orson 
L. Powell, John R. Stucky. THIRD ROW: Michael J. Kolich, Anthony F. 

ROW: Lloyd M. Creed, Ronald L. Stevens, Robert A. Long, Forrest N. 
Wells, Clifford L. Dickey, Michael E. Hicks, Gerald W. Lawson. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Allen R. Vay, Lynn A. Larson, Terry M. Draper. Dwight F. 
Hemmerling, Joseph R. Mintner, Russell Harrison. 

Severmo, Jay H. Vader, Paul W. Hanney, Wayne E. Brodman. BOT- 
TOM ROW: Robert L. Scott, Donald R. Alexander. Donald A. Payne, 
James D. Dukelow, Harry E. McDonald. 


Home fans witness victory after four-year drought 

As the 1968 football season closed, the Wild- 
cats had compiled a 2-3 home game record. In the 
first win in the KSU Stadium and the first home 
victory in four seasons, the "Cats defeated Colo- 
rado State, 21-0. Flanker Dave Jones set two all- 
time Big Eight records, in total yardage and total 
reception, in the competition against Iowa State, 
but the Cyclones still managed to out play the 
Wildcats and win, 23-14. 

Missouri whipped the Wildcats, 56-20, in the 
annual Parents" Day game. The famed Mizzou 

defense held the 'Cats to eight first downs and 39 
yards rushing. Orange Bowl bound Kansas ran 
into tougher than expected opposition in the 1968 
Homecoming game. A third quarter K-State ral- 
ly tied the Jayhawks at 21 points, but KU later 
pulled ahead to win the contest, 38-29. 

As a tribute to the 1969 seniors, the Wildcats 
claimed victory in the final game. After trailing in 
the first half, the "Cats surged ahead to beat Okla- 
homa State, 21-14, compiling the best football 
season record since 1955. 

Lynn Dickey slips the ball to Larry Brown who con- 
centrates on finding an opening through MU's line. 


Wingback Mack Herron gets tripped up by a Colorado 
defender as he fights for yardage on a punt return. 


Flanker Bob Long eludes a CSU defender to move the 
Wildcats closer to their first win in KSU Stadium. 

As the ball is snapped, tailback Larry Brown pre- 
pares for his move against the Iowa State defense. 

Cornelius Davis leaps across a Kansas defense wall 
and into the end zone to score for the Wildcats. 


Freshman players line up for their next move in the 
game with Missouri which the Wildcats lost, 28-14. 

Frosh 'Cats defeat KU after dropping three games 

Head freshman grid coach Leroy Montgomery 
completed his second season at Kansas State by 
leading the young 'Cats to their second win in two 
years. Although highly favored before the season 
opened, the freshmen lost their first three games 
by wide margins before edging the University of 
Kansas Jayhawks in the final game, 22-2 1 . 

Oklahoma State proved too much for the 'Cats 
in the opening game of the 1968 season, downing 
the freshmen, 39-7. Looking for a win on their 
home field, the Wildcats rallied in the third quar- 

ter of the contest against Missouri to score 14 
points, but Mizzou regained control to win, 28-14. 
Despite evidence of K-State's improved rushing 
techniques, Nebraska shut out the 'Cats in the 
season's third game with a 29-0 score. 

1968 Freshman Football 




Oklahoma State 











Jack Parry, split-end for the freshman Wildcats, bat- 
tles with a rival opponent from Kansas for the ball. 

Driving for extra yardage is freshman tailback Bill 
Butler in the contest between Kansas and K-State. 

Freshman football coach Leroy Montgomery instructs 
quarterback Dennis Morrison on the next play. 

Freshman Football Team — TOP ROW: George P. Leidael, Richard 
M. Heath, Thomas G. Orwig. Johnny N. Robertson, David B. John- 
son, Dennis C. Morrison, Charles E. Pope, George S. Ross, John D. 
Parry. SECOND ROW: Jettrey R. Beck, Darwin W. Palmer, Larry W. 
Maxwell, Ronald A. Nelthorpe, Leo P. Brouhard, James W. Post, Da- 
vid L. Hazlett, Timothy P. McLane, Keith A. Best. THIRD ROW: Arnold 

R. Hawkins, Larwence Battaglia, Barry W. Reppart, Gary F. Glatz, 
Douglas C. Killion, Joe H. Colquitt, Danny M. Cafferty, Frederic 
Sackbauer. BOTTOM ROW: Thomas A. Brosius, Ronald D. Kimball, 
Laddie A. Livingston, Donnie W. Brooks, Steven J. Beyrle, Alan C. 
Baughman, Gary M. Lafterty, William R. Lees. 


Fast breaking 'Cat, Eddie Smith leads the squad down 
court to defeat North Carolina State at Vanderbilt. 

Helping K-State to an 88-68 win over Syracuse in the 
Sunflower double header is guard Loren Peithman. 

With two minutes of the first half remaining, Steve 
Honeycutt fires another two points into the basket. 


Wildcat records bleak 
in pre-season contests 

Pre-season contests projected a bleak picture 
for the 'Cats' 1969 basketball season. 

Heading into the annual pre-season Big Eight 
Tournament with five losses, the Wildcats man- 
aged to beat Iowa State, but dropped two more 
games, to Oklahoma State and Colorado. 

Cincinnati spelled yet another defeat for the 
Wildcats in their pre-season opener. After losing 
to Tulsa, the 'Cats picked up their first season vic- 
tory in a match against Indiana where an overtime 
resulted in a final score of 87-83. K-State split the 
Sunflower double header, winning, 88-68, over 
Syracuse and losing to Creighton. Capturing sec- 
ond place in the Vanderbilt Classic Tournament, 
the 'Cats then lost the final game to Vanderbilt. 

Cheering crowds and 6-3 guard Jeff Webb spark the 
Wildcats to an easy victory over Syracuse University. 

Jerry Venable battles an Indiana foe for control of 
the tip. Overtime gave the victory to the Wildcats. 


Efforts of Ail-American Jo Jo White in his last game 
of college basketball manages to overpower the 'Cats 

and their efforts to break the tight Jayhawk defense. 
The 'Cats lost the match with the rival Hawks, 67-73. 

'Cats win eight games on home basketball court 

Playing on their home court surrounded by en- 
thusiastic fans proved advantageous for the Wild- 
cats. By season's end, the 'Cats had managed to 
compile an 8-1 home game record. 

Southern Illinois University was the only non- 
conference team the Wildcats met during the sea- 
son. Power on the backboards enabled the 'Cats 

to win, 74-56. In play against the Big Eight teams, 
the 'Cats split with all teams except Oklahoma. 
After suffering a loss to Iowa State earlier in the 
season, the Wildcats applied an aggressive defense 
and downed the Cyclones, 78-73. Although lag- 
ging behind early in the game, the 'Cats came 
back to beat Missouri, 60-55. 


Eddie Smith's attempt for a K-State field goal is nar- 
rowly blocked by Colorado's Tim Wedgeworth. 

Varsity players Jerry Venable and Steve Honeycutt 
dominate the court in the varsity-frosh scrimmage. 

Senior center Eugene Williams hangs on to his title 
of top Wildcat rebounder in the KSU-Oklahoma game. 


New head basketball coach Lowell "Cotton" Fitzsim- 
mons often uses off-court motions to get a point 

across. Before coming to KSU, Fitzsimmons compiled 
one of the best junior college records in the area. 

After every game, statistics keepers remain in 
the empty Field House in order to compile figures. 

Sophomore guard Terry Snider attempts to steal the 
ball as K-State leads Creighton in the doubleheader. 


Wildcat basketball team 
earns Big Eight second 

Away from their home court, the Wildcats met 
with tough Big Eight teams contending for the 
conference title. Although winning their opener 
against Iowa State gave the 'Cats a good start, 
trouble which later developed resulted in K-State 
having to settle for the league's second place posi- 
tion at the end of the season. 

Before defeating the Oklahoma Sooners, the 
'Cats suffered defeats from both Colorado and 
Oklahoma State. Missouri and Nebraska dealt 
two more losses to the Wildcats before they man- 
aged to close the season using outstanding re- 
bounding and offensive aggressiveness to beat the 
University of Kansas by a score of 64-57. 

1969 Basketball 



























Oklahoma State 






Southern Illinois 






Iowa State 



North Carolina 













Oklahoma State 



Iowa State 






Oklahoma State 












Iowa State 









do captured the 

Big Eight title 

with Kansas and 


State tied for second, Iowa State 


fourth, Missouri was fifth, 


oma State and Nebraska tied for sixth, and Okl 




*Big Eight Tournament 

Varsity Basketball Team — TOP ROW: John W. Thompson, Wheeler 
M. Hughes, Steven F. Honeycutt, Loren E. Peithman, Dwight W. 
Oman. SECOND ROW: Jeffrey W. Webb, Terry S. Snider, Joseph R. 
Meives, Kent D. Litton. BOTTOM ROW: Edward C Smith, Dave Law- 
rence, Michael Barber, Eugene Williams, Jerry N. Venable. 

Willie the Wildcat always manages to stir up team 
support from young members of the KSU fan section. 



Frosh cage team ends 
season with 7-5 record 

Coached by former K-State varsity basketball 
player Larry Weigle, the freshman Wildcats con- 
cluded their season with a 7-5 record despite los- 
ing all three of their road games. 

Opening the season with a 92-87 win over East- 
ern Missouri Junior College, the freshmen met 
with a 74-69 defeat in overtime against Merramec 
Juco. This was the team's only loss in their five 
games against junior college teams. One of the 
Wildcats" major victories was over nationally 
ranked Murray Junior College. In Big Eight play, 
the freshmen suffered four losses. Kansas was the 
only school to upset the young "Cats twice, but the 
team still could only manage to split one and one 
with both Oklahoma State and Nebraska. 

1969 Freshman Basketball 




Western Mo. JUCO 



Meramec Juco 



St. Gregory's Juco 



U. of Kansas 



Oklahoma State 



Kansas City Juco 






Murray Juco 



Oklahoma State 






Northern Okla. Juco 



University of Kansas 


Freshman forward Bob Zender thwarts another lay-up 
attempt as the 'Kittens lead Murray Junior College. 

Freshman Basketball Team — TOP ROW: Dennis S. Lull, Robert M. 
Jackson, William R. Cheatham. SECOND ROW: David Hall, Wilson J. 
Scott, Rodney K. Morgan, Jack L. Thomas. BOTTOM ROW: William 
R. Fiedler, Robert G. Zender, Rick A. Campbell. 


Top rebounder and scorer David Hall waits to hear 
the referee's decision on a play in the Murray game. 

Freshman guard Wilson Scott tries to block a field 
goal attempt as the Wildkittens trail behind KU. 

Rick Campbell shows his pass-stopping power in the 
game with Northern which the 'Kittens won, 81-69. 


Freshman team coach Larry Weigel compiled a record 
of seven wins and five losses during his first year. 


Michael Ajakaiye hurls in a goal on the mud-packed 
field to further extend K-State's lead over WSU. 

Plagued by poor weather and muddy fields, the Wild- 
cat soccer team huddles for a halftime conference. 

Soccer team wins five, 
beats KU Jayhawks, 4-1 

With a fall season record of five wins, two loss- 
es and one tie, the soccer team headed for the Big 
Eight tourney in April. Defending their unbeaten 
record early in the season, the 'Cats defeated the 
Omaha Kickers with a score of 7-2. Defense was 
up against one of the toughest contenders in the 
league. Another win quickly followed as the team 
bombed Emporia State, 8-0, while playing on 
home territory. Goalies aided the defense by 
keeping a well-locked door to Emporia's goal. 
Later in the season, K-State avenged an earlier 
loss to the Jayhawks with a win of 4-1. This 
match was the season's highlight as Regis Leal 
scored all four of the goals made in the contest. 


K-State soccer teammates congratulate one another 
after posting a victory over Wichita State, 11-2. 


, ?*»awSEBV > -^ *' 

4 $v*#. 

.-t^.?*.iW%.lkR* V- -.*"'. *-:'^-i -"*- 

As a guard stands by, Pete Huss employs a combined 
lay-up maneuver to knock the ball close to the pen. 

Soccer Team — TOP ROW: Robert V. Heyne, Farrokh Fattahi, Man- 
uel R. Leal, Bhuwan C. Pande, James 0. AM, Mau-yin Chow. SECOND 
ROW: Michael F. Ziemann, Peter Huss, Michael B. Ajakaiye, Tomas 
C. Janson, William C. Mayaki, Sherman T. Whipple, Douglas B. New- 
land. THIRD ROW: Ronald L Pepperman, Johnson 0. Arokoyo, Arlen 
W. Etling, Daniel I. Saror, Alan Bell, William D. Pulliam. BOTTOM 
ROW: Thomas F. Cox, Denis A, Bekaert, Hank Reuter, Gerald F. Slon- 
ka, Max L. Christensen . 



Pitcher Van Bullock fires a fast ball during the Warm- 
up before the K-State-Oklahoma State game. 

Obeying the coach's signal, Jim Scheffer holds on 
third base instead of attempting a run to the plate. 

Baseball team tops KU, 
takes Big Eight second 

Kansas State nabbed second place in the Big 
Eight when the baseball team won two of three 
games against the University of Nebraska. The 
'Cats dropped a four-game series with Mississippi 
in pre-season play. Despite injuries and bad 
weather, they returned to win two games of a tri- 
pleheader against Kansas. Contributing to the 
outstanding season were pitcher Nick Horner 
(7-0) and hard-hitting left fielder Jack Woolsey 
who earned ail-American honors. 

Field spectators spur the Wildcats on during the 
game with Oklahoma State which K-State won, 5-4. 


After posting an 8-2 season record for pitching, 
Nick Horner earns congratulations from teammates. 

Head baseball coach Bob Brasher guided the Wildcats 
to a morale-boosting 10-2 win over the KU Jayhawks. 

Baseball Team — TOP ROW: William L. Kelley, William R. Huisman, 
Harold R. Early, Jack L. Woolsey, Robert E. Gartner, James L. Baum, 
Bryce S. Dietrich, Steven A. Snyder, Charles G. Clark, Charles F. 
Waymire. SECOND ROW: Joseph G. Simecka, William F. Fleming, 
Philip B. Wilson, Donald R. Pufahl, David W. Graas, Robert L. Ran- 

dall, Wayne T. Dreier, Mark S. Arnold, Barry L. Herron, William J. 
Droege. BOTTOM ROW: James L. Whitesell, Nicholas J. Horner, Rob- 
ert C. Haney, Michael A. Todd, Floyd Rudolph, Jr., Bill G. Hickey, 
James E. Russell, Steve J. Wood. 

Good coaching, hitting, pitching get 'Cats top berth 

Good coaching, hard hitting and outstanding 
pitching combined to earn the Wildcat baseball 
team second place in the Big Eight for the 1968 
season. Under coach Bob Brasher, the baseball 
team has risen from the cellar to second place in 
the league during the past four seasons. The 'Cats 
finished the season with 13 wins and seven losses 
in Big Eight play bringing the stickmen closer to a 

league pennant than any University team had 
come in the previous 35 seasons. 

Two losses to Colorado late in the season forced 
K-State to settle for second place. An early three- 
game sweep over Iowa State kept title hopes 
alive, but cancellation of the series with first place 
Oklahoma State and third place Oklahoma nar- 
rowed the 'Cats chances for the league title. 

Brad Schiesinger led a strong pitching staff al- 
though he was injured for most of the 'Cats' season. 


1968 Baseball 





Louisiana State 






Louisiana State 








Iowa State 


Louisiana State 



Iowa State 



Louisiana State 







Louisiana State 
































Memphis State 






Memphis State 






























homa State captu 

r ed first pi 

ace in 

the Big Eight, folic 

wed by 

Kansas State, Oklahoma, Iowa 


Missouri, C 


do, Ne- 


<a and Kansas. 


i.:~--'-difa #.... 



Students speculate on the 'Cats' future performance 
at one of the pre-season spring baseball practices. 


Members of the varsity baseball squad await their 
turn in the batter's box during the Colorado game. 

K-State's batting totals averaged .232, comparing 
favorably with .216, the team's opponents' totals. 

" *f...-X- -. - ^ * *- - ' - - .-.■*■**!«- 


f«*««»lll*ll OMI»A 

3 «30 *T*0«^|T|EPLECM«St MOM. 8MM 1 

«17 HlftflNOff HEX 


Photo by Jim Ryun 

Representing the United States, Conrad Nightingale 
competes in the steeplechase at the 1968 Olympics. 

Outdoor runners capture 
first at Dallas invitational 

Highlighting the year for the outdoor trackmen 
was a surprise second place finish in the Big Eight. 
One of the 'Cats 1 outstanding performances dur- 
ing the year was at the Dallas Invitational where 
they captured first place. Meeting Southern 
Methodist for the second time, the Wildcats again 
were victorious, 93-43. After meeting Missouri 
and winning, 87-63, disappointment came when 
snow forced cancellation of the Air Force meet. 



' v 

njr. .. 

II ; *«*.*»_ 

Sophomore trackman Roger Timken clears high hur- 
dles in a dual with MU which the 'Cats won, 87-36. 

1968 Outdoor Track 




Baylor 62 1/2 
Texas A&M 49 
SMU 41 
Oklahoma State 39 1/2 
Texas Christian U. 24 
East Texas 6 


SM Dual Meet 43 


Missouri Dual Meet 63 

Kansas U 


captured the first place title in the Big Eight, 




pacing with second. These teams were fol- 




Nebraska, Oklahoma, Colorado, Oklahoma 


and Iowa State. 


Mack Herron hands off to Larry Weldon winning the 
440-relay at the outdoor track meet with Missouri. 

Winning the 220-yard sprint, Charles Collins aids 
in accumulating points for K-State against Mizzou. 


Track Team — TOP ROW: William E. Wisdom, Mark Steilein, David J. 
Nachtigal, Charles Collins, Stephen W. Swayze, Charles H. Copp, 
David L. Knight, Michael D. Carlisle, Larry E. Weldon, Bruce A. Max- 
well, John M. Hamman, Kenneth L. Swenson, Robert A. Barritti, Jer- 
ome J. Howe, Gary D. Dahm. SECOND ROW: DeLoss Dodds, Thomas 
L. Boyle, Elmer E. Lehmann, Steven M. Perry, Donald W. Henderson, 
William F. Kiser, Dana L. Rasch, Terry W. Holbrook, Kevin R. Davis, 

Russell Harrison, Michael R. Heer, Donald C. Mills, David C. Peter- 
son, Larry E. Rink, Bill Favrow. BOTTOM ROW: Philip L. Weishaa-r, 
Mike Staufter, Thomas A. Brosius, Douglas C. Lane, John R. Cain, 
Steven S. Schneider, Raymond M. McGill, Charles M. McNerny. Lu- 
cillious Williams, James W. Hartley, Kenneth V. Rudeen, Stanley L. 


K-Staters battle it out for an early lead in the 
cross country race of the State Federation meet. 

Coaches Dodds and Bolan congratulate trackman 
Jerome Howe on winning the Quadrangular meet. 



Members of the K-State track team huddle together 
before a race to induce team spirit and confidence. 


Cross country nabs third 
in Big Eight competition 

Placing third in the Big Eight cross country 
meet behind Kansas and Colorado closed out the 
season for the harriers. The Wildcats beat Mis- 
souri and Nebraska, however, two teams they suf- 
fered defeats to earlier in the season. 

In non-conference meets, the 'Cats won over 
Southern Illinois, 20-47. DeLoss Dodds' harriers 
defeated Drake, Wichita State and Oklahoma in 
a quadrangular meet by capturing seven of the top 
12 places. The 'Cats finished second in the Kansas 
Federation cross country meet, however, after 
being edged by the University of Kansas. 

1968 Cross Country 




Southern III. 













K-State placed 

second in the State Federation 


at Ma 



Losing to 

Kansas University and Colora 

do, respect 


Kansas State pi 

aced third in the Big Eight. 

Cross Country — TOP ROW: Robert A. Barratti, Charles H. Copp, 
Rudolph G. Martinsen, James L. Moore, Jerome J. Howe, Robert D. 
Spencer, Kenneth L Swenson. SECOND ROW: Dennis D. Dodds, Da- 
vid C. Peterson, David L. Knight, Gary D. Dahm, Roger A. Blanken, 
David J. Nachtigal, James B. Hayes. BOTTOM ROW: Mark E. Norton, 
Stephen M. Perry, Elmer E. Lehmann, Donald W. Henderson, Rich- 
ard E. Smethers, John E. Bolan. 

Although trailing Oklahoma's runner to the finish 
line, Bob Baratti won the Quadrangular cross country. 


*<•*!■•■ ■• ': X 

Wildcat medley runner Ken Swenson takes the baton 
and sets the pace for K-State's win in the event. 

High jumper Ray McGill clears almost seven feet at 
the K-State Indoor Relays in Ahearn Field House. 

Wildcat indoor trackmen 
place in NCAA meet 

First place gold came to the Wildcats at the 
NCAA Invitational Indoor Track and Field 
Championships. The four-man two-mile relay 
team won the NCAA with a time of 7:32.2. This 
was slower for the 'Cats than a previous time of 
7:22.9 which they ran in the Astrodome. 
K-State also won third place in high jump. 

Overall team trophy was captured by the 'Cats 
at the Oklahoma City Jaycees' first indoor track 
meet. And the Wildcats played spoiler as they 
ended Missouri's seven-year undefeated home 
meet record, 74 1/2-69 1/2. 

Arms flailing, long jumper Stan Gruver strains for 
extra inches in K-State's Indoor Relays in March. 


Beginning the mile event, competitors are clustered 
together before runners move forward to take leads. 

Matt McNerney pulls out during K-State's indoor 
mile relay which the 'Cats won with a 3.16 time. 

Dana Rasch completes a vault in K-State's Indoor Re- 
lays where the 'Cats claimed three relay victories. 


Trackmen take second 
in conference tournament 

Finishing second in the Big Eight Indoor Track 
Championship was the highest Kansas State has 
finished since 1952 when they won the title. 
K-State captured first place in the freshman mile 
run with a time of 4:12.1. Terry Holbrook won 
the 440-yard dash title from Olympian Clifton 
Forbes of Nebraska and Dave Peterson took the 
1,000-yard dash with a time of 2:11.2. Other vic- 
tories were in the 880-yard dash and high jump. 

1969 Indoor Track 




Nebraska 73 


Oklahoma 35 

74 1/2 

Missouri 69 1/2 

74 1/2 

Arkansas 7 

Big Eight 



went to Kansas followed by Kansas State, 


and Oklah 

oma third place tie, Missouri, Colorado, 



and 1 

owa State. 

K-State senior track star Terry Holbrook pulls ahead 
to win the 440-yard dash in the Big Eight meet. 

Shot putter Doug Lane prepares to heave the 16- 
pound weight in competition at the Kansas City meet. 


Jerome Howe, freshman miler, is awarded the Glenn 
Cunningham trophy for his performance in the meet. 

Photos by Rich Clarkson 

Ken Swenson crosses the finish line as winner of the 
880-yard dash at the Big Eight indoor track meet. 


Statistically number one in the long horse event 
in the Big Eight, Ken Snow executes his routine. 

Gymnasts capture fifth 
in Big Eight tournament 

Led by sophomore Ken Snow, the gymnastics 
team won five meets and lost five others. In Big 
Eight competition, the 'Cats beat the University 
of Colorado, University of Nebraska and Colora- 
do State University. At the conference tourna- 
ment, the gymnasts won fifth place. In the first 
annual K-State Invitational meet, the 'Cats 
placed second against KU and WSU. 

Coach Bob Rector resigned in June to become 
athletic director of Independence Junior College. 
Under his guidance, Snow was rated first in the 
conference for the floor exercise and long horse 
events and twelfth among the nation's gymnasts in 
the floor exercise competition. 

Incorporating the Iron Cross into his routine, gym- 
nast Colin Campbell performs in Ahearn Field House. 

1969 Gymnastics 


Midwest Open 



K-State Invitational 


Fort Hays State 



Iowa State U. 



U. of Iklahoma 



U. of N. Mexico 


U. of Nebraska 



Western III. U. 



Western III. U. 



U. of Kansas 



U. of Colorado 



Colorado State Col. 


Iowa State toe 

k first place in the Big Eight, 

followed by Oklahom- 

a, Kansas 


eand Nebraska. 


Gymnastics Team — TOP ROW: John R. Howland, Tom L. Carrier, 
Ron R. Dugger, Ronald L. Bridges, Ken R. Snow. SECOND ROW: Mi- 
chael E. McDermed, Colin L. Campbell, Robert B. Blackburn, Tom A. 

Morellmo, Kenneth P. Johnson, Bob Rector. BOTTOM ROW: David B. 
Wardell, Steven W. Kinder, J. Scott Dolenc, Don L. Bridges, Clyde C. 

Performing one of the required moves for the still 
rings sequence, a gymnast scores against Nebraska. 

In competition with Nebraska, a K-State gymnast ex- 
ecutes his parallel bar routine before the judges. 


Wildcat grapplers close 
season with 9-7 record 

After ending the season with a dual record of 
nine wins and seven losses, wrestling coach Fritz 
Knorr led the Wildcats to the Big Eight Tourna- 
ment. Kansas State, however, could only place 
sixth in the final Big Eight competition. 

In their opening game of the season, the wres- 
tlers rolled past Wayne State, 25-14. The team 
picked up its second win when defeating the 
Drake Bulldogs, 28-10. At the Missouri Valley 
Amateur Athletic Union, the 'Cats won eight of 
the 1 1 classes and in the Mid-Season Tournament 
at Stillwater they placed fourth. Winning seven of 
the 1 1 matches gave the team a 23-14 victory over 
Nebraska, but the 'Cats later suffered their worse 
loss of the season, 35-0, from nationally ranked 
grapplers representing Iowa State University. 

Outstanding senior wrestler Jim McDougle wears 
down a Nebraska opponent to make his record 15-3. 

Freshman varsity wrestler Tom Keller succeeds in 
drawing his opponent off the mat in a close match. 

1969 Wrestling 






Wayne State 






South Dakota 





Missouri State 



Colorado Mines 






Air Force 



Colorado State 



South Dakota 









North Oklahoma 


Oklahoma State 





Central Missouri 







Ft. Hays 







Missouri State 


Iowa State 

35 i 


Steve Fergerson works for a Wildcat takedown and 
victory in the season dual match against Nebraska. 

In addition to supervising the athletic programs, 
Fritz Knorr acts as coach for the wrestling team. 

Wrestling — TOP ROW: Charles L. Howard, Doug T. Stueve, Alan M. 
Maestas, Myron W. Lowry, Steve C. Fergerson. SECOND ROW: Rod C. 
Morgan, Carl L. Stueve, Jerry R. Gee, Gary A. Richards, Marvin L. 
Landes, James E. Barrett. THIRD ROW: Fritz G. Knorr, James K. 
McDougal, John D. McCloskey, Ronald L. Tacha, William M. Keller. 
BOTTOM ROW: Dwight F. Hemmerling, Steven C. Elder, David K. 
Wieland, Larry E. Elder, Thomas E. Keller. 


;VAg,' '7// // V ' // / . 2 ^- 

■jfittPM hop, 

Spectators stop to watch as the Kansas State netmen 
vie against the Falcons of the Air Force Academy. 

Tennis Team — TOP ROW: David L Hoover, Jim D. Stewart, R. Merle 
Duncan, Doug V. Oxler, Karl F. Finney. BOTTOM ROW: Steve E. 
Snodgrass, Randy E. McGrath, Craig H. Price. 

'Cat netmen tie for third 
in Big Eight tournament 

Wildcat netmen completed the 1968 season 
with six wins and six losses and finished in a three 
way tie with Kansas and Colorado for third in the 
Big Eight tennis tournament. The team was com- 
posed of four returning lettermen including se- 
niors Jim Hastings and Richard Dickson who 
placed in the Big Eight tournament finals. 

Early in play the netmen defeated Washburn in 
non-conference play and split their meet with 
Wichita. Kansas State kept a hold on third place 
by defeating Air Force but ended fifth in total 
points from a loss to Colorado. 

Sophomore varsity netman Craig Price returns a serve 
to his Air Force opponent during a match in the fall. 




1968 Tennis 

Wichita State 
Wichita State 
Oklahoma State 
Iowa State 
Air Force 





Final standings in the Big Eight were: Oklahoma first; Oklahoma 
State second; Kansas third; Colorado fourth; Kansas State fifth; 
Missouri sixth; Iowa State seventh and Nebraska eighth . 

In tennis competition on the Wildcats' home court, 
netman Jim Hastings completes a return and scores. 

.'.:.'.■; -si- J:" : "- .,:■:■.- ■ ■ ' ■ 

Senior netman Merle Duncan slams a return to his 
opponent in Kansas State's meet with Nebraska. 


K-State coeds compete 
in national college rodeo 

Winning the barrel racing and goat tying con- 
tests at the Great Plains College Rodeo qualified 
coeds on the University rodeo team to compete in 
the National Intercollegiate Rodeo at Sacramen- 
to, Calif. Barb Socolofsky returned to defend her 
national title as the 1968 Ail-Around Cowgirl and 
one member of the men's team also traveled to 
compete in the national contest. 

Sponsored by the Chaparajos Club, the team 
was a member of the NIRA. Money won from 
entry fees helped to pay the team's expenses. 

1968 Rodeo 

Girls Team 

North Dakota State Rodeo 

KSU and WisconsinlState 1 
first place tie 

Kansas State Rodeo 

KSU second 

Kansas University Rodeo 

KSU first 

Nebraska University Rodeo 

KSU second 

South Dakota State Rodeo 

KSU second 

Black Hills State Rodeo 

KSU first 

Great Plains Regional 

College Rodeo 

KSU first 

Boys Team 

Boys team failed to place in 



Next to steer wrestling, saddle bronc riding is one 
of the most dangerous events in rodeo competition. 

Part of the men's calf roping competition features 
a mounted cowboy chasing a calf across the arena. 

After capturing a goat and throwing it to the floor, 
Miss Rodeo K-State Candy Case wraps up its legs. 


Golfers practice for an upcoming meet after rank- 
ing 11th at the Pikes Peak Invitational Tournament. 

Bob Leeper practices chipping onto the green dur- 
ing one of the long spring workouts of the golfers. 

- M Y -yy- .£% 

Varsity golf coach Ron Fogler opened the season 
with victories over Kansas, Washburn and Ft. Hays. 


Golf team ends season with wins in 12 matches 

Balance and team effort proved the winning 
combination for the Wildcats in their 1968 open- 
ing triple-dual meet against Kansas, Washburn 
and Ft. Hays State College. 

On the road with a 6-2 record, the 'Cats added 
a win and two ties at Lawrence, returned home to 
win over Oklahoma State, then lost three meets. 
Traveling on to Ames, the 'Cats downed Drake, 
Iowa State and tied with Kansas. But disappoint- 
ment came later when the Wildcats lost two of 
three matches at the University of Nebraska. 

Dropping to eleventh place in the Pikes Peak 
Invitational Tournament, the 'Cats took a 12-9-3 

dual meet record into the Big Eight Golf Champi- 
onship meet at Boulder. K-State golf squad ended 
play with a sixth place tournament ranking. 

1968 Golf 





9 1/2 


5 1/2 

7 1/2 


7 1/2 


Fort Hays 


7 1/2 


7 1/2 



6 1/2 


8 1/2 

7 1/2 


10 1/2 

6 1/2 



8 1/2 


6 1/2 


8 1/2 


9 1/2 

9 1/2 






5 1/2 

Big Eight Meet title 

went to Co 

orado, ft 

allowed by Okl 



Nebraska, Ok 

ahoma, Ka 

nsas, Kansas State, Iowa State 

and Missouri. 


Rowing team coach Don Rose shouts instructions to 
the team at an afternoon practice at Tuttle Creek. 

Crew competes in trials 
for Olympic positions 

International competition faced the rowing 
team after their schedule was broadened to in- 
clude Mexican Olympic squad and Canadian 
oarsmen. At the Heart of America Invitational 
Regatta in Topeka, the crew dedicated a new 
$30,000 boathouse and christened a new 18-oared 
racing shell. The team placed first in junior heavy- 
weight doubles at Northwestern, but lost to Ala- 
bama. K-State finished second at Minnesota and 
ranked fifth at Marietta, Ohio. Other scheduled 
meets included contests at Ontario and at the 
Olympic trials in Longbeach. 

.S W- « \*. 

, •/ 

>..*•- , ■ v 

1 *»#"" - . .— ■ 

#.« v*J^GT3 j£~Xm*& 

Silhouetted against Tuttle Creek's waters, oarsmen 
pause during an afternoon practice for a future meet. 


Rowing team members descend a steep hill while 
carrying a shell to the water from the new boathouse. 

Utilizing his megaphone during a practice session, 
the crew coxswain sets the pace for the oarsmen, 

Rowing Team — TOP ROW: David P. Wisegarver, Dennis G. Landis, 
Wayne W. Henson, Charles P. Zangger, Philip R. Lerner. James E. 
Glass, Warren R. Janke, James W. Hemphill, Don Rose. SECOND 
ROW: Glenn A. Fager, Dean L. Koontz, James R. Nulty, Richard W, 
Joiner, Charles A. Perry, Randell L, Sedlacek, Forrest L. Walker. Vic- 
tor A. Moss. BOTTOM ROW: Alan D, Koch, James S. Rauh, Timothy 
K. Belstra, James C. Thomson, Earl D. Tjaden, Jon G. Plumer, Bill C. 
Swinney, G. Michael Zoerb. 

Team members synchronize their motions and learn 
to function as a unit during long hours of drill. In 

the spring, the rowing squad presents special com- 
petitive exhibitions at Tuttle Creek's Elks Cove. 

Men's Bowling Team — TOP ROW: Donald G. Long, John W. Cannon, 
Brian G. Trennepohl, Mark Janssen, Bill M. Jones, Jeff T. Gilmore. 

BOTTOM ROW: Arlen W. Huggins, William E. Feldman, Kenneth L. 
Fyler, Frank A. Kleczka, Robert J. Sorenson. 

Bowlers host, compete in Midstates tournament 

For the first time, the K-State bowling teams 
acted as hosts for the Midstates Traveling League 
Tournament in which teams from Wichita State, 
Kansas and Oklahoma State competed. 

Coed bowlers gave up their 1967-68 title, but 
secured third in the women's division of the travel- 
ing league tournament. Former Leavenworth Ju- 
nior Women's Champion Nancy Bond anchored 

the team by averaging 168 points per game during 
the 1968-69 season competition. 

Ken Fyler won high honors for the men's team 
in the Union No-Tap Tournament while the team 
finished second in the Westark Invitational Colle- 
giate Tournament at Ft. Smith. Top team scorer 
was Larry Weyer who finished with a season av- 
erage of 190 points per game. 

Women's Intramural Bowling Team — TOP ROW: Elizabeth Feld- 
man, Janie I. Rhyne, Nancy S. Peterson. BOTTOM ROW: Lois J. 
Rhoades, Shirley J. Britton . 

Janie Rhyne, women's bowling team member, keeps a 
careful eye on the ball's progress down the alley. 


Coed's team ranks third 
in national rifle ratings 

Women's rifle team members ranked third in 
the nation after capturing first place at both the 
Oklahoma State and Nebraska Invitationals. 

Jim Richardson won the National Sectional in 
the ROTC competition while the men's team 
placed fourth. The men also ended in fourth place 
when shooting against 35 schools in the Okla- 
homa State Invitational. They emerged first, 
however, in the Old Troopers Match at Ft. Riley 
by outshooting 5th Army personnel and civilians 
participating in the meet. 

Headed by their new coach Sergeant John Nes- 
ler and financed by the University and ROTC, the 
rifle team attended 25 matches during the year. 

Rifle Team — TOP ROW: Victor A. Moss, Robert D. Spencer, Calvin 
D. Jaeger, John M. Meisenheimer, Steven E. Dockins, Angela A. 
Wenger, Donald P. Pickering, Wayne D. Ruhnke, Scott W. Taddiken, 
Dwayne C. Becktord, SFC John Nesler. SECOND ROW: Chen Curry, 
Barbara J. Anderson, Judith A. James, Ellen F, Speer, Elizabeth A. 
Dawson, Linda M. Gudenkauf, Marie A. Lowe. BOTTOM ROW: Mi- 
chael D. Miller, John D. Cook, Richard L. Case, James C 

Rifle team captain Jim Richardson takes aim with 
an Anschutz free rifle, a gun used in team meets. 


Council expands program 
of intramural competition 

Policies regulating intramural sports were for- 
mulated by the Intramurals Council, created in 
March, 1968 and later placed under the office of 
the vice-president for student affairs. 

Expansion was the key for both womens' and 
mens' intramurals. New sports added to the 
women's program were table tennis and canoeing 
and new uniforms were provided for the members 
of the inter-collegiate basketball team. 

Men's football incorporated a "Super Bowl"" 
into its regular playing season and for track ori- 
ented athletes, cross country was initiated. 

K-State's first women's basketball team was asked 
to play in Texas' Invitational Tournament in March. 

In addition to coaching the rowing team, Don Rose 
carries out the duties of director of intramurals. 

Encouraged by her sorority sisters, a Kappa Delta 
tries for a home run in an intramural kickball game. 

• . 

-.:-*"'*;" '_ ■ ? 


Track and field competition draws student athletes 
during a special three-day spring intramural event. 

Providing side line support for their favorite team, 
fans cheer during intramural events in Ahearn Gym. 

Striving for points to apply toward the all-sports 
plaque, a student competes in intramural swimming. 


Additional parking will be made on the site of the 
handball courts upon completion of the Union annex. 

Haymaker IV men keep their early lead over the Vet 
Jolly Bodies and move on to win the "Super Ball." 

Defeating Phi Delta Theta helped the DU basketball 
team to capture first place honors in their league. 


Displaying the dexterity required in badminton, a 
Haymaker resident taps the birdie across the net. 


Photo by Don Richards 

,* JTM^r^:: 


Students represent transition amid the perman- 
ence of the University. New fans replace missing 
ones at a tense football game and another class of 
seniors clowns for one last time. As students con- 
verge toward a common goal, they sense that 
graduation is the end of one phase linking them to 
the University and the beginning of another phase 
of development apart from the University. 

I * 

f ltlr 

*i brapy 

Photo by David von Riesen 

Senior class officers Laura Scott, treasurer; Nancy 
Hodgson, vice-president; Susie Schwab Herman, secre- 
tary; and Tom Palmer, president, were elected by a 
record number of votes cast in last spring's elections. 

Sporting his '69 senior class sweatshirt, a student cheers 
from his reserved seat at the season's last basketball game. 

Abbreviations for Senior Activities — AAHPER — American Associa- 
tion of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; ACS — American 
Chemical Society; Ag. — Agricultural, Agriculture; AFROTC — Air 
Force Reserve Officer Training Corps; AGC — Association of Gener- 
al Contractors; AGO — American Guild of Organists; Agr. — Agrono- 
my; AHEA — American Home Economics Association; AIA — Ameri- 
can Institute of Architects; AIAA — American Institute of Aeronau- 
tics and Astronautics; AlChE — American Institute Chemical Engi- 
neers; A.I.D. — American Institute of Interior Designers; AIIE — 
American Institute of Industrial Engineers; AIP — American Insti- 
tute of Physics; Am. — American; ANS — American Nuclear Socie- 
ty; Appt. — Apportionment; Arch. — Architecture; ASAE — Ameri- 
can Society of Agricultural Engineers; ASCE — American Society of 
Civil Engineers; ASLA — American Society of Landscape Architects; 
ASME — American Society of Mechanical Engineers; A&S — Arts 
and Sciences; Asst. — Assistance; Assoc. — Association; AUSA — 
Association of United States Army; AVMA — American Veterinary 
Medical Association; AWS — Associated Women Students; Aux. — 

Bd. — Board; Bus. — Business; BSU — Baptist Student Union; 
Capt. — Captain; Chem. — Chemical; Chm. — Chairman; Co. — 
Company; Comm. — Committee; Const. — Construction; Corp. — 
Corporation; Coun. — Council; CR — College Republicans; CSO — 
Christian Science Organization; CYD — Collegiate Young Demo- 
crats; Dev. — Development; Dir. — Director; Ec. — Economics; Ed. 
— Editor, Education; Engr. — Engineering, Engineers; Ext. — Exten- 
sion; Fam. — Family; FCA — Fellowship of Christian Athletics; Fel- 
low. — Fellowship; FFA — Future Farmers of America; Finan. — Fi- 
nancial; Found. — Foundation; Fr. — Freshman. 

GBSU — Grace Baptist Student Union; Gen. — General; Hort. — 

Horticulture; Hosp. — Hospitality; HQ — Harlequinade; IAWS — In- 
ter-Collegiate Associated Women Students; ICC — International 
Coordinating Council; IEEE — Institute of Electrical and Electronics 
Engineers; IFC — Interfraternity Council; Intl. — International; Intr. 

— Intramurals; IPC — Interfraternity Pledge Council; Jr. — Junior; 
KAHPER — Kansas Association of Health, Physical Education and 
Recreation; Kan. — Kansas; KSCF — Kansas State Christian Fellow- 
ship; KSU — Kansas State University; KSUARH — Kansas State Uni- 
versity Association of Residence Halls; K-State Engr. — K-State Engi- 
neers' Magazine; LAR — Little American Royal; LSA — Lutheran 
Students Association . 

MC — Model Congress; Mech. — Mechanization; Mem. — Memo- 
rial; MENC — Music Educators National Conference; Mgr. — Manag- 
er; MMUN — Midwest Model United Nations; MPC — Mock Political 
Convention; MUN — Model United Nations; Natl. — National; NCTM 

— National Council of Teachers of Mathematics; Orient. — Orienta- 
tion; Org. — Organization; Panhel. — Panhellenic; PCC — Pep Coor- 
dinating Council; Pres. — President; Prof. — Professional; Prog. — 
Program; Pub. — Publications; Pub. Rel. — Public Relations. 

ROTC — Reserve Officer Training Corps; RWF — Roger Williams 
Fellowship; S.A.M.E. — Society of American Mill itary Engineers; SCC 

— Social Coordinating Council; Schs. — Scholarship; S.E.A. — Stu- 
dent Education Association; Sec. — Secretary; SGA — Student Gov- 
erning Association; Soc. — Society; Sr. — Senior; Stu. — Student. 

TCB — Traffic Control Board; Tex. — Textiles; Treas. — Treasur- 
er; UAB — University Activities Board; UCCF — United Campus 
Christian Fellowship; UCM — United Christian Movement; UGB — 
Union Governing Board; Univ. — University; UPC — Union Program 
Council; Vet. — Veterinary; Vet. Med. — Veterinary Medicine; V-Pres. 

— Vice-President; WRA — Women's Recreation Association . 

Seniors contribute $3,000 
to construct outdoor mall 

Enthusiasm keynoted the 2,350-member 1969 senior 
class. After casting a record 670 votes in the election of 
class officers in the spring of 1968, more than 1,000 
seniors bought activity tickets during fall registration. 
Approximately $3,000 was raised from ticket sales to 
finance the proposed class project, a mall designed as a 
meeting area and outdoor classroom. Purchase of an 
activity ticket also entitled a senior to a class sweat- 
shirt, admission to all class parties and a seat in the 
section reserved for seniors at the final home football 
and basketball games of the Wildcats. 

From 102 nominations submitted by college councils 
and living groups, a committee composed of the direc- 
tor of Student Publications, the Royal Purple adviser 
and editorial board selected 30 students to recognize as 
outstanding seniors. Chosen by the staff for their schol- 
arship, leadership and service, the outstanding seniors 
are pictured throughout the senior section. 

1 1 1 mil inn inn I*'-! urn 

Graduates are attentive as President James A. McCain de- 
livers his "Charge to the Class" before conferring degrees. 

Seniors: Abe-Afr 

TOP ROW: Abernethy, Carolyn A: Bushton, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Abernethy, Rollin H: Scottsville, Agronomy. Abolfazli, 

Mohammad: Tehron, Iran, Architectural Structures. Abson, 
Mary E: Kansas City, Home Economics Education, Alpha 
Chi Omega, Angel Flight, SGA, SCC, S.E.A., Reformation 
Day Queen, Intr. Acevedo, Luis R: Puerto Rico, Physical Sci- 
ence, German Club, Dean's Honor Roll. Ackermann, Thom- 
as A: Larned, Business Administration. Adams, Bruce A: 
Seneca, Business Administration, Caisson Chorus, Oratorio 
Choir, Statesmen, Newman Club, Intr., Dean's Honor Roll. 

BOTTOM ROW: Adams, DeAnna M: Enterprise, Home Eco- 
nomics Education Extension, Univ. Ext. Club, Chaparajos. 
Adams, Gloria R: Grainfield, Home Economics Education. 
Adams, James P: Hardtner, Animal Science and Industry, 
FarmHouse, Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta, Livestock 
Judging Team, Block and Bridle, Harry Darby, Moorman 
and Walter T. O'Neill Schs. Addison, Sharon E: Dodge City, 
Elementary Education. Adkins, Nicholas R: Glasco, Physical 
Education. Adrian, Brenda G: Moundridge, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Alpha Delta Pi V-Pres., AVMA, Intr. Afra, Bijan: Tehran, 
Iran, Civil Engineering. 




Seniors: Ahl-Asc 

TOP ROW: Ahlerich, Donald D: Winfield, Accounting. Ahrens, Jon 

M: Wichita, Pre-Law. Albin, Jane M: Dallas, Tex., Veterinary 

SECOND ROW: Aldrich, Vernon D: Council Grove, Accounting. 
Alke, Andrew L: East Orange, N.J., Mathematics, Delta Chi. Allen, 
Leland J: Stafford, Animal Science and Industry. 

THIRD ROW: Allen, Ronald W: McCook, Neb., Agricultural Econom- 
ics, KSUARH. Almack, Charles E: Wellington, Architecture. 
Almquist, Sherry S: Chapman, Speech. 

FOURTH ROW: Almstrom, Larry G: McPherson, Natural Resources 
Conservation and Use. Alwin, Darold G: Washington, Art. Ander- 
egg, Marvin K: Garnett, Dairy Production, Gamma Sigma Delta, 
Dairy and Livestock Judging Teams, Dairy Science Club, 

FIFTH ROW: Andersen, Charles E: Jamestown, Psychology. Ander- 
sen, Elizabeth A: Overland Park, Modern Languages, Delta Delta 
Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sparks, Chimes, UGB, UAB, UPC, Roy- 
al Purple staff, German Club, S.E.A., CR. Anderson, Delores K: Bur- 
lington, Clothing Retailing. 

SIXTH ROW: Anderson, Michael R: Norton, Mathematics. Andrews, 
Janice E: Salina, Elementary Education. Anschutz, Fredrick G: 

Lakin, Physical Science. 

SEVENTH ROW: Anspaugh, Victor E: Luray, Veterinary Medicine. 
Armbruster, Gregory: Ellis, Agricultural Economics. Arnett, Kath- 
leen: Wichita, Psychology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Arnett, Vinton K: Belleville, History. Arokoyo, 

Johnson O: Kabba, Nigeria, Entomology, Alpha Zeta, Entomology 
Club, Soccer Team. Ascher, Clifford D: Herington, Agricultural 
Education, Beta Sigma Psi, Alpha Tau Alpha, Union News & Views 
Comm., Ag. Ed. Club, Intr. 


Seniors: Asf-Bal 

TOP ROW: Asfahl, Barbara H: Overland Park, Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. UPC, Royal Purple staff, Kappa 
Phi. Asher, Barbara S: Stafford, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Asher, Karen K: Wichita, Horticulture. Ashton, Mary J: 
Salina, Elementary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa 
Delta Pi, AWS, S.E.A., Intr. Assink, Gail E: Gypsum, Family 
and Child Development. Atherton, Kaye L: Wichita, Dietetics 
and Institutional Management. Atkinson, Nancy J: Udall, 
Radio and Television Home Economics, Alpha Delta 
Pi Pres., Alpha Epsilon Rho, Collegiate 4-H, Statesmates, 
Miss Ag. 

SECOND ROW: Atwater, Patricia A: Netawaka, Elementary 
Education, Alpha Chi Omega, S.E.A. Advisory Bd., CR, 
Statesmates, Dean's Honor Roll. Ault, Mary L: Wamego, 
Physical Education, Clovia V-Pres., Phi Epsilon Delta, SGA, 
S.E.A. , Collegiate 4-H, AAHPER, CR, RWF. Ayres, John P: 
Prairie Village, Business Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
K-Club, Gymnastics Team Capt. Backhaus, Pamela S: To- 
peka, Physical Education, Kappa Delta V-Pres., Phi Epsilon 
Delta, Jr. Panhel. Bailer, Richard 0: Clay, N.Y., Poultry Sci- 
ence. Bailey, Marilynn E: Kansas City, Technical Journal- 
ism, Smurthwaite, Phi Delta Kappa, AWS, Collegian staff, 
Community Sisters. Bailey, Pete L: Manhattan, Business 

BOTTOM ROW: Bain, Cheryl L: Macomb, III., Elementary 
Education, Alpha Xi Delta Sec, Angel Flight, Union Comm., 
S.E.A. Baker, Catherine L: Overland Park, Elementary Edu- 
cation, Pi Beta Phi, Union Comm. Baker, Thomas R: Over- 
land Park, Pre-Dentistry, Beta Theta Pi, Stu. Senator, Intr. 
Balducci, Richard K: St. Louis, Mo., Business Administra- 
tion, K-Club, Newman Club, Football Team. Ball, Sara A: 
lola, Secondary Education. Ballentine, Russell: Onaga, Agri- 
cultural Education. Balthazor, Judith A: San Antonio, Tex., 
Animal Science and Industry, Chaparajos, Pre-Vet and 

Member of the Dean's Advisory Council, Kay Emel served as 
a freshman seminar leader, AWS secretary and president of 
Phi Upsilon Omicron. Student senator George Gerritz was 
chairman of Arts and Sciences Council, president of the 
Union Program Council and a member of Blue Key, Phi 
Kappa Phi and Arnold Air Society. In addition to workingon 
numerous Union committees, Beth Andersen helped to 
organize the Kat Pak Chats and was active in Chimes. 

At daily plenary sessions in Weber arena, National Student 
Association delegates gather to debate resolutions and 

hear speakers. The convention, on campus in August, drew 
more than 1,000 students and national press writers. 

Seniors: Bal-Bar 

TOP ROW: Balwanz, Bob H: St. Joseph, Mo., Nuclear Engineering, 
Alpha Tau Omega Pres. Sec, ANS, IFC, UGB, UPC, Alpha Phi 
Omega. Bamman, Wilford M: Manhattan, Architecture. Banaka, 
Jerry N: Blue Rapids, Sociology. 

SECOND ROW: Barbee, Jon R: Great Bend, History, Phi Delta The- 
ta, SCC, Union Personnel and Research Comm., MPC, MC, CYD. 
Barker, Charlene F: Scott City, Elementary Education. Barnes, 
Sarah C: Prairie Village, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 

THIRD ROW: Barr, George W: Manhattan, III., Feed Science and 
Management. Barr, Roger L: Manhattan, Agricultural Economics. 
Barrett, Harold C: Centralia, Building Construction, AGC, Oratorio 
Choir, Intr. 

BOTTOM ROW: Barrett, Nancy E: Colby, Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts, Mortar Board, AHEA, Home Ec. Fam. and Child Dev. 
Club, Wesley Found., Honors Prog. Barrows, Richard R: LaCrosse, 
Pre-Medicine, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sec, Clinic Club. Barta, Alan G: 

Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. 


Seniors: Bar-Ben 

TOP ROW: Bartel, Dorothy C: Hillsboro, Home Economics Educa- 
tion, S.E.A. Advisory Bd., Home Ec. Teaching and Clothing and 
Tex. Clubs, Friendship Tutoring, Mennonite Fellow. Bartholomew, 
Ruth A: Alton, Elementary Education. Barton, Diana K: Wichita, 
English, Alpha Delta Pi Treas., Chimes, Mortar Board, Theta Sig- 
ma Phi, SGA Bd. of Personnel Selection, Royal Purple staff. 

SECOND ROW: Bates, Constance L: Vienna, Va., Political Science 
and History, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, 
Light Brigade, Union HQ Comm., Cosmopolitan Club, Little Sisters 
of Minerva. Baumgarten, Edwin O: Buhler, Industrial Engineering. 
Baxter, Linda M: Liberal, Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, 
Union Open Cyrkle Comm., S.E.A., She-DU Pres. 

THIRD ROW: Beach, Carol S: Pierceville, Elementary Education. 
Beach, Ronald T: Scott City, Veterinary Medicine. Beck, Karen J: 

Leawood, Speech Pathology and Audiology and Elementary Edu- 
cation, Alpha Xi Delta Sec, Sigma Alpha Eta, AWS, Union Movies 
Comm., S.E.A. 

FOURTH ROW: Beck, Steven R: Manhattan, Chemical Engineering. 
Beckenhauer, Sharron L: Manhattan, Medical Technology and 
Music, Alpha Delta Theta Pres., AGO. Becker, Lauren P: Logan, 
Clothing Retailing. 

FIFTH ROW: Becker, Roger L: Centralia, Veterinary Medicine. 
Becker, Sherrilyn K: Overland Park, Modern Languages, Alpha Chi 
Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Delta Pi, Union Personnel 
and Research Comm., Royal Purple staff, S.E.A., Honors Prog. 
Beckman, Susan A: Atchison, Business Administration . 

SIXTH ROW: Beer, Pamela A: Lamed, English, AWS, CR. Beichley, 
Duane E: Salina, Technical Journalism. Beier, Richard J: Kansas 
City, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: Bekaert, Barbara J: Manhattan, Secondary Educa- 
tion and Mathematics, Delta Zeta, AVMA Aux. Bekaert, Denis A: 
Manhattan, Veterinary Medicine, Tau Kappa Epsilon, AVMA, Soc- 
cer Team. Belcher, Ronald E: Manhattan, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Benjamin, Martin E: Wichita, Pre-Medicine. Ben- 
nett, Robert M: Norton, Electrical Engineering, Beta Theta Pi, Phi 
Eta Sigma, K-State Engr. staff, Wrestling Team, M. A. Durland 
Schs. Bennett, William C: Jennings, Animal Science and Industry 
and Agricultural Economics, Block and Bridle, Ag. Ec. Club, Peo- 
ple-to-People, Latin Am. Assoc, CYD, Dean's Honor Roll. 


Recipient of the Justus Liebig Scholarship for study in 
Germany, Jackie Spears was a member of Student Senate, 
Mortar Board and Chimes. Sue Maes, executive chairman 
of SGA, served as the student coordinator of the University 
for Man and as a delegation head for Mock Political Con- 
vention. Chosen by the student body as 1968 Homecoming 
Queen, Paula Blair was secretary of Mortar Board. She al- 
so was selected to speak at the President's Convocation. 

Seniors: Ben-Bla | 

TOP ROW: Bentley, Fred R: Shields, History. Bentsen, Don- 
ald R: Wichita, Building Construction, Delta Chi Pres. 
V-Pres., AGC, Arch, and Design Coun., Intr. Benyshek, Larry 
L: Cuba, Animal Science and Industry. Bergerhouse, Shelly 
L: Denver, Colo., Clothing Retailing, Chi Omega, Light Bri- 
gade. Bergkamp, James L: Cheney, Animal Science and 
Industry. Berlin, Larry K: Manhattan, Architecture. Berna- 
sek, Frank R: Manhattan, Psychology. 

SECOND ROW: Bert, Harold D: Abilene, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Best, Kenneth E: Lenora, Industrial Engineering. 
Bier, Angelo A: Philadelphia, Pa., Architecture. Biggs, Mi- 
chael N: Manhattan, Philosophy. Biggs, Paula S: Manhat- 
tan, General Home Economics. Bigler, Jane A: Junction 
City, Home Economics Education, Alpha Xi Delta, S.E.A., 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, CR, Statesmates. Billodeau, 
Thomas R: Monson, Mass., Animal Science and Industry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bishop, Richard L: Topeka, Architecture. 
Bishop, Robert D: Emporia, Nuclear Engineering, ANS, 
Engr. Coun., CR, Dean's Honor Roll, Honor's Prog., State of 
Kan. Schs. Bissing, Patricia A: Wichita, Home Economics 
with Liberal Arts. Black, Karen E: Scott City, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Blades, James E: Stilwell, Animal Science 
and Industry. Blair, Paula B: Coffeyville, Mathematics, Mor- 
tar Board, Light Brigade, Community Sisters, Homecoming 
Queen. Blake, William 0: Kansas City, Mo., Electrical 


Seniors: Bla-Bog 

TOP ROW: Blaker, Bradford G: Manhattan, Music Educa- 
tion. Blankenhagen, Edward: Manhattan, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Blankenship, Karen S: Albert, Family and Child 
Development. Blankenship, Larry P: Olmitz, Landscape 
Architecture. Blecha, Joyce E: Belleville, Home Economics 
Education, Phi Upsilon Omnicron, AHEA, MUN, MC, Chapa- 
rajos, Block and Bridle, LAR Assoc, Collegiate 4-H, Univ. 
Ext. and Home Ec. Teaching Clubs, RWF, Rumford Rodeo 
and Kan. Ext. Homemakers Schs. Blevins, Steven L: Great 
Bend, Mathematics. Bliss, Arlene A: Bucklin, Elementary 

SECOND ROW: Bliss, Fredrick C: Atwood, Landscape Archi- 
tecture, Tau Sigma Delta, Steel Ring, ASLA, Scabbard and 
Blade. Bliss, Joanna K: Chanute, Biological Science, CYD. 
Bliss, Robert J: Atwood, Accounting. Bliss, Thomas C: At- 
wood, Geography. Blitz, Frederick H: Brooklyn, N.Y., Zoolo- 
gy. Blitz, Ivan I: Philadelphia, Pa., Architecture. Bock, Hen- 
rietta R: Baltimore, Md., Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Boddie, Julia A: Peoria, III., General Home 
Economics, Putnam Hall Pres., KSUARH, S.E.A., Communi- 
ty Sisters. Boehner, Ernest D: Glen Elder, Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Boerwinkle, Robert P: Chanute, Electrical Engi- 
neering, IEEE, Rowing Team. Boerwinkle, Terri A: Stanley, 
Pre-Medicine, ACS, Clinic Club. Boeschen, Phillip W: Kansas 
City, Mo., Architecture, Beta Sigma Psi, AIA. Boger, Fred C: 
Great Bend, Business Administration, Pershing Rifles, Col- 
legian Bus. Mgr. Boggs, Marcia L: Americus, Family and 
Child Development, Angel Flight, Pershing Rifles Honorary, 
Home Ec. Fam. and Child Dev. Club, People-to-People, Col- 
legiate 4-H, CYD, Georgiana Smurthwaite Schs. House 

Angel Flight member Sandra Sanders was in Mortar Board, 
Phi Kappa Phi and S.E.A. and served as chairman of the 
AWS Big Sister program. Jean Ryan was head delegate for 
Model United Nations, Chimes secretary and AWS vice- 
president. Student senator Louise Haslouer received the 
Harry Darby Foundation Leadership Award, was a delegate 
to the Midwestern Residence Hall Convention, served on 
the Academic Affairs Committee and was active in S.E.A. 


Seniors: Bog-Bra 

TOP ROW: Boggs, Terry K: Colorado Springs, Colo., Sociology, 
Beta Sigma Psi, IPC Pres., IFC, Sociology and Clinic Clubs, CYD, 
Intr. Bohl, David L: Horseheads, N.Y., Industrial Engineering, AIIE 
Pres., Engr. Coun., Blue Award. Bohn, William H: Athens, Ohio, 

SECOND ROW: Boisseau, Eldon L: Coldwater, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics, Delta Tau Delta, IFC, Ag. Ec. Club. Boley, Thomas F: Kewa- 
nee, III., Bacteriology, Tau Kappa Epsilon Treas., Pre-Vet Club, 
Rowing Team. Bolin, Nancy J: Wichita, Clothing Retailing. 

THIRD ROW: Bond, Nancy J: Leavenworth, Elementary Education, 
Women's Bowling Team. Boomer, Bruce A: Troy, Mich., Architec- 
ture. Boomer, Temar K: Indianapolis, Ind., Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Boos, Edward J: Atchison, Agricultural Economics, 
Phi Kappa Theta, Newman Club, Intr. Booth, Joan L: Wichita, Ele- 
mentary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sparks, AWS Pres., 
S.E.A., Newman Club. Borra, Victor A: Lyons, III., Architecture, 
AIA, PCC, Statesmen Pres. 

FIFTH ROW: Boster, Rochelle A: Burrton, Elementary Education. 
Bouchey, Marsha A: Stockton, Political Science and History, 
Smurthwaite Treas., Alpha Lambda Delta, AWS, People-to-People, 
Collegiate 4-H, CR, John E. Trembly Mem. and Union Pacific Schs. 
Bowers, David S: Nazareth, Pa., Civil Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Boyd, Glenn E: St. Louis, Mo., Electrical Engineering. 
Boyer, Linda K: Belleville, Elementary Education, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., Len and Stella Harden, State of Kan. 
and KSU Honors Schs. Boyer, Nancy M: Coffeyville, Mathematics, 
Delta Delta Delta, NCTM, SGA, AWS Treas., Panhel., S.E.A., States- 
mates, Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross. 

SEVENTH ROW: Boyle, Kevin P: East Orange, N.J., English, SGA, 
Collegian Staff, Newman Club, Intr. Bozone, David M: Rolla, Ani- 
mal Science and Industry, FarmHouse, Livestock Judging Team, 
Collegiate 4-H. Brady, Mary A: Atchison, Sociology, Univ. Sympho- 
ny, CYD, Newman Club. 

BOTTOM ROW: Brady, Warren T: Albert, Business Administration, 
Beta Sigma Psi V-Pres. Treas. Brannan, Dana K: Great Bend, 
Home Economics Education, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club. 
Brannan, James E: Great Bend, Biological Science, Clinic Club, 
Dean's Honor Roll. 


Seniors: Bra-Bro 

TOP ROW: Brannan, Michael S: Meade, Geology, Sigma Gamma 
Epsilon, Williston Geology and Sports Car Clubs. Braswell, David 
A: St. Louis, Mo., Architecture. Brauer, Robert P: Cimarron, Ani- 
mal Science and Industry. 

SECOND ROW: Brazzell, Cecil: Harper, Secondary Education and 
History, FarmHouse Sec, Phi Alpha Theta, Stu. Senator, Tribunal, 
PCC, Union Movies Comm., Cosmopolitan Club, People-to-People, 
Grid Gitters, Booster Club, Alpha Phi Omega Pres. Brecht, William 
L: Devon, Pa., Building Construction. Breitenstein, Alfred L: Kan- 
sas City, Zoology, Zoology and Newman Clubs. 

THIRD ROW: Brelig, George A: Chester, III., Architecture. Brewer, 

Robbie G: Parsons, Elementary Education, Gamma Phi Beta Sec, 
S.E.A., Engin-Dears, Miss Manhattan K-State. Brewer, Trudy A: 

Prairie Village, Modern Languages, French and Newman Clubs. 

FOURTH ROW: Brewster, Robert W: Coffeyville, Architecture. 
Bridges, Ronald L: Atchison, Chemistry, Phi Eta Sigma, Putnam 
Scholar, Phi Lambda Upsilon, K-Club, Gymnastics Team. Brill- 
hart, Carl D: Mapleton, Wildlife Conservation . 

FIFTH ROW: Brining, Donald R: Great Bend, Psychology. Brinker, 
Jane M: Glen Elder, Bacteriology, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Del- 
ta Theta, Microbiology and Newman Clubs, State of Kans., Pan- 
hel., Lambda Chi Alpha and John E. Trembly Mem. Schs. Briscoe, 
Charles A: Hutchinson, Political Science. 

SIXTH ROW: Britt, Sheila: Kansas City, Mo., History. Brock, James 
R: Glasco, Pre-Law. Brockelman, Jerald D: Council Grove, 

SEVENTH ROW: Broderick, Robert G: Massapequa, N.Y., Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Broers, James S: Eudora, Bacteriology, Varsity 
Men's and Apollo Glee Clubs, Microbiology Club. Brooks, Steven L: 

Ulysses, Business Administration, Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce 
Coun., CR, Dean's Honor Roll. 

BOTTOM ROW: Brous, Judy A: DeSoto, Accounting, Phi Chi Theta, 
MPC, Dean's Honor Roll, Charles F. Moggie Mem. Schs. Brown, 
Deborah L: Westlake, Ohio, Elementary Education, Delta Delta 
Delta Sec, Alpha Lambda Delta, Light Brigade, S.E.A., Home Ec. 
Fam. and Child Dev. and Newman Clubs. Brown, Geraldine J: Sali- 
na, Sociology, SGA, People-to-People, CYD. 


Seniors: Bro-Bru 

TOP ROW: Brown, Joseph H: Goodland, Computer Science. 
Brown, Linda K: Kansas City, Elementary Education, S.E.A. Brown, 
Phillip W: Partridge, Chemistry. 

SECOND ROW: Brown, Robert D: Weir City, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Brown, Sheila A: Ford, Physical Education. Brown, Susan R: 

Mullinville, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Brown, William D: Parsons, Civil Engineering. 
Bruce, Elizabeth M: Salina, Speech, Delta Zeta, K-State Players, 
AVMA Aux. Bruce, Richard N: Orchard, Neb., Veterinary Medicine, 
Lambda Chi Alpha Sec, Alpha Zeta, AVMA. 

Fran Mullinix, Dee Hoffman and Ann Cravens were mem- 
bers of the Home Ec Council and Dean's Advisory Board. 
Fran was Clothing and Textiles Club president and a mem- 
ber of Sparks, Angel Flight and University Symphony Or- 

chestra. Dee received a Danforth trip to St. Louis and Michi- 
gan, was president of Omicron Nu and was a Sparks, 
Chimes and Mortar Board member. Ann, a member of K- 
State Orchestra, also was president of Home Ec Council. 


Seniors: Bru-But 

TOP ROW: Bruck, Steven M: Bellerose, N.Y., Bacteriology, Pre-Vet 
and Bacteriology Clubs, B'nai B'rith Hillel Found., Intr. Brunken, 
Marvin L: Garber, Okla., Business Administration. Brunner, Ann J: 

Ramona, Home Economics Education, Clovia Pres., AWS Tribunal, 
Collegiate 4-H, Univ. Ext. Club, Block and Bridle, Gamma Delta, 
Kan. Farm Bureau Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Brunson, Charles A: Stockton, Civil Engineering. 
Brussow, William C: Woodbine, Music Education. Bryan, David W: 

Maiden, Mass., Physical Education. 

THIRD ROW: Bryan, John N: Emporia, Business Administration. 
Buchman, Sherri L: Alta Vista, Secondary Education and Psychol- 
ogy, Kappa Delta Pi, Univ. Choir, Women's Glee Club, French and 
Psychology Clubs, S.E.A., UCCF, Dean's Honor Roll, William C. 
Garner Mem. Schs. Buckles, Michael D: Kansas City, Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Buckley, John J: Merrick, N.Y., Animal Science and 
Industry. Budke, Martha J: Wichita, Sociology. Burford, Philip D: 

Milton, Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Burk, Cheryln J: McDonald, Mathematics. Burris, 
Harold D: Wichita, Physics. Burt, Ronald J: Salina, Industrial 

SIXTH ROW: Busch, Sandra K: Olathe, Physical Education. Bush, 
Judith R: Beloit, Family and Child Development, Kappa Delta, 
MENC, AWS, K-State Players, Oratorio and Univ. Choirs, S.E.A., 
Honors Prog. Bush, Sharon W: Manhattan, Home Economics and 

SEVENTH ROW: Buss, Ruthann: Overland Park, Speech, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, MUN, S.E.A., KSCF, Dean's Honor Roll, Eva Ford 
Schs. Buss, Stanley D: Holton, Agricultural Economics, Alpha 
Zeta, Ag. Coun., Stu. Senator, Ag. Ec. Club, Collegiate FFA, KSCF, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Union Pacific Schs. Bussman, Russell L: 
Mound Valley, Feed Science and Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Butler, Charles M: Topeka, Civil Engineering. But- 
ler, Gloria E: Manhattan, Family and Child Development, Delta 
Zeta, Angel Flight, SGA, MUN, Engin-Dears, Friendship Tutoring. 
Butler, William D: Manhattan, Pre-Medicine, Tau Kappa Epsilon, 
Clinic Club Pres., Track Team. 


Seniors: Cad-Car 

TOP ROW: Cadman, Rebecca S: Abilene, Elementary Education. 
Cadman, Stephen: St. John, Agricultural Mechanization. Cahill, 

Kevin R: Endicott, N.Y., Industrial Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Calamaio, Craig A: Wichita, Zoology. Caldwell, 
Glenn A: Garnett, Agricultural Engineering. Callies, Rodney E: St. 

Louis, Mo., Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Campbell, Richard A: Hamilton, Mass., Elementary 
Education, S.E.A. Advisory Bd. Campbell, Richard W: Concordia, 
Architecture. Cannon, John W: Salina, Architecture, Delta Sigma 
Phi, AIA, CR, BowlingTeam. 

FOURTH ROW: Caouette, Kathleen J: Wilson, Home Economics. 
Caplinger, Gary L: Larned, Music Education. Carbiener, Connie L: 

Wichita, Secondary Education and Art, S.E.A. 

FIFTH ROW: Cardwell, William B: Winfield, Wildlife Conservation, 
Wildlife Soc. Carey, Sarah G: Manhattan, Clothing Retailing. Car- 
lat, James K: Dover, Civil Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, 
Sigma Tau, ASCE, Dean's Honor Roll, KSU Honors and ASCE Schs. 

SIXTH ROW: Carlin, Jerry F: Scottsville, Agricultural Engineering, 
Sigma Tau, ASAE Pres., Engr. Coun. Carlson, David E: Manhattan, 
Accounting, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Putnam Scholar, Del- 
ta Mu Delta, Intr., AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant, Arthur Anderson & 
Co. and Charles F. Moggie Mem. Award Schs. Carlson, Marsha R: 
Lindsborg, Elementary Education, S.E.A., KSCF. 

SEVENTH ROW: Carlson, Susan E: Topeka, Mathematics. Carmi- 

chael, Craig L: Plainville, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA, Pre-Vet 
Club, Grid Gitters, Union Pacific Schs. Carmichael, Sue A: Plain- 
ville, Clothing and Retailing, Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. Club, 

BOTTOM ROW: Carmony, Lyle P: Shawnee Mission, Business Ad- 
ministration. Carr, John J: Frenchtown, N.J., Bakery Manage- 
ment. Carr, Pamela K: Colby, English, Chi Omega V-Pres., Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Sparks, Chimes, AWS Treas. 


Seniors: Car-Cha 

TOP ROW: Carr, Tommy R: Medicine Lodge, Animal Science and 
Industry, FarmHouse, Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta, Meats and 
Livestock Judging Teams, Apollo Glee Club, Block and Bridle, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Am. Soc. of Animal Science Award. Carroll, 
Daniel J: Leavenworth, Business Administration. Carroll, James F: 
Norfolk, N.Y., Dairy Foods Processing. 

SECOND ROW: Carson, Gary W: Mullinville, Physical Education. 
Carson, Shirley E: Overland Park, Elementary Education, Alpha 
Delta Pi, Light Brigade, Union K-Purrs Cormm., S.E.A., Psychology 
Club. Carson, William T: Springfield, Mo., Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Carter, John M: Trenton, Mo., Architecture. Cartmill, 
Joan R: Riverside, Calif., Art. Carver, Curtis C: Hillsdale, Mich., 
Milling Science and Management. 

FOURTH ROW: Case, Candice S: Lawrence, Modern Languages, 
Sparks, Putnam Scholar, Sigma Delta Pi, Block and Bridle, Chapa- 
rajos, K-State Rodeo Queen, Dean's Honor Roll. Casey, Michael R: 
Co-rning, Electrical Engineering. Casper, Charles L: Junction City, 
Agricultural Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Catlin, Pamela S: Burdett, Home Economics with Lib- 
eral Arts, Alpha Xi Delta, Panhel., Univ. Ext. Club, CR. Caton, John 
E: Hutchinson, Political Science. Caulfield, Michael D: Coffeyville, 
Animal Scienceand Industry. 

SIXTH ROW: Cavin, Kathryn A: LaCrosse, Modern Languages, Pi 
Beta Phi, A&S Coun. Pres., SGA, Union Comm., German Club, CR, 
Statesmates, Newman Club. Caviness, Kathleen M: Topeka, Ele- 
mentary Education, Alpha Delta Pi, PCC, S.E.A., Statesmates Pres. 
Caywood, Barbara A: Goodland, General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Caywood, Don A: Wichita, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, Triangle, ASME, CR. Cerretti, Ramona J: Idana, Secondary 
Education, Collegiate 4-H. Chadwell, Stephen L: Fairview, Mathe- 
matics, Collegiate 4-H. 

BOTTOM ROW: Chapin, Beverly R: Toronto, Ont., Bakery Manage- 
ment. Chapman, Christopher C: Clay Center, Mechanical Engi- 
neering, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, Scabbard and Blade, Fisher 
Governor Schs. Chapman, Gloria J: Hutchinson, Elementary Edu- 
cation, S.E. A., Statesmates. 


Seniors: Cha-Cla 

TOP ROW: Chapman, JoAnne S: Clay Center, Modern Languages, 
Gamma Phi Beta, Tribunal, Statesmates. Charbonneau, Karen K: 

Osborne, Dietetics and Institutional Management, Delta Delta Del- 
ta, PCC Chm., Union HQ and Hosp. Comm., Home Ec. Prof. Foods 
Club, CR, Statesmates Pres., Grid Gitters, Gibson Girls Chm. 
Charles, John P: Republic, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Charlton, Ann L: Kansas City, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Charvat, Jolene R: Independence, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management, Clovia, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omi- 
cron Nu, AWS, Prof. Foods Club, Collegiate 4-H, Newman Club, 
Intr., Willard W. Osburn Mem. and Bessie Brooks West Schs. 
Chase, Barbara A: Wichita, Interior Design, A.I.D., Home Ec. Interi- 
or Design Club, Orchesis, Statesmates. 

THIRD ROW: Cheatham, James E: Oklahoma City, Okla., Pre-Med- 
icine, Delta Tau Delta V-Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, UAB, Union Comm., 
Baseball Team, KSU Honors Schs. Cheney, Patricia W: Grainfield, 
Home Economics Education, S.E.A., Collegiate 4-H, Home Ec. 
Journalism and Interior Design Clubs, CR. Cheng, Nancy N: Shaw- 
nee Mission, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

FOURTH ROW: Cherney, Franklin C: Agenda, Animal Science and 
Industry, Alpha Tau Omega, Block and Bridle. Chew, Margaret E: 
Homewood, III., Elementary Education. Chiang, Yung A: Makati, 
Philippines, Electrical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Chiles, Laurn P: Stafford, Business Administration. 
Christensen, Barbara S: Marion, Bacteriology and Medical Tech- 
nology, Alpha Delta Theta, Microbiology Club, Statesmates, Gib- 
son Girls, Fr. Seminar Leader. Christensen, Carol: Topeka, Sociol- 
ogy and Modern Languages, Pi Beta Phi Pres., Boyd Hall Pres., 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Sparks, Chimes, Mortar Board, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Putnam Scholar, Sigma Delta Pi, Kappa Delta Pi, Stu. Sena- 
tor, AWS Pres., UGB, Honors Prog. 

SIXTH ROW: Christmann, Edith A: Kirkwood, Mo., Fashion Design, 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Frog Club. Chudy, Jaroslaw: Buffalo, N.Y., 
Sociology, Sociology Club. Chyba, Leslie J: Western, Neb., Animal 
Science and Industry, Lambda Chi Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 

SEVENTH ROW: Cillessen, Michael G: Coffeyville, Mechanical Engi- 
neering, Triangle, Pi Tau Sigma Pres., ASME. Ciston, Ronald E: 

Overland Park, Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, 
Newman Club, Intr. Claassen, Cheryl E: Potwin, Home Economics 
Education, AHEA, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching and Univ. Ext. Clubs, 
Mennonite Fellow. 

BOTTOM ROW: Clark, Douglas S: Fort Thomas, Ky., Chemical En- 
gineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, S.A.M.E., AlChE, Scabbard 
and Blade, Pershing Rifles. Clark, Janet E: Liberal, Elementary 
Education, Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., CR, CSO Pres. 
Clarkson, Larry IM: Haviland, Animal Science and Industry. 



Seniors: Cle-Con 

TOP ROW: Cleeves, David B: Sao Paula, Brazil, Social Sci- 
ence. Clifton, Raymond: North Little Rock, Ark., Physics. 
Clinesmith, Kaye A: Fort Scott, Music Education. Clough, 
Richard H: Coffeyville, Business Administration, Delta Mu 
Delta, Scabbard and Blade, Dean's Honor Roll, Henry Ward 
and J. C. Penny Schs. Clouse, Robert G: Stafford, Electrical 
Engineering. Cohorst, Steven J: Marysville, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Colborg, Arlin E: Ellis, Agronomy, Wheat State Agr. 

SECOND ROW: Cole, Charles R: Sedan, Mechanical Engi- 
neering, Alpha Gamma Rho, Pi Tau Sigma, S.A.M.E., Scab- 
bard and Blade, BSU, M.A. Durland Schs. Cole, Jana L: 
Goodland, Interior Design, Alpha Chi Omega, A.I.D., Home 
Ec. Interior Design Club, Orchesis, Statesmates, Gibson 
Girls, Grid Gitters. Cole, Lois E: Junction City, Business 
Administration. Cole, Ned E: Hammond, N.Y., Dairy Produc- 
tion, Dairy Science Club, Intr., Dean's Honor Roll. Cole, 
Ross W: Jetmore, Agricultural Mechanization. Collins, Jan- 
ice A: Jamestown, Elementary Education. Collins, Thomas 
L: Fort Scott, Animal Science and Industry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Collmann, Lynn L: Haven, Mechanical Engi- 
neering, Delta Chi, ASME, Wildcat Marching Band, Varsity 
Men's Glee Club, K-State Players, Intr. Combrink, Dennis D: 
Kiowa, Business Administration. Compton, Linda E: Hiawa- 
tha, Home Economics Education, Clovia, S.E.A., Home Ec. 
Teaching Club. Compton, Steven F: Baxter Springs, Land- 
scape Architecture. Condray, Jettie F: Wells, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Conner, Elizabeth J; El Dorado, Techni- 
cal Journalism, Theta Sigma Phi, AWS, Collegian Ed., Royal 
Purple and Touchstone staffs, Mamie Boyd Schs., William 
Randolph Hearst and K-Key Awards. Conrad, Karen J: God- 
dard, Secondary Education. 

At the division of Biology's first open house, visi- 
tors tour laboratories where projects are displayed. 



Seniors: Con-Cud 

TOP ROW: Conrad, Michael B: Clay Center, Accounting. Cook, Jay 
L: Dighton, Economics, Delta Upsilon, CR, Intr. Coon, Anthony T: 

Shawnee Mission, Business Administration, LAR Assoc, Sports 
Car Club. 

SECOND ROW: Cooper, Cheryl A: Moran, General Home Econom- 
ics. Copening, Caroline B: lola, Mathematics. Cordel, Peter J: Burr 
Oak, Geology, FarmHouse, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. 

THIRD ROW: Corral, David E: Rock Springs, Wyo., Accounting, 
Dean's Honor Roll. Correa Montalvo, Jamie: Rio Piedras, Puerto 
Rico, Animal Science and Industry, People-to-People, Cosmopoli- 
tan Club. Coulter, Craig A: Oklahoma City, Okla., Pre-Law. 

FOURTH ROW: Cowan, Wendell F: Topeka, Business Administra- 
tion, Kappa Sigma V-Pres., Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce Coun., 
IFC, Varsity Men's and Apollo Glee Clubs. Cox, Dennis A: Augusta, 
Physical Education. Craig, Donald D: Enterprise, Physical 

FIFTH ROW: Cramer, Terry L: Healy, Business Administration. 
Cranmer, Christina G: Conway Springs, Elementary Education. 
Cravens, Ann L: Newton, Dietetics and Institutional Management, 
Smurthwaite, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chimes, Mortar Board, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Putnam Scholar, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron Nu, 
Home Ec. Coun. Pres., AWS, Orchestra, Home Ec. Prof. Foods 
Club, Mortar Board Fr., State of Kan. and Stouffer Food Corp. 

SIXTH ROW: Crist, Hazel M: Holcomb, Clothing Retailing. Crofoot, 

Karen K: Cottonwood Falls, English, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, S.E.A. Crofoot, Patricia D: Cottonwood Falls, Ele- 
mentary Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta Pi, Ed. 
Coun., S.E.A., Little Sisters of Minerva. 

SEVENTH ROW: Crofoot, Terry J: Cottonwood Falls, Business 
Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Mu 
Delta, Commerce Coun. Crosby, Donald W: Great Bend, Second- 
ary Education. Cross, Allan D: Haddam, Geography. 

BOTTOM ROW: Crumrine, Jack R: Shawnee, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Cudney, Barbara J: Trousdale, Elementary Education. Cud- 
ney, Robert R: Belpre, Veterinary Medicine. 


Seniors: Cul-Dec 

TOP ROW: Culbertson, Countess K: Phillipsburg, Elementary Edu- 
cation, Gamma Phi Beta. Culver, Janet K: Madison, Home Eco- 
nomics Education, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching and General Home 
Ec. Clubs. Curry, Robert A: Liberal, Electrical Engineering, Trian- 
gle, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, Engr. Coun., Stu. Senator, MPC, 

SECOND ROW: Curtin, Linda D: Axtell, Secondary Education and 
Business Administration, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Chi Theta, S.E.A. Cyr, 
Janet K: Ames, Secondary Education and Physical Science, Conti- 
nental Grain Co. Schs. Dagley, Randell B: Holt, Mo., Building 

THIRD ROW: Dalby, Garry M: Leavenworth, Electrical Engineering, 
S.A.M.E., Pershing Rifles. Dale, Jane E: Hiawatha, Home Econom- 
ics with Liberal Arts. Dalrymple, Sandra M: Topeka, Technical 
Journalism, Theta Sigma Phi, Collegian Ed., CYD, Newman Club, 
William Randolph Hearst and K-Key Awards, Minneapolis-Tribune 

FOURTH ROW: Dameron, Tommy D: Beloit, Bakery Management. 
Daniels, Gabriel M: Basehor, Zoology. Darter, Genevieve C: Bur- 
den, Physical Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Dash, Phyllis S: New York, N.Y., Elementary Educa- 
tion. Dash, Richard G: Brooklyn, N.Y., Bacteriology. David, Larry 

H: Mankato, Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Davis, Adele L: Chanute, Elementary Education, 
S.E.A. Davis, Arthur D: Mullinville, Agricultural Economics, Ag. Ec. 
Club, KSCF, Intr. Davis, Stephen V: Peabody, History, Lambda Chi 
Alpha, IFC, S.E.A., CR, Intr., Vernon D. Foltz Schs. 

SEVENTH ROW: Dawes, William H: Leavenworth, Physics, AIP. 
Dawson, Elizabeth A: Mathematics and Computer Science, New- 
man Club, Rifle Team. Dawson, Thomas S: Russell, Physical 

BOTTOM ROW: Dawson, William P: Chanute, Business Administra- 
tion. Day, Gary L: Hiawatha, Mathematics. Deck, Deborah A: Wich- 
ita, Clothing Retailing. 


Seniors: Dec-Die 

TOP ROW: Decker, Jack L: Holton, Mathematics. Deeds, 
Craig N: Scott City, Agronomy. Dellere, Margaret A; Man- 
hattan, Sociology, Alpha Chi Omega, Sociology Club. Del 
Popolo, Robert G: Buffalo, N.Y., Architecture. DeMand, 
Deborah M: Manhattan, Elementary Education, Alpha Delta 
Pi, Ed. Coun., S.E.A. Demonbrun, George D: Raytown, Mo., 
Architecture. Dempsey, Kay L: Formoso, Home Economics 
Education, Clovia, Hoedowners, Home Ec. TeachingClub. 

SECOND ROW: Dempsey, Mary B: Leavenworth, Elementary 
Education, K-State Players, S.E.A., Newman Club. Denk, 
Greg P: Mission, Building Construction. Denning, John E: 
Russell, Secondary Education. Denton, Darrell D: Blue Rap- 
ids, Business Administration. Desbien, Edmund P: Damar, 
Accounting. Dettmer, Keith L: Green, Poultry Science, Poul- 
try Science Club. Devaney, John M: Kansas City, Mo., 

After discovering the fire, students douse the smoldering 

ruins of the small tool shed used at the auditorium site. 

BOTTOM ROW: Devore, John J: Belleville, Physics. Dibai- 
Esfahani, Manouchehr: Tehran, Iran, Horticulture, Iranian 
Stu. Assoc. Pres., Intr. Dick, Lucille E: Wichita, Elementary 
Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, SGA Bd. of Personnel 
Selection, S.E.A., CR. Dickerson, Roger K: Prairie Village, 
Psychology. Dickerson, Jerry A: Whiting, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Diehl, Robert J: Alma, Business Administration. Diek- 
er, Larry W: Westphalia, Agricultural Economics. 

Seniors: Dil-Dug 

TOP ROW: Dillinger, Keith W: Edson, Animal Science and 
Industry. Dillingham, William: Kansas City, Mo., Architec- 
ture. Dillon, Charles M: Glasco, Pre-Medicine. DiMatteo, 
Suzanne: Sudbury, Mass., English, Chaparajos, Ski and 
Newman Clubs. Dixon, Walter T: Huntington, N.Y., Political 
Science and Pre-Law, Tribunal, Union Campus Entertain- 
ment Comm., Dean's Honor Roll. Dobbins, Mary M: Goff, 
Family and Child Development, Omicron Nu, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron, Home Ec. Fam. and Child Dev. Club. Dobson, Me- 
linda L: Leavenworth, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Dodge, Alvena L: Medicine Lodge, Elementa- 
ry Education. Dodson, Robert J: Parsons, Landscape Archi- 
tecture, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Sigma Delta, ASLA, Arch, and 
Design Coun., Intr., Weigel Award. Dory, Vernon M: Cam- 
bridge, Iowa, Psychology. Douglas, Steven L: Bridgeport, 
Biological Science, Delta Upsilon. Douglass, LaDonna L: 
Burlington, Modern Languages, Delta Delta Delta, Sigma 
Delta Pi, AWS, MPC, S.E.A., CR, Statesmates. Douthett, 
Roger L: Augusta, Computer Science. Dragush, Marilyn L: 
Kansas City, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Drees, Thomas J: Hays, History. Drier, 
Wayne T: Billings, Mo., Physical Education. Droge, Ruth A; 

Hiawatha, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Home Ec. Nursing 
and Fam. and Child Dev. Clubs, CR, Wesley Found., Kappa 
Phi. DuBois, Robert P: Titusville, Fla., Mathematics. Dudley, 
Jerry C: Aurora, Animal Science and Industry. Duethman, 
Charles W: Paola, Chemical Engineering, Blue Key, Sigma 
Tau, AlChE, SGA Pub. Rel. Dir., People-to-People, Fr. Semi- 
nar Leader, Newman Club, Intr., Maitland Smith Schs. 
House Award. Duguid, George W: McPherson, Business 

Lacking permanent facilities until completion of the 
auditorium, the band class practices in the ROTC garage. 


Seniors: Dun-Edw 

TOP ROW: Dunbar, Charles D: Richmond, Agricultural Mechaniza- 
tion. Dunbar, Jeanne: Chanute, Elementary Education. Dunbar, 
Jennifer G: Shawnee Mission, Accounting, Royal Purple staff, K- 
Key Award. 

SECOND ROW: Dunbar, Kenneth R: Coffeyville, Psychology. Dunn, 
Jeanne K: North Scituate, Mass., Secondary Education. Dunstan, 
Edwin R: Jewell, Agricultural Engineering, Sigma Nu, ASAE. 

THIRD ROW: Dupre, Helen P: Topeka, English and Modern Lan- 
guages, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chimes, Mortar Board, Angel Flight, 
Concert Band, CR, Georgiana Smurthwaite Schs. House Award. 
Durham, Nancy L: Philadelphia, Pa., Home Economics Education, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club. Dyal, Vic- 
tor H: Geuda Springs, Agricultural Mechanization . 

FOURTH ROW: Dye, Donna J: ManKato, Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Religious Coun., S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club, UCCF, 
Dean's Honor Roll. Eaton, James A: El Dorado, Poultry Science. 
Eaton, Rodney C: Wichita, Zoology, Wildlife Soc, Touchstone 

FIFTH ROW: Eberhart, Jane M: Gypsum, General Home Econom- 
ics. Eberly, Twila J: Topeka, Music Education. Ebert, Kenneth G: 

St. Louis, Mo., Architecture. 

SIXTH ROW: Ebert, Robert A: St. George, Animal Science and In- 
dustry. Eckelman, Warren G: Westfall, Electrical Engineering. 
Eddy, Thomas D: Marysville, Elementary Education, Phi Gamma 
Delta, Ed. Coun. Pres., S.E.A., CR. 

SEVENTH ROW: Eden, Jean L: Topeka, Consumer Interest. Ediger, 
Rochelle D: McPherson, Music Education. Edmondson, Rebecca L: 

Oswego, Secondary Education and Business Administration, Pi 
Omega Pi.S.E.A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Edmondson, Ted D: Columbus, Mechanical Engi- 
neering, Pi Tau Sigma, Collegiate 4-H, State of Kans. Schs. Ed- 
wards, John N: El Dorado, Physics. Edwards, Rudy L: Shawnee 
Mission, Bacteriology. 


Seniors: Ege-Esh 

TOP ROW: Eger, John J: Kansas City, History. Eilert, John A: Beloit, 
Agricultural Economics. Eilian, Cyrus: Teheran, Iran, Landscape 

SECOND ROW: Eisenbeis, Myrna D: Wamego, Home Economics 
Education. Eitzman, Willard L: Hardy, Neb., Agronomy, Alpha Tau 
Omega, S.E.A., Wheat State Agr. Club, Intr. Elder, Larry E: Salina, 
Secondary and Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Wrestling 

THIRD ROW: Elliott, Allan W: Wichita, Business Administration. El- 
liott, Lloyd R: Waldo, Animal Science and Industry, Block and Bri- 
dle, CR, Dean's Honor Roll. Ellison, Howard: Chestnut Hill, Mass. 
Restaurant Management. 

FOURTH ROW: Elmore, Diane M: Scott City, Sociology, Chi Omega, 
Ski Club, CR, Statesmates, Intr. Elson, James M: Peoria, III., Land- 
scape Architecture. Emel, Karlyn K: Manhattan, Foods and Nutri- 
tion, Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Chimes, Mortar Board, Phi 
Upsilon Omicron Pres., Home Ec. Coun., SGA, AWS Sec, UPC, 
Home Ec. Interior Design Club, Fr. Seminar Leader. 

FIFTH ROW: Emig, Calvin L: Abilene, Business Administration, 
Sigma Phi Epsilon. Enfield, Sally J: Hutchinson, English and Tech- 
nical Journalism, S.E.A. Engler, Cady R: Topeka, Chemical Engi- 
neering, Alpha Tau Omega Sec, Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Putnam Scholar, Steel Ring, Phi Lambda Upsilon, 
UGB, UPC, Union News & Views Comm. 

SIXTH ROW: Englisby, John M: Hempstead, N.Y., Political Science 
and Pre-Law, Scabbard and Blade, Varsity Men's Glee Club. Erick- 
son, Duncan M: Kimberling City, Mo., Architecture. Erickson, 
Fredreck K: McLean, Va., Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Erickson, Michael C: Ellsworth, Pre-Dentistry, 
Kappa Sigma. Erickson, Raymond L: Chanute, Business Adminis- 
tration. Erickson, Wayne L: Chanute, Business Administration 

BOTTOM ROW: Ericson, Galen E: Assaria, Mathematics, Delta Up- 
silon Pres., Blue Key, Arnold Air Soc, Dean's Honor Roll, Honor's 
Prog., AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant, Second Century Schs. Eshel- 
man, Jon H: Sedgwick, Civil Engineering, Delta Upsilon Sec, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon Pres., Sigma Tau, ASCE, Engr. Open House 
Chm., Friendship Tutoring, Campus Crusade For Christ, Honor's 
Prog., Boeing Airplane Co. and Kans. Contractors Assoc. Schs. 
Eshelman, Kenneth K: Sedgwick, Building Construction, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon, AGC. 


but* ri. 



Preparing drivers for competition, the adviser and 
sports car rallymaster explain various checkpoint markers. 

Seniors: Est-Far 

TOP ROW: Esteva, Rafael 0: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Archi- 
tecture. Evans, Gerald T: Americus, Feed Science and Man- 
agement. Evans, Thomas G: Hutchinson, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Everett, Erwin L: Shawnee, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Everett, Kenneth D: Topeka, Civil Engineering, ASCE, 
Maitland Smith Schs. House Award. Evers, Richard L: 
Abilene, Business Administration. Evert, Thomas M: Con- 
cordia, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Ewald, Janet E: WauKegan, III., Secondary 
Education. Ewert, Henry R: Abilene, Veterinary Medicine. 
Ewing, Jerald L: Independence, Animal Science and Indus- 
try, Block and Bridle. Ewing, Margaret A: Dodge City, Ele- 
mentary Education, Kappa Delta Pres. Sec. Treas., Kappa 
Delta Pi, SGA, AWS V-Pres., IAWS, S.E.A. Advisory Bd., CR. 
Exley, Jonell: Wichita, Family and Child Development. Eye, 
Mary E: Goodland, Elementary Education. Fabert, Jerry A: 
Lawrence, Mathematics and Statistics, Smith V-Pres. 
Treas., Phi Eta Sigma, Putnam Scholar, Pi Mu Epsilon, CR, 
Intr., Gen. Motors Corp. Schs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fager, Glenn A: Osage City, Civil Engineer- 
ing, Straube, ASCE, KSCF, Rowing Team. Fahr, Robert H: 
Haddonfield, N.J., Architecture. Fair, Arlene S: Alden, Soci- 
ology, Kappa Alpha Theta, Angel Flight, Panhel., Union 
Movies Comm., K-State Singers, S.E.A., CR, Statesmates, 
Little Sisters of the Golden Heart, RWF, Dean's Honor Roll. 
Fairless, Charlotte: Kingman, Applied Music. Farabi, Steven 
B: Pittsburg, Nuclear Engineering. Farmer, Gail M: Prairie 
Village, Art, Chi Omega, West Hall Pres., Delta Phi Delta, 
A&S Coun., SGA, KSUARH, Collegian staff, CR, She-DU, 
Newman Club. Farmer, Michael J: Ipswich Suffolk, England, 
Feed Science and Management, Ag. Coun., SGA, SCC, 
KSUARH Pres., Spring Fling Chm., Milling Club, Fr. Orient. 
Leader, Oscar Straube Schs. House Award. 


Seniors: Far-Fis 

TOP ROW: Farrar, James M: Milwaukee, Wis., Political Science. 
Farrar, Joe E: Norwich, Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Varsity 
Men's Glee Club, Concert and Wildcat Marching Bands. Farrar, 
William F: Milwaukee, Wis., Political Science. 

SECOND ROW: Farris, Barbara J: Sterling, Secondary Education 
and History, Alpha Xi Delta, Oratorio Choir, S.E.A., Home Ec. Nurs- 
ing and History Clubs, Statesmates, RWF. Fearing, Sherry J: Burr 
Oak, History and Secondary Education, Putnam Scholar, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., Honors Prog. Fedunok, Gary P: 
Carnegie, Pa., Technical Journalism. 

THIRD ROW: Feist, Samuel J: Claflin, Agricultural Mechanization, 
Ag. Coun., Ag. Mech. Club Pres., Block and Bridle, Intr., Dean's 
Honor Roll, Oscar Straube Schs. House Award. Felbush, Linda K: 
Solomon, Art and Secondary Education. Feldman, Elizabeth P: 

Wooster, Ohio, Home Economics Extension, Univ. Ext. Club, Colle- 
giate4-H, Kappa Phi, BowlingTeam. 

FOURTH ROW: Feldman, William E: Topeka, Horticulture, Bowling 
Team Capt. Fellers, Steven G: Neodesha, Nuclear Engineering, 
ANS, Statesmen, Honors Prog. Fellman, Charles H: Osage City, 
Mechanical Engineering, Triangle Treas., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma 
Tau, ASME Pres., Engr. Coun., AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant. 

FIFTH ROW: Fenton, Donald L: Trenton, N.J., Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Ferguson, James J: Topeka, Industrial Engineering, Phi 
Delta Theta, AIIE, IPC, UPC, Union Personnel and Research and 
News & Views Comm., MUN. Ferguson, Melvin V: St. John, Civil 

SIXTH ROW: Fey, Joyce: Smithtown, N.Y., Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Fickel, Daniel A: Chanute, Dairy Foods Pro- 
cessing, Dairy Science and Newman Clubs, Intr. Fields, Loyd A: 
Caney, Horticulture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Fields, Patricia J: Havana, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Fields, William J: Salina, Agricultural Engineering. Fiesel- 
man, Lawrence R: Mason City, Iowa, Political Science, Delta Chi. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fieser, David W: Plains, Agronomy, Wheat State 
Agr. Club, Collegiate FFA, Wesley Found. Filley, Mary C: Atchison, 
Elementary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, S.E.A. Fisher, Jay S: 

Pleasanton, Civil Engineering. 


Seniors: Fit-Fre 

TOP ROW: Fitzwater, James W: Augusta, Civil Engineering, Chi 
Epsilon, ASCE, Scabbard and Blade, Newman Club. Fix, Robert A: 
Phillipsburg, Accounting. Flack, Robert D: Sabetha, Electrical En- 
gineering, Triangle V-Pres., Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, People-to- 

SECOND ROW: Fladie, Kenneth R: Batavia, N.Y., Civil Engineering, 
Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, ASCE, Intr. Flaherty, Catherine T: War- 
wick, R.I., Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Delta, AAHPER, KAH- 
PER, Newman Club, Intr. Flannigan, Michael J: St. Marys, Nuclear 
Engineering, ANS, CYD, Boeing Airplane Co. and State of Kan. 

THIRD ROW: Fleming, Don W: Prairie Village, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Flynn, Linda K: Riley, Secondary Education and Mathematics, 
Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., LaVerne Noyes and State of Kan. Schs. 
Folck, Phillip S: Chicago, III., Architecture, Sigma Nu V-Pres. 

FOURTH ROW: Follmer, Gary L: Buffalo, Agronomy. Folwell, Patric 

J: Oil City, Pa., Radio and Television, Alpha Epsilon Rho Pres., 
Sigma Delta Chi, KSDB-FM Mgr., CYD, Newman Club. Forshee, 
James C: Aurora, Animal Science and Industry. 

FIFTH ROW: Fortun, Pamela K: Manhattan, Physical Education, 
Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Epsilon Delta, AAHPER, KAHPER, S.E.A., 
Intr. Foster, Frederic J: Dubuque, Iowa, Architecture. Foust, Ardis 

M: Hutchinson, Home Economics and Journalism, AHEA, Home 
Ec. Journalism Club. 

SIXTH ROW: Fox, Melvin G: Severy, Veterinary Medicine. Fraass, 
Ronald G: Mankato, Nuclear Engineering, Putnam Scholar, Sigma 
Tau, ANS, Arnold Air Soc, Engr. Coun., CR, Wesley Found. Honors 
Prog., AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant. Frame, Russell W: Overland 
Park, Geology, Lambda Chi Alpha. 

SEVENTH ROW: Frankenbery, William M: Altoona, Animal Science 
and Industry, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Chaparajos. Frazee, 
Barbara I: Arkansas City, Secondary Education and Mathematics, 
Smurthwaite, NCTM, S.E.A., CYD, Wesley Found., John E. Trembly 
Mem. Schs. Frazier, Carol L: Goodland, English, AWS, Concert 
Band, S.E.A., German Club. 

BOTTOM ROW: Freeby, Raymond L: Manhattan, Psychology. Free- 
land, David E: Burns, Accounting, CR, Intr., Dean's Honor Roll, 
Boeing Airplane Co. Schs. Freeman, Joe D: Kingman, Architectur- 
al Structures, Alpha Kappa Lambda Pres. Sec, AIA, Arch, and De- 
sign Coun., Arch. Open House Chm., CR, Track Team, Dean's 
Honor Roll, Tau Sigma Delta Schs. 


Seniors: Fre-Gam 

TOP ROW: Freeman, Linda M: Kingman, English, Alpha Chi Ome- 
ga, S.E.A., AIA Aux., Dames Club, CR. Frey, Karen S: Pocahontas, 
III., Clothing Retailing. Frick, Philip C: Kinsley, Electrical Engineer- 
ing, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. 

SECOND ROW: Frickey, Steven L: Topeka, Psychology, Sigma Nu, 
IFC, Varsity Men's and Apollo Glee Clubs. Friesen, Charles T: Con- 
way, Mathematics. Fross, Ruth A: Raytown, Mo., Secondary Edu- 
cation, Delta Delta Delta Sec, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., CR. 

THIRD ROW: Fruetel, David B: Shawnee Mission, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Fruits, Timothy J: Winfield, Horticulture, MPC, Hort. 
Club, Alpha Phi Omega. Frusher, Larry R: Jetmore, Agricultural 

FOURTH ROW: Fry, John A: Naperville, III., Animal Science and 
Industry, Univ. Choir, Madrigal Singers. Fry, Theron E: Wichita, 
Electrical Engineering, FarmHouse, Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, Steel Ring, IEEE, Engr. 
Coun., Alumni Assoc. Bd. of Dir., Intr., Martin K. Eby Const. Co., 
Kan. Contractors Assoc, and Second Century Schs. Fuhrken, Ste- 
ven R: Washington, Business Administration . 

FIFTH ROW: Fulkerson, Janet E: Liberty, Mo., Philosophy, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, CR, Philosophy Club. Fultz, John W: Pratt, Sec- 
ondary Education. Fyler, Kenneth L: Scott City, Architecture. 

SIXTH ROW: Gagnon, James E: Grainfield, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, Phi Kappa Theta, ASME, Newman Club, Intr. Gaines, Stanley 
F: Pompano Beach, Fla., Building Construction. Gainor, Vardon J: 

Harbor Beach, Mich., Bakery Management. 

SEVENTH ROW: Gallagher, Patrick J: Kansas City, Agronomy. Gal- 
lant, William P: Overland Park, Veterinary Medicine. Gallon, 

James A: Fredonia, Animal Science and Industry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Galloway, John H: Wakeeney, Landscape Architec- 
ture. Galloway, Nancy A: Wichita, Family and Child Development, 
Kappa Delta, Phi Chi Theta, AWS, Union Movies and Hosp. Comm., 
French Club, Intr., Honors Prog. Gambiani, Michael L: Spring Val- 
ley, III., Veterinary Medicine. 


Seniors: Gan-Ger 

TOP ROW: Gandy, Sheppard L: Galena, Electrical Engineering. 
Garbier, Mary C: Carroll, Iowa, Physical Education. Garcia, Carlos 

M: Humacao, Puerto Rico, Landscape Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Gardner, Carolyn S: Arlington, Elementary Educa- 
tion, Ford Hall Pres., KSUARH, S.E.A. Gardner, Richard L: Laredo, 
Mo., Art, Phi Gamma Delta, Delta Phi Delta, AIA, CYD, CR, Delta 
Phi Delta Schs. Garlett, Theresa M: Overland Park, Secondary 
Education and Business Administration, Alpha Chi Omega 
V-Pres., Boyd Hall Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, Sparks, Chimes, Phi 
Chi Theta, Commerce Coun., Stu. Senator, AWS, S.E.A., CR. 

THIRD ROW: Garnett, Ronald D: Cheney, Agricultural Economics. 
Garrelts, Rex E: Overland Park, Chemical Engineering and Busi- 
ness Administration, Sigma Phi Epsilon, AlChE, UAB, Chm. Gar- 
rett, Claudia A: Salina, Elementary Education, Pi Beta Phi, AWS, 
Union Personnel and Research and Campus Entertainment 
Comm., S.E.A. Pres., German Club, Statesmates. 

FOURTH ROW: Garrett, Shirley A: Colby, Secondary Education and 
History, Alpha Chi Omega Pres., Union Movies Comm., Concert 
Band, S.E.A., Intr., The Housemother's Club Schs. Garten, Harold 
J: Medicine Lodge, Accounting, Alpha Kappa Lambda V-Pres. Sec. 
Treas., Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce Coun., Union Arts Comm., 
Ski Club, CR, State of Kan. Schs. Gates, William J: Newton, Me- 
chanical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Tau Sig- 
ma, Sigma Tau, ASME, Chi Alpha, Intr., Dean's Honor Roll, Mait- 
land Smith Schs. House Award, State of Kan. and Fisher Governor 
Co. Schs. 

FIFTH ROW: Gechter, David A: Muscotah, Zoology, Pre-Vet Club, 
K-Club, Gymnastics Team. Gechter, Mary J: Muscotah, Elementa- 
ry Education. Geier, William H: Shawnee, Zoology. 

SIXTH ROW: Gelabert, John A: Key West, Fla., Physical Science. 
Generson, Ricard M: Pelham Manor, N.Y., Zoology, Sigma Nu, 
AUSA, Pre-Vet Club, Dean's Honor Roll. Gentry, James W: Topeka, 
Civil Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega Sec, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kap- 
pa Phi, Putnam Scholar, Chi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Steel Ring, 
ASCE, Scabbard and Blade, Engr. Coun., Stu. Senator, Union Per- 
sonnel and Research and News & Views Comm., Robert Callen 
King Schs. 

SEVENTH ROW: Gentry, Linda D: Manhattan, Modern Languages 
and Secondary Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Putnam Scholar, Kappa Delta Pi, SGA Intl. Relations Comm., 
S.E.A., German and Cosmopolitan Clubs, People-to-People, Colle- 
giate 4-H, Off-Campus Women, CR, Dean's Honor Roll, Honors 
Prog., Justus Liebig German Exchange Schs. Gentry, Martha J: 
Junction City, Bacteriology, Gamma Phi Beta Treas., Alpha Lamb- 
da Delta, Sparks, Alpha Delta Theta, Madrigal Singers, Bacteriolo- 
gy Club, Statesmates, KSU Honors Schs. George, Herschel C: Un- 
iontown, Agricultural Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: George, John A: Uniontown, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Gerardy, Patricia M: Atchison, Consumer Interest. Gerberd- 
ing, Danny R: Anthony, Mechanical Engineering. 


Seniors: Ger-Gil 

TOP ROW: Gerritz, George A: Manhattan, Mathematics, Delta Upsi- 
lon V-Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Arnold Air 
Soc, A&S Coun., Stu. Senator, Fine Arts Coun., UPC Chm., Union 
Movies Comm. Chm., Varsity Men's Glee Club, Dean's Honor Roll, 
Honors Prog., Second Century Schs., AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant. 
Gerstenberger, Allen G: Leawood, Architecture, Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
AIA, Arch, and Design Coun., UGB, Golf Team, Dean's Honor Roll. 
Geyer, Richard D: Sylvan Grove, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Giblin, Richard C: Caney, Zoology, Rowing Team. 
Gieber, Nicholas R: Haddam, Physical Education. Gilbert, Gary L: 

Green, Feed Science and Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gilbert, Robert W: Clifton, Agronomy. Gilchrist, 
Debbra A: Hutchinson, Secondary Education. Gillilan, Joseph W: 

Republic, Animal Science and Industry, Block and Bridle. 

Brad Kerbs, president of Ag Student Council, worked on a 
faculty evaluation study, participated in Model Congress 
and was on the dean's honor roll. Charles Lambert, vice- 
president of Ag Student Council and president of Chapar- 

ajos, was a member of Alpha Zeta, dean's honor roll and 
Block and Bridle. Russ Bussman, member of the ag honors 
program, organized and headed Grain Science Club. He was 
a member of Alpha Mu, Alpha Zeta and Ag Student Council. 

Seniors: Gil-Goo 

TOP ROW: Gilliland, Robert L: Herington, Psychology. Glace, Jane 

E: Bern, Elementary Education. Glace, William R: Oneida, Agricul- 
tural Education. 

SECOND ROW: Glass, Jay W: Greensburg, Architecture, Triangle, 
AIA, Union Dance Comm., CR, Weigel Award. Glatfelder, Ronald 
A: Caney, Zoology. Glenn, Kenneth A: Cunningham, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. 

THIRD ROW: Gnadt, Ervin F: Alma, Agricultural Mechanization. 
Goble, Arlene K: Manhattan, Family and Child Development. Go- 
ble, Dallas O: Lake City, Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Goddard, James F: Council Grove, Building Con- 
struction, AGC, Intr. Goehring, Michael R: Manhattan, Physical 
Education. Goering, Eugene-Hale: Moundridge, Agricultural 

FIFTH ROW: Goerzen, Larry D: Newton, Animal Science and Indus- 
try, Phi Kappa Phi, CR, Dean's Honor Roll, Second Century and 
Farmland Industries Schs. Goetz, JoAnn: Wichita, Technical Jour- 
nalism, Gamma Phi Beta, Theta Sigma Phi, Bd. of Stu. Pub., Un- 
ion HQ Comm., Royal Purple and Univ. Directory Ed. Goetz, Leon 
F: Victoria, Architecture, Phi Kappa Theta Pres., AIA. 

SIXTH ROW: Goff, James H: Manhattan, Dairy Foods Processing, 
Dairy Products Judging Team, Dairy Science Club, LAR Assoc, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Virginia Dare, Shawnee Milk Producers and 
Kan. Cooperative Dairy Products Schs. Goins, James N: Marys- 
ville, Milling Science and Mangement. Golden, Artyce A: Topeka, 
Home Economics Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortar Board, 
Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Coun., Panhel., Union Movies 
Comm., S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club, Gen. Home Ec. Schs. 

SEVENTH ROW: Golden, Nicholas J: Topeka, Business Administra- 
tion. Good, Gloria: Liberal, Elementary Education, SGA Bd. of Per- 
sonnel Selection Chm., S.E.A. Good, Suzan: East Lansing, Mich., 
Elementary Education, S.E.A., Block and Bridle. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gooden, Tony R: Dodge City, Physical Education. 
Goodrich, Janice: Manhattan, Sociology, Chi Omega Pres., Alpha 
Lambda Delta Pres., Sparks, Chimes Pres., Mortar Board. Good- 
son, Jack S: Independence, Business Administration, Phi Delta 
Theta, Commerce Coun., Stu. Senator. 



Seniors: Gor-Gri 

TOP ROW: Goreham, Mildred A: Junction City, Elementary Educa- 
tion, Gamma Phi Beta, IPC, S.E.A., Gibson Girls, Statesmates. 
Gorman, Karen E: Falls Church, Va., Clothing Retailing, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Omicron Nu, Oratorio Choir. Gorton, Gary M: Lin- 
coln, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Gosch, Cheryl D: Hutchinson, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Graf, Jerry D: Hope, Business Administration. Grafel, Connie 

M: Herndon, Technical Journalism, Theta Sigma Phi, Royal Purple 
and Collegian Staffs, CR. 

THIRD ROW: Grafel, John R: Herndon, Mechanical Engineering. 
Graham, Dennis W: Newton, Zoology, Sigma Nu, Pre-Vet Club. 
Grame, Mary A: Atchison, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Univ. Ext. 
and Newman Clubs. 

FOURTH ROW: Grau, Steven L: Topeka, Electrical Engineering, 
IEEE, State of Kan., Second Century and Electrical Contractors 
Assoc. Schs. Greason, Peter H: Morristown, N.J., Zoology. Green, 
Constance G: Gem, Home Economics Education, Clovia, S.E.A., 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, Collegiate 4-H, Wesely Found., Intr., 
Deans of Home Ec. Schs. 

FIFTH ROW: Green, Kenneth R: Sterling, Civil Engineering. Green, 
Marilyn K: Manhattan, Home Economics Education. Green, Mar- 
sha L: Kansas City, Technical Journalism, Kappa Alpha Theta, 
Theta Sigma Phi, Collegian and Royal Purple staffs, Dean's Honor 

SIXTH ROW: Green, Timothy D: Worcester, N.Y., Dairy Production, 
LAR Assoc, Block and Bridle, Dairy Science Club, Intr. Gregg, 
Harold M: Newton, History, Kappa Delta Pi, Dean's Honor Roll. 
Greif, Frank A: Waretown, N.J., Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Greiner, Jon R: Tremont, III., Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Grieder, Randall R: Congerville, III., Animal Science and 
Industry, Block and Bridle, Chaparajos. Grieshaber, Nancy A: 

Overland Park, English. 

BOTTOM ROW: Griffin, Roger A: Lyons, Animal Science and Indus- 
try, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Block and Bridle. Griffiths, David W: 
Abilene, Architecture. Griffiths, Donald C: Topeka, Mechanical 


Featured twirler Jan Miller served as AWS vice-president 
and was a member of Mortar Board and Chimes while keep- 
ing an undergraduate psychology fellowship. Budget com- 
mittee chairman of the Student Senate, Fred Jackson, 
served on Union Governing and Traffic Control Boards, in 
band and ensemble groups and as a state ASG co-ordinator. 

Seniors: Gri-Hal 

TOP ROW: Grimshaw, Charlotte: Olathe, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Groene, JJanell K: Winfield, Elementary Education. 
Groene, Janet K: Winfield, Clothing Retailing. Gross, David 
R: Manhattan, Business Administration. Gross, William R: 
Friend, Animal Science and Industry. Grossardt, Darrel L: 
Hutchinson, Agricultural Mechanization, Delta Chi Treas. 
Grosz, Marlin R: Olivet, S.D., Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Grote, Rolland P: Sabetha, Architecture. 
Grzinich, John C: Cambria Heights, N.Y., Computer Sci- 
ence. Guenthner, James W: Augusta, English, UPC. Gugler, 
Dianne K: Manhattan, Secondary Education, Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, Union Movies Comm., MC, MPC, S.E.A. Gump, 
Marilynn: Wichita, Technical Journalism, Delta Delta Delta, 
Theta Sigma Phi, AWS, Union HQ Comm., Collegian staff, 
Intr. Gump, Robert J: Wichita, Veterinary Medicine, Delta 
Upsilon, Blue Key Pres., AVMA, Stu. Senator, Athletic Coun., 
Grid Gitters, 0. M. Franklin Schs. Gump, Sharilyn K: Scott 
City, Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Haas, John A: Lebanon, Mathematics. Had- 
sall, Ronald D: Harper, Business Administration, Sigma Nu, 
IFC, Varsity Men's Glee Club, Rowing Team. Hafling, Larry 
V: Emporia, Building Construction, AGC, Arch, and Design 
Coun. Hagan, Thomas R: Kansas City, Mo., Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Hains, Shirley D: El Dorado, Speech. Halbleib, Corlie E: 
Arnold, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Halderson, Kar- 
en R: Delphos, Dietetics and Institutional Management, 
Home Ec. Prof. Foods Club, Collegiate 4-H. 


Seniors: Hal-Har 

TOP ROW: Hale, Deborah A: Quincy, Mass., Elementary 
Education. Hale, Linda J: Phoenix, Ariz., Zoology, ACS, 
S.E.A. Hall, David C: Kansas City, Electrical Engineering, 
Smith V-Pres. Treas., Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa 
Nu, IEEE, KSUARH, Second Century Schs. Hall, Joan D: 
Olathe, Elementary Education, Pi Beta Phi, Panhel., States- 
mates. Hall, Patricia A: Leawood, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Hamilton, Sandra M: North Caldwell, N.J., Consumer 
Interest, Home Ec. Coun., Union Movies Comm., Home Ec. 
Fam. Ec. Pres. and Gen. Home Ec. Clubs, CR, Frevert Mem. 
Schs. Hamman, John M: Garden City, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, FarmHouse, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Arnold Air Soc, Engr. 
Open House, K-Club, Football and Track Teams. 

SECOND ROW: Handlin, Fred W: Marquette, Entomology, 
S.E.A., Entomology Club, KSCF. Hann, Charles S: Overland 
Park, Chemistry, ACS, Sports Car Club Pres., Dean's Honor 
Roll. Hanna Gary J: Manhattan, Business Administration, 
Arnold Air Soc, Collegiate 4-H, Circle-K Pres., UCCF. Han- 
nagan, David R: Denver, Colo., Mechanical Engineering. 
Hanson, David R: Kansas City, Mo., Biological Science, Beta 
Sigma Psi V-Pres. Hanson, Gregory P: Salina, Mechanical 
Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Steel Ring, ASME, K-State 
Singers, CR, Intr. Hantla, Chrystal: Wichita, Clothing and 

BOTTOM ROW: Harbert, Terry L: Larned, Psychology, West 
Hall Pres., Pershing Rifles, Attorney Gen., SGA Pres. Cabi- 
net. Harden, Monte W: Goodland, Agricultural Economics, 
Marlatt Hall Pres., Tribunal, KSUARH, Collegiate 4-H Pres., 
CR, Statesmen. Harlan, Timothy D: Madison, Wildlife Con- 
servation. Harmon, Patrick M: Garden City, Business Ad- 
ministration. Harms, Bobette S: Quincy, III., Elementary 
Education. Harness, Preston L: Highland, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Harner, Richard L: Oldwick, N.J., Dairy Production. 

Named the Distinguished Military Student in Army ROTC, 
Jim Parrish was vice-president of Scabbard and Blade and 
a member of both Arts and Sciences Council and Blue Key. 
Publicity chairman of Mock Political Convention, Connie 
Langland participated in Chimes and Mortar Board and was 
vice-president of the Theta Sigma Phi journalism society. 


Seniors: Har-Hed 

TOP ROW: Harr, Gerald D: Wichita, Interior Architectural Design. 
Harrington, Jerrold: Clay, N.Y., Electrical Engineering. Harris, Mac 
W: Clayton, Animal Science and Industry, Alpha Gamma Rho, 
Block and Bridle. 

SECOND ROW: Harris, Stephen M: Concordia, Business Adminis- 
tration, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Harse, Pamela J: North Syracuse, N.Y., 
Bacteriology. Harsh, George H: Overland Park, Business Adminis- 
tration, Moore Hall V-Pres., World Univ. Service Comm., Wildcat 
Marching, Basketball Pep and Varsity Bands. 

THIRD ROW: Hart, Karen S: Wichita, Home Economics and Jour- 
nalism and Clothing and Textiles, Collegian staff. Hartman, Allan 
R: Coffeyville, Industrial Engineering. Hartman, John H: Clifton, 
Animal Science and Industry. 

FOURTH ROW: Haslouer, Louise M: Hope, Elementary Education, 
Kappa Delta, Stu. Senator SGA, Union Comm., MUN, MPC, Colle- 
giate 4-H, CYD, Newman Club, Harry Darby Schs. Hatcher, Bar- 
bara A: Houma, La., Art. Hate, Sharon S: Garden City, Foods and 

FIFTH ROW: Hauck, Bobbie W: Miltonvale, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Havrda, Robert A: Flushing, N.Y., Animal Science and Indus- 
try. Hawk, Michael E: Wichita, Nuclear Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Hayes, James B: Wamego, Social Science, Delta Upsi- 
lon, Royal Purple staff, K-Club, Cross Country and Track Teams. 
Hayes, Jon R: Independence, Architecture. Hayes, Larry L: Man- 
hattan, Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, Steel 
Ring, IEEE. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hayes, Mary K: Topeka, Modern Languages, Alpha 
Delta Pi, Union Pub. Rel. Comm., Royal Purple staff, Frog Club, 
She-DU, Intr. Hays, Barbara J: Phillipsburg, Home Economics 
Education, Kappa Alpha Theta V-Pres., Sparks, Chimes, Mortar 
Board, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron Nu, Stu. Senator, AWS, 
Union Comm., S.E.A., CR, Margaret M. Justin Fund Schs. Hays, 
Carolyn A: Wathena, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hazlett, Orville J: Norton, Economics, CR, Chi Al- 
pha Pres., Intr. Heath, Dianna S: Topeka, Clothing Retailing, Alpha 
Xi Delta, AWS, Jr. Panhel., Union Movies Comm., Home Ec. Cloth- 
ing and Tex. Club, Chi Delphia. Hedlund, Jay R: Overland Park, 
Electrical Engineering, Delta Tau Delta Treas., Phi Eta Sigma, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Putnam Scholar, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, UPC, UGB 
Chm., Union Campus Entertainment Comm. Chm., K-State Engr. 
staff, Wrestling Team, State of Kan. Schs. 


Seniors: Hee-Her 

TOP ROW: Heer, Michael R: Garden City, Electrical Engineering. 
Heermance, Jan A: New Haven, Conn., Anthropology, People-to- 
People, Classical Guitar Club, Wrestling and Soccer Teams. Hef- 
ner, John C: Quinter, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Heide, Cheryl S: Smith Center, Clothing Retailing. 
Heien, John A: Pratt, Agricultural Education. Heinsohn, Charles 0: 

Parsons, Mathematics. 

THIRD ROW: Heitlinger, Gordon E: Leavenworth, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Heitman, Bonnie F: Linn, Dietetics and Institutional Man- 
agement. Helm, Frederick L: Norcatur, Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Helms, Robert A: Prairie Village, Business Adminis- 
tration, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Helsel, Richard M: Edgemont, S.D., 
Dairy Production, LAR Assoc, Dairy Science Club Pres., Intr., 
Dean's Honor Roll. Hendershot, Carol F: Elkhart, History, Clovia, 
Collegiate 4-H, History Club. 

FIFTH ROW: Hendricks, John T: Bird City, Agricultural Mechaniza- 
tion. Henning, Robert E: Athol, Agricultural Engineering. Henricks, 
Dean E: Herington, Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Henry, Richard: Lyons, Sociology. Henry, Roger N: 

Kansas City, Nuclear Engineering. Henry, William M: Hutchinson, 
Technical Journalism, Phi Gamma Delta, Sigma Delta Chi, SGA, 
IFC, Union HQ Comm., Collegian and Royal Purple staffs, K-State 
Players, CR, Intr. 

SEVENTH ROW: Herlocker, Robert A: Girard, Agricultural Educa- 
tion, Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H and FFA. Herman, Charles T: 

Wakefield, Accounting, Delta Tau Delta Pres., Alpha Kappa Psi. 
Herman, Robert K: Wakefield, Architecture, Delta Tau Delta, AIA. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hermes, Steven E: Lawrence, Psychology. Hern- 
don, Alfred J: Hume, Mo., Animal Husbandry. Herron, Barry L: 

Wichita, Accounting. 




Senator from Arts and Sciences Bill Luckeroth was a mem- 
ber of People-to-People, Newman Club and Collegiate 
Young Democrats and served on the Pep Co-ordinating 
Council. A member of the Board of Personnel Selection, 
Diana Barton also served on the SGA library committee and 
participated in both Theta Sigma Phi and Kappa Delta Pi. 

Seniors: Hes-Hog 

TOP ROW: Heslop, Jonathan M: Independence, Industrial 
Engineering. Heyka, Larry R: Belleville, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Hickey, Patricia A: Shawnee Mission, Secondary 
Education and Mathematics, Ford Hall Treas., Alpha Lamb- 
da Delta, Putnam Scholar, Kappa Delta Pi, Honors Prog. 
Hickman, Diann E: Overland Park, Elementary Education, 
Pi Beta Phi, S.E.A., Statesmates. Higgins, Patricia A: St. 
Marys, History. Hildebrand, Gerald L: Stafford, Agricultural 
Education. Hills, Richard C: Colby, Animal Science and 

SECOND ROW: Hipp, Rodney V: Shawnee Mission, History. 
Hirt, Robert L: Lucas, Civil Engineering, FarmHouse Treas., 
Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau Pres., Chi Epsilon, Steel Ring, 
Arnold Air Soc, ASCE, SGA, Newman Club, State of Kan. 
and Boeing Airplane Co. Schs. Hix, William A: Norton, Busi- 
ness Administration. Hjelmfelt, Mark R: Shawnee, Physics. 
Hochberg, Richard C: Junction City, Electrical Engineering. 
Hockens, Wendell K: Osage, Iowa, Agronomy. Hodgson, Joe 
N: Shawnee Mission, Pre-Law. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hodgson, Nancy A: Hutchinson, Modern 
Languages and English, Pi Beta Phi Pres., Light Brigade, Sr. 
Class V-Pres., Union HQ Comm., Engin-Dears. Hoeflicker, 
Karen A: Belton, Mo., Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 
ment. Hofer, John S: Cedar, Animal Science and Industry. 
Hoffman, Dolores A: Abilene, Home Economics Education, 
Clovia, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sparks, Chimes, Mortar Board, 
Omicron Nu Pres., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Coun. 
and Hosp. Day Chm., AWS, S.E.A., Collegiate 4-H, Univ. Ext. 
and Home Ec. Teaching Clubs, Honors Prog., Danforth 
Award, Kan. Ext. Homemakers Coun. Sch. Hofmann, John 
W: Green, Electrical Engineering, IEEE, Statesmen. Hogan, 
Dwelle A: Holyrood, Agronomy. Hogan, Thomas J: Kansas 
City, Mo., Political Science, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A&S 
Coun., IFC. 

Seniors: Hoi-Hub 

TOP ROW: Holland, Goeffrey B: Prairie Village, Business 
Administration, Phi Kappa Tau V-Pres., IFC, Rowing Team. 
Holloway, Meredith A: Overland Park, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Holmes, David W: Abilene, Business 
Administration. Hoist, Barbara J: Junction City, Elementary 
Education. Hoist, Ronald P: Kansas City, Interior Architec- 
tural Design. Holvorson, Angele: Maple Hill, Clothing Retail- 
ing, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron Nu, Home Ec. Coun., 
Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. and Gen. Home Ec. Clubs, CR, 
Dean's Honor Roll, KSU Honors, State of Kan. and Kan. Ext. 
Homemakers Coun. Schs. Hood, Linda S: Junction City, 
Elementary Education, S.E.A. 

SECOND ROW: Hoover, George: Kansas City, Architecture. 
Hopkins, Donald H: Navada, Mo., Business Administration. 
Hopkins, Thomas C: Blackwood, N.J., Architecture. Horn, 
Janet L: Olathe, Clothing Retailing. Hornick, Carolyn S: 

Lenexa, Clothing Retailing, Kappa Delta, AWS, Panhel., 
Union Hosp. Comm., Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. and Gen. 
Home Ec. Clubs, Intr., Dean's Honor Roll, Margaret M. Jus- 
tin Fund Schs. Horning, Larry G: Almena, Architecture. 
Horsch, Dwight W: Aberdeen, Idaho, Animal Science and 
Industry, Delta Chi. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hoskins, Stephen: Hutchinson, Architectur- 
al Structures. Houston, Phillip S: Wichita, Physics. Howard, 
Cheryl G: Ft. Riley, Secondary Education and English, AWS, 
Union News & Views Comm., S.E.A., Little Sisters of the 
Shield of Phi Kappa Tau. Howard, Donald E: Bennington, 
Mathematics. Howard, John W: Kansas City, Civil Engineer- 
ing, Chi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, ASCE, Muchnic Found. Schs. 
Howland, Clelia K: Formoso, Elementary Education. Hub- 
bard, Fred W: Merriam, Bacteriology. 

Jim Peters, who represented the University at the state's 
Chamber of Commerce discussions, was a member of Stu- 
dent Senate, Delta Mu Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Arnold Air 
Society and Pi Kappa Alpha. Recipient of the Second Centu- 
ry Fund Recognition Scholarship, Bruce Peters also partici- 
pated in projects of Alpha Kappa Psi and Delta Mu Delta. 

■■ ■ ■ '■..■' ■ ■ . ■ ■ : ; ■ ■■.■'■■ "■'..■■■'" ■■"■" ' . 


■ ■ 



Seniors: Huf-Jac 

TOP ROW: Huffman, Daniel S: Burdett, Chemical Engineering, 
Delta Upsilon Pres. V-Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, Sigma Tau, 
Steel Ring, AlChE, Arnold Air Soc, Engr. Coun., IFC, Union News 
& Views Comm., Cheerleader, Intr., Dean's Honor Roll, AFROTC 
Finan. Asst. Grant, State of Kan., Salina Supply Co., Sweeney 
Mem. and Mansanto Chem. Co. Schs. Huggins, Arlen W: Ellsworth, 
Physics, AIP, Intr., Dean's Honor Roll, Second Century Schs. 
Hughbanks, Ronald G: Pratt, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Hughes, James M: Beatrice, Neb., Elementary Edu- 
cation, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Union Trips and Tours Comm., S.E.A. 
Humphrey, Frank J: Topeka, Electrical Engineering. Hund, Johan- 
na M: Beloit, Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Hunt, Robert E: lola, Animal Science and Industry. 
Hunter, Janice A: Overland Park, Biological Science, Pi Beta Phi, 
Angel Flight, Union Trips and Tours Comm., S.E.A., CR, Dean's 
Honor Roll. Hunter, Thomas W: Topeka, Economics, Delta Chi 
Pres. Sec, SGA Pub. Rel. Comm., IFC, Varsity Men's Glee Club, 
CYD, Soccer Team. 

FOURTH ROW: Hupe, Norman W: Wamego, Elementary Education. 
Huss, Peter: Junction City, Modern Languages, ICC, People-to- 
People, German and Cosmopolitan Clubs, Soccer, Football and 
Bowling Teams. Huston, Larry G: Abilene, Animal Science and 
Industry, Phi Kappa Phi, Gamma Sigma Delta, Block and Bridle, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Borden and Farmland Industries Schs. 

^ -V. A& 

FIFTH ROW: Hutchinson, Lily T: Fort Scott, Secondary Education. 
Hyder, David L: Chapman, Electrical Engineering, Delta Upsilon, 
Putnam Scholar, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, Varsity Men's Glee 
Club, AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant. Idleman, Larry L: Independence, 
Electrical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Ikard, James A: Oklahoma City, Okla., Pre-Law. Im- 
hof, Ray D: Brewster, Business Administration. Ingels, Janis D: 

Humboldt, Elementary Education, S.E.A. 

SEVENTH ROW: Ingersoll, Jeanne A: Junction City, Home Econom- 
ics with Liberal Arts. Irsik, Steve J: Ingalls, Agricultural Econom- 
ics, Ag. Ec. Club. Irwin, Linda M: Topeka, Art, Pi Beta Phi, Union 
Trips and Tours Comm., Engin-Dears, Statesmates, Newman 

BOTTOM ROW: Jaax, Alan R: Wichita, Business Administration, 
Delta Chi V-Pres., Newman Club. Jaax, Bobbie B: Wichita, Second- 
ary Education and English, Pi Beta Phi. Jackson, Carl F: Topeka, 
Psychology, Beta Sigma Psi, A&S Coun., Stu. Senator, TCB, SGA 
Budget Comm., UGB, Union News & Views Comm., Concert and 
Wildcat Marching Bands, Univ. Orchestra, Grid Gitters, State of 
Kan. Schs. 


Seniors: Jac-Joh 

TOP ROW: Jackson, David H: Topeka, Psychology. Jackson, Jim- 
my A: Stockton, Animal Science and Industry. Jackson, Judy G: 

Wichita, Elementary Education, Alpha Xi Delta, S.E.A., CR, Friend- 

SECOND ROW: Jacobitz, Tommy L: Stella, Neb., Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Jacobs, Curtis R: Athol, Agricultural Mechanization, Beta 
Sigma Psi V-Pres., Ag. Mech. Club. Jacobs, Francis P: Topeka, 
Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Jaeger, Clavin D: Great Bend, Chemistry, Phi Kappa 
Tau, ACS, MUN, Circle-K, Rifle Team, Intr., Army ROTC Schs., 
Maitland Smith Schs. House Award. Jagger, John F: Minneapolis, 
Speech, FarmHouse, Theta Alpha Phi, K-State Players Pres., Colle- 
gian 4-H. James, Judith A: Sudbury, Mass., Biological Science, 
Kappa Delta, AWS, MUN, Frog Club, Little Sisters of the Shield of 
Phi Kappa Tau, Rifle Team. 

FOURTH ROW: Jameson, Donald L: Holton, Agronomy, Alpha Zeta, 
Gamma Sigma Delta, Wheat State Agr. Club Pres. Jamvold, Daryll 

D: Everest, Mechanical Engineering, Beta Sigma Psi Pres. V-Pres., 
ASME, IFC, Fr. Orient. Leader. Jarman, Roberta K: Prairie Village, 
English, AWS, Union Hosp. Comm., S.E.A., CR, Statesmates. 

FIFTH ROW: Jasper, Charles L: Cawker, City, Animal Science and 
Industry, Blue Key, Alpha Zeta Pres., Scabbard and Blade, Ag. 
Coun., Block and Bridle, Newman Club Pres. Jeannin, Michael R: 
Leavenworth, Agricultural Economics, Alpha Gamma Rho, Ag. Ec. 
and Dairy Science Clubs. Jenkins, James G: Hiawatha, 

SIXTH ROW: Jenkins, Robert J: Leavenworth, Sociology. Jenkins, 
Steven E: Pratt, Secondary Education. Jeppesen, Jon A: Greenleaf, 

SEVENTH ROW: Jeselnik, Diane M: Kansas City, Home Economics 
Education. Johannes, John M: Leavenworth, Accounting, Alpha 
Kappa Psi, Chancery Club, CYD, Newman Club, Intr. Johnson, 
Cynthia K: Atchison, Dietetics and Institutional Management, 
Home Ec. Prof. Foods Club, CSO Pres. 

BOTTOM ROW: Johnson, Darrel L: St. Francis, Animal Science and 
Industry, AUSA, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, UCCF, Axel and 
Jocobson Co. Schs., Oscar Straube Schs. House Award. Johnson, 
David E: Genesseo, Agricultural Engineering. Johnson, Gary L: 

Overland Park, History, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Golf Team, Athletic 


Student Body President Bob Morrow served as a senator for 
three years and was active in Blue Key, Steel Ring, AIA and 
Tau Sigma Delta. Linda Ludden, a member of Phi Kappa 
Phi, Tau Sigma Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta and AIA, re- 
ceived a $200 scholarship after being recognized as the na- 
tion's outstanding woman in an architecture curriculum. 

Seniors: Joh-Kah j 

TOP ROW: Johnson, Karen L: Haddam, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Johnson, Larry L: Assaria, Geology, Beta Sigma Psi, 
Sigma Gamma Epsilon, Religious Coun., Williston Geology 
Club, LSA, Gymnastics Team. Johnson, Patricia L: Alexan- 
dria, Va., Speech. Johnson, Phyllis J: Oketo, Home Econom- 
ics Education, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Omi- 
cron Nu, Phi Upsilon Omicron, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching 
and Newman Clubs, Honors Prog., Margaret M. Justin Fund 
and Martha S. Pittman Schs. Johnson, Rita A: Emporia, 
Sociology. Johnson, Robert L: Manhattan, Wildlife Conser- 
vation. Johnson, Sheldon L: McPherson, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Johnson, Stephen R: Neversink, N.Y., Dairy 
Foods Processing. Johnston, Roland W: Stockton, Building 
Construction. Jones, Andrew M: Sharon Springs, Animal 
Science and Industry. Jones, Jacquelyn E: Salina, Interior 
Architectural Design. Jones, James H: Junction City, Busi- 
ness Administration. Jones, Karen S: Wichita, Sociology, 
SGA Human Relations Dir., Community Sisters Pres., Soci- 
ology Club. Jones, Pamela A: Washington, Modern Lan- 
guages, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa 
Phi, Sigma Delta Pi Pres., CYD, Second Century Schs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jordan, Ronald E: Beloit, Veterinary Medi- 
cine, Wildcat Marching Band, CR, Grid Gitters. Judd, Kath- 
ryn: Belmont, Calif., Home Economics Education, Pi Beta 
Phi, Angel Flight, UGB, Union Trips and Tours Cormm., 
S.E.A., Statesmates, Little Sisters of Minerva. Judson, Ken- 
neth L: North Plainfield, N.J., Physical Science, Sigma Phi 
Epsilon, Pre-Vet Club. Jump, Robert D: Neodesha, Electrical 
Engineering. Justice, Gale A: Shawnee Mission, Clothing 
Retailing, Smurthwaite, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. 
Coun., Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. Club, Collegiate 4-H. 
Kaff, Joanne P: Carbondale, Sociology, Sociology Club. 
Kahmeyer, Lana J: Pratt, English . 


Seniors: Kal-Ken 

TOP ROW: Kallenbach, Marvin D: Valley Center, History. 
Kanawyer, Merry J: San Francisco, Calif., Elementary Edu- 
cation, Delta Delta Delta, S.E.A., CR. Kanuck, Richard J: 
Bethleham, Pa., Architecture. Kasl, David R: Cuba, Archi- 
tecture. Kasselman, Dennis G: Ellinwood, Economics. Ka- 
ter, Larry E: Newton, Agricultural Education. Katlin, Michael 
D: Shawnee Mission, Political Science, Chancery Club, CYD, 
Newman Club, SwimmingTeam, Intr. 

SECOND ROW: Katzer, Jerald C: Garnett, Animal Science 
and Industry. Keck, Philip R: Brewster, Physical Education. 
Keener, James L: Delphos, Agricultural Mechanization. Kel- 
chak, Ellen J: Manhattan, Clothing Retailing. Keller, Duane 

L: Ellis, Feed Science and Management, Alpha Zeta, Alpha 
Mu Pres., KSUARH, Grain Science Club, Intr., Dean's Honor 
Roll, Moorman and Union Pacific Schs., Oscar Straube 
Schs. House Award. Keller, John B: Harvard, Neb., Chemis- 
try. Kelley, Eugene F: Bayside, N.Y., Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kelley, Philip M: Manhattan, Mathematics. 
Kellogg, Karolyn K: Phillipsburg, Family and Child Develop- 
ment, Clovia Sec, Sparks, Phi Upsilon Omicron, AWS 
V-Pres., MUN, MC, MPC, Collegiate 4-H, Home Ec. Fam. and 
Child Dev. and Univ. Ext. Clubs, LSA, Intr., Dean's Honor 
Roll, State of Kan. Schs. Kelly, Candace A: Wichita, Techni- 
cal Journalism, Theta Sigma Phi, Royal Purple and Collegi- 
an staffs, CYD, Intr., K-Key Award. Kelly, Pamela M: River 
Grove, III., Physical Therapy. Kelsey, Marilyn S: Salina, 
Humanities and English, Smurthwaite, Alpha Lambda Del- 
ta, Phi Kappa Phi, MPC, French Club, CR, Newman Club, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Honors Prog., John E. Trembly Mem. 
and Dickinson Found. Schs. Kelso, Donald B: Westfield, 
Mass., Dairy Production, Collegiate 4-H, Dairy Science Club. 
Kendall, Lawrence M: Council Grove, Business Administra- 
tion, Delta Upsilon, SGA Human Relations Comm., Union 
Hosp. and Campus Entertainment Comm. 

UMOC candidate Alan Kessler was an officer in Sigma Tau, 
Blue Key and ASAE. He served on Student Senate, Athletic 
Council and Engineering Council. Terry Fry served on the 
Alumni Association's board of directors, Open House com- 
mittees and Engineering Council. He was a member of Blue 
Key, Steel Ring and Phi Kappa Phi. Larry Larson, chosen 
outstanding student senator, was in Sigma Tau, Blue Key, 
Steel Ring and was the assistant chairman of Open House. 


Seniors: Ken-Kis 

TOP ROW: Kendall, Patricia I: Webber, Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Gamma Phi Beta, Boyd Hall V-Pres., Alpha Lambda Delta, 
Sparks, Phi Kappa Phi, Omicron Nu, Univ. Choir, Madrigal Sing- 
ers, UAB, Union Movies and K-Purrs Comm., S.E.A., Home Ec. 
Teaching Club, Collegiate 4-H. Kennedy, Donald L: Hoxie, Ac- 
counting. Kennedy, Kathleen L: Manhattan, Sociology, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, Union Movies Comm., Univ. Choir, Home Ec. 
Clothing and Tex. and Sociology Clubs, Statesmates. 

SECOND ROW: Kennedy, Ronald D: Hoxie, Accounting. Kent, 
James D: Wakefield, Mechanical Engineering. Kerbs, Brad J: Otis, 
Agricultural Economics, Alpha Gamma Rho, Ag. Coun. Pres., Ag. 
Ec. Club, Block and Bridle, LAR Assoc, Intr., Dean's Honor Roll, 

THIRD ROW: Kershner, Claude A: Wichita, Architecture. Kessler, 
Alan F: Newton, Agricultural Engineering, Triangle, Blue Key, 
Sigma Tau, Steel Ring, ASAE, Engr. Coun., Engr. Open House, Stu. 
Senator, SGA, Academic Affairs Comm., Intr., Honors Prog., Mur- 
ray Wilson and M.A. Durland Schs. Kidd, Quinton R: Manhattan, 
Political Science. 

FOURTH ROW: Kimbrough, James E: Geneva, Neb., Veterinary 
Medicine. Kimmi, Elizabeth A: Leanordville, Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts. King, Douglas W: Manhattan, Accounting. 

FIFTH ROW: King, Royce M: West Allis, Wis., Electrical Engineering. 
Kinney, Anne R: Overland Park, Elementary Education. Kinney, 
Robert D: Arkansas City, Electrical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Kirby, David L: Haddon Field, N.J., Zoology. Kir- 
chhoff, Henry C: Shawnee Mission, Economics. Kirk, Richard D: 

Riverton, Veterinary Medicine, FarmHouse, AVMA. 

SEVENTH ROW: Kirk, Robert G: Wichita, Electrical Engineering. 
Kirk, Thelma J: Ellsworth, Elementary Education, Alpha Delta Pi 
V-Pres., A&S Coun., S.E.A., Newman Club. Kirkendall, Robert L: 

Smith Center, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kiser, Barbara K: Overland Park, Sociology, Alpha 
Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, UPC, Union K-Purrs Comm., Peo- 
ple-to-People, CR, Second Century Schs. Kiser, Rick E: Overland 
Park, Lambda Chi Alpha, Arnold Air Soc, Union Hosp. Comm., 
Sports Car Club, CR, AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant. Kiser, William F: 
Somerville, N.J., Physical Education. 


Seniors: Kis-Kob 

TOP ROW: Kistler, Roy H: Colby, Agricultural Economics. Kitch, 
Judith L: Winfield, Accounting. Kitchen, Lawrence D: Kanorado, 
Business Administration, CYD. 

SECOND ROW: Kleeman, Darrel M: Lakin, Electrical Engineering. 
Klein, Lawrence R: Prairie Village, Poultry Science, Sigma Phi Ep- 
silon, Poultry Judging Team, Pre-Vet and Poultry Science Clubs. 
Kleysteuber, Joan M: Garden City, Elementary Education, Alpha 
Delta Pi, Jr. Panhel., Panne!., Union Comm., S.E.A. 

THIRD ROW: Klick, Barbara J: Toronto, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Kline, Ronald R: Mound Valley, Electrical Engineering. Kling, 
John R: El Dorado, Mechanical Engineering, ASME, AIAA Pres. 

FOURTH ROW: Klocke, Larry L: Randolph, Agronomy. Klouse, 

Ronald W: Scotch Plains, N.J., Mechanical Engineering. Klover, 
Paul E: Wymore, Neb., Accounting. 



FIFTH ROW: Kmoch, Donald J: Leigh, Neb., Veterinary Medicine. 
Knedlik, Nancy E: Anchorage, Alaska, Elementary Education. 
Knight, Charles W: Blue Mound, Agronomy. 

SIXTH ROW: Knight, James H: Anselmo, Neb., Bacteriology, Alpha 
Tau Omega, Microbiology and Pre-Vet Clubs, CR, Newman Club, 
Intr. Knight, Lennis C: Gann Valley, S.D., Animal Science and In- 
dustry, Block and Bridle. Knop, Douglas B: Isabel, Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Knop, Rhonda J: Wichita, Elementary Education. 
Knopp, Allen R: Chapman, Agricultural Education. Knox, Phillip L: 

Brewster, Agricultural Economics, Acacia, Alpha Zeta, Ag. Ec. 
Club, Ag. Ec. Outstanding Fr. Award, Farm Bureau Schs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Knox, Sharron J: Norton, Dietetics and Institution- 
al Management, Home Ec. Teaching and Prof. Foods Clubs, Farm 
Bureau and Bessie Brooks West Schs. Kober, Vernon L: Kinsley, 
Secondary Education. Kobetich, Robert W: Clay Center, Geophys- 
ics, Phi Gamma Delta, Williston Geology Club, CR. 


Seniors: Kob-Kop 

TOP ROW: Kobets, Sister Mary F: Maryknoll, N.Y., Agricultural 
Economics, KSRH, MC, MPC, People-to-People, CYD. Koelliker, 
Donald V: Robinson, Wildlife Conservation. Koger, John M: Tope- 
ka, Business Administration, Delta Chi Treas. 

SECOND ROW: Kohl, Larry E: Wichita, Animal Science and Indus- 
try. Kolick, Emile J: Philadelphia, Pa., Architecture. Kongs, Thom- 
as F: Marysville, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Konitz, Jack H: Edgerton, Veterinary Medicine. 
Koons, Karen E: Salina, Business Administration. Kopp, Frederick 

A: Fairview, Dairy Production. 

Bill Gallant served as vice-president of AVMA, censor of 
Alpha Zeta and chairman of UAB. He was a committee 
chairman for Veterinary Open House and a member of the 

student body President's Cabinet. Robert Briggs, Phi Kappa 
Phi member, was named president for Grid Gitters and par- 
ticipated in Blue Key, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Zeta and AVMA. 

Seniors: Kor-Lac 

TOP ROW: Korach, Connie L: Parsons, Clothing Retailing, Alpha Xi 
Delta, SGA, Union Hops, and Campus Entertainment Comm., 
Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. Club. Kotapish, Kay E: Blue Rapids, 
Elementary Education, Union Hosp. Comm., S.E.A. Kozlowski, 
Michael M: Secaucus, N.J., Pre-Law. 

SECOND ROW: Kracht, Katherine Y: Bay Village, Ohio, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Kraus, Fredrick S: Hays, Accounting, Sigma 
Phi Epsilon. Krause, Richard D: Great Bend, Pre-Dentistry, Sigma 
Chi V-Pres., IFC, Clinic Club, Cheerleader. 

THIRD ROW: Kraut, Charles W: Downers Grove, III., Bakery Man- 
agement, Phi Kappa Tau Pres. V-Pres., Bakery Management Club, 
Bakers Natl. Ed. Found. Schs. Kreider, Beverly J: Lawrence, Cloth- 
ing Retailing, Clovia, AWS, SCC, K-State Players, Collegiate 4-H, 
Chaparajos, Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. Club, Intr. Krepinevich, 
Daniel: Buffalo, N.Y., Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Kroeger, Myron E: Ellis, Mechanical Engineering. 
Kroening, Donald W: Sioux Falls, S.D., Computer Science. Kroutil, 

Karen A: Marquette, Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta 
Pres., Royal Purple staff, S.E.A. 

FIFTH ROW: Krug, Richard D: Russell, Animal Science and Indus- 
try. Kruger, Raymond W: Topeka, Mechanical Engineering. 
Kruse, Curtis W: Waterville, Animal Science and Industry. 

SIXTH ROW: Kruse, Phyllis M: Bremen, Modern Languages, Alpha 
Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Putnam Scholar, Sigma Delta Pi, 
S.E.A. Kruse, Richard L: Galena, Physical Education, Phi Epsilon 
Kappa, K-Club, FCA, Football Team, Athletic Schs. Kruse, Steven 
J: Little Rid, Agricultural Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Kuhn, Robert A: Gypsum, Business Administra- 
tion. Kuntz, Charles R: Burlingame, Animal Science and Industry. 
Kuntz, Dianna J: Clifton, Elementary Education . 

BOTTOM ROW: Kurth, Sandra K: Offerle, Speech. Kyle, Mark D: 

Kansas City, Mechanical Engineering and Business Administra- 
tion, Sigma Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, S.A.M.E., Scabbard and 
Blade, KSUARH, Intr. Lackey, John L: Penalosa, Electrical Engi- 
neering, IEEE. 


Seniors: Lah-Lat 

TOP ROW: Lahr, Sandra L: Wichita, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Lambert, Charles D: Palco, Animal Science and Industry, 
Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Ag. Coun., Meats and Livestock 
Judging Teams, Block and Bridle, Chaparajos Pres., CR, Wrestling 
Team, Block and Bridle, Jr. LAR and Natl. Animal Science Award 
Schs. Landers, Dixon H: Rochester, N.Y., Zoology. 

SECOND ROW: Landow, Dean B: Drexel Hill, Pa., Architecture. 
Lane, Patricia A: Belleville, Elementary Education. Lane, Sidney A: 

Topeka, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Lang, Gerald J: Ellis, Agricultural Engineering. Lang, 
Laura F: Jetmore, Interior Design, Clovia V-Pres., A.I.D., Home Ec. 
Interior Design Club, Collegiate 4-H, Intr. Lange, Janice M: Man- 
hattan, Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Lange, Steven L: Marysville, Geology. Langland, 
Constance E: Wichita, Technical Journalism, Delta Delta Delta, 
Chimes, Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Collegian and Royal Pur- 
ple staffs, MPC, Little Sisters of Minerva, Dean's Honor Roll, KSU 
Honors Schs. Lanman, Arley D: Colorado Springs, Colo., Architec- 
ture, Triangle Treas., Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, Arnold 
Air Soc, Stu. Senator, Union News & Views Comm., MUN, CR, 
AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant, Weigel Award, Edward Langley Schs. 


FIFTH ROW: Larison, Gary W: Leavenworth, Electrical Engineering, 
Straube V-Pres. Treas., IEEE, Arnold Air Soc, Intr. Larsen, Larry R: 

Clyde, Civil Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Chi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, Steel Ring Pres., ASCE, Scabbard and 
Blade, Engr. Coun., Stu. Senator, SGA Campus Affairs Chm., Ath- 
letic Coun., K-State Engr. staff, Dean's Honor Roll, State of Kan. 
and Kan. Contractors Assoc. Schs. Larsen, Lynne M: Wichita, Eng- 
lish, Delta Delta Delta, Union Movies Comm., CYD. 



SIXTH ROW: Larsen, Randall E: Norton, Architecture. Larson, Bar- 
ton E: Rossville, Secondary Education. Larson, Janet S: Grand Is- 
land, Neb., Interior Design, A.I.D., CYD. 

SEVENTH ROW: Larson, John P: Marquette, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, Sigma Phi Epsilon V-Pres., ASME. Larson, Kevin J: Leonard- 
ville, Secondary Education and History, S.E.A., CYD. Latas, Rich- 
ard D: Rozel, Mathematics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Latham, Carl D: Minot, N.D., Mathematics. La- 
tham, James D: Shawnee Mission, Psychology, Sigma Phi Epsilon, 
IFC Pres., Flying and Sports Car Clubs, K-Club, Swimming Team, 
Mike Ahearn Athletic-Academic Schs. Lathrop, Connie F: Scott 
City, Art, Chi Omega, Delta Phi Delta, Light Brigade, Union Arts 
Comm., Prof. Art Center Art Schs. 


Seniors: Lat-Lew 

TOP ROW: Lathrop, Winifred B: Albuquerque, N.M., Biology, Alpha 
Xi Delta Pres., S.E.A., Collegiate 4-H. Latschar, John A: Camden, 
S.C., History. Latta, Richard P: Montezuma, Agronomy, Wheat 
State Agr. and Sports Parachute Clubs. 

SECOND ROW: Laughrey, Kenneth E: South Haven, Industrial En- 
gineering, Lambda Chi Alpha. Leahy, Alice M: Chicago, III., Techni- 
cal Journalism, Theta Sigma Phi, Royal Purple and Collegian 
staffs, MPC, CR, K-Key Award. Leatherman, Carol J: Wakefield, 
Family and Child Development. 

THIRD ROW: Leathers, Ronald R: Manhattan, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Lebreton, James E: Leavenworth, Secondary Education. 
Lechner, Fred P: Harper, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Lee, Jane A: Marysville, Clothing Retailing. Leete, 
Steven M: Liberal, Secondary Education, S.E.A., CR. Lehmann, 
Elmer E: Westphalia, Nuclear Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Leighty, Joseph W: Wichita, Economics. Leiker, Ray D: 

Salina, Architecture, Delta Sigma Phi V-Pres., AIA, Weigel Award, 
Charles W. Shaver and State of Kan. Schs. Leis, Theresa L: Yates 
Center, Home Economics Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Lenhert, Larry M: Navarre, Electrical Engineering. 
Lentz, James L: Baton Rouge, La., Nuclear Engineering. Leshov- 
sky, Jari L: Topeka, Sociology. 

SEVENTH ROW: Lester, Richard A: Kansas City, Business Adminis- 
tration. Levin, Alan L: Kensington, Mechanical Engineering. Lewis, 
Gary L: Humboldt, Psychology, Stu. Health Coun., Varsity Men's 
Glee Club, K-State Singers, Concert and Basketball Pep Bands, 
Flyingand Clinic Clubs, Maitland Smith Schs. House Award. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lewis, James W: Yates Center, Animal Science and 
Industry, Gamma Sigma Delta, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Cha- 
parajos, LAR Assoc. Lewis, Kathy G: Syracuse, Clothing Retailing. 
Lewis, Shirley A: Belleville, Sociology, Kappa Delta, People-to- 


Seniors: Lew-Log 

TOP ROW: Lewis, William L: Centralia, Mechanical Engineering. 
Ley, John R: Leoti, Electrical Engineering, Triangle Pres. Sec, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, Engr. Coun., Stu. Senator, 
SGA Pub. Rel. Comm., IFC, Dean's Honor Roll, Honors Prog. Lick- 
teig, Linda A: Garnett, Home Economics and Journalism, Theta 
Sigma Phi, Home Ec. Journalism Club, CYD, Newman Club, 
Dean's Honor Roll. 

SECOND ROW: Lieteau, Alfred W: Chicago, III., Secondary Educa- 
tion. Lightner, David K: Garden City, Agricultural Education. Liljes- 
trand, Mary L: Salina, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA, Newman Club, 
Col. Frank C. Hershberger, Charles P. Pfizer, and 0. M. Franklin 

THIRD ROW: Lilly, Dennis R: Mentor, Accounting. Lilly, Richard K: 

Mentor, Accounting, Delta Upsilon. Lindell, Deloris I: Manchester, 
Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A. 

FOURTH ROW: Lindquist, Ronald U: Wilsey, Animal Science and 
Industry, Alpha Gamma Rho, Ag. Coun., Block and Bridle, KSCF, 
Dean's Honor Roll, State of Kan. and Sears, Roebuck Schs. 
Lindsley, Thomas R: Wichita, Architecture. Line, Joyce A: Lakin, 
Clothing Retailing, AHEA, Clothingand Tex. Club. 

FIFTH ROW: Linin, Dale E: Bird City, Agricultural Economics. Linn, 
Cheryl A: Olathe, Elementary Education, Gamma Phi Beta V-Pres., 
Union Comm., Royal Purple staff, S.E.A., Statesmates. Lipp, Mark 
E: Sterling, Electrical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Lippman, Raymond J: Leavenworth, History. Litke, 
Herbert C: Alma, Mechanical Engineering. Litton, Dale G: Nicker- 
son, Technical Journalism. 

SEVENTH ROW: Livengood, Shirley A: Morrill, Fashion Merchan- 
dising, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, 
Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. Club, Collegiate 4-H. Lloyd, Edward G: 
Lancaster, Pa., Political Science, Lambda Chi Alpha, SGA, IFC, CR. 
Locke, Loreen A: Arlington, Home Economics and Journalism, 
KSRH staff, Home Ec. Journalism Club, Kappa Phi. 

BOTTOM ROW: Loehr, Paul T: Decatur, III., Agricultural Econom- 
ics. Logan, Carol L: Newton, Elementary Education, Kappa Delta, 
S.E.A., Intr. Logan, Thomas W: Topeka, Building Construction, 



I - 


Seniors: Lon-Mae 

TOP ROW: Londeen, Mary J: Abilene, Elementary Educa- 
tion, Kappa Alpha Theta, AWS, Union Movies Comm., 
S.E.A., CR, Statesmates. Long, Donald G: Sterling, Physics, 
AIP, Bowling Team, State of Kan. Schs. Long, John C: Had- 
dam, Wildlife Conservation. Loofbourrow, Gail A: Manhat- 
tan, Secondary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Chi Theta, 
S.E.A., GBSU, KSCF, Dean's Honor Roll. Loomis, Roger A: 
Bird City, Accounting. Lorio, Sister Mary E: Baton Rouge, 
La., Home Economics with Liberal Arts, Omicron Nu, Peo- 
ple-to-People, Cosmopolitan and Newman Clubs. Lough- 
miller, Gayle G: Topeka, Home Economics Education . 

SECOND ROW: Lowther, Marcia L: Lawrence, Secondary 
Education. Luckeroth, William J: Marysville, Modern Lan- 
guages, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Delta Pi, Scabbard and Blade, 
Stu. Senator, PPC, People-to-People, Newman Club, Honors 
Prog., Clyde and Corena Smith, Edward and Flora Berry 
Mem. Schs. Ludden, Linda L: Manhattan, Architecture, 
Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau 
Sigma Delta, AIA, Arch, and Design Coun., Sisters of the 
Golden Heart, USA Outstanding Woman Stu. in Arch. Lud- 
lum, Joe K: Uniontown, Agricultural Education. Luhring, 
Richard A: Hanover, Secondary Education. Lutjemeier, Ev- 
erett G: Washington, Business Administration, Ag. Ec. Club, 
Rowing Team. Lutjemeier, Margaret L: Washington, Con- 
sumer Interest, S.E.A., Home Ec. Fam. Ec. and Newman 

BOTTOM ROW: Lynch, Franklin E: Topeka, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Lynn, Gary D: Herrin, III., Architecture. MacGowan, Eliz- 
abeth E: Prairie Village, Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Del- 
ta, AAHPER, S.E.A., Statesmates, Intr. Macha, Garry L: De- 
lia, Civil Engineering, Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, ASCE Pres., 
Engr. Coun., Intr. Mackender, Elizabeth: Ellis, Biological 
Science. Madison, Donald C: Oxford, Agricultural Econom- 
ics. Maes, Sue C: Atchison, Physical Therapy. 

Grouped at the K-State goal line, youthful Wildcat fans 
watch the action during a game at the new KSU Stadium. 


Seniors: Mai-Mar 

TOP ROW: Maichel, Jacqualine: Overbrook, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Maier, Gary E: St. Louis, Mo., Building Construction. Maier, 
Harold G: Webster, N.Y., Agricultural Economics, Ag. Ec. Club. 

SECOND ROW: Maisch, Janice E: Lenexa, Clothing Retailing. Ma- 
jor, Linda L: Shawnee Mission, Secondary Education, Alpha Chi 
Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Kappa Delta Pi, Ed. 
Coun., S.E.A., History Club, Wesley Found., Intr. Mamura, Owen M: 

Lihue, Hawaii, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Maness, George M: Coffeyville, Pre-Law. Maness, 
James S: Coffeyville, Mechanical Engineering. Mann, Dale P: Hoyt, 
Secondary Education, Pi Kappa Alpha Pres., Ed. Coun., World 
Univ. Service Comm., IFC, S.E.A. Advisory Bd., Collegiate 4-H, CR, 

FOURTH ROW: Mann, H. Stewart: Newton, Landscape Architec- 
ture, Delta Upsilon, ASLA, Arch, and Design Coun., Union Comm. 
Marden, Michael C: Independence, Pre-Law. Market, Charles E: 

Cimarron, Agronomy. 

FIFTH ROW: Markley, Daniel H: Topeka, Accounting. Markley, 
John E: Burlingame, Physical Education, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Epsi- 
lon Kappa, IPC, Union Dance Comm. Marling, Mark E: Topeka, 

SIXTH ROW: Marquart, Charlene K: Byron, Neb., Home Economics 
Education. Marrs, Janet K: Wichita, Clothing Retailing, Home Ec. 
Clothing and Tex. and Ski Clubs. Marsh, James T: Sun City, Veteri- 
nary Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Marten, Martin P: Winfield, Agricultural Econom- 
ics. Martens, Barbara L: Prairie Village, Biological Science, Chi 
Omega Treas., Alpha Lambda Delta, Sparks, Chimes, A&S Coun., 
AWS, IAWS, Union Arts Comm., Intr. Martin, Alvin J: Topeka, Me- 
chanical Engineering, ASME. 

BOTTOM ROW: Martin, David A: Kansas City, Chemical Engineer- 
ing, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Pershing Rifles, UCCF. Martin, Lester 
D: Zenda, Agricultural Education. Martin, Linda S: Talmage, Home 
Economics Education. 


Seniors: Mar-McC 

TOP ROW: Martindale, Robert L: Burlington, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Martinek, Dwight J: Rossville, Physical Education. Mason, 
Anthony R: Kiowa, Mechanical Engineering, Straube, Pi Tau Sig- 
ma, Scabbard and Blade, State of Kan. Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Massey, Johnette C: Lenexa, Secondary Education, 
Business Administration and Social Science, Chi Omega Sec, Phi 
Chi Theta, AWS, Union Arts and Movies Comm., S.E.A. Massey, 
Larry B: St. John, Mathematics, FarmHouse, Varsity Men's Glee 
Club, Grid Gitters, GBSU Pres., KSCF. Massey, Patricia A: Hugoton, 
English, Alpha Delta Pi. 

THIRD ROW: Massingill, Kenneth F: Atchison, Civil Engineering, 
Chi Epsilon, S.A.M.E., ASCE, Arnold Air Soc. Masters, Daniel W: 

Prairie Village, Architecture, Sigma Chi, Scabbard and Blade. Mas- 
ters, Janet L: Shawnee Mission, Elementary Education, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, Angel Flight, S.E.A., KSU Honors 

FOURTH ROW: Mathes, Jimmie R: Norton, Nursery and Landscape 
Management. Mathes, Lawrence E: Kansas City, Mo., Bacteriolo- 
gy. Matthews, Robert C: Prairie Village, Business Administration, 
Kappa Sigma Sec, Delta Mu Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi Pres., Com- 
merce Coun., CYD. 

FIFTH ROW: Maxwell, Richard D: Whiting, Elementary Education, 
S.E.A., RWF, UCM. Maxwell, Vernon D: Emporia, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Maxwell, William H: Sterling, Civil Engineering, Chi Epsilon, 
Sigma Tau, ASCE, RWF. 

SIXTH ROW: May, Judy A: Ulysses, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Mayaki, William C: Kpata, Nigeria, Agronomy. May- 
er, Linda A: Marysville, Home Economics Education, Alpha Chi 
Omega, Union Personnel and Research Comm., Home Ec Teach- 
ing and Clothing and Tex. Clubs, Collegiate 4-H, S.E.A., 

SEVENTH ROW: Mayer, Michael H: Ozone Park, N.Y., Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry, KSRH staff, Block and Bridle. Mayhill, Doris B: 
Arkansas City, Elementary Education, Smurthwaite, S.E.A., Intr. 
McAdams, Janis J: Salina, Elementary Education . 

BOTTOM ROW: McCarthy, Robert H: Syracuse, N.Y., Landscape 
Architecture. McCosh, Gordon L: Abilene, Feed Science and Man- 
agement, Ag. Coun., Stu. Senator, Varsity Men's Glee Club, Grain 
Science Club, Wrestling Team, Oscar Straube Schs. House Award, 
Ralston-Purina and Union Pacific Schs. McCoy, Patricia L: Man- 
hattan, Elementary Education. 


Seniors: McC-McL 

TOP ROW: McCreight, Dick W: Arkansas City, Mechanical Engi- 
neering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sports Car Club, Rowing Team. Mc- 
Cune, David E: Montezuma, Physical Science, Alpha Kappa Lamb- 
da Sec. McCune, James D: Montezuma, Business Administration, 
Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alpha Kappa Psi. 

SECOND ROW: McDaniel, Donna R: Shawnee, Family and Child 
Development. McDaniel, Harry W: Atchison, Geology. McDonald, 

Galen R: Mullinville, Agricultural Mechanization. 

THIRD ROW: McDonald, Gary W: Clear Lake, Iowa, Nuclear Engi- 
neering. McDonald, Georgianne: Grafton, Iowa, Elementary Edu- 
cation. McDonald, Harry E: Port Hueneme, Calif., Secondary 

FOURTH ROW: McDonald, Randy J: Garden City, Electrical Engi- 
neering and Business Administration, IEEE, CYD, BPOE Leader- 
ship Schs. McDougal, James K: Ludell, Physical Education. Mc- 
Fadden, Robert E: Manhattan, Biological Science. 

FIFTH ROW: McFaddin, Kim R: Douglass, Accounting. McFall, Alan 

L: Sawyer, Mechanical Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, Sigma Tau, 
ASME, Maytag Schs. McGugin, Rex C: Frankfort, Business 

SIXTH ROW: McKaig, William J: Gardner, Physical Science, Moore 
Hall V-Pres., Concert, Wildcat Marching and Basketball Pep 
Bands, Intr. McKay, Cheryl J: Dresden, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. McKee, Mary J: Spearville, Clothing Retailing, Home Ec. 
Clothing and Tex Club. 

SEVENTH ROW: McKee, Russell E: Edna, Animal Science and In- 
dustry. McKenna, John M: Waterville, Technical Journalism. Mc- 
Kinley, Carolyn K: Leawood, Clothing Retailing, Gamma Phi Beta, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Sparks, Chimes, Mortar Board, Phi Upsilon 
Omicron, Omicron Nu, Angel Flight, Home Ec. Coun., AWS, Pan- 
hel., People-to-People, Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. and Frog 

BOTTOM ROW: McKnight, Clifford S: Greensburg, Electrical Engi- 
neering, Alpha Kappa Lambda Sec, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, SGA Bd. 
of Personnel Selection, Dean's Honor Roll. McLeod, Myra L: Blue 
Rapids, Family and Child Development, Alpha Delta Pi, Home Ec. 
Coun., Union Campus Entertainment Comm., Home Ec. Nursing 
and Fam. and Child Dev. Clubs, Friendship Tutoring, CR. McLeod, 
Warren H: Arkansas City, Psychology, Delta Chi. 


Seniors: McM-McN 

TOP ROW: McManis, Mary M: Manhattan, Physical Education, 
Kappa Alpha Theta, Mortar Board, Phi Epsilon Delta Pres., Stu. 
Senator, Appt. Bd., Concert Band, Intercollegiate Basketball 
Team, Intr. McMaster, Ginger L: Parsons, Clothing Retailing. Mc- 
Milin, Edward M: Kansas City, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: McMillan, Judith K: Kansas City, Elementary Edu- 
cation. McMillan, William D: Garden City, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. McMillen, Jeanne P: Hutchinson, Secondary Education . 

BOTTOM ROW: McMullen, Rodney D: Phillipsburg, Business Ad- 
ministration. McNeal, Douglas M: Topeka, Pre-Medicine. Mc- 
Nerny, Nancy L: Sharon Springs, Mathematics and Modern Lan- 
guages, Phi Kappa Phi, Putnam Scholar, Pi Mu Epsilon, Sigma 
Delta Pi, Eva Ford Schs. 

Listening to the instructions of the official during a home the year, are a group of senior football players who 
game with Oklahoma State University, the final contest of were playing the last game of their college careers. 

Seniors: McP-Mil 

TOP ROW: McPartlin, Geoffrey L: Overland Park, Technical Jour- 
nalism, KSDB-FM staff, CR, Baseball Team. McPherson, Eileen A: 
McLouth, English. McPheter, Gordon L: Meade, Business 

SECOND ROW: McQuillen, Tracy G: Wichita, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. McReynolds, Connie: Scott City, Horticulture. McReynolds, 

Diane R: Woodston, Elementary Education, S.E.A. 

THIRD ROW: McReynolds, Jerry C: Woodston, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics, Ag. Coun., Ag. Ec. Club. McReynolds, Richard: Burlington, 
Civil Engineering. McVicker, Cheryl A: Beeler, Elementary Educa- 
tion, S.E.A. 

FOURTH ROW: Means, Michele R: Shawnee Mission, English, Delta 
Delta Delta, Union Movies Comm., K-State Players, CR. Mellgren, 
David J: Manhattan, Civil Engineering, Triangle Sec, Chi Epsilon, 
Sigma Tau, ASCE, Scabbard and Blade, Honors Prog. Melton, Ste- 
ven J: Stockton, Dairy Production, Dairy Science Club, Intr. 

FIFTH ROW: Menz, Nancy K: Kirkland, III., Elementary Education, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Angel Flight, S.E.A. Merriam, Joseph G: 

Bonner Springs, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, AVMA, Friend- 
ship Tutoring, Newman Club. Merriam, Steven D: Milton, Wis., 
Animal Scienceand Industry. 

SIXTH ROW: Meyer, John T: Essexville, Mich., Architecture. Mey- 
ers, Holly E: Junction City, Music Education. Meyers, Terry L: 

Dwight, Accounting, Phi Gamma Delta, CR. 

SEVENTH ROW: Mickey, Coy C: Atwood, Veterinary Medicine. Mid- 
dleton, Richard L: Shawnee Mission, Computer Science, Tau Kap- 
pa Epsilon Pres., Wildcat Marching Band Twirler, Fr. Seminar 
Leader, Twirling Schs. Middleton, Russell W: Normal, III., 

BOTTOM ROW: Mignot, Vaughn D: Gypsum, Business Administra- 
tion. Mikesell, Merrel E: Belleville, Agronomy. Milbradt, Orpha J: 

Clay Center, Elementary Education, S.E.A. 

i +*k 


Seniors: Mil-Moo 

TOP ROW: Millenbruch, Sharon L: Home, Elementary Education, 
Clovia, S.E.A., People-to-People, Collegiate 4-H. Miller, Allan V: 
Great Bend, Animal Science and Industry. Miller, Arthur D: Down- 
ers Grove, III., Business Administration, Delta Tau Delta, Alpha 
Kappa Psi, Union Campus Entertainment Comm. Chm., Grid 

SECOND ROW: Miller, Barbara A: Downs, History and Secondary 
Education, Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., Statesmates. Miller, 
Charles L: Wilmington, Del., Biological Science, Phi Gamma Delta, 
CR. Miller, Darrell E: Cawker City, Business Administration . 

THIRD ROW: Miller, Janean L: Salina, Music Education, Alpha Chi 
Omega, Mu Phi Epsilon, MENC, Univ. Orchestra, Wildcat Marching 
and Basketball Pep Bands, Statesmates, RWF, Intr. Miller, Janice 
S: Ames, Iowa, Psychology, Delta Delta Delta V-Pres., Chimes, 
Mortar Board, A&S Coun., SGA, SCC, AWS V-Pres., Wildcat March- 
ing Band Twirler, MC, Psychology Club, CR. Miller, Paul E: Lea- 
wood, Political Science. 

FOURTH ROW: Miller, Sherry E: Manhattan, Pre-Medicine. Miller, 
Vikki K: Great Bend, Secondary Education and Speech Pathology 
and Audiology, Gamma Phi Beta, Sparks, Sigma Alpha Eta, Ed. 
Coun., UAB, SCC, MPC, S.E.A. Miller, William H: Wichita, Nuclear 

FIFTH ROW: Mills, Alan D: Centralia, Business Administration, 
Statesmen, Intr. Minturn, Laurel A: Abilene, Home Economics 
Education, Kappa Alpha Theta, Angel Flight, AWS, Statesmates, 
Little Sisters of Minerva, Dean's Honor Roll. Mitcha, John L: Over- 
land Park, Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, 
Sigma Chi Pres. V-Pres. Treas., ASME, S.A.M.E., Engr. Coun. Pres., 
IFC, Union Research and Dev. Comm., Intr. 

SIXTH ROW: Mitchell, Letha F: Kingman, Home Economics Educa- 
tion, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teaching Club. Mittan, Paul D: Conklin, 
N.Y., Restaurant Management. Moeder, Denis J: Plainville, 

SEVENTH ROW: Mollett, Michael M: Hutchinson, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Monacci, John E: Norwood, Mass., Chemical Engineering. 
Montgomery, Susan D: Shawnee Mission, Elementary Education, 
S.E.A., People-to-People, CR. 

BOTTOM ROW: Montney, Gordon E: Garden City, Electrical Engi- 
neering, IEEE, Hoedowners, Alpha Phi Omega Pres., Newman 
Club, Intr., Dean's Honor Roll. Montour, Edward J: Topeka, Electri- 
cal Engineering, IEEE. Moody, Ann E: Olathe, Elementary 


Utilizing a new concept in book loans, Farrell Library 
checks out books on students' plastic identification cards. 

Seniors: Moo-Mou 

TOP ROW: Moore, Francis W: Ulysses, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing, ASME, Circle-K Pres., Judo Club. Moore, Melba M: Gren- 
ola, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Moore, Sylvia E: 
Munden, Elementary Education, S.E.A. Moorman, James H: 
Soloman, Bacteriology, Microbiology Club, CYD. Moran, 
Timothy W: Voorheesville, N.Y., Electrical Engineering. 
Morgan, Donald E: Garden City, Electrical Engineering. 
Morgan, Jerry D: Topeka, Agricultural Economics, Ag. Ec. 
Club, Collegiate FFA. 

SECOND ROW: Morgan, Lyn J: Goodland, Philosophy, 
Touchstone staff, People-to-People, Judo and Sports Car 
Clubs, Track Team. Morgan, Steven L: Salina, Business 
Administration, Delta Upsilon V-Pres., IPC, IFC, Union Hosp. 
Comm., AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant. Morris, Barbara A: 
Hugoton, Secondary Education. Morris, Marcella M: Beloit, 
Elementary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, MPC, S.E.A., 
Orchesis, People-to-People, Statesmates, Friendship Tutor- 
ing, Sweethearts of Sigma Chi. Morris, Stephen R: Hugoton, 
Agricultural Economics, Delta Upsilon, Ag. Coun., Ag. Ec. 
Club, Collegiate 4-H. Morriss, Dennis R: Tecumseh, Wildlife 
Conservation. Morrow, James K: Topeka, Pre-Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Morrow, Marlene F: Gardner, Physical Edu- 
cation and Anthropology, Phi Sigma Delta, Union Movies 
Comm., MPC, MUN, People-to-People, Collegiate 4-H, 
Phems, Cosmopolitan Club, Georgiana Smurthwaite Schs. 
House Award. Morrow, Robert L: St. Marys, Architecture 
and Sociology, Blue Key, Tau Sigma Delta, Steel Ring, AIA, 
SGA Pres., Stu. Senator, People-to-People, CR, Maitland 
Smith Schs. House Award. Morton, Marie J: Oxford, Sec- 
ondary Education and Biological Science, S.E.A., Collegiate 
4-H. Moses, Robert W: Oak Hill, Industrial Engineering, Steel 
Ring, AH E. Mosier, Valdean W: Davenport, Neb., Electrical 
Engineering. Mosiman, Paul R: Kansas City, Mo., Architec- 
ture. Mountford, Max G: Winona, Physical Education. 



■ 1^ 


Seniors: Mox-Nee 

TOP ROW: Moxley, Tom J: Council Grove, Animal Science 
and Industry, FarmHouse Sec, Ag. Coun., Stu. Senator, 
Livestock Judging Team. Moyer, David E: Prairie Village, 
Economics. Moyer, Marlene K: Manhattan, Home Econom- 
ics Education, Chi Omega, Mortar Board, Kappa Delta Pi, 
Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Coun., S.E.A. Mull, Douglas 
J: Salina, Electrical Engineering. Mullen, Pamela C: Blue 
Rapids, Family and Child Development, Religious Coun., 
CYD, Newman Club. Mullinix, Frances R: Kansas City, Cloth- 
ing Retailing, Kappa Alpha Theta Pres., Sparks, AHEA, An- 
gel Flight, Home Ec. Coun., AWS, Panhel., Univ. Orchestra, 
Royal Purple staff. Mulvany, James A: Marysville, Mechani- 
cal Engineering, Sigma Tau, ASME, Scabbard and Blade. 

SECOND ROW: Muntz, Alan J: Greensburg, Agricultural 
Education. Muret, Rita A: Winfield, Elementary Education, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Putnam Scholar, Kappa Delta Pi. 
Murphy, Charles M: Independence, Business Administra- 
tion, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi. Murphy, Daniel C: 
Bonner Springs, Animal Science and Industry, CYD, New- 
man Club. Murphy, Deanna M: Independence, Elementary 
Education, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A. Murphy, Joseph L: Hutch- 
inson, Building Construction, AGC Pres., Scabbard and 
Blade. Musil, Marjorie R: Home, Elementary Education . 

BOTTOM ROW: Myers, Gunile A: Alma, Physical Education. 
Myers, Lloyd V: Moravia, N.Y., Animal Science and Industry. 
Myers, Ronald E: Wichita, Mechanical Engineering. Naiman, 
Connie M: Loeti, Art, Clovia, S.E.A., Collegiate 4-H. Naiman, 
Dale E: Leoti, Agricultural Economics, FarmHouse, Ag. 
Coun., Ag. Ec. Club Pres. Neely, Mary F: Chanute, Home 
Economics Education, Clovia, S.E.A., Chaparajos, Newman 
Club. Neely, Richard D: Coffeyville, Electrical Engineering, 

Adding to a feeling of victory, former all-American Veryl 
Sweitzer boosts spirits at the opening football pep rally. 

Seniors: Nef-O'Do 

TOP ROW: Neff, Martin E: Lakin, Physics. Neil, C. Dwayne: Fort 
Scott, Agricultural Economics, Ag. Ec. Club, Block and Bridle. 
Neill, Dale E: Blue Ridge, N.Y., Animal Science and Industry. 

SECOND ROW: Neill, Geraldine B: Wichita, Elementary Education, 
S.E.A., Dames Club, CR, BSU. Nekuda, Janice C: Cuba, Elementary 
Education, S.E.A. Nelson, Carol J: Oakley, Clothing Retailing. 

THIRD ROW: Nelson, James R: Windom, Agricultural Economics. 
Nelson, John T: Hanover, Secondary Education. Newell, Joy A: 

Overland Park, Modern Languages, Delta Delta Delta Sec, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta. 

FOURTH ROW: Newland, Douglas E: Salina, Agricultural Econom- 
ics. Nickum, Roy H: Kansas City, Nuclear Engineering, Sigma Tau 
Pres., Steel Ring, ANS, Engr. Coun. and Open House Chm/Niel- 
son, Chester D: Altamonte Springs, Fla., Business Administration, 
Pershing Rifles, Sports Parachute Club, CR. 

FIFTH ROW: Ninemire, Gerald A: Wakeeney, Animal Science and 
Industry. Njoku, Celestine 0: Owerri, Biafra, Veterinary Medicine. 
Noble, Melvin L: Agenda, Mechanical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Noll, William N: Highland, Natural Resources Conser- 
vation and Use. Norby, Marcia A: Manhattan, Home Economics 
Education, Kappa Alpha Theta Sec, Sparks, Phi Upsilon Omicron, 
Home Ec. Coun., Stu. Senator, AWS, Union Movies Comm., Home 
Ec. Teaching Club, Collegiate 4-H, Little Sisters of the Golden 
Heart, Union Pacific Schs. Norris, Douglas C: Gaylord, Agronomy. 

SEVENTH ROW: Norton, Beverly A: La Cygne, Clothing Retailing, 
Alpha Chi Omega, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Coun., Stu. 
Senator, Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. Club Pres. Norvell, Nancy J: 
Manhattan, Elementary Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma Sec, 
Angel Flight, Union Movies Comm., S.E.A., Lambda Chi Alpha 
Charoit Relays Queen, She-DU. O'Brien, John T: Richmond Hill, 
N.Y., Animal Science and Industry, Block and Bridle, Intr. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ochs, Kenneth C: LaCrosse, Physical Education. 
Odgers, Glenda M: Linn, Family and Child Development and Home 
Economics Extension, Univ. Ext. and Home Ec. Fam. and Child 
Dev. Clubs, Collegiate 4-H, Union Pacific Schs. O'Donnell, Patricia 

R: Kismet, Home Economics Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Omicron 
Nu, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Home Ec. Teaching Club, S.E.A., Dean's 
Honor Roll, State of Kan. and KSU Honors Schs. 


Seniors: Ohm-Par 

TOP ROW: Ohmes, Francis E: Garden City, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Olander, Randall R: Little River, Animal Science and Industry, 
Alpha Gamma Rho V-Pres., Block and Bridle, CR, Intr. Oleen, Betty 

K: Falun, Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega Sec, S.E.A., 
Grid Gitters, Statesmates. 

SECOND ROW: Oles, Ralph K: Howells, N.Y., Zoology. Oliver, Ken- 
neth W: Benton, Agricultural Engineering. Oliver, Larry J: Dallas, 
S.D., Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Olson, Carolyn D: Olsburg, Home Economics Educa- 
tion, Clovia, Sparks, AWS, S.E.A., LAR Assoc, Block and Bridle, 
Collegiate 4-H, Univ. Ext. and Home Ec Teaching Clubs, Farm 
Bureau, Union Pacific and LAR Schs. Oman, Dwight W: Leonard- 
ville, Physical Education. Omlor, Jane A: Seward, Psychology, 
Psychology Club. 

FOURTH ROW: O'Neill, Ronald D: Winchester, Agronomy. Orear, 

Gary G: Coffeyville, Mechanical Engineering and Business Admin- 
istration, Phi Delta Theta, Pi Tau Sigma, Alpha Kappa Psi, ASME, 
SGA, Union HQ Comm., MPC, Intr. Osborn, James M: Liberal, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Osborn, Victor L: Anthony, Agricultural Education, 
Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club. Osbourn, Pamela J: Manhattan, 
Elementary Education. Ostermann, Alan D: Sylvan Grove, Agricul- 
tural Economics, Alpha Gamma Rho, Ag. Coun., Ag. Ec. Club, Col- 
legiate 4-H, CR, Intr. 

SIXTH ROW: Overocker, Janice A: Protection, Home Economics 
Education, Clovia Sec, Univ. Ext. Club Pres., Collegiate 4-H. Ow- 
ens, Donna M: Sharon, Clothing Retailing. Palmer, Larry G: Kan- 
sas City, Mo., Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Palmer, Thomas C: Shawnee Mission, Technical 
Journalism, Beta Theta Pi Sec, Sigma Delta Chi, Sr. Class Pres., 
Bd. of Stu. Pub., Collegian staff. Papon, Orval F: Fredonia, Busi- 
ness Administration. Paquette, Lonnie L: Clay Center, Building 

BOTTOM ROW: Parker, Don G: Wichita, Architecture, Delta Chi, 
AIA, Union Arts Comm., Dean's Honor Roll, Martin K. Eby Const. 
Co. and Vernon D. Foltz Schs., Weigel Award. Parker, Karen R: Ft. 
Benning, Ga., Technical Journalism, Collegian staff, William Ran- 
dolph Hearst and K-Key Awards. Parrish, James W: Great Bend, 
Technical Journalism, Phi Delta Theta, Blue Key, Sigma Delta Chi, 
Scabbard and Blade, A&S Coun., Collegian staff, MPC, Dean's 
Honor Roll, Second Century Schs. 


Seniors: Pas-Pee 

TOP ROW: Pastrick, Pamela J: Leawood, Elementary Education. 
Pattison, Anne C: Prairie Village, Medical Technology, Kappa Al- 
pha Theta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Delta Theta, Union News & 
Views Comm., CR, Intr. Patton, Patrick V: Nowata, Okla., Chemical 
Engineering, Chem. Engr. Open House Chm., AlChE, Football 
Team, Athletic Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Pauls, Keith E: Inman, History. Peach, Arthur E: 

Morris Plain, N.J., Animal Science and Industry. Pearson, Alice L: 

Reading, Applied Music. 

BOTTOM ROW: Pearson, Thomas C: Concordia, Architecture, AIA, 
Arch, and Design Coun., RWF. Pederson, Christina J: Manhattan, 
Clothing Retailing, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Home Ec. Clothing and 
Tex. Club. Peel, David E: Topeka, Architecture. 

In recognition of their achievement, juniors are tapped for 
membership in Mortar Board in traditional midnight cere- 

monies. The 26 women selected in the spring marked an 
increase in membership for the senior women's honorary. 

Seniors: Pel-Pfe 

TOP ROW: Pellmann, Neil F: Millstadt, III., Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Pendarvis, Nancy I: Junction City, Speech Pathology and Au- 
diology, Alpha Xi Delta V-Pres., Sigma Alpha Eta, S.E.A., CR, 
Statesmates. Pendleton, Emily A: Coffeyville, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management, Home Ec. Coun., Union Hosp. Comm., Home 
Ec. Prof. Foods Club, Off-Campus Women, CYD, Gibson Girls, Grid 
Gitters, Honors Prog. 

SECOND ROW: Percival, Nancy S: Coffeyville, Secondary Educa- 
tion and Business Administration, Chi Omega, Phi Chi Theta, CYD. 
Perrin, Nancy J: McPherson, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Ger- 
man Club, Statesmates, Friendship Tutoring. Person, Henry B: 

Lawrence, Business Administration . 

THIRD ROW: Peters, Bruce E: Wellington, Business Administra- 
tion, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Mu Delta, Alpha Kappa Psi, Arnold Air 
Soc, CR, Alpha Phi Omega, Second Century Schs., AFROTC Finan. 
Asst. Grant. Peters, Carolyn: Sutton, Neb., Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management, Home Ec. Prof. Foods Club, Mennonite Fel- 
low. Peters, James M: Lehigh, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Peters, Sharon M: Seneca, Secondary Education. 
Peterson, Charles V: Mission, Industrial Engineering. Peterson, 

Danny R: Burdick, Animal Science and Industry. 

FIFTH ROW: Peterson, Garry L: Haddam, Animal Science and In- 
dustry, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H and FFA. Peterson, Jerry 
M: Great Bend, Political Science. Peterson, Kenneth M: Ludell, 

SIXTH ROW: Peterson, Mary E: Buffalo, Secondary Education. 
Peterson, Nancy S: McPherson, Foods and Nutrition, Alpha Lamb- 
da Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Omicron Nu, Women's Bowling 
Team, Sears Found., State of Kan., Martha S. Pitman and Stouffer 
Foods Schs. Peterson, Patricia J: Montevideo, Uruguay, Family 
and Child Development. 

SEVENTH ROW: Peterson, Ronald L: Haddam, Agricultural Educa- 
tion, Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 
4-H and FFA, Union Pacific and K-State Collegiate Chapter of FFA 
Schs. Peterson, Ronald N: Clyde, Geology. Peterson, Susanne F: 

Shawnee Mission, Landscape Architecture, Pi Beta Phi, Tau Sigma 
Delta, ASLA, Dean's Honor Roll, L. R. Quinland Award. 

BOTTOM ROW: Petrik, Nancy J: Topeka, Clothing Retailing. Pfefer, 
David N: Kansas City, Bakery Management. Pfeiffer, Donald G: 

Garland, Wildlife Conservation, Wildlife Soc, RWF, Intr., Oscar 
Straube Schs. House Award. 


Seniors: Pfi-Pow 

TOP ROW: Pfister, Linda S: Clifton, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Pflieger, Edwin F: Logan, Building Construction. Pharo, Michael G: 

Wichita, Landscape Architecture, Tau Kappa Epsilon Pres., ASLA. 

SECOND ROW: Phillips, Carol A: Valley Falls, Foods and Nutrition. 
Phillips, Linda M: Overland Park, Elementary Education. Phillips, 

Thomas J: Leavenworth, Nuclear Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Picotte, Pierre L: Wichita, Pre-Dentistry. Piepenbring, 
James: Overland Park, Business Administration. Pierpoint, Pame- 
la S: Wichita, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Pitman, Lawrence W: Kingman, Business Adminis- 
tration, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Poggemeyer, Lewis E: Carlsbad, Calif., 
Architecture. Poletto, Robert J: Nanuet, N.Y., Mechanical Engi- 
neering, ASME, Newman Club. 

FIFTH ROW: Poley, Thomas E: Wichita, Elementary Education. Pol- 
ly, Leland J: Baxter Springs, Electrical Engineering and Business 
Administration, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Putnam Scholar, 
Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, K-State Engr. staff. Pomperien, Janice 

E: Strousburg, Pa., Physical Education, Kappa Alpha Theta Treas., 
Phi Epsilon Delta, Union Movies Comm., S.E.A., AAHPER, KAHPER, 
K-Stepper, Intr., Dean's Honor Roll. 

SIXTH ROW: Ponden, William E: Philadelphia, Pa., Architecture. 
Poos, Lawrence E: Lee's Summit, Mo., Geology. Porter, Allegee Y: 

Kansas City, General Home Economics, Community Sisters. 

SEVENTH ROW: Porter, Benjamin L: Garden City, Architecture. 
Posner, Elieser S: Petah-Tikva, Israel, Milling Science and Manage- 
ment, Alpha Mu, B'nai B'rith Hillel Found., Intl. Milling Co. and Art 
Glade Mem. Schs. Potter, Thomas M: Wichita, Business 

BOTTOM ROW: Powell, Gary W: Overland Park, Animal Science 
and Industry. Powell, Linnea W: Newington, Conn., Medical Tech- 
nology. Powell, Richard M: Lawrence, Mass., Animal Science and 


Seniors: Pow-Ree 

TOP ROW: Powell, Wayne G: Plains, Agricultural Education. Prater, 
Rebecca L: San Diego, Calif., Home Economics with Liberal Arts, 
SGA, Honors Prog., Margaret M. Justin Schs. Pray, Christine E: 

Hope, English, Smurthwaite Pres. V-Pres., Sparks, Univ. Choir, 
MUN, Women's Glee Club, Chaparajos, People-to-People, Rodeo 
Queen, Stauffer Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Prochaska, Mary K: Manhattan, Home Economics 
and Journalism, Clovia V-Pres. Treas., Phi Upsilon Omicron, Theta 
Sigma Phi, Home Ec. Coun., Home Ec. Journalism Pres. and Fam. 
and Child Dev. Clubs, Collegiate 4-H, CYD, Newman Club, Intr., 
Dean's Honor Roll. Pruyn, Gary S: Peekskill, N.Y., Animal Science 
and Industry. Pulliman, William D: Kansas City, Mo., Architecture, 
Beta Sigma Psi, AIA, Soccer Team. 

THIRD ROW: Pultz, Lawrence 0: Ceiba, Puerto Rico, Poultry Sci- 
ence. Pyles, Jean M: Wichita, Elementary Education, Alpha Chi 
Omega, S.E.A. Quick, Dudley E: Mapleton, Animal Science and 

FOURTH ROW: Rader, Ryan R: Oakley, Architecture, Smith, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, KSU Honors Schs. Raffety, Gary 
D: Garden Grove, Calif., Landscape Architecture. Ragland, John W: 

Fayetteville, Ark., Feed Science and Management. 

FIFTH ROW: Raile, Clifford D: St. Francis, Animal Science and In- 
dustry. Randall, Pamela A: St. Louis, Mo., Sociology. Randolph, 
Barbara A: Nickerson, Clothing Retailing. 

SIXTH ROW: Raney, Stephen K: Lansing, Physics. Rapp, Jerrie S: 
Tampa, Geography. Rauckman, Robert H: Hutchinson, 

SEVENTH ROW: Rauh, James S: Kansas City, Bacteriology, Micro- 
biology Club, Rowing Team. Reck, Martha J: Salina, Home Eco- 
nomics Education, S.E.A., Home Ec. TeachingClub, CYD, Newman 
Club, Kroger Schs. Redd, Dennis G: Buhler, Statistics, Phi Kappa 
Theta Treas., Scabbard and Blade, IPC, Union HQ Comm., CYD, 
Booster and Newmans Clubs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Reed, Nancy J: Shawnee Mission, Elementary Edu- 
cation, S.E.A., Off-Campus Women. Reed, Ralph L: Fort Scott, Ag- 
ricultural Economics. Reed, Rodman C: Pratt, Secondary 


Perfecting skills in the Japanese art of self-defense, a 
coed throws her opponent in a Judo club exhibition round. 

Seniors: Ree-Rha ' 

TOP ROW: Reed, Steven M: Topeka, Business Administra- 
tion. Reeves, James L: Oberlin, Geology. Regnier, Victor A: 

Mission, Architectural Structures, AIA, Arch, and Design 
Coun., Crit staff. Rehschuh, Susan M: Manhattan, Art, Pi 
Beta Phi, Delta Phi Delta Pres., AWS, Union Arts Comm., 
CR. Reid, John C: Holyrood, Mechanical Engineering, Sigma 
Tau, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Basketball Team, Intr., Salina 
Supply Co. Schs. Reilly, Brian M: Old Chatham, N.Y., Animal 
Science and Industry. Reisig, David J: Russell, Agronomy, 
Wheat State Agr. Club. 

SECOND ROW: Reissig, Rita I: Lyons, Horticulture. Reissig, 
William H: St. John, Entomology. Reiter, Eleanor W: Over- 
land Park, Sociology, Delta Zeta V-Pres., AWS, SGA, New- 
man Club. Rieter, Stephen E: Paola, Electrical Engineering 
and Business Administration, IEEE, Arnold Air Soc, New- 
man Club, Intr. Reitz, Timothy J: Paxton, Neb., History. Re- 
itzel, Melvin J: Logan, Business Administration, Alpha Kap- 
pa Psi, CR, Dean's Honor Roll. Rembleske, Linda M: Wichita, 
Accounting, Pi Beta Phi, Union HQ and Trips and Tours 
Comm., Statesmates, Dean's Honor Roll. 

BOTTOM ROW: Renner, Kerry L: Fulton, Mo., Architectural 
Structures. Renner, Patricia S: Kansas City, Mo., Foods and 
Nutrition. Reppert, Jerry L: Anna, II!., Technical Journalism. 
Reynolds, Nona G: Overland Park, Interior Design, A.I.D., 
Off-Campus Women. Reynolds, Stephen L: Abilene, Social 
Science, S.E.A., Alpha Phi Omega. Reynolds, William L: Win- 
field, Agricultural Economics. Rhay, Linda S: Coquille, Ore., 
Technical Journalism and Modern Languages, Chimes, 
Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Royal Purple staff, German 
Club, K-Key Award, Justus Liebig German Exchange Schs. 


Seniors: Rhy-Rob 

TOP ROW: Rhyne, Janie I: Warner Robins, Ga., Modern Lan- 
guages, Off-Campus Women, Latin Am. Assoc, Newman 
Club, Women's Bowling Team. Rice, Gaylord L: Paola, Nu- 
clear Engineering, ANS, Chess Club, KSCF. Richardson, 
Harold W: Naperville, III., Veterinary Medicine. Richardson, 
James C: Belleville, Psychology. Richardson, Linda M: Win- 
ifred, Home Economics Education, S.E.A., Home Ec. Teach- 
ing Club, Collegiate 4-H, Kappa Phi. Rickard, Loren J: 
Lyons, Veterinary Medicine. Ricker, Ronald R: Raymond, 
Business Administration, Beta Sigma Psi Pres., IFC. 

SECOND ROW: Ricklefs, Charles R: Severance, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Riemann, A. Edwin: Claflin, Architec- 
ture. Riemann, Linda K: Claflin, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Rieniets, David C: Wichita, Civil Engineering, Triangle, 
Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, ASCE, Wrestling Team, Martin K. 
Eby Const. Co. and Wagner Schs. Ringel, Larry H: Alma, 
Veterinary Medicine, Alpha Zeta, AVMA, Intr. Roach, Sallie 
K: Overland Park, Interior Design, Chi Omega, West Hall 
Sec, A.I.D., Union HQ Comm., Gen. Home Ec Club Pres. 
Robbins, John W: Newtonia, Mo., Secondary Education . 

BOTTOM ROW: Roberts, Gary L: Leoti, Animal Science and 
Industry. Roberts, James C: Wichita, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Roberts, Stephen P: Salina, Building Construction. 
Roberts, Thomas C: Manhattan, Nuclear Engineering. Rob- 
inson, Lusk F: Little Rock, Ark., Business Administration. 
Robinson, Richard L: Downs, Veterinary Medicine, Alpha 
Kappa Lambda, AVMA, CR, Union Pacific Schs. Robinson, 
Roy L: Kansas City, Milling Science and Management. 




'.* ■ 


Hurrying to class on a rainy morning, a student dis- 
covers that leaps across muddy fields are necessary. 


Seniors: Rob-Rot 

TOP ROW: Robson, Ronald E: Westmoreland, Technical Journal- 
ism. Rocco, Vincent P: Lynbrook, N.Y., Animal Science and Indus- 
try, Block and Bridle. Roche, Barbara J: Concordia, Sociology. 

SECOND ROW: Rock, Lynn M: Hope, Animal Science and Industry, 
Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, CR. Rockhold, David R: Salina, 
Bacteriology, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Microbiology Club, Bowling 
Team. Roden, David S: Belvidere, III., Restaurant Management, 
Phi Gamma Delta. 

THIRD ROW: Rodenbeek, Suzanne W: Scott City, English. Roebke, 
Marie A: Clay Center, Home Economics Education. Roeder, Robert 

J: Norton, Humanities, S.E.A., People-to-People, French Club, 
CYD, Fay N. Seaton Schs. 

FOURTH ROW: Roesler, Steven D: Junction City, Technical Jour- 
nalism, Alpha Tau Omega, Intr. Rogers, David M: Garnett, Archi- 
tecture. Rogers, Michael D: Carbondale, Mechanical Engineering, 
Pi Tau Sigma, ASME, Scabbard and Blade, Sports Car Club, 

FIFTH ROW: Rogers, Neil D: Garnett, Landscape Architecture, 
Triangle V-Pres., ASLA, Collegiate 4-H, UCCF, L. R. Quinland 
Award. Rohla, Joann E: Formoso, Dietetics and Institutional Man- 
agement, Union Movies Comm., KSU Honors Schs. Rohr, Dale R: 

Overland Park, Accounting. 

SIXTH ROW: Rojhani, Iraj: Teheran, Iran, Electrical Engineering. 
Rollins, Larry W: Wichita, Accounting, Sigma Nu, CR. Roman, Fred 

J: Bellwood, III., Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Root, Donald R: Ellsworth, Business Administra- 
tion, Beta Sigma Psi Treas., SGA, ICC, Union News & Views 
Comm., S.E.A., Rowing Team, Intr. Rose, Carmie J: Topeka, Mod- 
ern Languages, Delta Delta Delta Sec, Sparks, Univ. Choir and 
Orchestra. Rose, Theresa K: Overbrook, Elementary Education, 
Gamma Phi Beta, S.E.A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ross, Barbara J: Wichita, Elementary Education, 
S.E.A. Roth, Allen P: Pfeifer, Computer Science. Roth, Janet S: 

Atchison, Elementary Education, Putnam Hall Sec, S.E.A., Friend- 
ship Tutoring, Newman Club. 


Seniors: Rot-Sal 

TOP ROW: Rothfuss, Carolyn S: Bird City, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Rothfuss, Jerry W: Clifton, Agronomy, Maitland Smith 
Sens. House Award, Campbell Taggart Bakeries Schs. Rotman, 
Jennifer B: Cawker City, Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta 
Pres., Stu. Health and Union Hosp. Comm., S.E.A., Statesmates. 

SECOND ROW: Rounds, Jeanne A: Wichita, Elementary Education, 
Gamma Phi Beta, S.E.A., Engin-Dears. Rowland, Larry E: Troy, Ag- 
ricultural Education, Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 
FFA. Rowlen, Sharon M: Manhattan, Interior Architecture Design, 
Chi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, AIA, A.I.D., Arch, and Design 
Coun., AWS, Dean's Honor Roll, First Natl. Bank Schs. 

THIRD ROW: Ruble, Darrell D: Aurora, Colo., Business Administra- 
tion. Ruff, Patricia A: Logan, Secondary Education, Kappa Delta 
Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, S.E.A., Hoedowners, CYD, Canterbury Assoc. 
Ruggles, Patricia A: Manhattan, Elementary Education . 

FOURTH ROW: Runft, Judith A: Baldwin, Family and Child Devel- 
opment. Runft, Myron G: Scandia, Animal Science and Industry. 
Russell, Phillip E: Prairie Village, Business Administration . 

FIFTH ROW: Russo, Frank A: Levittown, N.Y., Animal Science and 
Industry. Ryan, Helen M: Leavenworth, Elementary Education, 
S.E.A., CR, Kappa Phi. Ryan, Margaret J: Wichita, Secondary Edu- 
cation and Speech Pathology and Audiology, Gamma Phi Beta 
Sec, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sparks, Chimes, Mortar Board, Sigma 
Alpha Eta, Kappa Delta Pi, Angel Flight, Ed. Coun., AWS, Panhel., 
MUN, S.E.A., Statesmates, Friendship Tutoring, Fr. Seminar Lead- 
er, Dean's Honor Roll. 

SIXTH ROW: Ryan, Ruth A: Leavenworth, Interior Design, A.I.D. 
Ryman, Jeffrey C: Dunlap, Nuclear Engineering, Straube, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma Tau, ANS, Arnold Air Soc, Sports 
Parachute Club, Second Century Schs. Ryser, Howard L: Hanover, 
Chemical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Ryser, Mary A: Haddam, Family and Child Devel- 
opment, Home Ec. Nursing and Fa m. and Child Dev. Clubs, Wesley 
Found. Sadek, Henry: Philadelphia, Pa., Pre-Medicine, Clinic Club, 
B'nai B'rith Hillel Found., Rowing Team. Sager, Robert A: Carmel, 
N.Y., Dairy Production. 

BOTTOM ROW: Saindon, Craig A: Concordia, Speech, K-State Play- 
ers. Salat, Leo W: Ceder Rapids, Iowa, Psychology. Salter, Beverly 

J: Wakefield, Landscape Architecture, Smurthwaite, ASLA, Jazz 
Workshop Ensemble, Concert Band. 


Staged as a thesis production, "The Case of the Crushed 
Petunias" features mod costumes and psychedelic lighting. 

Seniors: Sal-Sch 

TOP ROW: Salvino, Sharon K: Memphis, Tenn., Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism, Kappa Delta, Theta Sigma Phi, 
Royal Purple and Collegian staffs, Home Ec. Journalism 
Club. Sandberg, Michael L: Bronx, N.Y., Animal Science and 
Industry. Sanko, Ronald E: Spearville, Veterinary Medicine, 
AVMA, Vet. Med. Open House Chm., CR, Newman Club. Sar- 
gent, Pamela J: Huntington, N.Y., Entomology. Sauer, John 
G: Lakin, Agricultural Economics, Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sig- 
ma Delta, Scabbard and Blade, MVN, Circle-K Pres., Intr., 
Dean's Honor Roll, Army ROTC Schs. Sauer, Sharon K: 
Coldwater, Medical Technology, Alpha Delta Theta, Phems, 
Intr. Saunders, Sonya K: Wichita, Home Economics and 

SECOND ROW: Savarino, John A: Melrose, Mass., Animal 
Science and Industry. Sawyer, William K: Hutchinson, Busi- 
ness Administration. Sayre, Stephen R: Ensign, Physical 
Science and Mathematics, S.E.A., Intr., Dean's Honor Roll. 
Schafer, Sidonie A: Wichita, History, Kappa Kappa Gamma 
Pres. Treas., Alpha Lambda Delta, Mortar Board, MPC, 
S.E.A., History Club, CYD. Schaible, Charles A: Fairview, 
Pre-Dentistry. Scheaffer, Daryl R: Abilene, Business Admin- 
istration. Schindler, Ronald L: Magnolia Springs, Ala., Veter- 
inary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schlesinger, Richard B: Chicago, III., Physi- 
cal Education, Phi Epsilon Kappa, K-Club, Baseball Team, 
Athletic Schs. Schmidt, Arthur F: Ft. Riley, Political Science. 
Schmidt, Gerald D: Newton, Business Administration, 
Tau Kappa Epsilon Treas., Arnold Air Soc, Commerce 
Coun., IFC, CYD, RWF, AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant. Schmidt, 
Jerry L: Goessel, Agricultural Engineering. Schmidt, Judy L: 
Syracuse, Psychology. Schmidt, Richard W: Beaverton, 
Ore., Milling Science and Management. Schmitt, Terryl K: 
Liberal, Veterinary Medicine. 


Seniors: Sch-Sch 

TOP ROW: Schneickert, George D: Altamont, History, Alpha 
Kappa Lambda Pres., Black and Veatch Schs. Schoen, Larry 
D: Dodge City, Accounting, Lambda Chi Alpha. Schoenthal- 
er, Terry R: Ellis, Agricultural Education, Beta Sigma Psi 
Pres. Treas., Alpha Tau Alpha Pres., Ag. Ed. Club, Dean's 
Honor Roll. Scholz, Paul R: Lancaster, Business Administra- 
tion. Schorling, Steven M: McPherson, Nuclear Engineering, 
ANS, Pershing Rifles, Arnold Air Soc. Schott, Donald W: 
Leavenworth, Business Administration. Schrader, Stephen 
H: Hiawatha, Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. 

SECOND ROW: Schrandt, Robert L: Glasco, Agricultural 
Economics, Religious Coun., SCC, KSUARH, Ag. Ec. and 
Newman Clubs, Intr. Schreck, Larry D: San Antonio, Tex., 
Bakery Management, Phi Gamma Delta, Greek Week and 
Spring Fling Chm., Bakery Management Club, Track Team. 
Schreiber, William B: Overland Park, Mathematics. 
Schrock, Mark D: Hazelton, Agricultural Engineering. 
Schulteis, Susan J: Topeka, Music Education, Kappa Alpha 
Theta, Mu Phi Epsilon, MENC, S.E.A., CR. Schultz, George W: 
Shattuck, Okla., Business Administration, Beta Theta Pi, 
CR, Basketball Team, Intr., Athletic Schs. Schultz, Joel S: 
Buffalo, N.Y., Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schultz, Stanley L: Larned, Electrical Engi- 
neering, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, Hon- 
ors Prog., AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant. Schrule, Charles W: 
Manhattan, Business Administration. Schuster, David J: 
Hutchinson, Entomology. Schwab, Susan A: Portland, Ore., 
Secondary Education and Speech, Alpha Delta Pi, Sparks, 
Angel Flight, SGA, Sr. Class Sec, Union Recreation and K- 
Purrs Comm., K-State Players, Homecoming Queen. 
Schwartz, Joseph M: Basehor, Zoology. Schweitzer, Nancy 
M: Derby, Foods and Nutrition, Home Ec. Prof. Foods and 
Gen. Home Ec. Clubs, GBSU, KSCF. Schwilling, Linda G: 
Cottonwood Falls, Family and Child Development, Home 
Ec. Fam. and Child Dev. Club, Collegiate 4-H. 

Workmen lay new underground electrical cable after the 
power failure in buildings on the south side of the campus. 

i' ' «^a EBttob jijiiii 


Seniors: Sch-Sha 

TOP ROW: Schwindt, Robert C: Olpe, Agricultural Education, 
Straube, Alpha Tau Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A., Ag. Ed. Club, 
Collegiate FFA, KSCF, Ag. Ed. Club Schs. Schwinn, Michael E: Cof- 
feyville, Mechanical Engineering, Beta Sigma Psi, Pi Tau Sigma, 
ASME, CR, Texaco Schs. Scott, Gerald J: Hutchinson, English. 

SECOND ROW: Scott, Laura L: Larned, Technical Journalism and 
Modern Languages, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Theta Sigma Phi, Sig- 
ma Delta Pi, Stu. Senator, SGA Pub. Rel. Comm., PCC, Bd. of Stu. 
Pub., TCB, Sr. Class Treas., Collegian, Royal Purple and Touch- 
stone staffs, MUN, K-State Players, Frog Club, CR, K-Key Award. 
Scott, Marcia K: Wichita, Elementary Education, Delta Delta Delta, 
IPC, Union Movies Comm., MPC, S.E.A., CYD, She-DU. Scott, Wil- 
liam N: Jennings, Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Seek, Richard E: Hutchinson, Nuclear Engineering. 
Seefeldt, Alvin L: Chanute, Architecture, AIA, Alpha Phi Omega, 
Weigel Award. Selbe, Nancy S: Hoxie, Home Economics with Liber- 
al Arts. 

FOURTH ROW: Sell, Phillip L: Fredonia, Horticulture, Delta Chi 
Pres., Alpha Zeta, Scabbard and Blade, SGA Bd. of Personnel 
Selection Chm., R. J. Barnett Mem. Schs. Sellers, Janet K: Antho- 
ny, Clothing Retailing. Selsor, Nancy K: Boonville, Mo., Sociology. 

FIFTH ROW: Severtson, Ruth E: Topeka, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Sewell, Kathleen J: Abilene, English, Chi Omega, Light Bri- 
gade, Panhel., CYD. Shafer, Maureen L: San Francisco, Calif., His- 
tory, SGA Intl. Relations Dir., MUN, People-to-People Pres., Off- 
Campus Women, Cosmopolitan and Newman Clubs. 

SIXTH ROW: Shaffer, James C: Houston, Tex., Technical Journal- 
ism and Political Science, Sigma Phi Epsilon Sec, Sigma Delta 
Chi, Union Sports and Recreation Comm., Collegian staff, K-Key 
Award. Shaffer, Ronald L: Kansas City, Architecture. Shalkoski, 
Victor F: Leavenworth, Technical Journalism, Sigma Delta Chi 
Pres., UPC, Union Campus Entertainment and HQ Comm., Royal 
Purple Ed. Bus.Mgr., Collegian and Univ. Directory Bus. Mgr., 
Newman Club, K-Key and Journalism Mem. Awards. 

SEVENTH ROW: Shaner, Sue L: Independence, English and Techni- 
cal Journalism. Shank, Diana L: Overland Park, Home Economics 
and Journalism. Shapiro, Philip: Browns Mills, N.J., Business 

BOTTOM ROW: Shapiro, Samuel H: Jamaica, N.Y., Animal Science 
and Industry, B'nai B'rith Hi Mel Found. Shaw, Linda C: Wichita, 
Modern Languages, Kappa Alpha Theta, CR. Shay, Larry D: Te- 

cumseh, Civil Engineering, ASCE, Intr. 


Seniors: She-Sim 

TOP ROW: Sheetz, Jane A: St. Joseph, Mo., Biological Science, Pi 
Beta Phi V-Pres. Treas., Alpha Lambda Delta, Sparks, Chimes, 
Mortar Board Pres., Union Comm., MPC, MC, Statesmates, Donald 
MacGregor Schs. Shehi, Linda K: Wichita, Elementary Education, 
Gamma Phi Beta Treas., Union HQ Comm., S.E.A., Engin-Dears 
Pres., Chi Delphia. Sherraden, Julie D: Abilene, Elementary 

SECOND ROW: Shields, Glenn W: Lmcolnville, Agricultural Engi- 
neering, ASAE, Hoedowners, Collegiate 4-H, Gamma Delta, State 
of Kan. and Branson Mem. Schs. Shipley, Pameline S: Hutchin- 
son, Secondary Education and Art, S.E.A., Statesmates. Shirley, 
Linda E: Cawker City, Elementary Education . 

THIRD ROW: Shivers, Larry S: Wakefield, Animal Science and In- 
dustry, Livestock Judging Team, Block and Bridle. Shoger, Rick D: 
Augusta, Accounting. Shoup, Charlotte A: Belle Plaine, Home 
Economics Education, Mortar Board. 

FOURTH ROW: Siemsen, Andrea L: Lebanon, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Siemsen, Gary W: Lebanon, Accounting. Sievers, Ralph E: 

Bridgewater, S.D., Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Sigars, Linda S: St. Joseph, Mo., Clothing Retailing. 
Sigley, Janora A: Newton, Modern Languages, Chi Omega Sec, 
AWS, Union Trips and Tours Comm., S.E.A., Judo Club, Rifle 
Team, French Award. Sigwing, Richard B: Phillipsburg, Account- 
ing, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Treas., Delta Mu Delta, CR. 

SIXTH ROW: Silady, Fred A: Shawnee Mission, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Simmons, David H: Wellington, Architecture. Simmons, Linda 

L: Fredonia, Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Simmons, Steven J: Barnard, Accounting. Sim- 
mons, Steven W: Independence, Agronomy. Simon, llene J: Scott 
City, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sims, Gary D: Berryton, Dairy Production, Beta 
Sigma Psi, Dairy Science Club, Fr. Seminar Leader, Intr. Sims, 
Lana S: Oakley, Family and Child Development, S.E.A., Home Ec. 
Teaching Club. Sims, Marcia G: Hutchinson, Elementary 


Seniors: Sin-Sla 

TOP ROW: Sinn, Charles D: Fort Scott, Secondary Education and 
History, S.E.A., H. Leigh Baker Schs. Sipes, John C: Russell, Physi- 
cal Science. Siuda, Gerald R: Tonawanda, N.Y., Building 

SECOND ROW: Skaer, William C: Augusta, Veterinary Medicine. 
Skeens, Linda E: Chicago, III., Secondary Education. Skeuse, John 

T: Stockton, N.J., Business Administration, Phi Kappa Theta, CR, 
Newman Club, Cross Country and Swimming Teams, Intr. 

BOTTOM ROW: Skeuse, Thomas J: Stockton, N.J., Business Ad- 
ministration. Skinner, Donald E: Peabody, Pre-Forestry. Slater, 

Karen E: Hutchinson, Elementary Education. 

ABC television is saluted by members of the Wildcat march- across the nation as well as a capacity stadium crowd 
ing band during halftime ceremonies. Television viewers watched the Homecoming grid clash with Kansas. 



■ : "V? ** '-•■ - v ~ ..» .,;■ ..-• v 



Seniors: Sle-Smi 

TOP ROW: Sleichter, Jerry W: Abilene, Animal Science and Indus- 
try, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, Moorman Schs. 
Slimmer, Dennis R: Holton, Civil Engineering. Sloat, David E: 

Manhattan, Chemistry. 

SECOND ROW: Slough, Freddie L: Garden City, Pre-Law. Slupi- 
anek, Lawrence W: Marysville, Mechanical Engineering, Triangle 
V-Pres., Pi Tau Sigma Pres., Sigma Tau, ASME, Engr. Coun., IFC, 
Dean's Honor Roll, Honors Prog. Small, Jonathan P: Kingman, 

THIRD ROW: Smith, Carey L: Claflin, Geography, Geography Club, 
CYD, Newman Club. Smith, Charles L: Uniontown, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Smith, Delancey A: Kansas City, English, Sigma Nu, Un- 
ion Arts Comm. 

FOURTH ROW: Smith, Dennis W: Eureka, Veterinary Medicine, 
Putnam Scholar, ASME, AVMA. Smith, Erich R: Cherry Valley, N.Y., 
Agricultural Economics, SGA, Latin Am. Assoc, People-to-People. 
Smith, Geraldine A: Leavenworth, Technical Journalism, Alpha 
Chi Omega Sec, Theta Sigma Phi Pres., SGA Bd. of Personnel 
Selection, Royal Purple and Collegian staffs, Statesmates, New- 
man Club, Intr., K-Key Award. 

FIFTH ROW: Smith, James F: Minneola, Electrical Engineering, 
Triangle Pres., Phi Eta Sigma, Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Sigma 
Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, Arnold Air Soc, IFC, Amateur Radio Club, 
Western Electrical Fund Schs. Smith, Janice E: Wamego, Elemen- 
tary Education. Smith, John L: Coolidge, Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Smith, Juanita K: Garden City, Family and Child De- 
velopment. Smith, Philip W: Copeland, Agricultural Economics. 
Smith, Richard A: Hutchinson, Wildlife Conservation . 

SEVENTH ROW: Smith, Rita A: Wichita, Elementary Education, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Kappa Phi, Putnam Scholar, Kappa Delta 
Pi, S.E.A., Psychology Club, UCCF, Dean's Honor Roll. Smith, Ron- 
ald J: Erie, Agricultural Education. Smith, Stephen A: Wamego, 
Physics, Phi Gamma Delta Treas., Putnam Scholar, AIP, Intr. 

BOTTOM ROW: Smith, Stephen R: Robinson, Geography. Smith, 
Steven V: Hutchinson, Business Administration. Smith, Thomas 

C: Medicine Lodge, Business Administration . 


Seniors: Smi-Spr 

TOP ROW: Smith, Virgil L: Weskan, Wildlife Conservation. Smith, 
William C: Nickerson, Mathematics. Snell, Sharrie A: Garden City, 
Technical Journalism, Alpha Chi Omega, SGA, Madrigal Singers, 
Univ. Choir, Royal Purple staff, Sociology Club, CR, Statesmates, 
Grid Gitters, RWF, K-Key Award. 

SECOND ROW: Snider, Anne C: Bay Village, Ohio, Elementary Edu- 
cation, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Light Brigade, S.E.A., Cheerleader. 
Snyder, Daniel L: Moran, Electrical Engineering. Snyder, Steven A: 

Peru, Ind., Physical Education. 

THIRD ROW: Snyder, Thomas E: Arkansas City, Pre-Medicine, Tau 
Kappa Epsilon, Arnold Air Soc, Varsity Men's Glee Club, Clinic 
Club, AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant. Socolofsky, Robert M: Manhat- 
tan, History. Soden, Jerry M: St. John, Electrical Engineering, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE. 

FOURTH ROW: Soldan, David L: Manhattan, Electrical Engineer- 
ing, Putnam Scholar, Sigma Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Amateur 
Radio Club Pres., State of Kan. Schs. Somers, Linda K: Conway 
Springs, Dietetics and Institutional Management. Sosa, Jorge M: 

Panama City, Panama, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Sowers, Don W: Murdock, Agricultural Education, 
Alpha Tau Alpha, Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H. Spainhour, Paul L: 

Shawnee Mission, Electrical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma 
Tau, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, Concert and Basketball Pep Bands. 
Spark, David C: Pipestone, Minn., Agricultural Economics, Kappa 
Sigma, Ag. Ec. Club. 

SIXTH ROW: Sparks, Herbert A: Wichita, Animal Science and In- 
dustry, Block and Bridle, Pre-Vet Club. Spears, Jacqueline D: 

Shawnee Mission, Physics, Kappa Delta Treas., Sparks, Chimes, 
Mortar Board, Phi Kappa Phi, AIP, Stu. Senator, SGA, Convoca- 
tions Comm., Concert Band, MUN, S.E.A., German Club, Friend- 
ship Tutoring, Honors Prog., Justus Liebig German Exchange 
Schs. Speer, Ellen F: Ottawa, Secondary Education . 

SEVENTH ROW: Spellman, Wayne E: Gypsum, Business Adminis- 
tration. Spielman, Robert E: Simpson, Accounting. Splitter, Gary 

A: Silver Spring, Md., Veterinary Medicine, FarmHouse, AVMA, 
AVMA Found. Schs. 

BOTTOM ROW: Splitter, Rosalie J: Lorraine, Clothing Retailing, 
Home Ec. Interior Design Club. Springer, Jeffrey A: Overland Park, 
Business Administration, Phi Kappa Tau, IFC, CR. Springer, Paul 

M: Garden City, Mathematics. 


Seniors: Spu-Sto 

TOP ROW: Spurgeon, Joseph A: Mattoon, III., Physical Education, 
Phi Epsilon Kappa, S.E.A., Football and Baseball Teams, Athletic 
Schs. Staab, Carol J: Topeka, Elementary Education, Delta Delta 
Delta, Jr. Panhel., Panhel., S.E.A., CR, Statesmates, Newman Club. 
Stallbaumer, Robert J: Frankfort, Agricultural Journalism, Ag. 
Coun., Ag. Communication Pres. and Newman Clubs. 

SECOND ROW: Stamets, Jane O: Clay Center, English. Stanley, 
James W: Atchison, Political Science, CR, UCCF, Intr. Starke, Rob- 
ert F: Merrick, N.Y., Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Starkey, Harold D: Arkansas City, Pre-Law, Alpha Tau 
Omega Pres. V-Pres., Phi Eta Sigma. Stecklein, Alfred L: Ness City, 
Mechanical Engineering. Steele, Richard E: Haverford, Pa., Civil 
Engineering, Alpha Kappa Lambda Treas., ASCE, CR. 


FOURTH ROW: Steeples, Donald W: Palco, Geophysics. Stegelin, 

Forrest E: Shawnee Mission, Animal Science and Industry. Stehl, 
Bobbie J: Lawton, Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Stephens, Donald J: Moline, Animal Science and In- 
dustry. Stephens, Elizabeth A: Overland Park, Elementary Educa- 
tion, Kappa Alpha Theta, S.E.A., CR, Newman Club. Steward, Bar- 
bara C: Clay Center, English, S.E.A., State of Kan. Schs. 

SIXTH ROW: Stewart, James D: McPherson, Civil Engineering, 
Sigma Tau, ASCE, ASME, Scabbard and Blade, Tennis Team, 
Dean's Honor Roll. Stiles, Barbara A: Topeka, Secondary Educa- 
tion and Art, Kappa Delta, Union Arts Comm, S.E.A., CR. Stites, 
Donald L: Junction City, Civil Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Stoecker, Randall D: Oakley, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Stogsdill, Jerry W: Topeka, History. Stohs, Janice L: Hano- 
ver, Elementary Education, S.E.A. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stoll, Johnny E: Blencoe, Iowa, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Stone, Jennifer J: Dodge City, Sociology, Sociology Club. 
Stonehocker, Martha A: Manhattan, Elementary Education, Kappa 
Kappa Gamma V-Pres., Ed. Coun., Union News & Views Comm., 


Leading demonstrations for their presidential candidates, 
MPC delegates experience the color of a convention. 

Seniors: Sto-Sur 

TOP ROW: Stoskopf, William A: Columbus, Architecture, 
Triangle, Tau Sigma Delta, AIA, Arch, and Design Coun., 
Stu. Senator, TCB, Bands, MPC, CR. St. Pierre, Ruth M: 
Ames, Elementary Education, S.E.A. Strahm, Darlene S: 
Sabetha, Political Science, Smurthwaite, Sparks Pres., SGA, 
SCC, KSUARH, MMUN, MUN, MPC, People-to-People, CYD, 
Fr. Seminar Leader, Friendship Tutoring. Strahm, Ronald L: 
Sabetha, Agronomy. Streit, Irva K: Downs, Secondary Edu- 
cation and Business Administration, Phi Chi Theta, Delta 
Mu Delta, S.E.A., Dean's Honor Roll. Streit, Les D: Downs, 
Agricultural Education. Stremel, Kathleen M: McCracken, 
Speech Pathology and Audiology, Sigma Alpha Eta Pres., 
Newman Club. 

SECOND ROW: Strube, Roger L: Hiawatha, Secondary Edu- 
cation and Speech, Sigma Phi Epsilon Pres., K-State Play- 
ers. Stuart, James G: Glen Elder, Animal Science and Indus- 
try, Livestock Judging Team, Block and Bridle, Chaparajos, 
Dean's Honor Roll. Stuckey, Larry D: Leavenworth, Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Stull, Terry D: Salina, Civil Engineering. 
Sturgeon, Jerry L: Hutchinson, Business Administration. 
Suberkropp, Jerald L: Manhattan, Chemistry. Suderman, 
Daniel A: Newton, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Suderman, Kathryn L: Salina, Elementary 
Education. Suggs, Fred W: Montgomery, Ala., Bakery Man- 
agement. Sullivan, Jennifer K: Ulysses, Elementary Educa- 
tion, Kappa Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, 
S.E.A., CR. Summers, Peggy A: Topeka, Family and Child 
Development. Sunderland, Elmer L: Summerfield, Building 
Construction, Delta Chi, AGC. Sunderland, Jean M: Sum- 
merfield, Home Economics Education, Clovia, Mortar 
Board, Phi Upsilon Omicron, AHEA, Home Ec. Coun., Stu. 
Senator, ICC, Home Ec. Teaching Club, People-to-People, 
Campus Crusade for Christ, KSU Honors and State of Kan. 
Schs. Surrett, Richard L: Escondido, Calif., Electrical Engi- 
neering, Triangle Sec, Sigma Tau, Engr. Coun. 


Seniors: Sus-Tar 

TOP ROW: Suster, Boris: Guayaquil, Ecuador, Architecture. 
Swain, Charlotte L: Salina, Elementary Education. Swan, 
William S: Newell, S.D., Animal Science and Industry. Swa- 
ney, Thais K: Derby, Clothing Retailing, CR. Swank, Diana G: 

Wichita, Clothing Retailing, AHEA, Home Ec. Clothing and 
Tex. Club. Swart, Donna G: White City, Home Economics 
with Liberal Arts, Alpha Xi Delta, Home Ec. Fam. and Child 
Dev. and Univ. Ext. Clubs, CR. Sweet, Harold M: Hardy, Neb., 
Agronomy, Phi Eta Sigma, Wheat State Agr. Club, CR, KSU 
Honors Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Swenson, David D: Salina, Civil Engineering. 
Swenson, Phillip E: Concordia, Pre-Medicine. Swerczek, 

David A: Cedar Rapids, Neb., Veterinary Medicine. Swinney, 
William C: Valley Center, English, S.E.A., K-State Players, 
Rowing Team. Symns, Perrin K: Atchison, Animal Science 
and Industry, Ag. Coun., Wildcat Marching Band, Block and 
Bridle, Collegiate 4-H, UCCF Pres., Dean's Honor Roll. 
Symns, Shirley A: Manhattan, Elementary Education, Kap- 
pa Delta Pi, S.E.A., Off-Campus Women, UCCF, Dean's Hon- 
or Roll. Symons, Stanley M: Onaga, Business 

BOTTOM ROW: Szopinski, Leonard P: Chicago, III., Architec- 
ture. Tacktill, Norman: Bronx, N.Y., Zoology, S.E.A., Pre-Vet 
Club. Talley, Allen G: Olathe, Geophysics. Tanaka, Edwin I: 

Lahaina, Hawaii, Accounting. Tangeman, Roy D: Baileyville, 
Feed Science and Management, Ag. Coun., Stu. Senator, 
Grain Science Club, CYD, Newman Club. Taplin, Faye L: 
Ogden, Secondary Education. Tarry Michael C: Mulvane, 
Social Science. 

W- '*'"i£fe 

• ••- 

Skill in dodging automobiles is needed by a student who 
must cross congested streets on the way to and from class. 


Seniors: Tas-Thu 

TOP ROW: Tasker, Jerry D: Bennington, Mechanical Engineering. 
Tasset, Yvonne C: Spearville, Art, Delta Phi Delta. Taylor, John C: 

Topeka, Psychology, S.A.M.E., ANS, Psychology Club, Circle-K, 
Football and Rifle Teams. 

SECOND ROW: Taylor, Kent D: Kinsley, Sociology, Delta Tau Delta, 
Royal Purple staff, K-Key Award. Taylor, Steven L: Manhattan, 
Bacteriology. Teener, James W: Kansas City, Mo., Electrical 

THIRD ROW: Terry, Austina: Hutchinson, Elementary Education. 
Thiel, Margaret A: Easton, Elementary Education, S.E.A., Colle- 
giate 4-H, CYD, Newman Club, Union Pacific Schs. Thiel, Marie E: 

Easton, Clothing Retailing, Union News & Views Comm., Home Ec. 
Clothingand Tex and Newman Clubs. 

FOURTH ROW: Thomas, Barbara J: Topeka, Home Economics 
with Liberal Arts. Thomas, Daniel E: Ludell, Animal Science and 
Industry. Thomas, Janyth D: Topeka, Home Economics with Liber- 
al Arts. 

FIFTH ROW: Thomas, Kenneth L: Clyde, Chemical Engineering. 
Thomas, Kenneth L: Shawnee Mission, Chemistry, ACS, Judo 
Club. Thomas, Mary A: Atwood, Family and Child Development. 

SIXTH ROW: Thomas, Timothy M: Logan, Agricultural Economics. 
Thompson, Wayne E: Holcomb, Agricultural Education. Thorns, 
Robert J: Shawnee Mission, Animal Science and Industry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Thorp, Guida V: Abilene, Music Education. Throp, 
Roger M: Junction City, Architecture. Thorpe, Carol S: Kansas 
City, Elementary Education, Alpha Chi Omega, AWS, S.E.A., CR, 

BOTTOM ROW: Thummel, Lawrence K: Brookville, Mechanical 
Engineering, Pi Tau Sigma, KSU Honors and Salina Supply Schs. 
Thurman, Teresa G: Topeka, English. Thurston, Larry G: Delphos, 
Business Administration. 


Seniors: Tid-Tuc 

TOP ROW: Tidball, William P: Morristown, Veterinary Medicine. 
Tiemann, Larry S: Lincoln, Wildlife Conservation. Tillery, Carol A: 

Wichita, Clothing Retailing, Chi Omega, Union Trips and Tours 
Comm., Gen. Home Ec. Club, CR. 

SECOND ROW: Tittel, Janet K: Lincoln, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Toben, Walter H: Washington, Mo., Architecture. Todd, 
Louis D: Sedan, Agricultural Education. 

THIRD ROW: Todd, Michael A: Little Rock, Ark., Business Adminis- 
tration. Tollefson, David P: Hiawatha, Pre-Law, Beta Sigma Psi 
Sec, Phi Mu Alpha, Varsity Men's Glee Club. Tomasch, Kim A: 

Manhattan, Secondary Education, S.E.A. 

FOURTH ROW: Tonn, Donald P: Haven, Mechanical Engineering, 
ASME, Intr. Toothaker, Carol A: Kansas City, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Tousignant, Karen E: Kansas City, Mo., Foods and Nutrition . 

FIFTH ROW: Townley, Lawrence E: Topeka, Geology. Tozer, Bar- 
bara J: Topeka, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Tracy, Patricia 

A: Argonia, Sociology. 

SIXTH ROW: Train, Sammy K: Lindsborg, Agricultural Economics. 
Trapp, James N: Waldo, Agricultural Economics. Traxson, Steven 

G: Altamont, Industrial Engineering, Alpha Kappa Lambda Sec, 
Al IE, Industrial Engr. Open House Chm., CR. 

SEVENTH ROW: Trennepohl, James A: Manhattan, Electrical Engi- 
neering, Putnam Scholar, Eta Kappa Nu, Sigma Tau, IEEE, Ama- 
teur Radio Club Pres. Tresenriter, Linda L: Lenexa, Elementary 
Education, Alpha Delta Pi, IPC, Union K-Purrs and Campus Enter- 
tainment Comm., S.E.A., Home Ec Clothing and Tex. Club. Troell, 
Richard S: Wichita, Civil Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Truitt, Garry B: lola, Animal Science and Industry, 
Block and Bridle. Trybom, James C: Lawrence, Agronomy, Scab- 
bard and Blade, Wheat State Agr. and Newman Clubs, Intr., Dean's 
Honor Roll, Union Pacific Schs. Tucker, Cynthia M: Kiowa, Cloth- 
ing Retailing, Home Ec Clothing and Tex. Club. 


Seniors: Tuc-Vig 

TOP ROW: Tucker, Leonard L: Oskaloosa, Animal Science and 
Industry. Turner, Gary L: Elkhart, Computer Science, Flying Club, 
Dean's Honor Roll. Tussey, Mary L: Overland Park, Medical Tech- 
nology, Pi Beta Phi Sec, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sparks, Alpha Delta 
Theta, A&S Coun., Panhel., Union Campus Entertainment Comm., 
Statesmates, AWS Schs. 

SECOND ROW: Tweed, Thomas E: Norton, Business Administra- 
tion. Tyrus, Carmen M: Kansas City, Elementary Education, AWS, 
S.E.A., Community Sisters, Friendship Tutoring. Umscheid, 
Louise M: Manhattan, Clothing Retailing, Home Ec. Clothing and 
Tex. and Newman Clubs. 

THIRD ROW: Underwood, Oren L: Burr Oak, Animal Science and 
Industry. Unzicker, Jerry L: Belpre, Electrical Engineering. Urba- 

nek, Gary L: Wilson, Civil Engineering, Delta Upsilon, Phi Eta Sig- 
ma, Sigma Tau, Chi Epsilon, Steel Ring, ASCE, Arnold Air Soc, 
Engr. Coun. and Open House, SGA, TCB, Religious Coun., K-State 
Engr. staff, CR, Fr. Orient. Leader, Honors Prog., Salina Supply 
Schs., AFROTC Finan. Asst. Grant. 

FOURTH ROW: Urich, Albert J: Kansas City, Music Education, Blue 
Key, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Pres. Utz, Barbara L: Holton, Elemen- 
tary Education, S.E.A. Utz, Donald C: Holton, Dairy Foods Process- 
ing, Dairy Science Club, Union Pacific Schs. 

FIFTH ROW: VanderBosch, William: Niagara Falls, N.Y., Architec- 
ture. Vanderlaan, Elaine M: Natoma, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Van Der Wege,Judeen G: Glade, Elementary Education . 

SIXTH ROW: Vanderwerff, Janice: Medesto, Calif., Elementary 
Education. Vander Woude, Stan S: Sanborn, Iowa, Music Educa- 
tion. Vandorn, Bernard W: Frankfort, Animal Science and 

SEVENTH ROW: Van Huss, Lester J: Bucklin, Physical Science, 
S.E.A., Cosmopolitan Club, People-to-People. Van Pelt, Tamise J: 
Nickerson, History. Van Pelt, Vance E: Scott City, Business 

BOTTOM ROW: Verhaalen, Marylyn E: Charleston, W. Va., Elemen- 
tary Education. Veteto, Sherry A: Colony, Dietetics and Institution- 
al Management. Vigneron, Patricia L: Manhattan, Secondary Edu- 
cation and Business Administration, S.E.A. 


Students demonstrate against military involvement in 
the Vietnam war during the spring ROTC cadet review. 

Displaying anti-war signs, the group remained peace- 
ful during drills by troops on the practice grounds. 


Seniors: Vin-Wad 

TOP ROW: Vine, Mark H: Lawrence, N.Y., Bacteriology, Pre-Vet and 
Bacteriology Clubs, B'nai B'rith Hillel Found. Pres., Intr. Viney, 
Walter J: Wichita, Architecture, Delta Usilon, Tau Sigma Delta 
Pres., Steel Ring, AIA Pres., Arch, and Design Coun. and Open 
House Chm. Vlach, Anthony J: Hanover, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Vodraska, Ruth M: Ellsworth, History, Newman 
Club. Vogt, Kenneth H: Newton, Accounting. Volweider, Joan A: 

Hutchinson, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Voran, Jill: Pretty Prairie, English, Delta Delta Del- 
ta Treas., Kappa Delta Pi, MPC, K-State Players, S.E.A., CR. Wad- 
dle, Nancy K: Junction City, Secondary Education and Art, Pi Beta 
Phi, Union HQ and Campus Entertainment Comm., S.E.A., CR, 
Statesmates. Wadsack, James F: Derby, Veterinary Medicine. 


Seniors: Wag-Wea 

TOP ROW: Wagner, Douglas R: Affton, Mo., Architecture. Wagner, 
Robert A: Hays, Physics, AIP, Scabbard and Blade, Amateur Radio 
and Newman Clubs, Army ROTC Schs. Wakeman, Patrick A: Wath- 
ena, Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Waldren, Richard P: Tribune, Agronomy, Ag. 
Coun., Wheat State Agr. and Newman Clubs, Kan. Crop Improve- 
ment Assoc. Schs. Waldren, Terry E: Tribune, Business Adminis- 
tration. Walker, Linda M: Lincoln, Business Administration, Phi 
Chi Theta Pres., Dean's Honor Roll. 

THIRD ROW: Walker, Wanda R: Loveland, Colo., Elementary Edu- 
cation, S.E.A. Wall, John B: McPherson, Business Administration. 
Wallace, Madeline D: Salina, Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Wallingford, George: Olathe, Animal Science and 
Industry. Walsh, Daniel J: Woodhaven, N.Y., Animal Science and 
Industry, Block and Bridle. Walter, Roger IM: Hays, Architectural 

FIFTH ROW: Walters, Cheryl K: Gas, Sociology. Waltner, Ronald K: 

Newton, Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, 
IEEE, Texaco Schs. Ward, Gregory B: Swansea, Mass., Restaurant 

SIXTH ROW: Ward, Virginia L: Larned, Family and Child Develop- 
ment, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Home Ec. Coun., AWS, MUN, Home 
Ec. Nursing and Fam. and Child Dev. Clubs, Statesmates. Ward- 
law, Dale A: Shawnee Mission, Geography, Delta Tau Delta, 
Gamma Theta Upsilon, Geography Club. Warner, James B: Kansas 
City, Mo., Art, Delta Sigma Phi, Sports Car Club. 

SEVENTH ROW: Warner, Kathleen J: Dodge City, Fashion Design, 
Alpha Xi Delta, Home Ec. Coun., Union K-Purrs Cormm., Home Ec. 
Interior Design and Journalism Clubs, RWF, Dean's Honor Roll. 
Wassenberg, Anna M: Marysville, Elementary Education, Kappa 
Delta Pi Pres., S.E.A. , CYD, Otf-Campus Women, Newman Club. 
Wasserman, Kenneth W: Hollenberg, History. 

BOTTOM ROW: Wathern, Richard J: Belleville, III., Mechanical En- 
gineering. Watts, Curt L: Prairie Village, Electrical Engineering. 
Weaver, James L: Augusta, Business Administration. 


Seniors: Web-Wes 

TOP ROW: Weber, Steven P: Geneseo, III., Agricultural Economics. 
Weberg, Donald W: Salina, Agricultural Economics. Weckerling, 
Maurice: Satanta, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Wegener, James D: McCook, Neb., Electrical Engi- 
neering. Wegman, Virginia L: Hoxie, Secondary Education, Delta 
Delta Delta, Williston Geology, Geography and Newman Clubs. 
Wehling, Robert D: Salina, Accounting. 

THIRD ROW: Wehrman, Pearl I: Wathena, Business Administra- 
tion. Weibert, Stuart W: Tampa, Animal Science and Industry, 
FarmHouse Pres., Blue Key, Alpha Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta, IFC, 
Block and Bridle. Weigand, Marvin W: Stafford, History. 

FOURTH ROW: Weihe, Sheryl K: Lamed, Clothing Retailing. Wein- 
gart, Jacqueline L: Atchison, Humanities, Alpha Delta Pi, CYD, 
Statesmates, Friendship Tutoring, Newman Club. Weingart, Tho- 
masine: Atchison, Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Weir, Virginia K: Geuda Springs, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Weishaar, Philip L: Nortonville, Physical Education. Welch, 
Wesley H: Augusta, Architecture, Delta Tau Delta Sec, AIA, Union 
Campus Entertainment and Sports and Recreation Comm., Ski 

SIXTH ROW: Wells, Robert H: Manhattan, Accounting. Wells, Wil- 
liam W: Leavenworth, Accounting. Wenger, Richard W: Sabetha, 

SEVENTH ROW: Wenger, Vicki L: Meade, Elementary Education, 
Kappa Delta Pi, S.E.A. Wentz, Elisabeth A: Concordia, Psychology. 
Wenzl, John E: Manhattan, Physical Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Werner, Ruth D: Sharon, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Wesche, Alan E: Barnes, Wildlife Conservation. West, Paul R: 

Norfolk, Va., Veterinary Medicine. 


* IS 

Solitude needed for studying difficult subject can 
be found in any of the secluded carrells in Farrell library. 

Seniors: Wes-Wie 

TOP ROW: West, Shari A: Little River, Secondary Education. 
West, Sharon K: Overland Park, Clothing Retailing, Omicron 
Nu, Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. and Cosmopolitan Clubs, 
Ireland-Kahl Schs. West, Steven J: Nekoma, Animal Science 
and Industry. West, Warren N: Sedan, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Westerman, Dorothy A: Ellsworth, Secondary Educa- 
tion and Business Administration, Alpha Xi Delta, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Phi Chi Theta, Commerce and Ed. Coun., S.E.A. 
Advisory Bd., Dames Club, CR, Newman Club, KSU Honors 
Schs. Westerman, John R: Ellsworth, Accounting, Alpha 
Gamma Rho, Alpha Kappa Psi, Commerce Coun., CR, Un- 
ion Pacific Schs. Weyer, Lawrence A: Baileyville, Mathemat- 
ics, BowlingTeam. 

SECOND ROW: Wheatcroft, James S: Ellinwood, Physical 
Education. Wheeler, Sharon K: Atchison, Interior Design. 
Wheeler, Vicki L: Atchison, Clothing Retailing, Alpha Delta 
Pi, SGA, Union Comm., Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. Club. 
Wheelock, Hugh H: Medicine Lodge, Animal Science and 
Industry. White, Cynthia E: Manhattan, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Whitehair, Rita M: Manhattan, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management, Pi Beta Phi, Union Campus Entertain- 
ment Comm., Home Ec. Prof. Foods and Gen. Home Ec. 
Clubs, Little Sisters of Minerva, Newman Club. Whitehill, 
Janet M: Latham, Physical Education, Phi Epsilon Delta, 
S.E.A. , KAHPER, AAHPER, WRA Pres., Collegiate 4-H, Intr. 
Coun., Women's Intr. Dir., Intercollegiate Basketball, Vol- 
leyball and Softball Teams. 

BOTTOM ROW: Whitley, Marilyn R: Manhattan, Elementary 
Education. Whitney, Vicki 0: Cherokee, Clothing Retailing, 
Light Brigade, Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. Club. Whitworth, 
Paula L: Chanute, Secondary Education and Art, Delta Delta 
Delta. Wibbeler, Richard M: Greensburg, Business Adminis- 
tration. Wichman, Janice A: Colby, Physical Education, 
Kappa Delta, Phi Epsilon Delta, S.E.A., Newman Club. 
Wiehe, Linda C: Leavenworth, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Wiemers, Larry D: Beatrice, Neb., Physical Education. 


Seniors: Wik-Wis 


TOP ROW: Wikoff, Edwin G: Brookville, Accounting. Wild, Donald 

R: Lancaster, N.Y., Natural Resources Conservation and Use, Wild- 
life Soc, Wheat State Agr. Club, CR. Wiley, Shirley J: Wichita, Sec- 
ondary Education and Business Administration, Phi Chi Theta, 

SECOND ROW: Wilkerson, Elizabeth A: Jetmore, Home Economics 
Education, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Kappa Delta Pi, AGO, S.E.A., 
Home Ec. Teaching Club, Statesmates, RWF. Willard, F. Lynn: 
Madison, Veterinary Medicine. Willhite, John D: Leawood, Pre- 

THIRD ROW: Williams, David R: Peoria, III., Business Administra- 
tion, Delta Tau Delta, Union Campus Entertainment Comm., Base- 
ball Team. Williams, Don N: Manhattan, Mechanical Engineering. 
Williams, Kimberly E: Shawnee Mission, Business Administration, 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, Sparks, Angel Flight, Panhel., Union Per- 
sonnel and Research Comm., Home Ec. Teaching Club, Arnold Air 
Soc. Little Colonel. 

FOURTH ROW: Williams, Mark D: Florence, Veterinary Medicine, 
Alpha Zeta, AVMA, CR, Honors Prog. Williams, Thomas A: Clay 
Center, Veterinary Medicine, AVMA, Chaparajos, Circle-K, Rum- 
ford Rodeo Schs. Willis, Lonnie D: Bird City, Veterinary Medicine, 

FIFTH ROW: Wilson, Chadd R: Kinsley, Electrical Engineering, 
IEEE. Wilson, Dorothy R: Burdett, Elementary Education, Kappa 
Delta Pi, S.E.A. Wilson, George T: Manhattan, Business 

SIXTH ROW: Wilson, James A: lola, Nuclear Engineering. Wilson, 
Philip B: Rockford, III., Physical Education. Wilson, Richard D: 

Russell, Agricultural Education, Alpha Tau Alpha, Arnold Air Soc, 
Ag. Ed. Club, Collegiate 4-H and FFA Pres., Hoedowners, Union 
Pacific Schs. 

SEVENTH ROW: Wilson, Steven R: Newton, Architectural Struc- 
tures. Winberry, Lanny T: Greenway, Ark., Tau Kappa Epsilon, 
Scabbard and Blade, IFC, Intr., Army ROTC Schs. Winter, John T: 

Manhattan, Zoology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Winter, Nancy L: Satanta, Family and Child Devel- 
opment, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Winter, Ronald A: Manhattan, 
Technical Journalism and Radio and Television, Alpha Epsilon 
Rho, KSDB-FM Staff, Newman Club. Wise, Sidney L: Clearwater, 
Architectural Structures. 


Increasing crowd spirit, the pep band with director 
Paul Shull performs during all home basketball games. 

Seniors: Wis-Yan | 

TOP ROW: Wisniewski, John E: St. Joseph, Mich., Architec- 
ture. Woelfer, Carl W: Fort Monroe, Va., History. Woellhof, 
Linda K: Clay Center, Music Education, Mu Phi Epsilon, 
Sigma Delta Pi, MENC, S.E.A. Wofford, Jerry R: Ozawkie, 
Retail Floriculture, S.E.A., Hort. Club. Wolfe, Regina F: Ness 
City, Elementary Education and Speech Pathology and Au- 
diology, Alpha Delta Pi V-Pres., Sigma Alpha Eta, Light Bri- 
gade, SGA, UPC, UGB, S.E.A., Engin-Dears, Miss Kan. to Miss 
USA Contest. Wolters, Douglas J: Atwood, Animal Science 
and Industry, Beta Sigma Psi V-Pres. Wood, Frederick R: 
Ottawa, Animal Science and Industry. 

SECOND ROW: Wood, Michael A: Cherryvale, Secondary 
Education. Wood, Steve J: Overland Park, History. Woodard, 
Charles R: Wichita, Dairy Production, Delta Chi. Woodard, 
Craig M: Wichita, Zoology. Woodard, June A: Wichita, Home 
Economics Education, Kappa Kappa Gamma, AHEA, Pan- 
hel., S.E.A. Woods, Paul C: Kansas City, Electrical Engineer- 
ing and Business Administration, Phi Kappa Tau Pres., 
IEEE, CR. Woolcott, Mary A: Chester, III., Elementary Educa- 
tion, Alpha Chi Omega Sec, Union Personnel and Research 
Comm., S.E.A. Advisory Bd. T Home Ec. Prof. Foods Club, 
Wesley Found., Intr. 

BOTTOM ROW: Works, Virginia J: Humboldt, Home Eco- 
nomics with Liberal Arts. Wright, Gregory S: Overland Park, 
Technical Journalism. Wujek, LaVonne M: Ogallala, Neb., 
Sociology. Wurtz, Teresa J: Paxico, Secondary Education, 
S.E.A., CYD, Newman Club. Wyrick, Cathy S: Newman, Ga., 
Elementary Education. Yamashita, Bruce N: Kaunakakai, 
Hawaii, Electrical Engineering. Yaney, Jed E: Newark, N.J., 
Social Science. 


Seniors: Yat-Zoe 

TOP ROW: Yates, Harold: Colorado Springs, Colo., Modern 
Languages, Lambda Chi Alpha, IFC. Yelenik, Lois E: Wichita, 
Modern Languages, Kappa Alpha Theta Sec, Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Putnam Scholar, Sparks, SGA, Union Movies Comm., 
S.E.A. Yeo, David R: Manhattan, Electrical Engineering. 
Yonke, Elizabeth A: Junction City, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Yorke, Cynthia R: Sedan, Elementary Education, Kap- 
pa Kappa Gamma V-Pres., Jr. Panhel., Panhel., Union Trips 
and Tours Comm. Chm., S.E.A., Statesmates. Yorke, Jer- 
ome P: Sedan, Veterinary Medicine. Young, John R: Car- 
bondale, Nuclear Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Young, Leroy I: Beloit, Natural Resources 
Conservation and Use, Delta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega. 
Young, Regina G: Overland Park, Clothing Retailing, Gam- 
ma Phi Beta, Sparks, SGA Personnel Selection Comm., 
Union Campus Entertainment Comm., Home Ec. Clothing 
and Tex. Club. Youngers, Diane K: Medicine Lodge, Clothing 
Retailing, Alpha Delta Pi, Chimes, Mortar Board, Phi Upsi- 
lon Omicron, Home Ec. Coun., Union K-Purrs Comm., 
Home Ec. Clothing and Tex. Club, Statesmates, CR. Young- 
man, John D: Marion, Mich., Architecture. Yust, Steven W: 
Sylvia, Animal Science and Industry. Zabel, Charles W: 
Atchison, Business Administration, Beta Sigma Psi Sec. 
Zander, Norbert J: Oberlin, Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Zavesky, Thomas C: Ellsworth, Agronomy. 
Zemansky, Thomas R: Aurora, III., Philosophy. Zibell, Bar- 
bara L: Holton, Clothing Retailing. Zimmerman, Glenna L: 
Poplar, Mont., Physical Education. Zimmerman, Nancy L: 
Centralia, History. Zlasney, David C: Irvington, N.J., History 
Club, CYD, B'nai B'rith Hillel Found. Zoerb, G. Michael: Lan- 
caster, N.Y., Architecture. 

Watching for instructions to walk or to stand, students 
in environmental research lab complete comfort studies. 



Undergrad enrollment 
reaches record of 10,705 

Undergraduate enrollment soared to a record 
10,705 students, an increase of almost 1,000 stu- 
dents over last year. Freshmen topped the enroll- 
ment figures after 3,064 filed through registration 
in the fall. Sophomores claimed 2,387 members 
while juniors accounted for 2,275 students. Al- 
though the ratio of men to women in past years 
had been approximately two to one, the increase 
in coed undergraduates moved it closer to a one to 
one basis. In addition to representing the 50 
states, the Canal Zone, Virgin Islands and Puerto 
Rico, 400 undergrads were classified as interna- 
tional students. Approximately 15 per cent of the 
students were out-of-state residents. 

Slowed by the freshly fallen blanket of snow, stu- 
dents trudge past Denison on their way to class. 

Lured outside by the sunny spring weather, students 
relax away from the usual study and class schedules. 



Underclassmen: Abb-All 

TOP ROW: Abbott, Denis E: Salina, Sophomore, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Abell, Larry W: St. Louis, Mo., Sophomore, Architecture. 
Abrams, Steve E: Arkansas City, Sophomore, Animal Science and 
Industry. Acevedo, Angel L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Accounting. 
Achten, Linda R: Wetmore, Junior, General. 

SECOND ROW: Acker, Karen J: Topeka, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Adam, Larry W: Miltonvale, Freshman, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Adamek, Donna R: Holyrood, Freshman, General. Adams, 
Diana B: Fanwood, N.J., Junior, Animal Science and Industry. Ad- 
ams, James D: Topeka, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Adams, Michael B: Topeka, Sophomore, Electrical En- 
gineering. Adams, Nancy L: Westport, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Adelhardt, Louise K: Zenda, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Adkins, Dan O: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Adkins, David L: Manhattan, Sophomore, General 

FOURTH ROW: Affolter, Albert J: Morganville, Sophomore, Account- 
ing. Ahlquist, Melvin M: Clay Center, Sophomore, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Ahlquist, Nola M: Clay Center, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Ahrens, 
Barbara J: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Akagi, 

Alan T: Wahiawa, Hawaii, Sophomore, Accounting. 

FIFTH ROW: Albers, Barbara A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Gener- 
al Home Economics. Albrecht, Redge E: Lincolnville, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Albright, Steven W: Mayetta, Freshman, Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine. Albright, William C: Mayetta, Junior, General. 
Aldis, David F: Fort Scott, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Aldrich, Lester W: Hartford, S.D., Sophomore, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Aldrich, Melody M: Onaga, Junior, Sociology. Ald- 
ridge, Gary L: Ashland, Freshman, Agronomy. Alexander, Dennis R: 

Burlington, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Alexander, Kathy J: 

Independence, Junior, Sociology. 

SEVENTH ROW: Alford, Sandra L: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Mod- 
ern Languages. Algrim, Kae E: Montezuma, Junior, Horticulture. 
Allen, Earl R: Preston, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Allen, Eric 
B: McCook, Neb., Junior, Agricultural Economics. Allen, James H: 

Newton, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Allen, Jimmy R: Oberlin, Sophomore, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Allen, John L: Norton, Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion. Allen, Leon E: Erie, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Allen, Linda 
J: Drexel, Mo., Freshman, General Home Economics. Allen, Norene 

F: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Allen, Rebecca E: Altamont, Junior, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Allen, Ronald D: Dodge City, Freshman, Architectural 
Structures. Alley, Deborah J: Salina, Freshman, General. Allie, Kath- 
leen E: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Allison, M. Diane: Kin- 
sley, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 


SIXTH ROW: Anderson, Richard 0: Topeka, Junior, Computer Sci- 
ence. Anderson, Rick A: Elkhart, Sophomore, General. Anderson, 
Robert C: Smolan, Freshman, General Agriculture. Anderson, Ste- 
phen R: Kansas City, Freshman, Psychology. Anderson, Ted L: To- 
peka, Junior, Pre-Denistry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Anderson, Wendy L: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Andres, Jane E: Newton, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Angel, Gene R: Paradise, Junior, Business Administration. 
Anneberg, Kathyrn R: Manhattan, Freshman, Physical Education. 
Anstaett, Donald R: Lyndon, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine in 

EIGHTH ROW: AraSmith, Gayle D: Goddard, Sophomore, Veterinary 
Medicine. Arayapat, Manad: Bangkok, Thailand, Sophomore, Archi- 
tecture. Archibald, Sheri A: Garden City, Sophomore, Physical Edu- 
cation. Arehart, Michael J: Manhattan, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Arendt, Deborah L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Sociology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Arheart, Kristopher: Elkart, Junior, Statistics. Arkin, 
Steven A: Colonia, N.J., Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Armon, 
Gregory T: Maize, Sophomore, Pre-Denistry. Armour, James L: Vio- 
la, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Armour, John L: Viola, 
Freshman, Agronomy. 

Underclassmen: All-Bac 

TOP ROW: Alloway, Jay E: Wichita, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Alloway, Thomas J: Wichita, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Alquist, Keith E: Clay Center, Freshman, Mathematics. Alsup, Pame- 
la A: St. Francis, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional Manage- 
ment. Alt, Douglas K: Wamego, Sophomore, Feed Science and 

SECOND ROW: Amann, James A: McPherson, Freshman, Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Amend, Valda K: Overland Park, Freshman, Clothing 
Retailing. Ammel, William L: Leavenworth, Freshman, Speech. 
Amos, Thomas L: Topeka, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Ander- 
eck, Dorothy L: Hutchinson, Junior, Elementary Education . 

THIRD ROW: Andersen, Larry D: Waterville, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Anderson, Betty J: Garnett, Sophomore, Dietetics 
and Institutional Management. Anderson, Dorothy M: Salina, Fresh- 
man, Retail Floriculture. Anderson, Gary L: Kansas City, Freshman, 
Mechanical Engineering. Anderson, Gaylard C: Mills, Neb., Junior, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Anderson, John C: Clearwater, Fla., Junior, Business 
Administration. Anderson, John R: Overland Park, Junior, Business 
Administration. Anderson, Karen R: Smolan, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Anderson, Kathleen L: Manhattan, Junior, Ele- 
mentary Education. Anderson, Larry E: Elkhart, Freshman, Business 

FIFTH ROW: Anderson, Larry P: Holly, Colo., 04, Architecture. An- 
derson, Marsha D: Hugoton, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 
Anderson, Melanie E: Olathe, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Ander- 
son, Nancy J: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. An- 
derson, Rebecca S: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Art. 


TOP ROW: Armstead, Dean L: Ozawkie, Junior, Music Education. 
Armstrong, Danny L: Wichita, Freshman, Architecture. Armstrong, 
Elizabeth: Topeka, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Armstrong, Janet B: 
Kansas City, Freshman, General. Armstrong, Kenneth C: Shawnee 
Mission, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Arnold, Claudia J: Alma, Freshman, General. Artus, 
Walter R: Peekskill, N.Y., Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. As- 
bury, Mardel L: Varner, Junior, Home Economics and Journalism. 
Aschermann, Larry L: Shelbyville, III., Junior, Animal Science and 
Industry. Ash, Jonathan N: Huntington, N.Y., Junior, Bacteriology. 

THIRD ROW: Asher, Donald D: Stafford, Junior, Agriculture Educa- 
tion. Asher, Patricia M: Overland Park, Sophomore, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Asher, Suzanne: Wichita, Freshman, Psychology. Askew, Pame- 
la K: Overland Park, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. 
Aspegren, Phyliss D: Scandia, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

FOURTH ROW: Aspelin, Carl A: Santa Anna, Calif., Sophomore, Pre- 
Dentistry. Atchison, Cheryl L: Mission, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Atchison, Sean R: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Atherton, 
Janet D: Moran, Junior, Home Economics Education. Atherton, 

John E: Parsons, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Attebury, Claude M: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 
Atwater, Mary A: Netawaka, Junior, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Atwell, Dennis C: Utica, Sophomore, General Agriculture. Atwood, 
Marilyn J: Lebanon, Freshman, Family and Child Development. 
Aubel, James W: Hays, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Auchard, Judith K: Atchison, Junior, Medical Technolo- 
gy. Aufdengarten, Mary J: Washington, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 
Auld, Arvis K: Junction City, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Ault, Lin- 
da G: Wamego, Sophomore, Physical Education. Ault, Terry W: 

Hays, Sophomore, Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Avants, Randall D: Wichita, Freshman, Architecture. 
Avery, Robert P: Manhattan, Freshman, Animal Science and Indus- 
try. Axt, Lyle V: Goodrich, N.D., Junior, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Ayers, Warren E: Salina, Sophomore, Animal Science and Industry. 
Baalman, Roger J: Oakley, Junior, Architecture. 

EIGHTH ROW: Baalman, Ronald D: Oakley, Sophomore, Architec- 
ture. Babbit, Michael C: Silver Lake, Sophomore, Nursery and Land- 
scape Management. Babbitt, Susan J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre- 
Nursing. Babcock, Margaret A: Lebanon, Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Bach, Harold T: Clay Center, Junior, Psychology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bachand, Dennis L: Great Bend, Junior, Botany. 
Bachoritch, Carol A: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Backhus, 

Nancy J: Leavenworth, Freshman, General Home Economics. Ba- 
con, Allan L: Tecumseh, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Bacon, 
Jane M: Moran, Freshman, Foods and Nutrition. 


Underclassmen: Bac-Bar 

TOP ROW: Bacon, Susan J: Salina, Sophomore, Technical Journal- 
ism. Badgley, Susan L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Medical Technolo- 
gy. Baer, Gwen A: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Baer, Sheryl L: 
Riley, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Baer, Stephanie A: 

Ness City, Sophomore, Animal Science and Industry. 

SECOND ROW: Bagley, James O: Manhattan, Freshman, Physics. 
Bahner, Darlene D: Delia, Freshman, Biological Science. Bailey, 
Charles E: Jennings, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Bailey, 
Deborah E: Oskaloosa, Freshman, General Home Economics. Bai- 
ley, Gay S: Topeka, Sophomore, General . 

THIRD ROW: Bailey, Glenn E: Arkansas City, Freshman, Chemical 
Engineering. Bailey, Jeanette: Eureka, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Bailey, Lonnie E: Fort Scott, Agricultural Engineering. 
Bailey, Rebecca S: Garnett, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Bailey, Regina 0: Fort Scott, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Bain, Linda S: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General. 
Bair, Harold H: Winfield, Freshman, Computer Science. Bairow, 
Sheila L: Wamego, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Bai- 
row, Thomas S: Wamego, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. Bak- 
arich, Linda M: Kansas City, Freshman, Home Economics 

FIFTH ROW: Baker, Carol R: Hebron, Neb., Sophomore, Speech. 
Baker, Deborah K: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Sociology. Baker, 
Douglas A: Holt, Mo., Freshman, General. Baker, Mary E: Overland 
Park, Junior, Elementary Education. Baker, Michael D: Salina, 
Freshman, Business Administration. 

SIXTH ROW: Baker, Murl R: Protection, Junior, History. Baker, 
Sherre D: Newton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Baker, 
Steven W: Overland Park, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Bald- 
erson, S. Clark: Wamego, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Baldridge, Jennifer: Wichita, Sophomore, Physics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Baldwin, Sharilyn L: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 
Bales, Florice L: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Ball, David E: 
Salina, Freshman, General. Ballantyne, Paul S: Shawnee Mission, 
Sophomore, Architecture. Bamberger, Ronald W: Jetmore, Sopho- 
more, Agricultural Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Bandel, Terry J: St. Francis, Sophomore, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Banker, Beverly G: Hutchinson, Sophomore, 
Speech Pathology and Audiology. Banman, Terri A: McPherson, 
Sophomore, Technical Journalism. Banning, John W: Milford, Del., 
Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Barb, Linda S: New Canaan, Conn., 
Junior, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Barben, Carl L: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Elec- 
trical Engineering. Barclay, Joseph A: Freshman, General. Barden, 
Fred W: Osawatomie, Freshman, Architecture. Barefield, Bruce W: 

Minneapolis, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Barker, Leigh 
R: Council Grove, Sophomore, General. 


TOP ROW: Barker, Nancy L: Atchison, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Barker, Nancy S: Norwich, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Barker, Rene E: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Barker, William B: Topeka, Sophomore, History. 
Barkis, Mary S: Spring Hill, Sophomore, Elementary Education . 

SECOND ROW: Barlow, Nancy L: Wichita, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Barnes, Dennis E: Delphos, Junior, Physical Education. 
Barnes, Gordon P: Lambertville, Mich., Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Barnes, Gwen K: Hutchinson, Freshman, Anthropology. 
Barnes, Larry A: Junction City, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Barnes, Linda L: Shawnee, Freshman, General. Barnes, 
Michael A: Kansas City, Freshman, Accounting. Barnes, Rodney J: 
Council Grove, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Barnett, Jerry 
L: Sedan, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Barnett, Larry D: 

Sedan, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. 

FOURTH ROW: Barnett, Merrilee S: Colby, Freshman, General. Barn- 
grover, Larry W: Ft. Riley, Freshman, Technical Journalism. Barn- 
grover, Wayne D: Kinsley, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 
Barnthson, Harold E: Bridgeton, Mo., Junior, Mathematics. Barr, 
Judith A: Westmoreland, Junior, Home Economics Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Barratti, Robert A: Wichita, Freshman, General. Barrett, 
Dennis H: Anthony, Sophomore, Music Education. Barrett, James E: 
Newton, Junior, Business Administration. Barrett, James P: Cool- 
idge. Sophomore, Animal Science and Industry. Barrett, Terry R: 

Quinter, Junior, Chemistry. 

SIXTH ROW: Barritt, Julie A: Hutchinson, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Barrow, Lynn A: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Architectural 
Structures. Barry, Carolyn D: Leawood, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Barry, John R: Overland Park, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Barta, Cheryl A: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Business 

SEVENTH ROW: Bartak, Marilyn J: Cuba, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Bartak, Paul J: Cuba, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 
Bartel, Lyle W: Greensburg, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Bartell, Marcia P: Moundridge, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Barthol, Marilyn K: Olathe, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Bartholomew, Eric L: Alton, Sophomore, Building 
Construction. Bartholomew, Nancy J: Mankato, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Bartholomew, Patsy L: Alton, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Bartholomew, Robert: Morrill, Junior, Mathe- 
matics. Bartholomew, Sharon: Great Bend, Freshman, Clothing 

BOTTOM ROW: Bartkoski, Ronald P: Mission, Freshman, Architec- 
ture. Bartkoski, Terry P: Kansas City, Sophomore, General. Bartlett, 
Charles: Atchison, Freshman, Biological Science. Bartlett, Earl E: 
Humboldt, Junior, Civil Engineering. Barton, Keith E: Arkansas City, 
Freshman, General. 


Underclassmen: Bar-Bel 

TOP ROW: Barton, Stephen T: Junction City, Sophomore, Computer 
Science. Bartsch, Steven L: Jewell, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Basham, Jacqueline A: Eureka, Sophomore, Chemistry. Bass, 
Sandra L: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Business Education. Bastel, 
Joan E: Kansas City, Junior, Technical Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Bates, Wanda L: Manhattan, Junior, Modern Lan- 
guages. Batterton, Charlene: Johnson, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Bauer, Daniel W: Clay Center, Junior, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Bauer, David K: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Architecture. 
Bauer, Martin W: Clay Center, Sophomore, Pre-Law. 

THIRD ROW: Bauer, Nancie L: Clay Center, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 
Baughman, Alan C: Liberty, Mo., Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Baum, James L: Mattoon, III., Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Baum, Jeanette K: Augusta, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. 
Bauman, Douglas A: Salina, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Bauman, Joyce M: Centralia, Junior, Foods and Nu- 
trition. Bauman, Michael E: Sabetha, Sophomore, Architecture. 
Baxter, Marsha A: Pomona, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Bay, 
Richard J: Elmont, N.Y., Junior, Dairy Foods Processing. Bazil, 
Ralph E: Arkansas City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Beach, Donald A: Salina, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Beard, Patricia A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Bearnes, Constance J: Culver, Sophomore, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Beaton, William L: Scott City, Freshman, General 
Agriculture. Beauchamp, Dwight E: Clay Center, Freshman, Chemi- 
cal Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Beaudoin, Philip A: Coventry, R.I., Sophomore, Pre- 
Vetermary Medicine. Bechtold, Nancy A: Prairie Village, Freshman, 
Pre-Elementary Education. Beck, Barbara E: Leawood, Freshman, 
General Home Economics. Beck, Dale A: Wichita, Freshman, Techni- 
cal Journalism. Beck, Joseph C: Salina, Sophomore, Mechanical 

SEVENTH ROW: Beckenhauer, Charles: Manhattan, Sophomore, 
Physics. Becker, Jo Ann: Wichita, Junior, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Becker, John E: Kansas City, Freshman, General. Becker, Joyce 
A: Lenora, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Becker, Robert E: 

Council Grove, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Becker, Robert E: Great Bend, Sophomore, Second- 
ary Education. Beckman, Linda K: Kansas City, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Beckwith, James L: Topeka, Sophomore, History. 
Bee, Charlotte L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, English. Beebe, 
Carolyn S: Silver Springs, Md., Freshman, Political Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Beebe, Linda M: Dodge City, Freshman, Pre-Busi- 
ness Education. Beedles, William L: Baldwin, Junior, Business Ad- 
ministration. Beeler, Nancy: Overland Park, Sophomore, Modern 
Languages. Beer, Paul R: Larned, Sophomore, General. Beesley, 
Deborah L: Dighton, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

■mfl W - 


With his roommate gone, a dorm resident finds a few 
moments to be alone and think. Having been used to 

a room of his own at home, a new student discovers 
sharing a room can be a new and trying experience. 

TOP ROW: Beesley, Donald R: Quinter, Freshman, General. Beesley, 
James D: Pomona, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Beesley, 
Roger D: Quinter, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. Beezley, 
Jerome G: Girard, Sophomore, Dairy Production. Behnke, Maurice 

J: Bushton, Sophomore, Mathematics. 

SECOND ROW: Behrens, Philip P: Lincoln, Junior, Animal Science 
and Industry. Beier, Michael J: Topeka, Freshman, Chemistry. Beik- 
mann, Stanley H: Washington, Junior, Horticulture. Beisel, James 
Q: Shiremanstown, Pa., Freshman, Horticulture. Beisel, Pamela J: 

Downs, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Beisner, Betty A: Alton, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Beis- 
ner, Linda D: Oakley. Junior, Secondary Education. Belcher, Louetta 
L: Manhattan, Freshman, Business Administration. Belden, Brian D: 
Salina, Sophomore, General. Belew, Cynthia S: El Dorado, Junior, 
Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bell, Janet K: Wichita, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Bell, Judith J: Salina, Freshman, Music Education. Bell, 
Mark G: Kansas City, Freshman, General. Bell, Thomas C: Abilene, 
Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Bell, William K: Salina, Sophomore, 


Underclassmen: Bel-Bla 

TOP ROW: Belobrajdie, Barbara: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Belstra, Timothy K: Demotte, Ind., Sopho- 
more, Feed Science and Management. Belt, Timothy R: Coffeyville, 
Sophomore, Architecture. Bencini, Denzel K: Garden City, Junior, 
Secondary Education. Benda, Gerald R: Ludell, Freshman, General 

SECOND ROW: Bender, Barbara A: Chanute, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Benedick, Susan E: Wichita, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Benedict, Charles E: Lebo, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Benjamin, Sherilyn: Hutchinson, Junior, Physical 
Education. Bennett, Bruce C: St. Louis, Mo., Freshman, 

THIRD ROW: Bennett, Carol A: Seneca, Freshman, General. Bennett, 
Carolle L: White City, Junior, Horticulture. Bennett, James W: To- 
peka, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Benninga, Miriam P: Leonard- 
ville, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Bensinger, James L: 

Birmingham, Ala., Freshman, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Benton, Ronald R: Garnett, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Benton, Sandra C: San Antonio, Tex., Junior, Mathe- 
matics. Benton, Timothy T: Garnett, Junior, Animal Science and 
Industry. Berentz, Barbara A: Eureka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Berg, Melissa A: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Clothing 

FIFTH ROW: Berger, Merlene M: Longford, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Berges, Eugene D: Onaga, Sophomore, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Berggren, Sheri A: Randolph, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Bergman, Kathleen S: Riley, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Bergsten, Ann M: Valley Falls, Freshman, General. 

SIXTH ROW: Bergsten, Richard D: Green, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Berling, Susan E: St. Louis, Mo., Sophomore, Pre- 
Medicine. Berman, Mark Y: Brooklyn, N.Y., Sophomore, Civil Engi- 
neering. Bernasek, Steven L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Chemistry. 
Berndt, Douglas L: Glasco, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Bernitz, Sharon A: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Berry, Augusta S: Ogden, Sophomore, Home Economics 
and Journalism. Berry, David V: Russell, Junior, Technical Journal- 
ism. Berry, Galen W: Russell, Freshman, General. Berry, Roger N: 

Russell, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechanization. 

EIGHTH ROW: Best, Keith A: Canton, Ohio, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Bethel, Katherine D: Merriam, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Bethell, Doug C: Quenemo, Freshman, General 
Agriculture. Bettenhausen, Carol: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Bettis, Marilyn: Curundu, Canal Zone, Sopho- 
more, Biological Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Settles, Thomas E: Herington, Sophomore, Nuclear 
Engineering. Berts, Janet K: Oberlin, Junior, Accounting. Betty, 
Cheri K: Kiowa, Freshman, General Home Economics. Bevacqui, 
Anthony R: West Long Branch, N.J., Junior, Zoology. Bever, John E: 

Independence, Freshman, Physical Education. 


TOP ROW: Bey, Fred W: San Antonio, Tex., Junior, Bakery Manage- 
ment. Beyer, Alan H: Gridley, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Beyrle, 
Steve J: Wichita, Freshman, General. Biby, Roger W: Winfield, Ju- 
nior, Pre-Law. Bicknell, Patricia L: Bonner Springs, Junior, Business 

SECOND ROW: Bieber, June L: Norton, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 
Bieberly, Jerilyn M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Biological Science. 
Bienhoff, Paul A: Kensington, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Biery, Galen E: Topeka, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Biesen- 
thal, Karen A: Wheaton, Freshman, Family and Child Development. 

THIRD ROW: Bigbee, Judith L: Manhattan, Freshman, Family and 
Child Development. Biggerstaff, Daniel: Solomon, Freshman, Pre- 
Dentistry. Biggs, Craig M: Great Bend, Freshman, General. Biggs, 
John P: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Bihlmaier, Steven L: Os- 
borne, Sophomore, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Bilderback, John R: Coffeyville, Junior, Agricultural 
Mechanization. Bilger, Stephen N: St. Louis, Mo., Freshman, Gener- 
al. Billenwillms, Sheila: Sharon Springs, Junior, Family and Child 
Development. Billingham, Gregory: Manhattan, Junior, Architec- 
ture. Billings, Daniel L: Kensington, Sophomore, General 

FIFTH ROW: Billups, James W: Hutchinson, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Birch, Walter J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Birney, Marcia J: Bucklin, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Bishop, Barbara A: Canton, Sophomore, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Bishop, Deandra: Scott City, Junior, Home 
Economics with Liberal Arts. 

SIXTH ROW: Bishop, Rebecca A: Kansas City, Freshman, Clothing 
Retailing. Bishop, Stephen P: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Black, Pamela G: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Black, Serrel W: Tonganoxie, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Black, Wanda S: San Antonio, Tex., Junior, Art. 

SEVENTH ROW: Blackburn, Bonnie A: Derby, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing. Blackburn, Robert B: Wichita, Freshman, General. Black- 
burn, Teresa S: Council Grove, Sophomore, General. Blackledge, 
Daniel G: Marion, Mich., Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. Black- 
well, Barbara K: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

EITHTH ROW: Blackwood, Douglas K: Hoisington, Sophomore, Civil 
Engineering. Blaich, Linda S: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Pre-Nurs- 
ing. Blaiklock, Ida H: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Blake, Henry S: Topeka, Sophomore, English. Blakely, Jerald W: 

Dodge City, Junior, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Blakely, Carol A: Overland Park, Freshman, Speech. 
Blanken, Roger A: Greenleaf, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. 
Blankenship, John E: Udall, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 
Blankenship, Vicki M: Ft. Riley, Freshman, Political Science. Blan- 
kinship, Paul H: Wellington, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

flip 'flBP^jB 


,4 . i • 



^p *|r 

••^ jl 


A 7 


i / , 


Underclassmen: Bla-Bou 

TOP ROW: Blaser, Lowell K: Waterville, Sophomore, General. Blaske, 
Michael J: Marysville, Sophomore, Architecture. Bleitz, Frank R: St. 
Louis, Mo., Junior, Landscape Architecture. Blick, Janice M: Wichi- 
ta, Sophomore, Art. Blodgett, Joan G: Manhattan, Sophomore, 

SECOND ROW: Bloom, Lewis C: Clay Center, Freshman, General. 
Bloom, Sandra L: Kismet, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Blount, Philip B: Coldwater, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Blume, 
Daryle W: Westmoreland, Freshman, General Agriculture. Blumen- 
shine, Christi: Mulvane, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Boatman, Lawrence M: Kansas City, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Boaz, Daniel J: Belleville, Junior, Physics. Bock, Curtis L: 

Elmdale, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine in Agriculture. Bod- 
mer, Nancy M: Green Bay, Wis., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Boggs, Rebecca B: Wintield, Freshman, Interior Architectural 

BOTTOM ROW: Bogle, Clint L: Amencus, Sophomore, General Agri- 
culture. Bogner, Edward G: Wintield, Sophomore, Animal Science 
and Industry. Bohannon, Karen S: Manhattan, Freshman, Music 
Education. Bohenblust, Diane L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Bohm, James W: Beloit, Junior, Architecture. 

Lining up a shot, a pocket billiards player takes 
his turn in the Union sponsored regional contest. 


TOP ROW: Bohn, Jerald L: Alta Vista, Freshman, Animal Science and 
Industry. Bohn, Pattie L: Eskridge, Sophomore, General Agriculture. 
Bohnen, Gerald J: Dorrance, Sophomore, General. Bohnen, Joseph 
M: Dorrance, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Bol, David A: Albany, 
N.Y.,04, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Bolack, Louis W: Burden, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Economics. Boles, Louis C: Mulvane, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine in Agriculture. Bolin, Susan E: Overland Park, Freshman, 
Pre-Elementary Education. Boling, Delores A: Soldier, Sophomore, 
General. Bolinger, David D: Parsons, Junior, Physical Science. 

THIRD ROW: Bollig, Germaine L: Wakeeney, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Bollig, Mary S: Hays, Junior, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Bolt, Hilarie S: Overland Park, Junior, Modern Languages. 
Bolte, Steven R: Culver, Freshman, Mathematics. Bolton, Charles L: 

Overland Park, Freshman, Animal Science and Industry. 

FOURTH ROW: Bond, Harline A: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Bondurant, John B: Wichita, Junior, Psychology. Bondy, 
Rose A: Salina, Sophomore, General Home Economics. Bonebrake, 
Cynthia M: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Bonneau, Barbara L: 

Glasco, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Bonner, Carol A: Wichita, Junior, General. Bony, David 
H: Overland Park, Junior, Business Administration. Boomer, Ralph 
J: Troy, Mich., Sophomore, Business Administration. Boomer, Rich- 
ard A: Portis, Sophomore, Business Administration. Booth, Eliza- 
beth M: Lawrence, Freshman, Technical Journalism. 

SIXTH ROW: Booth, Glenda M: Ashland, Junior, General. Booth, 
Karen K: Ashland, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Booth, Lin- 
da J: Troy, Freshman, General Home Economics. Bootman, Kerry J: 

Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General Home Economics. Bootman, 
Steven R: Fairway, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Borchers, E. Clay: Overland Park, Sophomore, Busi- 
ness Administration. Borck, Leon H: Blue Rapids, Junior, Agricultur- 
al Economics. Borden, Guy: Overland Park, Freshman, Accounting. 
Bordner, Suzanne: Sweeny, Tex., Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Boren, Deborah K: Mulvane, Junior, Elementary Education . 

EIGHTH ROW: Boren, Jon C: Mulvane, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Borth, Gregory D: Meade, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Bosch, Daniel W: Manhattan, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Bosley, Barbara S: Dighton, Freshman, General. Bostwick, Melissa 

F: Shawnee Misson, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 

BOTTOM ROW: Bottorff, Barbara J: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Boucher, Michele J: LaCrosse, Sophomore, Pre- 
Nursing. Boucher, Richard K: Plainville, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Boughton, Joseph A: Onaga, Freshman, Pre-Law. Bough- 
ton, Willis L: Clay Center, Sophomore, Physics. 


FOURTH ROW: Bowman, Ronald D: Liberal, Sophomore, Architec- 
ture. Bowser, Robert D: Topeka, Junior, Mathematics. Boxberger, 
Barbara L: Russell, Freshman, General. Boxberger, Leo M: Oakley, 

Sophomore, Architecture. Boxler, Mary L: Garden City, Junior, Busi- 
ness Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Boyce, Sandra M: Wamego, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Boyd, Charles R: Richmond, Va., Sophomore, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Boyer, Joelen S: Eureka, Freshman, Pre-Elementa- 
ry Education. Boyer, Kelvin R: Formoso, Junior, Animal Science and 
Industry. Boyert, David L: Kansas City, Junior, Mechanical 

SIXTH ROW: Boyle, Dale D: Belle Plane, Sophomore, Veterinary 
Medicine. Boyle, Max A: Spivey, Freshman, General. Boyle, Thomas 
L: Wichita, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Boys, Janet E: Chevy 
Chase, Md., Sophomore, General Home Economics. Bozarth, John 

E: Liberal, Sophomore, Agronomy. 

SEVENTH ROW: Bozarth, Nancy L: Liberal, Freshman, Speech. 
Brack, Connie L: Great Bend, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Bradley, Bryan L Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Architecture. Brad- 
ley, Richard L: Oswego, Freshman, General Agriculture. Bradley, 
Richard P: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General . 

EIGHTH ROW: Bradshaw, Beth G: Langdon, Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Bradshaw, Michael W: Matawan, N.J., Sopho- 
more, Pre-Dentistry. Brady, Carol J: Albert, Sophomore, General. 
Brady, Jennifer G: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Bramlage, Charles L: Franktort, Sophomore, Agricultural 

BOTTOM ROW: Bramlage, Richard E: Frankfort, Junior, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Bramley, Marilyn A: District Heights, Md., Fresh- 
man, Biochemistry. Brandyberry, Sue A: Lenora, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Brant, Rick A: Luray, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Braxmeyer, Michael L: Atwood, Sophomore, General . 

Underclassmen: Bou-Bro 

TOP ROW: Boutell, Lee G: Leawood, Sophomore, Architecture. Bow- 
ell, Robert R: Wichita, Freshman, Architectural Structures. Bowen, 
Marjorie A: Wichita, Freshman, Psychology. Bower, Patricia L: 
Shawnee, Freshman, General Home Economics. Bowers, Carol A: 

Marion, Sophomore, Zoology. 

SECOND ROW: Bowers, George A: Eskridge, Freshman, General. 
Bowers, Sue A: Cuba, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Bowers, Tim C: 
Belle Plaine, Sophomore, Business Administration. Bowersox, Carol 
A: Belleville, Junior, Home Economics Education. Bowie, Gary E: 

McLouth, Junior, Accounting. 

THIRD ROW: Bowie, Kenneth W: McLouth, Sophomore, Dairy Pro- 
duction. Bowker, Warren C: Richfield, Junior, General Agriculture. 
Bowman, Brent A: Pawnee Rock, Sophomore, Architecture. Bow- 
man, Juanita M: Coldwater, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Bowman, Linda E: Agenda, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 


TOP ROW: Brazier, Barbara A: Wamego, Sophomore, History. Bra- 
zle, Frank K: Cambridge, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 
Brechbill, Colleen U: Independence, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Brecheisen, Jan U: Garnett, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Breeden, Margaret A: Hoxie, Junior, Sociology. 

SECOND ROW: Breeding, Patrick L: Blue Rapids, Freshman, General. 
Breidenstein, Cheryl: Arlington, Junior, Secondary Education. Bre- 
mer, David G: Oberlin, Freshman, General. Brenneisen, Leigh: Kan- 
sas City. Sophomore, Speech. Brenneman, Greg F: Solomon, Soph- 
omore, Animal Science and Industry. 

THIRD ROW: Brenner, Alice J: Dodge City, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Brenner, Patricia A: Bazine, Sophomore, Home 
Economics and Journalism. Brewer, Cathie A: Wichita, Freshman, 
Mathematics. Brewer, Lora L: Moscow, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Brewer, Sonya J: Moscow, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Brickell, Hays A: Emporia, Freshman, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Bridges, David L: Meade, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Briel, 
Jonathan E: Great Bend, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Brier, 
Sharon J: Mission, Freshman, Mathematics. Bright, Kenneth C: 

Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 

FIFTH ROW: Brim, Karen S: Hudson, Junior, Family and Child Devel- 
opment. Brink, Dennis R: Wichita, Sophomore, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Brinker, Marlene J: Glen Elder, Junior, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Brinkman, Ronald L: Topeka, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Briscoe, Michael S: Wichita, Freshman, Architectural Structures. 

SIXTH ROW: Briscoe, Robert L: Kansas City, Junior, Business Ad- 
ministration. Britton, Shirley J: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Archi- 
tecture. Broberg, Sam J: Dodge City, Freshman, General. Brodhag- 
en, Janet S: Newton, Freshman, Medical Technology. Brodmerkle, 
Steven L: Eureka, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Broeckelman, Leelan: Grinnell, Junior, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Broeckelman, Robert: Oakley, Junior, Agricul- 
tural Education. Broers, Jan D: Eudora, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Brollier, James C: Moscow, Freshman, General. Broman, 
Oscar M: Marysville, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Brooke, Maxine L: Hutchinson, Junior, Physical Edu- 
cation. Brooks, Bertha M: Densmore, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Brooks, Glenna M: Ness City, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Brooks, James E: Riley, Freshman, General. Brooks, Leroy D: 

Arkansas City, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Brooks, William H: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Medi- 
cme. Brosius, Thomas A: Silver Springs, Md., Freshman, Physical 
Education. Brothers, John C: Burden, Junior, Psychology. Browder, 
David L: Ulysses, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Brower, Rupard A: El 

Dorado Springs, Mo., Freshman, Landscape Architecture. 


Underclassmen: Bro-Bur 

TOP ROW: Brown, Brenda S: Shawnee, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Brown, Harold E: Holcomb, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Brown, Jack L: Bartlesville, Okla., Freshman, General. Brown, 
Janell: Beloit, Junior, Elementary Education. Brown, Janet C: Clay 
Center, Freshman, Music Education. 

SECOND ROW: Brown, Janet M: Dwight, Sophomore, Modern Lan- 
guages. Brown, Jennifer A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Art. Brown, 
Judy C: Ford, Freshman, Physical Education. Brown, Kent L: Ober- 
Im, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Brown, Kerry D: Oberlm, Fresh- 
man, General. 

THIRD ROW: Brown, Marilyn B: Wilmore, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. 
Brown, Rebecca A: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Brown, 
Richard D: APO, N.Y., Freshman, General. Brown, Richard E: Wichi- 
ta, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Brown, Robert M: Perry, 
Freshman, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Brown, Teresa B: Olathe, Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Brown, Veneta L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, 
Modern Languages. Brown, Yvonne S: Overland Park, Freshman, 
Foods and Nutrition. Brownlie, Barbara L: Belleville, III., Junior, 
Family and Child Development. Brubaker, Robert S: Meeker, Colo., 
Junior, Agronomy. 

FIFTH ROW: Brummel, Alan G: Rolla, Mo., Junior, Architecture. Bru- 
ner, Mary M: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Medical Technology. 
Bruning, Lou E: Robinson, Junior, Psychology. Bruns, Rozelle M: 
Liberal, Sophomore, General. Bryan, Lyndal K: Wichita, Freshman, 

SIXTH ROW: Bryan, Robert W: Princeton, Mo., Sophomore, Feed 
Science and Management. Bryant, Darrel W: Rozel, Freshman, Gen- 
eral. Bryson, Frederick W: Villisca, Iowa, Freshman, Business Ad- 
ministration. Buchele, Carol L: Cedarvale. Junior, English. Buchele, 
Nancy E: Cedarvale, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Bucher, Beverly A: Salma, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Bucher, Ralph R: Dubois, Neb., Sophomore, 
General Agriculture. Buchheister, John B: Plainville, Junior, Electri- 
cal Engineering. Buchner, Allan B: Prairie Village, Freshman, Archi- 
tecture. Buchner, Cathy A: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 

EIGHTH ROW: Bucklew, Rita J: Paola, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Buckman, Julie K: Newton, Freshman, General. Buda, Joseph D: Ft. 
Riley, Junior, Political Science. Budge, Jill K: St. John, Sophomore, 
Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Buehler, Belinda B: Great Bend, 
Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Buehler, Dana E: Scott City, Junior, Clothing and 
Retailing. Buenger, Mary C: Osage, Freshman, Modern Languages. 
Buening, Lawrence T: Valley Falls, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Buetz- 
er, G. Eric: Seneca, Freshman, General. Buhrer, Kenneth W: Chap- 
man, Sophomore, Mathematics. 


-* •- jB W^ 'if 

TOP ROW: Buisch, William W: Rochester, N.Y., Junior, Veterinary 
Medicine. Bulger, Mary S: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. 
Bullock, Donna L: Berryton, Sophomore, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Bullock, Lucinda A: Elmhurst, III., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Bunker, David N: Bonner Springs, Freshman, Business 

SECOND ROW: Bunker, Linda L: Manhattan, Freshman, Medical 
Technology. Burch, Cindy L: Sedan, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Burgard, Barry B: Salma, Freshman, Accounting. Burgardt, 
Paul: LaCrosse, Sophomore, Physics. Burge, Nancy L: Belleville, 
Junior, Zoology. 

THIRD ROW: Burger, Charles W: Summerfield, Sophomore, Animal 
Science and Industry. Burgess, George D: Wamego, Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine in Agriculture. Burgess, Karen L: Wamego, 
Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Burgess, Kathryn L: Topeka, Freshman, 
General. Burgess, Mary A: Topeka, Junior, Pre-Elementary 

BOTTOM ROW: Burghart, Charlotte: Salma, Freshman, General. 
Burke, Bruce E: Kingman, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Burke, 
Michael W: Blue Rapids, Freshman, Speech. Burkey, Robert L: Be- 
loit, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Burkhard, Lynda K: Manhat- 
tan, Sophomore, Medical Technology. 

During a K-State time out, the pep band plays a pop- 
ular tune to accompany the pom pon girls' routine. 

After dinner, a weary student stretches out on his 
sofa to catch up on lost hours of necessary sleep. 


FIFTH ROW: Butler, Amanda: Topeka, Sophomore, Sociology. But- 
ler, James H: Kansas City, Junior, Physical Education. Butler, Wil- 
liam 0: Olathe, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Butterworth, 

Steven: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Butts, John N: Cherryvale, Junior, Poultry Science. 

SIXTH ROW: Buxton, Kimberly A: Ransom, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Buzzed, Suzie B: Manhattan, Freshman, Gener- 
al. Byrne, Marcella M: Junction City, Freshman, General. Cable, 
Lynn M: Leoti, Junior, Accounting. Cackler, Donald W: Horton, 
Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Cain, James M: Beattie, Freshman, General Agricul- 
ture. Cain, John T: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Calcara, Mark D: Great Bend, Sophomore, General. Caldwell, 
Randy G: Portis, Freshman, Medical Technology. Calkins, William G: 

Overland Park, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Callaway, Paula A: Protection, Sophomore, Home 
Economics Education. Callison, Priscilla: Blue Rapids, Sophomore, 
Pre-Secondary Education. Camara, John A: Kaleheo, Hawaii, Fresh- 
man, Civil Engineering. Campbell, Janet L: Rossville, Freshman, 
General. Campbell, Judith A: Winfield, Sophomore, Sociology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Campbell, Rebecca A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Gen- 
eral. Campbell, Rita J: Ottawa, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Campbell, Thomas S: Lovington, Junior, General. Cannon, 
Barbara J: Kingman, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Canny, Beth E: 

Johnson, Sophomore, Music Education. 

Underclassmen: Bur-Cas 

TOP ROW: Burkholder, Gary W: Abilene, Freshman, General. Burle- 
son, Walter J: Stattord, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. Burner, 
Jeffrey L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Architecture. Burnett, Don- 
na L: Lacygne, Junior, General Home Economics. Burnett, Gregory 

J: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Burnett, Nancy E: Lawrence, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Burnett, Stephen R: Elmdale, Freshman, Pre- 
Business Education. Burns, Linda K: Newton, Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Burns, Terrence J: Valley Falls, Freshman, Ac- 
counting. Burrows, Gala L: Platte City, Mo., Sophomore, General . 

THIRD ROW: Burrows, Glenn H: Platte City, Mo., Junior, Pre-Law. 
Burt, Coleen A: Salina, Freshman, General. Burton, Damon D: Coun- 
cil Grove, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. Burton, Linda S: To- 
peka, Junior, Modern Languages. Burwell, Charles L: Overland Park, 
Freshman, Accounting. 

FOURTH ROW: Busch, Charles H: Olathe, Freshman, Agricultural 
Engineering. Busch, Gregory A: Wichita, Freshman, General. Buss, 
Delbert W: Linn, Freshman, Accounting. Buster, Alan J: Larned, 
Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Butin, Janice L: Halstead, 
Freshman, General Home Economics. 


TOP ROW: Canny, Mary E: Johnson, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Capp, Peter J: Worcester, Mass., Junior, Horticulture. Capps, Linnea 
G: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, General. Card, Diana F: Colorado 
Springs, Colo., Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Carder, 
Pamela J: Hoxie, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Carey, Lois A: Alma, Sophomore, Family and Child 
Development. Carleton, Carla L: Burtonville, Md., Freshman, Gener- 
al. Carlisle, Michael D: Leoti, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Carlson, Aar- 
on E: Herndon, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Carlson, Barbara K: 

Clay Center, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education . 

THIRD ROW: Carlson, Gary W: Clifton, Freshman, General. Carlson, 
Karen S: Concordia, Freshman, General Home Economics. Carlson, 
Kent C: Minneapolis, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Carlson, 
Phyllis M: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Carl- 
son, Rachel A: Lindsborg, Sophomore, Music Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Carlson, Ralph W: Herndon, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Carlson, Ronnie L: Lincolnville, Sophomore, Animal 
Sciences and Industry. Carmony, Peter M: Shawnee Mission, Sopho- 
more, Architecture. Carnes, Renee M: Hamburg, III., Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Carney, Linda J: Colby, Junior, Physics. 

fck m 

FIFTH ROW: Carnrick, Glen R: Stanford, Conn., Freshman, General. 
Carothers, Ann K: Prairie Village, Freshman, Home Economics. 
Carpenter, Shauna: Scott, Freshman, Physical Education. Carpen- 
ter, Sammy K: Brewster, Freshman, Business Administration. Carr, 
Jill E: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SIXTH ROW: Carr, Judith A: Wichita, Freshman, Modern Languages. 
Carr, Nancy S: Wichita, Junior, Home Economics Education. Carr, 
Steve D: Medicine Lodge, Junior, Architecture. Carrico, Kathleen A: 
Beloit, Sophomore, General. Carrico, Thomas W: Rockford, III., 
Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Carrier, Shawn L: Solomon, Freshman, General. 
Carrier, Tommie L: Topeka, Freshman, Architecture. Carriger, Earl 
R: Galena, Junior, Horticulture. Carroll, David J: Salina, Sophomore, 
Business Administration. Carson, Larry D: Overland Park, Fresh- 
man, Landscape Architecture. 

EIGHTH ROW: Carson, Margaret J: Mulvane, Freshman. Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Carter, Daryl L: Russell, Sophomore, Architec- 
ture. Carter, James L: Valley Center, Sophomore, Animal Sciences 
and Industry. Carter, Loeva A: Chanute, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Carter, Sue L: Walnut Grove, Calif., Sophomore, Pre-Elementa- 
ry Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Casady, Anne L: Manhattan, Junior, Physical Thera- 
py. Case, Lesley E: Kewanee, III., Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Case, Richard L: McPherson, Sophomore, General. Casper, 
David L: Wichita, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Cassidy, Catherine 

A: Kansas City, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. 


Underclassmen: Cas-Cob 

TOP ROW: Castello, Paul M: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 
Casten, Jeffrey L: Quenemo, Freshman, General Agriculture. Caster, 
Paul W: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, History. Cation, Roberta A: 

Wichita, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Caton, Carl B: Hutchinson, 
Sophomore, General. 

SECOND ROW: Catrell, Calvin F: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 
Cavanaugh, Jerald A: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Cave, 
Sara J: Dodge City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Cawby, 
Barbara A: Leawood, Sophomore, Business Administration. Chad- 
wick, Leroy D: Corning, Junior, Political Science. 

THIRD ROW: Chalfant, Nedra L: Goodland, Sophomore, Physical 
Therapy. Chalkley, Mark A: Wamego, Freshman, Architectural 
Structure. Chaloupka, Barbara J: Munden, Sophomore, History. 
Chambers, Albert W: Overland Park, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Chambers, Carol A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Clothing 

FOURTH ROW: Chance, Barbara J: Frankfort, Junior, History. 
Chance, Gary E: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Political Science. Chan- 
dler, Cathleen D: Topeka, Freshman, Home Ecnomics and Journal- 
ism. Chapin, Mark K: Washington, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. Chap- 
in, Mary P: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Home Economics and 

FIFTH ROW: Chapman, Deborah J: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Med- 
ical Technology. Chapman, Don A: Glasco, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Chapman, Juliana I: Clay Center, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Chapman, Nancy S: Overland Park, Fresh- 
man, General. Chapman, Scott L: Beloit, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. 

SIXTH ROW: Charles, Charlotte R: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Chase, Mary B: Colby, Junior, Modern Languages. 
Chase, Roger W: Grand Island, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Cheatham, William R: Oklahoma City, Okla., Sophomore, 
Pre-Secondary ' Education. Cheney, Diana L: Hunter, Freshman, 
General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Chilcote, Patricia K: Wichita, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Chiles, Maribell S: Stafford, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing. Chipman, Carol D: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Chir- 
as, Daniel D: Hilton, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Christ, 
Joseph M: Leavenworth, Junior, Pre-Dentistry. 

EIGHTH ROW: Christensen, Connie: Mount Hope, Junior, General 
Christensen, Kent D: Leoti, Junior, Accounting. Christensen, Max L 

Milford, Sophomore, Building Construction. Christenson, Jeanne 
Jamestown, Junior, Elementary Education. Christenson, Mary M 

Wichita, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Christiansen, Gordon: Durham, Junior, Animal Sci- 
ences and Industry. Christiansen, Ray A: Gypsum, Freshman, Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine in Agriculture. Christiansen, Ryan R: Gypsum, 
Junior, Animal Sciences and Industry. Christiansen, Thomas: Dur- 
ham, Freshman, Animal Sciences and Industry. Christmann, Mi- 
chael: Wamego, Sophomore, General . 


SEVENTH ROW: Clayton, John R: Allen, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Clements, Ina D: Soldier, Sophomore, Pre-Business Educa- 
tion. Clendening, Candace: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Psychol- 
ogy. Cline, Jerrold M: Junction City, Sophomore, Business Educa- 
tion. Cline, Marvin C: Salina, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. 

EIGHTH ROW: Cline, Stephanie A: Wichita, Junior, English. Cling- 
man, Jerry P: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Business Administration. 
Clower, Judy E: Smithville, Mo., Junior, Clothing Retailing. Clutter, 
Janis S: Lamed, Junior, Home Economics Education. Clydesdale, 
Joyce E: Lenora, Freshman, Speech Pathology and Audiology. 

TOP ROW: Chrzanowski, Stanley: Mission, Freshman, Architecture. 
Cikanek, Ruth M: Wichita, Junior, Family and Child Development. 
Cink, Rodney E: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Cirigliano, Dom- 
ingo: Puerto Lacruz, Venezuela, Junior, Milling Science and Man- 
agement. Cizerle, John L: Girard, Sophomore, Agronomy. 

SECOND ROW: Claassen, Cornelius: Newton, Sophomore, General. 
Clanton, Steven L: Minneapolis, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Clark, BobC: El Dorado, Ark., Junior, Animal Sciences and Industry. 
Clark, Catherine S: Wichita, Sophomore, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Clark, Charles G: South Bend, Ind., Freshman, General . 

THIRD ROW: Clark, Kathleen G: Salina, Freshman, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Clark, Kimberly G: Leawood, Sophomore, Family and Child 
Development. Clark, Kyle D: Hardtner, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Clark, Larry D: Kansas City, Freshman, Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Clark, Laurence A: Wamego, Freshman, General Agriculture. 

FOURTH ROW: Clark, Mara J: Liberal, Freshman, Pre-Business Edu- 
cation. Clark, Marjorie J: Wakefield, Freshman, Home Economics 
and Journalism. Clark, Marvin E: Summerfield, Sophomore, Ac- 
counting. Clark, Michael B: Olathe, Freshman, Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Clark, Nancy G: Wellington, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 

FIFTH ROW: Clark, Philip K: Independence, Sophomore, Mathemat- 
ics. Clark, Richard P: Salina, Freshman, Architecture. Clark, Rober- 
ta J:. Hill City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Clark, Stephen 
P: Paola, Sophomore, Business Administration. Clark, Steven K: 

Towanda, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Clark, Steven R: Concordia, Freshman, Sociology. 
Clark, Thomas H: Concordia, Sophomore, Psychology. Clarkson, 
Jean K: Winfield, Junior, Home Economics Education. Classi, Antho- 
ny C: Brewster, Freshman, General. Claussen, Larry A: Alma, Sopho- 
more, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Clymer, Barbara J: Salina, Freshman, Humanities. 
Coady, Judith M: Gorham, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 
Coash, Ronald J: Clifton, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Cobb, Bar- 
bara L: Culver, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. Cober- 
ly, Mark S: Gove, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 


Black and white and color posters attract student 
interest in Open Cyrkle's first poster sale. Open 

Cyrkle, formerly the Union Arts committee, combined 
the poster sale with Union Art rental displays. 

Underclassmen: Cob-Cop 

TOP ROW: Coberly, Sally: Hutchinson, Sophomore, General. Cob- 
urn, Carol K: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Cochran, Margaret 
A: Arkansas City, Junior, English. Coddington, Susan K: Alexander, 
Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Coffey, Melody A: Kismet, 
Sophomore, Modern Languages. 

SECOND ROW: Coffman, Cheryl S: Overbrook, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Coffman, Dawn A: Topeka, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Coffman, Douglas J: Emporia, Sophomore, Me- 
chanical Engineering. Coffman, Steven R: Emporia, Freshman, Civil 
Engineering. Cofran, Daniel R: Topeka, Freshman, Political Science. 

THIRD ROW: Cohen, Garra P: Leavenworth, Sophomore, General. 
Cohen, Gary L: University City, Mo., Sophomore, Physical Educa- 
tion. Cohen, Howard I: Plainview, N.Y., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine in Agriculture. Cohn, Robert A: Bronx, N.Y., Freshman, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Colby, Lynda M: Council Grove, Freshman, 
Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cole, Charles C: Wellington, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Cole, Gary A: Havana, Sophomore, General. Cole, 
Virginia E: Dallas, Tex., Freshman, Technical Journalism. Coleman, 
Marcia E: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Psychology. Collins, Roger D: 

Manhattan, Freshman, Physical Education. 



-4 "ml 



' ~' . — ... 

% a 


■it r 

: \ (I / :; 

TOP ROW: Collinsworth, Crystal: Cottonwood, Freshman, General. 
Collom, Rebecca S: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Coltrane, Donnie D: McCune, Junior, Agricultural Education. 
Colvin, Linda S: Wichita, Freshman, Home Economics and Journal- 
ism. Colvin, Michael A: Hutchinson, Junior, General. 

SECOND ROW: Combrink, Jeanne A: Kiowa, Junior, Sociology. 
Combs, Rosemary: Richland, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Compton, Thomas E: Olathe, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 
Conard, Dale E: Timken, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Conard, 
Terry W: Timken, Junior, Animal Sciences and Industry. 

THIRD ROW: Conaway, Nancy J: Topeka, Freshman, General. Con- 
don, Vivienne L Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. Congrove, 
Carolyn K: Effingham, Junior, Elementary Education. Conner, Rich- 
ard D: Lawrence, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Conner, Tim- 
othy P: Kansas City, Junior, English . 

FOURTH ROW: Conners, Elizabeth F: Halstead, Junior, Physical 
Therapy. Conrad, William A: Alton, Sophomore, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Conrow, Margaret J: Wakefield, Junior, Speech. Conus, How- 
ard D: Topeka, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Conway, Donald 

T: Oakley, Freshman, General . 

FIFTH ROW: Conway, Kenneth L: Natoma, Freshman, Agricultural 
Education. Conway, Ronald A: Oakley, Freshman, Accounting. 
Cook, Charles H: Fredonia, Freshman, Architecture. Cook, Clifford 

R: Geneva, III., Freshman, Political Science. Cook, James L: Topeka, 
Freshman, BuildmgConstruction. 

SIXTH ROW: Cook, John D: Topeka, Freshman, Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Cook, Robert A: Florence, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Cook, 
Robert C: Emporia, Sophomore, Animal Sciences and Industry. 
Cook, Robert D: Mineral Wells, Tex., Junior, Psychology. Cook, Su- 
san K: Hugoton, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Cook, Suzanne: Concordia, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Cool, Marcelyn K: Manhattan, Freshman, Physi- 
cal Therapy. Cooley, David W: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Forest- 
ry. Coombs, Robert: Wichita, Junior, Pre-Law. Coon, Marilyn P: Dal- 
las, Tex., Junior, Elementary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Coon, Mary A: Manhattan, Junior, Applied Music. 
Cooney, Thomas K: Washington, Junior, History. Cooper, James M: 
Newnan, Ga., Freshman, Business Administration. Cooper, Jerry D: 
Moran, Freshman, General. Cooper, Marilyn P: Kansas City, Fresh- 
man, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Cooper, Peggy E: Lenexa, Freshman General. Coop- 
er, Ralph C: Wichita, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Cooper, 
Sandra S: Hoxie, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Cooper, 
Stephen D: Edna, Freshman, General Agriculture. Copelan, Ray- 
mond L: Clay Center, Sophomore, Mathematics. 



TOP ROW: Copp, Charles H: Topeka, Freshman, General. Copper- 
smith, Martha: Manhattan, Junior, Modern Languages. Corbin, 
Pamela K: Lenexa, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Corby, Rich- 
ard K: Topeka, Junior, Business Administration. Corcoran, Mary J: 

Manhattan, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 

SECOND ROW: Cordell, David C: Tipton, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Cordel, Stephen F: Tipton, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Cordon, Patricia G: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Corey, Alan S: Herington, Junior, Accounting. Corn, Karen S: 

Topeka, Junior, Technical Journalism. 

THIRD ROW: Corn, LuAnn J: Lawrence, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Cornelius, Alan E: Topeka, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Cornwell, Carl E: Ellsworth, Junior, Political Science. Cornwell, 
David R: St. John, Freshman, Animal Sciences and Industry. Coro- 
genes, Sharon G: Kansas City, Junior, Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Corwin, Paul L: Overland Park, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Cosgrove, John D: Council Grove, Freshman, Ani- 
mal Sciences and Industry. Cotro, Steven W: Massapequa, N.Y., 
Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Cotton, Marilyn G: Leawood, Sopho- 
more, Modern Languages. Cotton, Richard C: Topeka, Freshman, 

FIFTH ROW: Coulter, Curt E: Pittsburg, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Counihan, Michael R: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Coupal, 
Shirley S: Miltonvale, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Court, Robert W: 
Leawood, Junior,' Accounting. Couture, Wanda C: Clyde, Sopho- 
more, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 

SIXTH ROW: Cover, Theresa Y: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Covey, Bonnie I: Old Bridge, N.J., Sophomore, 
General. Cowling, John W: Parsons, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Cox, Alan D: Lawrence, Junior, Agricultural Education. Cox, 
Kay L: Colby, Junior, Elementary Education . 

SEVENTH ROW: Cox, Paula E: Augusta, Freshman, Sociology. Cox, 
Rebecca J: Medicine Lodge, Junior, Physical Education. Cox, Thom- 
as F: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Bakery Management. Coy, Carol 
L: Mission, Freshman, Consumer Interest. Coyne, Alan T: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Accounting. 

EIGHTH ROW: Coyne, Carolyn S: Shawnee, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Coyne, Wealtha A: Leawood, Freshman, Physical 
Education. Crabtree, Linda J: Highland, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. 
Craft, David S: Brentwood, Mo., Junior, Industrial Engineering. 
Craig, John W: Osawatomie, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Craig, William E: Topeka, Sophomore, Chemical 
Engineering. Cram, Susan H: Portis, Junior, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Cramer, Cathy J: Oberlin, Freshman, Sociology. Cramer, 
Constance J: Prairie Village, Freshman, General. Cramer, Diana L: 

Boulder, Colo., Freshman, Sociology. 


TOP ROW: Crandall, Philip G: Ellsworth, Junior, General Agriculture. 
Crandell, Terry L: Lyons, Sophomore, Chemical Engineering. Crane, 
Alan B: Larned, Freshman, Agronomy. Crane, Colleen T: Kansas 
City, Mo., Sophomore, English. Crawford, Carol A: Dodge City, Soph- 
omore, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

SECOND ROW: Crawford, David L: Vermillion, Freshman, Industrial 
Engineering. Crawford, James S: Topeka, Freshman, General Agri- 
culture. Crawford, James W: Wichita, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Crawford, Louise M: El Dorado, Mo., Junior, Elementary 
Education. Crawford, Lynette: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 

THIRD ROW: Crawshaw, Vern L: Altoona, Junior, Animal Sciences 
and Industry. Credico, Diana J: Leawood, Sophomore, Elementary 
Education. Crelly, Melvin B: Wichita, Freshman, General. Crenshaw, 
Mary M: Overland Park, Freshman, Music Education. Creson, Janie 

M: Colby, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

FOURTH ROW: Cress, Donald E: Humboldt, Junior, Agricultural 
Economics. Cresweli, David M: Hermleigh, Tex., Sophomore, Physi- 
cal Education. Creviston, Joela M: Topeka, Freshman, General. 
Creviston, Judy J: Topeka, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Crew, Richard M: Augusta, Sophomore, Mathematics. 

FIFTH ROW: Crispin, Mary C: Kansas City, Sophomore, Mathemat- 
ics. Crist, Judith A: Holcomb, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Crist, Terren D: Scott City, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Croan, Carl R: Paola, Freshman, Architecture. Crofoot, Pam S: Ce- 
dar Point, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Croft, Innis L: Anthony, Junior, Agricultural Education. 
Cropp, Carolyn S: Lawrence, Sophomore, General Home Econom- 
ics. Crostarosa, Joseph P: Overland Park, Sophomore, General. Cro- 
tinger, Fred: Tribune, Freshman, General. Crotinger, Ronald W: Trib- 
une, Junior, Animal Sciences and Industry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Crouch, Shelia F: Kinsley, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Crouse, Margaret R: Garden City, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Crowell, Peggy J: Scott City, Sophomore, Mathe- 
matics. Crowley, Bradd A: Independence, Mo., Freshman, Architec- 
ture. Cruce, Connie J: Overland Park, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Crumbaker, Karen K: Belvue, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Crumrine, John C: Jewell, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Cuccio, Janet S: Manhattan, Freshman, Music Educa- 
tion. Cudney, Doris J: Trousdale, Freshman, General. Culbertson, 
Kenneth: Lyndon, Junior, General . 

BOTTOM ROW: Culbertson, Larry F: Lyndon, Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Cullen, David L: Topeka, Sophomore, General. 
Culley, Judith A: Topeka, Junior, Secondary Education. Culver, Sibyl 
K: Kansas City, Freshman, Music Education. Cummings, Cinda S: 

Wilmore, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 

7 \ZJ'\ '-^Hk 

■ HnMHura 

mm \ 

I'll* 'fit 


4'ilkit Jfe 


Underclassmen: Cun-Del 

TOP ROW: Cunningham, Judith A: Marysville, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Cupp, Deva E: Scott City, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Cupp, George E: Scott City, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Cure, Thomas H: Hanston, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 
Curry, Cheri: Council Grove, Freshman, Psychology. 

SECOND ROW: Curry, Dwight L: Sophomore, General. Curry, Sue A: 

Liberal, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Curtin, Deborah L: 
Colby, Freshman, General. Curtis, Leslie A: Wamego, Freshman, 
General. Cushing, Connie: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 

THIRD ROW: Cusumano, Joseph P: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, 
General. Cutro, Christopher F: Bayonne, N.J., Sophomore, General. 
Cyr, Jayson C: Clyde, Junior, Accounting. Dagley, Linda R: Kearney, 
Mo., Junior, Elementary Education. Dahm, Duane H: Palmer, Ju- 
nior, Agricultural Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Dahm, Gary D: Waterville, Sophomore, General. Dal- 
by, Robin B: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering. Dal- 
inghaus, Karen M: Baileyville, Sophomore, General. Dallman, Danita 
E: Britt, Iowa, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Dalrymple, Daniel C: 

Topeka, Freshman, Geology. 

FIFTH ROW: Dalrymple, Lonnie E: Paola, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Dame, Donald L: Mulvane, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Dame, George L: Plant City, Fla., Junior, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Damon, Marianne Y: Leavenworth, Junior, Speech. Da- 
mon, Philip S: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Daniels, Melissa J: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Physical 
Education. Danielson, Jeffrey H: Manhattan, Sophomore, Statistics. 
Darby, Paul B: Concordia, Junior, Chemistry. Darr, Michael K: Cen- 
tralia, Freshman, Business Administration. Daubert, John D: Scott 
City, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Davenport, Donita K: Manhattan, Freshman, Chem- 
istry. Davenport, Jane E: Osage City, Sophomore, Consumer Inter- 
est. Davenport, Judith R: Osage City, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. David, Judy K: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Davidson, Deborah A: Elkhart, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Davidson, Deborah S: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Davidson, Homer M: Simpson, Sophomore, 
Pre-Veterinary Education. Davidson, Mark L: Topeka, Freshman, 
Music Education. Davidson, Nancy L: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Davidson, Patricia J: Allen, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Davis, Beverly J: Topeka, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Davis, Bruce L: Merriam, Freshman, Political Science. 
Davis, Catherine J: Naperville, III., Junior, Elementary Education. 
Davis, Cathy J: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Davis, Denise M: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Home Economics 


SIXTH ROW: Dean, Dennis M: Beloit, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Dean, Richard A: Waterville, Sophomore, Medical Technolo- 
gy. Dean, Susan R: Wichita, Freshman, General. Dearing, Belva L: 
Wichita, Freshman, General. DeBaun, Thomas B: Osage City, Sopho- 
more, Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Debold, Michael E: Salina, Freshman, Civil Engi- 
neering. Decker, William L: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. De Donder, Mary A: St. Marys, Sophomore, General. 
Deege, Deborah J: Larned, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
DeForest, Jean M: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 

EIGHTH ROW: DeGraf, Gary C: Park Ridge, III., Freshman, Architec- 
ture. DeHoff, Freddie M: La Cygne, Junior, Animal Science and In- 
dustry. DeHoff, Linda R: La Cygne, Junior, Music Education. Deho- 
ney, Patricia G: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. Deiter, Boni- 

La K: Paxico, Sophomore, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: DeJulio, Raymond L: Salina, Calif., Sophomore, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Delimont, Francis M: Phillipsburg, Freshman, 
Business Administration. Dellere, David R: Manhattan, Sophomore, 
General. DeLong, Paul E: Bay Shore, N.Y., Sophomore, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Delzeit, Mary A: Wathena, Sophomore, General . 

TOP ROW: Davis, Donna D: Lakin, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Davis, Donna J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Davis, 
Donna L: Chanute, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Davis, 
Duane L: Atlanta, Junior, Agricultural Journalism. Davis, Gale W: 

Topeka, Junior, Accounting. 

SECOND ROW: Davis, Guy W: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Chemi- 
cal Engineering. Davis, Harold A: Hays, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Davis, James F: Topeka, Freshman, Technical Journalism. 
Davis, James P: Great Bend, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Dav- 
is, Jeanine A: Manhattan, Junior, Home Economics Education . 

THIRD ROW: Davis, Judith K: Topeka, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Davis, Karen M: Manhattan, Junior. Clothing Retailing. 
Davis, Louis E: Marysville, Sophomore, General. Davis, Mark E: 
Olathe, Freshman, Building Construction. Davis, Michael 0: Wichita, 
Sophomore, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Davis, Otis L: Salina, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Davis, Richard B: Bonner Springs, Junior, Accounting. Dav- 
is, Rodney E: Oakley, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Davis, Rose 
L: Kansas City, Freshman, Business Administration. Davis, Steve R: 

Hugoton, Freshman, Agricultural Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Dawes, Patricia A: Wellington, Junior, Psychology. 
Dawson, Cheryl A: Newton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Dawson, Susan L: Russell, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Day, 
Peggy J: Langdon, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Dean, 
Deborah F: Waterville, Freshman, General. 



FOURTH ROW: Deutsch, Duane L: Hoisington, Junior, Mechanical 
Engineering. De Vaughan, Terry D: Douglass, Junior, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Devaux, Geoffrey C: Spain, Freshman, General 
Agriculture. Dewey, Joslyn A: Garden City, Sophomore, General. 
Dexter, Joan L: Bellflower, Calif., Junior, Family and Child 

FIFTH ROW: DeYoung, Lorna E: Junction City, Junior, Clothing Re- 
tailing. Diaz, Therisa J: Topeka, Freshman, General. Dickerson, 
Gregory A: Manhattan, Junior, Pre-Dentistry. Dickerson, Ronald L: 
Coraopolis, Pa., Sophomore, Physical Education. Dickhut, Norma J: 

Scott City, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 

SIXTH ROW: Dickhut, Rose E: Kansas City, Junior, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Dickinson, Lynne: Shawnee, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Dickson, Diane E: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Dickson, Diane E: St. George, Freshman, English. Diehl, Donna 

M: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Diehl, Loretta M: Emmett, Freshman, General. 
Diehl, Paul B: Prairie Village, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Diehl, Regi L: Guide Rock, Neb., Junior, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Dieker, Mary L: Hanover, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Diemer, Jerry W: McGrew, Neb., Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: Dierking, Cathy A: Atchison, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Dietler, Bruce F: Basking Ridge, N.J., Sophomore, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Dietrich, James D: Hiawatha, Junior, Agri- 
cultural Mechanization. Dill, Janice K: Independence, Mo., Fresh- 
man, General Home Economics. Diller, Deborah D: Belleville, Soph- 
omore, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Dillon, Sherry L: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Dinges, Thomas: Hays, Freshman, General. Dirsa, Grego- 
ry D: Haverhill, Mass., Freshman, Architecture. Dissinger, Franki K: 
Columbia, Mo., Sophomore, Pre-Business Education. Ditgen, Brian 

L: Nickerson, Junior, Business Administration. 


TOP ROW: DeMint, Jan C: Hutchinson, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Demmer, Michael J: Kingman, Freshman, General Agriculture. Den, 
Steven E: Bellevue, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Denney, Forrest D: Winfield, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Dennis, Roger D: Manhattan, Junior, Technical Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Denny, Daryl D: Wellington, Junior, Secondary Edu- 
cation. DeNota, Gary A: Kansas City, Junior, Bakery Management. 
Denton, David L: Atchison, Junior, Landscape Architecture. Denton, 
Donald L: Bushton, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. Denton, 
Janice R: Altamont, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Denton, Kay L: Waterville, Junior, Home Economics 
with Liberal Arts. Deschner, Jean M: Beloit, Junior, Family and Child 
Development. Detrick, Paul F: Florissant, Mo., Sophomore, Pre- 
Medicine. Detrixhe, Edward B: Ames, Junior, Pre-Law. Deubler, Mar- 
ilyn L: Wichita, Sophomore, Secondary Education . 


TOP ROW: Dixon, Charles R: Leon, Junior, Biological Science. Dixon, 
Ginger D: Winfield, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Dixon, 
John P: Junction City, Sophomore, Accounting. Dixon, Lawrence: 
Glassboro, N.J., Junior, Secondary Education. Dixon, Thomas W: 

Junction City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Dlabal, Paul W: Herington, Sophomore, Applied Mu- 
sic. Doane, Gary R: Downs, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Dock- 
ins, Steven E: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Dodd, Melvin E: Manhattan, Sophomore, Biological Science. Dodds, 
Dennis, D: Kiowa, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Dodez, Orin: Wooster, Ohio, Junior, Technical Journal- 
ism. Dodge, Deborah M: APO, N.Y., Freshman, Modern Languages. 
Dodge, Lois A: Olsburg, Sophomore, Music Education. Doerksen, 
Margaret: Satanta, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Dohl, Marjorie E: Syl- 
van Grove, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Dohm, Lea A: Grinnell, Junior, Speech. Dolance, Lar- 
ry S: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Dolbow, Michael D: 
Wichita, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. Dold, Rebecca A: Empo- 
ria, Freshman, General. Dolechek, Edward J: Claflin, Sophomore, 
Agricultural Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Dolenc, Jon S: Aurora, Colo., Junior, Physical Educa- 
tion. Dolezilek, Donald B: Rossville, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Dolginoff, Mark A: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Domme, Cecilia M: Topeka, Sophomore, Family and Child 
Development. Domoney, Dana G: Downs, Freshman, Pre-Elementa- 
ry Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Donaldson, Deborah J: Wichita, Freshman, English. 
Don Carlos, Patricia: Kansas City, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Doner, Gregory W: Salma, Sophomore, Architecture. Donham, 
Joyce I: Gardner, Freshman, General. Donovan, Patty S: Topeka, 
Freshman, Sociology. 

SEVENTH ROW: Doperalski, Vic L: Wamego, Sophomore, Chemistry. 
Dorland, Elizabeth M: Corning, Junior, Chemistry. Dorland, Phyllis 

A: Corning, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Dorrance, Patricia D: Ax- 
tell, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Douglas, Kenneth D: Bridgeport, Fresh- 
man, Mechanical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Douthett, Kathryn E: Augusta, Junior, Sociology. 
Douthit, Frank R: St. Francis, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Douthit, 
Patricia L: Baxter Springs, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 
Dow, Marilyn M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Downes, James T: Leavenworth, Freshman, General . 

BOTTOM ROW: Downey, Dianne L: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Downs, Ernest L: Kansas City, Sophomore, 
Industrial Engineering. Downtain, Duane C: Garden City, Junior, 
Electrical Engineering. Doxsee, Gregory M: Leawood, Freshman, 
Pre-Medicine. Doyle, Samuel D: Leonardville, Sophomore, Physics. 


Underclassmen: Dre-Eas 

TOP ROW: Dreibelbis, Jackie S: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Dreier, Diane C: Hesston, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Dreier, Gary J: Kansas City, Freshman, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Dreiling, Jan M: Hays, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
Dreiling, Linda K: Grinnell, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

SECOND ROW: Drennan, D'Ann: Winfield, Junior, Modern Lan- 
guages. Drew, Gregory P: Omaha, Neb., Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Driscoll, James R: Randolph, Mass., Junior, General. Driver, 
William G: Pomona, Junior, Accounting. Droege, William J: St. 

Louis, Mo., Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Droge, Douglas A: Seneca, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Drost, Gary C: Vandenberg, Calif., Sophomore, Modern Lan- 
guages. Drouhard, Thomas M: Danville, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Drown, Deborah G: Overland Park, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Drury, Diane T: Wichita, Sophomore, General Home 

FOURTH ROW: Dubber, Patricia B: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, 
Pre-Elementary Education. DuBois, James H: Overland Park, Fresh- 
man, Architecture. Dubois, Verdon F: Paola, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Duckers, John W: Kansas City, Junior, Business 
Administration. Dudgeon, Richard M: Hebron, Neb., Freshman, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Dudley, Margo M: Cawker City, Freshman, History. Duf- 
fy, Clark R: Chapman, Freshman, General. Duffy, Rebecca E: Junc- 
tion City, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Duhan, Dale F: Webster, Mo., 
Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. Dukich, Joseph M: Leawood, 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Dulin, Mark P: Coffeyville, Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Dulin, Susan J: Coffeyville, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Dumey, David A: Ferguson, Mo., Freshman, 
Architecture. Dumford, Kelly L: Junior, Business Administration. 
Dumler, Dennis W: Russell, Junior, Wildlife Conservation . 

SEVENTH ROW: Dumler, Edith F: Russell, Freshman, General. Dun- 
bar, Kathleen: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Physical Education. 
Dunbar, Ronald E: Richmond, Freshman, Animal Science and In- 
dustry. Dungey, Clifford L: Leavenworth, Freshman, Mechanical 
Engineering. Dunn, Clinton E: Manhattan, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Dunn, Joseph J: Hollis, N.Y., Sophomore, Architec- 
ture. Dunn, Larry E: Richfield, Freshman, Agronomy. Dunn, Nancy 
K: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Dunn, 
Nancy K: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Dunn, Phil- 
ip W: Valley Falls, Sophomore, Horticulture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Durbin, Patricia R: Moline, Freshman, Architecture. 
Durham, Patricia L: Emporia, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Durler, 
Raymond S: Great Bend, Freshman, Business Administration. Dur- 
ler, Sharen A: Great Bend, Sophomore, Computer Science. DuRoy, 
Sheryl A: Topeka, Freshman, Technical Journalism. 


Chi Os lose ground in their tug against Pi Beta Phi 
who later won the annual Delta Chi tug of war meet. 

TOP ROW: Durrance, Ronald L: Bowling Green, Fla., Sophomore, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Dusenbury, Susanna G: Caldwell, Sopho- 
more, General Home Economics. Duston, Douglas J: Gaylord, Soph- 
omore, Veterinary Medicine. Dutch, John J: Rulo, Neb., Junior, Busi- 
ness Administration. Dutton, Craig H: Concordia, Freshman, 

SECOND ROW: Dyck, Lu Anne: Wichita, Freshman, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Dye, Deborah K: Liberty, Mo., Sophomore, Mathematics. Dye, 
Gary K: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Dyer, Stephen J: 
Wauwatosa, Wis., Sophomore, Mathematics. Dyer, William K: Shaw- 
nee Mission, Junior, Political Science. 

THIRD ROW: Dyke, Elizabeth A: Shawnee Mission, Junior, English. 
Ealy, Dennis E: Junction City, Junior, Accounting. Earhart, Orville A: 
Independence, Junior, Building Construction. Early, Harold R: Kan- 
sas City, Mo., Sophomore, Physical Education. Early, Marcia G: Sa- 

betha, Freshman, General Home Economics. 


BOTTOM ROW: Early, Terry D: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Archi- 
tecture. Easterday, Catherine: Salina, Freshman, General. Easter- 
day, Katherine: Atwood, Junior, Elementary Education. Eastin, Sa- 
bra E: Emporia, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. Eas- 
ton, Douglas P: Beattie, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 


Underclassmen: Eat-Eva 

TOP ROW: Eaton, Jeffrey M: Santa Rosa, Calif., Freshman, Business 
Administration. Eberle, Nita Z: Newton, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Ebert, Alexis L: St. George, Junior, General Home Economics. 
Ebert, Michael K: St. George, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 
Ebert, Rose A: St. George, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Ebertz, Lois A: Sheridan, Wyo., Junior, General. 
Ebright, Evelyn L: Lyons, Freshman, Music Education. Eburno, Jo- 
seph V: Chicago, III., Sophomore, Geochemistry. Eckert, James D: 
Topeka, Freshman, General Agriculture. Ecord, Charles A: Wichita, 
Freshman, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Edds, Linda S: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Edelblute, Phillip: Garden City, Sophomore, General. 
Edelman, Marilyn K: Sabetha, Freshman, General. Edelman, Randy 

A: Rolla, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine in Agriculture. Edgar, 
Nancy L: Colby, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Edgecombe, Mary K: Wichita, Freshman, Psycholo- 
gy. Edwards, Charles S: Fowler, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Edwards, Gretta J: El Dorado, Junior, Mathematics. Edwards, 
Morris A: Chapman, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Edwards, Roger 

W: Emporia, Junior, Natural Resources Conservation and Use. 

FIFTH ROW: Edwards, Sidney T: Topeka, Sophomore, Chemical En- 
gineering. Edwards, William J: Topeka, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Effland, Deborah L: White City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Egan, Elaine M: Salina, Freshman, General. Egan, Michael E: 

Salina, Freshman, General. 

SIXTH ROW: Eggleston, Kenneth G: Monroe, La., Sophomore, Archi- 
tecture. Egner, Douglas A: Salina, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Eicher, Gregory L: Brewster, Junior, History. Eicher, Jonathan W: 

Brewster, Junior, Agricultural Engineering. Eickman, Deborah J: 

Hastings, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Einsel, Martha C: Wilmore, Junior, Biological Sci- 
ence. Eisenbarth, Linda J: Onaga, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Eisler, Marion K: Easton, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Eitz- 
man, Jan L: Hardy, Neb., Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Elder, Don- 
na M: Smith Center, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Elder, Steven C: Salina, Sophomore, Physical. Elder, 
Thomas J: Topeka, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Elleman, Su- 
san: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Ellen- 
becker, Sandra: Marysville, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Elliot, 
Arthur R: Leawood, Freshman, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Elliott, Deanna H: Herington, Freshman, General. 
Elliott, Michael B: Goodland, Junior, Political Science. Ellis, Const- 
ance L: Kansas City, Freshman, Architecture. Ellis, Donald P: St. 
Marys, Sophomore, Chemistry. Ellis, Janine M: Chapman, Fresh- 
man, Clothing Retailing. 


FIFTH ROW: Enterline, Daniel L: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Epp, Edward L: Pretty Prairie, Sophomore, Pre- 
Vetermary Medicine. Erbes, Rita E: LaCrosse, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Erhardt, Cynthia L: Ellsworth, Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Erickson, Dorothy K: Leawood, Sophomore, 

SIXTH ROW: Erickson, Forrest E: Pawnee Rock, Sophomore, Civil 
Engineering. Erickson, Fred A: Rockfort, Maine, Freshman, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Erickson, Gerald W: Sutton, Neb., Freshman, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Ericksten, Roger D: Sabetha, Sophomore, Chem- 
istry. Ericson, Merle: Marquette, Freshman, Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Ericson, Sue A: Liberal, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Ernest, Deborah L: Allen Park, Mich., Freshman, General. 
Ernst, Nancy A: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Ervin, Patricia M: Prairie Village, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Eschmann, William C: Columbia, III., Junior, Business 

EIGHTH ROW: Eshelman, Donna J: Sedgwick, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Esslinger, Joyce A: Riley, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Esslinger, Sandra A: Frankfort, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Essmiller, Arnell D: Great Bend, Junior, Modern 
Languages. Estes, Ronald M: Atchison, Junior, Agricultural 

BOTTOM ROW: Etrick, Joseph F: Garden City, Junior, Technical 
Journalism. Eustace, Stephen E: Topeka, Junior, Anthropology. 
Evanhoe, Charles A: Topeka, Junior, Landscape Architecture. Ev- 
ans, Harry J: Topeka, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Evans, Mar- 
ianne T: Leawood, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

TOP ROW: Ellis, Randall S: Prairie Village, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Ellis, Sandra K: Clay Center, Sophomore, Music Education. 
Ellis, Sharon E: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Biological Science. El- 
lis, Terry L: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Ellis, William D: 

Humboldt, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Elmen, Linda C: Leavenworth, Junior, Art. Elsham, 
Leslie M: Leawood, Freshman, General. Eisner, Deborah A: Kansas 
City, Mo., Freshman, General Home Economics. Elson, Carol S: Peo- 
ria, III., Sophomore, Modern Languages. Eltiste, Dale A: Philh psburg, 

Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Elwell, Mike R: Tecumseh, Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Emmerson, Albert E: Osborne, Sophomore, Feed Science and 
Management. Emmot, John L: Beloit, Junior, Political Science. End- 
ers, Jacqueline: Cranbury, N.J., Junior, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Engelhardt, Steven W: Abilene, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Engelken, Joseph T: Goff, Junior, Psychology. Engle, 
Lynette M: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Engle, 
Robert L: Great Bend, Sophomore, Physical Education. Engle, 
Yvonne J: Clyde, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Engler, Da- 
vid L: Topeka, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Eva-Fla 

TOP ROW: Evans, Roselene M: Clay Center, Sophomore, Pre-Busi- 
ness Education. Evans, Scott A: lola, Junior, Computer Science. 
Everett, Mildred: Kansas City, Sophomore, Economics. Everett, Su- 
san A: Topeka, Freshman, Family and Child Development. Everhart, 
Alan L: Paola, Freshman, General Agriculture. 

SECOND ROW: Ewald, Philip C: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, Archi- 
tecture. Ewing, Donna F: Topeka, Sophomore, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Ewing, Larry R: Hiawatha, Junior, Animal Sci- 
ences and Industry. Ewy, Gerald K: Halstead, Sophomore, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Ewy, Kenneth L: Halstead. 

THIRD ROW: Eyestone, Cecilia A: Manhattan, Junior, Sociology. 
Fagan, Susan J: Benton, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Fairbank, Marvin M: Topeka, Sophomore, Physical Education. Fair- 
banks, David F: Manhattan, Junior, Agricultural Engineering. Fair- 
banks, Shawnee L: King City, Mo., Freshman, Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts. 

FOURTH ROW: Fairbanks, Steven E: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 
Fairbanks, Treva K: Manhattan, Freshman, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Fairchild, Ricki D: Great Bend, Freshman, General. Fairhurst, 
Marjorie A: Prairie Village, Freshman, Sociology. Fairless, Toni R: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, Applied Music. 

FIFTH ROW: Faith, Lynda J: Omaha, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Elementa- 
ry Education. Fajgier, Charles J: Browns Mills, N.J., Freshman, Pre- 
Vetermary Medicine in Agriculture. Fakler, Joe A: Marysville, Sopho- 
more, Veterinary Medicine. Falgione, Beverly K: Blue Hill, Neb., 
Freshman, General Home Economics. Falk, Mevlin H: Alta Vista, 
Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine in Agriculture. 

SIXTH ROW: Falk, Susan K: Topeka, Freshman, Physical Education. 
Fallis, Linda J:' Mission, Sophomore, Sociology. Faltermeier, Daniel: 
Russell, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Fankhauser, Wesley L: Madi- 
son, Junior, Restaurant Management. Fansher, Diane R: Garden 
City, Freshman, Mathematics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Farber, Gloria A: Derby, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Farney, Kent J: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Farrell, Sharon A: Wamego, Freshman, Chemistry. Farrell, 
Tana J: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Farres, Theodore W: Wood- 
bine, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

EIGHTH ROW: Fatkin, Margaret E: Wichita, Freshman, Technical 
Journalism. Fatzer, Carol J: Lewis, Junior, Psychology. Faulconer, 
Donald A: El Dorado, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Faulds, Charles 
M: Dodge City, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. Fawcett, Mark 

E: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fearing, Karl D: Burr Oak, Freshman, Physical Edu- 
cation. Fedde, Linda A: Shawnee, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Feerer, Virgil V: Beloit, Junior, Computer Science. Feerer, 
Warren C: Beloit, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Feldkamp, Carolyn S: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 


Ti «» il W •** W w «*»• W 

TOP ROW: Feldkamp, Mary L: Natoma, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Felix, John R: Kansas City, Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration. Fellers, Edmond E: Hays, Sophomore, Pre-Business Edu- 
cation. Fellers, Kenneth K: Clay Center, Freshman, Psychology. Fell- 
man, Carol S: Osage City, Freshman, Pre-Business Education . 

SECOND ROW: Felts, Richard W: Liberty, Junior, Animal Science and 
Industry. Fent, Mary J: Newton, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Ferbrache, Bette J: Hiawatha, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Fergerson, Steven C: Dodge City, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Ferguson, Craig R: Manhattan, Freshman, 

THIRD ROW: Ferguson, Gregory L: Mmneola, Freshman, English. 
Ferguson, Jon C: Kensington, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. Fiedler, 
Gordon D: Salina, Freshman, English. Fields, Phillip R: Salina, Soph- 
omore, General. Fieser, Dean E: Plains, Junior, Agricultural 

FOURTH ROW: Fike, Linda D: Ramona, Freshman, General. Findeiss, 
Patricia B: Wichita, Junior, History. Findley, Deborah S: Baldwin, 

Freshman, General. Finger, Marilyn F: Horton, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Finger, Mark J: Larned, Freshman, Chemical 

FIFTH ROW: Finkeldei, Mark A: Fowler, Sophomore, General Agricul- 
ture, Finn, Gregory L: Hoisington, Freshman, General. Finney, Nan- 
cy G: Hutchinson, Freshman, General. Firebaugh, Douglas A: Prairie 
Village, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Fischer, Byron L: Whea- 
ton, Sophomore, General Agriculture. 

SIXTH ROW: Fischer, Cheryn M: Prairie Village, Freshman, Foods 
and Nutrition. Fischer, Jeanette L: Wallace, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 
Fiser, Barbara J: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Fish, Rhoda M: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Fishburn, Anita L: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 

SEVENTH ROW: Fisher, Celeste E: Lewis, Sophomore, Secondary 
Education. Fisher, Deborah L: Mulvane, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Fisher, Eunice E: Lewis, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Fisher, John W: Holton, Sophomore, General Agricul- 
ture. Fisher, Mark A: Wichita, Freshman, General . 

EIGHTH ROW: Fisher, Rhonda L: Alta Vista, Sophomore, Music Edu- 
cation. Fisher, Sandra A: Holton, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Fish- 
er, Stephen R: Alta Vista, Junior, Mathematics. Fisher, Steven D: 

Meade, Sophomore, Animal Science and Industry. Fitt, James A: 

Medinah, III., Junior, History. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fitt, Jenny L: Morton Grove, III., Sophomore, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Fitzpatrick, Marjorie: Emporia, Sophomore, 
Clothing Retailing. Fitzsimons, Patrick: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre- 
Law. Flack, Dick P: Greenville, N.Y., Junior, Bakery Management. 
Flanary, Richard L: St. Marys, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Fla-Fra 

TOP ROW: Flandermeyer, Kathy: Alexandria, Va., Junior, Elementa- 
ry Education. Fleischacker, Donna: Ludell, Junior, Physical Educa- 
tion. Fleming, William F: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Flentie, Craig K: Centralia, Sophomore, Physical 
Education. Fleske, Louis F: Garfield, Sophomore, Agricultural 

SECOND ROW: Fletcher, Terrell H: Alton, III., Sophomore, Land- 
scape Architecture. Flickner, Sandra G: Moundndge, Sophomore, 
Technical Journalism. Florer, William S: Deerfield, Junior, Second- 
ary Education. Flournoy, Ralph L: Kansas City, Junior, Civil Engi- 
neering. Floyd, Linda J: St. Francis, Freshman, Speech. 

BOTTOM ROW: Floyd, Lizabeth L: Wichita, Sophomore, Dietetics and 
Institutional Management. Floyd, Roetta D: Johnson, Freshman, 
General Home Economics. Flynn, Douglas A: Riley, Freshman, Gen- 
eral. Flynn, Patricia A: Overland Park, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Focke, Kathryn G: Atwood, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 

DU men use a tune to introduce their candidate Dan 
Huffman, later chosen the Favorite Man on Campus. 


4Hfe jm^. ,'Mk. 

TOP ROW: Fogelberg, Larry R: Scandia, Junior, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Foland, Nancy L: Almena, Junior, Art. Folck, Stephen P: 

Parkville, Mo., Sophomore, Animal Science and Industry. Foley, 
Tina K: Topeka, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Foltz, Kathy L: Abi- 
lene, Freshman, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Foncannon, Frances A: Prairie Village, Sophomore, 
General. Foncannon, Thomas M: Prairie Village, Junior, General. 
Fontenot, Gregory: Ft. Eustis, Va., Sophomore, History. Foos, Kath- 
ryn L: Bazine, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Foos, Larry E: Oakley, 
Sophomore, Agricultural Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Foos, Loraine F: Oakley, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Foote, Carolyn A: Sea Girt, N.J., Sophomore, General. Forbes, Ran- 
dall J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Forbes, Susan K: Burlington, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Ford, 
Helen L: Edgerton, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Ford, Sue E: Olathe, Freshman, Humanities. Ford, 
Susan M: Manhattan, Sophomore, Music Education. Ford, William 
H: Edgerton, Freshman, General. Foreman, David A: Valley Center, 
Freshman, Building Construction. Forgey, Larry P: Marysville, Soph- 
omore, History. 

FIFTH ROW: Forsberg, Patricia A: Kansas City, Sophomore, Home 
Economics Education. Forsherg, Jean A: Wichita, Freshman, Art. 
Fortner, Jimmie R: Fredonia, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 
Foss, Phillip E: Hutchinson, Junior, Business Administration. Fos- 
ter, James F: Kansas City, Freshman, General . 

SIXTH ROW: Foster, Kathryn A: Great Bend, Junior, Sociology. Fos- 
ter, Sarah A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Foun- 
taine, James H: Manhattan, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Four- 
nier, Joseph T: Cambria Heights. N.Y., Freshman, Bakery Manage- 
ment. Fowles, Christine A: Clay Center, Junior, Mathematics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Fox, Elizabeth A: Girard, Freshman, Physical Thera- 
py. Fox, Larry M: Plains, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Frackowiak, 
Darrell: Overland Park, Sophomore, General. Frager, Janet K: Mor- 
rowville, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Francesconi, Rob- 
erta A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education . 

EIGHTH ROW: Francis, Clyde E: Harper, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Francis, Kenneth J: Dodge City, Junior, Animal Science 
and Industry. Francis, Michael E: Topeka, Freshman, Political Sci- 
ence. Franson, Pamela M: Clay Center, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Frantz, Gary A: Salina. Freshman, Landscape 

BOTTOM ROW: Franz, Teresa J: Derby, Sophomore, Medical Tech- 
nology. Franzen, Lois A: Commerce City, Colo., Freshman, Physical 
Therapy. Fraser, John W: Concordia, Sophomore, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Frasier, Beverly S: Sharon Springs, Junior, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Frazey, Susan D: Edwardsville, Sophomore, Pre- 


SEVENTH ROW: Frost, Bruce E: Smolan, Junior, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Frownfelter, Jimmie: Junction City, Sophomore, Account- 
ing. Fruehling, Michael W: Overland Park, Sophomore, General. 
Frusher, Steven V: Ness City, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Fry, 
James R: Wichita, Freshman, Chemistry. 

EIGHTH ROW: Fry, Linda M: Salina, Sophomore, General. Fry, Rhon- 
da L: Little River, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Fugger, 
Susan M: Great Bend, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Fuhrken, Ronald C: Springfield, III., Junior, Landscape Architecture. 
Fulk, Sheryl L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General. 

Underclassmen: Fra-Gas 

TOP ROW: Frazier, Marcia L: Goodland, Freshman, General. Freder- 
ick, Martha R: Chanute, Freshman, General. Freeborn, Karol J: 

Smith Center, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Freeburne, Ste- 
ven K: Peabody, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Freeby, Larry R: 

Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Law. 

SECOND ROW: Freed, Nancy J: Lawrence, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing. Freedman, Arthur B: Marblehead, Mass., Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Freeman, Linda S: Kansas City, Junior, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Freeman, Stephen W: De Soto, Junior, Politi- 
cal Science. Freeman, Susan G: Hutchinson, Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education . 

THIRD ROW: Freidell, James E: Leawood, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Freiherr, Kathleen J: Westfield, N.J., Sophomore, Clothing, 
Retailing. French, Danny D: Eureka, Sophomore, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Frey, Gary W: Kansas City, Freshman, Architecture. Frey, 
John A: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. 

FOURTH ROW: Fricano, Philip J: North Collins, N.Y., Sophomore, 
Civil Engineering. Frick, Sarah E: Atwood, Freshman, General. Friel- 
ing, Gary L: Athol, Sophomore, Animal Science and Industry. 
Friend, James R: Nortonville, Freshman, Chemistry. Fries, Edward 

A: McPherson, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Friesen, Patricia K: Inman, Sophomore, English. Fris- 
bie, Marsha K: McDonald, Freshman, Mathematics. Fritchen, David 

R: Council Grove, Sophomore, Building Construction. Frizzo, Jay G: 
Hutchinson, So.phomore, Business Administration. Froelich, David 

S: Leawood, Freshman, Architecture. 

SIXTH ROW: Froetschner, James D: Offerle, Sophomore, Animal 
Science and Industry. Froetschner, Richard: Offerle, Freshman, 
Agronomy. Fromm, Diana R: Beloit, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Fromme, Mary L: Topeka, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Fronick, William C: St. Louis, Mo., Junior, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Fulkerson, Joan J: Liberty, Mo., Junior, Physical 
Education. Fulkerson, Paul C: Wichita, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Fullana, Jose M: Puerto Rico, Sophomore, Architecture. 
Fuller, Daniel L: Kansas City, Freshman, General. Fuller, Ronald D: 

Dodge City, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 


TOP ROW: Fulton, Ellen L: Ellsworth, Junior, Housing and Equip- 
ment. Funk, James L: LaCrosse, Freshman, General. Funston, Karen 
I: Abilene, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Fuqua, Randall 
E: Caney, Junior, Agricultural Education. Gabler, Kathleen M: Over- 
land Park, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Gabriel, Mark D: Eudora, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. 
Gabrielson, Ronald L: Overland Park, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Gadberry, Barbara D: Wichita, Junior, Sociology. Gaddie, Fran- 
cis M: Cottonwood, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine in Agricul- 
ture. Gadson, Charles E: Salina, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Gaede, Diane: Manhattan, Junior, Art. Gaede, Ragene 
H: Newton, Freshman, Mathematics. Gaines, Janice L: Overland 
Park, Freshman, General Home Economics. Gaines, Tharran E: 
Kensington, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Galle, Norman R: 

Moundridge, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Gallemore, Paula J: Wellington, Sophomore, Physi- 
cal Therapy. Galloway, Jane E: Wakeeney, Freshman, General. 
Gampper, Judith L: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Gampper, Maureen E: Topeka, Freshman, Applied Music. 
Gansel, Richard W: Hill City, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Gantenbein, Andrew L: Hope, Sophomore, Horticulture. 
Gantz, Barbara E: Marion, Freshman, General. Gantz, Paula N: Ness 
City, Sophomore, Modern Languages. Garanson, Sandra S: Topeka, 
Freshman, General Home Economics. Gard, Michael F: El Dorado, 
Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Garman, Robert E: Burr Oak, Junior, Mathematics. 
Garman, Terry W: Kiowa, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Garner, 
Michael A: Leavenworth, Freshman, Business Administration. Gar- 
relts, Gregory A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. Garrelts, 
Nancy D: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Garrelts, Susan R: Salina, Junior, Medical Technolo- 
gy. Garrett, Janet L: Lawrence, Freshman, General. Garrett, Jimmy 
L: Augusta, Sophomore, History. Garrett, Marsha L: Salina, Junior, 
Elementary Education. Garrison, Jana M: Newton, Freshman. 

EIGHTH ROW: Garrison, Sue L: St. Francis, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Garten, R. Steven: Sharon, Sophomore, Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Gartner, Linda L: Affton, Mo.. Sophomore, Computer 
Science. Gartner, Robert E: Cedar Hill, Mo., Junior, Business Admin- 
istration. Gartung, Jimmie L: Liberal, Sophomore, Agricultural 

BOTTOM ROW: Gartung, Katherine J: Hutchinson, Junior, Clothing 
Retailing. Garver, Lucy M: Severy. Junior, Physical Therapy. Gary, 
Michael B: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Building Construction. 
Gaskill, James R: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Gas- 
kill, Richard L: Kinsley, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. 


Underclassmen: Gas-Gof 

TOP ROW: Gasper, Duane R: Tipton, Freshman, Accounting. Gasper, 
Michael D: Tipton, Junior, Accounting. Gatch, Nancy L: Hope, Ju- 
nior, Clothing Retailing. Gates, Billie K: Ft. Leavenworth, Freshman, 
Clothing Retailing. Gatewood, Nancy J: Leavenworth, Junior, Pre- 
Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Gatlin, Frederick W: Atwood, Junior, Animal Science 
and Industry. Gatlin, Ruth A: Atwood, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Gatlin, Toni M: Kansas City. Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Gatterman, Bryan G: Lewis, Freshman, Agricultural 
Engineering. Gatti, Rita R: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 

THIRD ROW: Gattshall, Robert W: Ruleton, Junior, Psychology. Gatz, 
Ronald F: Newton, Freshman, Animal Science and Industry. Gatz, 
Thomas C: Newton, Sophomore, Animal Science and Industry. Gat- 
za, Dale E: Junction City, Freshman, Accounting. Gatzoulis, Barbara 

G: Prairie Village, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Gaughan, William J: Topeka, Freshman, Speech. 
Gay, William D: Gardner, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Gaylord, 
William L: Rolla, Freshman, General. Gear, Nancy E: Wichita, Sopho- 
more, General. Gebhart, Glen E: Hoxie, Freshman, Wildlife 
Conservation . 

FIFTH ROW: Gebhart, Joanne L: Salina, Junior, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Gebhart, Mary E: Hoxie, Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Gedney, Melissa L: Gaylord, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Gee, Jerry R: Stafford, Freshman, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Gehrs, Melvin J: Gladstone, Mo., Junior, Electrical Engineering. 


SIXTH ROW: Gehrt, Cheryl R: Topeka, Freshman, Home Economics 
Education. Gelwix, Randall C: Alexandria, Va., Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Gentry, Cheryl T: Winfield, Junior, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Gentry, Darrell R: Winfield, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Georg, Ken P: Rush Center, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: George, Cynthia: Topeka, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. Gerard, Russell S: Waterloo, Iowa, Junior, 
Veterinary Medicine. Gerhardt, Beverly A: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Gerlinger, Cathy R: Overland Park, Junior, 
Pre-Secondary Education. Gero, Gregory A: Overland Park, Fresh- 
man, Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Gerritz, Grace L: Manhattan, Junior, English. Ger- 
stner, Daniel P: Frankfort, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Ges- 
sner, Joseph S: Stockton, N.J., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Get- 
tino, Robert E: Syracuse, N.Y., Sophomore, Mathematics. Gibb, Wil- 
liam D: Elmdale, Junior, Business Administration . 

BOTTOM ROW: Gibbs, Earl M: Rocky River, Ohio, Freshman, Animal 
Science and Industry. Gibler, Pauletta S: Baldwin City, Freshman, 
Home Economics Education. Gibson, James C: Kansas City, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Medicine. Gibson, John W: Winfield, Sophomore, General. 
Gibson, Linda C: Wichita, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. 


SIXTH ROW: Glasco, Connie J: Bird City, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Glasgow, Jimmy K: Wichita, Sophomore, Electrical En- 
gineering. Gleason, Oren A: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Gleason, Roger L: Seneca, Freshman, General. Glenn, Larry 

S: Dodge City, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Glennon, Barbara L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, 
General. Glotzbach, Stephen J: Ft. Leavenworth, Freshman, Busi- 
ness Administration. Glowacki, William: Dearborn, Mich., Junior, 
Business Administration. Glunt, Sandra L: Holcomb, Junior, Home 
Economics Education. Glynn, Michael S: Hutchinson, Sophomore, 
Computer Science. 

EIGHTH ROW: Goble, Rebecca L: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Gockel, Jane G: St. Marys, Freshman, Psychology. 
Godsey, Bruce F: Waterville, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Goehring, Patricia A: Topeka, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Goering, Peter: Lehigh, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Goerne, Larry D: Streator, III., Sophomore, Architec- 
ture. Goetz, Deborah A: Mission, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Goff, 
Charlotte J: Arkansas City, Sophomore, Consumer Interest. Goff, 
Howard R: Manhattan, Sophomore, Biochemistry. Goffrier, Patricia 

A: Wichita, Sophomore, General . 

TOP ROW: Gibson, Michael L: Winfield, Junior, Pre-Law. Gibson, Pa- 
tricia A: Overland Park, Freshman, Business Administration. Gie- 
bler, Eugene F: Russell, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Gies- 
senbier, Janice: Lenexa, Sophomore, Mathematics. Gifford, Haran- 

na L: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Gilbert, Larry D: Fairview, Freshman, Pre-Law. 
Gilbert, Rhoda M: Kansas City, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Gild- 
ersleve, David L: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Gile, Duane E: 

Scandia, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Gilges, Verlyn E: Baldwin, Junior, 

THIRD ROW: Gilkerson, Verna D: Oakley, Sophomore, Pre-Business 
Education. Gilkison, David K: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Gill, Robert P: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Gillen, Judy A: Kingman, Sophomore, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Gillespie, Jimmie C: Gramtield, Sophomore, General . 

FOURTH ROW: Gillespie, Kathryn N: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 
Gillespie, Kirby L: Grainfield, Freshman, General. Gillilan, Jon R: 
Republic, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Gilliland, Gayla S: 
Holton, Freshman, General Home Economics. Gilmore, James E: 

Topeka, Freshman, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Gilmore, Roberta K: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Gilsdorf, Michael J: Shawnee, Sophomore, Pre- 
Forestry. Ginter, Philip D: Topeka, Junior, Biological Science. Giv- 
ens, Mary S: Manhattan, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 
Giza, Mary C: APO, N.Y., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

Iks ■ ■JHS IlflJil 


FIFTH ROW: Goodpasture, Sheri L: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Goodwin, Michael W: Osawatomie, Freshman, 
General. Goossen, Gwen D: Topeka, Freshman, Psychology. Gordon, 
Jeannine K: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Business Education. Gordon, 
Suzanne: Winfield, Junior, Modern Languages. 

SIXTH ROW: Gore, Twila S: Larned, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
Gorrell, Dwight G: Centerville, Junior, Agricultural Education. Gor- 
ton, Linda L: Beverly, Junior. Secondary Education. Goss, Phil S: 
Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Gothard, Reba M: 

Cedar Vale, Junior, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: Gotthardt, Sherri L: Emporia, Freshman, Physical 
Therapy. Gottschalk, Robert M: Leavenworth, Freshman, Civil Engi- 
neering. Gough, Pamela J: Wichita, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Graas, David W: Victoria, Canada, Sophomore, Business Administra- 
tion. Graber, Gary H: Burrton, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Graber, Ruth A: Mulvane, Sophomore, Pre-Elementa- 
ry Education. Grable, Mary C: Wathena, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Grafel, Richard A: Herndon, Sophomore, Biologi- 
cal Science. Graff, Steve J: Manenthal, Freshman, Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Graham, David E: Prairie Village, Junior, Pre-Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Graham, Gary M: White Deer, Tex., Sophomore, 
Technical, Journalism. Graham, Jolinda G: Marysville, Junior, Eco- 
nomics. Graham, Linda M: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Graham, Marsha A: Great Bend, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Graham, Martha J: Washington, Junior, Elemen- 
tary Education . 

Underclassmen: Gof-Gri 

TOP ROW: Gofreed, Andrew: Oxon Hill, Md., Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Gogue, Louis L: Arnold, Mo., 04, Architecture. Goheen, 
Douglas P: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Golden, 
M. Fran: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Golden, 
Thomas T: Topeka, Freshman, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Goldsberry, Tracy A: Overland Park, Freshman, Gen- 
eral Home Economics. Goldwasser, Patricia: Prairie Village, Fresh- 
man, Clothing Retailing. Goltry, Scott, J: Caldwell, Freshman, Gen- 
eral Agriculture. Golub, Michael A: Kansas City, Junior, Industrial 
Engineering. Gonzalez, Francisco: Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Gooch, Jerry V: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Good, Harold E: Barnard, Sophomore, Animal Science 
and Industry. Good, James E: Horton, Sophomore, General. Good, 
Kay L: Barnard, Freshman, Speech Pathology and Audiology. Good- 
en, Archie L: Dodge City, Junior, Building Construction . 

FOURTH ROW: Gooden, Calvin E: Salina. Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Goodin, Alice C: Clay Center, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Goodin, Andrea J: Clay Center, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Gooding, Janet C: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Clothing 
Retailing. Goodman, Candace A: Atchison, Freshman, Speech . 


TOP ROW: Graham, Mary V: Sioux Fall, S.D., Freshman, General. 
Grainger, Wendy A: Prairie Village, Freshman, General. Grandfield, 
Kim S: Wichita, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Grandfield, Rob 
S: Wichita, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Grant, Virginia M: 

Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

SECOND ROW: Gratny, Mark L: Kansas City, Sophomore, Animal 
Sciences and Industry. Grauerholz, James L: Athol, Sophomore, 
Agricultural Economics. Graves, Alan P: Media, Pa., Sophomore, 
Mechanical Engineering. Graves, Darryl W: Garden City, Sopho- 
more, Business Administration. Graves, Jacqueline A: Belleville, 
Freshman, General Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Graves, Mary E: Leawood, Freshman, General. Gray, 
Barbara: Topeka, Sophomore, Sociology. Gray, Dianna J: Wichita. 
Gray, Rebecca S: Atwood, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Gre- 
cian, Kendal L: Palco, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 

FOURTH ROW: Green, Cynthia A: St. John, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Green, Gregory N: Leavenworth, Freshman, Ac- 
counting. Green, Henry W: Leavenworth, Freshman, General. Green, 
Lance R: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Green, Lee R: 

Leavenworth, Junior, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Green, Michael C: Topeka, Junior, Economics. Green, 
Thomas H: Kansas City, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Greenfield, 
Glenda J: Princeton, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Green- 
well, Linda K: Wmfield, Freshman, Pre-Business Education. Green- 
wood, Randal L: Hugoton, Freshman, General. 

SIXTH ROW: Gregg, Laurance D: Nehawka, Neb., Sophomore, Bac- 
teriology. Gregg, Linda D: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Gregory, Arthur E: Alton, Freshman, Wildlife Conserva- 
tion. Grennan, Dennis E: Jewell, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 
Grennan, Mary J: Jamestown, Junior, Social Science. 

SEVENTH ROW: Grey, Thomas G: Mission, Sophomore. Pre-Dentist- 
ry. Grider, Alan G: Overland Park, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. 
Grieve, Ruth A: APO San Francisco, Calif., Junior, Computer Sci- 
ence. Griffeth, Linda J: Jewell, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Griffin, 
Charles L: Lyons, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Griffith, Michele A: Leawood, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Grigg, Gynile E: Scott City, Freshman. Physical 
Education. Grill, Randall O: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 
Grimes, Gary W: Manhattan, Freshman, Architecture. Grimes, Jo- 
seph E: Overland Park, Freshman, Animal Science and Industry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Grimes, Mark A: Prairie Village, Freshman. Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Grimm, Karyl A: Wellington, Freshman, Computer 
Science. Grimwood, Mary J: Sedgwick, Freshman. General Home 
Economics. Grindle, Terry M: Hill City, Freshman, Restaurant Man- 
agement. Grindrod, Harry H: Carlisle, Pa., Freshman, Wildlife 


Underclassmen: Gri-Hag 

TOP ROW: Grinstead, Dan S: Bonner Springs, Junior, Zoology. Grip- 
ton, Janet K: Smith Center, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Griswold, Bette J: Omaha, Neb., Freshman, Art. Groeltz, Jane E: St. 
Joseph, Mo., Freshman, General Home Economics. Groesbeck, Alan 

W: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Groff, Richard M: Lincoln, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Grojean, Ronald L: Sikeston, Mo., Sophomore, 
Architecture. Grollmes, Darrell D: Seneca, Sophomore, Mechanical 
Engineering. Gronau, Jerry L: Mankato, Minn., Sophomore, Sociolo- 
gy. Groothuis, Lillian M: Greenleaf, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 

THIRD ROW: Gross, Deborah A: Salina, Freshman, General. Gross, 
Elaine A: Friend, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. Gross, Susan A: 
Friend, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. Grossardt, James P: Claflin, Soph- 
omore, Veterinary Medicine. Grossman, Richard J: Pratt, Junior, 
Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Grothusen, David W: Scott City, Junior, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Grothusen, Nancy L: Ellsworth, Sophomore, 
Medical Technology. Grout, Jeannette M: Mankato, Freshman, Mu- 
sic Education. Grover, Barbara L: Hays, Sophomore, Mathematics. 
Grubbs, Linda G: Hugoton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education . 

FIFTH ROW: Grube, Steven G: Franklin, Neb., Junior, Veterinary 
Medicine. Gruber, Larry M: Hope, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Gruenbacher, Edward: Colwich, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. 
Grutzmacher, Lance W: Westmoreland, Freshman, Natural Re- 
sources and Conservation and Use. Gruver, Stanley L: Scott City, 
Junior, Industrial Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Gudenkauf, Linda M: Frankfort, Freshman, General. 
Guenther, Martha M: Linn, Freshman, Speech. Gugle, Terry L: Hold- 

rege, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Gugler, Jill A: 
Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Guilfoil, Anne 

M: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education . 

SEVENTH ROW: Guilfoyle, Elizabeth: Abilene, Freshman, Technical 
Journalism. Gum, Lewis T: Johnson, Freshman, General Agricul- 
ture. Gumfory, Linda K: Winfield, Freshman, General. Gump, Diana 
S: Wichita, Junior, English. Gunckel, Leslie A: Syracuse, Junior, 
Business Administration. 

EIGHTH ROW: Gunn, Mary A: Great Bend, Junior, General. Gunn, 
Steven D: Hardy, Neb., Sophomore, Business Administration. Gur- 
nee, Edwin C: Hudson Falls, N.Y., Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Gustafson, Judy C: Minneapolis, Minn., Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Gustason, Barbara E: White City, Freshman, Dietetics 
and Institutional Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Gustason, Patricia E: White City, Sophomore, Pre- 
Business Education. Gutierrez, Gloria J: Junction City, Freshman, 
Sociology. Gutsch, Larry A: Goodland, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Mechanization. Guy, Danny K: Garden City, Freshman, Accounting. 
Guy, Harry P: Chanute, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

<ii<A M 


TOP ROW: Guy, Sherryl A: Abilene, Sophomore, Music Education. 
Guy, Thomas E: Topeka, Sophomore, General. Guy, William W: To- 

peka, Freshman, Political Science. Gwin, Stephen E: Leoti, Fresh- 
man, Nuclear Engineering. Gwinn, Ralph W: Manhattan, Junior, 
Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Gwyther, Mary J: Bismark. N.D., Freshman, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Haas, Gretchen L: Overland Park, Freshman, Gen- 
eral. Haberer, Beverly J: Luray, Freshman, General. Haberer, Lynda 
M: Luray, Junior, Home Economics Education. Habiger, Carol S: 

Piqua, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 

THIRD ROW: Habiger, Jane E: Bushton, Freshman, General. Habiger, 
Robert D: Parsons, Junior, Architecture. Hachenberger, Sharon: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Hadsall, Kenneth L: 
Harper, Freshman, General. Haer, Henry C: Huntington, N.Y., Fresh- 
man, Bakery Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hage, Nancy E: Leawood, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Hagedorn, Charles I: Fairfax, Vir., Sophomore, Pre-Vetermary 
Medicine. Hager, Ronald R: Manhattan, Sophomore, Humanities. 
Hagerman, Wayne H: Larned, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 
Hagler, Janette L: Concordia, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education . 

Compiling facts on one of almost 50 patients treated 
daily, a student gains experience in client contact. 


Underclassmen: Hah-Har 

TOP ROW: Hahn, Allen G: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Hahn, Judy K: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Psychology. 
Hahn, Mark L: Shawnee, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Haines, Jean 
M: Wichita, Junior, Home Economics Education. Haist, Sharol J: Mil- 
tonvale, Sophomore, General. 

SECOND ROW: Hake, Janice K: Wichita, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Hake, Joseph C: Abilene, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Hakeman, Clare M: Wichita, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Halbleib, Chester W: Utica, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Haider- 
son, Carol E: Glasco, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education . 

THIRD ROW: Hale, Linda K: Kansas City, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Hale, William C: Manhattan, Freshman, Landscape Ar- 
chitecture. Haley, Karen L: Topeka, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Hall, Danny L: Liberal, Junior, Chemical Engineering. Hall, Gary L: 

Chapman, Freshman, Pre-Law. 

FOURTH ROW: Hall, James V: Newton, Sophomore, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Hall, Sharolyn K: Salina, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Hall, Thomas M: Oakley, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Hall, 
Vernon S: Gypsum, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Hallack, Mar- 
garet A: Belleville, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 

FIFTH ROW: Hallauer, Roy G: Holton, Junior, Agricultural Econom- 
ics. Haller, Jacquelyn K: Blue Rapids, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Hall- 
er, Virginia A: Atwood, Freshman, Music Education. Hambelton, 
Nancy E: Shawnee, Sophomore, General. Hamill, Sandra L: Coffey- 
ville, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Hamilton, Barbara S: Kansas City, Freshman, Home 
Economics Education. Hamilton, Elizabeth: Kansas City, Freshman, 
Chemistry. Hamilton, Harold J: North Caldwell, N.J., Freshman, Civ- 
il Engineering. Hamilton, Larry W: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Forest- 
ry. Hamilton, Linda D: Leavenworth, Freshman, General Home 

SEVENTH ROW: Hamilton, Ronald L: Bonner Springs, Junior, Psy- 
chology. Hamlin, Marvin D: Winfield, Sophomore, Art. Hamlin, Mel- 
vin H: Winfield, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Hamm, Marita J: 
Perry, Freshman, General Home Economics. Hamman, Gayla S: 

Hartford, Junior, Family and Child Development. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hammer, Gregory S: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Hammerli, Alan R: Holton, Junior, Chemi- 
cal Engineering. Hammond, Judith A: Abilene, Junior, Business 
Administration. Hammond, Judy K: Osage City, Junior, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Hammond, Richard W: Blue Island, III., Sopho- 
more, Industrial Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hanan, Linda J: Brownell, Junior, Family and Child 
Development. Hanan, Steven E: Ness City, Junior, Civil Engineering. 
Hand, Robert J: Kansas City, Sophomore, General. Handel, Alfred P: 
Massapequa Park, N.Y., Junior, Dairy Foods Processing. Handlin, 
Linda S: Torrance, Calif., Sophomore, General Home Economics. 


TOP ROW: Handlin, Velma J: Marquette, Junior, Psychology. Hands, 
Gregory J: Garden City, Freshman, Agronomy. Hands, Samuel L: 
Garden City, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. Hanel, Lannie L: 
Agenda, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Haney, Barbara L: Turon, 
Junior, Family and Child Development. 

SECOND ROW: Haney, Richard A: Turon, Junior, Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Haney, Robert C: Aurora, Colo., Junior, Physical Education. 
Hanks, Constance J: Shields, Junior, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Hanks, Van W: Shields, Freshman, General Agriculture. Han- 
Ion, Vikki L: Overland Park, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

THIRD ROW: Hanna, David R: Baltimore, Md., Freshman, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Hanquist, Michael L: Hugoton, Sophomore, Phys- 
ics. Hansen, Anthony F: Junction City, Junior, Art. Hansen, Lorraine 
L: Beloit, Sophomore, General. Hansen, Robert H: Wichita, Junior, 

FOURTH ROW: Hanson, Carla J: Waterville, Sophomore, Music Edu- 
cation. Hanson, Carol V: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Clothing Re- 
tailing. Hanson, Daniel F: Kansas City, Freshman, Speech. Hanson, 
David A: Jamestown, Sophomore, General. Hanson, Joy E: Manhat- 
tan, Junior, Secondary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Hanson, Linda G: Coffeyville, Junior, Biological Sci- 
ence. Harbaugh, Gary B: Russell, Sophomore, General. Harbert, 
David E: Larned, Junior, General. Harden, Linda L: Abilene, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Elementary Education. Harder, Mary J: Hanover, Sopho- 
more, Clothing Retailing. 

SIXTH ROW: Harder, Paul H: Manhattan, Freshman, Physics. Har- 
din, Gergory W: Wakeeney, Junior, Civil Engineering. Hardin, Marc 
S: Wakeeney, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Harding, Lee A: 
Stockton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Hardman, Paul T: 

Hill City, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hargadine, Betty L: Chase, Freshman, Chemistry. 
Hargett, Lynette S: Stafford, Freshman, Agricultural Journalism. 
Hargis, Mary L: Highland, Junior, Medical Technology. Hargrove, 
Wayne A: Topeka, Sophomore, Economics. Harkins, Virginia L: St. 

Francis, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

EIGHTH ROW: Harmon, Mary A: Garden City, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Harmon, Robert D: Logan, Freshman, Animal 
Science and Industry. Harrelson, James A: Olathe, Freshman, Pre- 
Law. Harrington, John L: Woburn, Mass., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Harrington, Mary K: Frankfort, Sophomore, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Harrington, Sherry L: Madison, Freshman, Family 
and Child Development. Harris, Carol A: Wetmore, Freshman, Fami- 
ly and Child Development. Harris, Carol S: Topeka, Junior, Modern 
Languages. Harris, Gretta L: Topeka, Sophomore, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Harris, Janet L: Ottawa, Junior, Psychology. 



FOURTH ROW: Harvanek, Philbert D: Scott City, Freshman, Physical 
Education. Harvell, Robert G: Leawood, Sophomore, Wildlife Con- 
servation. Harvey, Harold J: Lenexa, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 
Harvey, James E: Hugoton, Junior. Pre-Dentistry. Harvey, Richard L: 

Hugoton, Sophomore, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Harvey, Roger C: Independence, Mo., Sophomore, Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Harvey, Susan G: Kansas City, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Harwood, Joe D: Humboldt, Freshman, Political Science. 
Harwood, Robert A: Humboldt, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 
Haslouer, Janey T: Hope, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education . 

SIXTH ROW: Hassig, Margaret E: Kansas City, Junior, Modern Lan- 
guages. Hassler, Vance R: Abilene, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Hastings, Ronald L: Council Grove, Junior, Accounting. Has- 
tings, Steven L: Hanston, Sophomore, General. Hatch, Linda M: 

Shawnee, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hatch, Rita J: McDonald, Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Hatfield, Philip D: McPherson, 04, Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Hathaway, Carolyn M: Chase, Freshman, Anthropology. 
Hathaway, Martin F: Chase, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Hatha- 
way, Thomas R: Beach, N.D., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hattrup, Patricia A: Kinsley, Freshman, General. 
Hauck, Dana R: Delphos, Sophomore, Animal Science and Industry. 
Haughawout, Linda: Topeka, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Haun, 
James F: Topeka, Junior, Accounting. Hauptli, Roger D: Glen Elder, 
Junior, Secondary Education . 

BOTTOM ROW: Haury, Kent D: Halstead, Junior, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Hausmann, Dennis E: Bonesteel, S.D., Sophomore, Veterinary 
Medicine. Haverkamp, Carol G: Seneca, Sophomore, Business Ad- 
ministration. Hawley, Sherryl A: St. Louis, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Hay, David N: Olathe, Junior, Chemical 

Underclassmen: Har-Hei 

TOP ROW: Harris, Patricia D: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, General. 
Harris, Susan K: Meade, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Harris, Timothy B: Coffeyville, Junior, Speech Harry, Michael A: 

Trumbull, Conn.. Freshman, Architecture. Hart, Cindy V: Manhat- 
tan, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. 

SECOND ROW: Hart, David L: Pomona, Freshman, Agricultural Edu- 
cation. Hart, Larry A: Effingham, Junior, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Hartford, James T: Cedar Rapids, Neb., Junior, Pre-Medicine. Hart- 
ley, Jacquelyn J: Brewster, Freshman, English. Hartley, James W: 

Garden City, Sophomore, Business Administration . 

THIRD ROW: Hartman, Larry E: Kansas City, Freshman, General. 
Hartman, Leon R: Hershey, Pa., Junior, Architectural Structures. 
Hartman, Richard L: Kansas City, Sophomore, General Agriculture. 
Harts, Larry D: Walnut, Freshman, Pre-Law. Hartzell, Gary L: Lin- 
coln, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 


TOP ROW: Hayashi, Mariko: Japan, Sophomore, Applied Music. 
Hayes, Edward S: Parsons, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Hayes, 
Howard T: Ft. Leavenworth, Freshman, Political Science. Hayes, 
Mary L: Smith Center, Junior, Pre-Secondary Education. Hayes, 
Rebecca B: Chanute, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 

SECOND ROW: Hayes, Sandra L Hastings, Neb., Junior, History. 
Haymaker, Susan A: Minneapolis, Minn., Junior, Mathematics. 
Hays, Dean A: Concordia, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Hays, 
Robert A: Phillipsburg, Freshman, General. Hays, Ronald L: Oakley, 
Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Hays, Susan E: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Hayse, Linda L: Mullinville, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Hazen, Alton C: Stockton, Sophomore, Animal Science and 
Industry. Hazen, Marilyn D: Frankfort, Freshman, Home Economics 
with Liberal Arts. Head, Judith K: Wichita, Junior, Pre-Business 

FOURTH ROW: Headrick, Frank L: Neosho Rapids, Freshman. Ani- 
mal Science and Industry. Headrick, Kerma S: Jewell, Freshman, 
Physical Education. Healy, Barbara E: Spring Hill, Freshman, Cloth- 
ing Retailing. Heath, Deanne M: Emporia, Freshman, Pre-Elementa- 
ry Education. Heath, Nancy L: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 

FIFTH ROW: Heath, Richard M: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Me- 
chanical Engineering. Heath, Susan M: Alamota, Freshman, Home 
Economics Education. Hecht, Donald W: Seneca, Junior, Animal 
Science and Industry. Heck, Gerald F: Atchison, Freshman, Mathe- 
matics. Heck, Helen S: Atchison, Freshman, Psychology. 

SIXTH ROW: Heckerson, Maurine K: Holton, Freshman, General. 
Heckerson, Roger C: Holton, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering, 
Heckman, Kent D: Wakeeney, Freshman, Physical Education. Heck- 
mann, Barbara L: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Hector, Ronald R: Thailand, Freshman, Pre-Law. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hedden, Wanda M: Wichita, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Hedges, Larry J: Fort Scott, Junior, Chemistry. 
Hedges, Tony J: Salina, Sophomore, General. Hedlind, Judith J: Clay 
Center, Freshman, Modern Languages. Hedlund, Christopher: Mon- 
tezuma, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hedrick, Jay D: Coffeyville, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Heeke, Richard A: Overland Park, Sophomore, Radio and 
Television. Heer, Cynthia L: Garden City, Sophomore, Music Educa- 
tion. Heers, Mary L: Utica, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Heersche, George: Mulvane, Junior, Dairy Production . 

BOTTOM ROW: Heersche, Richard H: Mulvane, Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine in Agriculture. Heffelbower, Duane F: Newton, 
Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Heidbreder, Elizabeth: Liberal. Junior, 
Secondary Education. Heim, John C: St. Marys, Freshman, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Hein, Marilyn A: Andale, Sophomore, Accounting. 


Putting all their constructive and artistic talents 
to work, students amuse themselves with a snowman. 

i M)l>W "' ' * HmM BWM|M MBMa 

Card after card must be filled out by students as 
fall enrollment gets underway in the Field House. 

Underclassmen: Hei-Het 

TOP ROW: Heine, Michael B: Chace, Freshman, Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Heinen, Daniel L: Valley Falls, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Heinsohn, Patricia E: Ottawa, Junior. Modern Lan- 
guages. Heintzelman, Andrea: Manhattan, Sophomore, Anthropolo- 
gy. Heintzelman, Philippa J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Art. 

SECOND ROW: Heintzelman, Stephanie E: Manhattan, Sophomore, 
Interior Architectural Design. Heitman, Diane J: Webber, Freshman, 
Clothing Retailing. Heitmann, Nancy J: New York, N.Y., Freshman, 
History. Hellar, Donald L: Cunningham, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Heller, Cheryl A: Hunter, Freshman, General Home 

THIRD ROW: Heller, Terry J: Hunter, Junior, Animal Science and 
Industry. Hellwig, Donald E: Labette, Freshman, Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Helmbold, Ray L: Tribune, Junior, Animal Science and In- 
dustry. Helten, Ronald E: Wichita, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. He- 
lus, Randal D: Ellsworth, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hembree, Jeffre L: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Law. 
Hemmann, Oliver R: Fairview, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Hemmerling, Dwight F: Hutchinson, Sophomore, General. Hempen, 
Frank B: Yates Center, Junior, Civil Engineering. Hendershot, Judith 

A: Anthony, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 


TOP ROW: Hendershot, Larry R: Hutchinson, Junior, Biochemistry. 
Henderson, Charlotte: Pretty Prairie, Junior, Mathematics. Hender- 
son, Donald W: Wichita, Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. Hen- 
derson, Linda J: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Henderson, Ruth A: 

Atchison, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Henderson, Terri L: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Henderson, Vicki M: Lakm, Freshman, Speech. Hen- 
dricks, Larry D: Great Bend, Sophomore, Psychology. Henneberg, 
Deborah K: Wheaton, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Henrikson, 
Gerald W: Emporia, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Henry, Connie L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Cloth- 
ing Retailing. Henry, Gary J: Gotf, Freshman, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Henry, Judith A: Holyrood, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Henry, Linda S: Lecompton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Henry, Margie L: Lecompton, Junior, Music Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Henry, Steven C: Longford, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Hensley, B. Jeannine: Yates Center, Freshman, Home 
Economics Education. Hensley, Barbara L: Lenora, Sophomore, 
Clothing Retailing. Hepperly, Melanie J: Concordia. Freshman, Gen- 
eral. Heptig, Frankie B: St. George, Freshman, Pre-Business 

FIFTH ROW: Herbel, Hellen E: Lyons, Junior, Modern Languages. 
Herbers, Donald A: Winfieid, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 
Herbers, Julia A: Holton, Junior, Sociology. Herbst, Roger L: Beloit, 

Freshman, Business Administration. Herde, Don M: Manhattan, 
Freshman, General . 

SIXTH ROW: Herde, Mary J: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Herdt, 
Anita D: Monument, Freshman, General Home Economics. Heri- 
tage, John R: Overland Park, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. 
Herman, Duane E: Wichita, Junior, Accounting. Hermann, James A: 

Topeka, Freshman, General Agriculture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hermesch, Charles B: Seneca, Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Hermon, Lowell F: Olathe, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Hermreck, Daniel L: Derby, Sophomore. Architecture. 
Herren, Carolyn J: Alma, Junior, Family and Child Development. 
Herres, Kimberly A: Hoisington, Freshman, English. 

EIGHTH ROW: Herrin, Linda L: Wellington, Sophomore, General. 
Herrman, Marlene S: LaCrosse, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Herrmann," Raymond F: Offerle, Freshman, General Agricul- 
ture. Hervey, Daniel R: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Hesse, Joseph M: Topeka, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hester, John E: Larned, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Heter, Martha L: Sterling, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Hetherington, Cheryl: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, General. Hetz- 
el, Barbara J: Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Hetzel, Mary J: Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Sophomore, 
Clothing Retailing. 


Underclassmen: Het-Hol 

TOP ROW: Hetzler, Gregory L: Junction City, Sophomore, General. 
Heuertz, Carol J: Valley Falls, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Heuertz, Kenneth W: Valley Falls, Sophomore, Accounting. Heus- 
dens, Lynn A: Union Grove, Wis., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Heuszel, Dennis L: Great Bend, Freshman, Chemical 

SECOND ROW: Hewes, Dean H: Eskridge, Sophomore, Electrical En- 
gineering. Hewson, Rebecca A: Larned, Sophomore, Physics. Heyl, 
Guy M: Sharon Springs, Junior, Speech. Heyne, Robert V: Manhat- 
tan, Sophomore, Statistics. Hibler, Betty L: Pierceville, Freshman, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

THIRD ROW: Hickok, Janice M: Ulysses. Freshman, General. Hicks, 
Ralph W: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Bakery Management. Hicks, 
Susan K: Neodesha, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Hie- 
bert, Lyle M: Rozel, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Hieger, 
George J: Wamego, Junior, Agricultural Education . 

FOURTH ROW: Higgins, Cynthia E: St. Marys, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Higgins, Douglas R: McCracken, Sophomore, 
Pre-Secondary Education. Hightower, James R: Northndge, Calif., 
Junior, Business Administration. Hildebrand, Jeffery: Stafford, 
Freshman, Agricultural Education. Hildwein, Mary A: Sabetha, 
Freshman, Foodsand Nutrition. 

FIFTH ROW: Hilgenfeld, Arnelle: McPherson, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Hill, Daniel G: Concordia, Junior, Music Education. Hill, 
Dennis K: Sublette, Sophomore, General. Hill, Frederick T: Balti- 
more, Md., Freshman, Sociology. Hill, Jane M: Burlington, Junior, 
Physical Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Hill, Kathleen M: Halstead, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Hill, Kenneth A: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Hill, Mary C: Halstead, Junior, Pre-Nursing. Hill, Richard 
D: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Business Administration. Hill, Steven R: 

Salina, Freshman. Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hillner, Patricia L: Olathe, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Hillner, Stephen J: Olathe, Junior, Business 
Administration. Hills, Terry L: Owego, N.Y., Junior, Bacteriology. 
Hillyard, Larry W: Chapman, Freshrnan, Mechanical Engineering. 
Hillyard, Michael R: Chapman, Junior, Accounting. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hilterbrand, Vicki B: Junction City, Freshman, Mathe- 
matics. Hilton, Robert B: Liberty, Sophomore, Speech. Hines, Nila A: 
Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. Hinnenkamp, Leo J: Salina, 
Sophomore, General. Hintz, Thomas A: Salina, Sophomore, Busi- 
ness Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Hiser, Jan L: Beaumont, Tex., Sophomore, Medical 
Technology. Hites, Robert S: Merriam, Freshman, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Hix, Diane M: Norton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Hoagland, Richard D: El Dorado, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 
Hobbs, Barbara A: Wichita, Sophomore, Sociology. 



TOP ROW: Hobbs, Carol E: Overland Park, Freshman, General. 
Hobbs, Joan C: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Hobbs, Paul A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Hobbs, 
Roy E: Princeton, Junior. Electrical Engineering. Hoch, James D: 

Prairie Village, Freshman, Business Administration . 

SECOND ROW: Hochuli, Mary C: Holton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Hockett, Jackie L: Caney, Freshman, General Agricul- 
ture. Hodge, Rhys S: St. Thomas, Va., Sophomore, Bakery Manage- 
ment. Hodgson, Alice A: Little River, Junior, Family and Child Devel- 
opment. Hodgson, Leslie J: Salina, Freshman, General . 

THIRD ROW: Holder, Barbara S: Beloit, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Hodler, John W: Beloit, Junior, Agricultural Education. 
Hodson, Janis E: Burdick, Junior, General. Hofer, Jo Ann: Cedar. 
Freshman, General. Hoff, Dolores M: Claflin, Junior, Clothing 

FOURTH ROW: Hoffman, Billy G: Haddam, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Education. Hoffman, Byron T: Great Bend. Sophomore, Economics. 
Hoffman, Dan L: Chapman, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 
Hoffman, David G: Hastings, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Hoffman, Garold J: Chapman, Freshman, Animal Science and 

FIFTH ROW: Hoffman, Linda A: Lawrence, Freshman, Clothing Re- 
tailing. Hoffman, Lloyd R: Overbrooke, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Hoffman, Martin L: Sawyer, Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Hoffman, R. Gene: Wichita, Junior, Psychology. Hoffman, Ste- 
phen T: Leavenworth, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. 

SIXTH ROW: Hogan, Betsy J: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Secondary 
Education. Hogan, Gerry D: Salina, Sophomore, General. Hogan, 
Mary A: Kansas City. Mo., Freshman, Physical Education. Hogan, 
Michael A: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre Veterinary Medicine. Hogan, 
Patricia D: Kinsley, Freshman, Medical Technology. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hogue, Brian L: Barnes, Freshman, General. Hogue, 
Robert R: Topeka, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Hoisington, 
Beth L: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Holeman, John L: Lenora, 
Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. Holeman, Peggy J: Marysville, 
Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Holford, Sally L: Hutchinson, Junior. Secondary Edu- 
cation. Holland, Jill E: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Psychology. Hol- 
land, Marcia S: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Holland, Rebecca L: Harper, Sophomore, Economics. Holle, 
Mary R: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Holle, Ruthann I: Ludell, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Hollenbeck, Gary W: Holton, Sophomore, General. Hol- 
lick, William M: Binghamton, N.Y., Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 
Hollinger, Janet K: Manhattan, Junior, Modern Languages. Hollin- 
ger, Jim D: Lyons, Freshman, Animal Science and Industry. 


Underclassmen: Hoi-How 

TOP ROW: Holm, Barbara M: White City, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Holman, Cynthia J: Dodge City, Freshman, 
Clothing Retailing. Holmbeck, John M: Wymore, Neb., Sophomore, 
Agricultural Education. Holmes, Michael E: Manhattan, Freshman, 
General. Holmes, Ronald C: Topeka, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Holmgren, Aldre M: Kansas City, Junior, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Holmquist, Paula B: Smolan, Freshman, Gener- 
al Home Economics. Holste, Cathy L: Norton, Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Holste, Charles D: Ludell, Junior, Animal Science 
and Industry. Holste, Jerold L: Ludell, Sophomore, Dairy 

THIRD ROW: Holstrom, Jerry L: Topeka, Sophomore, Architecture. 
Holstrom, John E: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Architecture. Holt, 
Donna J: Manhattan, Junior, Secondary Education. Holt, Richard D: 
Overland Park, Sophomore, Chemistry. Holterman, Dale E: Long 
Island, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Holterman, James L: Long Island, Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Homan, Linda J: Manhattan, Junior, Elementa- 
ry Education. Homolka, Jo Ann: Holyrood, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Homrighausen, Harold: Paola, Junior, General 
Agriculture. Honas, Margaret A: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Hong, Kenneth: St. Louis, Mo., Junior, Architecture. 
Honig, Marjorie A: Manhattan, Sophomore, General Home Econom- 
ics. Hoober, Linda R: Manhattan, Junior, English. Hoobler, Joanne L: 

Wamego, Freshman, Family and Child Development. Hoobler, Larry 

D: Wamego, Junior, Agricultural Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Hood, Cathy L: Kiowa, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Hook, Johnnie M: Buckingham, Iowa, Freshman, Animal Science 
and Industry. Hooper, Lela M: Hiawatha, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Hoover, Barry R: Downs, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Hoover, George L: Kansas City, Junior, Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hoover, Helen E: McPherson, Sophomore, Family 
and Child Development. Hoover, Janet M: Kansas City, Freshman, 
Chemical Engineering. Hoover, Jeanne M: Manhattan, Freshman, 
Speech. Hopkins, Don R: Independence, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Hopper, Cynthia A: Augusta, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 

EIGHTH ROW: Hopper, Gregory L: Marysville, Freshman, Agricul- 
ture. Horacek, Gary L: Kinsley, Junior, Medical Technology. Horack, 
Alane M: Oxford, Freshman, General Home Economics. Horigan, 
Sharon G: Frankfort, Junior, Modern Languages. Home, Larry J: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Horner, Marilee: Minneapolis, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Horner, Nicholas J: Udall, Junior, Business 
Administration. Horst, Marilyn J: Prairie Village, Junior, Technical 
Journalism. Horvath, Joseph T: Smithfield, Pa., Freshman, Bakery 
Management. Horvath, Loretta E: Belleville, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. 


Candidates in the Best Dressed Coed contest model 
their selections of campus fashions for the judges. 

TOP ROW: Hoskins, Thomas L: Hutchinson, Junior, Chemistry. Hos- 
kinson, Susan E: Anthony, Junior, Elementary Education. Hostetter, 
Robert C: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Hottenstein, Connie: 
Chanute, Junior, Elementary Education. Hottman, Shirley D: Abi- 
lene, Junior, Physical Therapy. 

SECOND ROW: Houchen, Kimberly L: Louisburg, Sophomore, Social 
Science. Houchin, Lawrence L: Solomon, Junior, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Houghton, Keith W: Tipton, Sophomore, Animal Science 
and Industry. House, Linda J: Goodland, Junior, Computer Science. 
House, Timothy R: Anthony, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Houser, Barbara L: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Houser, Jack D: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Houser, 
Janet M: Topeka, Junior, General Home Economics. Howard, Chris- 
tine: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary Education. Howard, Jennifer B: 

Liberty, Mo., Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Howard, John G: Junction City, Junior, Architecture. 
Howard, Linda M: Oakley, Sophomore, Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Howard, Lynn E: Ottawa, Sophomore, General. Howe, Bar- 
bara K: Rock Falls, III., Freshman Physical Therapy. Howe, Jerome J: 

Council Bluffs, Iowa, Freshman, General Agriculture. 


Underclassmen: How-Jac 

TOP ROW: Howell, Cathy L: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Medical 
Technology. Howell, David R: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 
Howell, Nancy E: Wichita, Freshman, General. Howland, John R: 
Wichita, Sophomore, General. Howorth, Steven D: Norton, Fresh- 
man, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Hoyle, Christy A: Clay Center, Sophomore, English. 
Hubbard, Mary J: Merriam, Freshman, Psychology. Hubbard, Patri- 
cia J: Topeka, Sophomore, Home Economics and Journalism. Hub- 
bart, Jerry D: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Hubbell, Bonnie M: 

Topeka, Junior, General Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Hubbell, Larry D: Chetopa, Freshman, Animal Science 
and Industry. Huber, Debrah J: Lincoln, Neb., Sophomore, Dietetics 
and Institutional Management. Huck, Anita M: Coldwater, Junior, 
Physical Therapy. Huddleston, Carol S: Anthony, Freshman, Pre- 
Medicme. Hudson, Loretta: Kansas City, Mo.. Sophomore. Home 
Economics Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Hueben, Donald F: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre- 
Medicine. Huecker, Gayle D: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Huggins, Carol A: Overland Park, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Hughes, Shirley A: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Hughes, Susan B: Waverly, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education . 

FIFTH ROW: Huisman, William R: Goldfield, Iowa, Sophomore, Phys- 
ical Education. Hull, Carol A: Bozeman, Mont., Sophomore, Mathe- 
matics. Hultine, J. Dustin: Saronville, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. Humes, Linda G: Concordia, Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Humes, Nancy J: Concordia, Sophomore, Pre- 
Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Hummel, Carolyn A: Solomon, Freshman, Social Sci- 
ence. Hummel, Margaret E: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Humphrey, Raymond J: Mission, Sophomore, Chemis- 
try. Hund, John M: Paxico, Freshman, Political Science. Hundley, 
Roger A: Concordia, Junior, Chemical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Hunsicker, Paul D: Shawnee, Junior, Architecture. 
Hunsicker, Zelma J: Moreland, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Hunt, Beverly J: Wellington, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Hunt, Frederick E: Berryton, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Hunt, Shirley A: Prairie Village, Freshman, Art. 

EIGHTH ROW: Hunter, Deanna L: Overland Park, Sophomore, Gen- 
eral. Hunter, John D: Sharon, Junior, Agronomy. Hunter, Nancy C: 
Manhattan, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Hunter, Patricia J: 
Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Hunter, Raymond 
L: Scott City, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Huntsinger, Nela K: Mankato, Freshman, General. 
Hunziker, Jolene A: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Hupe, Jeanette K: Clay Center, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Hurrelbrink, Robert: Kansas City, Sophomore, Agricul- 
tural Mechanization. Hurst, Marta: Prairie Village, Freshman, Tech- 
nical Journalism. 


FIFTH ROW: Irvin H. Hugh: Cherryvale, Sophomore, Chemical Engi- 
neering. Irvine, Patricia D: Enterprise, Sophomore, Political Sci- 
ence. Irwin, Deborah L: Mulvane, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Ir- 
win, Jerry E: Marysville, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Isch, 
James L: Morrill, Freshman, Feed Science and Management. 

SIXTH ROW: Isch, Jerlynn K: Morrill, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Isch, Martha S: Morrill, Freshman, Pre-Business Education. Isemin- 
ger, Stephen B: Scott City, Freshman, Mathematics. Isenberg, Ann 
E: Overland Park, Freshman, Physical Education. Ivy, Richard J: 

Nixa, Mo., Junior, Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Jacka, Donald L: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Jackson, Alton W: Eudora, Sophomore, General. 
Jackson, Edward N: Coldwater, Junior, General Agriculture. Jack- 
son, Linda D: Richfield, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Jackson, Lynn A: Elsmore, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. 

EIGHTH ROW: Jackson, Michael H: Topeka, Sophomore, Biological 
Science. Jackson, Pamela A: Topeka, Junior, Medical Technology. 
Jackson, Sheran K: Kansas City, Sophomore, Chemistry. Jackson, 
Terry B: Wheeler, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Jackson, William 

R: Oakley, Freshman, Pre-Law. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jacobs, Dennis D: Athol, Sophomore, General. Ja- 
cobs, James G: Zenda, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Ja- 
cobs, Melvin D: Liberal, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jacobs, 
Michael J: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Jacobs, Rodney E: 

Liberal, Sophomore, Accounting. 

TOP ROW: Hurst, Stephen H: Fort Scott, Sophomore, Landscape 
Architecture. Hurt, Beverly A: Drexel, Mo., Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Huseman, Glennis S: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Bio- 
chemistry. Huston, Doug E: Hays, Sophomore, Architecture. Hutch- 
inson, Claudia: Cheney, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

SECOND ROW: Hutfles, Joseph E: Corning, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Huxman, Kent J: Arnold, Junior, Accounting. Hyde, 
Johathan Q: Westfield, N.J., Junior, Architecture. Ihloff, Timothy W: 
Jetmore, Sophomore, Chemistry. Ingalsbe, Joyce K: Manhattan. 
Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Ingmire, Wayne L: Joliet, III., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Ingram, Pamela S: Galena, Sophomore, Mathematics. 
Innis, Jannis J: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Innis, Karyl K: Wichi- 
ta, Junior, Sociology. Intermill, Marilyn J: Webber, Freshman, Gen- 
eral Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Intfen, Christopher: Atchison, Freshman, Pre-For- 
estry. Intfen, Thomas E: Atchison, Freshman, General. Irelan, Wil- 
liam W: Clarksville, Ohio, Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. Ire- 
land, Michael A: Holton, Sophomore, Physical Education. Irvin, Da- 
vid W: Mission, Sophomore, Architecture. 


Underclassmen: Jac-Joh 

TOP ROW: Jacobs, Stanley E: Liberal, Sophomore, Architecture. 
Jaeger, Diana R: Wichita, Junior, Foods and Nutrition. Jager, Karen 
R: Wichita, Junior, Speech. Jager, Rebecca M: Manhattan, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Nursing. Jagger, James F: Minneapolis, Sophomore, 

SECOND ROW: Jajkowski, James R: Buffalo, N.Y., Sophomore, Land- 
scape. Jakowatz, Judy: Wichita, Junior, Mathematics. James, Diane 
L: Beloit, Freshman, Sociology. James, Jeanette: Colby, Sopho- 
more, Music Education. James, Kathleen L: Overland Park, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: James, Marlys M: Wichita, Freshman, General. Jami- 
son, Nancy K: Wichita, Freshman, General. Janke, Warren R: Claflin, 
Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Jansen, Raymond T: Junction 
City, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. Jansen, Ruth E: Johet, III., Sopho- 
more, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: Jansonius, Le Wayne: Prairie View, Freshman, Math- 
ematics. Jansonius, Rodney J: Prairie View, Junior, Animal Science 
and Industry. Janssen, Justin B: Geneseo, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Janssen, Mark: Scott City, Freshman, Technical Journal- 
ism. Jarboe, Ralph E: Wellington, Sophomore, Social Science. 

life 41 

Warm evenings offer students the opportunity to 
wash, wax and vacuum their cars for the weekend. 


TOP ROW: Jarrett, Janalee: Salina, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Jarvis, Christopher: Winfield, Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration. Jarvis, David A: Salina, Freshman, Architecture. Jasper, 
Celeste J: Windom, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Jay, 
Sharon S: Great Bend, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Jaynes, Scott W: Prairie Village, Sophomore. Busi- 
ness Administration. Jeffries, Philip J: Westboro, Mass., Sopho- 
more, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Jenkins, Cynthia E: Overland Park, 
Freshman, General. Jenkins, Donald: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Jenkins, Elizabeth A: Oshkosh, Neb.. Fresh- 
man, Clothing Retailing. 

THIRD ROW: Jennings, William D: Miltonvale, Junior, Business Ad- 
ministration. Jennison, Rolland N: Latham, Sophomore, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Jensen, Jean A: Lincoln, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Jensen, Kendra K: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Jensen, Larry L: Sylvan Grove, Freshman, Music 

FOURTH ROW: Jensen, Sue A: Hays, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Jen- 
sen, Thomas A: Hays, Freshman, General. Jepson, Pamela: Manhat- 
tan, Junior, Psychology. Jepson, Warren H: Manhattan, Sophomore. 
General. Jeram, Darcey D: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 

FIFTH ROW: Jernigan, Douglas K: Council Grove, Junior, Veterinary 
Medicine. Jernigan, Sue Z: Colorado Springs, Colo., Junior, Elemen- 
tary Education. Jernigan, Thomas M: Council Grove, Freshman, Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine. Jeselnik, Philip E: Kansas City, Junior. Land- 
scape Architecture. Jesse, Robert G: Kansas City. Freshman, Civil 

SIXTH ROW: Jessen, Peter C: Omaha, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. Jewell, Charles G: Trenton, N.J., Sophomore, Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Jewell, Ralph E: Cofteyville, Sophomore, Veterinary' 
Medicine. Jewell, William A: Ft. Shatter, Hawaii, Freshman, Land- 
scape Architecture. Jewers, Thomas W: Independence, Sophomore. 
Agricultural Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Jewett, Roberta A: Wichita, Junior, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Jilg, Curtis E: El Dorado, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. Jil- 
ka, Robert L: Salina, Junior, Biochemistry. Jirik, Carolyn M: Topeka, 
Freshman, English. Jockman, Joyce I: Garnett, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Joel, Robert D: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Speech. 
John, Roger S: Phillipsburg. Junior, Business Administration. 
Johns, Merrily A: Mulvane, Freshman, Speech. Johns, Nancy: Man- 
hattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Johnson, Armin E: 

Lindsborg, Sophomore. Agricultural Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Johnson, Bradley D: Rose Hill, Junior, Business 
Administration. Johnson, Charlene M: Manhattan, Freshman. Art. 
Johnson, Charles R: Burr Oak, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. John- 
son, Christine A: McPherson, Junior, Elementary Education. John- 
son, Crecia E: Kansas City, Sophomore, Home Economics with Lib- 
eral Arts. 


SEVENTH ROW: Johnson, Susan S: Silver Lake, Freshman, Clothing 
Retailing. Johnson, Wendy L: Dwight, Sophomore, Computer Sci- 
ence. Johnson, Zoe A: Clay Center, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Johnston, Barbara J: Blue Rapids, Freshman, General. Johnston, 

Ernest N: Salina, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Johnston, Janice A: Blue Rapids, Junior, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Johnston, Jeanette M: Wakefield, Junior, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Johnston, Jeffrey G: Excelsior, Minn., Soph- 
omore, Architecture. Johnston, Lawrence L: Atlanta, Neb., Fresh- 
man, Wildlife Conservation. Johnston, Michaela A: Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Freshman, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Johnston, Robert E: Manhattan, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Joiner, Richard W: Richmond, Ind., Sophomore, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Joiner, Virginia M: Richmond, Ind., Freshman, 
General. Jolly, Linda J: Trenton, N.J., Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Jones, Anita L: Brewster, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 

Underclassmen: Joh-Kai 

TOP ROW: Johnson, David B: Lawton, Okla., Freshman, Civil Engi- 
neering. Johnson, David C: Overland Park, Freshman, General Agri- 
culture. Johnson, David 0: Salina, Freshman, Architecture. John- 
son, David W: Great Bend, Freshman, Architecture. Johnson, Dennis 

J: McPherson, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Johnson, Dennis R: Lindsborg, Junior, Agricultural 
Economics. Johnson, Donald B: Smolan, Junior, Agricultural Eco- 
nomics. Johnson, Donnis A: Larned, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Johnson, Douglas C: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Johnson, Eric D: Mission, Junior, Technical Journalism. 

THIRD ROW: Johnson, Fredrick A: Leawood, Sophomore, General. 
Johnson, Janet E: Axtell, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Johnson, Janice L: Bridgeport, Junior, Pre-Law. Johnson, John A: 

Wellington, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. Johnson, Karen G: 

Manhattan, Junior, Secondary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Johnson, Kathy L: Omaha, Neb., Junior, Medical 
Technology. Johnson, Laurel I: Manhattan, Junior, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Johnson, Margaret E: Independence, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Johnson, Marian E: Kansas City, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Johnson, Marlene K: Manhattan, Freshman, Art. 

FIFTH ROW: Johnson, Michael K: Burdick, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Johnson, Patricia K: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Johnson, Randy R: Home, Sophomore, Ac- 
counting. Johnson, Richard A: Axtell, Junior, Agricultural Mechani- 
zation. Johnson, Rita A: Emporia, Freshman, Sociology. 

SIXTH ROW: Johnson, Robert L: Salina, Freshman, General. John- 
son, Rosellen A: Geneseo, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Johnson, Sarah E: Atchison, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. John- 
son, Stephen E: Salina, Junior, Business Administration. Johnson, 
Susan M: Rock Springs, Wyo., Freshman, Architecture., 


TOP ROW: Jones, Arthur D: Summerfield, Sophomore, Architecture. 
Jones, Barbara A: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Jones, Carol L: Wichita, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. Jones, Caro- 
lyn R: Baldwin, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Jones, Cecelia M: Kansas 
City, Sophomore, Home Economics and Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Jones, Craig K: Wichita, Freshman, General Agricul- 
ture. Jones, David K: Lebo, Freshman, General. Jones, Donald C: 
Arkansas City, Junior, Landscape Architecture. Jones, Donald R: 
Kansas City, Freshman, Psychology. Jones, Donna J: Beattie, Soph- 
omore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Jones, Douglas S: Damascus, Md., Freshman, Architec- 
tural Structures. Jones, Florrie N: Longton, Sophomore, General. 
Jones, Gregory E: Smithville, Mo.. Freshman, Architecture. Jones, 
Kenneth L: Augusta, Sophomore, Architectural Structures. Jones, 
Kenneth W: Little Rock, Ark., Sophomore, Psychology. 

FOURTH ROW: Jones, Marcia A: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Art. 
Jones, Michael W: Ellsworth, Wis., Freshman, Political Science. 
Jones, Oscar L: Wichita, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Jones, 
Paula G: Brewster, Sophomore, General Home Economics. Jones, 
Randall S: Topeka, Freshman, Speech . 

FIFTH ROW: Jones, Richard L: Fort Scott, Sophomore, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. Jones, Robert G: Overland Park, Sophomore, Archi- 
tecture. Jones, Susan E: Overland Park, Sophomore. Political Sci- 
ence. Jordan, Charles E: Solomon, Junior, Milling Science and Man- 
agement. Jordan, James S: Abilene, Sophomore, Veterinary 

SIXTH ROW: Jordan, Joseph A: Elhnwood, Sophomore, Natural Re- 
sources Conservation and Use. Jordan, Linda E: Wichita. Jordan, 
Stephen J: Newton, Junior, Pre-Secondary Education. Jorns, Ken- 
neth D: Turon, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. Joslyn, Victoria 
S: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Joy, Robert D: Topeka, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Joyce, Liana S: Merriam, Junior, Speech. Joyce, Vicky L: 

Hutchinson, Junior, General Home Economics. Judd, Brenda A: 
McCune, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Juhnke, Carol J: Hutchinson, 
Sophomore, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Julich, Kenneth S: Humboldt. Freshman, Architec- 
ture. Justus, Mary S: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Kaberline, Carolyn A: Topeka, Junior, Technical Journal- 
ism. Kackley, Jerry A: Salina, Freshman. Industrial Engineering. 
Kadel, Stephen D: Hastings, Neb., Freshman, Technical Journalism. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kaelson, Elizabeth A: Wichita, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Kaelson, Teresa L: Wichita, Sophomore, Home 
Economics with Liberal Arts. Kaempfe, Gregory W: St. Louis, Mo.. 
Freshman, Architecture. Kaiser, Ann P: Ellinwood, Junior, Speech. 
Kaiser, Gerald G: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, General. 


Underclassmen: Kai-Kil 

TOP ROW: Kaiser, Jean E: Augusta, Freshman, Biological Science. 
Kaiser, Pamela S: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Kai- 
ser, Vera M: Bison, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Kale, 
Steven R: Mankato, Junior, Geography. Kammerer, Robert J: Neo- 
desha, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Kancel, Maurice E: Kansas City, Freshman, Chemical 
Engineering. Kandt, Michael E: Wichita, Sophomore, Architecture. 
Kane, Kent K: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Ka- 
pelle, Kathleen A: Baldwin City, Freshman, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Karhut, Elaine M: Kansas City, Sophomore, Home Economics 

THIRD ROW: Karlin, James E: Mission, Freshman, Accounting. 
Karst, Stanley A: Hoisington, Freshman, Accounting. Kasitz, Nancy 
A: Hesston, Sophomore, General Home Economics. Katana, Jacquo- 
lynn A: Cheyenne, Wyo., Freshman, General Home Economics. Katz, 
Robert D: Merrick, N.Y., Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education . 

FOURTH ROW: Katz, Ronald F: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 
Kauffman, Sharon K: Salina, Freshman, General. Kaufman, Cheryl 
J: Moundndge, Junior, Physical Education. Kaufman, Julie D: 
Hutchinson, Junior, Modern Languages. Kaufman, Peter J: Brook- 
lyn, N.Y., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Kaufmann, Linda M: Mahaska, Junior, Secondary Edu- 
cation. Kaup, Janette K: Smith Center, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Kaup, Richard E: Smith Center, Junior, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Kearn, John L: Aurora, Freshman, Accounting. Kearn, 
Linda L: Aurora, Junior, History. 

SIXTH ROW: Kearn, Robert E: Aurora, Sophomore, Accounting. 
Kearney, Gay A: Salina, Freshman, General. Keast, Mark E: Howard, 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Keating, Kathleen A: Rochester, 
N.Y., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Keeler, Robert G: Clatlin, 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Keeshan, Mary M: Topeka, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Keeten, Donald W: Glade, Freshman, General 
Agriculture. Kehler, Mary E: Holton, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Kehr, Kathleen: Overland Park, Junior, Medical Technol- 
ogy. Keist, Robert P: Omaha, Neb., Sophomore, Sociology. 

EIGHTH ROW: Keister, Ann L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Keith, Gary L: Salina, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. 
Kellenberger, David: Sabetha, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. 
Keller, Madelyn G: Manhattan, Junior, English. Keller, Martha V: 

Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Keller, Thomas R: Naperville, III., Junior, Architec- 
ture. Keller, William M: St. Francis, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Kel- 
ley, James P: Manhattan, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Kel- 
ley, Katherine J: St. Francis, Freshman, Sociology. Kelley, Linda K: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 


SIXTH ROW: Kepple, Steve T: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Kerbs, Brent M: Otis, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Kern, Douglas A: Smith Center, Sophomore, Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Kern, Edward W: Lyons, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Kern, Kelly A: Chanute, Sophomore, Family and Child 

SEVENTH ROW: Kern, Michael D: Lyons, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Kern, William E: Smith Center, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Mechanization. Kerr, Susan J: Wichita, Freshman, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Kerschen, Kenneth A: Cunningham, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Kessler, Arlys E: Newton, Freshman, General Home 

EIGHTH ROW: Ketterman, Deborah L: Coffeyville, Freshman, Gener- 
al Home. Economics. Ketterman, Kathleen: Coffeyville, Sophomore, 
Mathematics. Ketzner, Barbara L: Bird City, Junior, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Keys, Linda J: Council Grove, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics with Liberal Arts. Kice, John E: Wichita, Freshman, Milling 
Science and Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kiefer, Leeroy C: Leoti, Sophomore, Psychology. 
Kiefer, Sandra: Lawrence, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Kifer, Kathy E: Wichita, Freshman, General. Kiker, Carolyn J: Colum- 
bus, Freshman, Mathematics. Killacky, Cecil J: Ireland, Freshman, 
Business Administration. 

TOP ROW: Kelley, Mary B: Clifton, Sophomore, Medical Technology. 
Kelley, Patricia A: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Kelley, William 
L: Wichita, Freshman, General. Kellogg, Martha C: Overland Park, 
Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Kelly, Charles C: Hutchinson, 
Freshman, Business Administration. 

SECOND ROW: Kelly, Colleen M: Effingham, Sophomore. General. 
Kelly, James P: Effingham, Junior, Agronomy. Kelly, Marie A: Bar- 
nard, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Kelyman, Charles T: 

North Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Industrial Engineering. Kem- 
ble, Debra C: Henngton, Freshman, General . 

THIRD ROW: Kempton, Kirk A: Prairie Village, Freshman, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Kendig, Larry W: Osborne, Freshman, General Agri- 
culture. Kennedy, Deanna S: Coffeyville, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Kennedy, Gerald F: Wheaton, Sophomore, Account- 
ing. Kennedy, Gregory E: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Kennedy, Janice M: Kansas City, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Kennedy, Mary P: Frankfort, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Kennedy, Patrick B: Manhattan, Freshman, Economics. 
Kennett, Susan: Concordia, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Kent, Chester R: Salina, Freshman, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Kent, Gary D: Mission, Freshman, General. Kent, Mar- 
garet J: Salina, Freshman, General Home Economics. Kent, Stanley 
R: Mexico, Mo., Sophomore, Architecture. Kenton, Ronald G: Base- 
hor. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Kenyon, James R: 

Bogue, Junior, Bacteriology. 


Underclassmen: Kim-Kni 

TOP ROW: Kimbal, David W: Delia, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Kimball, Steven V: Dodge City, Freshman, History. Kimbrel, Debo- 
rah K: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Economics. Kimsey, llene 
A: Manhattan, Junior. Family and Child Development. Kincaid, Col- 
leen G: Piper, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Kinder, Steven W: Topeka, Junior, Architecture. Kin- 
derknecht, Jeanette: St. Marys, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. King, Laurel C: Concordia, Freshman, Music Education. King, 
Timothy D: Lebanon, Ore., Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. 
Kingry, Danny C: Kinsley, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Kingsley, Connie S: Wellington, Freshman, General. 
Kingston, Robert F: Hoisington, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 
Kinsman, Sandra K: Vienna, Va., Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Kirby, Kathlyn L: Wichita, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Kirby, Virginia K: Belleville, Wash., Freshman, Clothing 

FOURTH ROW: Kirchhoff, Maria J: Cedar, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Kirchhoff, Wayne L: Cedar, Freshman, Architecture. Kirk, John M: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore, Political Science. Kirk, Judy D: Scott 
City, Junior, Elementary Education. Kirk, Richard D: Galena, Sopho- 
more, Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Kirkham, Lynn E: Wallace, Sophomore, Animal Science 
and Industry. Kirkwood, Ann K: Topeka, Junior, Physical Education. 
Kiser, Billie J: Anthony, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Kistner, Henry 0: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Political Science. Kitch, 
Jane E: Winfield, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Kitch, Pamela G: Scott City. Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Kitchen, Faye L: Lawrence, Junior, English. Kitchens, 
Nancy: Roswell, N.M., Sophomore, Modern Language. Kite, Thomas 
L: St. Francis, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Kjorlie, Paul C: 

Topeka, Freshman, Landscape Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Klag, Kathryn A: Wichita, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Klag, Thomas E: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Kle- 
czka, Frank A: Berwyn, III., Junior, Architecture. Klein, Carol M: 
Topeka, Freshman, Mathematics. Klein, Frank J: Phi II i psbu rg, 

Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Klein, Karen M: Henngton, Junior, English. Klema, 
Dell J: Russell, Junior, Business Administration. Klema, Joyce M: 
Wilson, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Klemm, Mary G: Fairtax, Va.. 
Freshman, Architecture. Klemm, Paula S: Simpson, Freshman, 
General Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Klemm, Thomas P: Woodridge, N.J., Sophomore, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Kletchka, Catherine: Horton, Freshman, 
Modern Languages. Klever, Deborah L: Belleville, III., Sophomore, 
Psychology. Klimek, Edward L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Technical 
Journalism. Klinger, Laurel: Ashland, Freshman, General. 


TOP ROW: Klocke, Roxanne R: Randolph, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Kloefkorn, Trudy A: Caldwell, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Kloepper, Margaret J: Owego, N.Y., Freshman, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Klug, Duane F: Lorraine, Sophomore, History. 
Knapp, Robert D: Aurora, Colo., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 

SECOND ROW: Knappenberger, Don J: Olathe, Freshman, Pre-Law. 
Knappenberger, Mary: Olathe, Junior, Speech. Knarr, Carl A: Jewell, 
Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. Knarr, Kenneth L: Salina, 
Sophomore, Physics. Knedlik, Mary S: Greenleat, Freshman, 

BOTTOM ROW: Knetter, Cheryl S: Piper, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Knetter, James D: Piper, Sophomore, General Agriculture. 
Knetter, Marsha K: Piper, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Knief, Mary 
K: Garden City, Junior, Speech. Kniffin, Carol A: Overland Park, 
Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

In a chemistry II laboratory assignment, a student 
uses his season basketball ticket as a burrett card. 


SIXTH ROW: Kolb, Marita P: Norton, Freshman, General. Kolb, Shei- 
la S: Norton, Junior, Chemistry. Kolich, Michael J: Kansas City, 
Sophomore, Landscape Architecture. Kolling, Gary R: Chapman, 
Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Kolman, La Donna J: Washing- 
ton, Junior, General . 

SEVENTH ROW: Kolsti, Diane C: Topeka, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Kongs, Diane M: Wetmore, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Konold, Michael D: Pratt, Sophomore, Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Kooken, Dale D: Abilene, Freshman, Animal Science and 
Industry. Koons, Suzanne E: Edwardsville, Sophomore, Electrical 

EIGHTH ROW: Koontz, Dean L: Haven, Junior, Geology. Koontz, Wal- 
ter H: Stafford, Junior, Pre-Secondary Education. Kootz, Sharon L: 
Kanopolis, Junior, General Home Economics. Kopp, Jule E: Fair- 
view, Sophomore, General. Kopp, Kristy K: Kinsley, Freshman, 
Clothing Retailing. 

BOTTOM ROW: Koppes, Jeanette L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Gener- 
al. Korber, Nancy J: Seneca, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Kordes, Deanna M: Olathe, Freshman General. Korinek, William J: 
Ellsworth, Sophomore, Music Education. Kornfeld, Marylyde: Pleas- 
anton, Freshman, General. 

Underclassmen: Kni-Kue 

TOP ROW: Knight, David L: Kansas City, Freshman, General. Knight, 
Steven G: Marysville, Sophomore, Psychology. Knighton, Robert L: 

Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Knilans, Jane M: Janesville, Wis., 
Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Knodle, Barbara A: Wichita, 
Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

SECOND ROW: Knott, Larry S: Hesston, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Knott, Timothy J: Flats, Nebr., Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Knox, David T: Wichita, Freshman, General. Kobbeman, Laura 
J: Lincoln, Junior, Physical Education. Kobiskie, John W: Alma, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Kobuszewski, Joseph: Barnes, Junior, Animal Science 
and Industry. Koch, Alan D: Marysville, Sophomore, Feed Science 
and Management. Koch, Betty R: Atwood, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing. Koch, Dennis L: Clyde, Junior, Business Administration. 
Koehler, Stephen J: Seneca, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Koelliker, Marilynn: Robinson, Junior, Sociology. 
Koelliker, Ruth A: White Cloud, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Koenig, Raymond L: Raymond, Sophomore, General. Koerner, 
John E: Medicine Lodge, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Koger, 
William C: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Kohake, Mariana C: Goff, Junior, Family and Child De- 
velopment. Kohl, Cheryl G: Valley Center, Sophomore, Clothing 
Retailing. Kohr, Cheryl A: Shawnee, Freshman, Pre-Veterinay Medi- 
cine in Agriculture. Kohr, Karen J: Salina, Freshman, Business Ad- 
ministration. Kolarik, Kathleen S: Beloit, Freshman, Clothing 


TOP ROW: Korte, Eugene F: Waterville, Freshman, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Korthanke, Marsha: Robinson, Freshman, Home Econom- 
ics and Journalism. Kossyk, Irene B: Kansas City, Sophomore, Polit- 
ical Science. Koster, Kathryn A: Hoxie, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Kostus, Alan J: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Kotay, Miles: Harnsburg, Pa., Sophomore, Pre-Law. 
Koudele, Colleen H: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Kovar, John R: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Krainbill, Milton J: Bern, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. Krall, Janet 

E: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, General Agriculture. 

THIRD ROW: Kramer, Gayle C: Topeka, Junior, Economics. Kramer, 
John A: Corning, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. Kramer, 
John A: Junction City, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. Krause, 
Deborah K: Nortonville, Junior, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 
Krchnavy, Karen K: Gregory, S.D., Junior, Landscape Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Krehbiel, Marsha D: Kingman, Junior, English. Kreh- 
biel, Roger K: Salina, Junior, Architecture. Kreutzer, Edwin L: Osage 
City, Freshman, Chemistry. Kreutzer, Gail J: Osage City, Junior, 
Mathematics. Kreutzer, John C: Leoti, Sophomore, General 

FIFTH ROW: Krey, Shari I: Garden City, Sophomore, Mathematics. 
Krob, Alan D: Wichita, Freshman, Agronomy. Krob, Judith M: Cuba, 
Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Kroening, Dwayne A: Hutch- 
inson, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Kroenlein, Karolyn K: Lin- 
coln, Junior, Physical Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Krogdahl, David W: Corrales, N.M., Freshman, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine in Agriculture. Krohn, Frank M: Prairie Court, 
Iowa, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Kronblad, Randall A: West 
Spring, III., Freshman, Architecture. Krongold, Steven J: Brooklyn, 
N.Y., Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Krouse, Larry L: Logan, 
Freshman, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: Krouse, William R: Wheaton. Freshman. Mechanical 
Engineering. Krueger, Kirk W: Prairie Village. Freshman, Architec- 
ture. Krueger, Marilyn K: Leawood, Junior, Sociology. Kruse, Jo Ann 
M: Lorraine, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Kruse, Karen R: Water- 
ville, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 

EIGHTH ROW: Kruse, Linda M: Morrill, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Kruse, Loren J: Grundy Center, Iowa, Junior, Agricultur- 
al Economics. Kruse, Thomas C: Oakley, Freshman, Business Ad- 
ministration. Kruse, Thomas R: Little River, Sophomore, Agriculture 
Economics. Kruse, Verna M: Bird City, Sophomore, General Home 

BOTTOM ROW: Kubitschek, Kay D: Salina, Sophomore. Physical 
Education. Kuckelman, David J: Frankfort, Freshman, Chemical 
Engineering. Kuder, Larry J: Tribune, Sophomore, General. Kueck, 
Don L: Zenith, Special, Animal Science and Industry. Kueker, Cyn- 
thia K: Belleville, Sophomore, Business Administration. 


Located at the north end zone, the new victory bell 
was first rung at the close of the football season. 

Underclassmen: Kuh-Lar 

TOP ROW: Kuharic, James A: Hugoton, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Kuharic, Judy K: Hugoton, Freshman, General. Kuhlman, 
Dennis K: Lakih, Freshman, Agricultural Education. Kuhlman, Ron- 
ald J: Hooper, Neb., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Kuhn, Barbara 

J: Pittsburg, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 

SECOND ROW: Kuhn, Catherine A: Pittsburg, Freshman, General. 
Kuhn, Jerry D: Dodge City, Junior, Pre-Medicine. Kuhn, Michael J: 
Manhattan, Sophomore, Mathematics. Kuhn, Peggy L: Russell, 
Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Kukuk, Virgine L: Wintield, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Kunkel, Richard H: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Law. 
Kuppinger, Byron K: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Business Admin- 
istration. Kurr, Albert B: Newton, Sophomore, Agricultural Econom- 
ics. Kurtenbach, Glenn V: Henngton, Sophomore, Animal Science 
and Industry. Kurth, Royal D: Offerle, Sophomore, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Kurth, Walter W: Ofterle, Sophomore, Veterinary 
Medicine. Kushner, Sharon L: Kansas City, Freshman, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Kuzila, Andrea L: Kansas City, Junior, Foods and 
Nutrition. Laas, Brenda L: Brookville, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Lacey, Charolyn K: Ellinwood, Junior, Pre-Secondary Education . 


TOP ROW: Lackamp, Donald R: Stafford, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Economics. LaCoe, Deborah L: Jewell, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Ladd, Dale L: Humboldt, Freshman, General Agriculture. Ladd, 
John A: Paola. Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Laessig, Harold 

K: Chase, Junior, Business Administration . 

SECOND ROW: Lafferty, Gary M: Prairie Village, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Lafferty, Patrick J: Prairie Village, Sophomore, 
Business Administration. Lahman, Roger E: Qumter, Sophomore. 
Physical Education. Lair, Catherine A: Wichita, Freshman, Sociolo- 
gy. Lairmore, Mary H: Newton, Sophomore, Family and Child 

THIRD ROW: Lally, Norman F: Overland Park, Sophomore. Architec- 
ture. Lamb, Carol J: Salina, Freshman, Physical Education. Lamb, 
Susan R: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Lambert, 
Galen L: Smith Center, Freshman, Biological Science. Lambert, 
Trudy L: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: Lamborn, Robert D: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Phys- 
ical Education. Lamer, Charles W: McCracken, Sophomore, Busi- 
ness Administration. Lamp, Lynda E: Goddard, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Landes, Carolyn K: Morrill, Junior, Home 
Economics Education. Landis, Larry D: Lawrence, Sophomore, Gen- 
eral Agriculture. 

FIFTH ROW: Landon, Larry R: Deerfield, Freshman, Architecture. 
Landrith, Pamela S: Claflin, Freshman, Psychology. Landry, George 
R: LaGrange, III., Sophomore, Animal Science and Industry. Lane, 
Alyce: Bucklin, Freshman, Physical Therapy. Lane, Douglas C: Ce- 
dar Rapids, Iowa, Freshman, Psychology. 

SIXTH ROW: Lane, Iris J: Bucklin, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Lane, 
John D: Belleville, Junior, Civil Engineering. Lane, Vicki J: Mc- 
Pherson, Freshman, General. Lang, Josephine A: Ellis, Junior, Ele- 
mentary Education. Langdon, Sara D: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, 

SEVENTH ROW: Langenwalter, Kathleen: Hutchinson, Junior, Interi- 
or Architectural Design. Langland, Dale F: Wichita, Sophomore. 
Architecutral Structures. Langner, Lauren J: Wichita, Junior. Mathe- 
matics. Langton, Marcia K: Manhattan, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Langvardt, Daryl R: Clay Center, Sophomore, General 

EIGHTH ROW: Lanham, Kenneth E: Mound City, Junior, General Ag- 
riculture. Lankas, -Diane R: Atwood, Freshman, General. Lappin, Jer- 
ry B: Salina, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Larison, Dale E: 
Leavenworth, Sophomore. Pre-Forestry. Larkin, Michele M: Junc- 
tion City, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Larkins, Lynnette G: Concordia, Sophomore. Eng- 
lish. Larosh, Kyle W: Natoma, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine in 
Agriculture. Larsen, Judy K: Wichita, Sophomore, Humanities. Lar- 
son, Howard A: Tescott, Sophomore, Physical Education. Larson, 
Ingrid F: Leawood, Freshman, General Home Economics. 


Underclassmen: Lar-Lig 

TOP ROW: Larson, Joyce A: Leonardville, Freshman, Physical Edu- 
cation. Larson, Patricia K: Fall Church, Va., Freshman, General. Lar- 
son, Paula J: Leonardville, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Larson, Phyllis R: Olathe, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Larson, 
Sharon D: Osage City, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation . 

SECOND ROW: Larson, Sonia D: Scandia, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Lasley, William J: Salina, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Lassen, David A: Atchison, Freshman, Physical Education. 
Latham, Janice R: Shawnee Mission, Junior, General. Lathrop, Patri- 
cia L: Junction City, Junior, Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Latimer, Diane: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Latta, Joel G: Topeka, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Latta, 
Loretta J: Melvern, Sophomore, Humanities. Lauck, Daniel W: To- 
peka, Sophomore, Technical Journalism. Laue, Sharon A: Lyndon, 
Sophomore, Modern Language. 

FOURTH ROW: Laufenberg, Daniel G: Kinsley, Sophomore, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Laughlin, Amy A: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Launder, David B: Kansas City, Mo., Sopho- 
more, Industrial Engineering. Law, Kent A: Longford, Freshman, 
Animal Science and Industry. Lawrence, Calvin E: Jersey City, N.J., 
Freshman, Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Laws, Linda D: Shawnee Mission, Junior, English. Law- 
son, Carol J: Norton, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Lawson, Catherine A: 
Milford, Sophomore. Lawson, Gerald W: St. Louis, Mo., Junior, Me- 
chanical Engineering. Lawson, Kenneth J: Beloit, Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Leach, Charles W: Osborne, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Leach, Deborah J: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Educatkin. Leach, James E: Osborne, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Leakey, Richard S: Prairie Village, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Lear, Jimmy R: White Cloud, Sophomore, General. 

SEVENTH ROW: Leasure, Mary K: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Leathers, Charles W: Overland Park, Fresh- 
man, General. Leathers, Theresa L: Concordia, Junior, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Lebens, Mary J: Plattsmouth, Neb., Junior, 
Home Economics Education. Lebow, John R: Parkville, Mo., Fresh- 
man, Business Administration. 

EIGHTH ROW: Le Breton, Kathryn E: Overland Park, Sophomore, 
Family and Child Development. Leckron, Terry S: Abilene, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Elementary Education. Lee, Jennifer A: Topeka, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Business Education. Lee, Kathryn J: Shawnee Mission, 
Junior, Elementary Education. Lee, Linda K: Manhattan, Freshman, 

BOTTOM ROW: Lee, Nancy E: Dwight, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Lee, Raymond M: Lawrence, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Lee, Susan K: Lawrence, Freshman, Modern Languages. 
Leeper, Georgiana L: Overland Park, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Leeper, Linda L: Arrington, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 


TOP ROW: Leeper, Robert W: Holton, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Lees, William R: Atlanta, Ga., Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Legleiter, Floyd J: Liebenthal, Sophomore, General. Lehew, 
Cynthia J: Stafford, Junior, History. Lehr, Robert L: Wichita. Junior, 
Technical Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Leighty, Jeffrey S: Wichita, Freshman, Mathematics. 
Leiker, David L: Salina, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Leiker, Lar- 
ry E: Salina, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Leisure, Dorothy 

J: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, General Home Economics. Leitner, 
Marilyn K: Herndon, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 

THIRD ROW: Leker, Karen E: Laurel, Miss., Junior, Physical Therapy. 
Lemley, Janet V: Dwight, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Lemon, 
Lonnie L: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Lemon, 
Ronald B: Osborne, Sophomore, Business Administration. Lemons, 
Karen G: Wichita, Junior, Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Lenhert, Marcia S: Navarre, Junior, Business Admin- 
istration. Lenz, Pamela E: Ellmwood, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Leon- 
ard, Carol A: Riley, Sophomore, General. Leonard, Doyle W: Salina, 
Freshman, Business Administration. Leonard, Harriet E: Kansas 
City, Mo., Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

FIFTH ROW: Leonard, Lois L: Riley, Freshman, General. Leonard, 
Sandra J: Garden City, Junior, Secondary Education. Leopold, Vir- 
ginia L: Garden City, Freshman, General Home Economics. Lervold, 
Gary R: Scandia, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. Lesline, 
Shirly A: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Lett, Donald D: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Mechan- 
ical Engineering. Levene, Elyse B: Prairie Village, Freshman. Physi- 
cal Therapy. Levin, Otto W: Kensington, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Economics. Lewallen, Marjorie L: Wmfield. Junior, Political Science. 
Lewallen, Stephen L: Wmfield, Freshman, General. 

SEVENTH ROW: Lewis, Alan L: Osage City, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Lewis, Dean J: Salina, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Lewis, Dorothy A: Garden City, Sophomore, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Lewis, Garland G: Pratt, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Lew- 
is, Gordon G: Paola, Freshman, Architecture. 

EIGHTH ROW: Lewis, Jack R: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Landscape 
Architecture. Lewis, Michael L: Manhattan, Junior, Accounting. Lew- 
is, Pamela J: St. John, Freshman, General. Lewis, Robert E: Wichita, 

Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Ley, Jane S: Leoti, Freshman, Electri- 
cal Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Libhart, Martin C: Newton, Freshman, Architecture. 
Lietzke, Nancy K: Augusta, Freshman, Modern Languages. Lightner, 
Richard A: Garden City, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. Lig- 
nitz, Margaret A: Manhattan, Freshman, Art. Lignitz, Nancy J: Man- 
hattan, Sophomore. Sociology. 


Underclassmen: Lil-Lon 

TOP ROW: Liljegren, Craig A: Goodland, Junior, Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Lilley, Ronald D: Silver Lake, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Lillich, Gary A: St. Francis, Junior, Poultry Science. Lillich, 
Wendell L: St. Francis, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Lilliston, Patri- 
cia: Overland Park, Junior, Elementary Education . 

SECOND ROW: Lilly, Janet S: Mentor, Freshman, Humanities. Lilly, 
Sharon K: Mentor, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Lincoln, 
Cheryl L: Lawrence, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Lindhal, Carl D: 
Enterprise, Sophomore, Industrial Engineering. Lindahl, Paul A: 

Overland Park, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Lindbloom, Claire W: Leawood, Freshman, Clothing 
Retailing. Lindeman, Donna S: Springfield, Mo., Sophomore, Cloth- 
ing Retailing. Lindemood, Janis M: Mission, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Linder, Douglas W: Gardner, Freshman, General 
Agriculture. Linder, Kathy A: Abilene, Freshman, General Home 

FOURTH ROW: Linders, Scott F: Sparta, III., Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. Lindgren, Janice A: Manhattan, Junior, Clothing 
Retailing. Lindgren, Ray W: Council Grove, Freshman, General. Lind- 
ner, David M: Cincinnati, Ohio, Freshman, Architecture. Lindsay, 
Mary K: Madison, Junior, Family and Child Development. 

FIFTH ROW: Lindsay, William M: Osage, Sophomore, Nuclear Engi- 
neering. Lindsey, Ralph C: Troy, Freshman, Mechanical Engineer- 
ing. Lindsten, Joette S: St. Francis, Freshman, Sociology. Linenber- 
ger, James A: Morrowville, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Linen- 
berger, Larry E: Great Bend, Freshman, General. 

SIXTH ROW: Lingenfelser, Mary A: Leavenworth, Junior, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Link, Marita: Aurora, Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education.. Link, Thomas V: Aurora, Freshman, Business Ad- 
ministration. Linscott, Cosa L: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Lip, Samuel K: Bronx, N.Y., Sophomore, Chemical 

SEVENTH ROW: Lippelmann, Roger D: Lyons, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Littell, Mara D: Colby, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Littfin, Kathleen A: Topeka, Freshman, General. Little, Burce K: 

Wichita, Freshman, Architecture. Little, Lucia A: Wichita, Freshman, 
Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

EIGHTH ROW: Little, Terry J: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Land- 
scape Architecture. Littlefield, Ardys L: Kansas City, Freshman, His- 
tory. Littrell, David A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Music. Lively, Kristin 
G: Prairie Village, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Livergood, George A: 

Salina, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Livers, Barbara L: Hays, Freshman, Biological Sci- 
ence. Livingood, Christy L: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Liv- 
ingston, Clarence: Olathe, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Lloyd, Judith L: McPherson, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Lloyd, O. Gale: Oakh ill, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. 


After taking her last final, a coed decides what to 
pack for her week at home during semester vacation. 

TOP ROW: Loberg, Michael E: Manhattan, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. Lock, David E: Wallace, Freshman, General. Lockhart, Coyla L: 

Belle Plaine, Junior, Elementary Education. Lockhart, Gerald E: 
Osborne, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Loder, Randal K: Mar- 
quette, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Loerch, William A: Lincoln, Neb., Sophomore, Archi- 
tecture. Loesch, Lowell D: Argonia, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 
Lofgreen, Constance: Norton, Sophomore, Pre-Nursmg. Logan, 
Cheryl A: Topeka, Junior, Secondary Education. Logan, Dennis V: 

Prairie Village, Junior, Philosophy. 

THIRD ROW: Lohmuller, Victoria: Great Bend, Sophomore, General. 
Lohrmeyer, Robert L: Logan, Freshman, Pre-Forestry Lolli, Joseph 

S: Topeka, Freshman, Architecture. Long, Joyce A: Cherryvale, Ju- 
nior, Secondary Education. Long, Keith E: Leoti, Junior, Chemical 

BOTTOM ROW: Long, Larry C: Edna. Sophomore, Architecture. 
Long, Phyllis A: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Sociology. Long, Ste- 
phen L: Cherryvale, Freshman, General. Longabach, Norman C: 
Arkansas City, Junior, Business Administration. Longenecker, Vick- 
ie: Wichita, Junior, History. 


Underclassmen: Lon-Mar 

TOP ROW: Longren, Maren K: Topeka, Freshman, General. Loof- 
bourrow, Steven: Manhattan, Freshman, Architecture. Loomis, Da- 
vid W: lota. Junior, Animal Science and Industry. Looney, Jerri S: 

Denver, Colo., Junior, Clothing Retailing. Lord, Nancy R: Topeka, 
Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

SECOND ROW: Lorson, Christine L: Hope, Sophomore, History. Lott, 
Ruth A: Minneapolis, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Louder- 
baugh, Ronald: Yates Center, Freshman, Agricultural Mechaniza- 
tion. Love, Shirley J: Kansas City, Sophomore, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Lovejoy, Susan M: Wichita. Sophomore, General . 

THIRD ROW: Lovitch, Fran J: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Busmess 
Education. Lowdon, Dougals D: Cawker City, Freshman, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Lowe, Cynthia J: Winona, Freshman, General. 
Lowe, Marie A: Overland Park, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Low- 
man, Catherine I: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

FOURTH ROW: Lowrey, Timothy L: Larned, Junior, Business Admin- 
istration. Lowry, Brenda A: Rago, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Lowry, Kathryn J: Overland Park, Junior, Mathematics. Loy, Doug- 
las E: Valley Falls, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Loy, Stephen E: 

Valley Falls, Junior, Pre-Forestry. 

FIFTH ROW: Loyd, Linda D: Cawker City, Freshman, Pre-Nursmg. 
Loyd, Marilyn S: Sedgwick, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Loyd, Martha L: Wichita, Junior, Sociology. Lucas, Clifford S: Ocean- 
side, N.Y., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Lucido, Mary N: 

Kansas City, Mo., Junior, History. 

SIXTH ROW: Luck, Robert V: Hill City, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 
Luckeroth, Janice M: Marysville, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. 
Ludwig, Suzanne M: Merriam, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Luehring, Lila L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Psychology. Luke, Jessie 

L: Scott City, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Luke, Robert S: Emporia, Junior, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Lundine, Cathy S: Kansas City, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Lundquist, Marcia G: Lindsborg, Junior, Medical Tech- 
nology. Lundstrom, Dana L: McPherson, Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Lupacchino, Christine: New York, N.Y., Freshman, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine in Agriculture. 

EIGHTH ROW: Lusby, Keith S: Prescott, Ark., Junior, Animal Science 
and Industry. Luttgen, Patricia J: Victoria, Tex., Freshman, Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Lydick, Sylvia A: Hamlin, Sophomore, Art. Lynam, 
William W: Burdett, Sophomore, Agronomy. Lynch, Gary E: Beloit, 
Freshman, Pre-Law. 

BOTTOM ROW: Lynch, John D: Topeka, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Lynch, Michael D: Salina, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Lyon, Carol A: Greensburg, Sophomore, General. Lyon, D. Lynnette: 

Hill City, Freshman, Speech Pathology and Audiology. Lyon, Dean- 
na K: Greensburg, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 


SIXTH ROW: Manhart, James R: Herington, Freshman, General. 
Manion, Betty J: Junction City, Freshman, Home Economics and 
Journalism. Mankin, William E: Phillipsburg, Freshman, Architec- 
ture. Manley, Marsha: Powhattan, Freshman, General. Mann, Barry 
A: Prairie Village, Junior, Mathematics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Mann, Deanna L: Quinter, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. 
Mann, Judith L: Dodge City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Mann, Michael A: Toronto, Freshman, Animal Science and Industry. 
Mann, Sheila R: White City, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Mantel, Cheryl A: Leawood, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education . 

EIGHTH ROW: Mapes, Robert E: Netawaka, Junior, Business Admin- 
istration. Mar, Clarence Y: Junction City, Junior, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Marble, Herbert D: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Business 
Education. Marcuson, Diane G: Dresden, Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Maring, Jeanne M: Bird City, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Marion, Kathy C: Howard, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Marker, Leora B: Blue Springs, Mo., Sophomore, Gener- 
al. Markert, Sherry L: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Markel, 
Kristin H: Dodge City, Sophomore, General. Markley, Renee L: Sali- 
na, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

TOP ROW: Lytle, James D: Merriam, Freshman, General. Mac- 
Donald, Helen H: Wichita, Freshman, General Agriculture. Macho, 
Christine M: Wichita, Sophomore, Speech. Macho, Kenneth J: Wichi- 
ta, Junior, Geology. Macy, Judith L: Manhattan, Junior, Secondary 
Education . 

SECOND ROW: Maddox, James W: Sedgwick, Colo., Sophomore, 
Animal Science and Industry. Mader, Michael W: Mayetta, Sopho- 
more, Mechanical Engineering. Mages, Larry E: Lawrence, Fresh- 
man, Veterinary Medicine. Magette, Stephen F: Beloit, Sophomore, 
General Agriculture. Maggard, Linda K: LaCrosse, Freshman, Gener- 
al Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Magnett, Dale: Westmoreland, Sophomore, Physical 
Education. Mah, Larry K: Topeka, Sophomore, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Mahar, John R: Summit, N.J., Sophomore, General. Mahoney, 
Lucinda A: Dorrance, Freshman, General Home Economics. Maier, 
Maureen K: Coldwater, Freshman, Psychology. 

FOURTH ROW: Maike, Ronald D: Alma, Junior, Accounting. Majeski, 
Catherine A: Paola, Junior, Elementary Education. Malkames, Mar- 
jorie A: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Physical Education. Mall, 
Donna D: Kingman, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Mallory, 
William E: Ellis, Sophomore, Business Administration. 

FIFTH ROW: Malone, Mike J: Raymond, Junior, Political Science. 
Malone, Terrance J: Raymond, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Maneth, Cheryl A: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Mang, Patricia L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Mangelsdorf, Edward: Kansas City, Junior, English . 


FIFTH ROW: Martin, Bradford E: Herington, Freshman, General. 
Martin, Collette L: Independence, Junior, Secondary Education. 
Martin, Deborah L: Topeka. Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Martin, Duane W: Larned, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Martin, Fred 

R: Princeton, Junior, Animal Scienceand Industry. 

SIXTH ROW: Martin, Jean A: Carlton, Freshman. Mathematics. Mar- 
tin, Linda G: Watson, Mo., Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Martin, 
Marianne: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Martin, Marsha J: Topeka, Sophomore, Home Economics and Jour- 
nalism. Martin, Marty J: Leawood, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

SEVENTH ROW: Martin, Michael M: Winfield, Junior, Wildlife Conser- 
vation. Martin, Regina M: Concordia, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Martin, Richard L: Dighton. Freshman, Chemistry. Martin, Ste- 
ven W: Topeka, Freshman, Animal Science and Industry. Martinsen, 
Andrew L: Primrose, Neb., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: Martinsen, Roy J: Primrose, Neb., Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Marxen, Gloria A: Kansas City, Freshman, Art. 
Marzan, Elena L: Overland Park, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Masciovecchio, Jeannie: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, General. 
Mason, Gerald W: Beattie, Sophomore, Accounting. 

BOTTOM ROW: Mason, Joel J: Kiowa, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Mason, Marlin W: South Haven, Sophomore, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Masquelier, Suzette: lola, Junior, Accounting. 
Massa, John P: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Massie, Michael P: Dupo, III., Junior, Architecture. 

Underclassmen: Mar-McC 

TOP ROW: Marks, Christopher A: Concordia, Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. Marler, Ronald J: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. Marling, Mary A: Topeka, Freshman, Music. Marmet, 
Phyllis J: Sabetha, Sophomore, Elementary Education. Marschhau- 
sen, Helen: North Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Family and Child 

SECOND ROW: Marsh, Raymond T: Overland Park, Freshman, Veter- 
inary Medicine. Marshall, Catherine: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, 
Clothing Retailing. Marshall, James R: Prairie Village, Junior, Pre- 
Medicine. Marshall, Janet J: Minneola, Sophomore, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Marshall, Lawrence W: Peabody, Freshman, General 

THIRD ROW: Marshall, Lisa R: Eureka, Freshman, General. Marshall, 
Patricia L: Prairie Village, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Marshall, 
Richard K: Great Bend, Junior, Landscape Architecture. Marston, 
Clinton M: Gypsum, Sophomore, Business Administration. Marten, 
Beverly A: Wheaton, Freshman, Computer Science. 

FOURTH ROW: Marten, Jo Ann: Onaga, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Marten, Larry L: Wheaton, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Martens, Elaine M: Prairie Village, Freshman, General. Martens, 
Kathryn L: Wichita, Junior, Secondary Education. Martin, Bennie L: 

Smith Center, Junior, Civil Engineering. 


TOP ROW: Massieon, Robert M: Wamego, Freshman, General Agri- 
culture. Mast, Kathleen M: Wichita, Sophomore, Mathematics. Mas- 
ters, Andrew R: Prairie Village, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Mathes, Viva K: Norton, Junior, Physical Education. Mathewson, 
James E: Kansas City, Sophomore, Chemistry. 

SECOND ROW: Mathewson, Joseph R: Kansas City, Junior, Building 
Construction. Mathis, Jimmy D: Cofteyville, Junior, Business Ad- 
ministration. Matney, William T: Gower, Mo., Freshman, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Matson, Jenell M: Clifton, Sophomore, Family 
and Child Development. Matthews, George E: Bel Air, Md., Junior, 

THIRD ROW: Matthews, Leslie A: Pittsburg, Sophomore, Pre-Law. 
Mattke, Frank E: Ogallah, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Mat- 
tley, Charles M: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Mau, Karen J: 
Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Mau, Marilyn C: 

Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. 

FOURTH ROW: Mauck, Charles A: Great Bend, Freshman, Political 
Science. Mauderly, Nancy A: Strong City, Sophomore, Foods and 
Nutrition. Maurer, Stanley J: Marysville, Sophomore, Business Ad- 
ministration. Mawdsley, Michael W: Wichita, Sophomore, Nuclear 
Engineering. Mawhorter, Davie P: Aurora, Colo., Sophomore, Physi- 
cal Education. 


FIFTH ROW: Maxwell, Bruce A: Piper, Junior, Architecture. Maxwell, 
Larry A: Whiting, Junior, Agricultural Education. Maxwell, Stephen 
R: Washington, Junior, Chemistry. Maxwell, Thomas J: Newton, Ju- 
nior, Horticulture. May, Elwood E: Oberlin, Freshman, Mechanical 

SIXTH ROW: May, Stephen L: Ellis, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Mayer, Don R: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Mayer, 
Gail A: New Hyde Park, N.Y., Junior, Pre-Secondary Education. May- 
ers, Cynthia R: Osborne, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Maycheck, Ber- 
nard J: Philadelphia, Pa., 04, Architecture. 

SEVENTH ROW: Mayfield, Bernard: Jackson, Miss., Freshman, Math- 
ematics. Mayfield, Cornell: Jackson, Miss., Sophomore, History. 
Mayfield, Gayla M: Concordia, Freshman, Music. Mayhew, Becky J: 
Belpre, Freshman, General. Mayhill, Samuel A: Arkansas City, Soph- 
omore, Mechanical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Mayhill, Terrence D: Newton, Junior, Mechanical En- 
gineering. Mays, Albertino G: Junction City, Sophomore, Mathemat- 
ics. Mayse, Thomas M: Mission, Freshman, Mathematics. McArthur, 
Lanissa L: Holdrege, Neb., Freshman, Home Economics and Jour- 
nalism. McAtee, Betsy L: Waterville, Freshman, General . 

BOTTOM ROW: McCall, Joelle A: Stockton, Freshman, Family and 
Child Development. McCallister, Gary D: Arlington Heights, III., 
Freshman, Agricultural Engineering. McCallum, James D: Solomon, 
Freshman, General. McCallum, Roger S: Elmdale, Sophomore, Civil 
Engineering. McCann, Christopher: Fort Lauderdale, Fla., Sopho- 
more, Biological Science. 


Underclassmen: McC-McG 

TOP ROW: McCargar, Mark A: Salina, Sophomore, General. Mc- 
Carthy, Margaret E: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General. McCarthy, 
Mary A: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 
McCarty, Helen E: Ashland, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. McCaskie, Elizabeth: Topeka, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 

SECOND ROW: McCaslin, Linda E: Stockton, Sophomore, Pre-Nurs- 
ing. McCauley, Charles R: Mayetta, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
McCausland, Paul S: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Law. McClanahan, 
Robert W: Junction City, Freshman, Art. McClary, Dennis E: Central- 
ia, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 

BOTTOM ROW: McClellan, James R: Frederick, Md., Sophomore, 
Veterinary Medicine. McClenny, Diane M: Emporia, Sophomore, 
Zoology. McCloskey, John D: Salina, Sophomore, General. Mc- 
Closkey, Mary C: Salina, Freshman, General. McClure, Alexander D: 

Newton, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 

Students and parents watch the K-State-Missouri 
game on Parents Day. Earlier in the day, parents 

met faculty members and administrators and also 
toured the annual Veterinary Medicine Open House. 


TOP ROW: McClure, Craig B: El Dorado, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. 
McCollough, Joanne E: Randall, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. McConaughey, Michelle: Ulysses, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. McCool, Katherine A: Junction City, Sophomore, Gener- 
al. McCormick, James M: Blaine, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary 

SECOND ROW: McCown, Susan J: Overland Park, Sophomore, 
Home Economics with Liberal Arts. McCoy, Elizabeth A: Topeka, 
Junior, Elementary Education. McCoy, Michael D: Towanda, Sopho- 
more. Pre-Vetennary Medicine. McCoy, Michael P: Cottage Grove, 
Ore., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. McCoy, Shirley J: Hiawatha. 
Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: McCoy, Thomas K: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. McCrary, Janet E: Manhattan, Freshman, History. 
McCrillis, Joan E: Wichita, Freshman, General. McCune, James R: 
Topeka. Junior, Business Administration. McDaniel, Dennis L: Alti- 
ca, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 

FOURTH ROW: McDaniel, Karen L: Scott City, Junior. Home Eco- 
nomics Education. McDaniel, Karen M: Sahna, Sophomore. General 
Home Economics. McDermott, Richard D: Kansas City, Mo., Fresh- 
man, Architecture. McDevitt, Patrick T: Neptune, N.J., Sophomore, 
Geology. McDiffett, William M: Alta Vista, Freshman, Animal Science 
and Industry. 

FIFTH ROW: McDonald, David C: Wichita, Freshman, Architecture. 
McDonald, Diane K: Williamsburg, Sophomore. Home Economics 
Education. McDonald, Karen C: Glasco, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. McDonald, Kenneth R: Smith Center, Junior. Architec- 
ture. McDonald, Michael B: Kansas City, Junior, Secondary 

SIXTH ROW: McDonald, Patricia A: Leavenworth, Junior, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. McDonald, Randolph: Leawood, Freshman, 
Business Administration. McDonald, Robert C: Smith Center. Soph- 
omore, Mathematics. McDonald, Stanley L: Salina. Sophomore. 
General. McDougal, Dianne K: Atwood, Sophomore. Pre-Elementary 

SEVENTH ROW: McDougal, Jean M: Topeka, Junior, General. Mc- 
Dowell, Douglas R: Prairie Village. Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. McElhany, Patrick A: Shawnee, Freshman, Music Education. 
McElwain, Linda J: Wichita, Junior, Business Administration. Mc- 
Fadden, Christy N: Goodland, Freshman, General . 

EIGHTH ROW: McFarland, Terry L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Busi- 
ness Administration. McFarlane, Joy Y: Brooklyn, N.Y., Freshman. 
Physical Education. McGee, James B: Kiowa, Sophomore. Business 
Administration. McGinnis, John M: Topeka, Freshman, Chemical 
Engineering. McGrath, Harry B: Florissant. Mo., Freshman, Animal 
Scienceand Industry. 

BOTTOM ROW: McGrath, Randall E: Topeka, Sophomore. General. 
McGrew, Terry L: Fort Scott. Sophomore, Mathematics. McGugin, 
Mary E: Frankfort, Sophomore, General Home Economics. McGuire, 
Harlyn G: Oberlm, Sophomore. Pre-Vetennary Medicine. McGuire, 
Stephen P: Kansas City, Junior, Architecture. 


Underclassmen: McH-Mey 

TOP ROW: McHenry, Gail D: Kansas City, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Mcllrath, Alice F: Hugoton, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Mc- 
Intyre, Barbara J: Manhattan, Freshman, Medical Technology. Mc- 
Iver, Kathleen J: Topeka, Freshman, Psychology. McKaig, Jane E: 

Bucyrus, Sophomore, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: McKaig, Jimmy M: Bucyrus, Freshman, General. 
McKale, William C: Longtord, Sophomore, History. McKee, Charles 
A: Wetmore, Sophomore, Dairy Production. McKeeman, Deriece M: 
Talmage, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. McKelvey, Sandra 

K: Olathe, Freshman,- Pre-Secondary Education . 

THIRD ROW: McKemy, Elizabeth C: Riley, Junior, Secondary Educa- 
tion. McKenna, Charles T: Waterville, Sophomore, Economics. Mc- 
Kenzie, Gordon B: Leawood, Freshman, Architecture. McKerracher, 
Joanne: Garnett, Freshman, General. McKinley, David L: Belleville, 
Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: McKinley, Douglas L: Belleville, Junior, Electrical 
Engineering. McKinley, Joan L: Belleville, Sophomore, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. McKinley, Marshall C: Overland Park, Freshman, 
Architecture. McKinley, Roxane: Norton, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. McKinley, Steven G: Topeka, Sophomore, Wildlife 

EIGHTH ROW: McKinney, Sheryl K: Salina, Freshman, Physical Ther- 
apy. McKinsey, Claudia M: Seneca, Junior, Elementary Education. 
McKnight, Susan V: Wichita, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. Mc- 
Knight, Vicki L: Topeka, Freshman, General. McLain, Daryl K: Kan- 
sas City, Freshman, Business Administration. 

SIXTH ROW: McLain, Michael S: Overland Park, Freshman, Bakery 
Management. McLaughlin, David E: Chapman, Sophomore, Physi- 
cal Education. McLeish, Edwin I: Alamota, Freshman, General Agri- 
culture. McLenon, Rodney B: Atchison, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. McLeod, Greg A: Gorham, N.H., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 

mAm m 

SEVENTH ROW: McLeod, Kathryn L: Wichita, Freshman, Biological 
Science. McMahon, Elaine C: Piper, Sophomore, General. McMillen, 
Billy D: Chanute, Junior, Agricultural Engineering. McMillen, John 
M: Mission, Sphomore, Business Administration. McMillen, Kerry K: 

Wichita, Freshman, Architecture. 

EIGHTH ROW: McMillen, Thomas J: Tulsa, Okla., Sophomore, Chem- 
ical Engineering. McMillin, Mary J: Junction City, Sophomore, Pre- 
Secondary Education. McMinn, Teresa I: Lawrence, Sophomore, 
Clothing Retailing. McMurray, Donald R: Canton, Junior, Business 
Administration. McNally, John A: Salina, Sophomore, General . 

BOTTOM ROW: McNeal, Charles D: Waldo, Junior, Agricultural Edu- 
cation. McNeal, Deanna M: Waldo, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. McNee, Diana D: Clay Center, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. McNee, Janet A: Cottonwood, Junior, Technical Journalism. 
McNeil, Charlotte A: Larned, Junior, Psychology. 


SEVENTH ROW: Meseke, Linda C: Alma, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Messick, Sharon L: Marysville, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Messmer, Vicki J: Norwich, Junior, General. 
Mestrovich, Janice C: Kansas City, Freshman, Sociology. Metz, 
Deidre A: Wellington, Junior, Modern Languages. 

EIGHTH ROW: Metzen, Melvin N: Garden Plain, Junior, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Metzger, Joyce I: Scott City, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Metzinger, Leon F: Caldwell, Sophomore, 
Pre-Medicine. Meyer, Bruce F: Johnson City, N.Y., Junior, Architec- 
ture. Meyer, Carolyn F: Conway Springs, Junior, Home Economics 

BOTTOM ROW: Meyer, Daryl J: Sabetha, Sophomore, Feed Science 
and Management. Meyer, Donald K: Sabetha, Freshman, General 
Agriculture. Meyer, Donna M: Prairie Village, Freshman, Clothing 
Retailing. Meyer, Howard L: Westphalia, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Meyer, Julie A: Mission, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

TOP ROW: McNerny, Charles M: Sharon Springs, Freshman, Gener- 
al. McNerny, Elaine K: Sharon Springs, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. McNew, Jerry L: Commerce City, Colo., Sophomore, 
Architecture. McPheeters, Phillip: Peabody, Freshman, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. McPherson, Marlene R: McLouth, Sophomore, 
Family and Child Development. 

SECOND ROW: McVicker, Earl D: Beeler, Sophomore. Agricultural 
Engineering. McWilliams, Dennis D: Sharon Springs, Junior, Agron- 
omy. Meade, Rosemary: Abilene, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
Means, Charles S: Fort Smith, Ark., Freshman, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Meek, Milo B: Idana, Junior, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Meetz, James A: Newton, Freshman, Animal Science 
and Industry. Meier, Douglas W: Newton, Freshman, General. Meier, 
Jane A: Lincoln, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Meisenhei- 
mer, John M: Hiawatha, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Meitler, Gene 

C: Lucas, Sophomore, Animal Scienceand Industry. 

FOURTH ROW: Melberg, Donna L: Jamestown, N.Y., Junior, General. 
Melland, Patricia A: McPherson, Sophomore, Sociology. Mellies, 
Bennett W: Ness City, Freshman, Agricultural Mechanization. Mel- 
ton, Janie L: Stockton, Freshman, General. Melvin, James M: Kansas 
City, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Mendenhall, Lonnie L: Dighton, Freshman, General. 
Mendenhall, Marilyn: Overland Park, Freshman, Home Economics 
with Liberal Arts. Meng, Gloria A: Wichita, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Menne, Emily L: Wichita, Junior, English. Meredith, Ronald L: 

Scott City, Junior, Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Meredith, William H: Lincoln, Sophomore, General. 
Mermelstein, Martin: Scarsdale, N.Y., Freshman, General. Mermis, 
Douglas R: Gorham, Freshman, Architecture. Mertes, Kathleen A: 

Prairie Village, Freshman, General. Meschke, Marty M: Garden City. 
Junior, Pre-Nursing. 


* A J 

SIXTH ROW: Miles, Dale W: Salem, Ore., Junior, Horticulture. Miles, 
Gregory A: Clay Center, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Milhon, Vir- 
ginia K: Protection, Sophomore, Secondary Education. Miller, Alan 
G: Hobbs, N.M., Junior, Economics. Miller, Anna C: Manhattan, 
Sophomore, Music Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Miller, Brenda L: Lyndon, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Miller, Charles E: Dwight, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Mechanization. Miller, Craig L: Alma, Freshman, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Miller, Darrell L: Dwight, Junior, Animal Science and Indus- 
try. Miller, David L: Leawood, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Miller, Deborah: Topeka, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Miller, Frederick G: Overland Park, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Miller, Gary R: Weskan, Sophomore, Animal Science and Indus- 
try. Miller, Gerald E: Barnard, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Miller, James V: Lawrence, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Miller, Jamie L: Leawood, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Miller, Janean L: Salina, Junior, Music Education. Miller, 
Janet F: Lebo, Freshman, General Home Economics. Miller, John E: 
Manhattan, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Miller, John M: Richmond 
Heights, Mo., Sophomore, Architecture. 

Underclassmen: Mey-Mit 

TOP ROW: Meyer, Kathy J: Smith Center, Freshman, Physical Thera- 
py. Meyer, Laura L: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Meyer, Leo D: Goodland, Sophomore, General Agriculture. 
Meyer, LeRoy G: Seneca, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Mey- 
er, Louis J: Sabetha, Junior, Agronomy. 

SECOND ROW: Meyer, Mary E: Olathe, Freshman, General. Meyer, 
Mary K: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Modern Languages. Meyer, Nancy 
E: Basehor, Sophomore, Foods and Nutrition. Meyer, Phillip C: Ulys- 
ses, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Meyer, Robert M: Overland 
Park, Freshman, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Meyer, Robert M: Ottawa, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Meyer, Sheri A: Manhattan, Junior, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Meyer, Theresa A: Olathe, Junior, History. Meyer, William E: 

Powhattan, Freshman, General Agriculture. Meyers, Gilbert J: 

Downs, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Michaelis, Richard D: Russell, Junior, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Michaelis, Wade G: Ness City, Sophomore, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Michaels, Kathryn S: Atchison, Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Michaud, Patrick G: Clifton, Junior, Physical Education. Mick, 
Mary K: Beloit, Freshman, English. 

FIFTH ROW: Mick, Theodore J: Beloit, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Mielke, Robert H: Pittsburg, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Mierau, William C: Wichita, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Miesse, John V: Bonner Springs, Freshman, Geology. Miles, Carmel 

J: Satanta, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 


TOP ROW: Miller, Joseph E: Effingham, Sophomore, General. Miller, 
Joseph P: Effingham, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Miller, Lin- 
da G: Great Bend, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Miller, 
Lisa M: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General. Miller, MarLynne K: 

Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Miller, Marc E: Hutchinson, Junior, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Miller, Marcia A: Morrowville, Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Miller, Martenia C: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Mill- 
er, Mary S: Sterling, Freshman, General Home Economics. Miller, 
Max I: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Miller, Michael D: Kansas City, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Miller, Milo K: Topeka, Freshman, General. Miller, 
Nancy E: Atchison, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Miller, 
Pamela A: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, General Home Econom- 
ics. Miller, Patricia A: Burrton, Freshman, Speech . 

FOURTH ROW: Miller, Paula K: Great Bend, Freshman, Clothing Re- 
tailing. Miller, Randall D: El Dorado, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Miller, Rexanne: Roselle, III., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine in Agriculture. Miller, Richard D: Blue Mounds, Junior, 
Animal Science and Industry. Miller, Richard H: Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman, Mathematics. 

FIFTH ROW: Miller, Stephen R: Paola, Sophomore, General. Miller, 
Steven D: Agra, Sophomore, General Agriculture. Miller, Steven D: 
Neodesha, Junior, Mathematics. Miller, Timothy L: Atchison, Soph- 
omore, Mathematics. Miller, Victoria L: Kansas City, Junior, Second- 
ary Education. 

■It 11 J 

SIXTH ROW: Mills, Donald C: Orlando, Fla., Freshman, Architecture. 
Mills, Gene L: Centralia, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Mills, George 
D: McLean, Va., Junior, Biological Science. Mills, Janet A: Mc- 
Pherson, Freshman, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Mills, Mary 
J: Tonganoxie, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Millsap, Catherine A: Bonner Springs, Freshman, 
Home Economics and Journalism. Mims, Larry S: Kansas City, Mo., 
Sophomore, Business Administration. Minard, Margaret K: Concor- 
dia, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Minchew, Linda R: 
Prairie Village, Freshman, General. Miner, Oliver W: Sublette, Soph- 
omore, Electrical Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Miner, William D: Ness City, Sophomore, History. 
Minnick, Walter R: Mission, Junior, Business Administration. Minor, 
Janis L: Leawood, Freshman, General. Mistier, Barbara D: Topeka. 

Junior, Home Economics Education. Mitcha, Donna E: Bonner 
Springs, Junior, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Mitchell, Jalayn: Topeka, Freshman, Applied Music. 
Mitchell, Jan L: Kansas City, Mo., Junior. Clothing Retailing. Mitch- 
ell, Jonathan B: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Accounting. Mitchell, 
Kenneth B: St. Joseph, Mo., Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Mitch- 
ell, Martha C: Lawrence, Junior, Home Economics Education . 


Underclassmen: Mit-Mul 

TOP ROW: Mitchell, Myron W: Goodland, Sophomore, Architecture. 
Mitts, Warren C: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. Mlinek, 
Dan J: St. Francis, Sophomore, General. Mock, Gregory D: Plamville, 
Freshman, Pre-Dentistry. Moe, Sandra S: Manhattan, Junior, Pre- 

SECOND ROW: Moehlman, Thomas J: Manhattan, Freshman, Archi- 
tecture. Moffatt, Margaret R: College Point, N.Y., Sophomore, Pre- 
Nursing. Moffett, Dan A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Moffitt, Maren: Mission, Freshman, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Moherman, Dorothy L: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Mohler, Candace M: Overland Park, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Mohr, Terry J: Great Bend, Junior, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Moll, Marianne M: Cincinnati, Ohio, Sophomore, Pre-Elementa- 
ry Education. Mollenkamp, Lew E: Wakeeney, Freshman, Pre-Den- 
tistry. Moller, Inge H: Copenhagen, Denmark, Freshman, English. 

FOURTH ROW: Moncrief, Robert M: Baxter Springs, Freshman 
Mathematics. Monroe, William E: Tribune, Junior, Mechanical Eng 
neering. Montgomery, Donald W: Hutchinson, Junior, Civil Eng 
neering. Montgomery, Thomas D: Hutchinson, Junior, Civil Eng 
neering. Moody, Jackie W: Leoti, Sophomore, Psychology. 

FIFTH ROW: Moomaw, Robert E: Ensign, Freshman, General Agricul- 
ture. Moon, Rosemary A: Hugoton, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Mooney, Mary K: Salma, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Moore, Bill M: luka, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Moore, D. Jesse: Council Grove, Freshman, Business 

SIXTH ROW: Moore, Deborah A: Junction City, Freshman, General. 
Moore, James E: Westmoreland, Junior, Business Administration. 
Moore, James L: Ulysses, Freshman, Animal Science and Industry. 
Moore, Judith A: Leavenworth, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Moore, Michael E: Kansas City, Sophomore, Elementary 

SEVENTH ROW: Moore, Michael K: Tonganoxie, Freshman, Pre-Law. 
Moore, Patricia E: Leavenworth, Junior, English. Moore, Roberta A: 

Wakarusa, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. Moore, Ter- 
ry D: Manhattan, Freshman, Busin.ess Administration. Morgan, 
Deborah K: Topeka, Freshman, General . 

EIGHTH ROW: Morgan, Jeannie: Denver, Colo., Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Morgan, Julie D: Salina, Sophomore, Modern 
Languages. Morgan, Leslie E: Goodland, Freshman, Civil Engineer- 
ing. Morgan, Patricia L: Wichita, Sophomore, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Morgan, Rodney K: Dwight, Freshman, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Morgenson, Susan C: Abilene, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Morgenstern, Robert: Hoisington, Sophomore, 
Accounting. Morgenstern, Ronald: Russell, Freshman, Wildlife Con- 
servation. Morland, William M: Lancaster, Junior, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Morrill, Linda K: Wichita, Freshman, General . 


TOP ROW: Morris, Cheryl C: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 
Morris, Dallas D: Newton, Junior, Landscape Architecture. Morris, 
James L: Logan, Sophomore, Horticulture. Morris, James L: Barks- 
dale AFB, La., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Morris, Jane E: 

Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Morris, John B: Eudora, Junior, Civil Engineering. 
Morris, Larry M: Westphalia, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 
Morris, Michelle: Overland Park, Junior, Economics. Morris, Rodney 
L: Ulysses, Freshman, General. Morris, Susan L: Manasquan, N.J., 
Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. 

THIRD ROW: Morris, Teresa E: Coffeyville, Junior, Computer Sci- 
ence. Morrison, Linda K: Overland Park, Junior, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Morrison, Robert M: Salma, Freshman, Pre-Vetermary Med- 
icine. Morrow, Joyce B: St. Marys, Freshman, History. Morrow, Kar- 
en: Wathena, Junior, Business Administration. 

FOURTH ROW: Morrow, Kathryn: Wathena, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Morrow, Margo M: Salma, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Morse, Richard L: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 
Morton, Catherine A: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Speech Patholo- 
gy and Audiology. Morton, Myrnus M: Oxford, Freshman, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Morton, Thomas S: Oxford, Sophomore, Agronomy. 
Mosher, Shirley A: Simpson, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Moshier, David D: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Mosier, Carol E: Spalding, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Medicme. 
Mosier, Richard A: Lenora, Freshman, Pre-Vetermary Medicine in 

SIXTH ROW: Mosier, Steven J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Moss, Victor A: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 
Mount, Sharyl L: Haven, Sophomore, Music Education. Moxley, 
George F: Council Grove, Freshman, Pre-Medicme. Moyer, Cheryl A: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Muck, Duane C: Osborne. Freshman, Agronomy. 
Mudge, Barbara E: St. Paul, Minn.. Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Mudge, Patricia A: St. Paul, Minn., Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Mudrey, Stephen J: Lexington, Mass., Junior. 
Architecture. Mueller, Gail E: Alma, Sophomore, Family and Child 

EIGHTH ROW: Mueller, Janice S: Hanover, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Mueller, Larry R: Hanover, Junior, Accounting. 
Mueller, Mary A: Washington, Junior, Home Economics Education. 
Mugler, Laree A: Clay Center, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 
Muir, Barbara S: El Dorado, Sophomore, Interior Architecutral 

BOTTOM ROW: Muir, William L: Norton, Junior. Accounting. Mull, 
Gerald D: Salina, Freshman, Architecture. Mullen, Danny D: Ottawa, 
Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Mullen, Jane M: Blue Rap- 
ids, Freshman, General. Muller, Patricia A: Junction City, Sopho- 
more, General Home Economics. 


Underclassmen: Mul-Nel 

TOP ROW: Mulligan, Jeanette M: Topeka, Freshman, Modern Lan- 
guages. Mulvany, Thomas P: Marysville, Junior, Accounting. Mun- 
cie, Shirley A: Manhattan, Sophomore. Family and Child Develop- 
ment. Mundt, Jonathan R: Hollywood, Fla., Junior, Botany. Mund- 
wiler, Nancy J: Larned, Freshman, Chemistry. 

SECOND ROW: Munger, Arthur P: Dodge City, Junior, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Munger, Deborah D: Dodge City, Freshman, 
General Home Economics. Munson, Barbara A: Junction City, Soph- 
omore, General Home Economics. Munson, Robert C: Junction City, 
Sophomore, General Agriculture. Muntz, Pamela L: Haviland, Ju- 
nior, Home Economics Education. 

THIRD ROW: Murphey, Christine: Kansas City, Sophomore, Music 
Education. Murphree, Ola M: Chapman, Freshman, Accounting. 
Murphy, Janet E: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Murphy, Julie A: Norton, Freshman, General. Murphy, Kay 
E: Ogallah, Sophomore, Family and Child Development. 

FOURTH ROW: Murphy, Kay M: Wichita, Sophomore, Clothing Re- 
tailing. Murphy, Marilyn J: Bonner Springs, Freshman, General. 
Murphy, Mark A: Abilene, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Mur- 
ray, Larry L: Elkhart, Freshman, Medical Technology. Murry, Frank 

D: Kankakee, III., Junior. Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Murry, Michael D: Leavenworth, Freshman, General. 
Murry, Robert A: Lexington, Mo., Junior, Physical Education. Murto- 
la, Stephen J: South River, N.J., Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. 
Musgrove, Constance: Manhattan, Sophomore, Applied Music. Mu- 
sil, Elmer L: Burdett, Sophomore, General Agriculture. 

SIXTH ROW: Musil, Hannah E: Blue Rapids, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Musil, Mary L: Blue Rapids, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Musil, Rosemary: Frankfort, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Musil, Susan E: Manhattan, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Musselman, Kathryn J: Ness City, Freshman, 
General Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Mussemann, Christine: Wakeeney, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Musser, Ronald D: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre- 
Forestry. Mutch, Janis E: Wichita, Junior, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Mutch, Jeanne L: Wichita, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Myers, Eveline C: Ft. Riley, Freshman, Modern Languages. 

EIGHTH ROW: Myers, Gaylord P: Cummings, Sophomore, Music 
Education. Myers, Kristy J: Marquette, Junior, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Myers, Linda L: Kansas City, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
Myers, Ronald L: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 
Myrick, Pamela S: Wichita, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Naaf, Douglas E: Beattie, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Nachtigal, David J: Inman, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Nachtigal, Dorothy A: Buhler, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
Nafziger, Alvin K: Narka, Freshman, General. Nagle, Catherine H: 

Schuylkill Haven, Pa., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


TOP ROW: Naiman, Danny H: Morland, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Nash, David F: St. Joseph, Mo., Junior, Agricultural Edu- 
cation. Nave, Carol S: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Naylor, Donald G: Burlington, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. 
Neaderhiser, Larry L: Niles, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 

SECOND ROW: Neal, Gary L: Mission, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Neal, Marcus L: Caldwell, Sophomore. Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Neal, Philip J: Prairie Village, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 
Neal, Philip L: Prairie Village, Freshman, Accounting. Needham, 
Sheila J: Abilene, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Neff, Merry V: Lakin, Freshman, Psychology. Neff, Su- 
san L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General. Neil, Carolyn M: Fort 
Scott, Junior, Home Economics Education. Neill, Linda L: Wichita, 
Junior, Elementary Education. Neill, Robert D: Cummmgs. Junior, 
Animal Science and Industry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Neill, Susan A: Kansas City, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Nelsen, Craig: Leawood, Sophomore, Physical 
Education. Nelson, Darryl J: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Nelson, Edward E: Holdrege, Neb., Sophomore, Comput- 
er Science. Nelson, Gayle L: Windom, Sophomore. Secondary 


■ ••■■fMni'*»l«M«MSM"SM! r "M*»""" 

Workmen remove protective coverings before the 
start of the K-State-Oklahoma State football game. 


FIFTH ROW: Nicholas, John A: Henderson, Nev.. Sophomore, Electri- 
cal Engineering. Nichols, Mary K: Salina, Freshman, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Nichols, Stanley K: Burden, Sophomore, General Agriculture. 
Nichols, Wayne E: Manchester, Sophomore, Agricultural Engineer- 
ing. Nichols, William R: Salina, Freshman, General . 

SIXTH ROW: Nickelson, Barbara J: Sabetha, Junior, Pre-Medicme. 
Nicklas, Mark C: Fort Worth, Tex., Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Nicks, Linda L: Maize, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Nickum, Joan M: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Niedentdal, Michael: Russell, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Nielsen, Douglas A: Winner, S.D., Junior, Animal 
Science and Industry. Niemann, Emily E: Topeka, Sophomore, Hor- 
ticulture. Niemeyer, John S: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-For- 
estry. Nietfeld, James L: Grand Island, Neb., Junior, Dairy Produc- 
tion. Nightingale, Conrad: Burrton, Sophomore, Veterinary 

EIGHTH ROW: Nightingale, Timothy: Burrton, Sophomore, Architec- 
tural Structures. Nimz, Dale E: Goodland, Junior, History. Nitsch, 
Carol S: Oberlin, Sophomore, Pre-Business Education. Niven, Lloyd 
H: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General Agriculture. Nixon, Nancy K: 

Wellington, Sophomore, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Nixon, Thurman M: Eureka, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Nodler, Jami L: Kansas City, Sophomore, General. 
Noel, John D: Burlington, Sophomore, Psychology. Noel, Kent L: 
Abilene, Junior, English. Noland, Karen S: Holton, Freshman, Pre- 
Business Education. 

Underclassmen: Nel-O'Fa 

TOP ROW: Nelson, Glen E: Grenola, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Nelson, Jane A: Sylvan Grove, Sophomore, General Home Econom- 
ics. Nelson, Leland E: Washington, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Nelson, Nanette M: Plattsmouth, Neb., Sophomore, General. 
Nelson, Norman W: Liberal, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Nelson, Patricia L: Mayetta, Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine. Nelson, Patricia S: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Nelson, Robert R: Topeka. Junior, Political Sci- 
ence. Nelssen, Linda K: Smith Center, Freshman, General. Nel- 
thorpe, Ronald A: Leawood, Freshman, Business Administration. 

THIRD ROW: Nemechek, Juanita J: Wakeeney, Sophomore, Pre- 
Medicme. Netson, Nancy A: Manhattan, Junior, General. Neumann, 
Judith A: Atchison, Freshman, Business Administration. Nevins, 
Cathleen A: Cherry Hill, N.J., Sophomore, General Home Econom- 
ics. New, Mark W: Norcatur, Sophomore, General . 

FOURTH ROW: Newbury, Shirley M: White City, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Newcom, Charles W: Garden City, Junior, Pre- 
Law. Newcomer, Paula J: Topeka, Sophomore, Technical Journal- 
ism. Newell, Dorothy A: Stafford, Sophomore, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Newlin, Ronald J: Kansas City, Junior, Zoology. 



TOP ROW: Nolde, Ted D: Ferguson, Mo., Freshman, Architectural 
Structures. Noll, Jerome R: Franktort, Sophomore, General. Noller, 
Anne E: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Noonan, 
John P: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Noordsy, Jill S: Manhat- 
tan, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Norby, Galen 0: Manhattan, Sophomore, Agricultur- 
al Engineering. Nordhus, David L: Seneca, Freshman, General Agri- 
culture. Norman, Melford L: Arnold, Neb., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine in Agriculture. Norman, Neil K: Scott City, Junior, Mathe- 
matics. North, Barbara K: Cofteyville, Junior, Mathematics. 

THIRD ROW: North, Patrick W: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Gener- 
al. North, Richard C: White City, Junior, Animal Science and Indus- 
try. Norton, Mark E: Abilene, Freshman, Milling Science and Man- 
agement. Norton, Richard K: Warren, N.J., Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Norton, Sharon L: Warren, N.J., Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics and Journalism. 

FOURTH ROW: Norton, Sharon L: Quinter, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Nothdurfl, Julie A: Prairie Village, Sophomore, 
Foods and Nutrition. Nottingham, Dale A: Lawrence, Freshman, 
Dairy Production. Nottingham, Michael: Effingham, Sophomore, 
Mechanical Engineering. Novak, Mary A: Lucas, Junior, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Novosel, Judy K: Kansas City, Sophomore. Bacteriolo- 
gy. Nulty, James R: Jewell, Junior, Architecture. Nurnberg, Rodger 
L: Emporia, Sophomore, Business Administration. Nurnberg, Thom- 
as R: Emporia, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Nuss, Frederick 

J: Great Bend, Sophomore, Pre-Law. 

SIXTH ROW: Nuss, Maxwell E: Leavenworth, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Nusser, Cynthia L: Elkhart, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Nutsch, Donald E: Hill City, Junior. Mechanical 
Engineering. Nutt, William H: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Nuttelman, Alvis F: Independence, Sophomore, Pre- 

SEVENTH ROW: Nyman, Robert J: Jersey City. N.J., Sophomore, 
Restaurant Management. Obee, Richard C: Kansas City. Freshman. 
Industrial Engineering. Oberle, Beverly S: Carbondale, Junior, Home 
Economics Education. Obermeier, Teresa M: Shawnee Mission, 
Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Obert, Dixie R: Esbon, 
Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Ochs, Elizabeth A: Hoisington, Sophomore, General. 
Ochs, Judith A: Hoisington, Freshman, General. Ochsner, John D: 

Wichita, Freshman, Chemistry. O'Dell, Donald M: Shawnee Mission. 
Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. O'Dell, Michael R: Shawnee Mis- 
sion, Freshman, Architectural Structures. 

BOTTOM ROW: Odgers, Carol A: Sublette. Sophomore. General 
Home Economics. Odom, Rosalind E: Wichita, Freshman, General. 
O'Donnell, Patricia A: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Psychology. Odrowski, 
Dona L: Overland Park, Freshman, General. O'Fallon, Kathleen A: 

Manhattan, Freshman, Modern Languages. 


Underclassmen: O'Fl-Par 

TOP ROW: O'FIynn, Richard H: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Me- 
chanical Engineering. Ogilvie, Kathryn: Kansas City, Freshman, 
General Home Economics. Ogle, John W: Emmett, Sophomore, His- 
tory. Ogle, Linda M: Emmett, Junior, Elementary Education. Ohl, 
Nancy J: Great Bend, Sophomore, General. 

SECOND ROW: Olander, Judith A: Little River, Sophomore, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Olandt, Carol S: Morrowville, Junior, Home 
Economics Education. O'Leary, Michael A: Wichita, Freshman, 
Chemistry. Oleen, Glenn C: Falun, Sophomore, Animal Science and 
Industry. Oliver, Brian L: Oxtord, Freshman, Chemistry. 

THIRD ROW: Oliver, D. Ann: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Oliver, Mildred S: El Dorado, Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Oliver, Stephen E: Attica, Junior, Business Ad- 
ministration. Olmstead, Marvin L: Derby, Freshman, Veterinary 
Medicine. Olsen, Russell L: Wichita, Freshman, Architecture. 

FOURTH ROW: Olson, Collette A: Clay Center, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Olson, Gene L: McPherson, Junior, Agronomy. 
Olson, Jeanne F: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Olson, Karen E: 
Leawood, Junior, Pre-Elementary Education. Olson, Kathryn S: 

Dwight, Junior. Family and Child Development. 

FIFTH ROW: Olson, Peter H: Manhattan, Junior, Social Science. Ols- 
son, Beverly A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, History. Oltjen, Allan 
C: Leona, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Oman, Donald G: Kan- 
sas City, Junior, Business Administration. O'Meara, Tracy J: Har- 
tington, Neb., Sophomore, Sociology. 

SIXTH ROW: Opat, Michael A: McPherson. Freshman, General. Opat, 
Steven L: McPherson, Junior, Pre-Law. Oplinger, Roger C: Randall, 
Sophomore, Agricultural Education. Organ, William F: Oakley, 
Sophomore, Geology. Orloske, Cynthia J: Wichita, Junior, English. 

SEVENTH ROW: Orrell, Donald L: Peck, Sophomore, General. Orton, 
Linda K: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Orwig, Pe- 
ter M: Abilene, Freshman, Horticulture. Osborn, Dana L: Wichita, 
Junior, Home Economics Education. Osborne, Jay R: Peoria, III., 
Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

EIGHTH ROW: Osborne, Lloyd A: Springfield, Va., Sophomore, Busi- 
ness Administration. Osburn, Julieanne: Topeka, Freshman, Dietet- 
ics and Institutional Management. Osburn, Mary M: Wamego, Ju- 
nior, Elementary Education. Ostberg, Leo E: Salma, Sophomore, 
Electrical Engineering. Ostermann, Jerry L: Sylvan Grove, Fresh- 
man, Agricultural Mechanization. 

BOTTOM ROW: Oswald, John M: Luray, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Oswald, Laura E: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Oswalt, Carolyn P: Little -River, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Ott, Randal O: Wichita, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. 
Otte, Melodie A: Great Bend, Junior, Sociology. 


SEVENTH ROW: Palmer, Phillip K: Arkansas City, Junior, Social Sci- 
ence. Palmer, Stephen P: McPherson, Junior, Geology. Palmquist, 
Steven D: Lindsborg, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Paluch, 
Christopher: Wichita, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Pankratz, 

Dean A: Tampa, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Pannbacker, William: Washington, Freshman, Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Panos, Maria E: Overland Park, Freshman, General. 
Pansy, Michael G: Fair Lawn, N.J., Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Pappan, Ronald D: Ponca City, Okla., Sophomore, Veterinary 
Medicine. Parke, Kathleen L: Collyer, Sophomore, Home Economics 

TOP ROW: Otten, Vicki R: Wichita, Freshman, General. Otto, Angela 
S: Salma, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Ousley, Rebecca J: 
Overland Park, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Overfield, Terry F: 
Independence, Junior, Secondary Education. Overley, Elaine: Phil- 
lipsburg, Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Overman, Robert D: Overland Park, Junior. Political 
Science. Overstake, Linda J: Wichita, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Overstreet, Ronald L: Augusta, Sophomore, Art. Over- 
turf, Joyce G: Bird City, Freshman, General. Owen, Gail E: Raytown, 
Mo., Freshman, Art. 

THIRD ROW: Owen, Glen D: Salina, Sophomore. General. Owen, Lin- 
da L: Jewell, Sophomore, Horticulture. Owen, Robert L: West Ches- 
ter, Pa., Junior, Architecture. Owens, Dennis E: Chapman, Fresh- 
man, General. Owens, Pamela I: Clay Center, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Owensby, Mary C: Concordia, Freshman, Modern 
Languages. Ozmun, Carole A: Mankato, Freshman, General. Pacey, 
Charles F: Miltonvale, Freshman, General Agriculture. Pacey, Mi- 
chael F: Oak Hill, Freshman, Civil Engineering. Pack, Linda J: Wichi- 
ta, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Padon, Dorothy J: Prairie Village, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Page, Barbara J: Atchison, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Page, Dennis D: Junction City, Junior, Physical Therapy. Page, Ja- 
net S: Overland Park, Freshman, English. Page, Judith A: Overland 
Park, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Page, Patricia L: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Pal- 
mateer, Gary L: Wakefield, Freshman, Feed Science and Manage- 
ment. Palmer, Darwin W: Verdon, Neb.. Freshman, Feed Science 
and Management. Palmer, Martha D: Shawnee Mission, Sopho- 
more, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Palmer, Michael L: Kan- 
sas City, Mo., Sophomore, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Parker, David L: Wichita, Junior, Accounting. Parker, 
Gloria J: Dallas, Tex., Freshman, Business Administration. Parker, 
Joanne J: Belpre, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. Parker, 
Jolene J: Belpre, Freshman, General. Parker, Patricia L: Clearwater, 
Junior, Family and Child Development. 


Workmen clean up debris in Nichols Gymnasium after 
the midnight fire in December. Replacement of Ni- 

chols, built in 1910, and equipment of the depart- 
ments housed there was estimated at $2.1 million. 

Underclassmen: Par-Pet 

TOP ROW: Parker, Ray A: Troy, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Parks, Carolyn A: Manhattan, Freshman, English. Parks, Janis L: 

Manhattan, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Parr, Jane Leigh R: Ross- 
ville, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Parrish, Mary C: Great Bend, 
Freshman, Music Education. 

SECOND ROW: Parry, Ann M: Summit, N.J., Sophomore, Geography. 
Parry, Sherman B: Augusta, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Parsons, Carolynn A: Manhattan, Junior, Medical Technology. Par- 
tington, Howard D: Alden, Freshman, Animal Science and Industry. 
Pash, Janis K: Harlan, Iowa, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 

THIRD ROW: Paske, Patrick D: Toronto, Sophomore, Physical Edu- 
cation. Pastrick, Priscilla: Leawood, Sophomore, Modern Lan- 
guages. Patterson, Judy K: Hays, Junior, Humanities. Patterson, 
Ray E: Wichita, Junior, History. Patterson, Shirley M: Alta Vista, 
Freshman, Psychology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Patton, James A: Hiawatha, Sophomore, English. 
Paul, Michael A: Garden City, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. Paull, 
Peggy S: Ellsworth, Freshman, Home Economics and Journalism. 
Paulsen, Brad A: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Paulsen, Gary D: 

Onaga, Junior, Pre-Medicine. 


TOP ROW: Paxton, Keith R: Kiowa, Sophomore, General. Payne, 
Donald A: Leawood, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Peak, Alice 
M: Girard, Freshman, Home Economics Education. Peak, Stephen 
R: Norton, Sophomore, History. Pearce, Patricia H: Sedan, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Pearce, Ronald W: Erie, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Pearce Teresa G: Winfield, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Pearse, Tania J: Salina, Sophomore, Hunamities. Pearson, 
Barbara S: Conconda, Junior, Music Education. Pearson, Beverly L: 

Beloit, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

THIRD ROW: Pearson, Daniel L Clyde, Freshman, General. Pearson, 
Rhonda J: Derby, Sophomore, Medical Technology. Pease, Ernest V: 
McPherson, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medicine. Pecis, Kenneth E: 
Prairie Village, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Peck, Thomas 
W: Geneva, III., Freshman, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Peckham, James H: Rantoul, Junior, Dairy Produc- 
tion. Peel, Kerry A: McPherson, Junior, Secondary Education. Peith- 
man, Loren E: Hebron, Neb., Junior, Physical Education. Pelkey, 
Linda K: Atchison, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Pell, Mary H: DeSoto, 
Junior, Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Pelter, Linda M: Henngton, Freshman, General. Pem- 
berton, David J: Edgerton, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Penner, Leslie S: Prairie Village, Freshman, General Home Econom- 
ics. Penner, Ron W: Wichita, Sophomore, Wildlife Conservation. 
Penny, Cheryl L: Lawrence, Freshman, Sociology. 

SIXTH ROW: Pepper, Mark E: Lenexa, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. 
Pepperman, Ronald L: Shawnee, Freshman, General. Peppers, Linda 

K: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Perez, 
Franklin P: New York, N.Y., Junior, Business Administration. Per- 
kins, Sandra J: Bern, Sophomore, English. 

SEVENTH ROW: Perrin, Janie B: McPherson, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Perrin, Kolleen M: Olathe, Freshman, English. 
Perry, Charles A: Baldwin, Junior, Physics. Perry, Lana J: Shawnee 

Mission, Freshman, General Home Economics. Perry, Nancy J: 

Manhattan, Junior, Chemistry. 

EIGHTH ROW: Perry, Patricia K: Leavenworth, Freshman, General. 
Perry, Robert W: Blue Rapids, Junior, Accounting. Perry, Stephen M: 

Wichita, Junior, Landscape Architecture. Perry, Steven E: Hugoton, 
Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Persons, Edwin S: Florissant, 
Mo., Freshman, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Pesaresi, Karen K: Manhattan, Sophomore, Foods 
and Nutrition. Pesaresi, Walter J: Manhattan, Freshman, History. 
Peterie, Brenda K: Kinsley, Freshman, General. Peterie, Jerry D: 

Kinsley, Junior, Accounting. Peterman, Michael D: Russell, Sopho- 
more, Electrical Engineering. 


SEVENTH ROW: Pfeifer, Eldon A: Morland, Freshman, General Agri- 
culture. Pflieger, Jean F: Logan, Freshman, Speech. Pflughoeft, 
Danellda: Ellsworth, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Phalp, 
Patricia M: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. 
Phares, Betty L: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Phares, E. Dale: Benton, Sophomore, Animal Science 
and Industry. Phillips, Connie J: Wichita, Sophomore, Mathematics. 
Phillips, James E: Valley Falls, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 
Phillips, John E: Cherryvale, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Phillips, Judith A: 

Manhattan, Junior, History. 

Underclassmen: Pet-Poo 

TOP ROW: Peters, Janice L: Hesston, Sophomore, Home Economics 
Education. Petersen, Peggy M: Kansas City, Sophomore, Home 
Economics Education. Peterson, Andra K: Prairie Village, Freshman, 
Business Administration. Peterson, Arden E: Assaria, Sophomore, 
Agricultural Economics. Peterson, Cheryl J: Smith Center, Sopho- 
more, Family and Child Development. 

SECOND ROW: Peterson, Christopher: Lombard, III., Junior, Bacter- 
iology. Peterson, Daniel L: Altamont, Freshman, Agronomy. Peter- 
son, David C: Kansas City, Sophomore, General. Peterson, David F: 
Altamont, Sophomore, Business Administration. Peterson, David W: 

Manhasset, N.Y., Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Peterson, Earnest E: Tonganoxie, Sophomore, Feed 
Science and Management. Peterson, Joan K: Clay Center, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Secondary Education. Peterson, John E: Salina, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Law. Peterson, Jolene M: McPherson, Sophomore, Gener- 
al Home Economics. Peterson, Martha A: Independence, Freshman, 
Pre-Secondary Education. 

FOURTH ROW: Peterson, Philip C: Burlingame, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Peterson, Randy M: Assaria, Sophomore, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Peterson, Richard D: Overland Park, Freshman, 
General. Peterson, Richard J: Humboldt, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Peterson, Roger K: Sylvan Grove, Sophomore, General 

FIFTH ROW: Peterson, Roy W: Fairway, Sophomore, General. Pet- 
ford, Kathryn A: Emporia, Freshman, Home Economics Education. 
Petrich, Peggy S: Claflin, Freshman, Psychology. Petrowsky, Edwin 
R: luka, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Pettey, James B: Salina, 
Freshman, Architecture. 

SIXTH ROW: Pettijohn, Carol A: Solomon, Sophomore, Horticulture. 
Peyton, Kathleen M: Topeka, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Pezeshkmehr, 
Farrokh: Tehran, Iran, Freshman, Architecture. Pfannenstiel, 
Duane: Ransom, Sophomore, Business Administration. Pfannen- 
stiel, Nicholas: Topeka, Freshman, Computer Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Phillips, Lenna K: Geneseo, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Phillips, Rebecca K: Manhattan, Freshman, Medical Technol- 
ogy. Phillips, Robert W: Salina, Freshman, General. Phillips, Susan 

K: Valley Falls, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Pickett, Keith F: Coun- 
cil Grove, Junior, Technical Journalism. 


TOP ROW: Piepenbring, James: Overland Park, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Pierce, Gary W: Clay Center, Junior, Chemistry. 
Pierce, Martha L: Kansas City, Sophomore, English. Pierson, Bruce 
A: Clay Center, Junior, Physical Education. Pierson, Jan E: Clay Cen- 
ter, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

SECOND ROW: -Pierson, Kristine L: McPherson, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Pierson, Stephen W: Junction City, Junior, Pre- 
Dentistry. Pike, Kirby D: Ashland, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 
Pilger, Barbara J: Sharon Springs, Freshman, Retail Floriculture. 
Pinaire, Richard A: Junction City, Sophomore, Business 

THIRD ROW: Pinick, George E: McPherson, Junior, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Pinkerton, Sheryl L: Wichita, Junior, Physical Therapy. 
Pinkham, Theodore W: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Law. Piotrowsky, 
David E: Glen Garden, N.J., Junior, Agricultural Economics. Piper, 
Margaret L: Overland Park, Freshman, General Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Piper, Richard R: Medtield, Mass., Junior, Mechani- 
cal Engineering. Pipes, Barbra A: Overland Park, Freshman, Cloth- 
ing Retailing. Pipkin, Susan E: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Pitsch, 
Jo Ann M: Marysville, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Pi- 
vonka, Priscilla S: LaCrosse, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 

FIFTH ROW: Pizel, Linda R: Kanorado, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Plantz, Mary S: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Plevka, 
Kerwin F: Belleville, Freshman, Technical Journalism. Plumb, Linda 
K: Marysville, Junior, Business Administration. Plumb, Pamela S: 

Marysville, Freshman, Physical Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Plumberg, Gary J: Manhattan, Junior, Bacteriology. 
Plumer, Jon G: Salina, Sophomore, Architecture. Plummer, Donald 
J: Paola, Freshman, General. Plunkett, Penelope M: Overland Park, 
Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Poe, Edward A: Healy, 
Freshman, Animal Science and Industry. 

SEVENTH ROW: Poell, Mark A: St. Marys, Freshman, Veterinary Med- 
icine. Poell, Michael J: St. Marys, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Poggenklass, Janet K: Overland Park. Junior, Sociology. 
Pohlenz, Sheryl A: Wichita, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Poister, Cher- 
yl K: White City, Junior Elementary Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Poland, Karen A: Clyde, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Polansky, Adrian J: Belleville, Freshman, Agronomy. 
Polfer, Roy K: Olathe, Sophomore, Pre-Dentistry. Pollman, James L: 

Marysville, Junior, Accounting. Pollock, Dan L: Soldier, Junior, 
Animal Scienceand Industry. 

BOTTOM ROW: Pomeroy, E. Diane: Topeka. Junior, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Pomrenke, Jerry D: Coffeyville. Junior, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Ponton, Connie L: Manchester, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Poole, John K: El Dorado, Junior, Political Sci- 
ence. Poole, Pamela L: Manhattan, Junior, Foods and Nutrition . 


FOURTH ROW: Post, Randall C: El Dorado, Junior, Chemistry. Pott- 
berg, Henry C: Downs, Sophomore, Accounting. Potter, Donelyn D: 

Winfield, Sophomore, General. Potter, Scott C: Dighton, Freshman, 
General. Powell, Craig S: Osawatomie, Sophomore, Business 

FIFTH ROW: Powell, Loren L: Beverly, Freshman, General. Powers, 
Linda C: Junction City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Pow- 
ers, William W: Wilmette, III., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Powierza, Richard J: Lawrence, Mass., Sophomore, Physical Educa- 
tion. Praeger, Karla F: Claflin, Junior, Biological Science. 

SIXTH ROW: Prater, Margaret A: APO New York, N.Y., Freshman, 
Pre-Secondary Education. Prather, Kent M: Alexandria, Va., Fresh- 
man, Mechanical Engineering. Prather, Stephen E: Wichita, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Medicine. Pratt, William 0: Kansas City, Freshman, Histo- 
ry. Pray, Mark W: Junction City, Sophomore, General . 

SEVENTH ROW: Pray, Roberta A: Hope, Sophomore, General. Pren- 
tice, Bruce L: Ottawa, Sophomore, Political Science. Prescott, David 
L: Prairie Village, Freshman, History. Presnal, Nancy L: Goddard, 
Junior, History. Preston, Janice E: Prairie Village, Freshman, Gener- 
al Home Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Previtera, Joseph A: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Archi- 
tecture. Price, Carolyn I: Liberty, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Price,Charles W: Wichita, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Price, Craig H: Topeka, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Price, 
Gary L: Topeka, Sophomore, Architecture. 

BOTTOM ROW: Price, Janice A: Shawnee, Sophomore, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Price, Linda A: Burlington, Junior, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Price, Paula K: Weir, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Price, Robert M: Overland Park, Freshman, Wildlife Conservation. 
Price, Steve J: Bennington, Junior, Agricultural Economics. 

Underclassmen: Poo-Ram 

TOP ROW: Poorman, Tom T: Wichita, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 
Poovery, Waldo 0: Westphalia, Sophomore, Animal Science and 
Industry. Pope, Ello J: Gypsum, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Popp, Alberta M: Studley, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Porter, Charles L: Oberlin, Sophomore, Architecture. 

SECOND ROW: Porter, Diann L: Ottawa, Sophomore, Physical Edu- 
cation. Porter, Gary M: Kansas City, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Porter, Patricia A: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Porter, Richard W: Reading, Freshman, Chemical 
Engineering. Porter, Royce L: Atwood, Freshman, Architecture. 

THIRD ROW: Porterfield, Lindsay K: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, 
Home Economics with Liberal Arts. Portschy, Charlotte: Herndon, 
Junior, Home Economics Education. Posey, Thomas A: Hubbell, 
Neb., Sophomore, Agronomy. Post, Gregory M: Prairie Village, 
Sophomore, Civil Engineering. Post, Paul D: Concordia, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Law. 

i-K ' 

p <* 


,*\ i 



TOP ROW: Price, Susan L: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Pridey, Ann M: Delphos, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Priest, Terry W: Winfield, Freshman, General. Prigel, 
Donald W: Home, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. Prince, Terry L: 

Great Bend, Freshman, Mathematics. 

SECOND ROW: Prine, Richard W: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Build- 
ing Construction. Prine, Sandra K: Prairie Village, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Prochaska, Linda S: Manhattan, Freshman, 
General. Prochaska, Robert D: Manhattan, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Prock, John W: Wellington, Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Proctor, Mary E: Soldier, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Profitt, Roger A: Chase, Freshman, Animal Science and 
Industry. Propp, Lawrence L: Wichita, Junior, Bacteriology. Provost, 
Richard L: Clyde, Junior, Agricultural Mechanization. Pruitt, Don R: 

Miltonvale, Freshman, General Agriculture. 

FOURTH ROW: Pruitt, Patricia L: Wichita, Freshman, General. Prusa, 
Donna S: Portis, Freshman, General Home Economics. Puckett, 
Nancy J: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Puett, Arthur C: Manhat- 
tan, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Pufahl, Donald R: Wichita. 

Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Pule, Chester M: Bonner Springs, Sophomore, Speech. 
Pulliam, Kathleen A: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Purvis, John H: Baldwin, Freshman, History. Pyke, Blenda G: Wichi- 
ta, Freshman, General. Pyle, Bernard L: Union Lake, Mich., Junior, 
Business Administration . 

SIXTH ROW: Querry, Marilyn J: Larned, Sophomore, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Quillin, John L: Caldwell, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Quillin, Steven N: South Haven, Freshman, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Quint, Charlotte A: Hill City, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Raccuglia, Gary R: Prairie Village, Junior, Pre-Dentistry . 

SEVENTH ROW: Rader, John R: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Ac- 
counting. Rader, Victoria J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Radke, Sharon R: Great Bend, Sophomore, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Rahn, Phillip R: Winfield, Junior, Agronomy. 
Raida, Merle L: Harper, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

EIGHTH ROW: Raile, Delhert D: St. Francis, Sophomore, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Raile, Judith K: St. Francis, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Rainey, Larry C: Kansas City, Freshman, Computer Sci- 
ence. Raleigh, Richard N: Medicine Lodge, Junior, Political Science. 
Ramirez, Elizabeth M: Shawnee, Junior, Elementary Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Ramsey, Jerry J: Salina, Junior, Civil Engineering. 
Ramsey, Lana K: Council Grove, Freshman, General. Ramsey, Mary 
I: Clay Center, Sophomore, Psychology. Ramsey, Sandra K: Junc- 
tion City, Sophomore, Anthropology. Ramsey, Stephen H: Wichita, 
Freshman, Civil Engineering. 


Underclassmen: Ran-Ric 

TOP ROW: Randall, Allen J: Kansas City, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Randall, Robert L: Grove, Junior, Physical Education. Randall, 
Russell M: Kansas City, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Ran- 
dle, Steven F: Wichita, Junior, Business Administration. Rankin, 
Randall R: Lamed, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Ransom, Willard B: Williamsburg, Sophomore, In- 
dustrial Engineering. Raple, Kathleen A: Mount Hope, Freshman, 
Sociology. Rapp, Gerald F: Peoria, III., Junior, Pre-Law. Rapp, Mari- 
lyn K: Ellinwood, Freshman, English. Rapp, Robert B: Peoria, III., 
Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Rasdall, Richard K: Kansas City, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Rasmussen, Chris L: Grandview, Mo., Freshman, Build- 
ing Construction. Rasmusson, Jarold L: Lindsborg, Junior, Zoology. 
Rataj, Le Ann M: Belleville, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Ravenscroft, Judith: Overland Park, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

FOURTH ROW: Ravenstein, Kent E: Kingman, Freshman, Animal 
Science and Industry. Rawlings, Edward 0: Overland Park, Junior, 
Secondary Education. Ray, Richard R: Shawnee Mission, Sopho- 
more, Mechanical Engineering. Rayl, Jan L: Kansas City, Junior, 
Social Science. Raymond, Dale W: Garnett, Sophomore, General 

FIFTH ROW: Read, Michael K: Altamont, Sophomore, Physics. Read- 
is, Sharon: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Reber, 
Diana L: Topeka, Sophomore, General. Reck, Mary P: Salma, Fresh- 
man, Chemistry. Rector, Winston K: Tampa, Sophomore, General. 


"I \ 

SIXTH ROW: Reed, Carole S: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Reed, Jacqueline M: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Reed, James H: Arkansas City, Junior, Ani- 
mal Science and Industry. Reed, Jerry D: Harper, Junior, Dairy Pro- 
duction. Reed, Mark C: Washington, D.C., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 

SEVENTH ROW: Reed, Mary A: Gardner, Freshman, General. Reed, 
Michael E: Plainville, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Reed, Steven A: 
Lyons, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Reed, Vernon D: Great 
Bend, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Reeder, Martha E: Troy, 
Junior, Home Economics Education. 

EIGHTH ROW: Reedy, Linda L: Hanover, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Rees, Donald W: Council Grove, Freshman, Music. Reese, 
Diane L: Merriam, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Reese, James H: Nato- 
ma, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. Reeve, Lee M: Garden City, 
Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Regier, Marlene F: Newton, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Regnier, Robert D: Mission, Junior, Pre-Law. Reh, Sheryl K: 

Natoma, Junior, Dietetics and Institutional Management. Rehm, 
Susan N: Leavenworth, Junior, Modern Languages. Reichenberger, 
Franc: Mount Hope, Sophomore, Agronomy. 


SIXTH ROW: Reynolds, Karen L: Dallas, Tex., Freshman, General. 
Reynolds, Robert L: Leawood, Freshman, Architecture. Rhay, Timo- 
thy W: Coquille, Ore., Special. Rhoades, Lois J: Wakeeney, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Elementary Education. Rhoads, David B: McPherson, 
Sophomore, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: Rhoads, Linda C: Prairie Village, Freshman, Home 
Economics and Journalism. Rhoads, Mark E: McPherson, Fresh- 
man, Business Administration. Rhodd, Alice A: Dexter, Junior, Sec- 
ondary Education. Rhodes, Charlene K: Overland Park, Sophomore, 
Home Economics Education. Rhodes, Constance K: Sterling, Sopho- 
more, Psychology. 

EIGHTH ROW: Rhodes, Janice L: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Rhudy, Polly J: Shawnee, Sophomore, Home 
Economics with Liberal Arts. Ribeiro, Ronald D: Riverhead, N.Y., 
Junior, Physical Therapy. Rice, Jerry D: Overland Park, Sophomore, 
General. Rice, Linda L: Great Bend, Sophomore, Technical 

BOTTOM ROW: Rice, Pamela S: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Gener- 
al Home Economics. Rice, Sharon K: Great Bend, Freshman, Art. 
Rich, Garry L: Hutchinson, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Richard, Loren D: Ellsworth, Junior, Agricultural Education. Rich- 
ards, Barton L: Sterling, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

TOP ROW: Reichle, John E: Manhattan, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Reid, Kirk D: Manhattan, Sophomore, Mathematics. Reid, 
Richard M: Howard, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Reiff, Nanci 
L: Wichita, Freshman, General. Reifschneider, Donna: LaCrosse, 
Freshman, Physical Education. 

SECOND ROW: Reimer, Crystal F: Satanta, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Reimer, Daryl R: Plains, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Reimer, Howard D: Hesston, Sophomore, Agronomy. Reim- 
ler, Heidy L: St. Marys, Sophomore, Home Economics Education. 
Reinert, Jeffrey D: Atwood, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Reinert, Russell L: Ness City, Sophomore, Accounting. 
Reinhardt, Cynthia L: Russell, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Reitmayer, Gerald L: Qumter, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Reitz, Sidney A: Salina, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Rempe, Kenneth J: Plainville, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Rempe, Michael L: Plainville, Freshman, Pre-Veten- 
nary Medicine in Agriculture. Rempel, Nathan G: Meade, Sopho- 
more, Business Administration. Remsberg, Deborah S: Arkansas 
City, Sophomore, General. Renberger, Linda K: McPherson, Sopho- 
more, General Home Economics. Renner, Beverly L: Goodland, 
Freshman, General. 

FIFTH ROW: Reppart, Barry W: Fredericktown, Ohio, Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine in Agriculture. Resley, Roger W: Russell, Fresh- 
man, Electrical Engineering. Retter, David E: Manhattan, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Law. Reynolds, John R: Wmfield, Freshman, General. 
Reynolds, June A: Paradise, Freshman, General Home Economics. 


Underclassmen: Ric-Rob 

TOP ROW: Richards, Dallas L: Atwood, Sophomore, General. Rich- 
ards, David F: Norton, Junior, Business Administration. Richards, 
Donald E: Prairie Village, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Rich- 
ards, Gary A: Oberhn, Sophomore, Physical Education. Richards, 
Judy L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Art. 

SECOND ROW: Richards, Larry M: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Richards, Pamela J: Wichita, Junior, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Richards, Teresa A: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 
Richards, William L: Hoyt, Junior, Computer Science. Richardson, 

Anne: Overland Park, Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Richardson, Cheryl A: Salma, Sophomore, General. 
Richardson, David J: Rossville, Sophomore, General. Richardson, 
James M: Shawnee, Junior, Horticulture. Richardson, Laymond: 
Merriam, Freshman, Business Administration. Richardson, Mary L: 

Great Bend, Freshman, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Richardson, Pamela: Seabrook, Md., Junior, Philoso- 
phy. Richardson, Terry L: Goodland, Freshman, General. Richarz, 
Karen P: Independence, Junior, Home Economics Education. Rich- 
mond, Brenna C: Bushton, Freshman, Medical Technology. Rich- 
mond, Patricia A: Manhattan. Junior, Chemistry. 

FIFTH ROW: Rickards, Gary D: Wichita, Freshman, Civil Engineering. 
Ricker, Clyde S: Raymond, Junior, Business Administration. Rick- 
secker, Margaret J: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Rieb, Deborah L: St. Francis, Freshman, Sociology. 
Rieb, Douglas R: St. Francis, Sophomore, Architecture. 

SIXTH ROW: Riedel, Rita M: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Physical 
Education. Riedl, Jay D: Cozad, Nebr., Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Riedy, Mark L: Hope, Freshman, General Agriculture. Ries- 
chick, Leroy W: Soldier, Sophomore, General Agricutural. Rieschick, 
Rita M: Soldier, Junior. Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Rife, Jerry E: Millington, N.J., Sophomore, Music 
Education. Riggenbach, John C: Wellington, Junior, Architecture. 
Riggs, Glenn W: Dexter, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Riggs, 
Joan M: Olathe, Sophomore, General. Riggs, Monte W: Garden City, 
Sophomore, Architectural Structures." 

EIGHTH ROW: Ringel, Carolyn K: Alma, Sophomore, Art. Ringler, 

Glenn P: Sylvan Grove, Junior, Business Administration. Ringler, 
Gregory J: Sylvan Grove, Junior, Business Administration. Rink, 
Larry E: Wichita, Junior, Pre-Secondary Education. Riordan, Robert 

P: Topeka, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Rippe, Benny R: Hanover, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Rippe, Richard J: Goodland, Sophomore, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Rippetoe, Joseph K: Wichita, Freshman, Accounting. Ripple, 
Gretchen M: Dodge City, Freshman, General. Ripple, Patricia A: 

Hiawatha, Freshman, Home Economics and Journalism. 



X 1 


Performing to an empty chapel, a music major prac- 
tices her lesson on the 2,458 pipe memorial organ. 

„ & 







• .>•''': 




Peering through canvas meant to reduce wind and on- 
lookers, students watch afternoon football practice. 


f> PI 

ft : B ^ ^W 

TOP ROW: Riscoe, John J: Overland Park, Freshman, Physical Sci- 
ence. Risdon, William G: Beltsville, M<±, Sophomore. Architecture. 
Risser, John W: Annville, Pa., Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 
Rissman, Linda L: Lawrence, Sophomore, General. Ritter, Homer L: 

Wathena, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Ritter, Trudy G: Prairie Village. Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Rivera, Luis E: Overland. Freshman, General. 
Rivers, Janet L: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Roach, David L: Manhattan, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Roach, Harriet F: Overland Park. Sophomore, Physical Education. 

THIRD ROW: Roane, Betty J: Clay Center, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Roberts, Carl R: Osborne, Freshman, Feed Sci- 
ence and Management. Roberts, Diana C: Great Falls, Mont., Sopho- 
more, Biological Science. Roberts, Gayle L: Leoti, Junior, Home 
Economics Education. Robertson, Mary D: Overland Park, Fresh- 
man, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Robeson, Daniel F: Shawnee Mission, Freshman. Po- 
litical Science. Robins, Arthur N: Jamaica. N.Y., Freshman. Pre-Vet- 
erinary Medicine. Robinson, Geraldine: Soldier. Junior. Elementary 
Education. Robinson, Jackie J: Frankfort, Sophomore, Veterinary 
Medicine. Robinson, Jerry C: Junction City, Freshman. Mechanical 


FOURTH ROW: Roepke, Nina J: Topeka, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Roesler, Joyce M: Junction City, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Rogers, Cleophas C: Arkansas City, Junior, Ani- 
mal Science and Industry. Rogers, Courtney G: Hutchinson, Sopho- 
more, Electrical Engineering. Rogers, James D: Junction City, Fresh- 
man, Civil Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Rogers, Jean M: Holton, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Rogers, Jeanne K: Garnett, Freshman. Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Rogers, Lloyd E: McCune, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 
Rogers, Sharron K: Leawood, Freshman, Accounting. Roglin, Virgin- 
ia R: Quincy. Junior, Physical Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Rohr, Alfred F: Hays, Junior, Architecture. Rokey, Garry 
J: Sabetha, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Roland, David M: Wichita, 
Sophomore, Architecture. Roland, Nancy J: Wichita, Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Roll, Helen D: Plamville, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Rollenhagen, Larry E: Onaga, Junior, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Rollins, Thomas L: Independence, Junior, Mod- 
ern Languages. Rollins, Vicky L: Elk City, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Romberger, Don L: Solomon, Freshman, Psy- 
chology. Romig, Thomas J: Manhattan, Junior, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Rondeau, Susan G: Great Bend, Sophomore, English. 
Roney, David L: Waverly, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Ron- 
nau, Charles F: St. Marys, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 
Ronnau, Robert M: St. Marys, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 
Rooney, Gregory L: Goodland, Freshman, General . 

BOTTOM ROW: Roop, Alan W: Ford, Freshman, General. Rorick, 
Jerre K: Johnson, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Rose, Linda M: 
Junction City, Freshman, Art. Rose, Susan E: Lenexa, Sophomore, 
General. Roseberry, Jackie A: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. 

Underclassmen: Rob-Run 

TOP ROW: Robinson, Mark L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, General. 
Robinson, Michael C: Cedar Point, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Robinson, Phillip C: Frankfort, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Robinson, Robert W: Nashville, Sophomore, General. Rob- 
inson, Steven A: Topeka, Freshman, Political Science. 

SECOND ROW: Robinson, Walter F: Hiawatha, Freshman, Account- 
ing. Robker, Douglas E: Easton, Junior, Chemical Engineering. 
Rock, Evelyn A: Derby, Freshman, Family and Child Development. 
Roda, Daniel P: Hudson, Ohio, Junior, Physical Education. Rodda, 
Robert G: Wichita, Junior, Sociology. 

THIRD ROW: Rode, Marsha A: Kansas City, Freshman, General. 
Rodgers, Betty J: Great Bend, Freshman, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Rodriguez, Thelma W: Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, Freshman, 
Humanities. Roeder, Timothy L: Norton, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Roelfs, Phyllis E: St. Francis, Sophomore, General Home 


TOP ROW: Rosener, Suzanne: Estes Park, Colo., Freshman, Techni- 
cal Journalism. Rosenkranz, David C: Manhattan, Freshman, Gener- 
al. Rosner, Deborah E: Paola, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Rosness, Randall L: Manhattan, Junior, Art. Ross, Anita M: Troy, 
Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Ross, Cheryl J: Kansas City, Junior, Elementary Edu- 
cation. Ross, Delia L: Kansas City, Freshman, General. Ross, George 
S: Cheney, Freshman, General. Ross, Gregory E: Topeka, Freshman, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Ross, Michael J: Shawnee Mission, Sopho- 
more, Geology. 

THIRD ROW: Ross, Stephen L: Overland Park, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Ross, Wayne A: Webber, Junior, Nuclear Engineer- 
ing. Rotach, Connie D: Salina, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Rottinghaus, Carol A: Corning, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Rowe, Roderick G: Wichita, Sophomore, Business Administration. 


FOURTH ROW: Rowlen, Lance C: Belleville, Freshman, Art. Rowse, 
William J: Burwell, Neb., Junior, Animal Science and Industry. Roy, 
Jerry C: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. Roy, 
Ronald D: Glasco, Sophomore, Zoology. Ruberson, Charles A: Inde- 
pendence, Sophomore, Physics. 

FIFTH ROW: Ruble, Connie J: Aurora, Colo., Junior, Business Admin- 
istration. Rudick, Douglas D: Bellerose, N.Y., Sophomore, Geogra- 
phy. Rudolph, Floyd J: Smith Center, Sophomore, Physical Educa- 
tion. Ruegsegger, Martin C: Salina, Freshman, Chemistry. Rues, Al- 
len J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Mathematics. 

SIXTH ROW: Rueschhoff, Barbara: Oakley, Freshman, General. Ruff, 
Donna J: Newton, Junior, Bacteriology. Ruff, James A: Mt. Prospect, 
III., Sophomore, Architecture. Ruff, Rodney L: Ness City, Sopho- 
more, Business Administration. Rugh, Karla S: Abilene. Freshman, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 

SEVENTH ROW: Ruhnke, Dennis N: Troy, Sophomore, General Agri- 
culture. Ruhnke, Robert A: Atchison, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Ruhnke, Wayne D: Troy, Freshman, Industrial Engineering. 
Rule, John R: Norton, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Ruliffson, Mark 

H: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Rumsey, Benjamin T: Council Grove^ Junior, Electri- 
cal Engineering. Rumsey, Gilbert E: Topeka, Junior, Art. Rumsey, 

Jeanette S: Tulsa, Okla.. Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Rumsey, Joyce L: Tulsa, Okla., Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Rumsey, Michael F: Topeka, Freshman, Business 

BOTTOM ROW: Rundquist, Elaine A: Randolph, Sophomore. Pre- 
Elementary Education. Runft, Donna M: Scandia, Sophomore, 
Home Economics Education. Runnalls, Roger L: Abilene, Freshman, 
Speech. Runquist, Fred W: Salina, Junior. Accounting. Runyon, 
Ronald D: Burr Oak, Junior, Technical Journalism. 


Underclassmen: Rup-Sch 

TOP ROW: Ruplin, Margaret J: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Rupp, Susan K: Wakeeney, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Russ, Carol A: Dedham, Mass., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Russ, Vickie S: Natoma, Freshman, Pre-Business Educa- 
tion. Russell, James E: Manhattan, Freshman, General Agriculture. 

SECOND ROW: Rutherford, Nancy A: Manhattan, Freshman, Music 
Education. Rutter, Darbi S: Belle Plaine, Sophomore, Pre-Elementa- 
ry Education. Rutter, Phillip W: McPherson, Sophomore, Architec- 
ture. Ruud, Elaine M: Concordia, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Ruyack, John H: Yonkers, N.Y.. Sophomore, General. 

THIRD ROW: Ryan, Betty J: Leavenworth, Sophomore, Physical 
Education. Ryan, Ernest S: Ft. Riley, Freshman, Mathematics. Ryan, 
James J: Manhattan, Junior, Agronomy. Ryan, Larry D: Enterprise, 
Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. Ryan, Terrence W: Clay Center, Sopho- 
more, Mechanical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Ryder, Jason E: Keokuk, Iowa, Sophomore, General. 
Ryan, John T: Pawling, N.Y., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Ryser, llene M: Haddam, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Sabatka, Edward D: Colby, Sophomore, Agricultural Mechanization. 
Sabol, Joanne M: Lawrence, Freshman, Art. 


FIFTH ROW: Sack, Mary B: Wichita, Junior, Chemistry. Sackbauer, 
Frederick: Glendale, Mo., Freshman, Restaurant Management. Saf- 
fell, Linda L: Garden City, Sophomore. General. Sage, Russell O: 

Kansas City, Freshman, Business Administration. Sager, Robert D: 

Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

SIXTH ROW: Saint, Barbara J: Mankato. Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Salb, Steven L: Ottawa, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. Samp- 
son, William W: Holton, Sophomore, Physical Education. Sams, 
Douglas A: Salina, Freshman, Business Administration. Sandblade, 
Diane M: Larned, Freshman, General . 

SEVENTH ROW: Sandelin, Peggy L: Wakeeney, Freshman, Family 
and Child Development. Sanders, Carol J: Shawnee Mission, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Elementary Education. Sanders, Donna J: Mission, Fresh- 
man, Pre-Elementary Education. Sanders, James N: Reading, Ju- 
nior, Political Science. Sanders, Linda S: Overland Park, Freshman, 
Family and Child Development. 

EIGHTH ROW: Sanders, Priscilla D: Overland Park, Sophomore, 
Clothing Retailing. Sands, Linda J: Holton, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Sanko, Mary A: Spearville, Sophomore, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Sanneman, Douglas D: Palmer. Freshman, Ar- 
chitecture. Sanner, Ann M: Manhattan, Junior, Mathematics. 

BOTTOM ROW: Saovaphudhasuvej, Phongphan J: Bangkok, Thai- 
land, Freshman, Architectural Structures. Saremi, Farshad: Iran, 
Freshman, Chemistry. Sargent, Charles E: Olsburg, Junior, Agricul- 
tural Economics. Sargent, Steven W: Manhattan, Junior, Horticul- 
ture. Saror, Daniel: Zaki-biam, Nigeria, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. 


FIFTH ROW: Schaller, Anita L: Kinsley, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Schaller, Timothy C: Kinsley, Sophomore, Architecture. 
Schank, Debi R: Hutchinson, Junior, English. Schartz, Barry L: Ellin- 
wood, Junior, Zoology. Schauf, Elaine M: Garden Plaine, Junior, 
Clothing Retailing. 

SIXTH ROW: Schauf, John M: Augusta, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. 
Scheele, Marvin L: Miltonvale, Sophomore, Mathematics. Scheer, 
Maria E: Pleasant Hill, Mo., Freshman, Animal Science and Industry. 
Scheetz, Nancy K: Topeka, Junior, Home Economics and Journal- 
ism. Scheid, Paula S: Whiting, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Schell, Margaret A: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Schell, Mary K: Marysville, Junior, Clothing 
Retailing. Schenefeld, Aldon W: Sioux Fall, S.D., Freshman, Physical 
Education. Scheopner, Robert E: Bowie, Md., Junior, Agricultural 
Economics. Scheuerman, Randall: Bison, Freshman, Mechanical 

EIGHTH ROW: Scheuneman, Willa D: Olathe, Sophomore, Family 
and Child Development. Schilling, Frieda M: Havensville, Sopho- 
more, Modern Languages. Schilling, Gregory S: Ballwm, Mo., Sopho- 
more, Architecture. Schilling, Laurence: Havensville, Junior, Ento- 
mology. Schimpf, Mary A: Marion, Sophomore, Family and Child 

BOTTOM ROW: Schimpf, William J: Marion. Freshman, General. 
Schinstock, Jackie L: Spearville, Sophomore, Pre-Vetennary Medi- 
cine. Schippert, Kay L: Junction City, Freshman, Psychology. 
Schirmer, Charles S: Holton, Sophomore, Animal Science and In- 
dustry. Schlegel, Betty J: Manhattan, Sophomore, General Home 

TOP ROW: Sauerwein, Carol A: Newton, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Sauerwein, Charles P: Walton, Freshman. Agricultural 
Education. Sauerwein, Donald A: Walton. Sophomore, General Agri- 
culture. Saum, Connie S: Wichita, Junior, English. Saunders, Debo- 
rah A: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Saunders, Donald G: Downs. Junior, Chemistry. Sau- 

vage, Trudy L: Oberlm, Sophomore, Pre-Business Administration. 
Sawyer, Brenda G: Bird City, Junior, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Sawyer, Jimmy L: Conway, Sophomore, Agronomy. 
Sawyer, Linda R: Bird City, Junior, Home Economics Education . 

THIRD ROW: Sawyer, Steve D: Salina, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Sayers, Diane M: Prairie Village, Freshman. General. Sayre, 
Margo J: Ensign, Sophomore, English. Schaake, Nannette L: Tope- 
ka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Schaben, Kenneth H: 

Bazine, Freshman, General Agriculture. 

FOURTH ROW: Schafer, John D: Topeka, Junior, Technical Journal- 
ism. Schafer, Mary J: Norton, Sophomore, Elementary Education. 
Schafer, Patricia A: Manhattan, Freshman, Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts. Schaid, William E: Independence, Sophomore, Chemi- 
cal Engineering. Schaldecker, Terry L: Grafton. Neb., Freshman, 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 


Paul DeWeese presents the varsity cheerleaders at 
halftime of the televised K-State-Oklahoma game. 

Members of Pershing Rifles are assigned to direct 
traffic on campus streets during all home games. 

Underclassmen: Sch-Sch 

TOP ROW: Schleicher, Charles: Shawnee, Sophomore, Architecture. 
Schlepp, Jeffrey A: St. Francis, Sophomore, Chemistry. Schletz- 
baum, John F: Atikison, Freshman, Agronomy. Schlickau, John H: 

Argonia, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. Schmanke, Robert 

M: Alma, Sophomore, Biological Science. 

SECOND ROW: Schmeiser, Christine: Massapequa, N.Y., Sopho- 
more, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Schmidler, Kathleen: Hutchinson, 
Junior, Pre-Elementary Education. Schmidt, Douglas W: Leoti, 
Sophomore, Animal Science and Industry. Schmidt, Hal F: Overland 
Park, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Schmidt, Joachim K: Pao- 
la, Freshman, Business Administration. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schmidt, Nancy J: Hugoton, Freshman, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Schmidt, Steven W: Tescott, Freshman, Pre-Law. 
Schmidt, William L: Wichita, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 
Schmitt, Darrell D: Atchison, Sophomore, Architecture. Schmitt, 

Diana K: Kinsley, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. 


TOP ROW: Schmitt, Kathleen L: Beloit, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Schmitt, Michael K: Fairview, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Schmitt, Patrick R: Fairview, Freshman, General. Schmitz, 
Mary K: Alma, Sophomore, Business Administration. Schneck, Da- 
vid G: Larned, Freshman, Chemical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Schneider, Colleen M: Fremont, Neb., Sophomore, 
Clothing Retailing. Schneider, Connie L: Albert, Freshman, Pre-Ele- 
mentary Education. Schneider, John E: Beloit, Freshman, Agrono- 
my. Schneider, Leo D: Summerfield, Sophomore, Agricultural 
Mechanization. Schneider, Linda F: St. Louis, Mo., Junior, Clothing 

THIRD ROW: Schneider, Lynn T: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, Chemis- 
try. Schneider, Steven J: Hunter, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Schneiders, Nancy A: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 
Schnepp, Margaret A: Salina, Sophomore, Modern Languages. 
Schnepp, Thomas C: Salina, Sophomore, Social Science. 

FOURTH ROW: Schoeff, Marcia L: Manhattan, Junior, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Schoenbeck, Thomas L: Junction City, Junior, 
Business Administration. Schoenborn, George W: Leavenworth, 
Freshman, Business Administration. Schoenrock, Gery H: Junction 
City, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Schoenthaler, Barbara: Ogallah, Junior, 
Family and Child Development. 

FIFTH ROW: Schoeppel, Cynthia L: Wichita, Sophomore, History. 
Schofield, John S: Walnut Crest, Calif.. Junior, Chemical Engineer- 
ing. Scholfield, Tony M: Winfield, Sophomore, Pre-Forestry. Scholl- 
er, Cathy L: Great Bend, Sophomore, Physical Therapy. Scholz, Elvi- 

na R: Denton, Junior, General Home Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Schooler, Daryl A: Hiawatha, Junior, Agricultural Engi- 
neering. Schotanus, Nan L: Kansas City, Mo., Junior, Clothing Re- 
tailing. Schrader, Ellen M: Topeka, Freshman, General. Schrader, 
Melinda L: Kinsley, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Schrader, 
Roberta I: Hutchinson, Junior, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

SEVENTH ROW: Schraeder, James J: Jetmore, Sophomore, Archi- 
tecture. Schraeder, Kathleen B: Tirmkin, Freshman, General. 
Schraeder, Laura K: Rush Center, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Schrag, Betty A: Moundridge, Freshman, Music. Schrag, 
Gloria J: Moundridge, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 

EIGHTH ROW: Schreiber, Mark C: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre- 
Vetennary Medicine in Agriculture. Schreiner, Arthur L: Wakeeney, 
Freshman, General. Schreiner, Roger: Collyer, Sophomore, Archi- 
tecture. Schroeder, Jane E: Lorraine, Sophomore, Pre-Medicine. 
Schroeder, Judith A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

BOTTOM ROW: Schroeder, Mildred F: Lorraine, Sophomore, Pre- 
Law. Schroeder, Otto R: Pomona, Sophomore, General. Schroeder, 
Polly A: Lorraine, Junior, Home Economics and Journalism. 
Schroeppel, Michele: Kansas City, Junior, Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts. Schrolder, Byron E: Marysville, Freshman, Pre-Veteri- 
nary Medicine. 


FIFTH ROW: Schwanke, Jo Lynn D: Fremont, Neb., Sophomore, 
Clothing Retailing. Schwartz, David W: Hoisington, Sophomore, Civil 
Engineering. Schwartz, John S: Pittsburg, Sophomore, Electrical 
Engineering. Schwartz, Stephen J: Overland Park, Freshman, Civil 
Engineering. Schwerdtfeger, Sharon: Ellsworth, Freshman, Home 
Economics Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Schwien, Spencer C: Wakeeney, Freshman, Business 
Administration. Scoby, David H: Sabetha, Junior, Building Con- 
struction. Scoby, Joe H: McPherson, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Med- 
icine. Scoby, Linda J: Sabetha, Junior, Political Science. Scofield, 
Sam F: Scandia, Freshman, Business Administration. 

SEVENTH ROW: Scott, Carl A: Jamestown, Junior, Business Admin- 
istration. Scott, Charles P: Jonesboro, Ga., Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Scott, Danny L: Niotaze, Freshman, Agricultural 
Economics. Scott, Kathryn A: Wichita, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics Education. Scott, Patricia L: Wichita, Sophomore, Clothing 

EIGHTH ROW: Scott, Paul R: Princeton, Sophomore, General Agri- 
culture. Scott, Rand D: Beverly, Freshman, Agronomy. Scott, Robert 
W: Omaha, Neb., Freshman, Civil Engineering. Scott, Stephen K: 
Arcadia, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Scott, Susan I: Jennings, 
Junior, English. 

BOTTOM ROW: Scritchfield, Connie: Topeka, Freshman, General. 
Scroggin, Cindra L: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine in 
Agriculture. Seaman, Kathryn J: Cawker City, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Seamons, Connie J: Jewell, Sophomore, Physical 
Education. Seaton, Perry A: Prairie Village, Freshman, Political 

Underclassmen: Sch-Sha 

TOP ROW: Schuett, Jeffrey J: Waukesha, Wis., Freshman, Pre-Veter- 
inary Medicine in Agriculture. Schuett, Randolph J: Waukesha, Wis., 
Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine in Agriculture. Schuler, Eliza- 
beth A: Atchison, Freshman, General. Schulke, Dwight A: Wichita, 
Junior, Chemical Engineering. Schuller, Lawrence E: Salma, Fresh- 
man, Electrical Engineering. 

SECOND ROW: Schulte, Denise C: Overland Park, Sophomore, 
Clothing Retailing. Schulte, Robert J: Little River, Freshman, Gener- 
al. Schultes, Cheryl D: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Schultz, Beverly A: Newton, Sophomore, Physical Thera- 
py. Schultz, Linda S: Lucas, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Schultz, Rodney B: Newton, Junior, Mathematics 
Schulz, Carla E: St. John, Sophomore, Accounting. Schulz, Gary D 
Newton, Junior, Technical Journalism. Schumacher, Douglas 
Great Bend, Junior, Industrial Engineering. Schumacher, Kathleen 

Salma, Freshman, Pre-Nursmg. 

FOURTH ROW: Schumacher, Von L: Protection, Freshman, Agricul- 
tural Mechanization. Schunke, Robert A: Buffalo, N.Y., Sophomore, 
Architectural Structures. Schurg, William A: Mernllville, Ind., Fresh- 
man, Pre-Veterinary Medicine in Agriculture. Schuster, Mark W: 
Signal Mountain, Tenn., Junior, Horticulture. Schwab, Carl F: Mid- 
land, Tex., Junior, Business Administration. 


TOP ROW: Seba, Larry R: Garfield, Junior, Natural Resources Con- 
servation and Use. Seballoz, Daniel J: Belleville, Junior, Accounting. 
Sebelius, Keith G: Norton, Sophomore, Political Science. Seboldt, 
Mark A: Independence, Freshman, Nuclear Engineering. Sebree, 
Cynthia E: Salina, Freshman, Technical Journalism. 

SECOND ROW: Sebree, Robert A: Salina, Junior, Agronomy. Sedla- 
cek, Randell L: Goodland, Junior, Civil Engineering. Seefeldt, Son- 
dra L: Dighton, Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. Seery, Ronald E: 
Newton, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. Segebrecht, Linda A: 

Prairie Village, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

THIRD ROW: Seglem, Janice S: El Dorado, Sophomore, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Seibel, Patricia C: Oakley, Freshman, Landscape 
Architecture. Seibert, Eugene R: Macksville, Freshman, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Seidel, William A: Ashland, Junior, Electrical En- 
gineering. Seifried, Dwayne C: Dighton, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine in Agriculture. 

FOURTH ROW: Seiler, Sheryl E: Halstead, Sophomore, General. 
Seim, Donita L: Gypsum, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Seip, Jack H: Summerfield, Freshman, General. Seip, Janice W: 
Summerfield, Freshman, General. Seitz, Ronald E: Burchard, Neb., 
Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

T I i£ 

FIFTH ROW: Selby, Susan J: Leawood, Freshman, Landscape Archi- 
tecture. Sellars, Terri L: Kansas City, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Selm, Linda R: Salina, Junior, Psychology. Senn, Alana L: Overland 
Park, Freshman, Home Economics and Journalism. Seratt, Janice 
L: Satanta, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

SIXTH ROW: Serrien, Allan D: Lincoln, Junior, Animal Science and 
Industry. Sessler, Marvin C: Ellinwood, Sophomore, General Agricul- 
ture. Sewal, Barry R: Brooklyn, N.Y., Freshman, Architecture. Sew- 
ing, Judith M: Macksville, Freshman, Mathematics. Seyler, Dale L: 

Ottawa, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Shacklett, William E: Wadsworth, Freshman, Chemi- 
cal Engineering. Shada, Charles D: Anamosa, Iowa, Sophomore. 
Animal Science and Industry. Shafer, Barbara B: Hiawatha, Junior, 
Psychology. Shafer, Janet M: Wmfield, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Shaffer, Debbie L: Leawood, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Shaheen, Carol L: Osborne, Freshman, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. Shalkoski, Vincent H: Leawood, Sophomore, Psy- 
chology. Shank, Richard E: New Cambria, Sophomore, Technical 
Journalism. Shannon, Kathleen A: Wichita, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Shara, Terry J: Narka, Freshman, Political 

BOTTOM ROW: Sharp, Gerald E: Riley, Sophomore, General Agricul- 
ture. Sharp, James M: Great Bend, Sophomore, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Sharp, Janet S: Manhattan, Freshman, General. Sharp, Lenora 
E: Great Bend, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Shaw, Cindy L: Lakin, 
Freshman, General. 


Underclassmen: Sha-Sim 

TOP ROW: Shaw, Wiley S: Omaha, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary 
Medicine. Shea, Jennifer C: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Modern 
Languages. Shearer, Sherry L: Collyer, Freshman, General. Shedd, 
Gregory L: Overland Park, Sophomore, General. Sheetz, Susan E: St. 

Joseph, Mo., Freshman, General. 

SECOND ROW: Sheldon, Deborah A: Cunningham, Junior, Sociolo- 
gy. Shelley, Scott F: Hugoton, Freshman, Political Science. Shelor, 
Claudia M: Garden City, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Shepard, Toni L: Johnson, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 
Shepherd, Barbara L: lola, Junior, Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Shepherd, Carolyn S: Raymond, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Sherar, Janet S: Overland Park, Sophomore, Consumer 
Interest. Sherer, Linda R: Great Bend, Freshman, Sociology. Sherer, 
Sharon A: Manhattan, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Sherlock, 
Stephen A: St. Francis, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 

FOURTH ROW: Sherlock, Sue L: St. Francis, Sophomore, General. 
Sherman, Arnold M: Hicksville, N.Y., Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Sherwood, Anita J: Jamestown, Junior, Foods and Nutrition. 
Sherwood, Dyna M: Concordia, Freshman, Physical Education. 
Sherwood, Karen F: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

FIFTH ROW: Sherwood, Keith M: Concordia, Junior, Physical Educa- 
tion. Shetlar, Kenneth R: lola, Junior, Civil Engineering. Shields, 
Kenneth J: Lincolnville, Freshman, Agronomy. Shields, Susan A: 
Richmond, Ind., Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Education. Shields, 
Thomas M: El Dorado, Sophomore, Chemistry. 

SIXTH ROW: Shilling, Pamela J: Manhattan, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Shilling, Steve A: Westphalia, Junior, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Shipman, Janet K: Leawood, Junior, Pre-Elementary Education. 
Shippy, Alden N: Chapman, Junior, Agricultural Economics. Shirley, 
Alice M: Hamburg, Iowa, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Shively, Baron J: Wakeeney, Freshman, Natural 
Resources Conservation and Use. Shively, Gary D: Kansas City, 
Freshman, Mathematics. Shively, Karen A: Chanute, Junior, Home 
Economics Education. Shivers, Karen S: Holton, Junior, Elementary 
Education. Shobe, Kenneth M: Oberlin, Freshman, Mechanical 

EIGHTH ROW: Shoemake, Patricia K: Wichita, Junior, Business Ad- 
ministration. Shoemaker, Glenn L: Wheeler, Freshman, Architec- 
ture. Shoemaker, John M: Medicine Lodge, Freshman, Mathemat- 
ics. Shoemaker, Richard E: Manhattan, Junior, Feed Science and 
Management. Shorter, Marsha A: Leavenworth, Junior, Speech. 

BOTTOM ROW: Shortle, Cindy L: Seabrook, Tex., Freshman, Biologi- 
cal Science. Shove, Natalie J: Onaga, Freshman, General. Showal- 
ter, Jerry D: Holyrood, Junior, Wildlife Conservation. Showalter, 
Mary B: Mulvane, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Education. Shrauner, 
Harry S: Elkhart, Sophomore, Agricultral Economics. 


TOP ROW: Shrauner, Michael R: Stafford, Freshman, General. 
Shreve, Diane: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Pre-Elementary Educa- 
tion. Shreves, John P: Kansas City, Sophomore, Milling Science and 
Management. Shrock, Jay W: Tyro, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 
Shrouf, Deborah L: Junction City, Sophomore, General. 

'•■'., Ill iIj 

FOURTH ROW: Siefers, Susan M: Dorrance, Freshman, English. Sief- 
kin, Ruth A: Wichita, Freshman, Philosophy. Sieverin, Gary A: Clay 

Center, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Sigle, Arris A: Osborne, 
Junior, Agricultural Engineering. Sigle, Donna D: Osborne, Fresh- 
man, General Home Economics. 

FIFTH ROW: Sigle, Lillian L: Peabody, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. Sigw- 
ing, Deena M: Phillipsburg, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 
Silady, John A: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Nuclear Engineering. 
Sill, Susan C: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Sillin, Rhonda L: 

Kansas City, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 

SIXTH ROW: Simecka, Joseph G: Delia, Freshman, Physical Educa- 
tion. Simmons, Gary L: Manhattan, Junior, Accounting. Simmons, 
James C: Topeka, Freshman, General. Simmons, Johnny L: Spear- 
ville, Junior, Chemistry. Simmons, Kenneth P: Blauvelt, N.Y., Fresh- 
man, Home Economics with Liberal Arts. 

SEVENTH ROW: Simmons, Leroy D: Russell, Junior, Physics. Sim- 
mons, Marcia K: Wichita, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Simmons, 
Michael S: Vermillion, Freshman, Business Administration. Sim- 
mons, Robert L: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Simms, Charles 

R: Salina, Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Simon, Barry L: Philadelphia, Pa., Freshman, Pre- 
Vetermary Medicine. Simon, Jane K: Overland Park, Sophomore, 
Pre-Elementary Education. Simon, Lois A: Colwich, Sophomore, 
Physical Education. Simon, Sherry S: Wamego, Junior, English. 
Simons, Debra G: London, England, Sophomore, Home Economics 
with Liberal Arts. 

BOTTOM ROW: Simpson, Glennis J: Augusta, Sophomore, Horticul- 
ture. Simpson, Patricia J: Atchison, Freshman, General. Simpson, 
William B: Clay Center, Junior, Electrical Engineering. Sims, Linda J: 
Oakley, Sophomore, General. Sims, William W: Oakley, Freshman, 

SECOND ROW: Shubert, Jerry L: Council Grove, Junior, Agricultural 
Economics. Shulda, Marlene A: Belleville, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Shupe, Christine E: Honolulu, Hawaii, Sophomore, Gen- 
eral. Shurtz, Dennis K: Arkansas City, Junior, Agricultural Econom- 
ics. Sickles, Dana H: Wichita, Freshman, History. 

THIRD ROW: Sidesinger, Charlotte: Topeka, Freshman. General. 
Sidner, Rhonda M: Levittown, Pa., Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Siebert, Michael J: Barnes, Sophomore, Pre-Law. Siebert, Ray 
E: Pretty Prairie, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Siebert, Wil- 
liam D: Salina, Freshman, Architecture. 





IJi **1 * «r" 


Underclassmen: Sin-Smu 

TOP ROW: Sinden, Susan K: Smith Center, Freshman, Speech Path- 
ology and Audiology. Sine, William P: Mission, Junior, Electrical 
Engineering. Singer, Michael F: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, Busi- 
ness Administration. Singular, Nancy A: Lyndon, Junior, Elementa- 
ry Education. Singular, Stephen W: Lyndon, Freshman, Pre-Law. 

SECOND ROW: Sinker, Tedde S: Highland, Junior, Technical Jour- 
nalism. Sinn, Lawrence E: Mahaska, Junior, Animal Science and 
Industry. Sippel, Allen R: Lindsborg, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Med- 
icine. Skaggs, Janice L: Wantagh, N.Y., Freshman, Clothing Retail- 
ing. Skeuse, Elaine J: Stockton, N.J., Sophomore, Art. 

THIRD ROW: Skidmore, Nancy L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Ele- 
mentary Education. Skinner, Sheryl A: Hugoton, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Skolaut, Beverly J: Great Bend, Sophomore, 
Physical Education. Skolout, Marilyn L: Levant, Sophomore, Cloth- 
ing Retailing. Slater, Charlotte L: Chanute, Junior, Pre-Elementary 

FOURTH ROW: Slater, Rhonda L: Smolan, Freshman, General. Slaw- 
son, Lloyd J: Tonganoxie, Sophomore, Agricultural Economics. 
Slead, David A: Lebo, Sophomore, Agricultural Journalism. Slead, 
Joann K: Lebo, Freshman, Chemistry. Slead, Linda M: Lebo, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Slentz, Barbara L: Wichita, Freshman, Psychology. 
Slinkman, Susan C: Manhattan, Freshman, Speech. Sloan, Diana S: 
Holton, Junior, Elementary Education. Sloan, Gerald E: Almena, 
Freshman, General. Sloan, Janice R: Hiawatha, Freshman, 

SIXTH ROW: Sloan, John S: Oberlin, Freshman, Industrial Engineer- 
ing. Slupianek, Lee E: Marysville, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Small, Georgia A: Medicine Lodge, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Small, Patricia A: Ferguson, Mo., Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Smalley, Ann L: Marysville, Sophomore, Music 

SEVENTH ROW: Smejkal, Randy C: Russell, Freshman, Civil Engi- 
neering. Smethers, Richard E: Wichita, Freshman, Speech. Smies, 
David E: Courtland, Junior, Business Administration. Smiley, Walter 
L: Bonner Springs, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. Smith, Alan M: 

Holton, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. 

EIGHTH ROW: Smith, Andrew E: N. Babylon, N.Y., Freshman, Pre- 
Veterinary Medicine. Smith, Betty J: Hopewell, Junior, History. 
Smith, Beverly A: Williston, N.D., Freshman, Home Economics with 
Liberal Arts. Smith, Carolin K: Ozawkie, Junior, Family and Child 
Development. Smith, Christy L: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 

BOTTOM ROW: Smith, Colleen M: St. Paul, Freshman, Medical Tech- 
nology. Smith, Connie L: Leawood, Junior, Family and Child Devel- 
opment. Smith, Constance J: Colby, Junior, English. Smith, Craig A: 

Larned, Sophomore, Physical Science. Smith, Craig W: Shawnee 
Mission, Freshman, Bakery Management. 


TOP ROW: Smith, David 0: Louisburg, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Smith, Dennis D: Mahaska, Sophomore, Architecture. 
Smith, Diane M: Burdett, Freshman, General Home Economics. 
Smith, Douglas G: Hoisington, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 
Smith, Eileen P: Arrington, Sophomore, Family and Child 

SECOND ROW: Smith, Ellen A: Sharon Springs, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Smith, Ernest G: Soldier, Sophomore, Gener- 
al. Smith, Floyd W: Manhattan, Freshman, Chemistry. Smith, Gary 
R: St. Marys, Freshman, Agricultural Economics. Smith, Gene C: 

Manhattan, Sophomore, Geology. 

THIRD ROW: Smith, James S: Mulvane, Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Smith, Janice L: Minneola, Sophomore, English. Smith, John 
B: St. Paul, Freshman, Mechanical Engineering. Smith, John C: Hol- 
ton, Junior, Veterinary Medicine. Smith, Joseph E: Centralia, Fresh- 
man, General. 

FOURTH ROW: Smith, Judith A: Walnut, Junior, Home Economics 
Education. Smith, Kent W: Ulysses, Freshman, Feed Science and 
Management. Smith, Kevin M: East Meadow, N.Y., Sophomore, Ac- 
counting. Smith, Kirk D: Great Bend, Freshman, Pre-Forestry. 
Smith, Larry A: Colby, Junior, Industrial Engineering. 

FIFTH ROW: Smith, Leeland A: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Restaur- 
ant Management. Smith, Linda J: Great Bend, Freshman, Home 
Economics Education. Smith, Linda L: Salma, Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Smith, Marilyn J: Tribune, Freshman, General. 
Smith, Marsha M: Goddard, Sophomore, English. 

SIXTH ROW: Smith, Marsha S: Creve Coeur, Mo., Junior, Clothing 
Retailing. Smith, Michael R: Beatrice, Neb., Sophomore, Civil Engi- 
neering. Smith, Nan C: Belleville, Freshman, Dietetics and Institu- 
tional Management. Smith, Nancy J: Hutchinson, Junior, Speech. 
Smith, Philip M: Liberal, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

SEVENTH ROW: Smith, Richard L: Manhattan, Sophomore, Business 
Administration. Smith, Richard R: St. Marys, Sophomore, Mathe- 
matics. Smith, Robert E: Erie, Junior, Animal Science and Industry. 
Smith, Robert G: Medicine Lodge, Sophomore, Business Adminis- 
tration. Smith, Sheila M: Topeka, Freshman, General Home 

EIGHTH ROW: Smith, Steven B: Minneapolis, Minn., Sophomore, 
Bakery Management. Smith, Steven B: Walton, Freshman, Mathe- 
matics. Smith, Terry V: St. Marys, Freshman, Electrical Engineering. 
Smith, Tommy L: Burdett, Sophomore, Animal Science and Indus- 
try. Smith, Wanda L: Kansas City, Freshman, Sociology. 

BOTTOM ROW: Smith, Wayburn R: Longford, Junior, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Smith, Wesley, E: Brookville, Freshman, Pre- 
Secondary Education. Smith, William A: Burlingame, Junior, Agri- 
cultural Mechanization. Smith, William H: Philli psburg, Freshman, 
Landscape Architecture. Smutz, Susan: Salina, Junior, Elementary 

Mk 1 itJ^ti 


Underclassmen: Smy-Sta 

TOP ROW: Smythe, Pamela K: Kansas City, Sophomore, Pre-Sec- 
ondary Education. Snapp, Gerald E: Kansas City, Sophomore, Ani- 
mal Science and Industry. Snider, Janice I: Abilene, Freshman, Gen- 
eral Home Economics. Snodgrass, Stephen E: Winfield, Sophomore, 
Physical Education. Snook, April L: Ford, Sophomore, Pre-Second- 
ary Education. 

SECOND ROW: Snook, Judith A: Mission, Freshman, Clothing Retail 
ing. Snook, Robyn M: Ford, Freshman, Speech. Snyder, David G 
Scottsville, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Snyder, David L 
Holton, Freshman, Business Administration. Snyder, Edward M 

Wichita, Junior, Mechanical Engineering. 

THIRD ROW: Snyder, James L: Concordia, Sophomore, Accounting. 
Snyder, Michael K: Overland Park, Sophomore, General. Snyder, 
Richard A: Hays. Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Snyder, 
Sharon N: Belleville, Freshman, Modern Languages. Socolofsky, 
Mary J: Manhattan, Sophomore, Art. 

FOURTH ROW: Soderberg, Debra S: Wichita, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. Sodergren, Pamela A: Mission, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Soldner, Brian M: Salina, Freshman, Electri- 
cal Engineering. Solomon, Ronald E: Yates Center, Sophomore, 
Animal Science and Industry. Solomon, Thomas R: El Dorado, 
Sophomore, Architecture. 

FIFTH ROW: Soppe, Vicki L: Junction City, Freshman, Humanities. 
Sorenson, Linda L: Austin, Minn., Sophomore, Physical Therapy. 
Sosna, Ronald J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Business Administra- 
tion. Soukup, Candace L: Wilson, Freshman, Accounting. Spacek, 
Sheryl G: Kansas City, Junior, Elementary Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Spachek, Gregory W: Lincolnville, Freshman, Account- 
ing. Spalding, Robert: Greenville, S.C., Sophomore, Animal Science 
and Industry. Spangler, Michael S: Liberal, Junior, Architecture. 
Spannuth, Kathie I: Prairie Village, Freshman, Modern Languages. 
Spare, Keith E: Hiawatha, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 

SEVENTH ROW: Spare, Kenneth W: Hiawatha, Sophomore, Agricul- 
tural Mechanization. Sparks, Clifford S: Kingman, Sophomore, Agri- 
cultural Education. Sparks, Dawna K: Lincoln, Freshman, Home 
Economics Education. Sparks, Mary A: Ellsworth, Freshman, Gener- 
al Home Economics. Speaks, Judith E: Independence, Mo., Junior, 
Clothingand Retailing. 

EIGHTH ROW: Spear, Kimberly: Claremont, Calif., Freshman, Cloth- 
ing Retailing. Spease, Beth A: Des Moines, Iowa, Junior, Physical 
Therapy. Spellmeier, James H: Fairview, Freshman, General Agricul- 
ture. Spencer, Cynthia L: Hill City, Sophomore, Political Science. 
Spencer, Marilyn J: Atchison, Junior, English . 

BOTTOM ROW: Spencer, Robert D: Arlington, Va., Junior, Chemis- 
try. Sperling, Cynthia L: Hutchinson, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Spicher, Beverly D: Wetmore, Junior, Elementay Education. Spiel- 
man, Norval K: Lebo, Junior, Dairy Foods Processing. Spies, Ste- 
phen B: New York, N.Y., Junior, Economics. 


TOP ROW: Spillman, Maria S: Edwardsville, Sophomore, Sociology. 
Spinks, Ernest R: Ft. Campbell, Ky., Sophomore, Chemistry. Spitzer, 
Robert H: Rushville, Ind., Freshman, Chemical Engineering. Spivey, 
Cynthia L: Wichita, Sophomore, General. Sprang, Fred G: Baxter 

Springs, Junior, Wildlife Conservation . 

SECOND ROW: Sprang, Janet D: Effingham, Junior, Physical Educa- 
tion. Sprenkel, Kathleen J: Qumter, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 
Springer, Jodie L: Overland Park, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Spunaugle, Ruth E: Blue Rapids, Freshman, General. Spurlock, 
George T: Manhattan, Freshman, General. 

THIRD ROW: Spurlock, Nancy L: Fort Worth, Tex., Junior, Home 
Economics Education. Spyker, Melanie C: Lawrence, Sophomore, 
Clothing Retailing. Squier, Leland D: Brownell, Junior, Architecture. 
Sramek, Michael W: McDonald, Freshman, Animal Science and In- 
dustry. Stacey, Carl E: Hutchinson, Freshman, Political Science. 

BOTTOM ROW: Stach, Robert E: Rossville, Junior, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Stadelman, Stanley T: Fremont, Calif., Junior, Landscape Ar- 
chitecture. Stafford, Colleen L: Great Bend, Junior, Physical Educa- 
tion. Stafford, Roger H: Scandia, Freshman, General Agriculture. 
Stagner, Paul L: Plainville, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. 

During Black Awareness Week, black coeds model 
contemporary Afro-American fashions and take part 

in a songfest featuring religious hymns, later followed 
by the controversial movie "A Time for Burning." 


Underclassmen: Sta-Str 

TOP ROW: Stair, Nina C: Olathe, Sophomore, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Stalcup, Peggy J: Centralia, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Staley, Cynthia L: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Home 
Economics Education. Stallard, Bill E: Williamstown, Sophomore, 
Technical Journalism. Stallard, Larry D: Williamstown, Freshman, 

SECOND ROW: Stallings, Gary R: Byron, Ga., Sophomore, Pre-Veter- 
inary Medicine. Stallings, Linda I: Helena, Mont., Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Stallsworth, Paul T: Garden City, Freshman, 
General. Stamper, Larry D: Plainville, Sophomore, Pre-Business 
Education. Standerfer, Linda A: McPherson, Freshman, Technical 

THIRD ROW: Standish, Robert E: Seward, Freshman, Milling Science 
and Management. Standley, Susan J: Great Bend. Freshman, Pre- 
Nursing. Stanker, James P: Chicago, III., Freshman, Architecture. 
Stanley, William G: Atchison, Freshman, Pre-Medicine. Starbuck, 
Nancy K: Kansas City, Sophomore, Home Economics Education . 


FOURTH ROW: Starbuck, Pamela S: Great Bend, Freshman, General. 
Stark, Robert L: Loomis, Neb., Sophomore, Veterinary Medicine. 
Starkey, Gayle L: Strong City, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Starr, 
Deborah K: Burdett, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. Starr, Keith D: 

Raymond, Junior, Agronomy. 

FIFTH ROW: Starr, Ronald D: Fairbury, Neb., Sophomore, Pre-Veter- 
inary Medicine. Stauffer, Curtis W: Kansas City, Mo., Sophomore, 
Secondary Education. Stearnes, Douglas J: Junction City, Fresh- 
man, Architecture. Stearns, Mark M: Beloit, Sophomore, Milling 
Science and Management. Steele, Roylee J: Shawnee Mission, 
Freshman, Home Economics Education. 

SIXTH ROW: Steelman, Alan D: Shawnee Mission, Sophomore, Busi- 
ness Administration. Steffen, Donald D: Leavenworth, Freshman, 
General Agriculture. Stegeman, Michael C: Overland Park, Sopho- 
more, Wildlife Conservation. Stehl, Sandra S: Lawton, Freshman, 
Clothing Retailing. Steinbring, Sharon K: Jetmore, Sophomore, 
Home Economics. 

SEVENTH ROW: Steinhilber, Bernard: Buffalo. N.Y.. Sophomore, 
General. Steinle, Pamela: Russell, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Edu- 
cation. Steinmeyer, Paul E: Augusta, Sophomore, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Steinshouer, Terry J: Downs, Freshman, Agricultural Educa- 
tion. Stejskal, Rebecca A: LaCrosse, Freshman, Humanities. 

EIGHTH ROW: Stenfors, Robert D: Bennington, Junior, Business 
Administration. Stepanich, Robert M: Neodesha, Junior, Secondary 
Education. Stephens, Robert J: Oakley, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Stephenson, Versie H: Kansas City, Sophomore, Architec- 
ture. Sterbenz, Janet M: El Dorado, Junior, Dietetics and Institution- 
al Management. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sterling, Jean L: Junction City, Sophomore, Pre- 
Elementary Education. Sterling, Michael B: Hardtner, Junior, Indus- 
trial Engineering. Stevens, Nancy A: Wakeeney, Freshman, Sociolo- 
gy. Stevens, Patricia A: Prescott, Freshman, Music Education. Ste- 
vens, Rodney L: Harper, Junior, Nuclear Engineering. 


FOURTH ROW: Stockham, Steven L: McPherson, Freshman, Veteri- 
nary Medicine. Stoecker, Sharon S: Oakley, Freshman, Pre-Elemen- 
tary Education. Stoever, Brigitte M: Frankfort, Freshman, Modern 
Languages. Stoever, Henry M: Frankfort, Junior, Economics. Stoker, 

Linda A: Morrowville, Junior, Elementary Education. 

FIFTH ROW: Stokes, Jacqueline A: Marysville, Freshman, General. 
Stone, James L: Coffeyville, Sophomore, Business Administration. 
Stone, William F: Kansas City, Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering. 
Stoneback, Teresa J: Lawrence, Sophomore, Family and Child De- 
velopment. Stoner, L. Lorene: Garden City, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. 

SIXTH ROW: Storer, Harold E: Osborne, Junior, Feed Science and 
Management. Storer, Robert W: Osborne, Sophomore, General. Sto- 
rey, Wanda R: Kansas City, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Storrer, 
Carol A: Madison, Junior, Music Education. Story, Lura V: Winfield, 
Sophomore, Dietetics and Institutional Management. 

SEVENTH ROW: Stout, Candace H: Rolla, Sophomore, Music Educa- 
tion. Stout, Cecil E: Alden, Junior, Psychology. Stout, Mary A: Lyn- 
don, Junior, Elementary Education. Stout, Mary E: Manhattan, 
Freshman, Art. Stovall, Glen E: Herington, Freshman, General . 

EIGHTH ROW: Stowe, Twila G: Topeka, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Stowell, Francis E: Olathe, Junior, Sociology. St. Peter, 
Kathleen A: Winfield, Freshman, General. Strahm, Joe D: Sabetha, 
Freshman, General Agriculture. Strandmark, Richard: Prairie Vil- 
lage, Sophomore, General. 

BOTTOM ROW: Strasser, Andrew P: Garden City, Sophomore, Agri- 
cultural Mechanization. Strate, Shela L: Kinsley, Junior, Clothing 
Retailing. Stratmann, Larry E: Salina, Sophomore Business Admin- 
istration. Straub, Dianne L: Kansas City, Freshman, Pre-Elementary 
Education. Strecker, Glen E: Paradise, Junior, Animal Science and 

TOP ROW: Steward, Linda L: Garden City, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Steward, Shirley K: Clay Center, Sophomore, General. Stewart, 
Kathleen L: Manhattan, Freshman, Music Education. Stewart, San- 
dra K: Madison, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. Stiawalt, William H: 

Ness City, Freshman, Pre-Law. 

SECOND ROW: Stieben, Lonnie C: Bazine, Freshman, Agricultural 
Economics. Stierwalt, Pamela S: Manhattan, Junior, Biological Sci- 
ence. Stigall, Cheryl L: St. Joseph, Mo., Freshman. Home Economics 
Education. Stigers, Leslie A: Wichita, Freshman, Clothing Retailing. 
Stilley, Charlotte S: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Clothing 

THIRD ROW: Stiner, Vickie J: Vermillion, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Stinson, Joyce L: Ottawa, Freshman, General. Stith, 
Kenneth R: Dodge City, Junior, Music Education. Stock, Judy C: 
Summerfield, Sophomore, General. Stockebrand, Jo Lynn: Pea- 
body, Junior, Clothing Retailing. 


SEVENTH ROW: Such, Robert E: Grafton, Mass., Junior, Nursery and 
Landscape Management. Suellentrop, Timothy: Great Bend, Junior, 
Electrical Engineering. Suggs, Laura J: Scott AFB, III., Sophomore, 
Veterinary Medicine. Suhm, Linda K: Wichita, Freshman, Physical 
Education. Sullivan, Betty J: Junction City, Freshman, General 
Home Economics. 

EIGHTH ROW: Sullivan, Joseph M: Ulysses, Sophomore, Technical 
Journalism. Sullivan, Ronald L: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Busi- 
ness Administration. Sullivan, Terrance L: Annandale, Va., Sopho- 
more, Architecture. Sullivan, Verna M: Kansas City, Sophomore, 
Clothing Retailing. Sulsar, Cynthia L: Hunter, Freshman, Home 
Economics Education. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sumey, Marilyn K: Minneapolis, Freshman, Home 
Economics Education. Summers, Carl F: Welda, Junior, Electrical 
Engineering. Summers, Sara A: Topeka, Sophomore, Clothing Re- 
tailing. Sumner, Stephen A: Shawnee, Junior, Business Administra- 
tion. Sumners, Ronald J: Wamego, Sophomore, Psychology. 

Underclassmen: Str-Tad 

TOP ROW: Street, Charlene E: Manhattan, Freshman, Accounting. 
Streeter, Bradley C: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Strick, Mary E: Kansas City, Freshman, Medical Technology. 
Strieker, Barbara K: Leawood, Freshman, General. Strickler, Duane 

J: Colony, Freshman, Agricultural Education. 

SECOND ROW: Strickler, Vincent J: Scott City, Freshman, Electrical 
Engineering. Stritzke, Robert D: Cherryvale, Sophomore, Agricultur- 
al Mechanization. Strom, Susan J: Clay Center, Sophomore, Physi- 
cal Education. Stromberg, Gary D: McPherson, Junior, Agricultural 
Engineering. Strong, William R: Kansas City, Mo., Freshman, 

THIRD ROW: Stroup, Cynthia L: Fontana, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Strowig, Pamela G: Abilene, Freshman, General. 
Strube, Nancy L: Hiawatha, Freshman, General. Struby, Charles R: 

Leawood, Sophomore, Electrical Engineering. Stryker, Charles A: 

Blue Rapids, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Stryker, Ronald A: Blue Rapids, Freshman, General. 
Stuart, Gregory C: Clay Center, Junior, Elementary Education. 
Stuart, Jeanne M: Glen Elder, Sophomore, Home Economics Educa- 
tion. Stuart, Kay E: Blue Rapids, Freshman, Modern Languages. 
Stuart, Larry D: Glen Elder, Freshman, Veterinary Medicine. 

FIFTH ROW: Stubbs, Teresa L: Topeka, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Stuber, Larry P: Eureka, Sophomore, Animal Science 
and Industry. Stuckey, Carolyn D: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre- 
Nursing. Stucky, Darrell G: Moundridge, Junior, Accounting. Stude, 

Carol J: Trafford, Pa., Junior, Family and Child Development. 

SIXTH ROW: Studer, Kenneth L: Preston, Junior, Mechanical Engi- 
neering. Stueve, Carl L: Olpe, Sophomore, Agricultural Education. 
Stum, Bette D: Ness City, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Stumpff, Lawrence C: DeSoto, Junior, Pre-Medicine. Stutterheim, 

Keith M: Stuttgart, Junior, Civil Engineering. 

d J 4ii(J» 


TOP ROW: Sundahl, Thomas E: McPherson, Junior, Political Sci- 
ence. Sundberg, Virginia K: Lindsborg, Junior, Elementary Educa- 
tion. Sunderland, Joan E: Fairview, Freshman, General Home Eco- 
nomics. Sundgren, Peggy S: Falun, Sophomore, Clothing Retailing. 
Sundheim, Richard A: Bloomington, Minn., Sophomore, 

SECOND ROW: Surs, Woodward: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Gener- 
al. Sutera, Diane E: Indianapolis, Ind., Sophomore, General. Sutter, 
Conniedee: Junction City, Freshman, Technical Journalism. Sutter, 
Sandra D: Overland Park, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Education. 
Suttles, Betty J: Overland Park, Freshman, Accounting. 

THIRD ROW: Suttles, Linda S: Emmett, Freshman, General Home 
Economics. Sutton, Cynthia S: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Busi- 
ness Administration. Sutton, Douglas A: Garnett, Sophomore, Soci- 
ology. Svaty, Anne L: Newton, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Svoboda, Olen F: Holyrood, Junior, Electrical Engineering. 

FOURTH ROW: Swafford, William S: Hutchinson, Freshman, Civil 
Engineering. Swain, John E: Wichita, Sophomore, Electrical Engi- 
neering. Swan, Linda G: Great Bend, Junior, Home Economics Edu- 
cation. Swander, William A: Prairie Village, Junior, Business Admin- 
istration. Swanson, Gary S: Overland Park, Freshman, Mechanical 

FIFTH ROW: Swanson, Larry A: Frankfort, Freshman, Business Ad- 
ministration. Swayze, Stephen W: Shawnee Mission, Junior, Political 
Science. Sweet, Dennis E: Hardy, Neb., Freshman, Veterinary Medi- 
cine. Sweet, Sheri R: Leawood, Sophomore, Pre-Secondary Educa- 
tion. Swenson, Edward L: Concordia, Junior, Agricultural 

SIXTH ROW: Swenson, Joyce M: Wichita, Sophomore, General Home 
Economics. Swenson, Kenneth L: Clay Center, Junior, Physical Edu- 
cation. Swenson, Laurence R: Salina, Sophomore, Business Admin- 
istration. Swenson, Nancy R: Clay Center, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics Education. Swenson, Vickey L: Wichita, Junior, Modern 

SEVENTH ROW: Swift, Nolan G: Burden, Sophomore, Animal Sci- 
ence and Industry. Swift, Sarah J: Mission, Freshman, Home Eco- 
nomics with Liberal Arts. Swilley, Vivian K: El Dorado, Junior, Sec- 
ondary Education. Swim, Janet A: Liberal, Sophomore, Family and 
Child Development. Swing, Cheri L: Wichita, Sophomore, Clothing 

EIGHTH ROW: Swisher, Rhae M: Manhattan, Junior, Political Sci- 
ence. Switzer, Allen L: Abilene, Freshman, Business Administration. 
Switzer, James H: Hill City, Freshman, Agricultural Education. 
Switzer, Jane A: Nickerson, Junior, Clothing Retailing. Syal, Saadat 

M: Karachi, Pakistan, Sophomore, Civil Engineering. 

BOTTOM ROW: Sylvester, Janice M: Ottawa, Sophomore. Mathemat- 
ics. Symns, Donna L: Hutchinson, Junior, Physical Education. Sy- 
vrud, John T: Overland Park, Freshman, General. Szymborski, 
James W: Middletown, Pa., 04, Architecture. Taddiken, Patricia J: 

Clay Center, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education . 


Underclassmen: Tak-Tho 

TOP ROW: Takach, Deborah A: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, Dietet- 
ics and Institutional Management. Tangeman, Steven A: Newton, 
Sophomore, General. Tanner, James R: St. John, Junior, Psycholo- 
gy. Tanner, Linda G: Overland Park, Junior, Political Science. Tar- 
button, Barbara J: Shawnee Mission, Freshman, General Home 

SECOND ROW: Tarry, Patricia J: Mulvane, Sophomore, Speech. 
Tarver, Phyllis A: Kansas City, Junior, Dietetics and Institutional 
Management. Tasker, Sue A: Minneapolis, Freshman, Modern Lan- 
guages. Tate, Candis K: Abilene, Junior, Elementary Education. Ta- 
tro, Vicky L: Moundndge, Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Taul, Tom B: Baldwin, Junior, Animal Science and In- 
dustry. Taussig, Susan E: Manhattan, Freshman, Pre-Secondary 
Education. Taylor, Christine A: Topeka, Sophomore, Home Econom- 
ics and Journalism. Taylor, Deborah: Wichita, Freshman, Physical 
Education. Taylor, James E: Solomon, Junior, History. 

BOTTOM ROW: Taylor, James S: Wichita, Junior, Business Adminis- 
tration. Taylor, Jerry R: Liberal, Freshman, Pre-Law. Taylor, Julie L: 
Topeka, Freshman, General Home Economics. Taylor, Lorraine A: 
Salina, Freshman, Psychology. Taylor, Michelle: Washington, D.C., 
Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. 

Attended by his parents, Cadet Col. Charles Jasper is 
promoted to brigade commander of Army ROTC. His 

appointment was made on the bases of summer train- 
ing camp results, grades and past ROTC performance. 


TOP ROW: Taylor, Mitchell K: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Tay- 
lor, Pamela K: Chapman, Sophomore, Pre-Nursing. Taylor, Pamela 
L: Kanorado, Sophomore, Business Administration. Taylor, Phyllis 
E: Page City, Freshman, English. Taylor, Thomas W: Dodge City, 
Junior, Pre-Medicine. 

SECOND ROW: Teaford, Patricia M: Overland Park, Sophomore, 
Music Education. Teagarden, Glenn R: LaCygne, Sophomore, Ani- 
mal Science and Industry. Teeters, Sharon K: Shawnee, Freshman, 
General Home Economics. Telker, David L: Sappington, Mo., Sopho- 
more, Business Administration. Temme, Linda A: Leawood, Sopho- 
more, Pre-Elementary Education. 

THIRD ROW: Teply, Michael J: Junction City, Freshman, Civil Engi- 
neering. Teply, Timothy R: Junction City, Sophomore, Civil Engi- 
neering. Terhune, Steven F: Manhattan, Sophomore, General. Tes- 
chner, Susan C: Atchison, Junior, Elementary Education. Teske, 
Jolene K: Onaga, Sophomore, General Home Economics. 

FOURTH ROW: Tessendorf, Linda R: Onaga, Junior. Elementary 
Education. Thaemert, Maurianne: Salina, Junior, Modern Lan- 
guages. Thalmann, Lynn E: Haven, Freshman, Pre-Law. Theis, Wil- 
liam T: Pacific Palesades, Calif., Junior, Business Administration. 
Theno, Lawrence J: Bonner Springs, Freshman, Business 

FIFTH ROW: Theno, Patricia A: Bonner Springs, Junior, Clothing 
Retailing. Theurer, Gary D: Wellington, Freshman, Animal Science 
and Industry. Thiele, Gerald H: Norton, Junior, General Agriculture. 
Thiele, Wayne E: Norton, Freshman, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. Tho- 
man, Jackie W: Kansas City, Junior, Accounting. 

SIXTH ROW: Thomas, Beverly J: Belleville, Junior, Modern Lan- 
guages. Thomas, Edith J: Kansas City, Freshman, Radio and Televi- 
sion. Thomas, Gregg D: Troy, Freshman, Animal Science and Indus- 
try. Thomas, Jacquelyn J: Marion, Sophomore, General. Thomas, 
John P: Prairie Village, Sophomore, Accounting. 

SEVENTH ROW: Thomas, Linda S: Manhattan, Sophomore, Art. 
Thomas, Lynn R: Clyde, Sophomore, Physics. Thomas, Martha W: 
Leawood, Sophomore, General. Thomas, Rebecca M: Dighton, 
Freshman, Pre-Secondary Education. Thomas, Rita E: Culver, 
Freshman, General. 

EIGHTH ROW: Thomas, Roberta J: Byers, Colo., Junior, Accounting. 
Thomas, Teresa K: Caldwell, Sophomore, Family and Child' Develop- 
ment. Thomason, Paul M: Manhattan, Freshman, Business Adminis- 
tration. Thome, Thomas F: Goddard, Freshman, Electrical Engineer- 
ing. Thompson, Colleen K: St. Francis, Freshman, General Home 

BOTTOM ROW: Thompson, Cynthia S: Manhattan, Sophomore. Pre- 
Elementary Education. Thompson, David R: Wichita, Junior, Histo- 
ry. Thompson, Dennis L: Belleville, Junior, Business Administration. 
Thompson, Gary D: Quenemo, Junior, Mathematics. Thompson, 

Janet E: Johnson, Junior, General Home Economics. 


Underclassmen: Tho-Tur 

TOP ROW: Thompson, Kenneth L: Kendall, Sophomore, History. 
Thompson, Larry R: Lenexa, Sophomore, Pre-Veterinary Medicine. 
Thompson, Lynne C: Treynor, Iowa, Junior, Entomology. Thomp- 
son, Marcia E: Lawrence, Freshman, Speech Pathology and Audlolo- 
gy. Thompson, Martha J: Wichita, Freshman, Pre-Nursing. 

SECOND ROW: Thompson, Michael L: Harper, Junior, Mathematics. 
Thompson, Nancy K: Manhattan, Sophomore, Pre-Elementary Edu- 
cation. Thompson, Nancy L: Great Bend, Sophomore, General 
Home Economics. Thompson, Peggy A: Osborne, Sophomore, Phys- 
ical Therapy. Thompson, Phillip A: Meriden, Freshman, General 

THIRD ROW: Thompson, Sheila K: Overland Park, Freshman, Gener- 
al Home Economics. Thompson, Teresa A: M